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  • mysoleisred
    11.04.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    While this loneliness I'm feeling is extremely uncomfortable, I'm confident that I will meet and connect with my tribe, my friends, my girl crew. It's just a matter of time ✨

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  • zafrinaaa
    11.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    I choose to admire you in silence

    Because there is no rejection

    I choose to like you in silence

    Because I can’t risk our friendship

    I choose our friendship

    Because our friendship is way more important than what I feel for you

    I choose to hide my feelings

    Because you really matter to me

    I choose you

    Because I like me when I am around you

    But if you’ll tell me that you like me too

    Then i can risk it all for you

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  • hellodeansbisexuality
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    really friendship is sending each other memes of Shakespeare and other medieval things at 2 am because you cant sleep and they became the funniest thing in the world at the moment.

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  • tapan4evr
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status. Such friendships will never give you any happiness.-Chanakya (Ancient Indian Teacher).

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  • the-blind-geisha
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Best thing about this year:

    The up rise of the platonic ‘I love you’

    #so many of my friends are saying that now to me #and i love it?? #like thank you #b/c i never heard this from even my adopted guardians #just hearing that phrase is heaven sent #i love you #friendship#love it#mod talks
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  • coloradomountains
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Friendships lost to life

    Weird things happen when you have friends throughout life. There is this saying that hangs on my wall that says "there are friends for a season, friends for a reason and friends for a lifetime." It is strange, as I feel most friendship that we enter into fall into the latter category. Who would knowingly enter into a friendship that was going to end? or maybe that is just my opinion. I feel for many years I had friendships that lasted most of my life, as I was only 15-18 when I had these thoughts. Then I entered a new phase of my life - college or post high school life. During this point I realized that I was making new friendships and that some high school friendships I had outgrown were ending. I also realized that some of my previous friendships continued to get stronger. Like most in their post K-12 life they make new friends that cycle through very quickly. I had many "friends" or more as I like to call them "acquaintances." If I am being honest there were also a lot of people in my life in my freshman year of college that I knew were temporary / people I didn't care to have in my life longterm but that were people who I was forced to be surrounded by so I made the best of it. Some of these were truer then others. Then came some of the best friendships that I have ever had. Ones that I never thought would end and then to my biggest surprise did. There was nothing like the feelings of these friendships that were very quick and very intense and some that blew up in my face. But there were also parts of those friendships that made many wonderful memories. There were also a lot of learning moments in these friendships. I don't know that the pain of losing a real, true friendship is ever easy but I think some really hurt more then others. It seems to me that after the hurt of being ignored / not a priority anymore and feeling them slip away fades. It is something slipping away so you grab onto tighter but it isn't enough. Then anger comes and rears its ugly head and finally the numbness sets in. The weight of it never really eases though. At least not yet. I find myself mourning for that friendship, for what it was and what we always imagined it would be. People that I thought would be in my wedding and at my children's birthday parties. The memories we made as kids about the things we would / could do as an adult not strangled by the rules of parents. For the dreams we had that became a reality and other dreams that became something I long for. Those times you realize will be nothing more then memories now and they won't happen again. That in the moment you wish you would've realized how much they would mean someday and that you really wouldn't have them forever. The friend you thought would be there for a lifetime changes to the friend that is there for a reason. How do you mourn the person that someone once was, when you hate the person they are now? The person that was a constant, now a stranger. Someone you run into at the grocery store or a restaurant but who has no clue what is going on in your life now. That pain is a different kind of pain. How do you mourn for someone who is still living. Do I even have the right to mourn someone who is still alive? I find myself reassured by the fact that everything is a choice and that you are making that conscious choice to no longer be a part of my life. To care or to make an effort. If that is the case then, like all of the movies and books say, it is your loss and not worth it. But it doesn't make it hurt any less. Even knowing my worth, it still hurts. It isn't something that happens over night. It is like a wound that never heals. One that you think a bandaid and a little neosporin will cure. But that isn't the case, you keep cutting it back open over and over and now it will never fully disappear. It will heal eventually, but it will take lots of time and leave a scar. There also comes a point where you realize that friendship will never be the same even if it were to begin again. There is a line that is crossed and a trust that can never get back to the way it was.

    I am sorry for those of you who know what I am talking about. I find comfort in knowing that these feelings don't take over my life but come in waves. It also makes me ever more thankful for those amazing, wonderful friends that I do have. Without them I would be lost. It reminds me to put 110% into those friendships because I know they do the same in return for me. Friends makes the world go round and it is best if we never forget that. Since I am guessing I am not the only one to experience this in my life I am going to add a couple of quote here that bring me some solace and better explain how I feel - some of these are common and some are lesser known.

    "If my absence doesn't affect your life, then my presence has no meaning in it."

    "Sometimes I get this urge to talk to you, and then I remember you're a different person now, it's just sad because I miss you a lot."

    "Somebody asked me if I knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind. But I just smiled and said I used to."

    "If a person wants to be a part of your life, they will make an obvious effort to do so. Think twice before reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay."

    "Friendships cause heartbreaks too."

    "There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump puddles for you."

    "In this life, I've become close to people I've never imagined knowing & lost people who I thought would be there forever."

    "Respect yourself enough to walk away from something that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy."

    "We cry over:

    Friends we will never have back

    People we once loved

    Bridges that have been burnt

    But there's a reason the past is in the past

    You only have so much room in your life, save it for the people who deserve it.

    Chances are, if someone's in the past they deserve to stay there."

    “No one is really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priority list.”

    “We are neither on good terms or bad. We are no longer anything.”

    “I think what hurts the most is when you give your all to someone. Through thick and thin, you’re there for them. You stick with them, no matter what. Then one day, they just give up. They won’t even fight for you. The one thing you would never have done, they did with no hesitation.”

    “Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.”

    “The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.”

    #friendship#life lessons #everythinghappenforareason? #brokenfriendships
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  • nexusromanova
    11.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    WHAT A FRIGGIN GOOD WRAP UP !!!! we got the most dramatic arrest scene *tmi i was crying throughout the whole thing* and one of the heartwarming ending we deserve,,,, this is how u make a good show jtbc and staff kudos to you and i like how every character in the show was so relevant in the case as much as how devious kang jin mook, chang jin, do hae won and han gi hwan were we can admit they did their part well everything was so well written and acted that i cant even find one single flaw in this show. also we cannot simply ignore the 2 detectives chemistry i kid u not nobody would be surprised if they win a couple award / the friendship within community too i liked how they protected each other and easily accepted han ju won as their own. anw enough ranting i need to process my feelings after this

    PS. here's some bonus lee dong sik advice telling us to take care of ourselves /i still cant believe my weekends will be so empty now 😭 i miss shin ha kyun and yeo jin goo already

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  • planethope
    11.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Shining Star

    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #song #poetry #friendship #love in a life thats never the samewhere you can be flying high one minute and on your knees the next dayits nice to have a rock to stand on when things go from perfect to wrongwhen the river ain’t flowing your wayi came here as fast as i could when i heard you cryingi havent…

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  • chaoschurros
    11.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The joys of friendship

    #I cant even believe the conversations I have sometimes #Friend#friendship#me postin#Darth Maul#Maul
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  • kat5242
    11.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Friendship comes in all different shapes and sizes.

    My best friend almost never texts me. She also isn’t super wordy in her responses.

    I have a lot of social anxiety and get terrified of bothering people.

    But it works. It works amazingly well.

    Because she clearly communicated to me that she simply doesn’t text much. She also communicated that she does read everything I send. And that she appreciates my attention.

    The first time she got burnt out from life and people she went a while without replying.

    I was scared and worried but I decided okay. Lets just text her. Let her know why I am worried, that what ever she decides is cool, but could she please let me know whats going on. She explained and I carried on messaging her just so she knew I was still there.

    Recently she got burned out again but this time when she realized it had been a while since she replied she reached out and explained. I can’t read her mind but I think it was because I communicated that I had social anxiety and that though it was 100% not her fault. I definitely did struggle with it.

    Today I was bored and lonely and she was in the car so I asked if I could just talk. And she was like cool. So I ended up spending 46 minutes and gosh knows how many texts just talking about random stuff.

    I don’t know exactly where I want to go with this. And I’m definitely not trying to say ours is the epitome of friendships. I guess I was just thinking. Sometimes it feels like people/media/literature use friendship as a cookie cutter. When its really not. Its a friggen stir fry. A stir fry with what ever ingredients and sauces you happen to have in the fridge at the moment and sometimes it turns out amazing and sometimes it just isn’t worth eating.

    So anyway I dunno. Those are my thoughts and experiences with friendship.

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  • animebaby00
    11.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I Don't Deserve It: Chapter 3 (FINAL)

    When Shoto gets a nasty stomach bug, Izuku stops at nothing to take care of him.

    But Shoto can't help but wonder why ?

    (Link to Chapter 1): ⬇️

    (Link to Chapter 2): ⬇️

    The few times Shoto had forgotten to brush his teeth before bed had left him with an absolutely disgusting taste in his mouth the next morning.

    However, that taste was NOTHING in comparison to the absolutely sickening, bitter, revolting, acidic flavor that coated his tongue once he woke up.

    He pursed his lips sourly, positive that even the flavor of actual vomit coming up wasn't as bad as this. It was almost at the point of making him feel nauseous all over again, but with nothing in his stomach, it was just a mild queasiness.

    He harshly blinked his eyes, taking note of the yellowish gleam in the room. It still must have been day time,but later afternoon due to the position of the shadows casted along the wall.

    How long had he been asleep?

    He sat up slightly, decently warm due to the blankets covering his form, but he wasn't overly hot, nor suffering from chills. He actually felt...better. Well, better than this morning at least.

    But he still ached to rid his mouth of the bitter after tastes from earlier.

    Shoto heaved himself up more, relieved that his body didn't act against him like it did several times before, and he was actually able to sit up without much protest. However, right when he did, the click of a door sounded in his ear and he caught sight of Midoriya reentering his room, a large, brown tray balanced on his arm.

    This whole entire situation was turning into one of deja vu.

    Midoriya made it about halfway into his room before he noticed Shoto's wakened presence, his eyes immediately perking up with a gleam of happiness once he did.

    "Ah, Todoroki. You're awake." He said, a soft smile gracing his lips.

    Shoto nodded, "Y-yeah." He looked back at the curtained window, " How uh...how long was I out?"

    "About 4 hours. I was going to wake you up when I came back in here but I guess I won't need to," sock covered feet padded over to the bed and he leaned down to set the tray on the bed's edge, keeping his gaze upward as he did so, "How are you feeling ?"

    Shoto's eyes widened a bit.

    Such a simple question to answer, but to him, it felt highly difficult.

    He knew it was just a simple inquiry about his wellbeing...but it was rare that he had ever been asked "how he was feeling".

    He could say that he felt 100% better, say that he could leave Midoriya be and apologize for the unnecessary trouble. However, as proven from earlier, Midoriya was highly analytical (about the most odd things he may add) so he knew that if he tried to lie, the boy would no doubt be able to deduct it. It wasn't a complete lie though. He did feel better but-

    "Not...too bad" he answered, noticing that even his voice sounded better, and he was deeply relieved by that "Not as bad as before."

    Midoriya grinned "I'm happy to hear that !"

    Shoto was a bit puzzled by the boy's eagerness, but that feeling completely diminished once he noticed Midoriya moving closer to him. His hand was slowly raising up, and in no time, it found a place against the skin of his forehead.

    He froze in his place

    "Well, you definitely look better." Midoriya concluded, "And your fever came down. I think you just caught that 24 hour stomach bug that's been going around."

    Shoto blinked, "Stomach bug ?"

    The freckled boy nodded, "Mmhm. I guess we've been so busy with our hero work and school that we didn't really notice it. But it doesn't last long." He pulled his hand away, "You should feel better by tomorrow, but make sure you take it easy."

    Shoto watched as Midoriya reached over to grab a water bottle from the tray at the end of the bed, "Here, you should probably drink something after getting so sick. Don't need you getting dehydrated, but make sure you drink it slow. Are you still feeling nauseous at all ? Or dizzy? I brought some medicine if you are."

    Shoto put a hand to his stomach, feeling slightly uneasy in answering.

    He stayed silent, and a frown immediately crossed over onto Midoriya's face.

    "Todoroki ? Are you okay ?" He asked frantically, tossing the water bottle to the side,"Are you feeling sick again ? Do you need the-"

    "Why are you doing this?"

    The question seemed to linger in the air. It was quiet for several seconds as Midoriya's face fell completely blank.

    He slowly sat back down.

    "What do you mean?"

    Shoto looked down at his lap, "You know," he mumbled, gesturing to himself, the bed, and the tray at his feet, "All of this. Bringing me to your room, cleaning up the mess I made,the cold rag, bringing me water and medicine…"

    "Helping me." He thought, but didn't say. Damn it, he really was pathetic. Just picturing what his father would say to him right now sent a flood of pitiful thoughts through his brain.

    He was no better than a starving mutt scrapping up food from a trash can outside of a restaurant. A rotting, shriveled up tree in the cold depths of winter.

    A piece of work. A nuisance. A waste of time.

    A pathetic excuse of a human being, let alone a hero.

    "Well that's obvious," Midoriya's chipper voice sounded, no ounce of remorse in sight, "Because you're my friend."

    Shoto inwardly grimaced.


    The oh so Midoriya-like response that he knew deep down was coming.

    But even so…it just wasn't right.

    He slowly shook his head, fingers rising up to rub at his sore temples "God I can't believe this…"


    A sigh left his lips and he directed his bi-colored gaze to rest on Midoriya's deep, confused, green irises, his next words heavy on his tongue.

    "I'm...I'm sorry Midoriya."

    The freckled boy blinked, eyebrows furrowing at his sick friend, noticing how his presence seemed to suddenly freeze over them in a bitter chill.


    "Sorry?" he asked, his tone light and wavering in disbelief "Why are you sorry?"

    Shoto pressed his lips into a thin line, his head tilting downwards, bangs covering his eyes. Slowly, he turned his head to the side, seemingly in an attempt to avoid Midoriya's perplexed stare…and the topic of explanation.

    He looked so...dismal. Or maybe, upset? Disappointed? Honestly, Midoriya wasn't sure.

    He actually wasn't sure about a lot of things in concern of Shoto today.

    Everyone gets sick. That's inevitable. But Shoto seemed so completely and utterly...bludgeoned by it, that it had made Midoriya very concerned.

    Shoto had to have not felt 100% that morning, considering how badly he had thrown up. He had hidden it well even though Midoriya could have sworn that his complexion did look a little green. But then, things continued to take their turns.

    He hadn't mentioned feeling sick at all during their time in the bathroom, kept brushing off that he was fine. He had tried to avoid Midoriya's help and care, tried getting up and leaving when he very well wasn't capable of doing so.

    And now, here he was, looking down at the bed, fiddling with his fingers like some child who had just stolen some cookies out of a cookie jar, apologizing for something that no other person ever would.

    But why?

    Why did he seem so regretful, so beaten down, so depressed?

    Midoriya began to gain a bit of realization

    He had seen that face before, at least ones similar to it. At their battle during the sports festival, in the hospital after beating Stain, those tiny increments he would encounter his father or talk about his mother.

    Others wouldn't be able to see it, but Midoriya could. That look…

    ...was a look of guilt.

    It was then that he understood. Maybe not Shoto's exact position, as no one could possibly understand what he'd been through completely. Midoriya knew he probably never would, but he was going to try his hardest to make Shoto understand HIS position, even if it was just a little.

    "Hey, Todoroki." He tried, scooting closer to the male's side whilst looking down at the bed as well, , "You know...I actually used to not like asking for help either."

    Midoriya ghosted his gaze upward for just a moment , and caught a twinge of movement from Shoto out of the corner of his eye. At least he got a reaction and confirmation that he was listening.

    He picked at the blanket below him with his fingers, "I'm sure you already know this," he said softly, "But it was pretty much just me and my mom growing up. With my dad not in the picture, she was the one who always took care of me. She worked quite a few jobs a week at cafes and stores to keep up with expenses while also looking out for my well being at the same time. "

    The soft smile on his lips faded some as he continued.

    "I would usually stay at Kacchan's house after school when she couldn't pick me up, sometimes I would even spend the night or fall asleep on the sofa because she would get back so late. And when that wasn't an option, I would go to the office and do homework until she was able to come get me, but I never truly realized just how hard she pushed herself until I got older."

    Izuku stood up and walked over his dresser, hand reaching out to pick up a framed photo of him and his mother, finger smoothing over the glassened face.

    "She always had weekends off with me which made me happy. We would watch movies, play hero, go to All Might's autograph signings, and we'd always have so much fun...but I would begin to notice how she would doze off halfway through a movie, how sometimes she wouldn't lift me up as high, or how sometimes she would walk slower than normal. I never noticed...how tired she was. How worn out working so many different shifts made her, and on top of it she had to take care of me. It made me feel...guilty."

    He set the photo down and turned back around, now finding Shoto's bi-colored gaze completely on him, focused and set, like he was mentally relating to what Midoriya was saying.

    "Once middle school started, I decided to try doing more things for myself. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing my homework by myself, and other things. At first, it was easy, but then I found my time was slipping away because of my studies and my hero research. Sometimes I would go a day without eating, other times I wouldn't have time to study for a test and my scores weren't the best. I had to keep reminding myself that sometimes my mom had it way worse than me, and so I kept doing what I was doing. But I always found it strange how she would ask me if I was okay or if I needed help when she was the one working 3 jobs while also taking care of a kid."

    Shoto parted his lips to speak, his inquisitive words just barely above a whisper.

    "W-what did you do?"

    Midoriya sighed before his lips curled up into a sympathetic, knowing smile "Denied it. Told her I was fine and that nothing was wrong."

    Shoto looked down at the bed, "Oh…"

    "But of course, schemes, whether good or bad, have to come to an end somehow. And that happened to me in one of the worst ways possible."


    Midoriya chuckled sheepishly,"I brought home my first test...with an F."

    Now that was something. Midoriya had the 5th highest grade level in their class so he was no doubt a good student. To say Shoto was shocked was an understatement.

    "Naturally, this caught my Mom's attention, and soon as I got home she set me down to talk. I knew then and there that I had to tell her what was going on and that I would only make it worse if I tried to hide anything so I told her everything from start to finish. I told her I felt bad for her and that I always worried that she was working too hard. I explained absolutely everything, but in the end, instead of her being mad, she did something that I'd always remember for the rest of my life. She took my hand and said 'Izuku, I want you to understand that no matter what, you can always come to me if you need something. No matter how tired I am, no matter what time it is, I'll always be here. It's my job to look after you. We can't do everything by ourselves, we can't be who we want to be without others. Help is a life necessity and everyone needs it sooner or later, even if they don't think they need it or deserve it. Asking for it and accepting it isn't a weakness…'"

    Midoriya trailed off for a moment to walk back over to his bed to sit, and gently placed a hand over Shoto's folded ones, tone warm and reassuring.

    "In fact...it's one of the greatest strengths a person can have.'"

    Something clicked then. Midoriya's words...he wasn't sure why but they ignited something. A feeling that he couldn't pinpoint.

    It took so much in the past for him to be convinced that help or assistance was a sign of weakness. All of the stern lectures, orders and put downs that he could be better. The never ending struggles that he conquered by himself and only by himself because that's what he was taught to do.

    It was all changed by a simple story from a person he hadn't even known for a year.

    "And you know," Midoriya added, "If a hero is sick, then they can't perform at their best for other people, so the best thing for you, whether you like it or not, is rest."

    "Yeah." he sighed, "Your right. I...can actually see that now. I guess my old ways got to me. I'm just not used to this," he shifted in place, "I'm sorry."

    "You have nothing to apologize for," Midoriya said with a smile, "I'm your friend. I'm happy to help."

    He grabbed the water bottle for the second time, "Here, I imagine the taste you have in your mouth right now isn't too pleasant."

    Shoto breathed a light chuckle and put the rim of the bottle up to his lips, "You have no idea." He took a few sips, relishing in how nice the coolness of the water felt in his parched mouth and dry throat.

    "I've been sick plenty of times before so I have an idea. Now," Midoriya stood, "Do you maybe want to try eating something? Some crackers or some toast maybe ? You should probably try and keep your strength up."

    "Yeah...crackers are okay. I'm not as nauseous as I was earlier so I think I can stomach it."

    "Great ! I'll be right back then. Call if you need anything else, okay?"


    Midoriya turned to head out of the bedroom, hand reaching out to grab the handle of the door.

    "Midoriya ?"

    He paused his movements and turned his head.

    "Yes, Todoroki?"

    And then he saw it. That oh so, rare, genuine little smile that seemed to brighten up the whole room.

    "Thank you."

    Two simple words, but to Midoriya, they meant a million.

    #mha #my hero academia #shoto torodoki#izuku midoriya #sick shoto todoroki #caring izuku midoriya #talking#support#friendship#understanding
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  • future-dregs
    10.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    If there's anything I love more than watching friends go batshit trying to protect and defend each other I don't know what it is.

    #Media tropes#Friendship#Love #My heart tries to crawl it's way out of my throat every time #Mp#It's exciting#Exhilarating
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  • planethope
    10.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Teddy and Veronica: The Blind Date Brigade

    Teddy and Veronica: The Blind Date Brigade

    #strongwomen #writer #author #entrepreneur #blog #blogger #canadian #alberta #kingdom #faith #dating #romance #love #friendship By Lisa Brock It was six o’clock on a Saturday in June. The dishes were done, the laundry was done, and apparently the garden was watered, also. I glared out the just-cleaned bedroom window at the rain spattering like yucky children’s kisses all over it. I could feel…

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  • myneurodiverselife
    10.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Do any other ND’s spend tons of time just wishing people would talk to you, include you, notice you etc, but then the second someone tries to talk to you or shoots you a DM, you freak out and want to run away and hide because you don’t actually know how to respond to them without being weird or awkward?

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  • all-in-one-company
    10.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hello everyone! This is my new video. Please

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  • awhitehead17
    10.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Universal Signs

    Chapter 21 / Previous Chapter

    Also on AO3

    Enjoy! :D

    The days that follow Tim’s rescue from the League of Assassins turn out to be rather dull. They certainly don’t hold any excitement like the time it took to save Tim from the League. The dullness of the days may actually be a positive thing rather than a negative thing because they were all resting and recovering from what happened.

    They all have a bout of fatigue which lasts for around a day, or in Tim’s case several days. Bart, Kara and M’gann are all thankfully okay as none of them had sustained any form of injury during the rescue. By this point, Bart had pretty much recovered from his unexplained coma he had fallen into when Tim had been kidnapped.

    Other than feeling the fatigue, Cassie is fine. Her biggest problem is the unknown bracelets that are still encasing her wrists. Her powers are still blocked and so far they’ve tried everything to remove them but it’s all resulted with no luck. As far as Kon knows, the leaders have contacted a powerful sorcerer and have asked them to come to Krypton to remove the bracelets. The sorcerer will be arriving within the next couple of days.

    Kon himself isn’t doing too bad. He’s felt the same fatigue everyone else has but has not sustained any physical injuries. His biggest problem is the kryptonite particles that are still in his body. While Ra’s hadn’t injected him with enough that would kill him, Kon had been injected with enough that his own powers are subdued from the poison. He has the occasional dizzy spell and there are times when he feels nauseated, but other than that he’s okay. The medical specialists haven’t been much help, they haven’t encountered this kind of scenario before so Kon’s currently playing the waiting game and seeing if it passes. The hope is that his body will eventually flush out the poison in its own time.

    Out of all of them, Tim’s suffered the worst. He’s experienced the fatigue worse than anyone else, Kon knew humans slept a lot but Tim’s been sleeping a lot more than usual which is rather concerning. He’s also gained the most wounds. When they first found him on the ship, Kon had been horrified to find out that Tim had been tortured. The poor human had been whipped and beaten, he looked exhausted and his back had been covered in fresh cuts.

    As soon as they had reached Krypton, they immediately got Tim some medical help. The specialists had seem rather stumped for a moment, like they didn’t know how to proceed when treating a human but soon enough they took action and treated Tim’s back with a special healing agent that was supposed to help increase his recovery time.

    When they had all been checked over they were allowed to go to their rooms to rest for some time. The resting interlude lasted longer than Kon had been expecting but eventually he, Cassie and Bart had been summoned to the office and were forced to face a livid Kal.

    Kon knew the lecture was coming. He had known he was going to be in serious trouble from the moment he decided to go rescue Tim from the League. Rao, he knew he would be in trouble from the moment they allowed Tim onto their ship when they first met him.

    Knowing it was going to happen, Kon didn’t bother to argue against Kal as the older Kryptonian furiously yelled at them. What Kon hadn’t expected during the lecture was for Tim to come in and disrupt Kal with an abashed looking Kara right behind him.

    When Kal tuned on Tim that’s when Kon knew he had to protest, there’s no way any of this had been Tim’s fault. Everything that has happened is because it’s been a result from a choice Kon had made. When Kal had boomed at him to keep quiet Kon found himself unable to disobey. He sat down and allowed it all to play out. Much to his surprise, and even delight, Tim didn’t need any defending, he stood up to Kal without a problem and got his opinion and point across.

    The whole situation took an unexpected turn when Kal sat down behind the desk, looking resigned and even tired. He heard Tim out, pointed out all the faults, how they’ve disobeyed the rules and how they need to be punished for their actions before dismissing them.

    After the four of them left Kara in the office with Kal, they immediately jumped Tim demanding answers for his sudden appearance and why he thought it had been a good idea to argue with the older Kryptonian like that. Before discussing it they decided to retreat to Kon’s room where they would have the privacy to openly talk about it.

    Kon’s heart melted as Tim told them his reasons and what he thought of the situation. It meant a lot to him, and the others, that Tim would want to stand up for them like that and even care enough to confront their leaders to get his point across.

    Towards the end of their talk, Kon could tell that the day had been wearing on Tim. The human looked entirely exhausted and it seemed like he was about to fall asleep any second. Giving Tim an easy way out, Kon suggested that he should get some rest while they go make themselves useful elsewhere. Tim looked unsure on the idea but didn’t really protest against it and easily laid down on the bed while they left the room.

    That had been two days ago. Not a lot has changed during that time. Bart seemed fully recovered and is zipping around all over the place and is chatting everybody’s ears off as he does so. Cassie still has the bracelets over her wrists as the sorcerer has yet to arrive. Kon’s just starting to get his powers back, he could feel hints of his Telekinesis returning which happens to be a huge relief. Tim is recovering rather well too. His back is nearly healed now, while the wounds have closed and almost disappeared, his usually pale skin is rather pink and is apparently sensitive. It’ll be another few days until his skin is back to feeling normal.

    The four of them have been together almost constantly since returning to Krypton. They would occasionally been joined by others but majority of the time it remains to be them four only. Just like on the ship, they play various of games, talk and share stories and even watch some entertainment.

    Tim tells them more about Earth and Kon notices the change in Tim as he talks about his home planet. His face gets a faraway look to it, especially if the topic is on his family, as he describes the planet and what it contains. He describes about the different ways humans can live and even goes into detail about what an average day may look like to them. It sounds absolutely bewildering to Kon but he doesn’t comment on it.

    During one of Tim’s stories they get summoned to report to Kal’s office. The request (or in fact demand) instantly kills the light atmosphere of the room and they all share a heavy knowing look. They all know what the topic of this meeting is going to be about as Kon and his team have been waiting to hear back from Kal and the leaders about what their punishments are going to be.

    They had knowingly broke important rules and kept major secrets hidden so it’s only a guess to what’s going to happen to them now. Kon honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they all get exiled or something equivalent to that.

    They wait outside the office to be called in, all of them feeling apprehensive about how this meeting is going to go. Despite this feeling, Kon still doesn’t regret any of his choices. He doesn’t regret picking Tim up off that planet from when they first met and he certainly doesn’t regret disobeying orders and rescuing Tim from the League.

    When they finally get called in Cassie walks in first with the rest of them trailing behind her. They enter the room and stand in a line in front of the desk where Kal is standing watching them. Kon takes note that it’s only Kal in the room and how no other leaders are present. It doesn’t mean much, however having only Kal present to deliver the news of the punishment eases Kon’s nerves by a fraction, not a lot, but some.

    “Have a seat.” Kal tells them. They all sit down without a word.  

    “You all know why you’re here. The leaders have made a decision on what your punishment is going to be based on you disobeying orders, keeping secrets and endangering lives.” Kal looks over them scrutinizingly. “You’re all fortunate because what has been decided could have been a lot worse, especially with what was being considered. I vouched for you and managed to ease the severity of your punishment. ”

    Kon’s eyes go wide at that news. He’s stunned to hear that Kal had stood up for them, had somewhat softened their punishment for unknown reasons to Kon. Before he could question it Kal continues to talk.

    “Your punishment includes the three of you going on probation for the foreseen future. You three cannot not be trusted to be sent on missions and you will remain on either Krypton, Themyscira or Keystone at all times. When you have showed you can follow orders and be obedient, you will then be allowed to go on missions. While on those missions, you will be assisted by an older member of the squadron until you prove yourselves yet again. Only when myself and the other leaders are satisfied with your behaviour will you be allowed to go off independently.

    During that time, your training regime will increase while your downtime will decrease. You will all be watched closely and expected to obey every order without complaint and completed with full effort. The fact that we’re allowing you to stay together is one of the reasons why you have gotten off lightly.”

    Kon blinks at him, absorbing what he’s being told. The punishment isn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. If he’s being honest, that’s in fact a really light punishment considering what they’ve done. It’s making him wonder what levels of negotiating Kal had done to allow that to be the final decision.

    His attention focuses back on Kal when he moves around the desk to the front where he then leans against it. Kal observes them and crosses his arms across his chest in a casual pose, to Kon it looks rather odd. It’s unsettling to see because Kon can’t remember the last time Kal look this easy going about something, especially when dealing with a heavy topic like this.

    “For now however, it’s been decided that you three still have a job to finish. You are required to finish collecting the remaining items from the list and return back to Krypton without any detours. Once you are back your probation will start.

    Whilst on your travels, the leaders have decided to give you permission to return the human back to Earth. The sooner he returns back to where he belongs, the quicker things go back to the way they were before his appearance.”

    As if things couldn’t get better, they do. Kon’s gaze snaps over to where Tim is sitting and finds the human looking at Kal in a state of shock and excitement. For probably the first time Kon could guess to what’s going through Tim’s head, he can’t believe he’ll finally be going home after everything he’s been through.

    Kal grabs Kon’s attention again as he continues on. “The sorcerer we have been waiting for to remove those bracelets on Cassandra will be arriving later this day. Once he has dealt with them you four are required to stay on Krypton for several more days and then you’ll be sent to finish your job and to take the human back to Earth.

    That is all I have to update you on. You will receive further details regarding everything I have spoken to you about over the next few days. Kon-el, stay behind, I would like to talk to you privately.”

    Once Kal had stopped talking it takes them all a moment before they’re moving. It’s like it takes everyone a moment to understand and absorb everything that’s been said. Cassie and Bart stand up, sending Kon almost pitying looks which Kon sends a tight smile in return, while Tim remains frozen in his seat. Cassie gently takes his arm and starts pulling him up, the action seems to bring Tim back into the present and he allows himself to be dragged out of the office by the Amazon. Bart follows closely behind and slams the door shut once they leave.

    Kon turns back to Kal, his nerves returning as he waits to hear what Kal wants to say to him and not the others.

    “Kon,” Kal sighs. The older Kryptonian slumps more against the desk and runs a hand over his face. “I wish I didn’t have to put you on any form of probation but there was no choice.”

    Upon hearing that Kon shakes his head. “Honestly, probation didn’t even come to my mind. I had been expecting exile or something.” He looks at Kal, trying to search for the answer. “Why did you vouch for us? What kind of negotiations did you make so we could stay together, so we could keep our jobs and even help Tim get back to Earth? I don’t understand why you would do that for us.”

    Kal drops his hand and stares at Kon for a long moment. His eyes boring into Kon’s own and Kon stares back just as transfixed. There’s been many times in his life where Kon’s stared down Kal, nearly all of which he lost but this feels different. There isn’t any heat behind this, only confusion and misunderstanding.

    “I know what you think of me Kon-el. I know I’m hard on you, demanding high expectations and treating you as another squadron member when in fact you are more than that to me.”

    Kon swallows thickly and stands up from his chair as Kal starts approaching him. There’s still quite a height difference between them, but Kon standing up means that Kal is then looming over him as much as he would be if he stayed sitting.

    “You are my son, Kon-el. No matter what you think or how my actions may come across. I am angry with what you did but reflecting back on it, you were simply doing what you believed was right. I am proud of you for that, proud that you have those kind and strong personality traits inside of you.

    Of course I was going to fight and negotiate terms with the other leaders to make the punishment as less harsh for you and your team as possible. Luckily considering my position and the respect I have, my opinion on the matter was regarded highly, even with the many complaints against what I was saying.”

    Kon gapes at Kal in complete astonishment. He’s rendered speechless from the information he’s been told. Kon hadn’t been expecting that at all and he has no idea how he should react to it. Kal has never shown this much affection and devotion to him. They’ve never been close all throughout Kon’s life, they’re constantly fighting one another and can never seem to agree on anything.

    This has totally caught him off guard and he doesn’t know what to do.

    The two of them stand there in silence opposite one another long enough for it to become awkward. Kon has the strongest urge to escape from the room, to get away from this atmosphere, but he can’t seem to make his feet move. Kal’s eye are constantly darting between him and another point in the room, it makes Kon wonder if Kal is having the same thoughts as him.

    “I, uh, is, is that everything?” Kon stutters out eventually after finding his voice again.

    Kal stares at him, looking uncomfortable. “Yes. That’s everything. You and your team need to stay on Krypton for several more days and then you can go to Earth.”

    Kon blinks at Kal for a moment longer. It’s still so unexpected that they’re allowed to stay together and also how they get to take Tim home after all of this.

    Deciding to finally get out of the office and away from the awkwardness, Kon gives Kal a curt nod and leaves the room. He strides out of the office without looking back and once the doors have closed behind him Kon stops in the middle of the corridor to take a deep breath before letting it out. As he does, he feels most of the tension in his body leave.

    His mind begins to work over-time as it replays the whole conversation between him and Kal over and over again. Kon’s still in shock of it. He probably won’t believe what’s been said until it actually happens. It does make him wonder on how truthful Kal is being. Will he stick to his word or will he double-cross them at the last second?

    Kon shakes his head and starts travelling down the corridor. He needs to find the others and see what they make of the situation.

    Taking a guess to their whereabouts Kon heads for his room first and is pleased to find that his assumption is correct. He finds Bart and Tim laid out over the bed with Cassie sat on the chair, to his surprise even Kara is in there too, leaning against the desk next to Cassie.

    Kon shuts the door behind him and rests his back against the wardrobe.

    “Kara’s just telling us how Match and Thad are having new trial after everything that has happened.” Cassie speaks up glancing at him. “Unfortunately we won’t be around to see it because we’ll be working off planet. Which thinking about it, is probably why the leaders are holding it after we leave.”

    Kon raises an eyebrow at Cassie before turning his attention to Kara. “How did you find that out? Kal never mentioned anything of it.”

    Kara shoots him a cunning grin. “I have my ways.”

    He opens his mouth to respond but quickly decides against it. It’s probably for the best he doesn’t know. He hums in response instead.

    “Did you get in trouble?” Bart asks from his position on the bed. He’s fiddling with something in his hands and seems to be completely unperturbed by Tim who is currently resting his head on his shoulder and appears to be falling asleep.


    “With Kal? When he asked you to stay behind. What did he want?”

    Kon thinks over his answer before saying anything. He doesn’t know how much detail he should go into about their conversation. It feels kind of personal and Kon’s not sure if he actually wants to share that with them. In the end he decides to give as minimal details as possible.

    “He pretty much just reiterated what he told us as a team. There wasn’t anything to it really.”

    A glance around the room tells him that he’s only piqued their curiosity more, they’re sending him questioning looks, silently asking for more details but he shakes his head in denial. “It’s nothing. I promise.”

    While seeming reluctant to do so, they thankfully they let it go.

    After that they sit around talking and not generally doing a lot, not that there’s much they can do anyway. Tim does end up falling asleep on Bart and the Speedster lets him do so while the rest of them talk quietly around him. At some point Kara says her farewell and leaves the room claiming she has things to do.

    They stay in the room for a few hours until they decide to go grab some food. Or more correctly, Bart complains enough about being hungry that he and Cassie give in in order to make him shut up. They wake Tim up, who blinks around groggily looking confused as ever.

    Their plan for food is put to a halt however when Kal bumps into them in a corridor leading to the canteen area of the TOC. The older Kryptonian declares he had been searching for them because the sorcerer has arrived to remove the bracelets off of Cassie’s wrists.

    They each share a surprised look and eagerly follow Kal. They wonder through the building and end up in a single room which is assigned for meetings. There’s a large oval table in the middle of the room which is surrounded by multiple of chairs and there are a few different cabinets around the edge of the room.

    Sat in one of the chairs is someone who is wearing a gold helmet over their head, a blue and gold one-suit with a gold cape draped over his shoulders.

    “This is Doctor Fate. He’ll be able to remove the bracelets off of Cassie.” Kal introduces him to them.

    They politely give him their greetings and after a short conversation, Doctor Fate moves over to Cassie and begins to examine the bracelets encasing her wrists. There’s a long, drawn out silence as he does this. Kon watches with concern, not liking the fact that he has no idea what’s going on.

    Eventually Doctor Fate begins speaking, saying words Kon doesn’t understand, as he hovers his hands over Cassie’s wrists. His tone sounds rather robotic, as he seems to chant certain words repeatedly. Alongside the chant, a light from his palms appears and wraps itself around the bracelets.

    Kon watches the scene both cautiously and in awe. It’s bizarre to be witnessing something like this happening, however he wishes it weren’t one of his teammates on the end of it.

    He’s broken out of his thoughts when Cassie suddenly gasps and a loud popping sound could be heard. The two bracelets fall to the ground as they pop off Cassie’s wrists and the light dies as Doctor Fate stops chanting.

    Cassie gingerly reaches up to stroke the skin of her wrists, as if checking to see if they’re unharmed. Seeming satisfied, she looks up at Doctor Fate, nodding at him in gratitude. “Thank you.”

    “I haven’t encountered a spell like that in a long time. I hope I don’t see it for many more years to come. Your abilities will eventually return though it’ll take time, especially considering how they have been suppressed recently.”

    Cassie hums with understanding and takes a step away from the sorcerer. They all stand around and watch as he bends down to pick the bracelets up off the floor. He waves a hand over them again and then they suddenly vanish. Kon does a double take, blinking several times to try and comprehend that’s just what happened. He’s used to a lot of things but objects magically disappearing isn’t one of them.

    Doctor Fate moves with his body as he glances around the room, he stills as his eyes land on Tim. The human, who has now woken up more, visibly jerks at the sudden attention. Kon sees him tense up as the sorcerer strides forward until he’s directly in front of Tim, looking down at him for a long time without saying anything. Tim looks like he’s stuck between frozen in fear and ready to make a run for it in a moment’s notice.

    “I have something to assist you, human from Earth.” Doctor Fate says in that robotic voice. The only change in Tim’s appearance is the widening of his eyes. “This here will act as a cloaking device, it will keep you hidden from those who wish to follow you and cause you harm. I cannot guarantee full immunity, however it will help and at the least slow down any pursuers.”

    Doctor Fate then holds up a what looks like a thin chain. It’s silver in colour and hanging at the bottom of it is a red gemstone. Kon isn’t exactly knowledgeable of gemstones but he could take a guess and call it a ruby given its red colour.

    Tim’s mouth opens but he doesn’t say anything. Doctor Fate holds out the cloaking device and prompts Tim to take it. The human does so and carefully cradles it in his palm as he studies it.

    “For as long as you have it on you, it will work. Take it off or give it away, it will no longer function as it should.”

    Tim finally seems to get over the shock and trance he had fallen into and looks up at the sorcerer towering over him. He nods. “I understand. Thank you, it means more than what words can describe.”

    As if sensing that to be a close to the conversation, Doctor Fate turns around to face Kal. “If that is everything here I believe we have other business to attend to?”

    The two of them leave the room without a glance to Kon and the others. Once they had left and the door has shut, Kon turns his attention on Tim. The human now seems to be blinking at the gemstone in his hand once again, his expression is distant and Kon figures his thoughts must be all over the place. Deciding to leave him be for a moment, Kon turns to Cassie.

    “How are you feeling Cass?”

    Cassie moves her wrists about and sends him a pensive look. “It feels like I’ve been freed from a massive weight. I can feel my powers but it’s like I can’t activate them in a way. I know they’ll take time to come back but I have missed the feeling of them. I’m just glad to have those things off of me.”

    From next to him Bart seems to suddenly explode, he’s been quiet the whole time the sorcerer had been in the room but now it’s like he’s lost all restraint and is releasing all of his energy at once. He bombards Cassie with questions. “Did you see the light around them? Thatwassocool! Whatdidthatfeellike? Diditfeellikeanythingatall? I’veneverseenanythinglikethatbefore!”

    Kon rolls his eyes at Bart’s antics. Cassie does the same but is looking rather amused as Bart vibrates on the spot as he talks. While Cassie engages with an excitable Bart Kon turns back to Tim once again to find him in the same position as before.

    “Tim? Everything okay?”

    The human seems to snap out of his thoughts at the sound of Kon’s voice. His head jerks up and he looks at Kon with wide eyes. “Huh? Oh yeah, yeah everything’s fine. I just hadn’t been expecting this that’s all.”

    Kon hums, sending Tim a small smile. “Well, the little bit of extra protection can’t hurt right?”

    Tim grins back. “Exactly.”

    Bart abruptly appears between them, frantically looking backwards and forwards. “Hey, can we get food now! I’m hungry!”

    Sighing Kon shakes his head in amusement and heads for the door. “Yes we can go food now…”

    Without waiting Bart zooms past him and out of the room. Kon shares an exasperated look with Cassie before following him but at a much more leisurely pace. Cassie is right beside him and Tim is following closely behind them.

    Several more days go by and within that time, all of them have healed a considerable amount. Cassie’s powers have fully returned, Bart is as energetic as ever, Tim’s wounds are finally healed, and Kon himself is feeling almost back to normal. His powers are still weak but they are slowly getting stronger, by this point he now knows only with time will they fully return to what they were before he was poisoned.

    Once it had become clear they were ready for active duty again they were given permission to finish their jobs and to return Tim back to Earth. Of course their punishment is far less severe than what it really should have been but Kon is more than grateful that Kal is allowing them to take Tim back home rather than getting someone else to do it.

    However just because they got to return Tim back together in their own ship, doesn’t mean they have total freedom like they previously did. Something they had to agree on was to have an appointed escort from the leaders. On the ship it would be Kon, his team, Tim and another Kryptonian who is there to observe them.

    Before they leave Krypton they take time in prepping the ship and making sure they have everything they need for an extended amount of time. There wasn’t much to do other than last minute stocking of essential items and final checks of the functions of the ship. Once that was done, they were free to go.

    When they enter space the first thing they decided to do is head for Earth to take Tim back. The human has suffered enough and all of them want nothing more other than to see him home safely. They hope they can get to Earth without running into anymore assassins.

    On board the ship, Cassie and Kon take control of the dashboard with Cassie navigating and Kon in the pilot’s seat. Cassie sets in the coordinates for Earth and Kon steers them in the right direction.

    “You know, I never expected this to happen when we first left all that time ago to do our jobs.” Cassie says glancing over at him.

    Kon gives her a side look. It’s the two of them in the cockpit at that moment. The other Kryptonian had taken up a room somewhere and to Kon’s knowledge Bart and Tim were in the common room. “Didn’t expect what? Finding and befriending a human? Getting involved and captured by the League of Assassins? Meeting the Demon’s Head himself? Getting in major trouble with the leaders?”

    Cassie shrugs. “All of it I guess.”

    “Well it’s certainly been an interesting experience.”

    “Yeah, interesting is one way to put it.” Cassie laughs. “I have to admit I didn’t like Tim at first. Out of every species there is in the universe, he had to be a human being from Earth. Since they have their own reputation, I immediately judged him based on that. I don’t think like that anymore, he’s grown on me. Seeing how strong and resilient he is, despite how undeveloped they are, Tim certainly has a different kind of strength. It’s impressive.”

    Kon sends Cassie a shocked look. He didn’t know the Amazon felt like that about Tim, and he’s also surprised she’s admitting this to him.

    “When did your mind change?” Kon asks curiously. Of course he had known Cassie disliked Tim, it had been easy to see the hostile actions she made towards Tim when they all first met. He and Bart were different, the two of them immediately befriended Tim and wanted to protect him from the start.

    “I think the first real time I looked past Tim being a human was when he tackled the Galavent off me when we were on Tordar. He had no reason to help or save me and he did anyway, and in the process of that he got badly wounded from it. That’s when my opinion started to change.”

    Kon nods, remembering the incident. It had been one of the first times he saw Tim injured to an extreme extent. Humans were both fragile and durable at the same time.

    “I’m glad we’ve been able to keep him alive though we may have accidently almost killed him many times too, but hopefully we can return him home soon.” He comments thoughtfully.

    Cassie nods her agreement and the two of them fall silent. They stay at the dashboard for a while as they plan their route to Earth before moving onto planning the route on the way back. Before they can return to Krypton they need to finish off their collection job, so together they organise in what order they would visit each planet they need to so they don’t back track on themselves.

    When they find themselves with not a lot else to do, the two of them leave the cockpit and join Bart and Tim in the common room. Their friends were sprawled out on the seats watching something on the entertainment screen. Bart is surrounded by different food items while Tim is wrapped up in a blanket. Finding space between them, he and Cassie sit down and easily join in.

    As he watches the screen it occurs Kon that this would probably be the last time they do this. It wouldn’t be too long before they reach Earth, so their time with Tim is now limited. While he’s happy that Tim will be returning home it also makes him feel a little disappointed because Tim will no longer be a presence on the ship.

    Perhaps once their punishment is over, he could try and convince Cassie and Bart for them to visit Tim at some point. He’s sure they wouldn’t mind and he hopes Tim would be up for it. But that’ll have to wait and see.

    As expected, it doesn’t take long to get to Earth. It still takes a while but it’s definitely not the longest time Kon has had to travel to a planet before. Once they get within proximity of the planet, he calls everyone to the cockpit.

    “This is the first time I’ve ever seen Earth. Like I’ve heard about it but never have visited before.” Bart comments grinning widely from where he’s standing on Kon’s right. Kon could see how excited the Speedster is because he’s vibrating on the spot.

    Kon hums as he stares out the front, the planet now coming into clear view. He’s been to a lot of planets in his time, each one unique and different to the rest but Kon has to say he doesn’t see the appeal in Earth. Sure it’s definitely one of the prettier planets they’ve come across, the green, blue and white colours make it interesting to look at but other than that there isn’t a lot to it.

    That’s until he glances at Tim. The human is stood to his left between his and Cassie’s seats staring ahead. His expression is open, the mixture of wonder and awe can easily be seen. This planet may not mean anything to Kon, but it means everything to Tim. It’s his home. It’s where he comes from. Now thinking about it, this probably is the first time Tim’s seen Earth from this angle. To him it really must be a sight to behold.

    Kon stops the ship before they enter Earth’s atmosphere. He needs to know where to go to drop Tim home but also allows Tim some extra time to take in the view.

    “I’ve seen pictures of what Earth looks like from space, however those are absolutely nothing in comparison than actually seeing it for real. I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m speechless, completely mind blown. This is amazing.”

    They all grow quiet as they all observe the planet before them.

    When a considerable amount of time has gone by Kon straightens up in his seat and looks at Tim again. The human’s eyes were wide and his mouth is open agape as the continues to stare ahead. “Tim, do you know how to get home? Like what the coordinates are? I want to try and get you as close as possible.”

    It takes a moment for Tim to break his gaze away from the view, but even then Tim wasn’t giving Kon all of his attention. His gaze constantly flickers between him and the planet.  

    “I uh… well… I don’t know coordinates but I may be able to roughly guide you down?” Tim says sounding unsure. A frown appears on his face. “I, obviously, haven’t done this before and there’s the fact I have no idea on how people are going to react seeing a spaceship come from space. We should be concerned about getting fired at or something.”

    “Well…” Cassie starts off, she leans forward and presses a few different controls on the dashboard, “being seen won’t be a problem because we’ll go into camouflage mode. No one will see us enter the atmosphere.”

    Tim lets out a breath. “Okay. That’s good. Now give me a moment I need to work out what country we’re seeing at the moment. Is that Africa or South America? Oh wait, Africa is to the right and South America is to the left. Okay, so we need to go more west and up a bit more.”

    Gently guiding the ship Kon follows Tim’s vague directions. He keeps glancing at the human waiting for him to tell him when to stop. When they’re over a large green section of the planet, Kon figures this must be land, Tim tells him to stop.

    “This is North America.” Tim educates them. “There are seven countries on Earth and this is one of them, this is also where I come from. Now go to the very far East of this bit of land. Only when you get closer to the land itself will I actually be able to tell you where to go.”

    Trying to find Tim’s home turns out to be a rather stressful and frustrating process. There’s a lot of manoeuvring to do and a few times they’ve had to back track but as they get closer to the land it slowly becomes easier and when they aren’t too far above it, Tim finally gets a solid sense of direction.

    Kon parks the ship down in a place that looks completely abandoned from life, Tim claims it to be empty fields just outside the city he lives in.

    He figures Tim knows what’s best for him and Kon goes along with it. Once he’s parked the ship he turns it off and the four of them make their way down to the bottom of the ship so they can finally say goodbye to Tim.

    “I want to thank you all for everything that you have done for me. Even when you didn’t have to, I really am grateful for what you’ve done. You saved my life, rescued me when I got captured again, then returned me home. I apologise that you all got in trouble because of me, I wish you didn’t. Thank you.” Tim says earnestly, looking at each of them in turn as he talks.

    Bart immediately jumps into reassuring Tim it isn’t his fault and then proceeds to give the human a long speech about meeting him and what their time together has meant. Cassie soon follows up with similar comments and even a joke about how high maintenance humans are.

    When it comes to Kon’s turn he has no idea on what to say. Of course he has familiar feelings and thoughts as the other two but repeating them for a third time doesn’t feel right.

    “Um… I’m glad we’ve got you home safe,” he starts off with, “some days it may have felt like you never were going to make it home, especially with everything you’ve had to endure but we finally managed to get you here. You’re the first human we met and I’m glad it was you, you’re incredible Tim and have certainly changed opinions on what human beings are like.”

    Tim cracks a smile at that. His words still don’t feel enough but Kon has no idea on how to speak what he’s feeling. He watches as Tim wipes at his eyes and as he takes a shaky breath. The actions make Kon frown. “Are you okay?”

    The humans laughs lightly, a small smile forming on his face as he rapidly blinks. “I’m fine, just emotional. We’re saying goodbye after all. I owe you all everything and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. I’ll forever be grateful.”

    “It’s an honour to meet you Tim. We won’t forget you either.” Cassie responds softly, smiling at him.

    Suddenly Tim’s moving, he steps towards Cassie and throws his arms around her. Cassie freezes on the spot, her arms are spread wide like she doesn’t know where to place them as Tim presses up against her. Before she could do anything however Tim abruptly steps back, now looking embarrassed.

    “I’m so sorry for that. I just, well, I really wanted a hug that’s all.”

    “I want one!” Bart exclaims. Now this time, it’s Tim who doesn’t get the chance to do anything before Bart is wrapping his arms around Tim. The human stumbles but gets his footing and returns the hug. After a moment they separate and then Kon takes it as an open invitation and hugs Tim himself.

    Tim’s arms wrap around him and they stay embraced for a moment longer before parting. Cassie soon repeats the action and the two of them hug properly this time.

    When they finally part Tim bends down and grabs a carrier off the floor. Everything he’s accumulated over time while on the ship is in that carrier. There’s some clothes, a few snacks they’d given him and his universal translator remote.

    “Oh before I go,” Tim says opening the carrier as he apparently remembers something. He brings out that colourful cube of his and holds it out to Bart. “You can have this. There are hundreds around on Earth but you still haven’t completed it. Keep it and finish it off for me.”

    Bart looks shocked but takes the cube out of Tim’s hand and holds it up to his chest. He smiles and thanks Tim.

    After that Kon opens the door and Tim turns around to the exit. The three of them stand by as they watch Tim descend down the ramp and onto his homeland. Once he reaches the bottom Tim spins around and looks at them, he sends them one last smile before turning away again and starts walking in a direction. Its only when he’s out of sight that Kon shuts the door, finally saying goodbye forever.

    The three of them return to the cockpit with a heavy silence hanging around them. It’s going to take some time to adjust not having Tim with them anymore. At least they all know Tim has returned home safely, he’ll go back living his human life and they’ll go back living theirs.

    In a quiet and muted tone Kon announces their next destination and starts the ship up. With a heavy feeling in his chest, Kon guides the ship up and away from Earth and into the void of space.

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