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  • ameliathefatcat
    18.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Special thanks to @lieutenant-amuel for the last picture of the whole gang

    To my irl for saying I should use the characters’ name instead of the actors

    And finally my ADHD for making this take so much longer than it needed too

    #elena of avalor #my edit#princess isabel#princess elena#Naomi Turner#gabe nunez #mateo de alva #esteban flores#friends#friends intro #this is my biggest edit yet #it took awhile #about two hours #must of that was me walking around my house #hope you like it #I don’t watch friends but this was fun to make
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  • britishchick09
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    pov: it’s 2011 and you’re watching qubo after school! :D

    #thanks to lsupersonicq's most recent video i discovered that qubo shut down in february! :'( #that channel was a big part of my childhood in the early 2010s! #and it's how i discovered zimmer twins (a biiig part of me from 2009-12) #and pillow pets! (big and little bee anyone?) #these are the shows i remember watching which is actually more than i thought! :o #i don't remember jacob two two though but my mom absolutely loved it so i added it to the list #i distinctly remember having an argument with my friend about bob coming out of his house in the veggietales intro #she said he was on a white background and had never seen bob's house! (she saw the vhs tapes) #i remember watching he-man at night and being like 'huh it's a boy show' but i ended up really liking it! #spliced and sitting ducks are qubo classics and i have recordings of spliced (hope i have some for sd!) #i even used spliced's 'smile song' in a zimmer twins video! :D #the only thing i remember about shelldon is him being REALLY ticked off by getting a b in school ('it's AVERAGE!!!') like woah boi! :o #the other shows were fun but i don't have any specific memories besides watching them #qubo was a tv staple (along with pbs kids) and i'm so glad i was able to experience it! :) #love you qubo! :')
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  • jameslovesdilfz
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    name: james

    pronouns: he/they (prefers he)

    sexuality: omni (prefers guys)

    age: 14

    favorite color: black and red

    favorite type of music: rock music

    favorite bands: beatles (my favorite beatle is george), queen (my fav is freddie) and lemon demon

    hobbies: i like drawing, storyboarding, binge eating, and cosplaying

    fandoms: beatles, queen, metal family, south park, death note + other anime’s, and homestuck to name a few

    what i wanna do when i’m older: transition, go to sva, work at pixar and become a dilf

    comfort characters: butters (sp), dee (metal family), glam (metal family), and ches (metal family)

    extra: i collect records, play bass and own a freddie mercury prayer candle. i also wanna try getting into tarot

    extra extra: if you wanna be friends you can dm me on here or we can be mootz on tiktok!

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  • aoffogato
    16.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    🌾 🍂 

    first photoshoot with these two losers

    #ts4#blaise#percy #<-- percy belongs to my friend! #will do an intro post for them.........sometime!
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  • htf-screamshots
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    this is a blog dedicated to spamming HTF screenshots from every episode i can get my hands on! You are free to use these screenshots for editing purposes, or otherwise! Credit not needed (but appreciated) Character tags: #Cuddles, #giggles, etc Episode tags: #spin fun knowing ya, #house warming, etc gore tags: #no gore, #blood, #injury, #death, etc misc tags: #background shots, #single character, #multi character, #smear frame, etc I'll also open submissions at some point! For now i'm gonna upload stuff from season 1

    #intro post#pinned #not a screamshot #happy tree friends #htf
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  • skaterannabeth
    16.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    went to my first rushing event and i initially felt so uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do with myself even though i came with someone but by the end it was like everyone was family

    #crying and throwing up😭😭 #the real question is why is a fucking wednesday an on night #also my friend fucking lied to me he said there was no traditional rushing but there is🙄 #i’ll take it over a straight frat anyday though #i literally blanked on my intro when i had to say why i wanted to rush so i said ‘it’s kinda gay and i’m into that’ HELPP THEY LOST IT #greek life sucks but this one is good cause it’s not white and cishet🐒 #i also didn’t have a shirt on the entire time bc i thought it was a much smaller gathering🧍🏾‍♀️ #you know it’s different when phi delt across the street is throwing a rager and you’re in the middle of a meditation circle #ash.txt
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  • anakin-raccoon
    15.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Some stuff about myself:

    Hello! I'm Anakin. I thought I'd make sort of an introductory post because I don't like making bios too long, but wanted to do something like this. I'm also using this post as a bit of a separator between my old posts and the new posts that are to come, as my old posts were kind of... let's not talk about them.

    I'm a trans nonbinary person and I go by Anakin (yes, I love Star Wars). At the time of writing this I'm somewhere between 13 and 15 years old. I love alt fashion, especially goth, punk, and various j-fashions! I'm a pagan and witch, my patron deities are Zagreus and Dionysus. I use various pronouns, mainly they/them and it/its, but also he/him, ze/zir, and a couple other ones that I'm too lazy to list. My personality type is INFP.

    My likes/interests:

    Star Wars

    Star Trek

    Pretty much any sci-fi

    Warriors/Warrior Cats



    Lots of different music genres


    Menhera art and fashion


    Old computers


    Steven Universe



    Horror games and movies

    Lots of other things I don't feel like listing

    #introduction#intro post #i want friends
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  • silkylious
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #ahem #i think some of you need a reminder that IM NOT AMERICAN NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN TO THE US #HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS PLS #*pushes up glasses* do /you/ know the Arabic intro to detective conan? hm? thought so. 🥸 #/j /lh #apollo my beloved 🦢 #chats with moots and friends💖
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  • babybunnyagere
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    an introduction

    haii haii!!!

    I am bunny/baby bunny and I am 5 and a bit! I wuv colouring, the wiggles, bluey, and my little pony!!! Uhmm I hope I can make friends?? I decided i wanted to have a tumblr account because i wanted to make friends and share things!

    I have many stuffies and my main two are vanilla (a small white bunny) and rainbow (a biiiiiig rainbow unicorn!) I shouuuuuld be getting to bed, but i stayed up because i didnt want to but now i am tired

    nighty nights~ mwah!

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  • bones-shifts
    14.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Shiftblr intro!

    Hello, hello, hello! I am Bones or Harlow and I am currently 16 yrs old, My pronouns are they/them

    Found out about shifting through shifttok (Don’t trust tiktok, get your info on amino!)

    Send me asks if you want stories :)

    Leave if you don't believe in shifting and hate on shifters, idgaf about your opinions

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    My current DRs are:

    - MCU, Avengers (I frequently shift here shhhh)

    - X-men

    - Victorious

    - The Good Place

    - My own personal drs

    - Fame dr

    And too many more!!!

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    I have shifted a lot of times to all the drs up there, created new drs that i'll put stories here when I can

    You can ask me questions if you need help in your shifting or if you need someone to talk to!

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    My bio has a status that says whenever I shift or not, My clone will change everytime I shift to one of my drs. My clone will answer questions you have about shifting :)

    #shiftblr intro #i really need more shifting friends #shifting#shifting realities#shiftblr
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  • fortvscue
    13.09.2021 - 6 days ago
    ╰  (  florence pugh. cisfemale. she/her. ) welcome back to hogwarts,  ALICE FORTESCUE ! you’re a SEVENTH year from GRYFFINDOR, right ? i’ve got your school file right here. it says you’re a TWENTY THREE year old PUREBLOOD, is that correct ? this file even has a personality entry, saying you’re ALTRUISTIC & STEADFAST as well as DOMINEERING & WELL-MEANING. is that why you’ve chosen to JOIN THE ORDER ? would you look at that ! it says here other students also describe you as : laughing so hard your stomach aches, the warmth of a palm pressed against your own, bandaids over day old scratches, a backbone like steel and leaving a faint smell of bubblegum wherever you go. how interesting. oh well, see you in class !

    Gryffindor, Seventh yr. Former Sacred 28-er turned ice cream makers daughter, now Head Girl with a heart (mostly) of gold. Duelling Club professional, Herbology club afficionado and Seeker on the Quidditch team with a Snitch tattooed behind her left ear.

    Was born a Fawley, the last of her line, the daughter of Andromache Travers, betrothed to Antioch Fawley, the only surviving son of the once great Fawley family. Her childhood was a happy one, though one that was still filled with the indoctrination of purist society, and she grew up unaware that the views her parents were raising her with weren’t the norm.

    Her mother died when she was eight - vanishing sickness took hold quickly, but Dragonpox was what took her. Her father when she was ten - he hadn’t needed to work, he’d been left a fortune by family members who died too soon, but he decided to work anyway, and was caught in a collapsing Egyptian tomb. 

    She was more or less adopted that same summer by Hugo Fortescue, a family friend who had been widowed in the same explosion that took Antioch (and, yes, her father was named after that Antioch. The Peverell one.) 

    Suddenly she lost almost everything she had ever known. Yes, Hugo was a pureblood, though not a member of the Sacred 28 owing to him having immigrated from France only a few years earlier to be with his wife, but he was by no means wealthy. Or, perhaps, he was a lot more frugal than Alice was used to her family being.

    Gone were the parties and little excursions to her friends houses, the fancy dresses and lessons on etiquette and what to expect from the Black’s and the Lestrange’s and the Rosier’s and Yaxley’s and Shacklebolt’s, the echoing halls of her manor of a home and the cold reality that while her parents loved her, they did not always treat her as such.

    Living with Hugo - and her now adoptive older brother, Florean - was a learning curve that she hadn’t ever anticipated. She was suddenly faced with the reality that everything her parents had drilled into her, all of it was a lie. None of it was true. The innate kindness they’d tried to force out of her, the natural love of humanity and awe of muggles that they’d tried to burn out of her, that was true. What wasn’t was the lesson that they were superior that they had drilled into her head, that had been why she felt so out of place here, because their blood was pure.

    She didn’t want to admit it, not then, but her childhood was tainted. It’s something she struggled with for a long time, hell, even now she struggles with it - that, really, she isn’t a Fortescue, even though that’s the name she totes, the name she is more than proud of - that her family, her blood, were people who hated anyone that was different. 

    For all intents and purposes, Hugo and Florean were more like family than her parents ever were. They made time for her - Florean, even then, was her overprotective big brother - the one that would take a jinx to the chest for her, the one that would torment anyone who hurt her, the one who would wake up too early to learn how to braid her hair because Hugo was always too busy to do it. 

    Despite all the unlearning she did - and still is doing, believe me, she knows she isn’t perfect, but she’s angrier than ever and learning more and more each day - she still remained close with several of her childhood friends. They’d come visit her in the ice cream parlour, and she’d sneak them a scoop or two before abandoning her post to run around Diagon Alley with her.

    That started to change as she grew - as she became a teenager, and suddenly she was listening to muggle music, and watching muggle tv shows, following Florean out into muggle London for the first time, but certainly not the last. She started to lose friends when they couldn’t understand why she was abandoning them, when to her, she wasn’t. They were so important to her, some still are today, even if she isn’t proud of that, proud of being friends with people on both sides. 

    When she got her letter to Hogwarts, a couple of years after being allowed her own wand - under Hugo’s strict supervision (okay, so it wasn’t necessarily always strict, but he said it was to anyone who dared ask him why she could sometimes be found waving her wand in the middle of the ice cream parlour in the middle of Diagon Alley), she knew exactly where she was meant to be.

    She’d already gone through a “phase” of getting into skirmishes with people who, in her eyes, didn’t know how to treat people with respect. It’s something that’s definitely mellowed, though that instinct, that protective flare still hasn’t faded, not even now. It was obvious to any of the people who knew her, who knew her as a Fortescue, that she was going to be sorted into Gryffindor - nobody was less surprised than Alice when it barely took a second before she was swept off her feet.

    Her fascination with muggle music and love of art only grew at Hogwarts - her natural ability with plants made certain Alice always found a home in the Greenhouses, and her wand’s natural inclining to defensive magic made it easy to thrive in Defence Against the Dark Arts. 

    Trying out for Quidditch is a no brainer - she’s not so graceful on her feet on the ground, more often than not tripping and skinning her knees, Drooble’s gum bubble popped as she goes, but on a broom? She knows how to be graceful there, in the air, not quite so high as to be above the clouds, but high enough to be above their heads. She’s not meant to be trying out for the Seeker position - she thought maybe Chaser, or Beater, but Seeker was where she found herself, and where she’s stayed ever since.

    Now she’s in her last year, she’s found that so much has changed. The world is on the verge of war, and Alice knows she’ll end up fighting - she wants to be an Auror, she has done since she was fifteen and met one in the ice cream parlour, looking for a lead. She just doesn’t know how far this will go - how far she’ll let herself go, how far they’ll all let themselves go. She only knows that she won’t ever back down.

    - x -

    middle name: marguerite. 

    languages spoken: english, french, latin (duh). 

    body modifications: five ear piercings. two tattoos. a golden snitch behind her left ear, one that moves and flaps it’s wings. a lion on her ribcage.

    hobbies: photography, quidditch, herbology club, eating ice cream. being the most badass head girl hogwarts has ever seen. (in her own words, of course).

    orientation: bisexual (and biromantic) af. let her have kissed girls and boys.

    wand: yew wood and phoenix feather core. twelve inches. rigid. excellent for duelling, and by definition, defense against the dark arts and charms. (also with a dark and very fearsome reputation, she’s learned.)

    boggart is herself turning into an inferi. that’s cool. totally not somehow a metaphor for how afraid she is of losing herself and her mind.

    patronus: elephant.

    amortentia: cinnamon being sprinkled across freshly baked cookies. her mother’s perfume. pink blossoms falling to the ground in the midday autumn breeze. pumpkin pasties, the way the hogwarts kitchens always make. seawater crashing against the coast. bouquets of tiger lily on the dinner table. firework sparks. droobles best blowing gum, bubblegum and blueberry mixing. water hitting tea. laundry, freshly done, just out of the dryer. woody cologne. 

    birthday: october 9th, 7:54pm.

    zodiac: libra sun.

    egyptian zodiac: horus. 

    positive traits: altruistic, steadfast, compassionate, loyal, personable, passionate.

    negative traits: domineering, well-meaning, self sabotaging, messy, clumsy, closed off.

    expanded aesthetic: laughing so hard your stomach aches, the warmth of a palm pressed against your own, bandaids over day old scratches, a backbone like steel and leaving a faint smell of bubblegum wherever you go, running hands through your hair, coffee with three sugars and no milk, eating ice cream for breakfast, leather jackets emblazoned with flowers, never letting your camera get dusty, potted plants on your window still, pressing kisses to people’s cheeks, standing by the sea as it crashes against the shore, sleepless nights buried in text books, wielding authority with a laugh and a smile.

    #accio.introduction #( intro. ) #give her friends pls and thanks #she will be gryffindors house mom if needed
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  • mothicalspoken
    12.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Marcy Wu is the kind of character you meticulously write an essay on in English class

    #SHE HAS SO MANY NARRATIVE FOILS AND METAPHORS AND SYMBOLSIM AND FORESHADOWING ITS INSANE #The butterflies and moths associated with death and rebirth… #her cape constantly catching on fire… #Sasha saying she’s gonna get herself killed one day #Yunan and Olivia being her literal and metaphorical crutches… #”i gave you this I gave you everything!” “I’m…sorry… for everything thing” #the box dropping out of her hand to start the season 3 intro… #the way she only wanted to be with her friends… #”you won’t lose me I promise” #I’m going insane #Marcy Wu#Amphibia#Amphibia spoilers
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  • mushy--mush
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ⋆ ˚。💐⋆୨୧˚ Welcome ˚୨୧⋆🌼。˚ ⋆

    ♡Here's what to find and where♡

    🌼 About me

    🌸 My interests

    💖My friends

    💐 DNI

    🌷Notes and personal

    If you're ready, feel free to tag along through the flower field♡

    About me ~:*:❀❁

    ♡Hi there! Please call me Marsh, Danika, or Cupid 💘

    ♡I'm 17💐

    ♡I'm questioning being a trans woman or bigender🌼

    ♡My pronouns are He/She💕

    ♡My orientation is mlm or nblm and asexual (homoromantic/torric and ace)💖

    ♡I'm blasian (I was born in Indonesia and my mother was Nigerian)🌸

    ♡I'm an alter in a dissociative system as well as the host of a subsystem💗

    ♡I do not have and am not looking for a romantic partner💝

    ♡My birthday is March 15🌷

    My Interests ~:*:❀❁

    ♡I like anime and cartoons (: currently watching jjba, danganronpa, kakegurui, and Haikyuu, as well as the boondocks. Other than that I've watched Saiki K💖

    ♡I like fashion💐

    ♡I like Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, Kinneret, and Mitski🌼

    My friends ~:*:❀❁

    ♡Z1pp3r! @z1pp3rs-dr3amsc4p3

    ♡Buffy @xxbubbl3gum-b1tchxx

    ♡Wyatt @wyatt-thomaswilliams

    ♡Mads @madison-emilia

    ♡Rana @oceanprincessrana

    ♡Quinn @vampipunk

    DNI ~:*:❀❁

    ♡Absolutely any form of racism! I am black so 😬

    That includes: Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Anti Semitism, or if your reaction to any of my intro so far has been: I get it you're black you don't have to make it your whole personality

    ♡Anti LGBTQIA+ in any way! Again: I am gay and possibly trans

    This includes: saying you support trans people but only supporting certain trans identities! And example: saying you love and support all trans women, but then calling neo pronoun users bad things simply because they use neos! If you do this: you don't support trans people! You're a terf!

    ♡Anti type of mental health stigmatism!

    This includes making jokes about serious things like suicide or schiz, claiming to be or supporting any type of system other than traumagenic, or speaking on issues you are not educated on! Do your research please!


    ♡Porn or kink blog in any way

    ♡ED blogs

    Personal ~:*:❀❁

    Please note that you may find various vents or rants on this blog surrounding lots of issues, including but not limited to:

    Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, anxiety or panic attacks, suicide, and others

    Tags to avoid this are: #🥀~tw mention . will be used if serious things are mentioned #🥀~tw talks . will be used for vents, rants, etc.

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  • cutiepng
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ˗ˏˋ tag dump ´ˎ˗

    I'll update this as I add/remove/change tags!

    #↳ ❝ Mod Rosie ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Asks ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Chatting ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Request Completed ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Request Denied ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Self Indulgent ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ My Requests ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ [Raffle/Contest] Entry ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Update ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Important ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Reblog ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Intro ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Others' Edits ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Promo ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ _ Anon ¡! ❞ #↳ ❝ Friend Tag ¡! ❞
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  • mustypirateking
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    funny introduction thingy!

    Heya!! This is just a goofy lil parody account I made for Russell cause he’s my hubby wubby,,,,,,,, I’ll most likely just post random stuff here that I find funny as well as some art just because FOPWAPOf

    #happy tree friends #HTF#russell htf #AFHWIOAWoi this intro is probably rlly bad but honestly don't care
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  • worshipthemoon
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    havent been on tumblr in a hot min and want new friends so intro post :))

    my names nat, im 17, and use any pronouns (mainly they/them).

    im super into art, she-ra, the owl house, criminal minds, american horror story, and hugh grant from the early 2000’s

    feel free to dm me :,)

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  • cananabitch
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    oh I ship it

    #genshin impact #they give off old-bickering-friends-with-bad-blood to rivals to lovers vibes #I haven’t really blogged about genshin here because I’ve been burning through the game but now im slowing down to appreciate character intro #*intros #I like most of the characters. #Jean… can I propose to Jean in this game? #the main character can’t be older than 15 though so nevermind #I always play as Beidou or Noelle instead #ramblings#textpost #the only one i dont like is Witch Lady #like Go Away stop flirting with the protag
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  • satsumasaturn
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ♡ Introduction ♡

    Hello! It's occurred to me that I've never done a proper introduction post, for as long as I've had this account, so here it is! I'll be including both my Twitter and Discord at the bottom, in case anyone wants to add/follow me on either! <3

    For starters, I go by both Dee and Saturn! Either name is fine for me, so it's really up to you! My pronouns are she/they, though I really prefer they/them when it comes to people I don't know/acquaintances. i’m 19, so i’m a baby adult compared to a lot of ppl in this fandom. i’m also native american and yt. don’t ask me abt blood quantum unless u feel like having ur eyeballs poked

    i love horror in all medias. i’ve consumed way too many horror movies for my own good, including some really shit ones (lookin’ at u, slither 👀👀). some of my favorite video games r horror games, such as resident evil, tlou, prey, etc.

    speaking of games, i also enjoy other games that r not horror! such as: animal crossing, legend of zelda, stardew valley, tbcte, hollow knight, fallout, skyrim, minecraft, genshin impact, pokémon, sims, etc. i also play way too much bitlife and wordscapes for my own good.

    music-wise, i listen to a wide variety of artists, but i mainly listen to mxmtoon, marina, cavetown, ntmc, lovejoy, taylor swift, and mcr. there’s also a bit of lorde, pomme, and mitski. i think mcr stands out the most but it’s my comfort band dont @ me.

    some people i look up to r kurtis conner, sam collins, chrissy chlapecka, jessie paege, hank green, toriphantom, and markiplier

    i’m really passionate abt art and makeup! i have spent so much fucking money on both, and people tend to be intimidated by my makeup collection. i even have the sailor moon x colourpop collection, which is my pride and joy and also cost me $130. i never cried so much before making an impulse purchase. in terms of drawing, i draw digitally and infrequently, since i like to procrastinate. i have an unfinished drawing of tubbo and tommyinnit as bee and puppycat that’s been sitting there for weeks *cri* i also draw my ocs a lot! they’re my children :D i also rp w/ them (i rp on discord if anyone is ever interested)

    i love sharks, frogs, rats, cows, fish, whales, etc. i also love a lot of bugs and other crawlies, but i’m too scared to touch them :c do not talk to me abt capybaras or else i will cry at u. they r just guinea pigs on steroids that r scary as fuck

    some things i like to eat/drink r chai, boba tea, sweet potato fries, swedish fish, cherry coke, cherries, peaches, mangoes, monster, and pancakes/waffles.

    ok now i’m bored and i gotta stop before this gets too long. like, no one’s gonna fuckin read it at the length it is currently. uh, anyways, if anyone wants to be friends/moots, hmu :D i literally talk to no one on this app and i promise i’m friendly

    Twitter: @/satsumasaturn

    i mainly tweet/rtwt political stuffs, jokes, lgbtqia+ stuffs, and mcyt stuffs

    Discord: strawbeariecake#7626

    #about me#introduction#intro #intro to me #dee talks#dee chats#dee’s intro #this is me #not obey me! #not obey me #looking for friends #looking for moots
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  • your-daily-reminder
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    Hello! I like to put weird reminders on my friend’s phones. However, I do not always have access to my friend’s phones. This is my solution to that.

    Feel free to ask me to tag anything!

    #introduction#intro #hi hello friends #I am hoping this will be fun and enjoyable : )
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  • thundercloudsss
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ~+ Figured I should make one of these +~

    Hi there!🐾

    ~ You can call me lynx! I’m from the mountains of Tennessee. I’ve been in the otherkin community for about 4 years now, and I haven’t regretted it since. 🦷
    ~ I’m Faunagender and use she/they/it pronouns. 🐾
    ~ 17 🦷
    Leo sun, sag moon, Taurus rising 🐾
    ~ I’m bi as hell 🦷
    ~ I’m diagnosed with BPD, PTSD,depersonalization disorder, and all the fun stuff that comes with it /s🐾
    ~ Don’t be afraid to message me or interact with me whatsoever, I’m slow to respond due to having smooth brain. 🦷
    🌲Please don’t interact if you’re openly sallyface kin or post about the source often. 🌲
    #therian#otherkin#intro #I hope I can make some rad friends on here
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