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  • israelpalestinefacts
    24.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This is what happens in Palestine right now.

    Raise your voice!

    #freepalestine#free gaza#freeisrael #palestinian lives matter #free palestine from hamas #free gaza from hamas #fight terror#speak up #raise your voice #blm #queers for palestine #where are you #??????????????
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  • blog-only-for-palestine
    24.06.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #free palestine 🇵🇸 #free gaza#free palestine#israel #أنقذوا حي الشيخ جراح
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  • bowlinggwithmargo
    24.06.2021 - 19 hours ago
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  • creepy-alfredo
    24.06.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Reblog. Palestine is still under attack. The unjust against the citizens of palestine mustn't be treated as a trend. It is STILL free Palestine. People are dying, arrested and kidnapped wrongfully by zi@nist Isr@el. Amplify the voice of Palestinians. Listen and educate.🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    dozens of citizens suffered from their exposure to tear gas and soon the situation escalated into clashes between local youths and the IOF.

    Israeli occupation forces (IOF) delivered on Tuesday stop-building notices for almost 20 houses in Rujib town, east of Nablus, claiming that they were built in Area C.

    The Israeli police on Tuesday forced Abd al-Rahman Ahmed Obaid to demolish his three-storey building in the town of al-Isawiya, in Occupied Jerusalem or he'll have to pay 400,000 shekels.

    A horde of extremist Jewish settlers on Tuesday stormed the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah under police escort and threatened three families with expulsion from their homes. The settler raids on homes were led by Betzalel Smotrich, a Knesset member and leader of the religious Zionist party.

    The israeli settlers tried to break into three homes in the neighborhood belonging to the families of Diyab, al-Kurd and Qasem, brutalized the families and threatened to forcibly expel them from their homes within one month.

    Dozens of Palestinian families in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah and Batn al-Hawa are threatened with mass displacement from their homes to make way for Jewish settlers.

    73 Israeli settlers entered the Mosque in groups through its Maghariba Gate and toured its courtyards under police protection.

    The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night and at dawn Wednesday kidnaped at least 20 Palestinian citizens in the West Bank, mainly in al-Khalil and Ramallah.

    The IOF also kidnaped a young man identified as Murshed ash-Shawamer. Ahmed Abu Fannuna was taken prisoner during an IOF raid on his home in Wadi al-Hariya. The IOF also confiscated his car. the IOF kidnaped a young man called Malek Abdo from his home in Tell street in the city.

     In Ramallah, 10 young men were kidnaped overnight by the IOF from their homes in Ni’lin town.

    settlers escorted by soldiers rallied on the road near al-Khader town and the illegal settlement of Neve Daniel and barred Palestinian vehicles from moving in both directions.

    the occupation police escorted the bulldozers that razed an apartment inside a building in al-Issawiya for the citizen Musa Ismail Helou.

     Dozens of Israeli settlers on Wednesday uprooted olive trees and damaged an irrigation network in the Wadi Qana area, northwest of Salfit. 

    the past two days settlers cut down 10 olive trees, destroyed two water tanks, and an irrigation network. Settlers also cut down 10 trees on the farm of Qassem Mansour and stole a donkey from that area.

    Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained a Palestinian child and injured a number of other citizens during a raid on a park for children in Lubban Asharqiya village in southern Nablus on Wednesday evening.

    The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday evening attacked an activity organized by families and activists in the east Jerusalem town of Abu Dis to paint the largest mural for the martyrs whose bodies are still held by the occupation authority, including martyr Mai Afana.

    police forces intensively fired tear gas canisters at the participants in the painting activity, which was staged near the separation wall in Abu Dis.

    dozens of citizens suffered from their exposure to tear gas and soon the situation escalated into clashes between local youths and the IOF.

    Power outages also happened in the area after police forces targeted an electricity transformer inside the compound of al-Quds University in Abu Dis during the events.

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  • raymondas-world
    24.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    تحقيق يكشف الحقيقة.. من هو "يعقوب"؟

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  • creepy-alfredo
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    47 Palestinians (and continuing) are kidnapped by Israel.

    Please reblog. It is not over. Palestinians are not free. The oppression continues. Israel's ceasefire meant nothing. Don't look away from Palestine. It is STILL #FreePalestine🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night and at dawn Wednesday kidnapped several Palestinian citizens, including ex-detainees, in the West Bank and Jerusalem

    IOF kidnapped journalist Waleed Khaled from his home in Takaka town.

    In Nablus, the IOF kidnapped three citizens from their homes in Beita town. They were identified as Baraa Adili, Salem Hamayel, and his brother Salim Hamayel.

    The IOF also kidnapped three young men from their homes in Awarta town.

    In al-Khalil, the IOF kidnapped two ex-detainees identified as Mohamed Zeitoun and Mohamed Arafat from ash-Shuyukh town, two others identified as Tayseer Hafed and Amer al-Ja’bari from al-Khalil City, and Imad Arziqat from Taffuh town.

    In Jerusalem, a young man called Omar Muhaisen was kidnaped.

    the IOF kidnaped two citizens from Jenin city. They were identified as Ghassan al-Attrash and Iyad al-Tubasi.

    Maher Abed was kidnaped from Kafr Dan town in Jenin.

    the IOF stormed Shuweika suburb in northern Tulkarem and kidnapped Atiya Di’bas and Qadar Di’bas, the parents of martyr Abdullah Di’bas who was shot dead by Israeli gunfire last May at the Salem military checkpoint in northern Jenin.

    In Qalqilya, the IOF kidnapped two young men from Kafr Qaddum town and another from Azzun town. They were identified as Ayman Mohamed, Zahi Taher and Nizar Ashraf.

    In Jenin, two citizens were taken prisoners during an IOF campaign in Zababdeh town. They were identified as Munadel Sharqawi and Bilal Sharqawi, both ex-detainees.

    Another young citizen was kidnapped by the IOF from his home in Beita town in Nablus. He was identified as Ammar Hamayel.

    . Two others were kidnapped from Beit Liqya town in Ramallah and another from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem. They were identified as Mohamed Saleh, Iyad Asi and Mohamed Ahmed.

    Earlier on Sunday evening, two brothers identified as Abdul-Rahim and Mujahed Yassin from al-Khader town in Bethlehem were kidnapped by police forces from their workplace in the 1948 occupied territory (Israel).

    In Jerusalem, police forces kidnapped two Jerusalemite citizens, including a child, from the districts of Issawiya and Silwan.

    Local sources said that a child called Qusay al-Rajbi was kidnapped by police officers from Bir Ayyoub neighbourhood in Silwan and hauled to a detention centre in the holy city.

    A young man was also kidnapped by the police from his home in Issawiya. He was identified as Mohamed Mahmoud.

     The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday evening kidnapped seven Palestinian young men from different areas of Jenin province and a young woman from Ramallah.

    According to local sources, special Israeli forces kidnapped four young men during their presence near the Dotan military checkpoint in Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin.

    The detainees were identified as Mohamed Ammouri, Mohamed Sayes, Mohamed Ar’arawi and Ahmed Shawish.

    Another young man, from Jenin, was kidnapped by police forces during his presence in the 1948 occupied territory (Israel). He was identified as Mohamed Gazzawi.

    Israeli plain-clothes soldiers also kidnapped a young man called Fares al-Hindi, a resident of Jenin refugee camp, during his presence in Barta’ah town, which is located behind the security fence in the southwest of Jenin province.

    Special forces also kidnapped another young man identified as Iyad Dabaya near the security fence in Anin town, west of Jenin.

    In Ramallah, the Israeli intelligence apparatus kidnapped a Palestinian young woman from al-Am’ari refugee camp after summoning her for interrogation.

    The detained woman is Nasreen Abu Arab, the wife of prisoner Mohamed Abu Arab.

    These are not simply names. These are stories. Innocent people. Palestinians. Lives. Don't treat them as names or numbers. #FreePalestine. 🇵🇸💔

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  • blog-only-for-palestine
    23.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    كتب أستاذ مُنى الكرد في جامعة بيرزيت:

    "لفت انتباهي تحديق العزيزة منى الكرد بشكل مستمر في جوالها، سألتها وإذ بها تتابع بث الكاميرات في محيط منزلها خوفا من مهاجمة المستوطنين لعائلتها في غيابها..قلما تخرج منى من منزلها وحي الشيخ جراح، لكنها خرجت اليوم لتعاين ثوب التخرج وتلتقط الصور التذكارية. لا تخفي منها خوفها من مشاركتها وعائلتها بعد أيام في حفلة التخرج واستغلال المستوطنين خروجهم من البيت لساعات، للاستيلاء عليه، يالله، كيف يمكن أن يفهم هذا العالم اللعين خوف الفلسطيني من لحظة فرح قد تتحول إلى مأساة دائمة!".



    #free palestine 🇵🇸 #free gaza#free palestine#gazaunderattack#israel #أنقذوا حي الشيخ جراح
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  • medullam
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    These three linktrees have fundraising pages for direct aid to Palestinians, plus a few articles to read if you need more education on Palestine. You can also follow for.amal.xx, ayaghanameh, and hebalogy on Instagram for more information.

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  • gurlbye-1
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Do pro i**l realize how dumb they are when they bring arabs muslims or muslims traitors who side with them as way to say LooK PalestinIAn Say hAmas ProbleM NOt is**L like all those people are disowned rejected by their own community by us muslims all around world

    They are nothing but traitors who want colonism to continue think we are savages who need western countrys to be progressive

    Anyone say free gaza or palestine from hamas never ever worth arguing with block them period

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  • halfwar-halfpeace
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #remind me again they were mad about fire balloons right ? #and bombed gaza afterwards ? #zionism#israel #this is what’s happening in beita #palestine#free palestine#فلسطين#anti zionism#end colonialism#end apartheid#Youtube
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  • manalkn
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Watch "Dangerous harvest: Soldiers arrest five children, 9 to 13, and detain them for hours" on YouTube

    #palestine#free palestine#israeli terrorism#israel#israeli apartheid #we stand with palestine #stand with palestine #israeli occupation#west bank #all lives are precious #viva palestine#palestinewillbefree #palestinian lives matter #world news #we stand with gaza #gaza#jeruselam#positive#peace#Youtube
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  • creepy-alfredo
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Recent update (22nd June, 2021) on Palestine.


    1. 2 local young Palestinian men were arrested and 20 residents were wounded by Israeli police forces as they were trying to fend off attacks by settlers and police.

    2. The Israeli occupation army on Sunday demolished an agricultural structure in al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

    3. A large number of Israeli police forces on Sunday evening stormed the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah and attacked local residents, amid threats from Jewish settlers, who live in seized homes, to burn Palestinian homes.

    4. Israeli settlers threw stones at local residents in Sheikh Jarrah and tried to storm homes under police escort and verbally attacked families with insults and threats.

    5. the Israeli police used a skunk carrying truck to spray jets of stinky liquid at the young men during the events.

    6. The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) forced a Palestinian man to raze his shop in al-Mukabir town in Occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

    7. 6 armoured bulldozers escorted by 2 Merkava tanks infiltrated into a border area in the east of the al-Fakhari area, southeast of Khan Yunis, and embarked on bulldozing swaths of land.

    8. Dozens of Palestinian civilians suffered breathing problems during confrontations on Monday with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in the Al-Wad area between the towns of Ni'lin and Qibya, west of Ramallah.

    9. The IOF soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, sound bombs and tear gas canisters at citizens’ homes. Dozens of civilians suffered breathing difficulties. 

    10.  With the help of police officers, Israeli settlers hurled stones at Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah, causing panic among families and their children. They also set fire to the house of al-Qasem family and prevented local youths from extinguishing the flames.

    11. During the settlers’ attack, police forces showered local residents with stun and tear gas canisters, fired rubber bullets at them, physically assaulted many of them and used pepper spray against them.

    12. 4 Jerusalemite girl children, aged between 12 and 14, suffered facial and eye burns on Monday afternoon after a Jewish settler attacked them with pepper spray in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

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  • amysjakes
    22.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    For more information and actual video proof, here’s a link to mohammed’s twitter account. Quick trigger warning, videos contain police violence, fire, and sound grenades. Sheikh Jarrah was faced with brutal attack for around 3-4 hours, where settlers were attacking the Palestinians and throwing huge rocks at them from the house they occupied. Videos on muna el-kurd’s instagram story are all in Arabic, but you get a glimpse of the barbarism they faced tonight. Please, the people of Palestine look to social media not only when Gaza is under attack, but when all it’s occupied territories are under attack. Keep your eyes on Palestine, please.

    #free palestine#save palestine#save gaza #save sheikh jarrah #save silwan#save beita#tag: important#tw violence#tw bombs #tw police brutality #zionists and genocide apologists dni i literally dgaf about any stupid claims u have
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  • manalkn
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • shumas-blog
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    The world has been silent ever since that ‘ceasefire’ was announced, well guess what? The people of palestine are still being arrested for no justifiable reason, people from news and media outlets are being harassed and I think we all know why, they dont want the world to know the inhumane acts they are doing, they dont want anybody to see the palestinian suffering, is***lis are still taking over palestinian homes and NOBODY IS SAYING ANYTHING NO CHANGE IS HAPPENING SPREAD MORE AWARENESS BECAUSE THE BURST OF REPOSTS WE HAD A MONTH BACK WORKED! IT MADE A DIFFERENCE, but now they’re are getting what they wanted, those disgusting so called humans wanted the world to forget about it and move on by declaring what they call a ‘ceasefire’ 

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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    21.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Please sign and share this petition, please.

    #spread this#spread awareness#raiseawareness#raise awareness#israel#gaza#jerusalém#help palestine#palestine #justice for palestine #free palestine #fight for palestine #pls hlp#plz hlp#hlp#rb#rp #do it for the greater good #do it for them #do the right thing #do this pls #do this please #i beg you #make the world a better place #be a good person #be the change #be the solution #be the difference
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