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  • Ok so kristoffs song lost in the woods? Romance isnt dead.

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    Anna with a sword? Fuck yea. Now, how about Anna with a sword, in an armor, on a horse?

    First formal piece of fanart don’t get too used to it


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    this kills the man

    #the book ends right here and i wishhhhhh that we got elsa's reaction to this #its so cute #ahhh#frozen#frozen 2 #anna & elsa: memories and magic
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    • Anna : Elsa
    • Elsa : Yes, Anna
    • Anna : Can I play with Bruni
    • Bruni : Excited
    • Elsa : Yes, Anna you can play with Bruni
    • Anna : Hug Elsa thank you Elsa
    • Anna dress up Bruni like a mini Elsa
    • 2 minutes later
    • Anna : Oh Bruni you look beautiful
    • Elsa : Oh no
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  • Elsamaren AU in Episode because I said so







    To be continued…?

    #i can’t draw for shit so here’s my contribution elsamarens #i’m trash i hate myself #forgive me satan #i’m sorry but i had to #elsamaren#elsa #is a cheerleader lol #honeymaren #is a private detective working on a murder case in elsa’s town #romance ensues#and crime #don’t worry neither of them die in the end #they are safe #it’s lit fam #the name of this episode is envy #i didn’t write it i just customized them #frozen#frozen 2#frozen ii #disney x episode my new otp #feel don’t conceal
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  • guess it’s one of those nights where i listen to Show Yourself on repeat and cry 

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  • “Elsa’s an amazing queen.‘

    Oh yes, totally agree!

    “Because she’s perfect and never ever made a mistake in her entire life unlike Anna who’s a terrible queen uwu“


    Originally posted by animatedtext

    Extra yikes when people use the “Anna left the kingdom in the hands of a villain“ argument, because why exactly did Anna do that again? Oh right, because Elsa, the literal queen, left her kingdom without a ruler. Sure, Elsa didn’t know about the snow, but she was very much aware of that.

    And Anna, as first heir to the throne, had to improvise on the spot. Which imo shows POTENTIONAL to be a good queen, because she’s able to take charge in a disasterous situation. On top of taking responsibility for her own actions, Anna doesn’t even try denying her mistake.

    Was it a mistake? Yes. But Elsa made a lot of mistakes too while being queen. But you guys never use it against her, because you only ever believe in character development if it benefits your fave.

    Also, you people love to ignore the biggest key element why Elsa isn’t queen anymore. It’s what Elsa WANTED. Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your entire life to it if it doesn’t bring you happiness or life fufillment.

    Anna and Elsa are both amazing queens and they both have things to rule over now that bring them both happiness and life fulfillment.

    #frozen#frozen 2 #frozen 2 spoilers #queen anna#queen elsa#anna#elsa#rant#personal #why is the reaction gif not working #I'm too tried for this
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  • A Quiet Morning

    King Agnarr (Frozen)

    @the-spastic-fantastic and I were discussing stuff that ended with. Agnarr? Shirtless? Why yes of course. 

    I told her she would HAVE a shirtless Agnarr. And I deliver, even if I don’t do it greatly. But I deliver. He’s probably having a chat with his lady while she lazes in bed before the kiddos wake up :D

    So here goes for the Agduna week because I probably will do nothing for it.

    #It's... it's not been a few good days for drawing #like#ugh #pencil sketch works out very nicely #then cloloring#BAM #funky looking peace of... #is not sh*t so I'm not going to say that #it just looks funky #King Agnarr#Agnarr#agdar#Frozen#Frozen 2#Frozen ll#shirtless man#more like#SHITLESS MAN#pose#a cuppa#tea#TheRedButterfly #artists on tumblr #blue couche#Iduna#Agduna#Idun#Queen Iduna #agduna week 2020
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  • Bruni


    Please Do Not Repost

    #elsa and anna #elsa #anna of arendelle #anna#frozen#frozenII#Frozen 2
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  • #frozen 2 fails #retcon much? #f2 retcons#frozen 2
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  • Hey kids, I covered a song from Frozen 2. Give it a listen. Please. Yes? Okay cool.

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    Elsa, the Fifth Spirit

    #elsa#frozen 2#disney#frozen #elsa the fifth spirit
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  • This idea bug bit me hard that I ended up working on this and actually finishing it. Wow.

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  • full offence but All is Found and Show Yourself are better than Into the Unknown and should’ve been nominated instead

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  • frozen 2 storyboard to screen: into the unknown

    #disney#frozen#frozen fever #olaf's frozen adventure #frozen 2#elsa#queen elsa #into the unknown #behind the scenes #normand lemay
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  • Frozen II AU: All Is Found (Part 2)

    The royal family sat around a fire in the Northuldra village.  The natives and soldiers conversed with each other.  Olaf was talking with the children, who were dissembling him, much to his annoyance.  Kristoff was talking with one of the Northuldrans in charge of taking care of the Reindeer, Ryder, is what he had said his name was.

    “Whoa, wait!  Mother, are telling us that you are the one who saved Father that day?!”  Anna asked as her parent’s explained the full story of how they met. 

    Iduna smiled at her youngest daughter’s reaction.  Oh, how she had missed them both so much.

    “Yes, Anna.  It is true.”

    “So that means that you’re-”

    “A Northuldran.  Which means that you two are half-Arendellian, half-Northuldran.”

    “Whoa!” Anna exclaimed.

    Agnarr smiled at Anna, then he noticed Elsa was looking a little distracted.

    “Elsa?  Is there something specific on your mind?”

    “Why did you come here?”

    Iduna, Agnarr, and Anna’s eyes widened.

    “I mean, what were you doing here that led to your ship sinking and you to being saved by the water and wind spirits?”

    Iduna took a deep breath before she told Elsa the truth.

    “We were heading to Atohallan.”

    Anna gasped.  “Atohallan?  It’s real?”

    “It is very real, Anna.”  Agnarr replied.

    “But why were you going to Atohallan?”

    “To find the source of your magic.” Iduna explained.

    Elsa gasped.

    “I’m so sorry we didn’t tell you Elsa.  But I was the only one your mother ever told her past to.  I was afraid that if anyone found out, the people wouldn’t only resent her, but you and Anna as well.”

    “Because we’re half-Northuldran…” Anna realized.

    “We’re so sorry we left you two without parents for six years, only to find out we were alive this whole time.  But know that no matter the toll these past years had on both of us, we never, for even a single day, forgot about either of you.  You two have made us both so, so proud for what you have done for Arendelle.” Iduna’s voice cracked on the last sentence.

    Tears started forming in the sisters’ eyes. 

    “Together, you two found the key for Elsa to control her magic, something we had failed to do for the thirteen years we had torn you two apart.  I should’ve known better than to do such a horrible thing to you, my daughters.” Agnarr choked out.

    Elsa covered her mouth to stop her sob from bursting out.

    “Could you ever forgive a foolish man like me?”

    Elsa stood up and walked over to her father and hugged him with love.

    “I forgive you, papa.”

    Anna joined in the hug.

    “I forgive you too.  We will always love you, papa.”

    Agnarr held his daughters tight.  Iduna hugged them as well.

    They pulled out of the hug and Anna gasped.

    “Oh! Mother, I believe this belongs to you.”

    Iduna gasped as Anna opened her satchel and pulled out something she never thought she’d see again.

    Her family’s scarf.

    Tears filled Iduna’s eyes.  “After all these years…  You still held onto it?”

    “It was all we had left of you.” Elsa explained.

    Anna handed the scarf to her mother, who wrapped it around her shoulders.

    “Oh, how I missed this old thing.  Oh!  I just remembered!”

    “What is it, mother?”

    “I heard a legend from one of the Northuldrans.  Honeymaren, I think is what her name was.  She told me something about a “fifth spirit”, a bridge between humanity and the spirits of nature.”

    “A fifth spirit?”


    “What was that?!” Anna exclaimed.

    Iduna gasped.  “Oh no… The earth giants.”

    (To be continued)

    part 1

    Note: Just so everyone is aware, the next part may skip to the part where Anna is leading the earth giants towards the dam, where she’ll have to tell the soldiers AND her parents about Elsa’s “death”.

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  • Me: Ok, I’m at work now so I have to focus!

    Brain: Alright! But hey, have we considered the concept of turning Show Yourself into a duet between Elsa and Kairi?

    Me: Well…so much for focusing on work!

    #kingdom hearts#kairi#Frozen 2#Elsa #dark sora maybe? #we’ll see!
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  • Snow sisters

    #frozen fanart#frozen#frozen 2 #elsa and anna #elsa#anna #artists on tumblr #disney fan art #disney#my art#art#drawing#digital art#* #els*nnas don't interact
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