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  • 360ghostface
    27.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Remember when TikTok was full of those “If you see this somebody who looks like this is gonna come into your life” videos… Dead ass got the same looking guy over and over.

    #I just bumped into one of them in my likes again and it reminded me #yeah I liked it like it was the same looking guy each time there is probably more too lol #freaky #this ones from a while ago so like it hasn’t happened………….. Yet lol
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  • dionysianfreak
    27.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    might fuck around and only use neopronouns, idk 🌟✨🍓💗💓💕

    #xe/xer is starting to sounds delicious #why is gender so gender :( hard. #personal#freak no#freaky ramblings
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  • vantastic210
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    a/n: soooo this is supperrr late, these past two weeks have been a lot but she is finally out!! also please heed the warnings listed below; im having issues with the tagging system so until i figure that out there won’t be any trigger warnings tagged - please please PLEASE look at the warnings description before reading. enjoy freaks <3

    nav - kinktober mlist - mha mlist - ko-fi!! <3

    word count: 3.3k

    summary:  abducted as a sacrifice, you weep at your captor’s feet, begging for your life. unfortunately for you, your captor is a blood-thirsty vampire and your soft, pulsing, tear-stained neck is looking absolutely scrumptious

    warnings: nsfw minors dni 18+, dacryphilia, choking, biting, hematolagnia (blood fetish) + blood play, drinking, noncon, drugging, knife play (not really he just cuts reader on the hand once), sacriligious

    Bars are the best places to look for girls. Women rarely go to bars alone, but the kind who do are either one of two types of people: 1) depressed and divorced from life or 2) little girls who think they’re big. Big enough to handle themselves in a room full of drunk predatory men, big enough to not choke on the liquor that burns their delicate throats, big enough to pay for their own tabs.

    What a night for you to forget your wallet at home.

    You hadn’t thought about it because the bartender hadn’t asked for your ID but when it’s time for you to leave you rummage your purse and come up empty. You scrounge up some pocket change but it isn’t nearly enough to cover the pitcher of sangria you downed yourself. That’s another thing about Type 2 girls: one of their tell-tales is what they order. Who orders sangria at a bar, and an entire pitcher at that? Girls who are trying so desperately to fit in, to look cool and independent that they end up accomplishing the exact opposite. You don’t look independent, you look lonely.

    “Um,” you murmur as you look around the bar nervously. You bat your eyes at the bartender but it isn’t working, he just returns a cold stone-like stare to which your stomach sinks. You won’t be able to flirt your way out of this one, you’re going to have to call a friend.

    Except your phone is dead, because of course it is. This story wouldn’t work in any other way if you weren’t rendered coincidentally helpless in all ways conveniently possible. So you slump in your bar stool racking your brain, hoarding anxiety with every passing second that you’re tempted to ask the bartender to pour you another glass, but that wouldn’t help you at all.

    And then a scarred hand slides a fifty dollar bill in front of you towards the bartender accompanied by a lazy “here, keep the change.” You look with wide eyes towards your saviour but almost immediately avert them, shy to stare at his near grotesque scars. They are attractive in their own way, but you’re afraid that if you look at them for too long you’ll offend him, so you look for other points on him to focus on. His eyes are the second magnets that draw you to him, small but so pigmented in colour they take up the whole room. This dingy, truck stop bar is but a speck in the deep blue oceans. They’re trying to drown you, suffocate you, choke you, but the intent is hidden in the calm cerulean pigment.

    “Thank you!” you tell him enthusiastically. “You really saved my ass.”

    He smiles triumphantly the way a fisherman does when the bobber dips down and he realizes his hook is caught in some poor bass’ mouth. “Not a problem.” “Could I have your email and number so I could e-transfer you the money I owe you? I’d hate to not pay you back.”

    “You don’t need my number for that.” “Well it could come in handy, for other reasons.”

    He plays into your banter. “Like?” “Like calling you.” He smirks at your boldness. He likes people like you - straight to the point, no bullshit. You want to fuck him, he wants to suck your blood. Perhaps he can make an exchange work so you both get what you want.

    “Alright,” he says as he sits on the chair next to you, “I’ll bite.” You find out later he meant literally.

    The next hour is filled with giggles and small ginger touches, like a brush of the shoulder or graze of the thigh. It’s all light hearted as all flirty first conversations go - never going too deep but digging just enough to find out all the essentials, his name for example. “Dabi,” you say, it just rolls off your tongue. He thinks it sounds different when you say it, the “a” sounding like a breathy sigh and the “i” giddy and sweet. Your whole essence is a mix of sultry and syrupy; you look and sound like the main course and the dessert.


    “I really like you,” you say perhaps a little prematurely, but the alcohol is bubbling your lust to the surface, he can see it in the blush in your cheeks and the gloss in your eyes. You’re making this way too easy, he thinks to himself. He loves it though. Usually his victims put up more of a fight, the alert already surfaced in the way their pupils shrink from his presence, but you seem unbothered. Not only is it less work for him, but there really is no victory in conquering something he already knew was destined for him. Whether you kick and scream doesn’t matter, you will end up in his bed tonight.

    He smirks into his glass, fangs peaking out into his liquor ready to bite into you this moment. He’s not worried about people watching because fuck them, they don’t matter. He does however want to savour your taste as much as possible and he can already tell you’ll be worth the wait.

    He leans forward slightly and reaches his hand towards yours. Maybe I don’t have to drug you, he contemplates as he eyes your glass. It’s true, it’s likely you would be willing to go home with him even if he is a complete stranger, but still it’s risky. If you come to your senses you’ll make a racket and he’ll have to kill you, and blood from a dead body is never as delicious when it comes from a living, breathing soul.

    You miss how he retreats his hand over your drink swiftly because you’re distracted by his eyes that seem to have gotten even bluer somehow. “I really like you too, y/n,” he says. You blush as you grab your drink, his eyes dropping to your glass. The powder didn’t even dissolve properly but you’re eager to lap it up, eyes fixated on the man you know too little about to take a second to look at what you’re about to consume.

    You’re already losing your balance on the seat as you put the drink down, body leaning towards Dabi involuntarily. He catches you in his slender arms. “Woah, sorry,” you slur. The last thing you hear is a muffled sound you can’t place but you think is Dabi speaking because his raspy undertone is still recognizable. When your eyes finally shut the rest of you goes limp, leaving your body in an utter surrender under his strong, menacing grasp.

    Where… am I? you think, though the thoughts don’t come clearly because your mind is foggy. You can deduce that you’re on the floor somewhere dark, but there are red lights along the room that allow you to make out the contours of a bed and some other miscellaneous furniture. You’re in someone’s bedroom, but who’s?

    “Hey,” a voice says from the darkness to answer your question. “How’s your head?” You’re out of it, but not inebriated enough to miss the mock in his tone.

    “What is going on, Dabi?” you ask. You use all the strength in your body to lift yourself into a seated position, and you realize you aren’t tied. It’s embarrassing, in a way, like he didn’t even need to bother.

    He hums contently as he steps closer and slips a knife out of his sleeve into his hand. You struggle to scurry back but he quickly crouches down and catches you by the wrist. “Relax” is all the warning he gives before turning your hand over to slit a small cut over your palm. The room is dark but his eyes are clear as day as he pierces into your own and presses the flat of the blade to his tongue to lick at your blood. “Mm sweet, I knew you would be,” he grins. What in the fuck is this, a fucking slasher movie?!

    You yell out as many curses as you can think of but Dabi ignores them as he tosses the knife to the side. You freeze as the metal hits the hardwood; confused, you look at him with utter bewilderment. He returns your look of panic with one of amusement.

    “I don’t need it, not when I have these.” He lifts the corner of his mouth with a finger to reveal abnormally long and sharp molars. You’re smart enough, even in you inebriated, drugged, panicked state to put two and two together, but could this really be happening?

    You can’t process what you’re seeing in front of you, you feel like throwing up or passing out but instead you cry uncontrollable heaved weeps as you stare at the monster in front of you.

    His eyes flicker a little wider as he stares at your sobbing image. He’s only just met you but he thinks teardrops decorate your face perfectly, he can’t imagine you looking any better. He wants you to look like this forever, but if you’re going to be around him that won’t be a challenge.

    “Hey,” he says, almost sympathetically as he thumbs over your wet cheek. “Didn’t I say to relax?” And with that absent threat he stands up and pulls you with him, holding you by you throat as your tip toes just barely brush the floor.

    His strong yet spindly fingers grope at your throat, fingering around the veins in your neck and petting at your skin with the pads of his finger tips. His grip on you is firm, but the movement of his fingers is soft and delicate in contrast, creating an eerie suspension of not knowing whether he’s going to crush you with his palm or pet you with his digits.

    “So soft,” he purrs. “So delicate. If I’m not too careful, I might break you, and I’ve never been good at not breaking things.” He feels you gulp through his hand and his eyes flicker devilishly. “Relax, you’ll be fine,” but with the pressure increasing on your neck and the subtle dig of his nails into your skin you begin to realize that may be a lie.

    You reach up to pull his hands away from you but his hold is taught; your dainty grasp has nothing on his vice grip. Shutting your eyes tight you try to stop the tears from forming but your face pricks from trying to repress the fear and panic - not to mention the shortened blood flow to your face - and you begin to sob anyways.

    “P-pl...ease…” you whimper. To be fair, it was quite impressive how audible you were through the increasingly strong death grip on your throat and the involuntary sobs of your chest.

    He doesn’t seem to notice your tears until one of them hits his hand and his grip loosens ever so slightly. Maybe you’ve made him pity you, which is the last thing you wanted him to do to you. Well, maybe not the last thing, but being choked felt better than being humiliated.

    He keeps one hand on your throat, still pressing your head firmly against the wall, but he moves the other one to your cheek. “You’re not really crying, are you? You should save your tears for when I sink my teeth into that beautiful neck of yours.” Every time he opens his mouth he provokes more tears, more sadness, more fear. You thought at first he was disgusted with you weeping underneath him, but now you’re beginning to think the sick fuck is actually enjoying this.

    Your suspicions are confirmed when you look at him through those big watery doe eyes and his face softens into something that almost looks familiar. He could have been a friend, maybe even a boyfriend, the way his lips tug ever so slightly into a reserved smile, and his eyes lock on yours thoughtfully. But then the image fades into the darkest expression you’ve ever seen and are reminded that what is in front of you is not human.

    “Aw, don’t look at me like that,” he says mocking a flirtatious tone. 

    “No, seriously,” he says again, this time in a whisper, his face close to your ear. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ll ruin you.” But you’re not sure how to look at him, not when he has pinned against a wall by the neck, dangling your life in front of your eyes.

    Your body has given up on trying to stop the tears and instead is now using all the will and power it has left to stop you from asphyxiating. It’s an almost impossible task when your lungs are so tense from the lack of air and your trachea is likely bruised from his force; your insides feel like they’re going to explode, you’re not sure how much longer you can last like this.

    Your vision is fading and your head is dizzy. Your hands fall from his and land to your side as your body slowly goes limp, but just as you’re about to fully retreat to unconsciousness, Dabi suddenly releases his hold on you and you drop to the floor. Coughing and wheezing you hunch over yourself, rubbing your neck soothingly. The sudden drop combined with the vertigo you were beginning to feel makes you nauseous, you have to muster up all you have left to stop yourself from throwing up.

    When you’ve taken a seconds to gather what’s left of yourself, your look up at your captor on hands and knees through those big eyes he’s already obsessed with.

    “What? No ‘thank you’?” he asks lazily. His arms are crossed and his shoulders are slumped. His bored-looking figure doesn’t give the slightest suggestion he had almost committed murder a few seconds ago, a thought that terrifeis you almost more than actually dying.

    “T-thank you, Dabi.” Your voice is scratchy and dry.

    He snickers at you through his shit-eating grin. “Babe, you really don’t understand your situation, do you?” He crouches down in front of you and places a finger under your chin so your gaze meets his. “You’re - how should I put this - hm. Well most other vampires would call you a sacrifice or a slave, that’s the more formal term I guess.”

    “Your… slave?” I wish you just killed me.

    “Yeah something to that effect. I’m not really one for formalities though so I’ll just call you mine.” He reaches for your neck again and you instinctively move back but he catches you by the skin at the base of your head the way a mother cat picks up her kittens. “But let’s get one thing clear…” 

    He pinches you with the same hand just enough to make you wince.

    “You’re not going anywhere, understand?” He’s threatening you, daring you to try something stupid. He’d wish you would so he had an excuse to do something really horrible to you, but for now your teary gaze and quick nod is enough to satisfy him.

    He smooths his hand over the side of your neck releasing his hold, soothing the now-reddened skin. He pulls himself towards your ear, kissing the area right below it. “That’s a good girl,” he rasps. He can feel you shiver through his lips which are still lingering on your neck. 

    He moves two fingers where his lips just were. “You’re scared. Good. It’ll keep the blood pumpin’, but you should be relaxed for this. S’better for you that way.” He’s not actually going to… is he? Will he take all of it? How much? Will it hurt - of course it’ll hurt he’s going to fucking bite me, what do I -

    “Hey,” he says as he snaps his fingers. His thumb spreads across the front of your throat, threatening to grip. “You’re not ignoring me are you? I said get on the bed.” He’s mean about it, but at least he lends you a hand to help you stand as he leads you towards the mattress.

    You move the way an inmate does, shuffling in your shackles awaiting your death sentence to be carried out. Your executioner waits for you on the foot of the bed, eyeing your shivering body. “You should be thankful, I don’t usually like getting my bed stained, but I thought you would be more comfortable here.” He begins unbuttoning his shirt, revealing scars that match the ones on his face. He lowers himself onto the bed next to you. “Your turn.”

    You can’t bring yourself to expose your body to him, but the longer you take the longer he leans towards you and hums impatiently. A few seconds have passed until he sighs and rolls his eyes. “Fine, allow me.” He bares his fangs which makes you jump back but he catches you by the collar of your shirt in between his teeth and tears it off in one swift flick of his head. “Blood is really hard to get out of clothes,” he says matter of factly. He says it the same way eh did earlier, as if he’s doing you a favour, as if you chose this.

    You whine as he fingers over the front of your neck where his fingers just were, skin still tender from his stone grip. “Okay,” he continues, “take a nice deep breath for me, alright?” Despite your better judgement you do as he says, hoping that for once he isn’t telling a lie and is actually trying to help you. He moves a lock of hair behind your ears, his mouth so close you can feel the dampness of his pants on your skin.

    You’re temporarily distracted by the sudden grip on the front of your throat until you feel two pricks on the side of your neck followed by a burst of warmth. You dart your eyes to the side to see Dabi’s head buried in your neck, teeth sunk into the thickness of your muscles. Your immediate reaction is to pull away but he keeps you in place with his hand as he sucks on you, hard at first to get a good mouthful and then softly as if to savour you. He mumbles things into your skin that you can’t make out, but he’s ginger as he speaks; even the grip on your neck has subsided to a gentle hold. He looks sedated, calmed by your taste.

    However, you can’t help but wonder what he’ll do when he’s had his fill. All the villainous, vexatious, verminous things this vampire could possibly do to you swirl around in your mind as his teeth sink deeper and deeper. His bite isn’t comforting, but it also isn’t entirely repulsive.

    When he finally comes up he’s humming, a blood stained smile growing on his cheeks. “You really are delicious, huh?” You sink a bit in your seat feeling a little less unhinged at his voice. You’d think a vampire would sound more cryptic, perhaps speaking an ancient language, pronunciation doused in royal prestige. But he doesn’t sound like that all, he sounds like some guy you met at a bar and you suppose he really just is that.

    That’s it, keep telling yourself that.

    A callous finger swirls some of the crimson that dripped down your neck around your collarbone. “What,” he asks teasingly, “no tears for me this time? I have to say I’m impressed, not many do so well their first time. But I do think you’re really pretty when you cry.”

    “Please,” you say, choking back a sob, not daring to gift him with more satisfaction, “let me go home.”

    His eyes dance in the dark as he draws his face closer to yours. “Home? But we just got started.”


    kinktober tags:  @iimichie  @patata52 @ballofsadness @jadke-bean @giyuusonlyfan @silversslut @angelofthorr @kyokokittykat @bunny-xoxo @vault-touched​

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    Just Pinned to Guapas y Freakis: Pdx Photographer 🕸 on Instagram: “🌀Anabelle 🌀” https://ift.tt/3AOd68M

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    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    “After this we need an us day. A day all to ourselves.”

    “That sounds nice.”

    OC Crossovers: Featuring Tina Strode and Jackie Detmer

    Tina Strode was created by @wokenhardies

    Tag-list (Send me an ask if you wanna to be added or removed): @ocfairygodmother @aceyanaheim @kazinejghafa @anotherunreadblog @eddysocs @foxesandmagic @reggiemantleholdmyhand-tle @hughstheforcelou @lokitrasho

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  • kosgi9
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Natural Born Killers ❤️‍🔥

    My Ex-Girlfriend got Mallory’s 🦂 Tattoo

    We watched that for the first time together

    💘 My Ride Or Die 💘

    #edgy#freaky#grunge#naughty#sexy#punk #mickey and mallory #natural born killers #girls with tattoos #tattoos#hot#couple
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    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    dm me to buy my content ^_^<3 everything is 50%off

    nudes / sextapes / bj videos and more!

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    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Creepy 1 t/m 5 Morphing











    Page: https://drakre52.jimdo.com/morphing-films/

    Music Karpa #9# Drakre52Morphing

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  • canisfuria
    27.10.2021 - 13 hours ago
    { ♙ } someone’s cup of tea || Accepting || @creepiitus​​​​ { ♙ }

             [ Kain is as uncomfortable as he is transfixed. It has to be alchemy, right? Blooming tea is what Kimblee had called it- ‘A bouquet that blossoms when the water’s too hot to bear’. Hooked by curiosity and ensnared with a look, Kimblee refuses to let the sergeant leave without a cup. Unfortunately, the tea isn’t steeped until it blooms. And until it blooms, the Lotus recommends they observe its performance in awed silence. His words.

              Having been hushed enough times, Kain relents to swallow whatever questions linger on his tongue, and watch this... thing. This pitcher-bound flower, wasting his time- Kain wants out. Not that it isn’t fascinating, the sergeant’s never seen such a delicate display. Is this avant-garde? But in their tense silence, punctuated only by Kimblee’s ticking, office clock... that unfurling ball of flora seems less innocent by the second. And Kain watches.

                Slowly, the leaves push outward, releasing bubbles without a sound. Something about it so alien. The water changes color, a sickly, roiling yellow hue that stains everything around it. And as the soggy mass begins its descent, its final act unveils: one singular, puffy stem, reaching like a ladder to the surface. At its tip, the bloated globe of amaranth expands in slow motion, rising higher as the plant sinks. To his own surprise, Kain compares the unfolding silhouette to that of a mushroom cloud. It’s then that his gaze catches a predator’s, and Kain realizes he’s made eye contact with the alchemist through the glass. This is weird. Unsettling. WEIRDLY unsettling. And, it’s too damn quiet; he stands up quickly, face feeling warm. ]

        ❝ I think it’s done. ❞

              [ Whatever liminal space this strange tea had created shatters with Solf’s polite smile. As the taller pours their cups, Kain brings it in for a sip, only to nearly choke in surprise; it’s so floral ! But in the most mundane of ways: jasmine tea. That’s what he’d waited for? Blinking from his cup, down to the pitcher, and back up at Kimblee, he watches in confusion as the other savors every drop. ]

    #creepiitus #( v; || the chess board. ) #(( i'mma be honest i rewatched a few (kimblee!) eps of FMA the other day again... and i always forget how he just #revels in causing discomfort. this fuckin freak?? hahaha that scene with the ''bomb'' watch like Panik.jpg #ANYWAYS about the tea: #didn't want the Kimblee Tea to be complex in flavor. doesn't need to be. i feel like solf is more about the ceremony/performance of tea arts #appreciating the tea for what it is at its core: a leaf. a flower. perfected by the process of turning it into its purpose-- a /tea/. #never oversteeped in fear of tarnishing its quality. just a pure.... subtle... humble lil infusion. #and JASMINE tea- this extremely sensitive flavor profile- i used to hear it described as delicate; graceful; modest- adjective i feel* #*like kimblee would use to describe himself ( even if literally no one else would EVER lololol ) #but yeah like the blooms being purely ornamental holding no value beyond their aesthetic quality not even enough flavor to influence the tea #and just looking freaky as FUCK........ it's a Metaphor. bc kimblee's a freak or smth ;) #idk spent too long typing all this just know that solf does [insert anything here] and kain just reels in macabre fascination ))
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    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #everyone blame Deja for making me have chest pains from this #I blame The Weeknd too since you listened to that freaky depressed ass nigga😭
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    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    10 pages away from finishing twilight. Get ready

    #if I have time I will write a review tomorrow #also gotta finish an ask bc I feel bad lmao #also maybe a freaky review bc I watched that #i have a lot to say
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    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I have to share this. It’s important.

    #cinlat plays ffxiv #miqo'te #ffxiv oc: salix tia #he likes the creepy crawlies #or freaky flappies #whichever #and they like him
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    #i can’t keep my eyes open #cyberpunk#cybergoth#grimes#elon musk#me #alternative black girl #freckles #black women art #chronic inflammation #black and white #b&w blog#freaky friday#freak show
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    #the ancient magus bride #elias ainsworth/hatori chise #fanfiction#fic rec #reccing this fic probably gains me admittance to the monster fucker club right? #or do i have to produce content to join? #club president please contact me #elias has a freaky dick and also doesn't understand human sexuality #chise pursues her lovely monster husband
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    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #BUT LIKE FOR REAL-- IT'S ONLY THAT ONE FREAKY SPAMTON I'M GOING PRIMAL FOR--HELPMEISHOULDN'T #my descent into madness was not recent LOL #but hol hECK My descent into Spamton Madness absolutely is. #//long post
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    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago


    #719#303#spun friends #girls who tweak #970 #older man younger woman #spun fun #sexphotoslove kinky sex romantic hot freaky freak sexy couple goals romance babygirl relatable lust kink daddy couple loyalty aesthetic rela
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  • hmmm-what-am-i-doing
    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Ok. Ok. Hear me out...

    Fake things/pretending as a love language(s) in LOST (2004) I will have missed some, I think, but:


    It's particularly interesting through the lense of different motivations and types of relationships - both romantic/friendly and paternal. Yknow?? Anyway. That's all. I've said my pointless little piece 🥰💞

    #this took me so long #cos of primes stupid 'no screenshots' thing #like. sir.i dont want to steal your show.i just need the funky little pictures so i can try look smart and perceptive for my tumblr friends #💖 #✨graphic design is my passion✨ #so these pictures arent mine and the captions are from lostpedia #:)#LOST #feel like i should put some sort of warning for that freaky fake aaron. that thing is terrifying
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  • firemama
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Divorce halloween from all the "american" and "pilgrim" shit

    Pumkin Spice Holiday. Just want holiday where the only tradition is "hey, hangout with family/found family and fuckin eat GOOD and maybe say thankyou or whatever"

    #litterally i just wanna divorce it from all the #shitty freaky stuff they teach you in school and shit #that shit ruins my favortie holiday #i just want the Fall Vibes and some pumpkin pie and stuffing
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    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Hotel. Motel... 😜✌️❤️All the best. Life is absurd. Be Freaky! #spoonie #fibromyalgia #depression #anxiety #hashimotosdisease #socialanxiety #adultautism #comedyfreak #absurdaverse #absurdism #surrealism #surrealart #digitalart #peace #love #mthfr #bipolar #freaky #art #photography #balance #artist #artsy #photo #psychedelic #trippy #artistsoninstagram #psychedelicart #trippyartwork https://www.instagram.com/p/CVgJU2gvpv2/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    26.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    “ absolutely not. anyways i stole like 50 dollars worth of candy so im kinda totally rich now! ”

    #gettin freaky on a friday night! . // ic #// BDHDH I'M SORRY I JUST. HAD TO #anyways someone please give this depressed mf a hug man
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