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  • sweetfictionalworld
    06.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Smut Sentence Prompts

    Requests open!

    I'm close to reaching 500 followers and want to celebrate it by opening up requests for shorter smut one-shots. You can choose one sentence from the list. I only write female reader insert. The characters I write for are listed below the cut. Please leave your request in my ask box.

    I will only take 10 requests, since I don't have much time to write.

    Sentences requested will be crossed over so I don't get the same sentence twice.


    "Does that feel good?"

    "Make that mouth of yours useful"

    "Shut up and take it"

    "Really? Right here? You know people are going to see us…"

    "Be quiet, you wouldn’t want all your friends hearing us right?"

    "If you beg, you can cum"

    "Bad girls get punished"

    "No one could make you feel as good as i do"

    "I'm going to ruin that pretty makeup"

    "You make the prettiest sounds, i could listen to you all day"

    "Were you just touching yourself thinking about me?"

    "Scream my name, show everyone whos fucking you so good right now"

    "Look at you, so wet already. i havent even touched you yet"

    "So pathetic"

    "Are you going to go back to your friends like that? You look a mess darling"

    "Dont worry, ill take good care of you"

    "You can be louder than that"

    "Dont cum yet"

    "Tell me what you want me to do"

    "You're doing so good love"

    "I'm going to fuck you until you forget that assholes name"

    "I'm going to make you feel so good"

    "I'm going to ruin you"

    "Bend over the desk, love"

    "Get on your hands and knees, right now"

    Pedro Pascal Characters

    Din Djarin

    Frankie Morales

    Squid Game

    Sang-woo Cho

    Star Wars

    Boba Fett

    #din djarin x reader #frankie morales x reader #sang woo x reader #boba fett x reader #pedro pascal#squid game #the book of boba fett #din djarin#the mandalorian#frankie morales #cho sang woo x reader #cho sang woo #boba fett #din djarin smut #frankie morales smut #sang woo smut #boba fett smut #star wars #star wars fanfiction #star wars smut
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  • dyklopces
    06.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I don't believe in lying to people literallyyy like . keeping secrets is hard and dangerous and telling people the truth is always better

    #frankie fucks about #mayhaps im a snitch but my philosophy is that if it doesnt put anyone in danger tell the TRUTH ... #i wont come forth w info a lot of the time but if someone asks i am not going to lie !!
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  • the-institute-gifts
    06.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    To: Frankie Vanderbilt- @frankiexvanderbilt​

    Happiest of holidays,

    - Secret Santa

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  • pure-kirarin
    06.12.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #franky#kirarin answers #your impressions abt my writing
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  • suspendrs
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the 4-year-old urge to crush the goldfish under the lunch table to dust with the heel of my croc

    #why. what’s the reason #why did you do that FRANKIE
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  • moonhze
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i forgot about pet aging and frankie became an elder 😔

    #i flagged both cats for no aging now #he can stay an elder #they're kitties of vampires so that's my head canon #that vampires can make their pets not age :)) #ts4 #the sims 4 #simblr#ts4 gameplay#ts4 legacy#smc#smc: g1 #frankie the cat
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  • totallycorrectfostershome
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Wilt: Are you searching your name online again?

    Frankie: Nah. I've learned my lesson. Every time I close my eyes, I can still see those weird drawings of me...

    Frankie: *shudders* Who draws that stuff...?

    #foster's home for imaginary friends #incorrect foster's home for imaginary friends #wilt#frankie foster #source: the amazing world of gumball
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  • frankiecatphotography
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    OCD Cow Mug

    #cow#cow lover #frankie cat photography #obsessed #obsessed with cows #cow mug#cute gift#Frankie Cat#gift #Christmas gifts 2021
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  • casualbugenjoyer
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    We all agree that Franky upgrades his dick on the regular, right? Like you know it has multiple settings with vibration and all. You KNOW he's be into that.

    #one piece thoughts #headcanon#franky #one piece franky #slightly cursed#slightly nsft #can't stop thinking about it #please send help #i kinda ship nico robin and Franky so that makes this funnier to me #'why do you do this?' she'd ask #'idk i just thought that my balls should also work as a live grenade'
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  • wolfstar-lb
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #eli’s asks #jo who isn't a cliche white gay (doesn't like frankie) #jo my fave white boy
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  • elfpuddle
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The middles said that Willy was acting odd at school all day.

    Something about him drawing tattoos all over his face and acting like a pirate? I’m sure that Ollie’s boys are just being oddballs. Frankie’s always talking about magic, as if he were a witch or something, so Willy being a pirate isn’t surprising.

    I mean, after all, look at their parents. I don’t have a single normal relative; we’re all a bit odd in different ways.

    As long as Willy doesn’t end up like Zach, all will be well.

    #round robin legacy challenge #team desert#willy huckleberry#frankie huckleberry #frankie huckleberry the infallibly good warlock #ollie huckleberry #ollie huckeberry the infallibly good warlock #kelly johnson#zach cwik#philippa huckleberry#Unreliable Narrator#Q2Q
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  • gone-in-fandoms
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Chapter 12- Stay Here

    * Third Person’s POV *

    Bella followed Deuce out of Mr. Hackington’s class. They held each other’s hands as they walked up to the second floor, leaning against the balcony with Lagoona, Abbey, and Frankie. Bella wrapped her arm around Deuce’s before her phone went off. Everyone’s phones went off. Deuce checked his phone and announced, “The Normies school was vandalised again.” Bella continued to read the article Spectra put up, “And now people think Holt was behind the second attack.” Frankie sighed before she and the group turned to Cleo, “Attention, everyone! I just received an email from Holt. He wants us all to know that he is behind all these pranks. And he’s got even bigger and better ones planned. And that he will be communicating through me, his spokes-princess, how words not mine, because I was his inspiration for standing up to the Normies. He’ll be updating his Critter account to keep you caught up on his exploits.” Heath and school cheered in support, “Cleo, you rock! You tell Holt that we’re all behind him!”

    Bella shook her head and scoffed, “I can’t believe Cleo.” Deuce nodded in agreement, “I mean, first, she convinces everyone to go attack the Normies. Next, she gets everyone in trouble and now Bella might have to leave the school. And now, she’s Holt’s spoke-princess.” Bella gently squeezed Deuce’s arm and whispered, “Calm down. I don’t want to see half this school turn to stone.” Deuce softly chuckled before he kissed her nose, “It might get rid of some problems.” Bella nodded, “True, but it’d be creating more.” Deuce softly sighed as he turned to Frankie, “Guys, this is bad. We can’t sit around any longer. We’ve got to stop Holt. He’s created a monster!” Bella nodded before she suggested, “We should talk to Ghoulia. I’m sure she’d know what to do.” The group quickly walked into an empty classroom where Ghoulia was typing away. Frankie was quick to explain their situation as to which Ghoulia groaned, typing faster than she originally was. Abbey watched before she hummed, “Wow. Never seen zombie move so fast before.” Frankie nodded, “She’s uploading a program to triangulate Holt’s exact location based on his cell phone's GPS. Did I get that right?” Ghoulia groaned with a small nod. Bella tried to nod but she only said, “I have no idea what she said.” Deuce agreed, “Me neither.” Frankie suddenly gasped, “He’s in their school. We gotta get over there and stop him before it’s too late.” Bella nodded, “Let’s get going.” Before she could move, Deuce grabbed her arm and shot down the idea, “Uh, you’re not coming with us.” Bella raised an eyebrow, pulling her arm from his grasp, “Excuse me? I’m going.” Deuce shook his head, “No, you’re not. I’m not letting you come. If we get caught, we’ll get detention but you’ll be transferred to Transylvania.” Bella sighed before she tried to speak, “Deuce, I…” she only stopped after looking at Deuce’s shades. She could only see her reflection but if she could see Deuce’s eyes, she knew they’d be full of worry. Bella sadly smiled before she took Deuce’s hands, “I know. You’re right but I’m not happy about it. I’ll stay but you better promise me something.” Deuce nodded, “Anything.” Bella pulled him closer, “You better promise to be safe.” Deuce softly smiled as he pressed a kiss to her lips, “I promise.” Bella kissed back before she pulled away, allowing Deuce to follow Frankie, Lagoona, and Abbey. Bella smiled when Lagoona placed her hand on her shoulder, “We’ll make sure he stays out of trouble.” Bella chuckled, “Thanks.” Once the group was gone, Bella whispered, “Please be safe.” Ghoulia glanced at Bella before she groaned. Bella turned to her friend before nodding, “Yeah, Ghoulia, I’ll leave you be and complain about my love life outside.” Ghoulia groaned again, making Bella laugh as she left the classroom.

    Bella was close to her locker when she gasped after Billy suddenly appeared in front of her. Bella stepped back and asked, “Would you quit it, Billy?” Billy crossed his arms over his chest, “What happened to you? You got detention. You went to New Salem. What’s gotten into you?” Bella shook her head, “I don’t wanna talk about it.” She then turned invisible before walking out of the school. Once she made it outside, Bella became visible and looked in the direction of New Salem. She let out a small sigh but it quickly changed into a gasp when Billy appeared again, “Billy, will you leave me alone?” Billy shook his head, “No. Dad told me what happened. He might want to transfer you?” Bella nodded as she collapsed onto the school’s steps, “Yeah.” Billy nodded as he took a seat next to her, “I mean, as much as I want to say that’d be awesome, I can’t. I’ll miss you like crazy.” Bella softly chuckled, “Thanks. I’d miss you too. Even if you’re annoying.” Billy smiled before Bella wrapped her arm around his shoulders. He thought for a moment before he admitted, “I thought it was cool when you went to New Salem.” Bella scoffed, “Really?” Billy nodded, “Yeah, it’s about time one of us stood up to the Normies and did something. Something cool, for that matter.” Bella laughed, throwing her head back, “Well, I’m glad I’m the first of us who made the first leap.”

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  • azertyrobaz
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “Do it.”

    #triple frontier #frankie catfish morales #santiago pope garcia #william ironhead miller #ben miller#pedro pascal#oscar isaac#charlie hunnam#garrett hedlund#my gifs
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  • ask-arachnikid
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    New question for my fellow web slingers and spider adjacent friends.

    What part of your power set is unique to you and your 'verse? We all know the basic super strength, Spidey-sense, and enhanced metabolism, etc. But what have you got that most don't?

    For me, it's bioluminescence. Not the most useful but definitely unique and it has come in handy a couple of times.

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  • revelyuu
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    TRAVEL SPEED [SBS- Who Would Win the 50 Meters Dash?]:

    1st Place= Brook: because he is light.

    2nd Place= Sanji

    3rd Place= Luffy

    4th Place= Chopper

    5th Place= Zoro

    ATTACK SPEED (this is my opinion):

    1st Place= Sanji

    2nd Place= Luffy

    3rd Place= Brook

    4th Place= Zoro: man can stop bullets

    5th Place= Franky

    #one piece#sanji#zoro#roronoa zoro#vinsmoke sanji #monkey d. luffy #cyborg franky #soul king brook #tony tony chopper #opgraphics
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  • queenofthefaceless
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    Hello I love your work and I was hoping for a Frankie fluffy? Sorry it’s a long one
    Frankie and reader are in a long term relationship, and staying at his cabin for the weekend. He was going to propose to her but they snowed in after a epic snowball fight, they make cocoa Frankie loves the sight of you in life as they cuddle in front of a roaring fire he says something like.
    “I want…this forever… Marry me?”
    Thank you for this opportunity 🥰

    Thank you for the request and the kind words, love! Hope you enjoy this 🥰

    pairing: Frankie Morales x f!reader

    gif: @trashcora​ 

    You had never seen such a beautiful scenery before. From inside the cabin, it looked absolutely ethereal.

    Snow was still falling heavily from the skin, its icy flakes tied together in a massive white blanket that seemed to be putting a dent in everyone’s plans for enjoying any outdoor activity. However, Frankie didn’t let that stop either one of you and persuaded you into a simple walk outside. While cold, you put on your fluffiest clothes and were left giggling and nose reddened from the weather as you and Frankie enjoyed the heavy snow. You were rolling around in it, playing with snowballs and even made a snowman. Albeit childish activities, you both thoroughly enjoyed the moment of peace and simple joy. Your lives got so hectic that sometimes it was great to just kick back and enjoy the simplest of moments.

    “How about I make us some hot chocolate?”

    You smile in agreement once you return inside and rush to change your clothes as Frankie goes into the kitchen. Heart tripled in size with excitement, he checks in the pocket of his sweatshirt and is relieved that the box is still there. He tries to compose himself and focus on his breaths: one, two, three in, one, two, three out. He repeats the gesture twice more before resuming his task.

    “By this rate we’ll be completely snowed in,” you joke, entering the kitchen.

    “Would it be so bad though? We got this whole cabin to ourselves. There’s plenty of food, plenty of wood – “

    “Speaking of – “

    Frankie chuckles as you wrap your arms around his torso, kissing his back, which progressively makes his mission much more difficult. Alas, he persists and spins you around, kissing your forehead.

    “How about we enjoy our hot chocolate first?” he suggests.

    “Sure. I was actually looking forward to enjoy it by the fire.”

    “I’ll handle that in a moment.”

    “I can do it.”

    “I know. But I got the wood, remember?”

    This time you’re the one who chuckles, sitting down comfortably and watching him go around doing all these basic chores that simply make you so happy and grateful to have him in his life. You could easily do them and you both know it, but Frankie always liked to make a fuss over you and keep you safe regardless of the manner. This is no exception; he takes care of the fire ever so expertly then puts a steaming hot mug in front of you.

    There’s silence for a while. He absorbs the sight like a thirsty man in the desert. The light from the fireplace bounces on your face, hints of auburn and red flickering in your eyes. He smiles, even more so when you’re left with a whipped cream mustache on your face. Frankie moves closer to you and giggles, using his thumb to gently wipe it off, proceeding to put said finger in his mouth, all whilst looking at you.

    “You’re making this difficult,” you say. “You’re the one who suggested we enjoy hot cocoa first.”

    “I stand by it.”

    “Do you?”

    “Yes. It’s gonna heat us right up and we’ll be good to go.”

    You lick your lips, sweetness lingering on them. Frankie fidgets with his fingers, placing the steaming hot mug on the table and breathing in and out again. He says your name so gently and huskily that you melt instantly.

    “Do you know how much I love you?” he asks.

    He seems serious, so, with a smile seemingly glued to your face, you whisper a shaky yes.

    “I mean it. I love you more than anyone ever could, and every day I get to be with you is a day well lived.”

    “Frankie – “

    “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You are the best, and… I hope we can keep doing this for however long we’re alive.”

    With slightly tremoring hands, he takes out the box and reveals a ring, leaving you speechless. You barely glance at the ring before settling on Frankie’s face, abundant with joy and nervousness.

    “Marry me?” he nearly whispers.

    Suddenly it all makes sense: the weekend getaway, the cabin in the mountains when it snows, the fireplace, the flowers… and how could you say no when your heart’s been beating chaotically for that man for the past three years?

    “Yes,” you smile.

    permanent Pedro crew:

    @doin-stuff​ @pedro-pastel​ @acourtofsnakes​ @wild-at-heart-kept-in-cage​ @beskarboobs​ @rosiefridayrogersunday​ @boxdyeblonde​ @imcalledflorence​ @casssiopeia​ @sleep-tight1​ @pasckles​ @northernpunk​ @wantingpedropascal​ @evelynseventyr​ @itssmashedavo​ @phoenixhalliwell​ @elegantduckturtle​ @mylifeinthetardisforever​ @ohhersheybars​ @kingsqueensandvagabonds​ @greeneyedblondie44​ @sebbys-girl​ @mrsparknuts​ @hnt-escape​ @hayley-the-comet​ @spideysimpossiblegirl​ @lsphoenix​ @kirsteng42​ @lunaemss​ @goldielocks2004​ @diogodxlot​ @queridopascal​ @gracie7209​ @floraandfrost​ @mejswho​ @dobbyjen​ @janebby​ @what-iwish-you-knew​ @jedi-jesi​ @kaqua​ @datenshi666​ @stevie75 @ezras-channel-rat​ @for-my-satisfaction​ @quica-quica-quica​ @mishasminion360​ @eri16​ @lovesbiggerthanpride​ @xaestheticalien​ @grandfanficstation​ @mrsudontknowme​ @hello-i-am-daydreaming​ @mando-s-wife​ @pastamomma​ @midwesternwitchery​ @headinthestarz​ @drreidsconverse​ @dindjarinneedsahug​ @captainjaspenor​ @pscalwhiskey @1800-fight-me​ @phandoz​ @ayrusss​ @amneris21​ 

    requests are open!

    #submission#requests#drabble #frankie morales x reader #frankie morales x f!reader #frankie morales x you #frankie morales drabble #frankie morales fic #frankie morales fluff #francisco morales x reader #francisco morales x you #pedro pascal #pedro pascal fanfiction
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  • dyklopces
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I have a chronic disorder it's called I always make necks too long when I draw no matter what and its annoying

    #frankie fucks about #niche posting babeyyyy. i hate it here im so bad at necks
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