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  • Guy I’ve been talking to for 7 weeks via an app: “in the interest in a minor abandonment of subtlety, I will put out there that I do like you a lot and am quite hopeful that I could get into a position of properly dating you at some point. But all in good time.”

    Me, who enjoys talking to him, but who friendzoned him after a week when I realised how similar we are: “oh, honey, child, no.”

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  • Kirk: “I want you to know, why I don’t want you to dies, why I went back for you.. *Kirk’s mind ‘Because I love you’ Spock: "Because you are my friend!” Kirk: Ohgg…. (Dead by sadness) *Poor Jim Kirk. Spock too smart but too naive as well. So, you are in his friend zoned, even when you’re his T'hy'la. XD

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  • I’m just finishing 1984 and damn montanas monologue about women being the scape goat/excuse for all men to do their evil hot damn is that the tea

    #friend zoned#mommy issues#being #wives not satisfying their husbands #the tea ☕🐸
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  • infatuation but friend zoned

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  • I can never tell if you like me or her more.

    But i’m praying with every atom in my body that it’s me.

    I want to be the first choice for once.

    #please #please stop talking about her #friend zoned #one sided love #one sided crush #unrequited love#unrequited feelings#love you#love poem #poems on tumblr #poemsporn#love quote#love quotes#quoteoftheday
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    • Dawson: I'm in love with my best friend, who friend zoned me thirty years ago.
    • Rowan: I'm in love with a different author's character.
    • Gemini: I'm a straight girl in love with a very gay guy.
    • Alexa: My love is forbidden.
    • Alessia: I'm in love with the son of my father's archnemesis.
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  • So…

    I have this friend that I’m super into but he is in a relationship and also not into me but whenever I’m being Self Deprecating™ he’ll be like, “oh shut up you’re cute.” and I’ll be sitting there like

    #ugh#help#friend zoned#lol #that's not a thing #i'm just being whiny #but what else do i do #besides complain
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    • You: you're the canon Keith to my canon Lance
    • Person: :)
    • You: completely platonic
    • Person: :(
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  • “Right now just isn’t the right time.”

    “You’re one of my best friends and I don’t want to risk ruining that.”

    “I think of you as a brother.”

    “I didn’t give you the chance you deserved.”

    If I made money each time I’ve heard these….. it’s chill though I guess, I’m just the nice guy that’ll continue on bein the “best friend”…. just kinda wish I was enough for at least a shot

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  • image

    How to magnificently dodge a bullet when friend-zoned…

    #Hak #Akatsuki no Yona #Hak x yona #Friend zoned #You know you're not actually friend zoned #If you could just let her speak #This two#Seriously#Monochrome#Manga caps#Mangacaps #Black and white #Anime
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  • I know that I’m going to get friend zoned again but it wouldn’t surprise me to be honest since I am a better friend than girlfriend.

    #wanting to date a friend #friend zoned
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  • Remember how Tuesday I was about to be upset about Otter not inviting me over, but I was saved by going on an amazing date with Gecko and Hummingbird and Raven? Well he did text me that night. At like 11:15pm he asked if I wanted to have sleepy sex. I was sleeping and didn’t wake up to the text. I don’t know what I would have done if I had woken up, but it doesn’t matter, because I didn’t.

    The next day, he decides that he wants to be friends. Just friends, no benefits. He says if things continue to go well with this girl, he is going to ask her out on Saturday (that would be this past Saturday). I think that means he is going to ask her to be his girlfriend. He has the dating capacity of a middle schooler, so I’m not really sure what he is going to ask her. “Want to be my girlfriend?” “Want to go steady?” “Let’s be monogamous?” IDK how you closed relationship people do these silly things. Otter tells me that he does not want to have sex with anyone else right now because he does not want to make her feel uncomfortable. He says she is making him believe in dating again when he had given up on it. He asks me if I will please be friends with him.

    A million things start running through my head… No I will fucking not be friends with you. You’ve known this girl for a week (literally he met her for the first time last Friday), why are you trying to date her? I don’t want to watch you with someone else. You asked for sex less than 24 hours ago. You’ve said you weren’t trying to date anyone, and that you didn’t want to date anyone any time soon. Wtf do you mean given up on dating, you were considering dating that other girl the week before. You keep telling me that you like me. We held hands in the grocery store. Why can’t you just date me, if you have to be dating someone?

    I do end up telling him a few of these thoughts. Mostly I shut down. Oddly, he starts responding more. He really wants me to be friends with him, he really likes me as a person, he’s been warning me about this eventuality for a while, etc. I point out that he is inconsistent and confusing. Raven actually gets frustrated enough to start texting him too. Also Raven does not like to see me upset. It doesn’t happen often and I think it freaks him out, because normally I am a very calm person.

    So I spend a day or two deciding what to do. Otter keeps texting me. He says that he wants to see where things go with this girl, and if they don’t work out then he’s open to starting things with me again, if I’m still interested.

    #friends no benefits #friend zoned #monogamy versus polyamory #Why
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  • have you ever met someone of your preferred gender and like

    immediately friend-zone them

    like they introduce themself and you just get this huge FRIEND alert going off in your head

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  • Now, you’ve heard of brother zoned and friends zoned.. but have you ever heard of “You are like a sister to me. That I Anjou roleplaying with as your dom” zoned? A sister. A sexual sister. “Sex sister zoned” Can it get worse.

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  • Sad potato… I need to stop being selfish ugh

    #I'm can't even say I love you no more. Knowing that you are kissing someone else. #It's not the same. #Friend zoned#Yuppppl #Good nights are not the same #I'm so broken... #I NEED TO STOP BEING SELFISH
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  • I just got friend zoned sO hard

    Pray for my broken soul

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  • I get it universe, be careful what you wish for.


    #quote#universe #was fun while it lasted #friend zoned
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