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  • The Vlogbrothers have meant that I have tried harder to get to know my older brothers - and because of them I now have some wonderful friendships that I couldn’t explore before because of our age gaps.

    They have also meant that I started writing - which is a huge part of my life now - because before I never dared because I thought I would be rubbish. They have made me think more about the people I know and to make me think before I hastily judge people without thinking about how they might feel.

    In short, they have meant that my friendships are better and my family is closer and my free time is more fun and fulfilling and productive. :)


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  • When I started setting boundaries it felt really uncomfortable. Sometimes it felt like i was being mean or being too picky. I started filtering out the few people I kept close to me. I was honest with myself about the friendships and connections I had. I never did this before because I was always afraid of facing the reality: What if I realize that I have no real friends? What if this relationship isn’t for me? Facing these questions was terrifying.

    Setting boundaries is something new to me and well I discovered the relationship I was in wasn’t for me after all. I also realised I dont have as many real friends as I thought I did. I had to break away from alot of people because I was forcing relationships that weren’t healthy. It’s been hard. Sometimes I do feel alone but I also feel like it’s a new start for me. Even though it was really hard, it was necessary. I’m happy to that I can make room for new and healthy relationships now that I’m aware of what I want and deserve.

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    Stand up

    I asked for space

    You invaded it

    You told me to come to you when I am ready

    You told me when to be ready

    I tried to help this person

    You tried to help too

    Because anything I can

    You can do better

    You made me feel inferior

    You made me feel scared

    You made me feel anxious

    You made me lose sleep

    But it’s over now

    I am not going to be a victim any longer

    I choose to be free from your grasp

    I can finally breath again

    There will always be people

    Who make you feel small

    Who make you feel scared

    Who make you feel stressed

    Who keeps you up at night

    But you have to stand up

    Do the right thing

    And stand up

    For your health

    For your sanity

    For your future self

    - firemaiden

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  • Oh I forgotten we have this haha 🤣🤣🤣#crazyfriends #friendships #funny #ourlife #life #livelife #lifestyle #justforfun (at KOPI)

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    God is so amazing in bringing to me the right people in every chapter of my life. I think I have now a group of friends that I can be comfortable with during my medschool journey. We started off as people grouped for our transcribed notes in PrevMed/Bioethics subject but it turns out, we don’t need to do trans for this particular subject because most of the topics are application of what we’ve learned and need to learn about the work ethics of becoming a good doctor in the future. Our group chat for our trans turned into a rant room, getting to know each other room, planning food trips and travelling together when we finally get to see each other in the future😊 Hahaha they are so funny too. We have similar hobbies and in the short span of time that we’re known each other, I am touched that we are now patting each others back and encouraging each other to never give up on our dreams. We jive very well! I never thought I could have people to whom I could be sarcastic and silly in a short span of time. They were just strangers to me back then. I just hope we’ll still have that energetic vibe when talking to each other in the future😅😂 I am usually talkative around the right people. I just have that strong intuition about people’s vibe to whom I can be comfortable with. I really get along well with people but I can be so picky to whom I’ll open up to. Thankfully, I know that God has already planned the future for me. People in my life come unexpectedly and I am just so happy that the right ones always stay no matter what. For me, great friendships start with vulnerability and being authentic with each other. I always remind myself that I don’t need to hide my authenticity because that is how I know that when someone sticks with me for a long time, I know they are worth the friendship I can offer them. I just hope my old friends won’t get jealous if I’ll spend time with my new friends in the future😊 I know they won’t because no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, no matter who we are with, trust, love and respect is the foundation of our friendship. I am just so glad to have them❤️

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  • I don’t date online and never will but I think it would be nice to be in a queerplatonic relationship someday.

    If it never happens, that’s okay. I don’t feel pressured in any way to have one, I don’t fear being single. Having friends of any and every kind is wonderful! And, if I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free…

    Still, it would be nice to have a friend, or even more than one friend, if all agree, as my heart is quite a large one, I could be affectionate with but who won’t go any further than things like hand-holding, hugs, and maybe a few kisses./gen That would be paradise! Cuddles with friends!

    I sometimes feel like I can’t be loving with friends because I’m super worried said friends might get the wrong idea. I mean, I do have attractions and drives and all but I just…really would rather not go any further with people than being affectionate like one might be with siblings or something.

    Sigh…Heh, good luck to me finding someone who won’t use that as a way to try to slowly manipulate me past my boundaries into territory I’d much rather be in completely alone without them! I’m fairly good at spotting manipulators, usually, I just absolutely hate whenever someone says “yes I’ll respect you” when they actually mean to put a “for now” at the end of that. It always feels like one of the worst of betrayals and it hurts every time…

    (I’m practicing using tone indicators! They’re fun to learn! I hope I’m using them correctly!/srs)

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  • #bien rambles#answers#anonymous #this got long #but it was a nice ask thank you!! #felt nice to talk about this #social stuff#friendships
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    I’ve been pondering on the idea of what it means to have friends.

    Are they really friends, or are they people you have on the side just to tell you great you are.

    Are they really friends when they talk about you behind your back.

    Are they really friends, or do they just use you when they feel bored.

    You see, I live in a community where friendships are really important. And it gets exhausting when you try to be friends with every single person.

    Even if you don’t like the person, you try. But that creates conflict, and not just any conflict, unnecessary conflict. It can turn very bad very quick.

    There is also they, “how could you not like them?l”. People sometimes forget about personal preference. Some people like avocados and some like tomatoes, and it sucks when you get the, “but how”?

    Our personalities just don’t click, it’s as simple as that. And I am not going to be mean to the person just because we don’t match, some people are. But that is a different problem.

    You shouldn’t have to explain this to others if it’s got nothing to do with them.

    - firemaiden

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  • hi loves sorry I’ve been Mia this weekend, it was a pretty busy weekend for me, but I’m here now if you need advice.

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  • What’s it like to jump into an American car…

    Instant aroma of stale McDonald’s French fries that has been in there for months.



    And no one says anything….

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  • Hey, beautiful people 💫

    You don’t have to be skinny to be deserving of respect and love 🥺 But you don’t have to be curvy either 🥺 Or big and round 🥺 Or buff and tall 🥺 Or short and petite 🥺 Or anything else 🥺 The right people will love you because of you 🥺

    #body positivity#positivity#love#relationships#relationship#body love#text post#text#mental health#friendship#friendships#thoughts #i know loving yourself is def. easier said than done #so let me help you #you ARE gorgeous AND sexy AND funny and deserving of love and respect #and not despite of who you are but BECAUSE of you #and yes #allow me to be a little vain now #you are also sexy because of your LOOK #yes #you ARE gorgeous #because of your personality AND your looks :)
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  • It doesnt cost much to treat people with respect during difficult situations, just a bit of pride. But just swallow it because the scar of being disrespected by someone you trusted never leaves, its traumatizing.

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  • im putting this on my tumblr bc no one from irl follows me here: does anyone ever feel like,alone? not just lonely,bc i know there is a difference between those,but i just feel…abandoned,lately. people and friends i used to hang out with r hanging out with other people and groups i could have been a part of if i put in a little more effort in my friendships,and now starting uni i have to meet new people that i honestly don’t want to be friends with bc of heavy trust issues and anxiety. i put myself away from my old friends bc i felt like a liability but now i regret it deeply and i can’t stop feeling upset. i don’t know what to do. i will never be jealous of my friends’s happiness but damn i wish i had reached out earlier.

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    when my friends do something completely ridiculous and dorky. for instance - bad puns, recalls or references geek shit, says something so random it'a funny

    #little joys#happiness#friends#friendships#dorks#about#text #i truly love how dorky my friends are #it is so endearing
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  • sometimes you’ll notice that someone isn’t doing okay, but you might not know how to approach them about it, or they keep insisting they’re doing fine. here’s how to not be intrusive or overstep while also acting on your worries:

    value their space -> one of the most respectful ways to deal with anyone is to listen to them when it comes to boundaries. a hands-on approach isn’t always the most responsible way to handle a situation involving someone you care about. don’t try to take control unless you feel like they’re in serious danger, and never give them the feeling that you think you know more about them than they do.

    give them the opportunity to come to you -> it’s easy to ask how they are once or twice and then move on, but if you truly want someone to feel comfortable coming to you, you should be able to go beyond asking about their feelings. saying things such as “i’ll be here when you’re ready”, “i’m always interested in how you’re doing” and “i want to be someone you feel comfortable with and trust” can already serve as an enabler. without overstepping by insisting they talk, you’ll make sure they have a reason to believe that someone wants to hear them and loves them enough to listen.

    actively be a friend -> not overstepping doesn’t mean taking a step back, and giving someone space doesn’t always mean cutting off contact on your part. stay involved, interested, and kind. let them know you’re thinking of them by involving them in the conversation or even sending them funny posts. and while it’s okay to acknowledge that you know they’re not doing well, don’t give them a reason to believe that their struggles are all you see when you look at them, and do give them a reason to believe that you know they have value either way.

    to be there for someone you don’t necessarily have to prioritize them, and to really let someone know you care for them you don’t have to pressure them by asking about their feelings twenty times a day. but letting someone know that you’re serious about loving them and wanting to be there for them can already go a very long way.

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