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  • torisgf
    28.07.2021 - 1 minute ago
    #i regret everything #/j#ask#carmen ❄️#friends :)
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  • guiltypleasurefandomface
    28.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Just imagine if people treated Football fanaticism as a hobby like people treated fandom as a hobby.

    Imagine the internal meltdown football fanatics would have when a non football perdon asked them what they did in their spare time. "Don't say you watch 22 men run around a pitch chasing a ball! Absolutely Do not say you dedicate time and energy to imagining a fantasy team! Oh god best tidy that replica kit away so that they don't see it in facetime!"

    Imagine someone accidentally giving too much detail of some match or other and the other person being like

    "hey I like your shoelaces"

    And the football fan says "thanks I stole them off Gary Linekar"

    It just wouldn't happen!!

    #this post was brought to you by being introduced to a new person #and they asked me that dreaded question #what do i like to do in my spare time??? #well my new fine friend i write short romance stories about the same two men falling in love in various ways #i didn't say that but i could have!!
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  • kittykollision
    28.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Y/N: I mean, hey, I like Tech as much as the next guy. I mean, clearly I have feelings for him but feelings don't mean love. Do I still have loving feelings for Tech? Yeah!

    Y/N: But I have continuing feelings of love, but that doesn't mean that I'm still in love with him. You know, I have sexual feelings for him but I do love him.

    Y/N: (gasp) Oh maker. Oh my...

    Y/N: What didn't you tell me?!

    Echo: W-We thought you knew.

    Y/N: "We"?

    Echo: We talk about it all the time.

    Y/N: You all know. Does Tech know?

    Echo: Oh no, Tech doesn't know anything.

    Y/N: I cannot believe you didn't tell me!

    Echo: Well, 'cause we thought you knew. It's so obvious. Maker, it would be like, you know, telling Wrecker "Hey, you know you like to blow things up."

    #incorrect quotes #friends is a goldmine #the bad batch #tbb#star wars#swtcw #tech bad batch #echo bad batch #tbb tech x reader #reader insert#y/n #tbb tech x you
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  • follows-the-life-ahead
    28.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Cold Souls - Cruella x fem!reader

    Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five | Chapter six | Chapter seven | Chapter eight | Chapter nine | Chapter ten

    Hello everyone, hope you're all well! So I'm back on track, exams are all done.  Initially, this chapter was supposed to be longer but I decided to split it into two. Chapter ten, which am currently writing at the moment, is probably going to come out later this week, so stay tuned. Once again I appreciate your support and love to read your reactions to the chapters do be free to comment! Love you and stay safe 💓

    Word count - 1.5k

    Today was the day. After a lot of hard work, and lack of sleep, at least on your part, the day to what you all had been working for had finally arrived. Cruella was being a little bit bossier than usual, but you weren't blaming her for that, she was probably a little bit nervous, even though she would admit it to anyone. Overall, everyone was ecstatic and just waiting for the time to arrive. Everything seemed to be in order, at least everything you had been responsible for to which you had already checked four to five times today. It was already midafternoon, you had spent the day with Horace and Jasper helping them with anything they needed, you also found out that Jasper was going to play the guitar, something you didn't even know he could do, and were curious to see. You were also really happy to find out that Artie was going to be the vocalist of the fashion show, he was enthusiastic to finally be able to spill all the beans to you since he had been keeping it a surprise for days.

    You felt good that day, you had a feeling you hadn't felt in a long time, and by seeing everyone all gathered around without being preoccupied with any work you had to do since everything was already done, it felt familiar in a way, you were glad as you sat there, goofing around with your friends, you could get used to this, the familiarity and easiness that these people radiated, you were all like a happy little family, and it warmed your heart. It felt good. But all good things tend to pass quickly.

    The time of the fashion show was nearing, and you had to admit you were starting to feel a little bit nervous as only now you realized that what you were about to do wasn't necessarily legal. You tried your best to forget the feeling that had settled in the pit of your stomach and focused on helping around. You were already in your outfit but had a black cloak covering it up as many of your coworkers had on as well at the moment, this was due so you wouldn't attract any attention when you went on your way to ruin the Baroness Spring Collection Event.

    When the time to leave the warehouse finally arrived, it was already getting dark outside on the streets of London. You helped Jasper carry one of the sound amplifiers so that he didn't have to carry them by himself, as you had all agreed it was best to walk in pairs and taking different routes as to not attract, once again, a lot of attention.

    You and Jasper walked in comfortable silence, both pent up in your own thoughts. Your mind had passed through a lot of places on your little walk, from what could happen if the cops caught you, to the thrill of the performance and then to the look of concern that had been gracing Jaspers face all day long. You assumed that perhaps he was just as nervous as you were in case you were caught by the police and go to prison and all the like. You shrugged and then you noticed you had already arrived at the spot where the show was going to be performed, right in front of the House of Baroness building. From then on everything passed quickly. Everyone started rushing around, as soon as we noticed that there were none of the Baroness's guests outside. You didn't see Cruella anywhere. But yet again, she was probably getting ready for the show, after all, it was her moment.

    You were helping Horace link the cables together and setting the equipment, even though you didn't have a lot of experience in the field he had taught you the basic knowledge of what you needed to do. As you were finished you noticed Jasper set up his guitar equipment, the frown from earlier still present on his face. You were about to approach him and ask what had been bothering him all day long when you felt a hand on your wrist. You turned around at that and were surprised to find Cruella. She still had her own cloak on as well, so you weren't able to check out her outfit, but regardless she already looked stunning, and if we're tossing labels around, she looked like a complete goddess.

    "Come on, darling, take that cloak off, I want to see how you look." Cruella said enthusiastically. This was kind of new, this energetic side of Cruella that was almost never shown to you, at least. You liked it. You liked that you both have been able to move past differences and start to get along, and the process of this "friendship" was developing.

    "I suppose it's about time to take this cloak off, with all the running around I was starting to feel pretty hot with this thing on." You said casually as if you were talking to Artie, or even Jasper or Horace. You felt more confident around Cruella after your little chat about the Baroness and all of the ones that followed, you liked being able to talk to her more freely, without being somewhat afraid that she would lash out at any moment, of course, you were still measuring your words and your thoughts before you said something embarrassing.

    You took off your black silk cloak and the cold London night breeze caressed your warm skin in a pleasant way. You sighed as you folded your cloak. You took a look towards Cruella who stared at you with a huge grin and a visible glint in her eyes.

    "Oh darling, you look absolutely stunning in it!" She clapped her hands together and you felt your face flush as her eyes were traveling your form from top to bottom.

    "Uhh.. thanks." You said shyly. You weren't used to being the center of attention and weren't certainly complimented often, so you were a little bit out of your zone, of course, Cruella's stare didn't help at all, even though you liked it.

    "You’re welcome, darling." She said smiling widely, and her smile took your breath away. What you weren't expecting was for Cruella to reach forward and grab the lapels of your lookalike blazer and pull you towards her, while saying "It really does look good." She then started to straighten and fixing any wrinkles the costume had. Her wands traveled from your chest to your shoulders and you started to feel your skin prickle under her touch. Cruella was focused on her task, that was, of keeping everything up to perfection, even the smallest of details and you understood it, but right now her closeness and her wondering hands on you couldn't make you think straight even if you really tried to.

    "Well... Uhm.. you made it so, obviously, it looks good." You said after clearing your throat as if to stop your initial stuttering, which didn't really help, you were lucky Cruella was so focused on the task at hand that she didn't seem to have noticed it.

    "That's also true, yes." She chuckled, there she was praising her own brilliancy, you chuckled as well, she then straightened up her posture and looked directly at you, her hands coming back to your lapels, "But thinking of you as my model also contributed." She then let her hands travel down to the hem of your blazer and gave it a tug, letting go right after, her arms falling to her sides.

    You were sure that at that moment your face was scarlet, your breathing rapid and if someone saw you they would probably think you had a fever of how hot your skin would feel, but no, it was all thanks to the mesmerizing woman in front of you, that with the obviously work-related closeness had made you flush and made you have unladylike dreams at night.

    You weren't sure how to respond and as you were about to open your mouth to blurt something out, you heard Artie yell something and Cruella glance back towards the now build-up stage, and then back towards you.

    "Well then darling, are you ready?" She said with a laugh, her excitement was palpable, and that made you smile.

    "Wait, won't I be able to at least take a look at your outfit?" You asked, curious about what was under her cloak since you hadn't seen any sketches of her outfit anywhere while you were working at the warehouse.

    She smirked and lifted her brows at you while saying "So eager, darling." She chuckled darkly as she reached out for your hand to which you took in yours and she pulled you forward and continued "But I'm afraid you're going to have to wait and see like everybody else. Let's go now, it's time to show these people art." She booped your nose and laughed while dragging you with her towards the stage. And that was the moment when you realized you were in love with that woman.

    If you want to be a part of the tag list, please comment on this post.

    @witchy-o @kushieta @notice-shy @iamgaiiiuwu @miphas-trident @sirslimeskunk @diehardrocketshipper @coconutlipss 

    #angst #cruella de vil #cruella x reader #cruella2021 #cruellaxfem!reader #cruellaxgirlreader#disneyvilllains #enemies to friends to lovers #enemies to lovers #female x female #lgbtq#flirting#younglove#teasing#friendship#romance#slowburn#workplacerelationship #angst with a happy ending #disney#fluff
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  • elliotmxri
    28.07.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    the solar return chart changing depending on where you are during the return is absolutely fascinating. i’m not sure if i can use it this way, but i was clocking the Vibes of all the areas of the overseas universities i’m interested to go to using the SR chart (of 2023 because that’s when ill experience the SR in the country).

    staying in my home country is quite scary and i experience an 8th house stellium 💀💀💀, while travelling to one of the places im interested to try for would leave me with the largest 12th house stellium ive ever seen (6 planets + chiron), which is very… wow ‼️ to say the least. moving where my mom intends to move to around that time apparently leads to a 4th house stellium with saturn in it, so that seems like a major no-no 😳

    if anybody has experience in SR charts i’d love to hear your opinions on this!! :> i know there’s nothing inherently wrong with these stelliums, but the concentration of so much energies in these areas seems rather… intimidating, i suppose. one of the worst years in my life included an 8th house stellium specifically so that especially scares me 😟 welp i guess ill be doing a lot of research to find out

    #I RAMBLED FOR TOO LONG #idk like solar return charts have grabbed the goddamn forefront of my astrologt hyperfix #i am currently experiencing a 1st house stellium which i definitely see #but jfc my friend has a 7-planet fucking 1st house stellium… #i felt fear when i saw her SR chart #but anyhow #finding SR info is tough #the info isnt so easily found in bitesize pieces like natal stuff is #but i enjoy the challenge #astrology#solar return#SR chart #elliot’s hot hits!
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  • susanphoenix
    28.07.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Tried to read some old fanfics I’d bookmarked years ago, for fun, but had to quickly back out of one, (which only had one chapter back when I bookmarked it, but it had a premise I liked so I decided to save it for later.)

    The second chapter literally had Lily Potter blaming herself for Snape going dark side and even the narrator was implying that it was her fault.

    I tried a handful of other fics, most were good, but there were an awful lot that blamed Lily for Snape becoming a death eater.

    Reminder: Snape was dabbling in dark side stuff for years. If he had feelings for Lily as a person and not an object, he would have listened to her when she called him out (multiple times!) and not joined the Death Eaters, bettering himself in the process (Lily mentions that the guys he hung out with did something horrible to a girl and he knew and didn’t stop it).

    Lily is right to cut Snape off- the guy has been slowly going toxic, ignoring that the people he’s with are just as bad and in some cases worse than the bullies he hates and then he calls her a slur … yeah, Lily was right to call out Snape and draw a line, especially since he thinks a late night apology with no witnesses and virtually no proof he will change will reset the status quo.

    You know, Lily is a woman who has standards. (And James rose up from a spoiled brat to actually meet those standards. People do change from high school.)

    Snape on the other hand not only decides to go wholeheartedly to the death eaters, he eventually asks Voldemort to spare her so he can get together with her after her husband and son are killed.

    No matter how you look at it, that’s a creepy way to get a girl- I can just imagine the conversation.

    “Hey! I talked my evil boss into sparring you, so how about we get hitched now that you no longer have the husband and son you loved?”

    (The proper response is Lily hexing him, and then going one woman army to avenge her husband and child. I’m still waiting for someone to write it.)

    #lily potter#severus snape #Lily is not responsible for Snape’s bad decisions #you are allowed to stop being friends if your friend turns toxic #Snape turned toxic so Lily got herself to safety #that said Snape is still a fun character to write #but remember he makes bad decisions on his own #sleep deprived thoughts #ramblings
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  • darkandhansolo
    28.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    You know those moments you think what would I have done differently to keep that old relationship

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  • radoncanyoncryptid
    28.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I am an absolutely terrible avatar of the Lonely

    then again, I'm also a terrible embodiment of the ENOLA foundation, so at least I'm consistent, I guess.

    #actually no those are very much opposites but you know what I mean #it's possible that I'm less 'avatar' and more 'snack' #god I don't want to lose another friend #I shouldn't post this but now I've gone and amused myself :P #anyway fuck it. I was never trying to be a good one #I'll be good for the Web okay
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  • ttvck
    28.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    just saw a cherry magic gif set god that show is so fucking funny

    #mc best friend....... the fucking author shut in hes so funny... the way he banged his head on the wall omg hes unwell #and his love interest!!!! the way he was dancing so unenthusiastically ksfdgbjsf #that one scene where mc and his bestie were getting worried over going to the park bc there would be cool and hip young people #and mcs love interest watching them like ?:) what is the problem?? HES TOO WELL ADJUSTED TO UNDERSTANDJFGDVJVDF #and the constant super slow walking........... so so funny
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  • shoyotime
    28.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #—💌.mails from baes #—🦄.inez and friends #maebae🍦
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  • uchihashisui-kun
    28.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #mun's answer#uchiha madara #I would probably want to destroy the world with him #and I'd try to be his friend #it would all depends if he would accept my friendship #XD
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  • gaseth
    28.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    are you an always smiling neurodivergent or a never smiling neurodivergent

    #ramble #in public and around like other people i'm a never smiling neurodivergent #but like. watching a youtube video? talking to my friends over messaging on discord? i can not wipe the grin off my face
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  • torisgf
    28.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago
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  • ffragmentals
    28.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #pierre gasly #i’m also obsessed with the implications of a yuzuvier piarles dynamic 😬 #charles go to train under brian thinking he’ll find a rival in pierre and pierre goes HELLO I’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU AS MY BEST FRIEND and boom #FRIENDSHIP#domi answers#anon#my art#f1#fs#fs art #unrelated note but i bawled my eyes out when stephane and javi retired lol #pierre probably has an apartment full of panda stuff toys
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  • ghostpocket
    28.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    gm hello i didnt get to eat the ice cream bc apparently it needed A LOT more time than four hours but i can eat it now !!! :]

    #apaprently my moms friend n my cousinnotcousin r comign sdown to visit us in theree days so thatas fun :] #den.txt
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  • mad966
    28.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    *After sex* Remember when you said we're just friends.

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  • thebonevault
    28.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    I know I should be focused on artfight attacks given its near the end of this years battle, but i was reminded of my old Miraculous OC and I really want to draw his kwami.

    #my art#art#artvault#Miraculous#miraculous oc #he's a rat #a lab rat friend #he was made using one of my pet rats as a reference #he was my favourite rat #a little lab rat #kwami #I tried really hard at the time #his name is hasard #he is a confort to doodle
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  • sammybutcool
    28.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    My friends made political compass thing, but instead of Authoritarian and Libertarian they had Breedable and Non-Breedable and instead of Left and Right they had Submissive and Dominant.

    I cant fucking believe im the most breedable and submissive of my friend group

    #you gotta be kidding me #i swear to god #my friends
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  • retromafia
    28.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #akisherczeg#friends#ask box#yandere #light of my life #peaky blinders #my peaky thoughts
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  • kat-in-books
    28.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    One day i'll introduce my frankenstein character designs and AUs i promise

    #im just really not finding the time atm #my friends and my dads birthdays are this weekend and i'm pretty busy for both #and i'm also trying to finish an 1860s ballgown #and i have a bunch of trips planned for august #but i really want to do this #☹☹☹☹#ramble
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