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  • fanfiction4thewin112
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have a have a head cannon that Percy and his wife eloped. And when his family found out they were shocked and asked why and his response was to shrug and mumble something of how he didn’t expect anyone to want to come so made no point to have a wedding when there would be almost no guests ( I’ve seen head cannons that Audrey has barely any family) and leave it at that. Like he’s been on the out so long and made fun of before that and it destroys your confidence and feeling like you are loved and with him being mocked for any accomplishment would not want attention on himself as he would feel like a attention whore. So legit thought no one would want to come and thought he would be mocked “oh you really want attention that much? Gonna rub getting married in our faces?” And a lot more probably went through his head

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  • jamilelucato
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "I don't believe in god."

    "But your mom's catholic. Why don't you believe?" she asked, curious but playing it chill.

    Because he does. And whatever god he believes that convinces him right, I disagree.

    "Long story," was what I answered instead.

    She pretended she didn't care, avoiding my eyes. She wasn't religious, that much I was sure, but apparently, she believed in something, and I was afraid I might have bothered her.

    "But" I began, feeling the right words appear, "if I did believe in a god, I would've to give him up."

    "Why?" she looked up, meeting my eyes.

    "Because I've met you. And if I have to believe in something, I believe in you."

    — something I wrote in the middle of the night, probably future book

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  • poisonousscarletamber
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yours truly (Fred Weasley x Curvy! reader) Part 1/???

    Summary: Fred never noticed her, but she noticed him. Never a passing glance in the hallway, or an accidentally nudge in class. She didn't like the attention, she didn't want the attention because she knew he'd never go for a girl like her. So she kept her feelings at the back of her mind. That was until one breakfast it changed...

    Relationship: Stranges from friends to lovers. Warnings: Smut (?), Weight issues, image issues, swearing...

    A/N: This is not canon, I will not be sticking to the plot of the films or books. The reader can be any house you want but in my head, she will be a Hufflepuff and a muggle-born.

    'I can hear the bells.' That's what it felt like. That was the feeling he caused her every time he walked past, sat in class or sat in the dining hall with his friends. shed stare at him for hours until her friends knocked her out of her trance, her friends would try and get her to talk to him but it didn't work. Most of the time it ends up with a panicked stutter even before reaching him. That was if you could reach him.

    Fred Weasley was popular, and very well known around the schools. Everyone wanted to be his friend, girls swooned over him and his brother wanting a taste of the Weasley's, and guys wanted to be them. They knew everyone knew that they liked the attention and wanted everyone to see but sometimes they were oblivious to what was around them especially Fred.

    He was so oblivious that he didn't even know she exist even though he sat next to her in the history of magic for the last three years. But she knew he wouldn't, she never bothered him. Always was the quietest in her class, house and year. Most teachers didn't know she existed either, nobody did besides her friends. Even then sometimes they'd forget so was that quiet, most people thought she was mute or just rude but she didn't mind she liked keeping to herself.

    She never liked drawing attention to herself, she was a sweet girl who could never hurt a fly. She had been brought up with very reserved muggles, both in education leaving her alone most of the time. She was timid and not well spoken to people. Shed hide in herself a lot in school most of the time with a book shoved in her face. But sometimes this was a perfect target for bullies, horrid Slytherins making fun of the handmade clothes her mother made for her, the way she acted calling her a mouse and a pussy for not standing up for herself, but worst of all was her appearance.

    She was never ashamed of her appearance, she was a very early bloomer for her age being a heavy chested girl before some girls were even in bars. She hide a lot in baggy clothes for mum would make not want tension on her certain assets. The robes covered most of it fine but when summer came around it began for difficult. Her friends would try and encourage her to show off what she had but most of the time it didn't work. She wasn't ready for people to see her like that... just yet.

    But as the school year started it was changing all of the time, most people started to change. A big change was her friendship group, it started with only six of them eventually it was eleven of them. Each girl had gotten boyfriends over the summer all as clingy as the next one. She didn't mind it but sometimes it felt lonely on days out or the nights out in the village, most of the time she sneaked off away from them. Some started to worry but left her knowing she wouldn't tell them anyway. She'd say she was fine giving them a soft smile but inside the loneliness was there. They'd try and include her but with a big group eventually, someone was going to be pushed out, and it happened to be her. Shed occasionally at mealtimes and just before bed, but never at weekends anymore. She wanted to join but she didn't want to spoil their fun.

    Her friends had tried different things but it never happened the way they thought, but one was the worst of them all, and that was dating. Dating wasn't what she wanted and she found that out quickly. Her friends would set her up with any guy in the school and force them into a corner booth in the three broomsticks. But it never worked most of the time they'd leave even before Y/N got there, or sit in awkward silence waiting for the fake emergency. It would end in with her alone in the quiet pub sipping on a lukewarm butterbeer, waiting for the next disaster set up. But always in the back of her head, it was only one for her.

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  • almondmilkwrites
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    TLOC - Chapter 5

    Well I’m gonna act up but not in your fuckin’ play.

    I’ll let you win the argument if things still go my way.

    I’m gonna dance all Dance Hall every day!

    Dance Hall by Modest Mouse

    December 25, 1994

    “Col, you cannot wear your boots with your dress!” Zara took the Docs from her hand. “Wear the heels you bought!”

    “What if I need to make a run for it?” Columba asked, taking the Docs back. “Heels aren’t a very practical type of shoe.” She smoothed out the dark plum beaded bodice of her dress. “Where the hell am I supposed to stick my wand,” she muttered.

    “You’re not going to have to run,” Zara huffed, rolling her eyes. “Now, put your heels on before you make us late.” Zara tugged on her own pale yellow ball gown, flouncing out the bottom so that it covered her toes. She tamed her coily hair with her bangs pushed back with flower bobby pins.

    Columba, on the other hand, left her hair down, curling it so the unruliness of it wasn’t as noticeable. She huffed, putting on her black heels, stomping her feet down into them.

    “I’m going to be sick,” Columba mumbled, looking at herself in the mirror. “I even look as like I’m going to be sick.” The earrings Draco had bought her were sitting nicely on her ears. A pair of small constellations adorned her ears, sparkling in the light.

    Both of their makeup was done naturally and light, not wanting to take away from the dresses they wore. Zara slapped Columba on the back, taking her shoulder in her hand.

    “You’re going to be fine,” she said, squeezing her shoulder lightly. “You’re not required to dance so you and your boyfriend can just-”

    “He’s not my boyfriend!” Columba seethed. “We aren’t dating!”

    “Sure, so that’s what you call spending every waking moment looking at him from afar and talking about him.” Zara rolled her eyes, holding out her hand for Columba to take. “Are you ready?”

    “I mean-“ Columba sighed shakily, looking herself over again.

    “You’re ready.” Zara huffed, grabbing Columba’s arm and dragging her out of the common room.

    Columba stumbled. “Z, stop! No, I’m not!” She planted her feet firmly. “I’m not going!” Zara stopped, crossing her arms.

    “You’re being ridiculous, Col!” She exclaimed. “What happened to miss cool and collected?”

    “She’s passed away with the rest of my dignity,” Columba huffed. “I’m not brave enough to do this.”

    “You yelled at Draco publicly and he still wanted to ask you. Dumbledore, one of the smartest-” Columba waggled her hand back and forth, her face unsure. “Oh, shut it! He told you that you were one of the bravest Hufflepuffs he knows. I mean, fuck, Columba, you stood up to a professor when you were caught after hours. This? This dance? It’s just that. A dance and you’re the best dancer I know. Your uncle wouldn’t want his money to go to waste on a dress, would he?” Zara asked, eyebrows raised.

    “Have I told you that I love you?” Columba mumbled, retaking Zara’s hand. “I’m ready after all.”

    “That’s what I thought. Now, let’s go. They’re probably waiting for us.” Zara smiled as she and Columba walked hand in hand up the stairs to the Great Hall from the Hufflepuff common room.

    The chatter of students filled the hall. Both boys and girls laughed loudly, clutching the arms of their dates. Beautiful gowns and fancy tuxedos dressed all the patrons. Zara looked over at Columba, who was now as pale as a sheet, nervously wringing her hands together.

    “Do you need a shot? I can find the twins, I’m sure they-” Zara explained, stepping to the top of the stairs, now seen by everyone in the Great Hall. Columba stayed near the middle, still hidden from the crowd.

    “No!” Columba said quickly, cutting her off. “I’ll be fine. You don’t need to find them.”

    “Zara!” Cedric shouted. “Over here!” He smiled brightly at her, waving her over.

    “Come on, Col!” She held out her hand towards Columba. “Cedric wants to see us!”

    “I’ll be up in a second.” Columba waved Zara’s hand away, closing her eyes and sucking in a deep breath.

    Zara walked away, getting wolf whistles from the crowd at the top, which Columba assumed was almost all Hufflepuffs due to the shouts that were sounding through the hall. Neville's short, "Merlin's beard!" could also be heard.

    Columba looked up towards the heavens, taking another deep breath. “I’m the bravest Hufflepuff the headmaster knows,” she mumbled quietly to herself. “It’s just a dance. Nothing is going to happen.” Closing her eyes, she stepped carefully up the stairs, peeking them open when she was near the top. She lifted her dress so she wouldn’t trip and stood at the top of the stairs, looking around for her date, meeting Cedric’s baby-blue eyes. He smiled.

    “There you are!” He shouted, leaving his friends and date to embrace her. “Z told me that you’re nervous.”

    “Am not!” Columba huffed, slapping his shoulder lightly. “Cho looks pissed,” she said, noticing the raven-haired girl shooting daggers at her.

    “She’s fine,” Cedric sighed, rolling his eyes. “George is looking for you. He was asking about you a few minutes ago.”

    “Already? It hasn’t even started yet!” Columba turned pink, looking down at her feet.

    “Methinks he has a crush on you,” he teased, pushing her shoulder lightly. "I'll meet you outside later on, yeah?"

    “Methinks I don’t want him to,” she mumbled. “And that sounds wonderful. Have you seen Dr-”

    “Lula! There you are!” Draco exclaimed, grabbing the girl’s arm lightly, pulling her away from Cedric. “I was almost positive you’d ditched me.”

    Columba turned to face him, her olive-green eyes meeting his grey ones. Draco’s mouth slightly clicked open, his face turning red. He stared for a few seconds before tearing his eyes away, staring at the floor.

    “I wouldn’t ditch you,” she mumbled, smiling softly. “Just nervous, is all.” Draco scoffed.

    “Columba Lupin? Nervous?” Draco laughed shortly. “Can’t imagine I’m the one to blame for that.”

    Columba shrugged and grabbed his bicep. Draco exhaled sharply as he ran a shaky hand through his hair. “Are you nervous?” She asked, smiling bigger now.

    “No!” He answered quickly. He cleared his throat, looking over at her. “I’m not nervous. Are you ready to go in?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.” Columba straightened up, her height almost matching Draco’s.

    “Did you get taller?” He asked as they walked into the beautifully decorated Great Hall.

    “Yeah, actually, I did. I used a spell to make myself levitate.” Columba stated, her face deadpan. Draco looked at her, his eyebrow furrowed then glanced to her feet, which were hidden under her plum gown. “No, you idiot. I’m wearing high heels. Z wouldn’t let me wear my boots.”

    “I would’ve let you wear your boots,” he mumbled, walking up to their table and pulling out a chair for her. Columba blushed as she sat down amongst his friends. She handed her wand to Draco, finding it annoying to hold without pockets. He smiled, pocketing it.

    Vincent and Gregory seemed to have brought each other, no girls happened to be around them except for Pansy, who was angrily staring at Columba through black eyeshadowed eyes. Pansy’s hand was grasped tightly on the table by Theo Nott, the boy Columba met at the Slytherin party. Blaise Zabini sat quietly next to Daphne Greengrass, a girl the same age as Draco.

    “Hey, Columba, right?” Theo smiled. “I’m glad Draco finally asked you. A bit over the top, don’t you think?” He exchanged a look with Blaise, who rolled his eyes.

    “I don’t think so,” Columba stated cooly. “I wouldn’t have gone if he asked me with a simple gesture.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, smiling. Theo scoffed.

    “All I had to do was ask Pansy in Potions,” he mumbled, earning a stern look from Pansy. She narrowed her eyes, looking directly at Columba.

    “Is it true you’re a half-breed? Your dad’s a wolf, isn’t he? Almost tried to kill a few kids third year, right?” She asked, smirking. Columba’s smile faltered as she looked over at Draco, who was visibly angry.

    “Shut it, Parkinson,” Draco warned, clenching his jaw. Pansy scoffed.

    “What? Wolf girl can’t speak for herself?” Pansy crossed her arms, staring directly at Columba. Columba sighed, sitting straighter in her chair.

    “Upset that I took your date?” She said, now leaning on the table. “Upset that a half-breed can pull pureblood better than you?” Pansy’s face dropped. “I may be related to a wolf, but at least I don’t look like a fucking dog.”

    Pansy desperately looked at Theo, who was now laughing along with Gregory and Vincent. She looked over at Blaise and Daphne, both of which were staring at their laps. Pansy sat back in her chair, looking defeated. Columba took her chair and turned it so that she was no longer facing the table. Instead, she was looking to the walkway, where the Triwizard champions were to make their way any moment. Draco did the same, resting his hand lightly on Columba’s knee.

    “I like your earrings,” Daphne said quietly once the laughing had died down. Her blonde hair was curled in small ringlets and pinned to her head with rhinestone-covered bobby pins. She wore a dark emerald green dress, typical for a Slytherin.

    “Thank you!” Columba smiled, pushing her earlobe forward with her hand. Daphne gasped, taking a closer look.

    “Oh, constellations! How pretty!” She said. “This is the dragon, isn’t it?” She looked over at Draco. “Very fitting.”

    “I didn’t even realize that,” Columba mumbled, turning pink.

    “What’s the other one? I’m really into astronomy. Does it match?” Daphne beamed, taking a look at the other earring that Columba had now shown her. “Oh! That’s the dove!” She sat back in her chair, looking at Columba. “Also fitting. Who got them for you?”

    “Dr-” Columba began, but a loud orchestra began playing around the Great Hall, welcoming the Triwizard Champions. First, came Fleur and her date, Roger Davies, a Ravenclaw. Next in line were Viktor Krum and Hermione Granger. She looked as beautiful as ever, her cheeks a permanent pink. Columba whistled, causing the Gryffindor to turn even pinker somehow.

    “Granger went with him?” Pansy scoffed. “For a mudblood, she knows how to reel them in.”

    Columba shot her a nasty look. Pansy gave one back, flipping her off while she was at it. Columba rolled her eyes, looking back towards the champions. Cedric came in next with Cho on his arm. Columba whistled for Cedric, clapping loudly. Draco smiled slightly, clapping quietly along with her. Last, but certainly not least, Harry and his date Pavarti Patill walked in. Harry walked quick, practically dragging Pavarti behind him. She waved to everyone in the crowd as if she was in a parade and everyone in attendance was there to watch her. Rolling her eyes, Columba let out a quick, “GO HARRY!” Harry immediately ducked his head, turning red.

    After the first dance, others joined in. Draco stood, offering his hand to Columba. “This dance, m’lady?” He smirked. She rolled his eyes, taking his hand.

    “I want to let you know that I’m the best dancer on this side of Scottland,” Columba flirted, turning towards him once they got to the dance floor. Draco raised his eyebrows.

    “Oh, really?” He asked, smiling, grabbing her waist lightly. “Luckily, this is just a slow song.”

    Columba smiled and swayed along to the song. After a minute, she perked up. “I have something important to tell you Draco.”

    “What?” He furrowed his eyebrows. “What is it?”

    “I’m not a half-breed like they all think,” she said quietly, resting her head on his shoulder as they swayed. “I was adopted by my dad. My parents were done off by death eaters or something like that…” Draco stiffened under her touch, pushing away from her slightly. Columba took notice, immediately regretting her decision to tell him. “I’m sorry, Draco if I offended you or something. I-I just thought you would’ve liked to know.”

    “Lula,” Draco said quietly, taking her hand in his. “I wouldn’t have cared either way. Half-breed, pureblood, mud- sorry, muggle-born. I don’t care. You’re still my Lula.” He gently squeezed her hand. “I’ll get us drinks, okay?” he said, kissing the back of Columba’s hand.

    Tears pricked Columba’s eyes as she searched the crowd for Zara. She had never thought that Draco, of all people, would be this nice to her, and it made her nervous. All the other Slytherins were mean, but Draco, and Daphne at that matter, were different. The feelings that arose from Columba’s stomach made her nervous. Was Draco in love with her?

    Finding Zara sitting amongst Gryffindors, she made a b-line for the table, plopping down next to her friend and letter her head fall on her lap.

    “Aww, too much to drink?” Zara asked, patting her friend’s head. “The twins spiked the punch bowl.”

    “Of course they did,” Columba mumbled then began to rant quietly. “Draco bought me these earrings and they're constellations; his and my constellations and I had no idea. He had to have planned that right? A-and I told Draco I was adopted and that I wasn't a half-breed like Pansy kept calling me, and he said he wouldn't have cared either way. I'm almost positive he's in love with me.”

    “That’s fantastic!” Zara gasped. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

    “I don’t know what I want,” Columba said, shoving her face into Zara’s dress. Zara smoothed her hair soothingly.

    “But it’ll be okay, Col. Everything will work out, right?” She reminded her friend, pushing her legs up so that Columba sat up. “You’ll be alright.”

    Columba dried her eyes of the tears that made their way out, looking back into the crowd. Draco was talking with a few Slytherins at the drink table so she decided that she’d make herself comfy, waiting for him to return. Just then, red hair made its way through the crowd. Columba groaned, looking over at Zara.

    “He’s found me,” she sighed. Zara only smiled, patting her friend’s leg yet again.

    “May I steal this dance?” George asked as soon as he approached her, offering his hand to Columba.

    “Erm,” she pondered aloud, looking for Draco. “I think my date’ll be back with drinks in a few minutes.”

    “A quick dance to one song then?” George raised his eyebrows, lightly shaking his hand.

    “Fine, just a quick dance to one song.” Columba stood without grabbing his hand and walked to the dance floor. George followed closely behind.

    “You look beautiful, you know,” George said, pulling Columba in and swaying to the song.

    “Yeah, thanks. Draco’s told me,” Columba stated, refusing to look at George.

    “Do you have to mention him when you’re with me?” He asked, desperately trying to meet her eye. “You’re with me now.”

    “I’ll mention whoever I like, thanks,” Columba quipped back. “Now, if you’ll excuse me-”

    “The song isn’t over yet!” George exclaimed. “You said one song!”

    “Well, I’m deciding this song is over.” Columba gave him a tight smile, gently pulling herself away from him.

    “Please?” George asked quietly. “Don’t make me get on my hands and knees because I will.”

    “You’re ridiculous,” Columba huffed, joining him again. George sighed happily, pulling her in.

    “Why him?” He asked. Columba sighed.

    “Just shut up, George.”

    “You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” George mumbled, instinctively pulling her closer trying to rest his head on hers as they swayed. “His dad’s a death eater, for fucks sake.”

    “Believe it or not, I can make my own decisions,” Columba huffed, pushing herself away from him. He grabbed her wrist, pulling her back in.

    “You’re on a dangerous road, Col. One I certainly don’t want to see you stumble down,” he seethed, his grip tightening on her wrist.

    “Get your fucking paws off me,” she bit back, shaking him off, turning away to walk towards her blond date at the drink table.

    “Paws?” George scoffed. “I’m not your fucking dad.”

    “What the fuck did you just say?” Columba whipped around, facing the smug-looking red-haired boy.

    “I kind of like it when you’re mad, Lupie,” George smirked, causing Columba’s eyes to widen, the rage she felt now bubbling over. “It’s… different than what I’m used to seeing. Annoyed is typical, but anger… it’s hot.”

    Clenching her jaw, Columba approached him, feeling for her wand. When she remembered she had given it to Draco for safekeeping, her fist met his nose with a crunch, resounding through the Great Hall with a crack. She pushed him backward, George stumbling over his own feet, almost falling into another dancing couple. George grabbed his nose, his hand now covered in blood. He stared at her with a wild, lustful look, eyes flashing a deep gold.

    “If you ever talk about my dad again, you’ll be on the fucking floor wishing yours was here to save you,” Columba snapped. “Burn in hell, Weasley.”

    “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you,” George burst out and grabbed her hand, kneeling. Scoffing, she shook him off, yet again, wiping her hand on her dress.

    “You’re fucking insane,” She spat, turning away from him again, stomping into the crowd.

    “Columba Lupin!” Professor McGonagall shouted, quickly approaching the now bloody-handed Hufflepuff.

    “Yeah, yeah. I know, I’m kicked out. I’m leaving.” She waved her off, stomping out of the Great Hall, pushing past Hermione and Ron, who were now yelling at each other.

    “Wait!” She heard George calling after her, but she walked too quickly for him, swiftly making her way out to the courtyard, which was beautifully decorated in fairy lights.

    She sat down on a stone bench, the snow instantly soaking into her dress. First Draco and now this? Columba stared at the sky before feeling someone warm sit next to her.

    “You’re in deep now, Col,” Cedric mumbled, nudging her elbow.

    “Yeah, I know,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder.


    December 26, 1994

    “Your little stunt could’ve gotten you in a lot more trouble than you’re already in!” Professor McGonagall reprimanded.

    “What do you mean?” Columba furrowed her eyebrows. “I’ve only done one thing, and I hardly believe that it’s anything for me to get in trouble over,” she mumbled. Professor McGonagall scoffed.

    “You broke his nose!” She yelled, slamming her hand down on the table. “That’s not just one thing!”

    “I broke his nose?” Columba asked, half impressed. She smiled slightly.

    “Miss Lupin!” The professor gasped. “That is hardly something to be proud of!”

    “I mean,” Columba said, still smiling. She shrugged. “He deserved it.”

    “Did he really?” Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows. “In what world would he deserve a broken nose?”

    “He called my father a dog and then told me he was in love with me! Of course, I’m going to punch him!” Columba explained.

    “The headmaster suggests I send you home for the rest of Christmas break. He doesn't need a defiant nuisance running around for the rest of break,” she said, taking a seat at her desk.

    “You’re what?!” Columba’s jaw dropped. “I was told that nobody was going home! I-I have things I need to do! I have to help Harry and Ced-”

    “Would you rather go home or spend the rest of the two weeks in all-day detention?” She asked, not looking up from her desk.

    “I guess, I’ll go home,” Columba sighed.

    “Great! Your father will be expecting you. Also, you need to write a letter to Mr. Weasley, apologizing for your actions.”


    December 27, 1994

    “Collie!” Nymphadora shouted, pumping her fist in the air as soon as she saw Columba step over the threshold of Hogsmeade, their predetermined meeting place. “Are you excited, snookums?”

    Columba only stifled a sob, running and hugging the pink-haired girl. “I’ve missed you,” Columba sniffled, squeezing the girl tighter.

    “Rough school year?” Nymphadora sighed. “I figured it would be.”

    “You’re supposed to be yelling at me,” Columba huffed, sniffling. “I’m being sent home because I’m apparently a defiant nuisance.”

    “Do I look like your mother?” She rolled her eyes, patting her head. “Don’t answer that-”

    “You could if you tried just a wee bit harder,” Columba cut her off, smiling and wiping her eyes. “Honestly, woman, you need to work your magic on the old man.”

    “The glances I’ve seen him sneak at Sirus are hard to miss,” Nymphadora sighed. “He hardly notices me and I’m over there almost every full moon. You know, so he isn’t alone.”

    “They’ve always been like that.” Columba shrugged. Nymphadora’s eyebrow furrowed.

    “Do you think they might be… you know?” She asked. “Sleeping around?”

    “I guess I never really thought about it,” Columba sighed. “It seemed like normal when I was younger. I mean, Uncle Russy was over all the time, or I went over to his house. He was the one who watched me before… you know.” Nymphadora nodded knowingly.

    “It wouldn’t be unnormal now, I suppose, but it would mean that I should probably stop pining after him,” Nymphadora shrugged. “Seems counterproductive.”

    Columba nodded. “Is dad home?”

    “Along with Sirius, yes. You’re in for an earful. I'm just here to get you,” Nymphadora offered her arm.

    “Fan-fucking-tastic.” Columba groaned, grabbing Nymphadora’s arm. “Can you stay with me?”

    “If there aren’t any projectiles thrown, yes, I’ll stay with you,” she said, smiling.

    “Can’t guarantee anything,” Columba muttered, preparing herself for the disapparation.

    They popped up on the front step of the Lupin cottage. Columba carried her things inside, looking around the small cottage. Their Christmas tree was still up and a fire was roaring in their fireplace, keeping the house toasty warm. Her father sat on the sofa, his hands shaky as he drank tea. Sirius sat on the armchair opposite of him, reading the Daily Prophet, which was, of course, about Hermione and Harry’s ‘budding romance’.

    “Hello,” Columba said quietly, stepping into the living room.

    “Ah, Collie!” Remus said with a fake smile plastered to his face. “Take a seat.” His face dropped as he gestured to the couch. Columba took a seat on the couch. Nymphadora pulled a chair in from the dining room, sitting next to Sirius, crossing one leg over the other. Sirius let his paper drop enough to show his eyes. He widened them at Columba, picking the paper back up to hide them again. Columba sighed as her father stood.

    “Look, I know you’re mad, but I can explain.” She said, avoiding Remus’s eye contact as he paced the room. “George was mad that I went to the ball with Draco, and he wanted to dance with me, and I stupidly agreed, and then he called you a dog, so I punched him in the face.” Remus rolled his eyes.

    “You’re smart Columba, but your choices say otherwise,” Remus tutted, shaking his head. “Draco Malfoy of all people? Really? Are you daft?”

    “What choices?” Columba stood, letting her arms slap her side. “You’re being mean! We’re not even dating, and if we were, Draco is a nice boy-“

    “His father is a death eater, Collie!” Remus shouted back, standing in front of her. “I raised you better than this! You know it’s wrong!”

    “But I’m pretty sure he loves-“

    “George Weasley loves you!” Remus yelled, now stepping closer to her. “And you broke his fucking nose! You can hardly tell your head from your ass end.”

    “At least I know when someone loves me!” She shouted, chest heaving. “You’re a fucking idiot who can’t even tell that she-“ Columba motioned to Nymphadora, whose hair was now red from embarrassment- “is in love with you, you bloody fool!” Sirius peered over his paper, eyebrows raised.

    “What?” Remus was taken aback, looking at Nymphadora, sneaking a glance at Sirius. “But I’m old! A-and poor! Not to mention that I’m a werewolf! And-”

    “I’m not discussing this now!” Nymphadora huffed, leaving the room. Sirius visibly relaxed, hiding his face behind the paper again.

    "You can’t make me not see Draco,” Columba stated, crossing her arms. “I'll see him in school. I have classes with him."

    “Oh yeah? Watch me, Collie. You’re grounded!” Remus stomped his foot down. “I shouldn’t even let you go back to Hogwarts, for that matter.”

    “I’ll run away,” she started, Remus visibly shrinking. “I’ll leave and find somewhere else to go. Maybe I’ll go back to St. Adelaide’s and tell them about how unfit a werew-“

    “Columba!” Sirius shouted, looking up from the paper. “That’s uncalled for! Leave the poor sod alone. He’s just trying to protect you!”

    “Not you too!” Columba groaned. “You’re supposed to be on my side! I figured you would be since you sent me money-“

    “You sent her money?!” Remus was now furious, pulling Sirius to his feet. “For what?!”

    “The Yule Ball,” Columba said sheepishly. “For a dress. He was just trying to help!”

    “You weren’t supposed to tell him!” Sirius groaned, pushing himself away from Remus. “Damnit, Columba!”

    “Are you fucking kidding me, Sirius?” Remus rolled his eyes. “Why would you send her money? And why wouldn’t you ask me for money.”

    “I knew that she was going with Malfoy,” Sirius offered up, raising his hands slightly. “And so, because of that, I wanted to give her money for a dress.”

    “Because you knew that I would’ve gotten angry if I would’ve found out?” Remus asked, looking between Sirius and Columba. “Despicable. Both of you, fucking despicable.” He looked at Sirius. “Go home and stay there for a few days.” He then looked to Columba. “Go to your room and work on that letter for George. Molly will read it over in a few days when we go over there for dinner on New Year’s Eve.”

    “What did you just say?” Columba asked, earning a wild look from Sirius over Remus’s shoulder. He flipped him off, sticking out his tongue, and took the floo back to 12 Grimmauld Place.

    “You’re expected at dinner on the 31st with the Weasley family. Now go to your room. I’m tired of looking at you,” Remus huffed, sitting back on the couch, grabbing his mug of tea and taking a sip. Columba stood frozen. “Collie, go. Now.”

    Columba picked up her things and walked slowly to her room. She didn’t want to write a letter to George, nor did she want Molly to read it over. When she got to her room, she laid down on her bed, crying for what seemed like ages before starting her letter to George.

    Dear George Weasley,

    I’m sorry I broke your nose...

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  • magicalxdaydream
    23.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Wedding Confessions. (Fred Weasley)

    summary: fred and (y/n) finally make a move which should have happened a lot earlier

    word count: 2.281

    warning: fluff, fluff, fluff, mention of alcohol,

    pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader

    author's note: got inspired by @iliveiloveiwrite 's recent George one shot. that scene between the reader and George at the wedding just made me think of Fred somehow so I ended up writing this. I hope you enjoy. <3

    italics = past conversation

    gif credit belongs to @boxofbadaddiction

    You were sitting at one of the big tables, one of your hands holding a glass of champagne while you were watching the newly married couple happily dance in front of you, a soft smile gracing your lips.

    Since you had been a family friend of the Weasley’s for as long as you could remember, Bill and Fleur had automatically sent you an invitation to their wedding and of course, you said yes.

    You loved weddings, always have, even though this was only the second or third one that you were attending. But seeing people love each other so dearly and having the time of their lives was making your heart grow even bigger, the happy expression never really leaving your face.

    When you took a quick glance around the tent, you couldn’t help but focus your eyes on that one person who had been on your mind for at least the last three years, if not even longer. Fred Weasley.

    Fred, George, and you have always been close to each other, seeing as though you were the same age and had been sorted into the same house at Hogwarts, Gryffindor. It has always been the three of you, well sometimes Lee had joined your antics as well.

    You loved hanging out with them, loved helping them whenever they tried to pull a prank on someone or had a new idea for a product for their Weasley shop. You didn’t even mind getting detention because of them. It was a perfect friendship.

    So, when you noticed that you started to behave differently whenever Fred was around you, you were shocked and confused at the same time, not really knowing what was going on inside your head and heart.

    You had talked to one of your best friends, Hermione, back then. Even though she was a few years younger than you, she knew exactly what was going on with you.

    “You like him.”, she had said to you, which you obviously agreed to. Of course, you liked Fred Weasley. He was one of your best friends.

    “No, you like him more than a friend, (Y/N).”, she stated, making your eyes go wide as you thought about the possibility of liking one of your best friends.

    You had told her she was insane for thinking like that but the more you had thought about it, the more you figured out that she was right.

    You had tried your best to push these feelings away yet whenever you took a glance at Fred, seeing him laugh with his other classmates or whenever he sent a wink your way, the butterflies inside your stomach went crazy.

    While you were in your own little world, thinking back about all the memories you have shared with the twins, especially with Fred, you didn’t even notice that that person was sitting right next to you, waving his hand in front of your face.

    “Wha- What?”, you asked, snapping yourself out of your daydream as you looked to your right and into his eyes.

    “Where were you just now?”, he asked you curiously, lightly raising his eyebrows while a teasing smile graced his lips, his chin propped up on the palm of his hand.

    “None of your business.”, you said, trying to sound casual, hearing Fred laugh lightly as he shook his head, the two of you starting to watch the guests of the wedding together.

    You couldn’t help but look to your right from time to time. You looked at the way his hair was perfectly styled for the wedding which was partially thanks to you since he had asked you to help him with it shortly before the reception had started.

    You noticed the way the edges of his lips slightly turned up whenever he saw people making a mistake on the dancefloor. He loved when people made a fool out of themselves.

    You also noticed the way he was slightly swaying from side to side, following the rhythm of the music while you wondered what it would feel like to be on that dancefloor, wrapped up in Fred’s arms while a soft song was playing in the background.

    You let out a quiet sigh however it wasn’t too quiet for your crush not to notice it hence his head turned to the left, his eyes immediately on you.

    “Is something wrong?”, he asked you, concern lacing his voice as you quickly shook your head.

    “No, no. Everything’s fine. Fleur and Bill are just such a lovely couple. Look at them dancing the whole night away. They seem so happy.”, you stated, a smile making its way onto your lips as you focused on the bride and groom, secretly wishing that this could be you someday.

    Fred took a quick glance at his brother however his eyes instantly went back to you, noticing the way you were staring at Bill and his wife. He studied the way your whole face lit up when Bill twirled Fleur around, a strand of your perfectly curled hair falling into your vision which you swiftly pushed behind your ear again.

    Oh, how he wished he could do that. He would love to put his arm around you, pull you close so you could lean your head on his shoulder while he dropped a soft kiss on your head.

    He was pulled out of his daydream when he suddenly heard everyone around him cheer. For what? He didn’t know. He just clapped his hands as well as he put a bright smile on his face.

    Suddenly a slower song was being played by the band his brother and sister in law got as a wedding gift by one of their good friends and Fred knew it was now or never. If he wouldn’t ask you now, he would never do it.

    He quietly cleared his throat, turning his head in your direction, seeing you fidget with your fingers.

    Now or never, he told himself inside his head as he plucked up the courage and lightly tapped you on your shoulder.

    With raised eyebrows, you turned your head to look at your friend, waiting for what he had to say.

    “Um, (Y/N)?”, he started, getting even more nervous than he already was yet he tried his best to stay his confident self. “Would you like … to dance? With me?”

    Finally, he said it. He was able to get these few simple words out of his mouth. Why did he have to be so nervous? It was just you. Well, that was the problem. It was you, the girl he has had a crush on since he could remember. The girl that took his breath away whenever she smiled at him. The girl that could make his heart beat faster than the newest Nimbus.

    You couldn’t believe he had asked you to dance with him. After daydreaming the whole evening how it would feel like to be on that dancefloor with him, how it would feel to have his arms around your waist, he finally asked you.

    While you were still in disbelief, Fred was a nervous wreck. Why weren’t you answering him? Didn’t you want to dance with him? Did he make a fool out of himself for asking you such a stupid question?

    “(Y/N)?”, he questioned you, snapping you out of your dace, your eyes fully focused on him again as you slowly nodded your head.

    “Yes, I would like to dance with you.”, you stated happily.

    Fred let out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding, a slight chuckle leaving his lips as he got up from his chair and stuck out his hand for you.

    “My lady.”, he said, making you laugh as you got up from your chair as well, quickly taking his hand, too scared that he would tell you it was all a joke. However, as soon as your hand was in his, the two of you made your way onto the dancefloor, joining the other guests of the wedding.

    You let your eyes wander a bit, catching Hermione already looking at you while she held up her hands, sending a thumbs up and a bright smile your way.

    Before you could return the gesture, you were already facing Fred again, his bright eyes looking into your (e/c) eyes.

    “I haven’t done this since the Yule Ball.”, he said jokingly yet it was the truth.

    A little confused and nervous, the two of you tried to find the right position to dance in but whatever you guys did, it didn’t feel right until you wrapped your arms around his neck, catching the young man in front of you a little off guard. Fred put his hands on your waist, pulling you even closer to him as he squeezed your sides gently, making you smile up at him.

    You lost yourself in the rhythm of the song, never looking anywhere else than one another’s eyes, the smiles glued onto your lips. You couldn’t help but put your head on his chest, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the moment to the fullest.

    Never in a million years would you have thought to be here. Obviously, you had hugged Fred before, cuddled up next to each other on the big sofa in the Gryffindor common room but this, this was different.

    Fred was sure you could feel his heart beating even though the music was loud enough to drown everything out. Yet you didn’t say a word which helped him relax a bit.

    The two of you swayed from left to right until the song was over. You lifted your head up and looked up into his eyes again, both of you smiling like maniacs.

    “Would you like to get some fresh air?”, Fred asked you, nodding your head as you left the dancefloor, your hand still in his.

    When you made it out of the tent, a fresh breeze greeted you. It was refreshing, exactly what you and your red cheeks needed.

    The two of you walked for a little while longer, stopping in front of the big field that was surrounding the house as you looked up into the night sky, the stars and the moon shining down at you.

    “I didn’t know you could dance like this.”, you said, breaking the silence between you as you tuned your head and looked up at Fred with a teasing smile on your lips. The young man couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and squeezed your hand gently.

    “Of course, I’m the dancer of the family. No one can compare to me.”, he stated, making you giggle as you nodded your head.

    The silence overtook you two again but it felt comfortable.

    “You look really beautiful tonight. You always do, (Y/N).”, Fred whispered.

    If your cheeks weren’t red before, you were sure they were as red as that one jumper Molly made for Fred in his fourth year in Hogwarts, just like a tomato.

    “You look really handsome as well, Fred.”, you confessed.

    Both of you turned to the side. It felt as though you only had to look at each other to know exactly what the other one was thinking.

    You took a step closer to him, Fred’s hand coming up to find its place on your cheek, his thumb tracing your cheekbone as you let go of his other hand only to place it on the back of his head, your fingers playing with his hair.

    Without even thinking of anything, Fred finally leaned in, his lips brushing lightly against yours.

    You were sure your heart was about to jump out of your chest. Only the light feeling of his lips on yours made your mind go blank. There was nothing else on your mind anymore, nothing, except for him and the way he made you feel.

    None of you pulled away, your lips still millimetres away from his. You wanted more, you needed more. You wanted to fully feel his lips.

    “Fre-“, you started but as soon as you opened your mouth, you felt lips on yours. Your eyes widened yet immediately closed again as your lips moved perfectly in sync. All the years of secret yearning for one another were poured into it, all the love and passion you had for each other was felt in that one moment.

    You didn’t even care that the wedding guests could walk out of the tent and spot you just a few metres away from it. This moment was for the two of you. (Y/N) and Fred. The two best friends who finally decided to get over themselves and show one another how much they mean to each other.

    After what felt like an eternity, you pulled away only for Fred to press another quick kiss on your lips which instantly made you giggle. He pressed kisses onto your lips over and over again hence you had to put your hands on his chest and push him away a bit, his own laugh leaving his lips.

    “Sorry, couldn’t help it.”, he told you honestly, your lips having the brightest smile on them, your cheeks already in pain from all the smiling you did that night.

    You quickly stood up on your toes, pressing a gentle kiss on his lips as you let out a: “Same here.”

    Fred wrapped his strong arms around you, your head finding a spot on his chest while his lips pressed a loving kiss on the top of your head.

    Oh, how the two of you had looked forward to this very moment and you didn’t even know that all this time you were feeling the same way.

    #Fred Weasley #Fred Weasley imagine #Fred Weasley one shot #Fred Weasley fic #Fred Weasley x reader #Fred Weasley x you #fred weasley x gryffindor!reader #fred weasley x fem!reader #harry potter imagines #weasley twins fluff #Fred Weasley fluff
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  • magicalxdaydream
    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    my new Fred fic will be up in about one hour. :)

    #fred weasley #fred weasley imagine #fred weasley fic #get ready for it
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  • anastasiakrizek
    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Ginny: Harry, what happens if Umbridge does find out?

    Hermione: Who cares? I mean, it’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules!

    Ron: Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?

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  • thefiresfromheaven
    23.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Beta Readers Needed!!

    WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: I’m looking for 1-3 beta readers to proofread and edit all posted and future updates for “A Light in the Dark.” If selected, you will also have access to my storyboard and writing doc’s on Google to go over my unpublished ideas/misc writings for this fic. I’d prefer if you had some knowledge of the Harry Potter fandom, or are at least a bit familiar with it considering lol.  

    REQUIRMENTS: Must be comfortable with profanity, alcohol use in writing, smoking in writing, violence, mentions and descriptions of death, major character death, mentions and descriptions of blood/ or gore, and explicate sexual relations (smut). If you are not comfortable with any of the mentioned things, then this probably isn’t the project for you lol. It’s not too crazy, but it’s there. And I want my beta’s to be comfortable reading what it is I’m writing. 


    Read a least one chapter to see if you can vibe with my writing style and get familiar with it!

    Fill in the form!

    Wait to hear back! If you’re a good fit I’ll let you know and we can talk from there, and if by change you are not I will still message you to let you know! (Whether you’re selected or not, whoever applies will get a shoutout from me on my posting platforms because I appreciate the offered help regardless.)

    Everything to apply is linked and if you could possibly REBLOG I’d really, really appreciate it lol. With all the Love, Xx. 

    #beta reader#beta needed #Draco Malfoy x OC #draco malfoy smut #fred weasley x oc #fred weasley smut #Harry Potter #post war harry potter #pre war harry potter #harry X ginny #hermione x theo #light dramione #ron x lavender #blaise x luna #Sirius Black#Remus Lupin #remus x nymphadora #remus x tonks #nymphadora tonks #draco x hermione #Draco Malfoy#fred weasley #Fred and George Weasley #beta reader needed #hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
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  • jellycatscat
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Mind gum

    You have probably seen some of my posts about awesome Weasley products and inventions I made while playing the twins in written online RPGs. Now, here is another one :D

    Mind gum. You know the two things in Harry Potter, Legilimency and Occlumency, were part of some interesting side-plots the story offered? And you can recall the Veritaserum, forcing most victims to open up the truth, even if they really want to keep their stuff secret? Awesome, captivating and tricky. Anyway, this invention was inspired by the fact that some wizards and witches are able to read someone's mind and some potions and spells are able to weaken ones will. I thought about some fancy, sparkling chewing gums the twins could sell...

    Now, this is how it works: there are two types of gums, a blue one and a green one. The blue one is echoing the thoughts of the person who is chewing it. The green one is receiving those echoes. Means, if you are offering a blue chewing gum to your crush, while putting the green one in your own mouth, you will be able to hear all the thoughts this person has, while your own chewing gum is active. As we know, magical activity won't last forever, so you might only hear those thoughts for a couple of minutes, but you could still change the topic to see if your crush is having any interesting thoughts about you 🧡

    It was fascinating to think about Fred and George, mixing two potions and connecting them together using some spells. However, I decided to keep those gums ability on a very low level. Using them while writing exams or doing other important things shouldn't work. They aren't perfect, you might not hear everything, but you will hear some thoughts for sure.

    Those gums are for fun only, but I can imagine some wizards and witches using them as an alternative to the Veritaserum, to only get a glimpse of the true thoughts someone has, avoiding the usage of critical spells they might fail.

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  • kingalrdy
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    want my future relationship to be like every fic written by @butterbeerblurbs

    #harry potter imagine #fred weasley x reader #fred weasley #fred weasley imagine
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  • magicalxdaydream
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I finished my fred one shot. I really can't wait to upload it later. I was so in my feels. I hope you are looking forward to it. <3

    #fred weasley #fred weasley one shot #fred weasley imagine
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  • havenchy
    23.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    F. Weasley Fic Rec

    — much much love to all of these writers <33

    🤎 - favorite ❀ - fluff ❂ - hurt/comfort ✵ - angst

    dear fred ✵ - @ohibex 🤎
    just the two of us ❀ - @rogue-durin-16
    when you're gone ✵ - @comfortwriting
    different ❀ - @userbuckynat
    big and strong, little one ❂ - @butterbeerblurbs
    i'm yours ❂ - @soupandsimple
    nervous ❀ - @heytherejulietx
    congratulations weasley ❂ - @hxlyhead-harpies
    opposites attract ❀ - @weasleylangs
    rosy cheeks ❀ - @weelittleweasley
    reassurance ❂ - @theosbucky
    unlike me ❀ - @panda-noosh
    get the camera ❀ - @badfvith 🤎
    piano ❀ - @weasleygrapes
    ikea ❀ - @dracossweetprincess
    tellin' the world ❀ - @butterbeerblurbs
    venus among the stars ❀ - @expelliarweasley 🤎
    meeting the parents hc ❀ - @parchmentedpetrichor
    #— miz fic rec list #🤎 fred weasley #fred weasley x reader #fred weasley #fred wealsey fic #fred weasey imagine #fred weasley fluff #fred weasley angst
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  • incorrectquotesharrypotterv
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    George: “Honey, you don’t steal things from people to get back at them for eating the last of your food. That’s not how this works. Particularly when it was an accident.”

    Y/n: *Aggressively chewing on George’s last chocolate bar* “No, you don’t steal things from people to get back at them for eating the last of your food. I most certainly fucking do.”

    #george weasley#incorrect quotes#weasley family #fred and george #weasley twins #george weasley one shot #george weasley x y/n #george weasley x you #george weasley x slytherin!reader #george weasley x hufflepuff!reader #slytherin reader#ravenclaw reader#hufflepuff reader#gryffindor reader #harry potter x slytherin!reader #slytherin#hogwarts#hufflepuff#ravenclaw#gryffindor
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    I’m Back!!

    Hihi Lovelies!!

    Work had been a bitch so I had taken off for some time and I’m back!! 

    I’m getting on the requests at the moment, if you guys wanna send more in, I’ll be happy to write

    I write for Marvel characters,Marvel Actors,Harry Potter Characters and Harry Potter actors!

    I love you <333

    #george wealsey x reader #fred weasley x reader #remus lupin x reader #sirius black x reader #james potter x reader #ron weasly x reader #ginny weasley x reader #hermione granger x reader #bucky barnes x reader #sebastian stan x reader #tony stark x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #oliver phelps x reader #james phelps x reader #rupert grint x reader #steve rogers x reader #sam wilson x reader #chris evans x reader #wanda maximoff x reader
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  • ameliora-j
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #nani’s 1k celebration 🦋 #dark.nani #nsfw.nani #fred weasley#draco malfoy #poly!draco fred
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  • roonilwazlibimagines
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Ron Weasley things #Harry Potter things #Fred Weasley things #Draco malfoy things #Luna love good things #Charlie Weasley things #Neville longbottom things #Ginny Weasley things #Fleur delacour things #hermione granger things #Sirius black things #Remus lupin things #James potter things #George Weasley things
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    ғʀᴇᴍɪᴏɴᴇ | ᴀᴜᴛᴜᴍɴ

    "Let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."
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