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    some cursed frank for ya

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  • Jamie Dornan | Endings, Beginnings | Jack and Daphne

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  • That’s Humanism!

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  • This piece came about from a very old RP being dug out and the wonderful @moose-teeth letting my fling my ideas and characters at their OCs. Definitely not angling for another crossover.. Just a little insight into one of the upgrades Hound has gotten so far! The title is because I’m a goblin for puns..

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    Lemme know if you want removed/tagged in any future Hound content or any other posts!

    CW for some teeth content. I know it’s a common squick so this is the warning, it is intense.

    The theatre suite was painted a pale blue colour, decorated with beautiful landscape paintings and a few assorted potted plants. It would have been a relaxing scene if Hound hadn’t been strapped down to the sloped examination table. If their heart rate wasn’t sky high as evidenced by the unsteady beep of the monitor at his side. If Master hadn’t abandoned him as soon as the straps were tight. If they weren’t filled with absolute dread. 

    Master wants this, you have to be good for Master.

    Every limb had thick leather restraints secured, above and below the main joint, preventing even the slightest movement. Another strap was being tightened across their forehead and the tall being was muttering something behind her surgical mask to the assistant who was laying out the sterilised tools. Hound’s skull throbbed as they tried to understand snippets of their conversation. 

    Yes.. dental today.. big money client.. hunting dog

    Hound let themselves tune out, it was too painful to understand anything beyond the basic commands they had been drilled on. Words were not something they could even use anymore. That was until the gag was being pushed into their mouth, the restraints creaking with the strain of subduing the patient. Hound tried begging, those forbidden sounds instinctively forming in their mouth until they were cut off by both pain and the gag being secured. 

    Words are for people. You are not a person

    The device was cranked until Hound’s mouth was trapped open, they couldn’t even flinch away from the gloved fingers tugging their lips back to tuck cotton swabs under it. The taste of latex dragged across Hound’s tongue and drew a soft whimper out their throat, the desire to form words had slipped away, they were pulled back to only inhuman sounds. 

    With Hound’s lips pulled back, the artificial canines were fully on display. They were certainly an impressive sight. The elongated silver crowns were to be removed and replaced with even sharper implants screwed into the pet’s jaw bone. The client’s request was a little more unusual but he had more money than sense and the company were thrilled to upgrade his pet, for an exorbitant fee. 

    The surgeon was unphased by the tears welling up in the pet’s eyes, it wasn’t like any of her other patients were there by choice either and they all cried eventually. She hummed almost cheerily flicking through the long order form, in this business it was essential to offer everything stay ahead of the competition but her focus was on the dental section as the rest had been left blank. 

    Upper and lower canines were to be replaced with a new hunting set. This pet was lucky the anaesthetic box had a checkmark placed in it with a neat scrawl next to it that stipulated ‘LOCAL ONLY’. Not that it bothered her but she knew the local would only work on flesh and the bone-deep agony that was about to happen would still be felt. 

    The needle jabbing repeatedly into gums and top palate had Hound squealing and trying desperately to twist away. But before long the lower half of their face was shrouded in the fuzz of numbness and the monitor showed their heart rate had begun to settle back down. The surgeon smiled when Hound stopped squirming and even patted their cheek with something close to tenderness. It was easier when they didn’t struggle, no extra damaged teeth mean no replacements coming out of her paycheck. 

    Removing the original teeth had been easy, even if the crunch as they were pulled free was sickening and blood had rapidly pooled in Hound’s mouth following their removal. In this job, it didn’t pay to be squeamish. The metallic odour was thick in the air even as she wiped away the crimson-stained spit from their face, the pile of blood-soaked swabs only growing as she worked. 

    The pet had stopped finally struggling, not enough blood loss to go into shock but enough trauma to fall into resignation over their fate. That was until the metal posts were being drilled into the bone, that was always when the screams started. She was almost sure the restraints would give with how violently this animal was fighting against them. The sound of straining leather combined with the screaming wasn’t making her task any easier. 

    Jesus! Just hold still and it’ll be over soon! Don’t make me hurt you beast.” 

    The harsh toned threat terrified Hound, disobedience was worse than any pain, disobedience meant displeasing Master, the ultimate sin. They stilled, unable to stop the pained cries as the final post was screwed into place but no longer trying to pull free from the surgeon’s hands. 

    The worst of the procedure was over and the surgeon even generously injected a second round of anaesthesia into Hound’s raw bloodied mouth. The unnatural burn in their jawbone was untouched by the drugs but they could no longer feel the prodding fingers that pressed the new teeth into place. There was a distinct set of clicks as the gleaming titanium hunting teeth fitted themselves neatly onto the posts. 

    It took close to an hour to clean up all the blood and make Hound presentable for the client. It was necessary to remove most of the gore as the surgeon always prided herself on the quality of her work and seeing a bloodied pet did it no justice. She could practically smell the bonus headed her way after this one. The gag and most of the straps were removed, leaving only Hound’s  wrists still bound to the table. Not that they seemed to be thinking of trying to leave.. or thinking anything at all. 

    Fingers snapped in front of Hounds face, eyes lazily blinked in response to the noise but there were no other reactions. Exhaustion, pain and longing was all they could feel, they badly wanted Master to return and make the soothing sounds, stroking their head until the pain went away. Hound wished for nothing more than to be back under Master’s desk, allowed to sleep and recover. 

    Your owner will be here soon, you’re going to smile really nice for him and he’ll be pleased with both of us. Got it?

    Silence and a stare as though the words held no meaning to the pet. She didn’t know what had been done to this pet before now but she had to admire the completely blank mind he had. He had endured pain just because she ordered it and he still seemed pliant to further instruction despite how wrecked he must have felt. She would have to do a little digging and perhaps source her own puppy if they were all this good. 

    Frank could barely contain his glee when he stepped back into the room to see his new and improved Hound. The air was thick with the tang of blood and fear despite the air freshener doing overtime in the corner, not that he minded it was a familiar scent that he had come to enjoy. Especially when it meant the upgrades had been placed just as he asked. 

    He barely listened to the surgeon as he pulled up Hounds lip to admire the new additions to their mouth, he relished seeing his pet shaking but still perfectly obedient. Adoration for their master filled Hound’s eyes, only broken with a flash of pain when pressure was applied to the new tooth. Hound just wanted to be good for Master, then they could go home. Their mouth would ache and Hound knew they would sob but Master would be happy and Hound would be safe. 

    It was Master’s hands that freed the last of the bonds and Hound was allowed to drop onto all fours next to Frank’s feet. Hound pressed against the man, making a low whine until fingers started to run through their hair. It was barely a comfort after the brutal procedure but Hound was content to take what was offered. 

    Frank pulled a roll of several hundred dollars out his pocket and pressed it into the surgeon’s hand with a genuine smile. It was rare he was so pleased but Hound was even more perfect now and he knew the cost of gratitude.

    “Can’t thank you enough Doctor, Hound looks great. Perfect for the trip, my buddy is going to love them.” 

    They were going home, Master was happy and Hound was safe. For now. 

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    Amy Winehouse, 2007.

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  • Frank’s gloves <3

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    Me n my girl on da way 2 da prom💅😜. Edit: I saw yalls comments! Not cool! My gf prettier than all urs😤

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    50 dollars gray shirt

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  • “I don’t have emotional needs, only physical ones” Amy Jade Winehouse 

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  • frank | mfs | uhc

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  •        ✦ LET US BE BRAVE, an order of the phoenix mix 

    “older men declare war, but it is youth that must fight and die.”

                                                                        ( listen )

    01. HOPE de dia frampton 

    02. UNNATURAL SELECTION de muse ( they’ll laugh as they watch us fall. and the lucky, they don’t care at all. no chance for fate, it’s unnatural selection. i want the truth. )

    03. KIDS de mikky ekko ( kids they have the fire now, kids the fire’s burning out, kids are gonna do what they want. )

    04. BULLSEYE de dia frampton ( we’re gonna run, gonna run, gonna save you. we’re rolling up our sleeves, got our fingers curled for the bad, for the good, for the evil. they got it out for me, for me. )

    05. WHO WE ARE de imagine dragons ( we were never welcome here, we were never welcome here at all. )

    06. SOMEWHERE A CLOCK IS TICKING de snow patrol ( every second dripping off my fingertips. wage your war. another soldier says he’s not afraid to die. well i am scared. )

    07. TO LOSE MY LIFE de white lies ( he said to lose my life or lose my love, that’s the nightmare i’ve been running from. )

    08. THE PHOENIX de fall out boy ( then i’ll raise you like a phoenix. put on your war paint. )

    09. RUNAWAY de the national ( we don’t bleed when we don’t fight. )

    10. MOUNTAIN SOUND de of monsters and men ( alone we travelled armed with nothing but a shadow, we fled far away. )

    11. LIVING UNDERGROUND de nico vega ( we are in demand of the truth, we’re children of the new world. we wear all our scars, we stand up and we fight fot what we choose. )

    12. GLORY AND GORE de lorde ( glory and gore go hand in hand, that’s why we’re making headlines. you could try and take us, but victory’s contagious. )

    13. INTO THE DARKNESS de the phantoms ( into the darkness we are one. into the darkness we all must run. into the darkness we’ll burn a light. into the darkness we all must fight. )

    14. MOON de foals ( black dogs running through the fields, they’re dripping red. then i see there is blood on your wedding dress. it is coming now, my friend, and it’s the end. )

    15. LADDER SONG de lorde ( if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms. i’m tired of traitors always changing sides. they were friends of mine. )

    16. THE WEIGHT OF US de sanders bohlke ( the time has come, let us be brave. )

    17. THE LIGHTNING STRIKE de snow patrol ( what if this storm ends? and i don’t see you as you are now ever again. )

    18. WE REMAIN de christina aguilera ( yes i’m a sinner, yes i’m a saint. whatever happens here, we remain. )

    19. HURRICANE de thirty seconds to mars ( tell me would you kill to save a life? tell me would you kill to prove you’re right? )

    20. MAD WORLD (INSTRUMENTAL MIX) de marius furche

    21. SMILE de mikky ekko ( smile, the worst is yet to come. we’ll be lucky if we ever see the sun. )

    22. COME AWAY TO THE WATER de maroon 5 ft. rozzi ( come away little light, come away to the darkness. in the shade of the night we’ll come looking for you. )

    23. UNDER THE EARTH de yeah yeah yeahs ( down, down under the earth goes another lover. )

    24. DAY OF THE LORDS de joy division ( this is the room, the start of it all, through childhood, through youth, i remember it all. oh, i’ve seen the nights filled with bloodsport and pain. where will it end? )

    25. CAN’T STOP NOW de one night only ( don’t despair, you can’t give up. they’ll hunt us down, they’ll catch us up. we can’t stop now, we won’t stop now. )

    26. KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA de muse ( no one’s gonna take me alive, the time has come to make things right. you and i must fight for our rights, you and i must fight to survive. )

    27. RADIOACTIVE de imagine dragons ( i raise my flag and dye my clothes. it’s a revolution, i suppose. )

    28. SOLDIER de fleurie ( soldier, keep on marchin’ on. head down ‘til the work is done. )

    29. YOU’RE THE VOICE de john farnham ( this time, we know we all can stand together, with the power to be powerful, believing we can make it better. )

    30. WETSUIT de the vaccines ( if at some point we all succumb, for goodness sake let us be young. we all got old at breakneck speed. slow it down, go easy on me. )

    31. HEROES de david bowie ( oh, we can beat them, for ever and ever. then we could be heroes, just for one day. )

    32. POMPEII de bastille ( but if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? how am i gonna be an optimist about this? )

    33. THE FUNERAL de band of horses ( at every occasion i’ll be ready for the funeral. at every occasion, once more, it’s called the funeral. at every occasion, oh, one billion day funeral. )

    34. APOCALYPSE PLEASE de muse ( proclaim eternal victory. come on and change the course of history, and pull us through. and this is the end, this is the end of the world. )

    35. SEVEN DEVILS de florence + the machine ( seven devils all around me, seven devils in my house. see they were there when i woke up this morning, i’ll be dead before the day is done. )

    36. SOLDIER ON de the temper trap ( soldier on, soldier on, keep your heart close to the ground. don’t think about it all, just keep your head low. don’t think about it at all. )

    37. THE WAY IT ENDS de landon pigg ( if this the way it ends, nothing is meaningless. this is the way it ends, then this is the way it’s meant to be. )

    38. ALL I NEED de mat kearney ( it all might be ok or we might be dead. )

    39. PROSPEKT’S MARCH / POPPYFIELDS de coldplay ( smoke is rising from the houses, people burying their dead. i ask somebody what the time is, but time doesn’t matter to them yet. )

    40. SHORTLY BEFORE THE END de okgo ( but before we go, sing us a song. sing us a song to hum through the hours of dying. )

    41. BEFORE MY TIME de j. ralph, scarlett johansson & joshua bell ( but i don’t want to die alone, i don’t want to die alone, way before my time. )

    42. SIGN OF THE TIMES de harry styles ( just stop your crying, it’ll be alright. they told me that the end is near, we gotta get away from here. )

    43. SKYFALL de adele ( let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall, face it all together. )

    44. CELEBRATION GUNS de stars ( all the beating drums, celebration guns. the thunder and the laughter, the last thing they remember. )

    45. ALL THE RIGHT MOVES de one republic ( they’ve got all the right friends in all the right places. so yeah, we’re going down. they’ve got all the right moves and all the right faces. so yeah, we’re going down. )

    46. EVERYBODY LEAVES IN THE END de the temper trap ( as we gather to say goodbye, until we see your face again, but seasons come, you’re going soon. everybody leaves in the end. )

    47. SIRENS de fleurie ( i can hear the sirens, i can hear the sirens. )

    48. COMING HOME PART II de skylar grey ( i’m coming home, i’m coming home, tell the world i’m coming home. let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. i know my kingdom awaits, and they’ve forgiven my mistakes. i’m coming home, i’m coming home. tell the world i’m coming. )

    49. DEAD HEARTS de stars ( tell me everything that happened, tell me everything you saw. they had lights inside their eyes, they had lights inside their eyes. did you see the closing window? did you hear the slamming door? they moved forward, my heart died. they moved forward, my heart died. please, please tell me what they look like, did they seem afraid of you? they were kids that i once knew. they were kids that i once knew. i could say it, but you won’t believe me, you say you do, but you don’t deceive me. it’s hard to know they’re out there, it’s hard to know that you still care. i could say it but you won’t believe me, you say you do but you don’t deceive me. dead hearts are everywhere, dead hearts are everywhere. did you touch them, did you hold them? did they follow you to town? they make me feel i’m falling down. they make me feel i’m falling down. was there one you saw too clearly? did they seem too real to you? they were kids that i once knew. they were kids that i once knew. they were kids that i once knew, they were kids that i once knew, now they’re all dead hearts to you. )

    BONUS TRACK. HOSPITAL BEDS de florence + the machine ( i’ve got one friend laying across from me. i did not choose him, he did not choose me. we have no chance of recovering. laying in hospitals, joy and misery. put out the fire, boys. don’t stop, don’t stop. )


    ╰  ❄  feliz navidad y año nuevo, dannie.

    —; de: andy ( @rosewithtthorns​ )

    —; para: dannie ( @flongbottom​ )


    Bebé Dannie:


    A estas alturas deberías preguntarte en cuantas cosas te he mentido. Yo que tú me bloqueaba :0 (no es cierto, sólo te mentí en esto, ¿okay? O sea, ni modo que te dijera). Esto lo tuve que agregar a tu ya escrito mensaje, hehehehe. Espera, te mentí dos veces sobre que no me tocaste. Ah.

    ¡Otra vez soy yo! ¿Cómo la ves? 8) Pues mira, te vengo manejando el regalo que espero haga llorar a muchos y si no pues renuncio. Lo hice especialmente para que todos lloraran, o sea si no, ¿para qué? ¿Para reír? Pues no. La verdad es que este regalo es tan… Extra. Yo misma lo vi y dije: … ¿Cómo que exageraste, no? Nunca había hecho una manip tan grande, ni algo tan complicado en esos términos. El fondo negro ayuda, pero igual fue como… ¿Por qué hiciste esto, Andrea? HSGASHSASA. Lo que importa es que creo que quedó bien… Espero, lo intenté. Al menos todos se ven muy guapos y no fue un desastre total. Anyway, no puse a los más grandes de la Orden porque uh… No quise, fin. Dumbledore iba a arruinar mi aesthetic, y ya le arruinó la vida a Harry, yo digo que es suficiente. 

    Sabes que amo mucho a la Orden, así que hacer esto fue como… Muy especial para mi corazoncito. Todos son mis hijos, like :’(… Debo admitir que me la volé con la contraportada, ahahaha, que dramática, con todo el fuego y la sangre. Nadie me pidió eso, ¿verdad? Pero ahí fui, porque siempre hay que ser extra. Ay la verdad me gustó mucho hacer este regalo. Como eran 50 canciones y no quería sufrir, sólo puse las líneas más importantes, pero te pido que por favor escuches cada canción y la leas porque muchas cosas las dejé fuera (excepto en Dead Hearts de Stars porque duh, es la canción de Golden). Lloré treinta veces con este regalo, sigo llorando. Ahahaha, es que… Everyone died. Veo la portada y… todos murieron o quedaron locos, hahaha, what the fuck??? Gracias por nada, Rowling. 

    Y bueno, lloré mucho.

    Ya te escribí una big carta en el otro regalo y te lo digo como cada semana, pero aún así recuerda que te quiero muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucho y agradezco cada minuto de tu amistad, ¡me hace muy feliz que seamos pals! Gracias por tanto y tanto amoooooor. Por favor nunca olvides lo especial que eres y no dejes que nadie te haga pensar lo contrario. Tú ya sabes que eres difícil de encontrar.

    You will be found.

    P.D.: Ahahaha, no puedo creer lo exagerada que fui con este regalo, es que en verdad me la (censurado).

    P.D. 2: Si no lloran todos con esto, cierro el rp. Primer aviso.

    Con mucho, mucho amor,

                                                   — andy ♡. 🎅

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  • ╰  ❄  feliz navidad y año nuevo, frank.

    —; de: rosalind ( @rosewithtthorns​ )

    —; para: frank ( @flongbottom​ )


    Querido Frank:

    ¡Feliz Navidad! :-) Soy yo, Rosalind Bungs, ¡tu Santa Secreto! Me alegró mucho saber que eras tú a quien debía regalar. Adoro la Navidad, ¡pero adoro más dar regalos! Y creo que quizá me extralimité un poquito, aunque también opino que entre más obsequios, mejor, ¿no crees? Estaba muy tentada a regalarte algo para tu bebé, pero pensé que no sería para ti, y esto es sobre ti, así que me tuve que retener (muy difícilmente) de comprar algo para tu pequeño. En fin.

    Quizá estés enterado, quizá no, de que mi mamá trabaja en una panadería. Es experta en pasteles, y en cuanto supo que te iba a regalar, pensó en hornear un pastel de su propia mano. Me encantó, es un precioso reno. Ella lo manda con mucho cariño, espero lo disfruten en familia (no estoy segura si tu bebé ya tiene permitido comer pastel… Ojalá sí, porque es delicioso). También te he elegido un par de camisetas porque adoro comprar ropa y me parecen un regalo perfecto. Escogí dos de color rosa porque, ¿honestamente? El rosa es mi color favorito, y en los hombres se ve muy bien, ¡no importa qué piense la gente! Sólo las personas estúpidas e ignorantes piensan que el rosa es de mujeres. Por suerte yo no, y decidí comprarte este par que me parece te sentarán estupendas, acompañadas de esta otra con flores, que también pensé se te vería muy bien. Eres más o menos de la estatura de Benjy, así que las medí en él… creo que son del tamaño correcto. De otra forma, no dudes en avisarme que encontraré una solución. 

    Otra idea tonta es que los hombres no pueden usar joyería, cuando es realmente sexy ver a un hombre con ella. No sé en qué momento se estableció que era femenino, porque, es decir, los reyes muggles utilizaban mucha joyería. ¡Es bonita, qué se le puede hacer! Por eso te elegí este hermoso collar de león, para que nunca olvides tus orígenes gryffindor. 

    Finalmente he comprado esta cámara en barata (hay que aprovechar las baratas, ¿okay? Hay cosas muy buenas a veces, cómo en esta ocasión), porque últimamente me he dado cuenta de lo importante y especial que es tener recuerdos… Espero tú también lo sepas. Toma muchas fotos, para que después puedas mostrarlas a tu hijo una vez sea más grande y puedan volver a esos momentos tan felices y preciados. Disfrútala. 

    Ten una hermosa Navidad y un fantástico año nuevo. Te deseo mucha felicidad, amor y en especial tranquilidad. Espero estés con tus seres queridos y sientas el cariño en familia, no hay nada mejor. ¡Felices fiestas! :-)

    Con cariño, 

                                                   — rosalind b. ♡ 🎅

    #frank #santa secreto 2019
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  • more Frank and Percy as happy ghosts! and Frank sadly wounded on the front line

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  • Puts on grey, camo, cargo pants and skull converse.

    Oh?? Its legion time??

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  • franks “ween” knuckles

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