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    Weekly Writing Round Up: Jan 16th-22nd


    The Masked Initiation {Max Lord x F!Reader} co-written

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    Chapter 7: The Bar

    Chapter 6.5 |
    Frankie Morales x Female Reader (Catfish x Gulls)
    Fisherman Frankie series Warnings and Summary: in series masterlist
    Chapter Summary: You soon realise there is a conversation that you and Frankie haven’t had yet and it starts to affect your emotions
    Chapter Warnings: mentions of reader being jealous, talk about feelings, smut (minors DNI), oral (f) receiving, one case of spitting, unrprotective sex, choking, praise kink (this is Frankie we are talking about), slight sub Frankie

    With each day that passed, Frankie was settling deeper and deeper in Port Williams’ life. He was no longer walking the streets as though he was a visitor and was instead waving and being waved to by those who had lived here their whole lives.

    On Sundays his favourite stalls at the farmers market - the one that sold the freshest fruit and vegetables - would keep a box behind the table to hand over to Frankie knowing exactly what he would like from their pick of the week. When he walked into the pub after a long day at work there would be a pint of his choice waiting for him by the time he walked from the door to the bar. Whenever he walked into a shop the shopkeeper would ask him how work was going and what his plans for the week ahead were.

    It’s the small things that set the locals apart from the tourists and Frankie likes this feeling of being home. He likes being stopped by a family awkwardly holding a map from the gift shop asking him what direction the nearest cafe is; he likes the way people talk to him like he’s one of their own; but most importantly he likes how at home he feels here with you.

    You were liking it too; the way you could see how Frankie’s shoulders were growing more relaxed as the weeks wore on.

    Two weeks after you shared those three words for the first time the pair of you eventually found time to go round to your Mom’s for dinner. Frankie brought a dish he had phoned his Mom to get the recipe for and called your Mom “ma’am” which she promptly shut down with a request to call her by her name. You could tell that he was nervous from the way his fingers tapped along his leg and he took a sip of water each time he spoke, but he charmed your Mom in an instant. It was when you were leaving, though, when your Mom unknowingly threaded that seed of doubt in your mind.

    “So how long is he staying for then?” She asked you in the kitchen while she packed up some leftovers for you to take home.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I thought he was only here for the summer, to help Mr Miller out?”

    It was like someone had taken a needle to the bubble that you had been living in, popping it in an instance.

    “I- I’m not sure,” you shook your head, looking down to click the lid in place and hide the way your eyes were starting to gloss over.

    Frankie didn’t notice, or didn’t say anything, when you clung to him that bit tighter when you got home. When you made love to him that bit more desperately with your hand gripping his bicep tightly as you other threaded into his sweat coated curls and held his panting mouth against yours while rocking your hips up against him.

    You didn’t want it to but those few words from your Mom had sent a dark cloud over your head whenever you spent time with Frankie for the next few days. You didn’t know how to bring it up - it really should have been a conversation you had before you both shared that you loved each other - and so you struggled on in a worry that in only a few months time Frankie would up and leave you with a broken heart.

    It is that worry that started the events that unfolded tonight, one that had you cringing at yourself.

    You and Frankie had met Will and Colin at the pub after dinner, sitting around one of the back tables and sharing a few rounds of drinks and games of darts. Frankie’s arm had been around your shoulder, every so often whispering something in your ear or nuzzling your neck to make you laugh as Will and Colin played against each other in darts. 

    “I’ll get this round,” Frankie stood up, lifting the empty glasses and heading over to the bar.

    You lost sight of him pretty quickly, his dark curls covered by the cap being lost in the busy Saturday night crowd. You had joined the conversation that Will and Colin had started but when they began to talk about the game that had been on that day you zoned out, wondering what had been taking Frankie so long.

    “Hey Gulls,” Will brought your attention back to the table, “did you watch the game?”

    “No sorry,” you laughed. “I’m going to go and see if he needs a hand,” you tapped the table twice and the guys nodded at you before going back to their conversation. 

    You had to push through a few people to get to the bar, standing on your toes and trying to catch sight of Frankie. It didn’t take too long, his height as he leaned on the bar making him taller than everyone around him with the cap on top of his head. You began to walk towards him, seeing if he needed help carrying the beers back, but the smile quickly fell when you noticed the woman leaning into his side.

    She was pretty, her eyes trailing up Frankie as she stood closer and spoke louder so he could hear her above the noise and as you walked up behind them you could hear the conversation that was going on. 

    “Well, maybe you could show me all the good spots,” the woman flirted, her hand coming to rest on Frankie’s arm.

    “I’m still pretty new here but I think they do some good tours,” Frankie replied, oblivious to her flirting with his body still facing the bar as he waited to get served.

    “Hmm, but I don’t think any of the tour guides will be as handsome as you.”

    “Oh-” Frankie had started to pull back from her a little as you stepped by his side, arm wrapping around his waist.

    You weren’t a jealous type, and you knew that it was no-one’s fault that Frankie was being flirted with - he looked like a single guy standing up at the bar and he hadn’t even noticed he was being flirted with until the last minute - but you still couldn’t help the green eyed monster clamouring to the surface.

    “Hey, honey. You get the drinks?” You looked up at Frankie before turning to the girl and introducing yourself.

    “Oh, hi- Cassie,” she offered before looking up to Frankie, “sorry, I’m just gonna-” she pointed back to her friends and smiled at you both before leaving.

    Your arm had started to unwind from Frankie’s waist but he gripped at your wrist and held you in place, looking down at you as he tilted your face up to look at him. He raised an eyebrow down at you, a knowing smirk playing on his lips. 


    “No,” you said too quickly and he laughed.

    “I didn’t even know she was flirting with me,” he shook his head, bending down to kiss the tip of your nose.

    “I know, I just- I don’t know.”

    It wasn’t that Frankie had been flirted with that had you acting like this; he was a handsome man and that was bound to happen from time to time. It wasn’t even that he didn’t notice. Suddenly all the feelings of insecurity about what this relationship was that you had been thinking over for the past few days were at the forefront of your mind.

    “Hey,” the smile was gone from Frankie’s face as he bent down to meet your eye height.

    “Really, Frankie, it’s not that- I- can we talk about it later?”

    He watched you closely for a minute but eventually he stood back to his fault height, his hand still holding yours and keeping you against his waist as he ordered the drinks for you both, Will and Colin.

    His arm stayed around you as you sat back at the table and you turned to face Frankie with a forced smile every so often until the four of you called it a night. There was no chance to talk on the way home, Will walking the same way home as you, but as soon as you were back in Frankie’s house, the door locked and you were sitting on the couch, he turned to face you.

    “So, what’s wrong?”

    You sigh, your gaze falling to your hands that rested on your lap as Frankie walked from the doorway to sit by your side.

    “I’m just- I’m really happy.”

    “I don’t see how that’s a bad thing,” he said, the frown clear in his voice.

    “It’s not!” You finally look up at him, “It’s not… but when we haven’t spoken about how long you’ll be here for or if you plan on staying or leaving again- then maybe it is? What if we fell in love just for you to leave me one day soon?”

    You didn’t realise you had been crying till his hand reached up to cup your face, his thumb stroking across your cheeks to wipe the tears away before pulling you against his chest.

    “We haven’t spoken about that,” he said as his chin rested on top of your head and you shook your head against his chest. “Well, let’s talk.”

    You sat up and he took your hands in his, holding them between your bodies.

    “I’m done… running,” he sighed. “I think - I know - that I’ve found what I wanted; what I needed. I’m not putting that all on you,” he squeezed your hands with a smile. “I’m happier than I thought was possible when I’m with you and I feel this love I’ve never felt before, but this is still new and there are so many conversations we need before then.”

    You nodded, squeezing his hands back and smiling about how far he’s come since you first met. He used to bottle his thoughts and feelings up but now he speaks so truthfully - confidently - about those feelings.

    “Having this routine - work that I’m good at, living in this beautiful town, for the first time since I was eighteen being able to think about not running away to hide from everyone. I can actually imagine a future, having a- a life, a family. I’m done running away.”

    “So, you’re staying?”

    He smiled, his hands lifting yours and kissing the back.

    “I’ll stay. For as long as you and this town will have me.”

    You threw your arms around his neck and he pulled you onto his lap, your face burying in his neck.

    “But I need you to promise me something- something you made me promise you,” he reached for your chin and lifted your face to his, “don’t keep things like this inside. Talk to me.”

    You smiled, leaning forward and pressing a kiss against his lips with a nod.

    “I love you, Frankie,” you mumbled against his lips.

    “I love you,” he sighed back, moving to kiss down your neck. “I love you,” he moved your body so your back was against the cool leather and your head resting on the armrest, his body hovering over yours. “I love you,” he kissed down your chest and your hands wound their way into his curls.

    “Frankie- oh,” you moaned, his hands tugging your bra down underneath your t-shirt and wrapping his mouth around your nipple over the fabric, the warmth causing you to arch your back into his touch.

    His hands pulled your t-shirt up and you sat up enough to pull it off, his hands unclasping your bra and slowly pulling them down your arms after.

    “My beautiful girl,” he whispered against your skin as you lay back down, his fingers working at the button and zip of your jeans, “can I taste you, baby?”

    “Fuck, Frankie, please,” you whined.

    He sat back on the couch, dragging your jeans and underwear down your legs until you lay bare before him. Fighting against his dark stare you opened your legs that bit more and his hands ran up your thighs, his tight grip holding them open even wider.

    You could hear the low moan rumble through his chest as he settled between your legs, his eyes firmly on your pussy as his fingers spread you wider and you watched as his eyes looked up to yours, a smirk playing on his lips before spitting on your pussy.

    Your eyes almost rolled back, your hips lifting off the sofa and towards his face as he chuckled lowly. His hand came to rest across your stomach, watching as his spit ran down your slit and moaning loudly before he licked up until his mouth attached to your clit.

    Your fingers curled into his hair as you moaned his name, the tips of his fingers running back and forth along the bottom of your stomach causing you to shiver under his touch.

    Sometimes with Frankie, usually on those mornings where there was no rush for either of you to be anywhere, he moved slowly; he lapped at you until you were shaking under his touch before breaking away and kissing along your thighs until you had calmed again before going back to bring you close to the edge again. Other times, like tonight, he moved like he couldn’t get enough of you.

    It wasn’t long till his fingers were digging into the plush skin of your thighs, pulling you as close as you could be and then even closer, his eyes closed and brows pinched together as he brought you crashing towards your peak.

    You came with a shout of his name, mouth wide in a silent scream as he held you against his mouth. He only moved back when you tiredly pushed his head away and reached for his arm to drag him up your body.

    “Wait, I want to get you ready-”

    “I just need you, now. Frankie, please,” you whined, continuing to babble about how you needed his cock, needed him inside you now.

    He was torn between wanting to fuck you on his fingers or not but then he looked up at you, a pout on your face and eyes wide as you pulled him up your body, and it was over for him. He stood from the couch only long enough to pull off his jeans and boxers, your eyes watching as his hand reached for his painfully hair cock as he stroked it a few times while settling between your legs; his thighs pushing your legs open wider.

    He rubbed his cock between your folds, coating himself in your slick. Each time the tip bumped against your clit you whined, your nails digging into his biceps and hips rolling against his. He eventually settled with one arm by your head, his hand holding the side of your face and his thumb soothingly rubbing against your cheek as he notched the tip of his cock inside.

    Your breath hitched, mouth open and thighs going rigid as you felt him stretch you out with each inch he pushed inside.

    “Breathe, baby. You can take it, you can take my cock can’t you?”

    You nodded against his chest, gasping a yes and lifting your hips closer to his.

    “Mmm I know you can,” his breath caught in his throat, “you take me so well. Made for my cock, made for me.”

    He moaned loudly as he bottomed out, his lips coming to crash against yours as he slowly rocked his hips down. It was slow at first, your mouths moving softly against one another with barely there kisses and his hips rocking slowly into yours as your legs wrapped around his waist, but then you bit at his bottom lip and you felt the groan rumble through his chest; the way his hips snapped against yours that bit harder.

    “Did you get jealous back at the bar?” He asked, his eyes searching yours for any hint he should drop the subject, but then he saw the glint in your eyes, the way your nails dragged down his back.

    His head dipped into the crook of your neck, biting and sucking at your skin as you tried to find the words while his hips continued to snap harshly against yours.

    “Yes,” you gasped, “I didn’t like how she flirted with you. How- how she touched you.”

    He lifted his head, his thumb stroking the mark that would no doubt be there in the morning, before lifting your bodies quickly; his cock still thrusting deeply into you as he now sat on the couch with you on his lap. You kissed him as your hands reached for his shirt, pulling it up his body and he broke away from the kiss only long enough to pull it off.

    One hand held onto your hip, helping you roll against him, and the other ran up your side before reaching for your nipple, twisting and pulling it until you were gasping into his mouth. He pulled away, his hand trailing up your chest before resting at the bottom of your neck, the length of his hand able to wrap almost entirely around the front. His thumb stroked along your jaw, resting below your chin, and you dipped your head enough to pull it into your mouth.

    You made a show of widening your eyes, pouting as much as you could with his thumb pushing in and out of your mouth. His mouth was hanging open, shaky breaths coming out as his brows pinched together while watching his thumb being lost between your plush lips. You rolled your hips against his, pushing his cock deeper inside and you smirked as he moaned your name, his thumb leaving your mouth.

    Your own hand now came up to rest along his neck and looked into his eyes.

    “Is this okay?”

    “Y-yes,” he said, “please.”

    You smirked, your hand squeezing a little. He gasped, his eyes closing and hands dropping so both were now on your waist with his fingers digging into the flesh there.

    “Open your eyes for me, Frankie,” you whispered and he did, “you look so good like this, my pretty boy.”

    He let out a whine, his eyes going wide as his hips began to grind up against yours.

    “Harder, please,” he begged.

    You squeezed a bit tighter and he moaned even louder, his cheeks flushing a bright pink and chest shaking with each breath like he did when he was close.

    “Fuck, Frankie,” you gasped, your free hand coming down to play with your clit, “you’re doing so good. You’re- fuck, I’m close, you’re mine Frankie aren’t you?”

    He nodded in your hold and as you came for a second time, your mouth smashing against his as your hand and pussy squeezed him tighter, you sent him over the edge with a gasp.

    Frankie had never come this hard before, his whole body shook with each wave of pleasure and his fingers dug even deeper into your skin.

    The deep, desperate kiss, soon slowed; your hand dropping to rest on his chest and feeling the way his heart was racing inside. When you sat back a shyness grew over you again as he smiled up at you.

    “That was new,” he smirked and you laughed.

    “Was that- was that okay?”

    “More than okay,” his hands ran up your arms, lifting his head enough to press a soft kiss to your lips.

    His head dipped down to rest between your breasts, still shaking breaths hitting against your skin as you raked your fingers through his hair. It was quiet as you both calmed down, his breaths evening out slowly.

    “I’m not leaving you,” he whispered, his head lifting so his chin was resting on your chest to look you in the eyes, “ever.”

    You smiled, eyes growing glassy as you nodded back. You took his chin between your finger and thumb, lifting it slightly to press a kiss to his lips.

    “I love you, Frankie.”

    “I love you,” he smiled against your lips.

    It was quiet for a moment, the both of you smiling into one another's eyes, but then Frankie’s stomach grumbled and you both broke into laughter as he pulled you tight against him.

    “I still have those leftovers from dinner with my Mom?”

    “God yes,” he moaned against your neck and you laughed loudly.



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    Frankie heads out to the arcade

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    'Real shame' Frankie Bridge breaks silence on Loose Women feud claims

    'Real shame' Frankie Bridge breaks silence on Loose Women feud claims

    FRANKIE BRIDGE addressed the recent rumours regarding feuds within the Loose Women studio involving co-star Coleen Nolan. Source link

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    oh anyway yesterday i got a funny lil bug because when harry woke up after the confrontation between the union and the mercs he could ask kim about the piss jacket and why he wasn't wearing it anymore but this is my first playthrough and it's obviously not in hard mode so he never had it on to begin with

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    Fic: Alma Ellen Morales

    Read on Ao3.

    Fandom: Triple Frontier

    Ship: Frankie Morales x Jay ‘Lady’ Ray (OFC) **Series masterlist**

    Warnings: descriptions of pain, descriptions of childbirth, typical Jay x Frankie language.

    Words: 3,416

    Summary: The birth of little baby Alma. That's it, that's the plot.

    A/N: It goes without saying that every birth is different, and I've never done it, nor will I. I haven't researched that much on how deliveries are done in America, so if there are factual mistakes, they're on me. Also: most women rip. A lot of them piss and shit themselves, and they vomit. My gift to Jay is that she did none of these things because I like to keep things tidy *shrug* This is a piece of fiction. I tried, however, to keep it somewhat realistic. And as always, half of anything I write about these two love bunnies comes from the brain cell I share with @apascalrascal.

    A dull ache blooming in Jay’s lower back wakes her up. Her first thought is of her period starting, before she remembers the 40 week bump. She lies still for a moment, assessing the situation, gathering data and making conclusions. Eventually, she has to go to the bathroom.

    Frankie looks up from the toast he’s buttering when she enters the kitchen in as graceful a waddle as she can.


    Jay murmurs a reply and goes straight for the coffee machine. Cup in hand, she sits down with deep sigh and sips the coffee. Frankie regards her with a sympathetic look painted on his handsome features.

    “You okay?”

    “Extremely pregnant,” Jay replies with a grimace. The ache in her back makes itself known and she wets her lips. “Frankie, I think something’s going on.”

    He straightens immediately, looking from her face to her belly. “Yeah?”

    “I think I’m having contractions. I’m not sure, but this is definitely new.”

    He reaches for his phone. “Do I need to call the hospital?”

    “Not yet,” she shakes her head. “They’re just gonna tell us to wait, anyway.”

    Frankie nods. He’s done his research well and knows that she’s right. “Okay. You in any pain?”

    “No, it’s not that bad, actually.” Her smile is a little wry. “Getting shot in the leg is a lot worse.”

    Frankie smiles back and reaches his hand across the table, palm up. Jay leans forward and places her hand in his.

    “You’re two days overdue, so this could be it.”

    “I’m not overdue,” Jay corrects him, her other hand on the bump, “she is. Blame her. I was ready to kick her out two months ago.”

    Frankie chuckles and squeezes her hand. Jay presses back with a little smile.

    “You ready for this?” she asks, knowing that he’s just as ready and absolutely unprepared as she is.

    “You know it, amor.” Frankie gets up and walks around the table, coming to her and bending over to give her a kiss. He then crouches to kiss the bump.

    “See you soon, Almalita,” he murmurs before standing up and doing what he does best: prepare and care.

    “I’m making us a proper breakfast. If shit hits the fan quickly and we have to go to the hospital, there might not be time for more meals in a while.”

    He takes out whatever he can find and starts to crack eggs into a bowl.

    “And after we’ve eaten, you’re going back to bed for a nap. You’re gonna need your strength.”

    “Affirmative,” Jay acknowledges gratefully. To have someone like Frankie in her corner is comforting in a situation like this. They may both be practical, but Frankie has that softness that takes the edges of her own sharp ways, and she needs that now.

    Jay’s water breaks after lunch when she’s in the bathroom, and the contractions start to feel like more than just mild cramps. She tolerates pain well, and with her years in the military under her belt, she knows how to function even when in pain. Still, a flash of nerves zaps through her, before she takes a deep breath, steels herself like before a mission, and gets to the point.

    “Okay,” she tells Frankie when she comes out of the bathroom. “I think we’re a go.”

    They time the contractions before Frankie makes the call. Jay gets dressed while he deliberates with the medical staff over the phone. Looking at him for clues, he nods at her, so she takes the hospital bag and goes to the door. He ends the call and grabs the bag from her.

    “They said to come,” he reports, brisk and on point. A hand on her lower back, he guides her to the truck. He drives calmly, focusing on the midday traffic, but starts to feel little pangs of anxiety. Jay’s breathing, while not labored, is coming out a little more audible, and he asks her to time the contractions again.

    “The same,” she replies. “Don’t worry.”

    “Are you in pain?”

    “Nah, this is nothing. Don’t know what women bitch about.”

    “Don’t say anything you’re gonna regret later,” Frankie warns her with a little smile, settling his hand on her thigh. Jay scoffs.

    “You mansplaining birthing to me now?”

    Frankie laughs, and it takes the edge of her nerves.

    “Wouldn’t dare, not to you.”

    They arrive at the hospital, sign in, and are assigned a room. Jay changes into a hospital gown, and an available doctor checks out her and the baby’s vitals, as well as her dilation, before telling them it’s going to be a while.

    “Great,” Jay sighs, sitting on the bed. “And no TV.”

    “Try to get some rest,” Frankie suggests, but Jay shakes her head.

    “I’m too antsy.”

    “I’m sure there’s a gym in the building, but I don’t think they’d let you in,” he jokes, knowing how she often works out frustrations on gym equipment.

    “Call Benny, have him come fight me,” Jay grins, before a contraction, more intense than the previous ones, distorts her face in a grimace. “Fuck, I need to get up and walk.”

    “I got you.” Frankie takes her hand and helps her up from the bed. Sliding one arm around his waist, Jay leans against his shoulder.

    “Please don’t tell anyone if I piss and shit myself, or puke,” she mutters. Frankie, knowing that this is her way of letting him know that she’s nervous about what lies ahead, puts his arm around her shoulders and draws her close.

    “Not a living soul,” he promises, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Come on, mamacita. Let’s exercise.”

    A few hours go by with the contractions slowly increasing in strength, frequency, and length. Jay walks, tries to rest, plays cards with Frankie, walks again, manages to down a smoothie, gets checked, walks again, and sighs about the slow process. Her OB Patricia shows up after an hour.

    “You’re dilating well,” she informs her with a comforting smile. “A lot faster than many first-timers.”

    “How long still?”

    “An hour or two, at this speed. Plus the expulsion stage. We’ve talked about pain relief before, and you’ve said you don’t want meds. Is that still the case?”

    Jay squares her shoulders, and Frankie has to hide a smile at that quintessential Jay move. “I can manage.”

    “You sure?” Frankie looks at her, his intimate knowledge of her knowing the signs of pain and tiredness in her. She nods. Patricia has been her primary doctor throughout the pregnancy, and they’ve talked this through a few times. She’s been heavily medicated before, and hated the loss of control. If there’s something she wants to control, it’s giving birth.

    “I’m sure.”

    When it all comes around, she almost regrets the decision. The diffuse yet taxing pain turns sharp as a heavy pressure starts to push down, bringing forth a gasp from Jay where she sits on the bed, heat blanket wrapped just underneath the belly for some relief.

    “Ow, fuck.”

    Frankie’s hand goes straight to the call button next to the bed as Jay’s brows draw together in pain. “This it?”

    “I think so.”

    Within moments, Patricia and a nurse are with her. Frankie gets orders of what to do and how to assist.

    “This is not a place for fainting fathers, okay?” Patricia warns him, and Jay barks a laugh.

    “If he does that, I’ll be the one to kick him out on his sorry ass.”

    “I’m not fainting,” Frankie promises her, stroking her cheek as another contraction makes her breath hitch loudly. “You know me better than that.”

    She smiles weakly at him, clasping his hand. The pain has been manageable until now, but the long hours of waiting have taken their toll on her, and she’s beginning to feel tired. Still, there’s a lot of fight in her, and with Frankie by her side, she can do this.

    But when she crowns, the burning pain is excruciating, the pressure against her rectum so violent that panic starts to bud in her. This is too much, she’s going to split right open, she needs to get out, she’d happily take fifteen rounds of bullets to both her legs if she could just walk out now and not have to deal with this anymore. At the same time, the stubborn struggler in her wants to push, just push, and be done with it.

    “I’m fucking done!” She doesn’t realize she’s screaming it until she sees Frankie’s concerned yet determined features through the haze of blinding agony.

    “I know what you want to do, but you need to breathe,” Patricia tells her calmly but firmly, glancing up from between her spread legs. “You’re doing great, I can see the head. Breathe, Jay, you got this.”

    She closes her eyes with a growled moan and leans her head back, tears burning behind her eyelids. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. When is this going to end? Is it ever going to end?

    Her sweaty hand grows slack in Frankie’s, exhausted by the hours of waiting and growing pains, but then she feels him grip it again, and a cool, wet cloth dabs at her flushed, sweaty face.

    “I know you’re tired, but you can do this, Jay. Just a little more, and we get to meet our baby. Okay? Breathe now, come on, breathe, and when they say push, you do that, okay?”

    Jay’s eyes, dull with fear and fatigue, open and flicker to his face. He sees them light up with new fire, and she lifts her head back up, breathes in quick but controlled puffs, and when told to push, she does exactly that, with a roar that almost scares him.

    “Fantastic, great work, Jay, now breathe, your baby’s head is born, but we need to take it easy, just breathe…”

    Frankie stares at her, mesmerized by her focus and strength. He was always so impressed by how concentrated and single-minded she was in the field, but that is a mere shadow of what she now demonstrates. She’s just incredible.

    “Get ready to push.” He sees her take a deep breath in preparation. “Now push!”

    Another break, more breathing, one last push. Jay’s cry is unsettling, and she’s crushing his hand, but in the corner of his eye, Frankie sees Patricia catch something in her hands. Shortly after, another, much smaller and helpless, yet forceful, cry takes over where Jay’s ends. Jay’s head collapses back to the elevated mattress when the doctor happily announces the birth of a baby girl.

    “Fuck,” Frankie breathes, his body in pieces and drenched in sweat. He tears his gaze from Jay to the bloody, wrinkly, quite frankly ugly little thing in the doctor’s hands, and his first thought is: Hands off, doc, she ours!

    The baby’s airways are declared free of blood and mucus, the umbilical cord is clamped, and she’s lifted to Jay’s chest, skin to skin, a towel set over her.

    “Congratulations, mommy and daddy. Well done, what a good team you are,” Patricia applauds them. “Frankie, do you want to do the honors?”

    Frankie releases Jay’s hand for the first time in – how long has it been? He has no idea – and accepts the scissors, opening them at the assigned spot on the blueish white connection between Jay and the baby. It looks otherworldly, like something out of Alien, and is harder to cut than he expected. His slightly trembling hand might be to blame for that, but he manages to chew through it. After that, he directs his attention back at Jay and the little thing on her chest. Alma. His daughter.

    He can’t speak. It’s all too much. He just needs to save this vision for forever: Jay, the love of his fucking life, exhausted yet giving off a new brand of brilliant radiance, and the bloody little baby resting over her heart. Her hands on the little body. Her eyes on the baby, as if they’re the only ones in the room. Her quivering whisper of Hi, Alma. I’m your mommy. He wants to remember this always.

    Frankie has no idea how much time passes, but it can’t be more than minutes before Patricia is by Jay’s side, pressing down on her still bloated stomach. Jay winces, her eyes rounding as she seems to awaken from her strange reverie, and she glares at the doctor.

    “Sorry,” the older woman apologizes. “The uterus is starting to shrink. That’s really good. Get ready for the afterbirth.”

    “Does it ever end?” Jay groans, casting a desperate glance at Frankie.

    “After this, it’s all over. You’ve done so well, Jay, this will be over in no time,” Patricia promises. “We’re going to take your baby for a little clean-up while you push out the placenta, is that okay?”

    Jay nods, and the baby is lifted off her. Frankie stares at the nurse walking away with his daughter to the other side of the room, and Patricia gives a little chuckle.

    “No need to go Taken on us,” she tells him, snapping him out of it. “We need you for this last round, Frankie.”

    The pains that came in wave after wave, the fire when the baby was finally pushed out. The relief. The joy. The immense love. Jay had been preparing to reroute her affections, to give her daughter the same love she gives Frankie, but finds that she doesn’t need to: there is a new, untouched and bottomless well of love to scoop from. There is enough for Frankie, for the baby, for herself.

    When it’s all over, and she lies there, in a sea of her own sweat and tears, the pain still present but not as intense anymore, little baby Alma is finally brought back, clean and measured. The nurse announces the weight and length, and gives the baby to Frankie. She checks in with Jay, and then she and the doctor leave the little family for a while.

    As Frankie holds his daughter for the first time, he has eyes for no one else. When he finally manages to tear his gaze from the baby and look at Jay, she’s not surprised to see his soft eyes shiny with tears.

    “I’m fucked,” he says in a low voice that cracks with the first word. “I’ll never be able to deny her anything.”

    “I figured.” Her voice is weak from exhaustion, and Frankie comes to sit on the bedside.

    “Can you nurse?”

    “Gotta try, don’t I?”

    He gently unwraps the baby and places her skin to skin again, watching Jay offer her her first meal. Alma latches on without problems, and Frankie praises her like she just won an Olympic gold medal.

    “Good girl, look at you, only ten minutes in this world and you can already do that.”

    “Greedy,” Jay smiles tiredly as she tries to figure out how to do this comfortably while keeping Alma latched on, and her fragile little neck supported.

    “Like her mama,” Frankie chuckles. “Wants it all, wants it now.”

    “Oh, shut up,” Jay sighs and leans her head back against the pillow, closing her eyes. The lingering pain is burning between her legs, and the remaining contractions are squeezing around an empty stomach and uterus. Frankie pets her head slowly, like one would an uneasy animal.

    “You did so well, baby, I love you so much, look at what you did, look at her, she’s perfect.” She hears his voice break again, and blinks her eyes open, only to find his shiny with tears. Of course. Frankie’s so sensitive. She smiles faintly at him.

    “I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”

    “Of course.” He wipes at his eyes, and stares down at the feeding baby. “Is it okay? You comfortable?”

    “Never been less comfortable in my whole life,” Jay mutters, eyes falling shut again. She wants to sleep, puke, shower, and sleep some more, in any order.

    “Amor?” Frankie cups her cheek. “You with me?”

    “Let’s not do this again tomorrow,” she murmurs weakly. “I’d rather get shot in the leg again.”

    Frankie scoffs, his thumb passing over her lips.


    She murmurs to show him she’s listening.

    “Let’s get married. I want to marry you.”

    “Oh my God,” she sighs, opening her eyes again and fastening a tired look on him. “No, Frankie.”

    “We have a kid together. We should be married.”

    “We are not having this conversation now, Francisco. I just squeezed out a fucking beach ball for you, my pussy is fucking ruined – “

    “The doc said you didn’t rip.”

    “That’s your takeaway from this? Get fucked,” Jay sighs and closes her eyes again.

    “I love you, too.” Frankie dips down to place a light kiss on her forehead, then giving the baby an even softer one.

    “So tired,” she murmurs. “Tell her to finish up, I want to sleep.”

    “Don’t rush her.”

    “She took her sweet fucking time getting here – “ Jay’s eyes open again and he sees the exhaustion in them, but also that special Jay fire, the need to always be right, always win some imaginary battles, even with him.

    “Okay, okay. Don’t come for my balls.”

    “Trust me, your balls are the last thing I’m going to touch for some time.”

    “You’re breaking my heart, baby.”

    She chuckles at that, a genuinely happy and amused sound. Frankie smiles, and they both look down at the baby, falling asleep with the nipple in her mouth. Frankie sighs, a world of emotions fitting into that little exhale. Jay shifts a little, drained yet fidgety.

    “You want to hold her?” Frankie immediately bends over her to pick the baby up, and Alma continues her nap on his arm as he wraps the soft blanket around her to keep her warm.

    “She looks like you,” Frankie murmurs, once again feeling like his heart is going to burst through his ribcage. “Your nose. Your lips.”

    “She looks like herself,” Jay points out with a grimace as she rolls her shoulders and carefully moves her pelvis.

    “Your temper.”


    A nursing specialist drops by, checks the flow of the milk – Frankie sees that Jay is seconds away from punching them in the face – and leaves a pamphlet that Jay scoffs at as soon as they’re out of the room. Frankie, however, puts it in the overnight bag, just in case. Another nurse comes in with a little meal that Jay’s not that interested in, but she asks for meds to help her deal with the after pains. The nurse fetches Patricia, who returns to consult and, finally, offer an injection.

    “Shower first,” Jay decides. “I look and smell worse than I ever did in the army. I want to feel like a person again. And then I want to sleep.”

    She manages by herself in the small bathroom attached to the room, although Frankie is ready to come give her a hand. He has finally relinquished baby Alma to the plastic basin by the bed, but is sitting next to it, staring at her like she was the object of a recon. Watching someone sleep has never been so amazing. He mumbles promises in Spanish to her, tells her that no matter what happens in her life, he’ll do his very best to help her, support her, and he’ll always love her.

    A nurse comes in to change the sheets, and he suddenly remembers that other people exist in the world. The wheels of time keep turning, and they’ve been in the hospital for… how long has it been? He doesn’t know. The face of the clock on the wall means nothing. And nobody outside of this room knows what amazing, life-altering thing has happened.

    Frankie gets up and rummages through the overnight bag for his phone. Finding it, he first snaps a picture of Alma and sends it in the group chat. Perfect Baby Alma Ellen Morales is here! 7,5 lb and 19”. J is doing great.

    The first, immediate reply comes from Benny: a girl, CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!

    Frankie chuckles before calling his parents.

    Your children are not your children.      They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.      They come through you but not from you,      And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,      For they have their own thoughts.      You may house their bodies but not their souls,      For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

    Kahlil Gibran

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    Frankie Paul And Michael Palmer - Double Trouble // LP Sello: Greensleeves Records - GREL 77 // Edicion Original UK - 1985 ========== Backing Band - Hi-Times Band Producer - Prince Jammy ==== LP Vinilo Segunda Mano === Vinilo: (VG+) Portada: VG+ ============ 13€ ============

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    Day 1/100 | 23. 01. 2022

    I've been feeling a lot unproductive this last week. It took me 4 whole days to finish a 200 paged book. Research seems to get more and more drawled, and to make things more chaotic, the simulation software died at runtime. Overall, it's been a crazy week. I decided to calm down by making some chicken cheese balls. The weather is cloudy with no sign of the winter sun, syncing with my mood.
    Let's say, the first day of productivity has been damn unproductive. Here's hope that my date in the afternoon takes care of my anger, hehe.
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    frankie approves of our new decoration choices!

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