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    09.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    hangin with the short skelly

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    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @cinnabund​ / [ x ]

    Oh, they were playing with fire and they knew it very well.

    They remind themselves that this is not the first time, nor the last time, they will tempt Venelope from her station with card games of questionable origins.

    They can’t find it in themselves to care

    An uncommon smile graces their features. It wasn’t to say Frisk didn’t smile often, no, it was just that this, unlike many others, wasn’t brimming with painfully bared teeth & busted, bleeding lip with newly forming bruises speckling across the jaw and the cheek and that annoying little spot between the eye and the hairline like an audience giving encore to the misplaced little response: no, it wasn’t uncommon to see them smile, but usually, it was out of pain more than anything else. ― this, however, was one more genuine and more sweet than bitter as cards shuffle idly in their long hands. they’re pretty sure they’ve beaten almost every resident with hands ( and otherwise, MK is a surprisingly well-suited opponent despite the odds ) in half the Underground, or at least they’ve given them a run for their money. They were not keen on breaking this trend, even if it meant suffering a few hard losses. ( it wasn’t like losing was anything new for them, anyway. )

    * Don’t talk big before we’ve even sat down now, would be an awful shame if you weren’t able to make good on those warnings.

    Despite their smile being much more genuine ( sugar swirling in tea, the bitterness masked, if only for so long ) ― there was an undeniable twang of challenge in their eyes. Frisk always had been the kind to love a good challenge, haven’t they?

    * Warfare? Hah! Tell you what, if you can beat me, i’ll help you around the shop. Sound fair? Heaven knows I can’t bake like you, but i’m worth my salt when it comes to speedy deliveries and playing errand-boy. Plus, using uno as an advantageous business practice is one hell of a story to tell the players in Grillby’s.

    if Venelope looked under the challenging gaze like a rug in a child’s room, they’d find Frisk trying to sweeten the pot in efforts to get Venelope to abandon her duties in pursuit of victory. They knew well how hard she worked, and once you’ve got a rabbit by the ears, you don’t just let go. ― they, of all people, would know how stressful some things can be. They tap the table they’ve stationed themselves at, a three knuckled tap like even that was taunting Venelope further after so long of tempting to play a round, just one they’d said, but they gathered it was far from being only one ( they, by all means, bought some treats to earn taking another possible customer’s seat as long as they have. / plus, they’d be a downright liar if they said they weren’t a worryingly major sweet-tooth )

    They waggle the neatly re-compiled red deck like a challenge begging to be taken.

    #i wrote this all and then at the very end my wifi died and i had to wait to actually post it #pain. pain BNMKJHNMKJHN #but hi yes Frisk may be messed up but that does not mean they won't goat someone #into stalling their responsibilities to play uno with them #they may be a teenager with everyone out to kill them but that does not mean they cant challenge the local bunny to uno #♕ Entertaining radio ditties ; RP #MUSE / Frisk #ROLEPLAY / Frisk #cinnabund#food // #food mention // #food ment // #blood mention // #violence mention // #blood //#violence // #bc of the thing i mentioned at first ghtrjrtjhgnmrk4jht #but them <3
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  • little-time-artist
    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I'm sharing my au

    Ok so my au is animositytale or abhortale

    Is where my sans and papyrus are mad from the greed and wrath of the underground. (maybe gluttony too) when frisk falls down into the underground the ruins look normal. Once frisk gets to the basement the color of the floor and walls fade into a bull color. The doors are chained and locked shut to keep something or someone out. Once Frisk gets out of the basement every looked dead. Like the life had been sucked out of it. Dust and blood covered the snow. Frisk is scared but wanted to go home to the surface. Once frisk got to the gate an ax flies at them. Frisk dodged it and tuns around. A tall skeleton with a brown coat with orange fluff on it and ripped shorts was looking at her with pure hate. It had scars that looked like tiger stripes. Its legs are bent backward. It had a dark violet sweater that only covered the top of a red and violet glowing echo-like flesh. Frisk started running for their life. Once they got through the gate they trip over a piece of ice. They tried to get up from the ground but were grabbed by the back of her dress and thrown into a tree. An ax was then held up to her neck and she had a restart or continue. After many times of dying to sans frisk finally got to papyrus. Once she befriend him she was safe from sans. And in return was safe from the underground. Everyone was scared of sans and papyrus.

    Will you kill sans or befriend papyrus and be safe. The only thing that can kill sans is fire. Luckily for you, there is a hand held torch that is like a flashlight. Do you want to try your luck with sans?

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  • acoyocomic
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Gear up, progress awaits! A warrior decides that their friend's equipment needs some upgrades. Just what are they planning? Just to clear up, the newcomer is still learning the ropes of this new world, so they're letting the host clear the way. They don't encourage killing, but what can they do except refuse to take part in it?... And the enemies will just respawn, correct?... This page was a delight to edit. No dialogues, just pure action.

    Next (in two weeks, per usual) Previous First

    The comic will be updated every two weeks here, but if you wanna read ahead, the majority of the pages have already been uploaded to my Deviantart. Which is why you’ll see “BlueCatDeviantart” in credits for every page. Because the comic was never meant for Tumblr, and yet here we are.

    Undertale belongs to Toby Fox, Hollow Knight belongs to Team Cherry Sketch, lineart and story by me, coloring by Mapoleon

    #undertale#undertale frisk#undertale comic#hollow knight #hollow knight comic #hollow knight little ghost #hollow knight the knight #A Choice Of Your Own
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  • routetale
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    ".....Frisk? Wake up"


    Frisk opened his eyes slowly, his alarm clock hadn't worked in ages, when they looked up they saw there mother Toriel

    "Come on Frisk, we have to head to school soon" she said, before walking near the window, and pulling the Curtains open to let light shine into the room, keeping the sleepy Frisk from returning to there precious dream realm. "I'll be outside waiting for you"

    The comfort of there bed was tempting them, almost chaining the tired teenager to the bed, but with the fuel and power of determination, Frisk was able to escape the bounds of the mattress, and stood upwards.

    He Yawned and looked around, there room, it was a one bed room with some Video games in the corner, on the stand next to there bed was a picture...the picture, there friends and themselves standing together after they escaped the underground, Frisk cracked a smile.

    Frisk then left the room and walked downstairs, before making there way outside, and seeing Toriel was right by the car, waiting for Frisk

    "Come on! We might still be able to get there in time" Toriel said before opening the drivers side, and starting the car, as the 17 year old got in the car next to her. When the car started, they thus drove out of there lane and into town.....Frisk looked around and saw all of them, many monsters who were now just, living a good life in the surface, he saw Undyne in her police uniform, some other monsters just waving to them as They passed by there homes, and saw some posters for concerts Mettaton was plannint, Frisk couldn't help but crack a smile at it all, and just thought back in nostalgia, recalling all those years ago...


    The smile faded slightly as they thought further back to all those years ago

    "Well be together forever"

    "Won't we"

    "Here we go!" Toriel said as they drove near the school area. Smiling, wich snapped Frisk away from there brief day dreaming, as they drove near the school...

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  • homesick-daydreemurr
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    today’s fictionkin feel: “i really like your name!” “thanks, i stole it from myself!”

    also the pure unfiltered euphoria i get from being called frisk by other people (and not just text to speech) is almost overwhelming /pos

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  • smp1123-reborn
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I decided to draw frisk. I wonder who shes looking at?

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  • theveryconfusedartistsart-blog
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Here, please look at these Frisks real quick 💖🌟

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  • galaxyteadraws
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Practice 👌

    #dancetale#frisk#ballerina#digital art#undertale#galaxyteadraws#undertale fanart #trying to learn how to draw different positions #its slow #but this is okay #background is meh #frisk isnt squinting #le cri
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  • jowoeyclaire
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    wanted to draw something inspired by mother 3′s sprite style so i drew these two!

    #undertale#chara#frisk#myart #apologies for how small this is #i tried to up the resolution but it resulted in it being blurry LMAO
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  • kikozaden
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Scattered Undertale/Deltarune pencil doodles

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  • invertedfate
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • joost8910
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Frisk and Chara, to gender or not to gender

    Ah yes, the fandom’s long-contested debate. Well, here’s my take on it and some of the more common arguments I’ve seen. 

    I’ve seen a lot of people claim that Toby Fox has stated that the characters’ genders are open to fan interpretation. The closest thing I found is a deleted tweet on the topic of what to name the fallen child. 

    Personally, I disagree with the interpretation that this choice extends to characters’ genders and pronouns. This tweet is referring to the name you enter at the start of the game. While at first players may think they’re naming Frisk, that's later subverted in the true pacifist and no mercy routes where it's revealed the character we named: Chara, is not the one we play as: Frisk. 

    I've seen a lot of people use the naming part as an argument to gender Chara however they please. To that, I say this: Most RPGs (for example, Chrono Trigger or Earthbound) allow you to choose the name of your protagonist or other party members. However, you don't get to choose their gender or pronouns. 

    Some have argued that Chara is a self insert and is free to be gendered as the player sees fit. This completely overlooks every time Chara is brought up in-game. The tapes, Asriel’s recount of Chara, Chara’s own monologue at the end of the No Mercy route; Chara is explicitly shown to be their own character, not a self-insert.  

    Given that Chara's repeatedly referred to as "they" by Asriel, I see that as their canonical pronouns. 

    Some have said that Frisk is a self-insert. Frankly, I can see why. The game gives Frisk little characterization. What little it does give varies by route. The game’s narration consistently refers to Frisk as “you.” The argument that Frisk is made to be a self-insert seems valid. 

    Although, Flowey's post true pacifist dialogue implies Frisk is their own character instead of a self-insert, given that he differentiates Frisk from “you” and now we have 2 conflicting arguments. 

    Given that Toby has not given a clear answer on the topic of Frisk's gender, and the fact that he has deleted the above tweet, I think he's trying to avoid his words being used as word-of-god ammo for these discussions. I'd guess due to belief in death-of-the-author. 

    I guess my conclusion is whether or not Frisk's gender is up to interpretation is up to interpretation. That sounds redundant, but it makes sense in my head. 

    While I personally believe Frisk’s pronouns are they/them like is used in the game, I will accept that belief’s status as a headcanon rather than canon due to the strength of the self-insert argument. 

    But only for Frisk. I stand by they/them Chara (maybe they/it, but less sure). 

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  • sol-arize
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Undertale is so funny bc Frisk is a baby and you can make them kill people

    #like what lmfaoo #frisk#undertale
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  • riverraysong
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    And oh my gosh! We’re nearing the end of the year, and what better way to look back on it than to repost all of my favorite art pieces from the entirety of 2021?

    This year was a huge step in my journey as an artist- from my Underverse poster that got reblogged by the official Underverse account on here, to the masterpiece of Gillion Tidestrider that I posted yesterday. I got my first drawing monitor in April (an XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro) and really stepped up my game- and yet, three out of five of my biggest pieces this year were traditional! I’m very proud of where I’ve gone, and although I wasn’t able to make my first animatic or animation this year like I hoped, I did accomplish things I definitely wouldn’t have been able to last year.

    Thank you to anyone and everyone who has liked and reblogged my art. I know I’m not as good as a lot of the artists out there, but I’m certainly trying my best, and your encouragement through engagement is what keeps me going! <3

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  • ruby-koyama
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ¡¿Porqué hay tantos cómics de piernas?! os estaréis preguntando... Lo subo por las risas.

    Abajo esta el link de las páginas del cómic original

    (Below is the link of the pages of the original comic book)

    Autor: https://maxladcomics.tumblr.com/

    Página original

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  • secret-time-is-here
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    An Error's Journey

    Chapter 52

    Previous - First - Next

    Consciousness slapped him awake, throwing him up into the world and out of his slumber. The memory and the faces of his friends haunting him. His life felt jumbled with the simple words Core spoke. The shattering reality that he has nearly caught up to the present. That his memories are nearly over.

    Nightmare is suddenly right there next to him, and he forgets for a moment that they fell asleep cuddled together. He can’t hear the words that his lover is saying, only knowing the comforting tone. His usually still soul beats in his skull like suspenseful drums, and for a moment he wishes he were in the Antivoid-but like an intrusive thought he ignores it and instead quests for the darkness of huddling away curled up against Nightmare.

    Things are a little easier that way, curled up close enough to hear the souls of his mate. The thrum like live bees swarming in his mind, filling it with static bliss instead of thought. Nightmare hugs him close, understanding without a single word from Error what he needed. He nearly laughs aloud at the thought that they’ve been together for so long that words aren’t required anymore. It feels like something from a storybook of love, although he knows he’s still far from his happy end.

    He hardly grasps it when he hears Nightmare’s tone go from caring to dull, the tendrils that had unknowingly wrapped around him now pulled away. Threatening whoever dared to intrude on the feared and venerable king.

    “Nightmare, while I understand your wishes, killing me won’t do you any good-and you know it.” Core’s voice crept over to him, “I’m sure Error has some questions for me and likely some uncarefully chosen words to throw at me.”

    “Fuck off ya’ brat-”

    “Was I incorrect on the question front?”


    “I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific, God of Destruction.”

    “Why… Why did you step in like that? I could’ve been happy-I was nearly-”

    “You wouldn’t have become Error otherwise.” Core sighed, and Error refused to look over at the other, not wanting to see the pitiful expression he already knew would be on the other’s face, “It is impossible for you to be God of Destruction without the pain you endured in the Antivoid… and it is also impossible for you to have even a chance at sanity if you lived a good life beforehand.”

    Core pauses, and he can feel Nightmare retracting his tendrils, moving them back to cocoon comfortingly around Error. Grounding him from the vast space of the antivoid. “...if it helps any… I spent a good few hundred thousand years of my life searching for a way. You yourself even helped me at one point looking for a way in one of the few timelines where you were created a God instead of turned into one… it was an odd timeline for sure, but still stuck in the endless loop of you all fighting until our enemy showed up. Then everyone was far too caught up in their biases to be of any help and the enemy wiped you all out.”

    “Why don’t you just get rid of this stupid enemy yourself?”

    “...I can’t. It's one of the few things I can’t do.” Error looked up from his cocoon, and Core looked tired. More tired than he had ever seen.

    Their eyes held bags and they seemed to have aged greatly since they last saw each other, wrinkles around their eyes and roots of grey in their dark hair. Their outfit had changed as well, the striped sweater they always wore was gone, instead wearing a simple loose long sleeve shirt and basic pants, the pant legs of which stuffed into the top of their boots.

    “You’ve changed.”

    “Yes, our last conversation made me realize that while you’ve matured, I have yet to stop living my lie. I should’ve discarded those stripes long ago.”

    “...It fits ya better.”

    “Why I hardly believe so, I am wearing baggy clothes.” Core laughed, their face twisting into a smile for a moment before frowning once more. They sighed yet again, “I truly am sorry for the betrayal, Error…”

    “Eh, ya did what ya needed ta.” Core seemed surprised by the answer, “Just… let us get some more sleep, al’ight? If ya wanna we can talk more later.”

    Core nodded and then disappeared, leaving just him and Nightmare.

    Nightmare didn’t bother to speak, and the air was heavy with the tension of uncertainty. He could practically hear the gears turning in the other’s skull as they tried to think of what to say. He simply curled in closer, wrapping his arms around Nightmare and leaning in as close as possible.

    He earned a chuckle of a laugh from that, and Nightmare carefully laid them back down.

    “...Is there anything I should avoid?”

    “Can… can ya avoid usin’ ‘Soul’ for a bit?” Nightmare nodded, giving a quick kiss seemingly as a small reward. Communication is key after all, “Thanks, ‘mare.”

    After that set of memories, he ended up at the base more often than not. Ignoring calls from Grim and Life, even Mercy who rarely called, he continued with his days sticking closer to Nightmare than he would like to admit. He still wasn’t ready to talk about it, and he knew Nightmare could tell this too. Nightmare simply let him follow around, and after another lesson with Dream-cuddling against Nightmare the whole time, it seemed even fighting was put off.

    Although, thanks to his sudden clingy nature, he got to see Nightmare’s realm for the first time. Although, Nightmare had simply let him in rather than joining him.

    Error hesitantly agreed to relax in Nightmare’s personal room while he worked, and he laid back in the pile of pillows his lover had collected. The pulse and forever-lasting buzz of his mate’s souls filled his mind, the comfort of being in his realm helping ease him despite not actually being next to Nightmare.

    He surveyed the room he was in, most of the walls covered in bookshelves. Some seemed to hold dangerous spell books, a large sign saying “Do not touch or open (cursed)” in delicate handwriting. Others held what seemed to be important items, an ancient camera lay next to a golden polished crown on a dainty pillow and in the same case held a carefully folded pair of purple clothes-he could barely recognize them, but he knew it was from before the incident. The poor shreds of the clothes were barely functional. Some pieces were even burned or torn.

    He could feel heavy magic burning from the crown, yet he held himself back from touching it.

    Shoes clicked and clacked across the tile into the room, and if he wasn’t aware of the uniqueness of Nightmare, he would've thought someone broke into the realm.

    Nightmare still wore the same clothes that he changed into for the day, although otherwise, he wasn’t the same at all. White bones shone despite the cracks and scars that littered them, his eye was an enchanting purple with swirls of the cyan magic locked within. He could see in full view just how large the crack in his skull was. It was like a massive bullet had gone through and splintered his skull as it went-he practically looked like Color. Although, there were also deep cracks into one side of his jaw, exposing his teeth like some comic book villain or human zombie.

    “I… The corruption- uh, Nega, that is, can’t protect me in my realm… it’s why I haven’t really let anyone in here...”

    Error got up from the pillows, walking over silently and peering down at Nightmare, he had also shrunk a good head in height. “...Ru?”

    “You’re still as handsome as ever.” He smiled softly, and Nightmare’s amused laughter rewarded him, “Can ya explain who Nega is?”

    “Oh, they’re my Familiar. Heh, I… animals don’t really suit me well and I wanted to see if I could make my corruption my familiar-I gave it one of my souls and managed to give it sentience. We’re actually preparing for a break right now… Nega can keep me protected-and well, together for a while, but they do eventually need a break to recoup. My body can’t exactly stay together outside of this realm…”

    “Does the gang know?”

    “I… uh- they, they don’t.” Nightmare shyly confessed, “Still hung up on showing any weakness’, especially my shattered body. For the break, however long it is, I simply tell them I’m sick. It happens irregularly enough that I’ve managed to keep up the lie for a long time.”

    “Do ya want me to help out? In whateva ya need? If ya wanna tell them- I’ll help, but if ya wanna continue to hide it I’ll still help ya.”

    “I...” Nightmare sighed, “It’s about time I tell them, or well-more accurately show them.”

    Then Nightmare pulled them both out of the realm, the two of them appearing in Nightmare’s room. He rushed over and away to the bathroom, pulling bandages and healing ointments down before handing them to Error, “I need an extra set of hands to do this, my spell can only keep my skull together-my whole body together for so long.”

    Error nodded, and Nightmare sat at the edge of his bed, throwing off his shirt and pulling up his pant legs too-mumbling that it was easier to do this sooner than later. “Alright, Ru-”

    “Hey- Boss ?”The door burst open, and Killer walked in looking up from his phone.

    Nightmare’s skull bloomed an angry cyan, and Killer’s expression turned from shock to coy.

    “Ya should really put a sock on the door before you get started, Boss.”


    “Yes, Boss?”

    “I’m giving you until the count of one to leave.”

    “Got it!”

    Error couldn’t help but laugh as the doors slammed shut behind Killer, him yelling “GUYS YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!”

    Nightmare shook his skull, still trying to battle the cyan that coated his cheeks.

    “Anyways- Nega’s ready to leave, they like visiting Ccino for their breaks. Pretend to be a cat for a bit and be spoiled.” He explained, “Be ready to, quite literally, catch me. I don’t have barely any magic in my… uncorrupted form anymore, so when I’m keeping my body together I don’t have enough left over to keep control over my body.”

    “So ya are a spirit...”

    “Yes, I am. Did Dream let it slip at some point?”

    “Something like that.”

    Nightmare nodded and took a deep stuttering breath before relaxing, the negativity slipping away and draining away from his body. His eye seemed to bleed rather than cry the negativity as Nega let go of him, dripping to the ground in a puddle. Nega reformed next to them-copying Nightmare’s body before shrinking down to the shape of a fluffy cat. Only the blub of a purr heard before they made themselves a small portal and left.

    Nightmare was soon to fall forward, and miraculously, his bones were staying together. The chips and missing pieces of his body were temporarily replaced with glowing green swirling purple magic, and Error set to wrap them up quickly.

    He carefully covered the eye, wrapping it like he remembered they had to sometimes do for Horror’s head wound, and the magic from there slowly retracted, moving back to Nightmare’s enchanting purple eye. The eye watched carefully as Error gently maneuvered his body and tended to every little scrape, burn, and cut. Although, the more Error healed, the more he had to push away his anger. Some of Nightmare’s limbs were barely hanging on, and he was even missing a few ribs. Pieces of bones chipped off-even joints missing from his hands and back.

    The sun had passed fairly far in the sky when they were finally finished, and Nightmare sighed, his eyes barely awake as he continued to lean against Error.

    “Take a little nap then tell ‘em?”

    “Mmm, I can stay awake long enough to tell them. Better than Killer walking in again and thinking you’re cheating or something absurd like that.” His soul pulsed with guilt, “And don’t you dare blame yourself for your memories, Ru. I still have my God powers even in my original form.”

    “Right, right.”

    Despite being much shorter now, Nightmare now nearly reaching his shoulders, he still had the same attitude. With a sly smile, he grabbed Error’s hand and pulled him along, walking down to the living room where everyone had likely gathered.

    “Um, Error? Who’s that?” Hearts spoke up when they walked in.

    “Stars, here I thought even without my corruption you’d recognize me.”

    “...Boss?” Dust stood up from his seat, blinking as he stared down at Nightmare, “How’d you shrink?”

    “As much as I hate to admit, I am known for my shapeshifting…”

    “You’re shorter than Crossy now!” Killer chuckled

    “Still only an inch shorter! An inch away from you!” Cross’s purple blush spread across their cheeks.

    “Hmm, I dunno, you’re both pretty short to me.” Error chuckled.

    “You got no say in this, Ru!”

    “Oh, did I hear someone above the average height speak? Shrink, perhaps, tall man.”

    “You won’t stop quoting that will you?” Killer shrugged with an innocent smile, much to Cross’ distaste.

    “Hey, at least you’re still taller than me!” Hearts spoke up again, and Horror started laughing.

    Error shook his skull at their antics. Still glad he chose not to go into the Antivoid.


    Wasn't planned in the plot at all and I thought about /maybe/ revealing Nightmare's uncorrupt form in like a good 15-20 chapters but here we are _:|

    Also what Killer quoted was some dumb TikTok audio that came to mind when I was typing-I have zero regrets on that it was perfect. And you can't tell me Killer forgets to knock sometimes... more often than not.


    All characters belong to their respective Creators

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  • miaurinya
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Los primeros diseños de RISETALE

    Decidi empezar a trabajar en Risetale, es un AU bastante simple al igual que sus diseños, si quieres saber mas datos de los personajes sigue leyendo.


    - Mal hablado, le gusta decir groserias

    - Sus pronombres son el, si le dices niña seguramente te golpeara

    - Si le preguntas que tiene en sus pantalones lo mas seguro es que te golpee

    - Le gusta golpear cosas

    - No le agrada el contacto fisico

    - No es un frisk normal

    - Sufre algunas enfermedades mentales

    - El jugador casi no puede manejar su cuerpo y opciones


    - Muy amable

    - ¡Tu guia!


    - La reina del subsuelo

    - Goat mama

    - Casada con Asgore


    - Cuenta muchos chistes

    - Puede reirse hasta llorar

    - Muy alegre

    - Muy extrovertido

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