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  • eggregate
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    KILL SHOT: The DCI tackles organized crime in this English murder mystery (Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris Book 8) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/31FklEL

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  • teatarotstable
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The hermit repeats himself twice today from nightmare before Christmas tarot, and Christmas tarot of Corrine Kenner.

    Its a stress to be reclusive in winter months. Store spiritual and emotional stamina even while working. Its ok to think of loved ones during work. Think of how you love them not the commercial worry about what to buy. The hermit is father Christmas here, and he doesn't only bring presents( physical needs) -which are necessary especially in death season. He also is a bringer of glad tidings, hope at heart

    Actually wish for something with this winter, Christmas, yule or new year, you might just get an answered prayer. Its time of believing in smallest light. Why do you think we fell trees with tons of lights to remind us of that?

    Only one candle, one mustard seed sized optimism makes difference. But as long as you see so.

    As much as its a repeated sermon, one we hear every year, but the return of the sun itself is reason for season.

    The rabbits beside the hermit indicate recycle of birth.

    We all do what we can to find chances and keep them in this life. You're not the only one. But remember to reward yourself.thats really spirit of Christmas. No mind to also share that spirit through charity. Try cheap presents or love / parental gestures with collegues at work, if you even cant afford secret santa.

    Try good news.

    Go stretch your legs after work but safely. Corona may have killed joy of snow activities last Christmas and caution is cause of that too this year most likely. Listen to nature's silence and yet in that silence there's life.

    The priestess, immaculate Mary and her Christ child represent this inner wisdom within you to manifest the hermit power to adapt in seclusion, joblessness, or family plans and worry. Or even in Christmas empathic stress caused in the air.

    Even for those who work.

    Priestess does not hold a book for she holds the divine word manifested.

    The divine word is in fabric of all things even you and me. The trees behind her are universal symbolic of life and light. Odin was hanged on a tree, Jesus on a piece of wood. Hera's immortality apples were on a tree, Buddha found enlightenment under a tree. The kabbalah manifests all forces of god on a tree with ten sephiroths and realms. The Norse cosmology depicts creation as world ash tree.

    Your perspective of the universe can take different turn this Christmas. New perspective of the season? Creating your own tradition of what Christmas means? Funny i finally concluded sensible one that does not contradict all other facets in my life any more when December comes from hereon.

    Maybe you'll accept things about Christmas yet you will celebrate another occasion? There's light and universalism and also heritage in the others too, Hanukkah, kwanzaa, solstice, yule, new year, saturnalia. December is universalist month.

    Accept it. Probably the virgin is indication of returning to a religious long lost schedule or practice. A church party? A feeling during carols lyrics especially the nativity oriented ones?!

    But its something good.

    Are you just a Scrooge? Whether a vigilante one who's anti season, or politely refusing one but still lets others do it? Anyway its good reading to Scrooges!.

    Remember, Scrooge was blind spiritually, its not about the festival, lights, party, turkey. Its not why everyone hated him, not because he renounced all that. Scrooge was right about one thing always still! That everyone gets to "keep Christmas their own way". He said it while he was renouncing. Hard heart. But he was right.

    Even you get to keep it in your way. Everyone's Christmas is different. ! Just like every day in every person's life or in every family's life is different. Why should December 25 be the same to all?

    But it is a symbol for something supposedly inside us, quickening on that day as memorial once a year.

    Happy season.

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  • sunflower-aurora
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Daily Reading:

    So you've been through something, and are currently in or will start a kinda still period in your life, but with the strength card, it shows that you'll be able to build a better foundation for whatever stage of your life you're entering next.

    I hope this helped.

    Send a 🌜 in my ask box if you want a free reading. If you want a more indepth one, they start at $5.

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  • somedaytakethetime
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #you think being hot over some dude spitting into his gloves isn't gross? because it is #ask
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  • liminalspells
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #snow answers #i like trains for the whole 'anonymity' feel #like you can be going anywhere no one knows lol its weirdly freeing ! #roadtrips are so warm and its all about traveling w others to some place youre gonna have sm fun for #i do like traveling by plane ! but its not as comfy as trains or roadtrips ig #ok i mean its kinda boring ngl the only fun thing about the plane is people can leave me alone while i read for several hours on end LOL
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  • lunarsilver
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #tarot love #free tarot reading
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  • meeehsblog
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I am about to finish ‘The Arabian Nights’. What about you guys?

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  • mimondee
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Suit of Cups - Court cards - Queen of cups

    Queen - AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART -Queen of the Thrones of Waters - nurturing, compassionate, * comforting, kind ↓cold, compassion run dry

    being in control of her emotions and is a great card regarding emotions and love

    emotional maturity

    Element - water of the suit of water

    Astrological association - Gemini and Cancer📷

    Key meaning

    an intuitive woman

    a caring and nurturing woman

    empathic and sensitive

    often emotional

    artistic and creative

    a good listener

    mystical love

    an offer of love or marriage

    ⁑Upright meaning

    positive influence of an intuitive, sensitive woman

    she is nurturing and compassionate, with high emotional intelligence

    ideal female partner, unafraid of intimacy while having stability and appropriate boundaries

    motherhood and children

    follow your heart

    relationship - it is time to follow your feelings or gut about a relationship or someone in particular; there is some fulfillment coming your way

    health - showing concern or care; now is maybe a good time to get your check-up and just make sure everything is on track

    work - not the best indicator for finances or wealth; now isn’t a great time to be focusing on new investments or growth in this area

    past - a symbol of a deeply important relationship you had with a person in your past - they were emotionally intelligent, deeply caring, and played an integral role in giving you a clear sense of your own morality

    present - you are weathering a difficult emotional period, one that requires patience and reflection

    future - this upcoming period may be hard for you but if you can remain patient you will be the saving grace of those closest to you


    dramatic and over-emotional

    many tears


    sometimes alcoholic or drug dependent

    depending on others

    flighting for passion

    relationship - instability; insecurity and jealousy; now is the time to focus on your intuition - don’t let your head be clouded with the green mist of jealousy; if you are single - reminder you should proceed with caution

    family - now is the time to rediscover love in the home; everyone in your home should try and adjust to a more positive outlook

    work - work stress or a burden of emotion relating to your financial situation; you’re feeling unsatisfied

    health - take a pause and give yourself the rest you need; remember that you have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others

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  • lizlensky
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    my equivalent to buying books I'll never read is to browse books in my library's catalogue and adding them to my reading list(s). beats browsing recommendations online because too many times have I come across something I'd want to read only to find out my library doesn't have it.

    #im annoyed that the libby app updated and once again it reset all my tags #my holds were still active but all the books I've tagged to read later? gone into the void #though it's good to have them purged lol if i really want to read them ill remember which ones they were hehe #anyway there's nothing better than the library - free books?? books for free??? unbelievably amazing #liz talks
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  • eyes-closetodeath
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    for some growing is when they drink coffee, open their laptops, do their work while they list their bills and expenses. for me, growing is when i hold a book inside a bathroom rather than my phone.

    #adulting #adult human female #adulthood#maturing#growing#growing up #im not a child #one of those moods #thoughts #books and libraries #booklover#reading #alone with my thoughts #tumblr tweets#seriously though#teenager#teenage dream#funny#comedy #feel free to reblog
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  • bobayeetroot
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    u think i’m crazy but u haven’t even seen that one note on my phone filled w sns fanfics i’ve read and which to recommend 🥊

    #sns#naruto #sns fic rec #i’m crazy but i’m free #yknow what isn’t free? #therapy. #so i read fanfic
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  • divinetarotblog
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    General Reading for next 3 days 🌻

    This Reading may not resonates with everyone, take what applies to your situation 🌻

    Queen of sword and 10 of sword

    Next few days will be a period where you will use and you need to use your head over heart. I see you need to get logical perspective regarding the situation you're currently in. Don't let emotions to control your decisions. I see some of you will be very outspoken could be towards a particular person or overall in general. I see you keeping your guard up and head straight which is a good thing at this moment. Some of you could be going through a divorce or breakup as well. You could be finally decided to cut this person out of your life.

    I see next few days will be quite difficult. I see an ending happening, this could be a relationship, job or anything which no longer serving you. I see you starting to realise that this is not what you want. Even though this ending will bring you discomfort and pain, this will give you a sense of relief as well. For next few days listen to your intuition and use your logic to read the signs accurately and get better understanding of what's happening around you.

    Hope this helps. Love and light 💫

    Dm for Indepth Readings 🌈

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  • lemonyqueen
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Wild Kratts Villains

    Specifically,  Donita Donata. As someone living with a Small Human Child, I am subjected to the horrors of Wild Kratts on a regular basis (actually it’s a pretty good show but whatever) And I couldn’t help but notice Donita Donata’s behavior. In case you aren’t familiar with the show, she’s the fashion-y one with the hair. And this brings up my next point. Is she really a villain?

    As far as animal-using peeps go, she’s pretty good. Like Donita Donata:

    1. Doesn’t k//l animals for their skin/pelt/features, she just freezes them with her pose beam thing

    2. Acknowledges the natural beauty of creatures without removing parts, allowing for natural features. It doesn’t say it directly, but there are several episodes where she tries to get all the animals of a species. In that species it is highly highly likely they don’t all look the same, but she uses them anyway. 

    3. Doesn’t harm the animals (that I can tell) And her pose beam thing is REVERSIBLE. Like why?? She would have no reason to make it temporary, seeing as all the animals always freeze themselves in the perfect positions. 

    And now onto her personal character:

    1. She is the only Wild Kratts villain to work with a partner. This shows she can work with a team successfully. And she bounces ideas off that partner and listens to him, even though he is seen as dumb/childlike a lot of the time. I’m specifically thinking about one episode where he suggests something weird, and she ends up using it. And she doesn’t shut him up when he speaks up later and claims the idea as his own. If only I could remember the specific episode...

    2. She doesn’t pollute. At least not that I can see. Every other villain uses this weird black fuel for their jets/planes/whatever the cooking guy has. But she just doesn’t??? It’s pink and weird, but seems pretty ethical to me. Even her boat seemed clean. Like when we see Zack (idk how to spell his name) on a boat, he uses this black, oily fuel that leaves a residue in the water. But Donita doesn’t have that. She’s environmentally aware people!

    3. I feel like I had to put this in because I’m basically analyzing her whole character at this point, but she is a woman of color, in children’s media, who is smart. She’s also feminine and wears dresses but also POWERFUL and invents stuff and is into fashion but also animals.

    4. She knows what she wants. Just gonna leave that there. 

    5. She isn’t insulting to the Wild Kratts. She doesn’t hate them. In fact, there is several times when she draws inspiration from them. She isn’t intimidated (or jealous) of/by Aviva, even though she is another smart inventor in the animal field. And dare I say it, Aviva is a more capable inventor. She has every right to be rude to them, considering how many times the Wild Kratt team has ruined her plans.

    So yes, Donita Donata is the best Wild Kratt villain. I’m not saying she doesn’t have her faults *cough*stealing-endangered-species-from-their-natural-habitats*cough*, but she isn’t totally a bad person either. At least not compared with the other villains in this show.

    #rambles#wild kratts #don't judge okay? #villians#kids show #not a ban person #antagonist #villiany is a scale of grey #character analysis #I'm sorry you had to read this #you'll never be free now #HAHAHAHAHA #Maybe I'm the villain after all
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