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  • iamwhelmed
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Okay but consider: a Tangled! concept where Killua is Rapunzel and Gon is Flynn, and Gothel is Illumi. The crown is actually probably Gon’s, as proof he’s Ging’s kid or something, and Killua just holds it ransom so Gon steals him out of his tower. Illumi, naturally, follows:

    Killua: I think he likes me...

    Illumi: Likes you? That’s demented. Kill, this is why you never should have left. This whole romance that you’ve invented just proves you’re too naive to be here. Why would he like you? You think that he’s impressed? Don’t be foolish. Come home.

    Killua: No!

    Illumi, showing him the crown: Then go ahead and put him to the test.

    Killua: How did you--?

    Illumi, tossing him the crown: This is why he’s here, don’t let him deceive you. Give it to him watch and see. Trust me, little brother, that’s how fast he’ll leave you.

    And Killua stubbornly brushes that off, or tries to, but it’s a thought in the back of his head constantly.

    They find Gon’s city, and Gon is enchanted by Killua (like he wasn’t already) in the city lights and festivities, and the See the Light scene happens. Killua hands the satchel to Gon, apologizes and tells him he just couldn’t give it to him before because he was sure he’d leave him after he did, and Gon just forces him to set the satchel down before he grins and tells him “Killua is my friend! I’d never leave him behind!”

    And it’s after they meet Ging that Gon wonders about what he does now, since he’s accomplished what he’s always dreamed of. Killua just tells him that he’ll have to find a new dream and maybe that means being crown prince. Gon is hesitant to agree to that.

    Only I imagine that, when Illumi sets it up to look like Gon took the position and abandoned Killua instead of say, enrolling him as a squire or something, Killua really believes it and is heartbroken. Gon is lost in some misunderstanding where Mito and Ging think he wants to take the throne and the surrounding festivities that ensue, but he never said that.

    Illumi shows up just in time to catch Killua’s broken form in his hands so he can take him “home”. Killua is telling him you were right, I should have listened. I should have known. Illumi just pats him on the back (”There, there”), and tells him he’d do best to not let it happen again.

    But then Gon figures things out once Killua isn’t around for a few hours and puts his foot down, tells Mito and Ging that he has other plans and stubbornly forces his way back to the tower, shows up at Killua’s window. And Killua is hurt and baring his teeth, but Gon won’t let it faze him.

    Gon: Killua, I told you that I didn’t know what to do next, after I met my dad. And you told me that I just had to find a new dream. Do you remember?

    Killua, through gritted teeth:.... Yes.

    Gon: Killua... what if I said...

    Gon, offering his hand:.... that you were my new dream?

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  • spiders-angel
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    You guys are crazy!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 100! 🖤😭

    As a tiny thank you im planning on doing 10 ships (with the characters im writing for!)

    All you have to do is send me a bit Info about you so i can find the perfect match (call me cupid, baby 👼) and please tell me if you want to be shipped with a HxH character or Naruto character. Otherwise ill just do shorter ones for both :)

    To see how many spots are still open check the pinned Post! Please dont send more ships in once we reach the 10/10🖤

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  • iamwhelmed
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay that post has actually really made me curious: how do you guys, if you really, genuinely think about it, see Gon realizing he's in love with Killua?

    #gonkillu#killugon#killua zoldyck#gon freecs#hunterxhunter #hunter x hunter #hxh #because obviously Killua realized he was in love in the Gon You Are Light scene #but logically... #how would Emotionally Simple Gon realize what he's feeling is romantic love??? #please talk to me about this
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  • fubuki-shiro
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    At first it was a joke between me and my friend but im really rewaching Hunter x Hunter 2011 but i still love it. Also seeing the show in another perceptive too.

    Oh well, might spam HxH

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  • iamwhelmed
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Captor 1, trying to bait Gon: You’re the boy he loves!

    Killua, growing tense, then deflating: No. I’m not.

    Gon in disguise with blonde wig, eyes widening: ????

    Captor 2: He’s lying!

    Killua, deathly serious, eyes lifeless: Gon does not, and has never loved me. I’m not lying.

    Gon, glancing between Killua and their captors:... Loved...?

    Kurapika and Leorio, also in disguise, looking at each other with wide eyes: ????

    Captor 3, scanning Killua with his nen: Confirmed. The brat isn’t kidding.

    Gon, shocked, looking to Killua with hurt in his eyes:... Killua?

    Captor 2: Impossible! This is a trick! My information is correct! You are the boy who loves Gon Freecs!

    Killua, eyes tearing up: Yes I am! I’ve never denied it! But who ever said he loved me back?!

    Gon, shoulders falling, eyes burning:... You think... You think I don’t...?

    Kurapika, seeing how horribly this is about to spiral, reaching out: Killua, that’s enough--

    Killua, grinding his teeth, but stubbornly looking Captor 1 in the eye: He’s Gon! And if you think he’s anything that small or ordinary, you haven’t the first idea what you’re dealing with!

    Captor 1, turning to the other two: I assure you! He is the perfect bait! When this kid is in danger, Ging’s son will always come!

    Killua: Oh, you are a MORON! No he won’t! No he isn’t! Of course he isn’t! Well, go on! Scan the city, then! Wild green hair, huge fishing rod, he’s impossible to miss!

    Gon, reaching out, slightly panicked: Killua--!

    Killua: Go on!

    Gon, getting close enough to touch him: Ki-llu-a!

    Killua, sobbing openly: Scan the whole continent! He’s not! Here! God knows where he is right now, but I promise you, he’s doing whatever the hell he wants and not giving a damn about me! And I’m just fine with that!

    Gon, eyes welling with tears: That’s... that’s not...

    Killua: When you love Gon Freecs, it’s like loving the stars themselves! You don’t expect a sunset to admire you back!

    Gon, cheeks growing steadily pinker and pinker:......

    Killua, hanging his head, gasping between heartwrenching sobs: And if I happen to find myself in danger, let me tell you-- He is not stupid enough! Or sentimental enough! And certainly not in love enough to find himself standing in it with me!

    Gon, silently squeezing Killua’s arm:....

    Killua, panting, turning slowly to look at him:.....?

    Gon, smiling softly at him, so filled with love he has no idea what to do with himself:... Killua.

    Killua, slowly registering, turning red:....

    Killua, pulling his arm away: Oh you are so losing that wig.

    Leorio, grinning: Oh, blonde hair remind you of the sunset?

    Killua: Don’t you dare--!

    Gon, sly teasing grin: I’ll have to check with the stars themselves.

    Killua, shoving him by the shoulder: Oh shut up! I-I was just k-keeping them talking!

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  • iamwhelmed
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    We stress how important Gon is to Killua all the time. After all, few of us doubt Killua is in love with him.

    We don't put enough stress on how important Killua is to Gon.

    #killugon#gonkillu#killua zoldyck#gon freecs#hunterxhunter #hunter x hunter #i feel like the caa almost put doubt into some of us #about how much Gon cares for Killua #y'all if Killua died there in that cave? #there's no way in hell Gon would have lived #not because of Alluka #but because Gon very much would also want to die at Killua’s side
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  • iamwhelmed
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I don't think Gon gets jealous about most things. I think Killua getting jealous about Retz was a little out of character even, given their history of just... attracting people. Gon and Killua both just kind of add new people all the time to the list of friends. Zepile. Ikalgo. Zushi. Alluka. Neither of them ever actually get jealous over the other making new friends in canon.

    Know what Gon WOULD get jealous over, though? Somebody getting closer than he is to Killua. Alluka is his sister, that doesn't count, that's a sibling relationship. But a friend? Just some other kid Killua made friends with? It's all well and good until this kid starts doing things Gon couldn't get away with, saying things Killua would yell at him for and tell him to shut up.

    "Killua, you're so cool!" And Killua just boasts about it when he would have told Gon to shut up.

    "Killua, if you want to cry, you can cry on my shoulder?" Killua refuses to cry, still, and he gets defensive-- but he doesn't call him an idiot like he would have if Gon suggested it. Hell, Killua let's this kid touch him way more flagrantly than he lets Gon touch him. Hands on his face, ruffling his hair, leaning on him, hugging him... all things Gon would have gotten yelled at for.

    "Killua's my best friend."

    Oh that one upsets him. Killua is allowed to be friends with anybody, Killua can make as many friends as he wants because Killua is amazing, but he's not allowed to like anybody more than he likes Gon. HE would walk through Hell for Killua. HE stormed the Zoldyck castle to get him back. HE knows Killua better than anybody, so HE is his best friend!

    Gon doesn't realize the difference is that Killua is in love with him, so this kid saying these things isn't nearly as embarrassing.

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  • hxhfans
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #hunter xhunter 2011 #hunter x 2011 #hunter x hunter anime #hunter x hunter #freecs gon#freecs gin#anime#anime edit#hunterx
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  • iamwhelmed
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay but Killua showing Gon affection as stealthily as possible and he doesn't even notice that, when he does things like kiss Gon’s face while he thinks he's sleeping, Gon uncharacteristically gets extremely flustered.

    Killua sets a hand on Gon’s in passing as he gets up from their booth, so quickly you could argue he didn't do it on purpose (which is the point), and Gon just goes red and accidentally tunes out of whatever conversation was being had before Killua touched him...

    Gon isn't used to Killua touching him instead of the other way around, and he had no idea how embarrassing being the one touched could be.

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  • hxhfans
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #hunter x hunter edit #hunter x hunter #hunter xhunter 2011 #hunter x 2011 #hunter x hunter anime #hunterx#hxh#hunter#killua zoldyck#hunter x#anime#gon#anime boys#freecs gon#killua#kurapika#chrollo lucilfer#kuroro#chrollo#hxh art
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  • iamwhelmed
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Adolescence x Greed: Part II

    Summary: Jealous of the attention Gon has been getting from girls (more specifically, the attention Gon is giving girls), Killua makes it a mission to find a girl, go on a date, and get lucky. He’s a guy, too, dammit! This is a little difficult, however, when Gon keeps sticking his nose into his business to “help” him get the girl.

    OR Killua prepares for the absolute worst-case scenario, Gon having a love life, while Gon deals with the amendment to "just Killua and I forever"... he does not deal with it well.

    Read Part II Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34081999/chapters/85706962

    Read Part III Here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/57286511

    Excerpt from Part II--

    He tucked one end of the tie through the loop, then straightened it and pulled until the knot was tight against his throat. Alluka cooed and ran her hands over his shoulders, smoothing out the creases that came from a long, long while without the need for a tux. “Onii-chan looks so handsome!” She beamed up at him, sweet, innocent eyes taking in the sight of her brother with combed-back hair, gelled to a clean, polite style. “Like a prince!”
    “Hah, just for you, Alluka. You and Nanika,” His cheeks warmed as he patted her head, watching with proper satisfaction and adoration as she stood on the tips of her toes to butt her head against his hand.
    Gon hummed and set his hands at his hips, in a rare display of critical thought. He raised an eyebrow, and Gon hummed, again. See something you like? Nope, no, absolutely not, he was not about to waste his flirtatious, sexy headspace on flirting with a guy who thought staying away til the morn’ meant to stay up all night talking. “What, Gon? If you have something to say, spit it out!”
    “Mmm, I was just thinking…” Gon’s lips pursed in a pout, eyes almost distant as they perused the full length of his body, snug in black and white. He clenched his hand, then stuck it into his pants pocket to hide the way it shivered. He reminded himself that this was Gon, Gon who would leave him behind if it meant enacting righteous judgement. The same Gon who had years to notice him, who never did, who cared about him but not enough, never enough. When Gon spoke, it actually took him by surprise, “You don’t look very much like Killua.”
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  • hxhfans
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    HUNTERxHUNTER TV Anime 10th Anniversary Key Visual.

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  • babababajsjsiz00
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Twitter hxh posts be like

    Why so and so is the best character togashi's big juicy wrinkle free brain could come up with, complex, deep, no one understands this character BUT me and only ME!!!! A thread :)

    *cue 15 tweets of regurgitated fanlore that op uses to justify the character for kinning purposes*

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  • windyqutie
    09.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Broken Bones

    Ki has trauma!! Slaps the heck outta this fandom that think he doesn't, or thinks he shouldn't be allowed to cry, or that he cries to much in my works. Idgaf. Ki deserves love, don't like, get out! Also do you really like Ki as a char, cuz you sound like his fam. I'll make him cry every fic if I wanna! He deserves love and to be vulnerable!

    "It hurts, Gon..."

    Gon immediately stiffens, Killua's fingers digging into his black tank top, his head buried in the crook of Gon's neck.

    He adjusts his hold on the younger boy slightly, trying to ignore how Killua's weight shifts and favors the right, where his leg hangs significantly more and at an awkward angle. Killua had said it was a clean split...

    Killua had looked at him calmly and spoke with only the slightest bit of shake to his voice, that it was a clean split, it would heal no complications. That it wouldn't take more than a few months at best. Killua had teased he wouldn't heal as fast as Gon because he's not a weirdo. He had looked him in the eye and said he was fine. He was used to it and had broken his legs before. Plural.

    Gon felt sick. Of course, his twisted family broke his bones over and over. Of course, they made Killua train like that.

    He had pulled the boy flush to his chest, ignoring his squawks and flustered responses, but Killua had still shown very little signs of being in pain. Even when he lifted him up, the most that escaped his lips was a sharp gasp and a small whimper.

    Of course, Killua was in pain; he was just selfless beyond belief. It makes Gon want to run as fast as he can, so Killua won't have to be in pain anymore. Moving fast would probably only hurt him more, though.

    His heart rate quickens when Killua says those words.

    "It's okay, we'll be there soon, okay, Killua? Leorio will be able to make Killua better, I'm sure!"

    ✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧

    That's not what hurts Gon.

    It's not his leg.

    He thought he was gonna lose you again.

    Seeing that dark shadow over Gon's face, Killua... was terrified. What if he failed? What if...

    ✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧

    Gon heart practically leaps out of his chest when Killua starts to tremble against him, and warm liquid spills onto his skin, and it's anything but comforting, not like a warm shower.


    His throat constricts, voice raising in pitch, as he stops dead in his tracks.

    He bends down, adjusting Killua as gently as he can so he doesn't cause him more pain. He sets Killua in his lap sideways, the boy's face still pressed in his neck, his hair tickling Gon's skin.

    "Killua? Killua, what's wrong?"

    What a dumb question. It was obvious, but Gon wants to, he wants to heal Killua's pain somehow, see if there's anything he can do before they keep going. The trek was going to be long regardless.

    He presses the pads of his fingers against Killua's back, gentle but strong, trying to comfort him by rubbing them against his protruding shoulder-blade. His other fingertips linger near his broken leg anxiously.

    "It's really bad, huh? It's really, really bad, don't worry, we're almost there, it's okay, I've got Killua."

    Killua shakes his head against Gon's shoulder.

    If that's not it, then what...?

    "Killua? What's wrong? Killua? Speak to me, baby, what's wrong?"


    ✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧


    Killua's mind goes blank, and all of a sudden, his leg doesn't hurt, doesn't burn, his chest burns, and his ears rage in hot-red, and he can't hear a word coming out of Gon's mouth not a one.

    He pulls himself away from Gon's warmth, Gon's safety. He wants to stay so bad, every cell and membrane in his body wants to keep his face against Gon's skin. His skin that is like a heater warming Killua's flesh and bones.

    He tugs his neck up, and pushes himself just slightly away from Gon's body, still in his lap, but not against his chest, not against him.

    Killua forces himself to stop crying, buries it all beneath the surface, his blue hues glossing over and his lips tugging into a thin line.

    Of course, he was just being a baby; he was stupid, he was weak, he was worthless. He couldn't take a few whippings without crying? Milluki was right. He was a baby. A big one. He can't take a broken leg? He's dragging Gon down...


    His voice goes ice-cold, the opposite of his guts, which feel like they are on fire; he might puke. The opposite of the raging pain in his leg, throbbing in warmth, easing the agony for just a few moments.

    "I'll handle it myself from here. I can crawl. I've done it before. Piggy made me crawl the first time I was ever poisoned. I'll be okay."

    I won't be a baby. I won't drag you down.

    Gon's eyes flicker with confusion, concern, rage, and an emotion Killua can't make out as he reaches out and grabs Killua's wrist gently.


    Goddammit. Don't. Killua can't... he'll give in, stop don't talk to him like that. That kindly.

    Killua bites down on his lip, willing his eyes to stop burning, slapping Gon's hand away.

    "Don't. You should g-go..."

    "I am not leaving Killua."

    Killua can't look, not at Gon's burning determined gaze.

    "No! I'm just being a baby... GON GO!"

    Gon uses his strength to tug Killua back, the boy's head resting on his chest.

    Killua squirms in his grasp, but Gon won't relent, and Killua is weaker right now.


    He already knows the answer; he doesn't even really, truly want to hear it, but... he has to for Killua.

    "Has no one ever called Killua that when he was sick?"

    Killua’s head snaps up to look at Gon, those big blue eyes wide and filled with anger, brimming with tears.

    "What are you talking about, Gon?"

    "Aunt Mito... she used to call me baby when I was sick, and, and when some of the fishermen came back from dangerous trips, they'd greet their wives like that. To make them feel better. They'd call them baby."

    Killua stares dumfounded for moments, his cheeks slowly flushing red.

    Killua buries his face into Gon's chest, and Gon uses his free hand to gently play with Killua's hair.


    It's muffled, but thanks to Gon's keen hearing, he catches it.

    Clearly, Killua's response to his question. Of course, no one was ever there for Killua when he was sick soothing him. Of course, they'd only tell him he's weak and a baby.

    "I'm sorry, I said it out-"

    "It's fine... y-you can say it again."

    Gon hums into the top of Killua's head, slowly readjusting his hold ever so carefully, slipping his hands under Killua's knees.

    "Killua, baby, I'm going to lift you up, okay?"

    Killua nods against him, and Gon goes slow as if he had been stopped by an hourglass and put in slow motion. Killua grips his shirt, letting out a small whine of pain. Of course, he doesn't cry or scream; his family taught him everything but. Gon truly despises those people. He wants to-


    "P-please don't leave me..."

    Of course, he won't, Killua he won't... he thought he'd made it clear earlier, but he'd tell Killua as much as he needed to hear.


    Something clicks.

    "Killua... Killua. I promise! I promise I won't! Or else I'll stick a needle in my eye!"

    Killua lifts his head slightly to look at Gon, his cheeks and under his eyes cherry red, tear tracks glistening against his skin, and snot running from his nose. Most people looked hideous when crying, but not Killua; Killua is still gorgeous beyond belief.

    Killua sniffs, looking to the side in shame.

    "Can you stick something else in your eye instead?"

    Gon nods giving Killua a big toothy grin."Of course, anything for you, baby!"

    Killua goes red, somehow more than before, and quickly hides his face once more.

    Gon giggles, burying his nose in Killua's hair, giving him a kiss.

    He doesn't stop calling Killua as such, pouring in as much kind and gentle affection he can.

    He'd be there for Killua like his family had never been.

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  • iamwhelmed
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Photios: I see you’ve bought into the funerary-industrual complex. I only ethically raise the dead. You know, reduce-reuse-reanimate.




    Tase:.... Photios, bud, I’m gonna need you t’ turn down the mad scientist a bit.

    #killua zoldyck#kurapika#gon freecss#gon freecs #hunter x hunter #hunterxhunter #Killua's Reverse Harem
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