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  • Hey, y’all. I wrote a little something for @a-froger-epic‘s Freddie Mercury Weekend!
    The prompt I chose was “coffee shop au”



    #freddie mercury weekend #froger #freddie mercury x roger taylor #queen fanfiction#freddie mercury#roger taylor#Queen #coffee shop au
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    Freddie live on stage at the Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam, Holland on the European ‘Jazz’ tour on 29 January 1979. Photo by Rob Verhorst.

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  • Those days are all gone now but one things still true

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  • News Of The World and its singles

    #Queen#freddie mercury#brian may#roger taylor#john deacon #news of the world #sorry (again) for the image quality
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  • Queen strolling in a Japanese garden in Tokyo – March 21, 1976
    Photo by Koh Hasebe

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  • queen moodboard - personal favourites

    Ah, won’t you take me home tonight?
    Ah, down beside your red fire light?
    Fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round
                          Hey hey!
    Heap big woman, you made a bad boy out of me
    I’ve seen every blue eyed floozy on the way (hey), take me to them dirty ladies every time
    Ain’t no beauty queens in this locality (I tell you)
                  Get on your bikes and ride!

    - Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen - 1978

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  • Not On My Watch (pt 8:finale)

    Pairing: Dad!Roger x Mum!Reader


    summary: you’re divorced with queen’s roger taylor due to constant cheating and irrational behaviour towards you. but u have one person in common: your daughter, Laura aka your favourite human on earth. Your marriage with Roger had its ups and downs but Laura was the happiness in it. Now that she’s 8 and starts to realise how your terms with roger are, you finally tell her that you’re seeing another man except her father and she took it really warmly. She seemed excited to meet the new man unlikely your ex husband who accidentally learns about it by Laura, the weekend you would leave her at his place: on weekends you had some cute getaways with R/N because the court decided that Laura could stay or visit her dad on weekends and stay with him for five days each Christmas and easter vacations. Roger now, fights to get Laura and you back. R/N isn’t as it seems and Roger helps you to keep him away from you.

    catch up: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

    masterlist //dialogue prompts

    taglist: @madeinheavxn @namelesslosers @stacymaytaylor @drwse @cherries-n-rocknroll

    words: 3.505

    warnings: FLUFF IM GONNA CRY

    You were on your car, following Roger for about a quarter until the paps lost you. It was a crazy moment you don’t want to relive again. As you parked outside the pub, he opened the door for you to walk in. Always a gentleman. You noticed his bandmates’ figures from a corner and walked closer with Roger behind you.

    “Oh hello Y/n!” Brian greeted you and made some space for you to sit.

    “Hi Brian, Fred, John.” You smiled at them and waited for Roger to bring an extra chair to sit next to you.

    “We didn’t expect you here, how are you, darling?” Freddie asked.

    “I’m a little upset.” You were straightforward, Roger was aware and he placed his hand on your thigh, trying to calm you down. Brian noticed his move and understood something was wrong.

    “You want to talk about it?” Brian asked.

    “The man she was seeing appeared at her work and embarrassed her to death. I was there at half of the scene and intervened.” Roger started.

    “Oh, fuck.” Freddie gasped.

    “I’m afraid he saw us last night.” You turned to Roger, referring to him fucking you at his cabinet.

    “Yeah, you’re right. Well, at least he’s staying at the police’s cell tonight. He was acting irrationally in public. He caused trouble.” Roger spoke to his bandmates too.

    The waiter came to your place, took yours and Roger’s order and left. “Y/n, where did you find this man? He’s such a troublemaker!” Freddie said.

    “It doesn’t matter where I met him, he just won’t accept the fact I want to get back with Rog.” You admitted and felt your heart beating fast. Roger wrapped his arm around you, feeling extremely happy of your declaration.

    “So, you also want to get back with him?” Freddie asked surprised.

    “I’d give it one more chance…” you sighed and stared at Roger, wishing he’d be different this time.

    “Wow, that’s big news!” Freddie said.

    “What are you going to do with R/N? He won’t give up this easy.” Roger asked.

    “I have no idea. I’ll come up with something.” You sighed.

    The beers arrived and so on, you spent these couple of hours with the Queen members, drinking and having fun. They always liked your company but most of them, Roger. He enjoyed watching you having fun with his bandmates. He liked seeing you laughing and joking around. Later, you drove off to your own apartment, knowing it’s safe to walk in to get more clothes and personal stuff including your daughter’s. You were about to move out soon and didn’t want to tire Laura anymore with all these movings and rides. You had to talk with your landlord about moving out so you didn’t waste time.

    Time passed fast and you drove at Roger’s place again, with your suitcase hanging on your hand. He saw you coming closer to his door and there he was, standing happy at your presence.

    “Hi.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss your lips. “Come on in.” He made way for you to walk in and suddenly Laura’s cheering voice echoed to your ears.

    “Mummy!” She cajoled.

    “Hello, my little baby!” You knelt down to kiss her. “How was your day? I missed you!”

    “I got an A in maths!” She jumped showing her excitement.

    “Wow, that’s amazing sweetheart! Well done!” You praised your blonde little girl and kissed her again.

    “Women of my life,” Roger started and Laura and you turned your gazes to him. “I have an announcement to make,” he cleared his throat trying to make it funny for Laura.

    “What is it, dad?” She asked.

    “Tonight we are going out, the three of us. Diner at nine, how’s it?” He asked waiting to hear your affirm.

    “That’s great!” You said with a huge smile on your face.

    “Wow, dad! Yes! I’m so happy! I’m just gonna rush to my room and finish my homework!” She was as excited as you and maybe a little more because she barely remembers Roger and you being lovebirds.

    “Don’t rush it, love, your answers might be wrong! I’ll come and check you!” He joked and laughed. He then came closer to you. “You brought a suitcase?” He asked as he checked it.

    “Yes, I talked with the landlord, he has no issue with me moving out. I can leave at any moment. Are you surely okay about it?” You asked him trying to hide any possible doubts turning around your heads.

    “I’m more than sure about it. To get things straight, I was never okay with the divorce-” he started.

    “Me neither, it was your behaviour towards me.” You stopped him.

    “Let me finish.” He gestured his hands on you and let him speak. “I know, I was unfaithful and an asshole, but this time I do want to settle down with you.”. His eyes spoke the truth to you and wanted to believe him. You were questioning again what if he becomes what he was like before? What if he cheats on you again?

    “Okay.” You nodded with your eyes on the floor and then you looked at him again. “This is the last chance. You know it didn’t work back then.” You whispered and he agreed with you. But now, he wants to fight to gain your trust back.

    “What about the rest of your clothes and stuff back at the flat?” He asked.

    “I called the furniture mover company. They are willing to move our stuff here on Friday.” You answered.

    “Oh the sooner the better. Can’t wait to live with you again.” He pulled you in arms, hugging you tight. “Oh,” he pulled away for a second.

    “What is it?” You asked confused.

    “I didn’t have the time to tell you how sexy you look on this tight shirt, did I?” He winked, trying to flirt with you.

    “No, you didn’t.” You laughed at his compliment. “Guess it’s your kink?” You asked.

    “You are my kink.” He winked and kissed you softly. “Now go to my bedroom. Tonight, I want you to wear that dress hanging on my closet.” He bit his lip and that feeling again got you again. He always bought you dresses you never asked for. But you gotta admit, this man has taste. In everything.

    “You didn’t have to, Rog.” You said with a soft smile on your lips.

    “I chose it for you. I want you to wear it. It’s a gift.” He said back, trying to not hear any other discourage from you.

    “Thank you…” your eyes sparkled and kissed him again before going upstairs to see it. He was spoiling you and he liked that.


    You dressed in the dress Roger bought you: a blue sapphire satin dress, with a smooth cut on your leg, and your torso. It was flattering your waist, your visible leg and your breasts. It fit you like it was made just for you. Roger knew you really well, he knew your body size and type. He could choose the ideal dress for you without worrying if it’s not your colour or the fabric that could flatter you less. You couldn’t stop looking yourself at the mirror, it was a dreamy dress, one of the best you’ve ever worn.


    A gentle knock on the door awakened your daydreaming. “May I come in?” It was Roger who obviously wanted to get into his bedroom.

    “Sure.” You coughed after stepping back from the mirror.

    “Holy shit.” Roger gasped when he walked in the room. His eyes couldn’t be taken away from you. “You are stunning.” He came closer to you, checking the dress out. “It looks more beautiful on you than I thought.” He smiled at you and twisted you around with his hand.

    “You think so?” You asked with a giggle.

    “I’m certain.” He stared at you for a few seconds before returning back to reality. “So, I dressed Laura for tonight, she’s ready. I just have to wear my suit and fix my hair a bit and we’re leaving.” He walked through his closet to grab one of his thousand ironed tuxedos.

    You carefully sat on his desk’s chair, crossing your legs and actually noticing you have no shoes to wear. You only had the heels you wear at work. They don’t match your dress. “Uh, Roger?” You asked.

    “Yes?” He replied while he was taking his clothes off to wear his black tuxedo.

    “I, um, only have one pair of shoes here. You know, the heels I wore today.” You stood up going closer to him, helping him with buttoning his suit after he wore the pair of trousers. He was carefully watching your movements and then your exposed torso, he was absorbed by your hands and then your pink lips.

    “I have a surprise for you Cinderella.” He joked around and grabbed his blue tie, ready to wear it around his neck.

    “Again?” You looked surprised. “At least let me fix your tie.” You tied the tiny fabric carefully as if it was made of porcelain. Moments such as, remind you of some award shows he occasionally took you with. It felt nice fixing each other’s clothes and details. It was all so magical, even your thoughts travelled together.

    “Y/n?” He asked.

    “Mmm?” You absentmindedly returned.

    “Remember when we went to the Brits nine years ago? I think it was the first time I asked you to attend an award show with me.” He smiled.

    “Yes, of course, I do. I was at my first trimester at the time, I was throwing up at the toilet.” You laughed.

    “You did?” He was shocked at your confession as if he doesn’t remember.

    “Don’t you remember? I was leaving our table all the time.” You reminded him.

    “I guess I was too focused on winning the best single. I’m sorry in delay.” He laughed and his hands found your waist, hugging you warmly.

    “Apology accepted. But it didn’t matter, I was so happy for you. You were winning the one award after the other, you impregnated me…” you giggled after remembering that night.

    “It was planned though.” He joked. And now that his tie is fixed, he wore his black suit jacket around and made you sit on the chair you were before. “You think I didn’t think of your shoes, Cinderella?” His fingertips teased your leg, after grabbing a box from the drawer.

    “Oh don’t tell me!” You awed.

    He opened the box and inside of it, there was a beautiful pair of black heels, special for a night out. He gently wore the pair on your feet and helped you stand up on your feet. They were really comfortable and easy-to-walk heels. “Thank you!” You kissed him.

    “Your welcome.” He approached the door and waited for you to go downstairs.

    You walked down the stairs and Laura was taken aback by your total figure, she hasn’t seen you glowing in happiness. “Wow mum, you’re beautiful!” She gasped.

    “Thank you! Shall we go?” You asked her and she came closer to you, grabbing your hand.

    “Wait for me at my car outside, I’m coming,” Roger stated and you did as he said.


    The car drive was silent, not awkward though. You could feel Roger feeling apprehensive about the diner. He was trying to change all this time. You just didn’t let him, until the last two days when you saw him trying to reach you for real and R/N showed red flag signs. Laura knew nothing about him but she’d obviously prefer her father than him.

    “Here we are…” Roger broke the long-lasting silence and reduced speed when the fancy restaurant was right opposite you. Flashing lights hurt your eyes when paps noticed Roger’s car slowing speed. At least, the windows were non-transparent so Laura couldn’t get too distracted.

    “Baby, don’t look at the flash, it’s cameras everywhere.” Roger turned to Laura to warn her about the paps. She is aware of having a dad celebrity but thankfully never talks about it to her classmates, let alone brag. “Let me park the car and we’re getting out. I’ll keep you on my arms until we get at the foyer.” He drove a little closer to the parking before you were ready to get out. You haven’t felt yourself be taken photos for a long time. It frustrated Roger and you but mostly him because he disliked being papped at his personal moments, let alone when his child is with him. Many were the times when Roger and Laura were papped whenever he was with her on weekends or vacations. “Y/N, cover your eyes as you walk to the entrance door.” He advised and then you both opened the car’s doors to walk inside. You started walking to get some paps with you so Laura and Roger could walk with ease to the restaurant.

    “Y/N, are you getting back with Roger?” Paps started questioning you but you knew you had to stay silent. You never spoke to them. You let Roger do the negotiations. He’s the public figure, not you. “What are your statements about today’s event at the place you work?” Of course, they’d reported it.

    You reached the entrance door and waited for Roger to come to you. He carried Laura on his arms and her face was buried on his neck, trying to not be seen by the cameras. He looked at you with the are you okay look and you nodded until the receptionist opened the glass door for you.

    “Have you made a reservation, sir?” The receptionist asked checking the list.

    “Yes, it’s Taylor.” He put Laura down and you all patiently waited.

    “Nice, table for three, follow me.” He smiled and followed him to the table the reservation was. Next to the window, great. Paps could see you now so you told Laura to sit behind the window so her face couldn’t be seen.

    “That was crazy out there.” He sighed as you all sat down.

    “Yes, I internally panicked. Laura are you okay?” You asked your kid when she drank some of the water, the waiter served her.

    “Yes, I am.” She assured with a smile.

    “What will you drink sir?” The waiter turned to Roger.

    “A bottle of Chardonnay, we’ll need it.” He laughed and checked on you.

    “Right away, sir.” He left and now all three of you started talking.

    “So Laura what do you think of tonight’s diner?” Roger asked her.

    “I didn’t expect that. I thought you weren’t together anymore…” She declared. “Mum, didn’t we expect R/N for diner tonight? What happened,” she asked confused.

    “Laura um..” You cleared your throat before starting to talk. “I talked with your dad and we thought we should get back together.” You started. “How does that sound to you?” You hoped she would be positive about it.

    “Really?” She asked and looked both at Roger and you. “Mum, dad, that’s wonderful!” She gasped.

    “You think so?” Roger asked.

    “Yes! I was sad when you were arguing all this time. I just hope it won’t be the same anymore. It’s lovely when we are under the same roof, I feel we’re a family but when you argue, I can’t stand it…” She admitted and a wave of guilt took you over. She was witnessing your Homeric arguments all this time, neither said a word, nor burst out crying. She was silent and never complained regardless of how much she missed her dad.

    “This time’s, going to be alright. We discussed it with your mum and it feels right to be back again. Because hands-off, but we missed each other. That’s a fact we can’t argue over.” Roger laughed at Laura and she was happy to hear it.

    “So mum, we’re leaving our home?” She asked.

    “Yes, we’re going to dad’s.” You smiled at her.

    You drank and ate like a proper family. It was a worthy diner and definitely full of surprises. You had no idea. Roger excused himself and stood up from his chair and got down on his knees next to you. Laura lost it at the sight of her dad kneeling to you. Your mouth was wide opened at his body position. People around the restaurant were looking at you now. They probably knew who Roger was and they were all awed at the sight of the hot drummer of Queen getting on knees for you. “Roger, what are you doing?” You gasped with your hands on your mouth.

    “Y/N…” He started and took out from his pocket a small red box. You were ready to tear. Laura came closer to you, she had to enjoy the scene. “You’re the love of my life.” He added and that sent you to heaven and back. “When we were apart, I couldn’t find love.” His eyes found yours. He was honest and that blue colour of his irises sent you shivers. “That divorce awakened my love for you; I was unfaithful, I know. I was dishonest, I know that too. What I didn’t know was that I couldn’t live without you. So…” He took a deep breath and revealed a platinum ring with three diamonds on heart shapes. It was beautiful but not as beautiful as Roger’s statement. “Y/N, will you marry me again?” His eyes were glowing as his fingers carefully grabbed the ring and wore it around your fourth finger. You stared at him as if he was the most special thing in the world. You then looked at Laura who was crying from happiness.

    “Yes, I’ll marry you again.” You tore as you accepted his proposal and now he let out a relieving smile. Roger stood on his feet again and picked you up, asking for a loving kiss. “I love you.” You whispered in his ear, not letting go of his hug.

    “I love you too.” His hand hugged your entire body, your back was covered by his arms and hands. His eyes caught Laura’s who was the happiest kid on earth. She has the chance to see her parents getting married. Again. “I promise I won’t be the asshole I was.” He confessed to your ear. People at the restaurant couldn’t stop applauding and congratulating you two. It was a delirious moment.


    You and Roger got married two weeks after his proposal at the city’s town hall with Freddie and John being witnesses. A little later, The Magic Tour started and your husband had the bright idea to take Laura and you on tour since she was done with school priorities due to summer break. You were hanging out with Queen members and the two other wives. It was a great experience, probably the greatest tour of the band. Laura was the happiest you’ve ever seen her. You all had some spare time to explore the cities, enjoy each other’s company and so on. Needless to say that Roger and you had sex at the early dates of the tour and now you have your period delay for a couple of months. In this time, you vomited a lot and felt dizzy, so a pregnancy test was the answer to all your symptoms. And yes, you were pregnant again on Roger’s kid. You felt extremely happy about it and now that you know about your pregnancy, you wanted to share it with him, with your husband.

    You were at your hotel room, in Madrid, eating at the balcony some junk food you bought earlier. You heard Roger entering the room, probably alone because Laura was with the other Queen kids.

    “Y/N?” He searched for your figure until you answered from out there. “Oh, there you are.” He smiled and leaned closer to kiss you. “I thought you were at the pool.”

    “Well, yeah, I was hungry.” You smiled and took another bite.

    “Again?” He smirked because he was suspicious about your condition. He has noticed your irregular sleeping and eating schedules and definitely saw you feeling disgusted. “Is there something you want to tell me?” He asked and sat next to you.

    “Like what?” You raised your brow, playing around

    “Well, I don’t know,” he moved his shoulders in confusion. “Something personal?” He tried to check you out but you couldn’t be seen behind the table you were sitting.

    “Come with me.” You stood up and caught his hand to follow you inside.

    You removed your robe and stayed at your bikini, letting him notice anything different on you. He was way too focused at your belly, trying to notice the tiniest.

    “I’m pregnant!” You announced with a huge smile on your face and Roger needed a few seconds to process it.

    “P-pregnant?” He asked ready to explode from happiness. “Oh God, I’m gonna be a dad again?” He tore and ran to you hugging you and kissing you.

    “Yes! It’s been two months, already…” You tore with him and felt happier than ever.


    And somehow, Roger and you stayed together after getting married again. Nine months later, you’d give birth to another blonde baby girl and now that Roger focused on his solo projects, he had more spare time to spend it with his beloved family.

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  • 30 Pics of Freddie Mercury - 14/30

    #30 pics of freddie #freddie mercury#pure love
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    • Lucy: On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your pain?
    • Rami: Zero.
    • Lucy: How- your arm is literally going the wrong way.
    • Rami: As in zero out of ten would NOT recommend.
    • Lucy: ...
    • Rami: Very not, gucci, does not slap. No thank you.
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    Freddie with children ❤️

    So cute 😍

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    We Are The Champions / Milton Keynes 1982

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  • My knees through to my ankles hurt just from watching this

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