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  • I was thinking how it may be true how guys will not be just a friend with a female. Also, guys are meant to pursue women. If the woman does the more work and doesn’t lets the guy “breathe” or “think” the guy is not going to put much importance in the woman. He will not see her worth as much. Guys are meant to pursue and they have to feel the strength to not give up on you. Men need to feel that they they won the prize: You, even when you reject something from them. If the woman pursue them, they may lose their strength. 😢

    be careful! ❤️😌🌱 self love comes first. Pursue Christ and the right guy will pursue you someday. 📚🌎👍🏻

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  • Talk not of love, it gives me pain,
    For love has been my foe;
    He bound me in an iron chain,
    And plung’d me deep in woe.

    But friendship’s pure and lasting joys,
    My heart was form’d to prove;
    There, welcome win and wear the prize,
    But never talk of love.

    Your friendship much can make me blest,
    O why that bliss destroy?
    Why urge the only, one request
    You know I will deny?

    Your thought, if Love must harbour there,
    Conceal it in that thought;
    Nor cause me from my bosom tear
    The very friend I sought.

    - Robert Burns -

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  • When I was younger and had no friends, I thought everything would be better if I had them or even just one.

    But what if you have friends but talking to them is difficult?

    Not because they are bad people or worse listeners. But because talking is something you’re not used to.

    My problems are different from daily problems, because they came from health issues. And these problems don’t have an easy solution. That’s difficult for people to understand, if they aren’t experiencing the same problem at that time (sometimes it’s even hard to understand, if this person is mentally ill, too).

    And I’m so afraid of demanding too much from others or worse going on their nerves.

    I never wanted to be a burden, but every time I talk to people about my problems, I get this feeling. Maybe I really am demanding too much, maybe it’s better to say that everything is OK and to talk about it with my therapist. Maybe it’s unfair of me to burden my friends with these things, they just can’t understand.

    But if they feel helpless, why can’t they tell me that? Why are they trying to give me a solution that doesn’t help with my problem or I already know, when I didn’t ask for one?

    I’m just searching for empathy. But maybe that’s wrong, because my problems are not understandable or comprehensive. I’m always told that I should reach out, my therapist says that and everyone else. But how?

    It doesn’t help me, it makes me feel worse. I feel like I did a selfish thing, that I’m talking too much about myself, that I demand too much. But I also can’t accept these well-meaning advices. Because that’s not what I search for. I already know what to do, I just want people to understand.

    But if that’s not possible, why trying to reach out?

    I’m really confused right now.

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  • Genderbent Harry and Hermione
    Script and Harry by me // hermes by the great @headcanonsandmore


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  • Of Queries and Quarantines by MoonCat457
    Pairing: Sirius/Remus
    Rating: E
    Word Count: 51k
    LUPIN.RJ: James, WHY?
    POTTER.JF: Because you’re the one currently doing the job, so it makes sense that you’d be the one to train the person hired to take your place.
    LUPIN.RJ: No, I mean why is Monty hiring a new editor in the middle of a fucking pandemic?
    POTTER.JF: An old friend of mine is in a tough spot and needs a job, so of course, dad is helping him out.
    - - - -
    A story set in the middle of the pandemic in which Sirius is hired at the Potter’s publishing company and Remus is responsible for training him. Lots of texting, lots of video calls, lots of mutual pining, and a lot of really bad literature quotes.

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  • It’s a love affair like no other. A Romeo and Juliet story. I knew I shouldn’t love this guy. It was too difficult. There’s so many ways it could have gone wrong and it did. But I loved him like a drug that I kept going back to. We lived in a small town. I was rich. He was a nobody but still popular because of the eye candy. We were friends since we were young. I’ve seen him be with many girls and I’ve been the target of many of thems because of how long we’ve been friends and had such a good relationship. His dad works for my dad at the mill so I got to know him like no one else. When we started working there too I was his boss and I got jealous when other girls were with him. I couldn’t stop myself. But soon he found out I liked him and he felt it too. We went out together sneakily or as sneakily you can in a small town. But still my dad dissaproved, he never let me get married. So we ran. But running was an endless cycle and soon we had a child. But making the child go on the run was not something I wanted for my child so I gave in but they shot him. Now I live with my father in his mansion with my child that I’m not allowed to see for most of the time. Raised by nannies. Where does this nightmare end?

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  • The Greatest Guy

    He hugged her close holding her tight
    In her darkness he was light
    And when no one else was there
    She knew he was the one to care

    Always by her side
    When the sun would hide
    He would ease her pain
    And dance with her in rain

    So lucky was she
    That her friend was he
    She really loved him so
    The greatest guy to know

    - by DarkenLyght
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  • A Friend.

    I’ll be honest, she has been selfish lately, she forgets to ask how I am, she doesn’t have any excitement for the new house renovations, she doesn’t seem happy for me or to really care about my life right now.

    And I’ve found it hard, I’ve been frustrated and angry, I’ve been upset. I’ve had to take space and time for myself, not ignoring her, but not addressing her needs immediately, I’ve very much felt she is making some bad choices.

    But yesterday, despite not feeling I could “handle her” I did. And I’m happy I did. Because she is a friend and despite me feeling it’s currently a little one sided, I think at the moment it perhaps needs to be. She is struggling mentally, she has a lot going on in her personal life and though I believe some of it is self inflicted, it doesn’t mean she should handle it all alone. Finally she came to a rash decision in regards to her work, one I feel is a mistake, a mistake she will still make despite my advice, but that’s ok.

    I was honest, I told her I am worried about how she has been lately, that I care and want her better, mentally and to find some balance in her life. That I felt the decision she is making now is out of anger to a situation, though not amazing, was already resolved. And that making a big decision in this fog of anger could be a big mistake.

    I’ve told her she hasn’t been herself, I’ve asked her to speak with a doctor. I’d like her to go to therapy. I’ve told her I want to see her and that even though it’s hard I’d like her to try and not cancel, I miss her, and not just seeing her, but the person she is, the one I know isnt quite there right now, but will return.

    I’m not going to battle with myself about being a bad friend, about feeling neglected by her, about wishing sometimes she would check in on me like I do her. I’m not going to beat myself up about taking breaks, not replying right away, I’m not going to make myself feel worse about feeling bad. My feelings are valid, I feel them for a true reason.

    But I’ve also reminded myself that sometimes people are trapped in their own dark clouds, that sometimes they can’t be the friend you know they can be. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they need others to be gentle, to be forgiving, because I’m betting there will be one day she will be finding me hard to handle, frustrating, selfish and not quite myself. And I hope she too will still stand beside me and prop me up.

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  • What is a friend? 1 soul in 2 bodies.

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  • #126

    I’m too scared to call anyone my friend because I’ve never had a friend that hasn’t eventually left me? so I don’t want to become attached. but I do think of you as my friend. I know you could leave any day but I still care about you. you make me happy and my days would be much more lonely without you. but I can’t say that out loud ‘cause I can’t trust that it will continue like this forever.

    #thank you for maybe thinking of me as a friend? #friendship#thoughts #note from my journal
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  • Bentley 8 boys hanging out (Sims 2 Version)

    (Again, sorry for Sims 2 low-quality pics)


    Dustin and Johnny got upset with each other. They argued for one hour earlier, that’s why they put on an angry face. They don’t always get along because of their opposite personalities (Johnny is the bossy leader while Dustin is the rebel), but eventually, they’re still best friends at the end of the day. All of them have a special kind of brotherhood.


    “Hey guys, I want to tell you something. I just did a public woohoo yesterday with a blind date at Oresha Family Dining. It was amazing.” Said Ripp.

    Johnny rolled his eyes. “I heard about your woohoo experiences over and over again since we were in high school. You make me bored.”

    “What an inappropriate place to do a public woohoo. It’s a family restaurant, what will parents say to their children when they saw you did that?” Said Puck.

    “They didn’t say anything, but they gave me angry stares. Then the restauranteur kicked me out, so luckily I didn’t have to pay the bills! Hahaha.”

    “I bet you don’t even know her name.” Said Dirk.

    “Exactly. But so what? At least she’s hot.” Said Ripp again.

    “Geez, what an asshole. Don’t brag about your public woohoo again. You’re nauseating.” Said Dirk.

    Ripp smirked. “You guys are just jealous because I’ve slept or made out with each one of your girlfriends of our squad. Ophelia and Lilith were good in bed. Angela was a great kisser as well. And Puck, I know about you and Angela. You messed around with her too, Johnny. Right?”

    “STOP IT!” Johnny and Dirk yelled together at Ripp.

    Puck kicked Ripp’s left knee under the poker table. “Shut up.” He said.

    “Screw you, Ripp.” Said Johnny.

    “What about ‘no jealousy’ rules between us?” Said Ripp again.

    “It’s not about jealousy. You shouldn’t talk about the girls’ privacy. We should respect them instead of bragging about them.” Said Dirk.

    Suddenly, Ripp farted loudly.

    “Sorry guys, I couldn’t hold it any longer.”

    At first, they giggled. But eventually, they laughed out loud.

    But they didn’t realize someone heard it all behind the wall. It was Dustin who just came home from work. He knew he shouldn’t be jealous because all of them are non-monogamous and hooking up these days. But still, Angela is his girl.

    “Those bastards.” Dustin sighed while he crossed his arms and shook his head. He smiled for a second, Then he put his jacket on his left shoulder and went upstairs.

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