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    05.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Louie and Webby: Watermelon Siblings

    Huey and Louie: Strawberry Siblings

    Dewey and Webby: Mixed Berry Siblings

    Huey and Dewey: Wildberry Siblings

    Huey and Webby: Pomegranate Siblings

    Louie and Dewey: Grape Siblings

    That is all, good night

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    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    The new Overboss, in Nisha's mind, is too young to be as monstrous as she is; she looks like some young lamb, her flesh soft and tender under the harsh edge of a blade, and Nisha doesn't expect her to survive the cruelty of their world, bathed in blood and steel as it is. Yet, when she slaughters Colter with all the skill of an abattoir butcher, and smiles as brightly as a machete's glint in the light, it's clear there's more behind those big dark eyes than anyone could ever come to expect.

    By their fruits shall ye know them, and all that.

    A Fallout 4/Nuka-World story all about Andrea Jiménez, the new Overboss at Nuka-World, as told mostly through the eyes of Nisha. This sticks to the canon of the DLC most of the time, with a few changes in flavour here and there, but most importantly, it's F!Overboss/Nisha! Also everyone is queer now. It's going to be a great summer season of 2287.

    FICS (full length):

    The Work of Wolves (ongoing)

    FICS (short length):



    Rottweiler Bandogge (your local Pack dog breeder)

    A Quadruplet of Rotts

    Andrea Jiménez Concepts

    Nisha Concepts

    There They Go, Kidnapping Baby Molerats Again

    I'm Something of an Asshole

    Nisha, Local Menace

    Andrea, Nisha, Mason (1920x1080 wallpapers)

    With Arms Like Those, Who Needs Knives?

    Itty Bitty Overboss


    The Work of Wolves tag


    "I love these little murder gremlins. Your characterization remains spot on. Great job murph ily <3"

    "Reading this makes me regret short-changing the disciples at every turn. But it's really nice to see the Commonwealth's resident murder queen unrestricted loathing. This is superb."

    "got a VERY strong opening on andy's hot girl summer here i think id like to dip her low and kiss her so sweetly in the moonlight"

    "ha, gay."

    [you can help add more testimonials by commenting on AO3!]


    In this story, we follow the exploits of Andrea Jiménez, who, as a quick aside, isn't the Sole Survivor. She's just some wasteland kid looking for trouble. This fic is actually set just before and during the summer of 2287 (before the Sole Survivor exits the Vault, before the Minutemen lose Quincy, so on, so forth). Also, pretty much every character unless implied/mentioned otherwise is queer, and the vast majority of the Pack are nonbinary because they tripped over and spilled all the gender juice. Whoops.

    Given the nature of this content and subject matter, however, there are standing warnings for explicit and bloody violence, drug use, drinking, mentions/scenes of murder and torture, sexual content (severity of which will be marked ahead of time), extremely bad language all the time, and people making bad decisions, intentionally, for profit. There are also tags and warnings for individual chapters on AO3.

    #fallout #the work of wolves #masterpost #here it is! not a ton of content yet but since it's a Thing now #it gets a masterpost sdfghjsdfjh
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    09.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    The Amazing Nine-Banded Armadillos

    If you’ve ever been to the Americas or watched Tom Browning’s 1931 ‘Dracula’, you’ve probably seen the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). They’re native to South, Central, and southern North America, from Argentina to north Texas, and thus have the largest range of any armadillo species. They are limited mainly by cold weather, which they can survive for short periods by burrowing underground. Due to their large range, nine-banded armadillos thrive in a variety of habitats, including deciduous and tropical forests, grasslands, scrubland, and marshes. Although they are commonly associated with deserts, nine-banded armadillos are not found in dry areas with little water; they prefer to live near bodies of water or in areas with good yearly rainfall.

    Although the most well-known characteristic of armadillos is their ability to roll into a ball, this is not an ability granted to all armadillo species. In fact, only two species of the 21 extant armadillos is able to completely curl up. The nine-banded armadillo, like many others, is unable to defend itself this way due to the many plates in its armor. The number of plates on  d. novemcinctus is also variable, ranging from 8 to 11. The scales on the plates grow and wear continuously, providing a protection of thick keratinous skin. Overall, the shell can make up to 16% of the nine-banded armadillos total body weight, which can be from 8 to 16 pounds. Their shell also makes for poor thermoregulation, and as a result nine-banded armadillos have an unusually low body temperature of 86-95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    As with many other armadillo species, d. novemcinctus is nocturnal and primarily carnivorous. Its main source of food is insects, including beetles, grasshoppers, arachnids, and earthworms. They have also been known to prey on anthills, and after having their fill, will roll in the dirt to dislodge any disgruntled ants defending their colony. When their preferred food is scarce, nine-banded armadillos will also feed on small lizards and amphibians, young mammals, bird eggs, and plant matter like fruit. Because they are mainly active at night, their eyesight is poor and they rely mainly on their sense of smell to navigate food, mates, and predators. In fact, the nine-banded armadillo’s sense of smell is so keen that it can smell prey 20 cm below the surface of the ground.

    Nine-banded armadillos burrow not just for prey, but for nesting as well. In fact, most individuals have several burrows that they use for different purposes, each with several entrances. Typically nine-banded armadillos are solitary, and only nest together when breeding. This is also one of the only times they make sounds; a distinctive chucking Interestingly, after mating only a single ovum is fertilized, and then the ovum separates into four identical embryos. The quadruplets are born 4 months after mating, and are fairly well developed, although their armor doesn’t harden for several more weeks. The mother only provides milk for 2-3 weeks after her young emerge from the burrow, and within a year the offspring move on to establish their own territories.

    Conservation status: not threatened. In fact, the population and range of nine-banded armadillos is increasing, particularly into North America. Although their need for water prevents them from entering the southwestern deserts, they have expanded their territory to the central and eastern United States. In some areas, they are considered an invasive species, although no research exists on their impacts in introduced environments.

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    16.01.2021 - 3 monts ago


    According to the most generally received legend these four brothers were quadruplets--born at one birth--and their mother died in bringing them into life. As they could not unclasp his fingers from the broken bottleneck they had to let him clutch it as a dead warrior clutches the hilt of his broken sword. Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore a little crutch, and had his limbs supported by an iron frame! And thus for a moment they remained, the nymphs filled with surprise and consternation, but the brow of the Master Woodsman gradually clearing as he gazed intently upon the beautiful immortal who had wilfully broken the Law. At last she said, and in a steady, cheerful voice, that only faltered once: "I have known him walk with--I have known him walk with Tiny Tim upon his shoulder, very fast indeed." "And so have I," cried Peter. Artaban re-entered the cottage. All this wasted his time and means, and it is to be regretted that he was less wise than his master, for when an alchemist tried to interest Rubens in the same subject, that great artist replied: "You come too late, my good fellow; I have long since discovered the philosopher's stone. Asa Don Dickinson. appointed him canon, and after he held this office he was still employed as a painter and sculptor by private persons, as well as by religious bodies, and was even sent to Malaga to superintend improvements in the cathedral there. Any Cratchit would have blushed to hint at such a thing. And in that house, before the cave of old time, was left a manger of the length of a fathom, made in the wall; and to that same manger was an ox of a poor man tied, that none might harbor. At one of these a lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire; and Scrooge sat down upon a form, and wept to see his poor forgotten self as he used to be. Ah! And therefore," he continued, leaping from his stool, and giving Bob such a dig in the waistcoat that he staggered back into the Tank again; "and therefore I am about to raise your salary!" Bob trembled, and got a little nearer to the ruler. A few pieces have been found which must have belonged to larger pictures, and there is one which shows a part of a face belonging to a figure at least three feet high; but this is very unusual. As we do not know the destiny of the fifth, the present one, it has as yet no name. At the same time he is called a son of the Sun and the Moon, and it was owing to his good will and creative power that men and women were formed, and maize and fruits given them upon which to subsist. A CHRISTMAS CAROL IN PROSE BEING A Ghost Story of Christmas by Charles Dickens A short time after Carreño was asked to value the St. Andrew, but declined. As I have intimated, the greatest value of Egyptian painting is that it gives us a clear record of the habits and customs of a very ancient people--of a civilization which has long since passed away, and of which we should have a comparatively vague and unsatisfactory notion but for this picture-history of it. A divinity has several or many titles; one or another of these becomes prominent, and at last obscures in a particular myth or locality the original personality of the hero of the tale. At length Quetzalcoatl, wearied with misfortune, gave orders to burn the beautiful houses of Tollan, to bury his treasures, and to begin the journey to Tlapallan. And now they came to him darkly and mysteriously like a message of despair. According to the most generally received legend these four brothers were quadruplets--born at one birth--and their mother died in bringing them into life.

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    24.10.2020 - 6 monts ago
    #you: hey del do you have smut recs #me: BOY DO I #Anonymous#ask
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    02.10.2020 - 7 monts ago
    OCs For New Blog ( accepting ! )

    @svrt-r​ said:


      Surgeon / Reiki

         You know, I literally made this character on a what if with the Op Op no Mi and then fell in love with them because boy do we love a sadistic scientist/doctor. So this is another Void Century--he has a Loki story--he worked briefly with the previous age fruit eater(Bonney’s fruit), and they would usually keep in touch but don’t have the best relationship. Reiki is generally see in black attire and covers their face with multiple different kinds of masks--usually birds. He was one of the previous Op Op no Mi eaters, living just after the Void Century ended. Reiki had a keen belief that the world was infected by a disease that would ruin the world around it--that being Humanity. With his fruit, he would discover a surgery that would cure people of that disease, in which it would set off a reaction within them that would turn them into beasts that adapt to their inner instinct or their devil fruit. i.e., if he did the surgery on a normal person it would just be a beast, if he did it on someone with a devil fruit, it would turn into an animalistic version of that fruit and be unable to revert. He would eventually die after doing the Perennial Youth Operation.

       Dracule Kwahim

         HEY DOES THIS COUNT???? Well I’m doing it anyway--  Listen. Listen. Kwahim. Yes that’s Mihawk backwards I’m a nerd. I have real no other reason for this, she is the forbidden wine child. Where does she stay? On Kuraigami Island obviously, but she’s ver ver sneaky. Either way, older, she goes to Wano and pretends to be a masked Ronin, it’s wonderful, that’d probably be her main verse if she ever got a blog. She’s a little shit, 10/10 will insult the fuck out of you.


         Baby baby noodle tengu absolutely baby-- Nudoru is another Wano oc, she is a tengu much like Hitetsu. Although her mask is more based off the karasu tengu than the hanataka tengu like Hitetsu is. She is very close to a SMILE eater named Kokari and is most well known for her very good soba cooking--and love of anything with noodles. She is actually quite lucky when it comes to Wano civilians as Kokari is an opening for her to get food. Although she feels incredible guilt when it comes to taking or eating food but others not getting that luxury. Despite this, she is still rather malnourished, which comes quite frequently with Wano civilians either way. She possesses no devil fruit or haki, but given she is a tengu and has large white wings, Nudoru is able to fly for short bursts. She ends all of her sentences with -doru. If you are special, she will actually put the -doru at the end of your name. She calls Kokari, Kokari-doru. She is also very...bad at remembering names, and will usually make up names based on things she sees on the person. Examples being Mochi-san(Katakuri), Candy-san(Perospero) and Book-chan(Monty).

      Charlotte Macaron

         If you expected one of the pancakes to not be on this list, you’re wrong. Charlotte Macaron is one of the quadruplets of Praline and Aladine, she is a Basking Shark mermaid! She is very quiet, especially in comparison to her other siblings. She is mostly attached to Aladine more than her eccentric mother, and wants to be a doctor when she grows older. Her having her own blog would just be...ver cute. I would love to give the pancakes their own blogs, perhaps she’ll be slapped into the multi, maybe! Also, she has BIG mouth, she covers it up with lots of frills, but her mouth is H U G E and she just kinda... SUCKS food in, she doesn’t like when people are watching her eat but they kind of need to because she might choke since she doesn’t exactly chew.


     Papaya!! PAPYYY!! Pap is an axolotl fishman. She is a tricky fishman, but extremely nice, albeit a bit dumb in some ways. Pap will sometimes say that things are talking to her--unbenounced to her she has the Voice of All Things. Papaya was raised by something called a mole-fish, which is a huge mole-like fish creature that can make surfaces turn soft and like water. Making it very easy to escape situations as long as he is around. The mole-fish is named Coco.


         Is it evident I’m an absolute nerd for literature? It should.  Epi and Prom are siblings, with Prom being the older of the two. They are in fact fire chickens that live on the beach of a North Blue island. They usually are seen hunting crabs--well--Epi is hunting crabs and then trying to bite through their shells(which she can, due to having incredibly sharp and large teeth), while Prom yells at her to not kill the crab-- These two are over all just a blast to write, they’re just two kids trying to survive with a fun sibling dynamic. I really do enjoy writing them, I just don’t often get to :) Also, Epi loves making friends but she can and will bite you in you come close. She calls it the friendship chomp. People have lost fingers from the friendship chomp.


          You know I always say Cereus sleeps around a lot and probably has like 60 children running around Wano, but do I ever give evidence? >:) WELL NOW I DO-  Abelia is another bug zoan who is always in a half form, she is very young and lives within Wano. She is a very pretty child and wants to be the next oiran after Komurasaki. She has the Kama Kama no Mi: Model: Wax-Tail Hopper and will usually have that long and beautiful wax tail behind her as well as wings to hide possible other ones. She is rather small for what she is, however, standing at 4′8″ at age five. She also carries a bow around and will remark that she is the best fighter with a bow, but uh. She’s five. So she’s obviously not--But boy can she dream.


         So. Exhibit ?? as to why Nami is a horrible person to her OCs--  Xizvi is an experiment. She was given to one(1) Caesar Clown after it was discovered she had leaky fangs, which made her extremely dangerous to be around people due to the venom being acidic. Because of this, she was used as for a commission task to make acidic weapons. This was through feeding her acids that gradually got more and more effective and deterrent. Somehow she didn’t die and her body grew an immunity and she acts now as more of an organic producer of acids. These can range from things like sulfiric acid to mixes of different cultivated acids. Because of this experimentation, however, Xizvi can’t exactly eat anything else and has grown to only need that acid and water and maybe smoothies sometimes. Also uh-- Why does she have fangs? She’s a meishi. Snake person, essentially.


         Another Wano OC? Uhhhh yea- She’s also another fan tribe? Uhhhhhh  Baekho... A Komabaihu, a species native to Wano that lived within Kibi as wel as the borders of Ringo. They’re essentially tiger spirit esk creatures--although they really aren’t...spirits as much as they fit that look so people just believe they are in some way spiritually inclined.      Baekho is just. Feral. She’s wonderful, she ate the sugar devil fruit, making her able to turn into and make sugar. She’s just....generally very fun. A stupid gremlin tiger cub, I appreciate her a lot and need to use her more--

    #ooc ;; pterodolphin speaks #absolute mad man #you're enabling me smh #have a few of my ocs jakldjas #epi and prom count as two so there's ur ten
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    30.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    𝐒𝐞𝐚 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐞? 𝐒𝐞𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞!


    Get to know more about this invertebrate by reading this blog! It contains the classification, biology, relationship to humans, and interesting facts about this marvelous organism, specifically one of its subgroup  — Aplysia.


    Kingdom: Animalia  

                 Subkingdom: Bilateria          

                    Infrakingdom: Protostomia            

                       Superphylum: Lophozoa              

                          Phylum: Mollusca  

                             Class: Gastropoda  

                                Subclass: Opisthobranchia

                                   Order: Anaspidea            

                                      Family: Aplysiidae        

                                         Genus: Aplysia

                                            Species: Aplysia californica

    (ITIS, n.d.)

    Aplysia, commonly known as spotted sea hares, belongs to the group of gastropod molluscs. There are 37 known species in this genus. The word Aplysia came from the word L’Aplysia which means “that which one cannot wash”. They are one of the oldest mentioned animals from historical texts with the first authentic description provided by Pliny in his Historia Naturalis (published on 60 A.D) (Moroz, 2011) .


    Ocean Globetrotters

    These invertebrates are benthic dwellers that occupies the middle and lower intertidal zones, grazing on sea beds or corals. They are distributed in subtropical and tropical tide zones with one species (A. punctata) even reaching the Arctic Circle. Seven species of Aplysia can navigate long distances  for example A. brasiliana  which can travel up to 1 km in one swim episode (Moroz, 2011).

    Spotted sea hares move in two ways, either by swimming or crawling on the sea bed. They swim by doing synchronized waves of muscular contraction pass from anterior to posterior to make a funnel that pulls in water, squeezing the anterior parts of the parapodia together forces the water out behind the creature and pushes it forward. While, they can crawl by raising the leading edge of the foot and extending it forward in an arching pattern so the rest of its body follows the arching pattern until it reaches the tail (Dice, 2014).

    The Naked Alien

    The body of spotted sea hares consists of a head, foot, and visceral mass. It is partially distorted, not coiled, and superficially bilaterally symmetrical (Fox, 2006).

    The head has an anterior pair oral tentacles. The median union of the two tentacles forms a transverse oral veil over the mouth.  A pair of rhinophores project dorsally from the surface of the neck. The oral tentacles and rhinophores serve as sensory organ. Specifically, their eyes are located at the base of each rhinophore (Fox, 2006).

    (Brooks & Hiller, 2001)

    The foot lies along the midline of the ventral surface. Its posterior part serves as a sucker that is used to attach the posterior end of the animal while anterior end is elevated above the substratum. The foot extends posterior to the body as a short tail. Dorsolaterally, it is divided into two wing-like parapodia that is used for locomotion (Fox, 2006).

    (Brooks & Hiller, 2001)

    Their mantle and mantle cavity are found in the middle. The mantle is the dorsal body wall of the visceral mass. Inside it, the shell can be found. Below the shell is the reduced and small mantle cavity that opens broadly to the right containing the gill, anus, and gonopore. At the posterior right corner of the shell is a folded mantle resulting to a short, tubular, exhalant siphon that encloses the anus (Fox, 2006).

    A Salad Lifestyle

    Spotted sea hares feed on algae. A. californica (California sea hares) feeds on several kinds of red algae such as Laurencia pacifica, Plocamium pacificum and Ceramium spp. as well as sea lettuce and eelgrass. These organisms utilize their toothed radula to grasp the algae and store it briefly in the esophagus. Then, the food moves into the stomach fixed with pyramidal teeth to further crush the substances The food is blended in with different stomach-related digestive fluids to further breakdown the matter while the wastes are discharged out through the anus (Dice, 2014).

    Dating on Another Level

    Sea hares gather to mate. With the absence of dating apps, they find each other through tactile and chemical cues. They have photoreceptors that recognize fluctuations in the intensity of white light. Sadly, they find it hard to detect red wavelengths. To compensate, they respond more to chemical changes in seawater using the osphradium which detects dissolved chemicals in the water (Dice, 2014).

    Loyalty, whomstve?

    From a spiral cleavage to blastula, gastrula, trochophore and finally, the first larval stages — the development of their embryo happens inside the egg capsules. Newly hatch veligers swim upwards using their cilia and may take months drifting in the ocean while feeding on microscopic algae and bacteria until they detect cues that prompts them to settle to the alga which they will feed on. After this, they undergo rapid metamorphosis wherein they lose larval characteristics. They become juveniles that resemble miniature adults in all major features except reproductive organs (Moroz, 2011). California sea hares reach sexual maturity after about 120 days (Dice, 2014). 

    Sea hares are hermaphrodites, but they never self-fertilize by nature. Their copulation generally involves dozens. Every creature might be either getting or conveying sperm (or both) in respect of their present sex and position inside the chain (Dice, 2014). 

    Short Fruitful Years

    Their life expectancy is normally short, most commonly survive for just a year. Many of them loose their life after reproduction. Amazingly, cool temperatures help delay reproduction; hence, cooler waters can fairly protract their life expectancy (Emore, 2002).

    Hey, Leave Me Alone!

    Distressed spotted sea hares secrete a purple ink which contains chemicals that disrupts the sensory function of opportunistic predators (Moroz, 2011). This chemical defense coupled with the distasteful algal toxins accumulated from their diet significantly creates a habitat where they can roam freely and has few natural predators (Emore, 2002).


    Sea hares are known to be highly valuable laboratory animals especially in the field of neurobiology, more specifically in studying memory and learning behaviors. The California Sea Hare (Aplysia californica) is an important neurobiological model and is used extensively in studies of behavior and psychology. They have the largest neurons in the animal kingdom making it feasible to identify the specific nerve cells responsible for certain mechanisms.

    As for their ecosystem role, this herbivorous organism serves as keystone species in the intertidal ecosystem by affecting the density and abundance of its algal prey.

    5 Interesting FYIs about SEA HARES


    Sea hares have two large wing-like flaps that fold back on the body to protect their gills and internal shell plate. This wing-like extension is also used by some species of sea hares for short bursts of awkward swimming when threatened. 


    As they say the more, the merrier. A circle of sea hares dubbed as a “Roman Circle” is formed during mating and copulation where each animal inseminates the one in front- a group sex indeed. As hermaphroditic organisms, sea hares serve as males at their front and females at their back. 


    (Eleas, 2020)

    Who cares about a twin, a quadruplet or a quintuplet? A single of this creature can lay up to 500 million eggs during one breeding season- that is more than a country’s population. Sea hares’ eggs are colored pink and often appear threaded.


    (Gfycat, 2019)

    The color of sea hares are affected by the color of algae they consume. For example, young sea hares that tend to eat red algae are red in color, mature sea hares are colored green and brown because they consume algae that is also green and brown in color.


    Sea hares have the right to use the infamous purple hearts on social media, and that’s a fact! This sea organism produces purple ink as a defense mechanism. Native Americans used this purple ink to dye clothing. Sea hares can also produce white or red ink depending on the color of the pigments in the seaweed they have consumed.


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    Anonymous. (n.d.). Dinner Time with Sea Hares [GIF]. Gfycat. https://gfycat.com/unsteadydirectfreshwatereel-sea-hare

    Brooks, R. & Hiller, J. (2001). The Role of Chemical Mechanisms in Neural Computation and Learning. [Photograph] .Research Gate. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/2524430_The_Role_of_Chemical_Mechanisms_in_Neural_Computation_and_Learning

    Brown, C. (2010). Untitled [Photograph]. Flickr. https://inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2015/06/Sea-Hare-2-889x667.jpg

    Dice, S. (2014). Aplysia californica. Animal Diversity  Web. https://animaldiversity.org/accounts/Aplysia_californica/

    Eleas. (2020). Naruto Clone GIF. Tenor. https://tenor.com/view/naruto-naruto-clone-funny-dancing-dance-gif-17857501

    Emore, M. (2002). Aplysia dactylomela. Animal Diversity Web. https://animaldiversity.org/accounts/Aplysia_dactylomela/

    Fox, R. (2006). Sea Hare. Lander University. https://lanwebs.lander.edu/faculty/rsfox/invertebrates/aplysia.html 

    ITIS. (n.d.). Aplysia californica  J. G. Cooper, 1863. ITIS.gov. https://www.itis.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt?search_topic=TSN&search_value=78032#null 

    Moroz, L. (2011).Aplysia. NCBI. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4024469/

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    25.05.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Day 09

    Armadillo - American Armoured Mammal

    Armadillo are american placental mammals. The word Armadillos means "little armoured one" in Spanish named by Spanish explorers to Latin America. There are 20 different species of armadillo. All species are native to the America. They can inhabit a variety of different environments. The Nine-banded armadillo is nicknamed as ‘hillbilly speed bump’ as they are hit on the roads so often. The Nine-banded armadillo was eaten,  it was referred to as the ‘Hoover Hog’.

    Armadillos are closely related to sloths and anteaters, sharing some similarities suchlike an armadillos tongue is long and sticky, like anteaters, designed to extract ants and termites from their tunnels. An armadillos diet is comprised of beetles, insects, grubs, ants, termites, other invertebrates, plants and some fruit. If given the chance, they will eat small ground-nesting birds and their eggs. They have long sharp claws which are used for digging purposes (to dig for food, such as grubs, and to dig dens). They are prolific diggers. The nine-banded armadillo prefers to build burrows in moist soil near the creeks, streams, and arroyos around which it lives and feeds. They prefer sandy or loam soils which are loose and porous, making it easier to dig for food and make burrows. Where armadillos live is dependent on soil type.

    Armadillos are characterized by a leathery armour shell. Armadillos are covered in bony plates that create their ‘armour’. They are the only living mammal to wear such a shell. The plates cover their back, legs, head and tail, composed of small epidermal scales of horn-covered bone. The underside of the animal is never armoured, and is simply covered with soft skin and fur. The plates overlap each other for added protection. This armour-like skin appears to be the main defense of many armadillos, although most escape predators by fleeing (often into thorny patches, from which their armour protects them) or digging to safety. Only the South American three-banded armadillos (Tolypeutes) rely heavily on their armour for protection. Armadillo shells have traditionally been used to make the back of the charango, an Andean lute instrument.

    They have short legs but it is strong and can move quite quickly. They can swim very well. The nine-banded armadillo is noted for its movement through water which is accomplished via two different methods: it can walk underwater for short distances, holding its breath for as long as six minutes; also, to cross larger bodies of water, it is capable of increasing its buoyancy by swallowing air, inflating its stomach and intestines because of their heavy shell, they have to swallow air to give them buoyancy. With very poor eyesight and hearing, armadillos rely on their strong sense of smell to hunt. They can smell things which are up to 20cm below the ground! They also have long straggly fur on their underside to allow them to feel what they are walking over, used similarly to a cat’s whiskers. 

    When threatened by a predator, some species frequently roll up into a ball. But in fact there is only one species – the three-banded armadillo – which can encase itself in its shell, curling its head and feet inwards forming a hard ball. This tactic confused predators, even a dog cannot undo the armadillo’s ball. Other armadillo species cannot roll up because they have too many plates. Usually, when armadillos feel threatened they tend to run away into their burrows or into thorny vegetation where their armour protects them and predators cannot follow. Some species like north American Nine-banded armadillo will jump 3-4ft in the air when they are surprised.

    Armadillos have a low body temperature, between 33-36˚C (91-97˚F), a human’s body temperature is 37˚C (98.6˚F). Due to their lack of fat stores and low metabolic rate, armadillos hate the cold. If there are times of unusually cold weather, a whole population can be wiped out! Generally solitary creatures except during mating, they will sometimes group together in a burrow in cold conditions to keep warm. Armadillos have a low body temperature, between 33-36˚C (91-97˚F), a human’s body temperature is 37˚C (98.6˚F). 

    Armadillos have between 1-15 babies. The Nine-banded armadillo always gives birth to 4 identical quadruplets. They are produced from a single egg which splits in four, meaning the babies will all be the same gender. Armadillos are able to delay implantation of the fertilised egg at times of stress; it is thought this can be delayed for as long as 2 years! The young are born with soft, leathery skin which hardens within a few weeks. They reach sexual maturity in three to twelve months, depending on the species. Armadillos are solitary animals that do not share their burrows with other adults.

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  • darthchic
    27.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Character War: Zoro vs Sanji

    Trying to put my own bias aside, and because I’m bored here in quarantine, I was thinking about how I could fairly break down parts of Zoro and Sanji’s characters and compare them. I want to see if I can analytically decide which character is more well realised or well written (just because there’s always that rivalry between both the characters and the fans, you often can’t help but ask yourself these kinds of questions).

    EDIT: OH, and SPOILERS if you wish to read this and are not up to date

    If the question was “Who’s the more popular character?” though, Zoro wins hands down, no contest.

     So, I broke the two characters down into categories:

    –    Design

    –    Fighting Style

    –    Fights/Achievements

    –    Coolness

    –    Backstory

    –    Gag

    –    Development

     Design: Neither Zoro or Sanji have designs that particularly stand out to me, not within their own universe or in anime in general. Seriously, think of some crazy-ass looking characters you've seen in other anime and Zoro and Sanji simply pale in comparison. Heck, they pale in comparison to some of their fellow crewmates (Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Brook etc.) and over time their designs have probably been... how to put this... made more attractive as time goes on? Cause you know, you gotta let the female fans have some eye candy too. And with attractiveness tends to come more “normalness” (not a word but whatever) cause you can't go too crazy with the overall design in case it becomes off-putting. The only thing that really stands out for Zoro and Sanji respectively is hair colour and eyebrows.

    –    Still if I had to declare one of them the winner... I'd have to say Sanji, just for his more 'unique' eyebrows. We've seen plenty of anime/manga featuring characters with hair colours that match every colour in the rainbow, so it's commonplace for someone to have green or pink hair and no-one really bats an eye. Peculiar eyebrows however are less common, although not rare (as far as I can tell), but for anime fans, it's something I think people still instantly notice more so than a character's hair colour. So.... point to SANJI! But barely, and it’s not much of a win.

     Sanji 1/0 Zoro

     Fighting Style: Again, neither a sword fighting style or kicking fight style is exactly uncommon, but I am edging towards Sanji's fighting style and I'll try to justify why, even if it is due to my own personal preferences. To me, sword fighting is often the go-to 'bad-ass' method of fighting, cause, come on, SWORDS ARE COOL (can't help but think about the overwhelming popularity of Pokemon Sword vs Pokemon Shield for example). Sword fights/fighters are iconic and that’s the issue at times for me because I feel like I've seen enough sword fights at this point, and not just in anime. So, while they're fun, their overexposure makes me appreciate something different a lot more.

    –    To me, Sanji's style has a bit more 'kick' to it (oh yes!) and his reasons for using a kicking style are a bit more unique and interesting as well (being that he’s a cook and can’t damage his hands, the tools to his craft). His style is fun to watch, requires a bit more imagination when designing his moves, but it also has a strange kind of elegance to it which I appreciate. Not that sword fighting can't look elegant (Hello, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’), but I love that people often joke that some shots of Sanji make it look like he could be a dancer which I find amusing, because it’s true. Plus, I admire the fact that he's the only Straw-hat that fights without either a magic power/devil fruit or a literal weapon (though he has now grown accustomed to the raid suit, so…). But, for the majority of the story so far, the dude has just used his legs and that’s it. And is the 3rd (or fourth if you count Jinbei now) most powerful member of the crew, and still impressively strong overall amongst a massive cast of crazy powerful characters. Also, dude can fly. Actually fly. He can fight in the skies, sing “Walking in the Air” and it would not seem completely ridiculous. So, people reading this may not agree, but, point to SANJI!

    Sanji 2/0 Zoro

     Fights/Achievements: I feel that most fans prefer Zoro's fights as he tends to take on the second strongest villains of each arc (with Luffy obviously taking on the strongest), which is automatic epicness. I know some fans even argue that Zoro would have no problems taking on the strongest villains in Luffy's place anyway, though I would disagree simply due to the fact that if Luffy were weaker/equal in strength to Zoro then why would he even be captain? The guy who's gonna be the Pirate King can hardly be weaker than one of his own crewmates, it ain't right!

    –    Anyway, Zoro's battles tend to be straight-up badass one-on-one feats of strength, while Sanji's can be a mix of badass and sometimes plain goofy (thinking of Sanji vs Mr. 2 here or Sanji vs Wanze). And I do think Oda makes it clear that Zoro is the more powerful of the two, making his wins a lot more impressive, awe-inspiring, and show how physically far he’ll go in order to succeed (man should really have no blood left in his body). For me personally though, I often found many of Zoro’s fights a bit dull, like his fight with Mr. 1 for e.g. (ha, ironic), and when I watch his big battle with Kaku, while I like Kaku as a character, I had a hard time taking the image of Zoro fighting a sword-wielding Giraffe seriously. Sanji fighting a wolf with a moustache often looks goofy as well, but at least wolves come across as a bit more threatening (unless you have been on a scary Safari tour o__O…).

    –    Alas, I would give Zoro the point for fights simply because I know how much the fandom appreciates them and the effort he puts in, BUT.... as for achievements... Maybe I'm being sneaky with this, but for me, while Sanji's fights maybe aren't considered as iconic as Zoro's, his actions towards helping the crew solidified Sanji's usefulness to the crew as not only a fighter but a tactician, and without him at a certain point, there wouldn't be any epic Zoro fights to appreciate. Sanji's rescue of the crew in Alabasta was pretty damn awesome, the fact they wouldn't have even reached Alabasta in the first place if Sanji hadn't gotten a hold of the Alabasta eternal log pose is hilarious, his saving of Usopp and Nami in Skypeia, his enabling of the Merry to escape without being blown to smithereens in the Enies Lobby arc, it's all just undeniably awesome. And to me, just as equally iconic and important as Zoro's fights, sooooo... I'm calling it a TIE!

     Sanji 3/1 Zoro

     Coolness: HAHA! Ok, come on, I love Sanji, but Oda's portrayal of him can get a bit ridiculous at times and sometimes rob him of his dignity, whereas with Zoro, Oda really doesn't humiliate him that much. He's usually always cool and epic and never seems to leave a negative impression in the eyes of fans. So, no question about it, point to ZORO!

     Sanji 3/2 Zoro

     Backstory: Ok, maybe it's just me, but I don't think many are gonna argue that Sanji has the better backstory? There's just more of it, it's better fleshed out, it establishes his character relationships and motives far better, it's just... better? Zoro's backstory perhaps is still to be further developed, but as it stands...

    –    Zoro = Wants to become the greatest swordsman because of a promise he made to his dead rival/childhood friend. Nice, but doesn’t feel very original or special. Where did he come from before all that? Where/who is Zoro's family? Why did he want to be a swordsman in the first place? Cause it's cool? It just leaves me feeling annoyed because there’s these gaps and things left unanswered within his story and I can't tell if Oda's even going to give us any answers! But with a possibility that Zoro is from Wano, maybe something is eventually going to be explained? Still, I feel like Oda needs to be careful he doesn't make a repetitive tragic backstory, cause I worry that at some point he's going to run out of ideas on how to make each new backstory more uniquely depressing than the last, to the point where it's gonna be a 'been there, done that' kind of deal. Or maybe he’ll actually reveal that Zoro has a DUN-DUN-DUN living mother. I mean, that’s rarely done in this series, so that would be pretty shocking.

    –    Sanji = Born as a quadruplet (still so weird to me) to a royal family, kind mother but douche-bag father. Mother dies saving Sanji's humanity because said douche-bag father violated mother and children by tampering with them before birth in order to make his children into sociopathic weapons. Sanji grew up emotionally and physically abused by father and brothers because he had kindness and compassion, and the abuse got so bad that he was even locked in a jail cell with an iron mask on his face because his father was ashamed of his existence. Mother, of course, dies, leaving Sanji with only an older sister to turn to, who could only be nice to him in secret and laugh at him in public. He decided to become a chef during imprisonment due to his mother giving him the only praise he had ever received and he enjoyed making her happy. Finally escapes douche-bag family thanks to decent sister freeing him, but only after promising to never admit he was related to his douche-bag father, further destroying him emotionally. Next, the ship he worked on was destroyed in a tidal wave, killing all his friends at the time, and left him alone on a rock with little food and a pirate who recently kicked the crap out of him. Went months without food only to find out that the pirate he hated had given him all the food, forcing him to cannibalize himself to survive. And all this happened before he was just 10 years old. So, from then on Sanji grew up with a fixed dedication/appreciation for food, but a clearly messed up self-image due to years of abuse and being told he was a failure by his biological father. Not to mention the man who saved his life, while a good man at heart, kinda has a messed up moral compass of his own, and kinda f**ked up Sanji's head in his own way (seriously, Sanji can't bring himself to hit a woman to save his own life cause he can't bear disappointing/disobeying Zeff, the man who actually loved him like a son? Jeez).

    –    For real, Sanji's story is a doozy, and Zoro's just doesn't compare (at least not at the moment). Sorry, but clear point goes to SANJI!

     Sanji 4/2 Zoro

     Gag: Possibly debatable again, but I honestly do prefer (and the fandom majority seem to prefer) Zoro's whole getting lost gag to Sanji being a looney tunes pervert (some of the faces Oda draws, I swear!) I don't mind anime perverts so long as they have some substance to their character, but Oda places ‘Pervert Sanji’ in some situations where you're left screaming, “NOW'S NOT THE TIME DAMMIT!” Some moments can be thrown off kilter by the perverseness and/or fanservice to the point where you're just left face-palming. Arguably, the same can be said for Zoro, especially with his wandering off and getting lost in Wano right before Luffy faced off against Kaido (not that Zoro could do much about that anyway if he hadn't gotten lost), but just how easily he gets lost is so ridiculous that it veers right around from being annoying and returns straight back to being hilarious because of how mind-boggling it is. xD So, point to ZZZZZORO!

     Sanji 4/3 Zoro

      Development: Once again, another debatable one. Too debatable! There's no way around it; some may say Sanji's ‘self-rediscovery’ arc in Whole Cake Island made him the better developed character (or didn’t develop him at all) and some will say that Zoro's “Nothing happened” moment is the pinnacle of character development in One Piece, and to me, too much of it comes down to preference and I find it hard to justify why one is potentially better developed than the other. Especially when there could still be further development for them to come. So.... yeah, another TIE!

     Sanji 5/4 Zoro

    So, there it is, I killed some great time in quarantine with this(!) Maybe there’s more ‘categories’ I could have added, but with what I came up with, I really did try not to be bias here. I do think it’s important to have a character that can hit ‘all the beats’, deliver in terms of action scenes, comedy and the emotional hard-hitting moments too. I can’t help but appreciate the male characters who are more in touch with their emotions and show vulnerability, which is what I appreciate with Sanji, and why I probably don’t connect with Zoro as much as I’d like to?

    Going through all of this however has made me think that I'm actually fairer than I thought I was. No? Yes? Close call anyway.

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  • kyukyuhunnie
    29.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Watch “Youth With You” with Me!

    Episode 6 Part 1

    - okay from the “highlights in this episode” part of the episode I feel like this one is gonna be much more emotional than the previous episode

    - MR FRUIT

    - s2g at this point on the days that I watch ywy I should change my icon to Mr. Fruit lmaoo

    - I just love him a lot bc he’s so cute UwU

    - i wonder how the other gals feel about 

    - Kun.  My guy.  Stop bullying the treainees


    - he looks proud or at least entertained of them during their praccy so that’s fun

    - ooooof that’s rough bud but yeah i think one of the issues that all of the groups have had so far is that their centers are never really a center

    - wait are they sisters sisters???  how did i miss this???

    - i love that they played ‘baby don’t stop’ aksdfj;alsdk

    - is Sharon purposefully messing up ??  bc if she is that is some fuckin dedication to being a nice person for the group

    - i like her jean shirt vest thingy..???

    - i’m not really attached to anyone here as the center so far ngl

    - i don’t really remember any of their intro stages so i’m mostly apathetic rn

    - ooooh wait is this like the one with the 4 sisters???  ok now it’s coming back to me

    - i really don’t understand the montage they just showed us or for why??

    - like is it supposed to be highlighting the differences between the two??

    - Lisa’s dress literally makes her look like a fairy I'm obsessed

    - Yeah i’m not attached to this team so whatever happens happens

    - who tf are peter and angela?  or are those just names chosen for the rhyme scheme?

    - Sharon’s voice is more powerful tho

    - so if i’m reading the choreo correctly, which i probably am not but it’s cool it’s fine it’s whatever, they made Sharon the center?

    - i like the fire.  that’s always neat

    - oh ok jie is just gonna pull out those cartwheels then.  maybe she’s still the center?

    - i don’t know what happened honestly

    - it’ll b v drama tho if Sharon gets a higher score than Jie during the rankings

    - ok based off of Lisa’s compliment on stage Jie was still chosen as center

    - oohh that’s not the score i was expecting for Sharon.  that’s so low

    - I like JU and Jie’s friendship tho.  that’s really cute

    - wow they both crying this isan event


    - sorry the thought just occurred a;dkfja;ksfj

    - Joey Chua’s group has a girl holding a chipmunk i love it

    - Roada is really being a good friend in helping Joey with her singing and pronunciation

    - i am more interested in this group

    - oooh i like the braid and hat combo es ist sehr süß Frau Flora

    - are they screaming bc Kun’s voice is lowered or bc he’s teasing Roada

    - Ella stop bullying Yoga alkdsfja;lksdjfa;lkdfj

    - bitch you ain't subtle i hate men kaldfs;lkdfal;sdkja

    - ooooooohhhhh bubbles!!!!! O.O.O.O.O

    - flora’s outfit is literally so cute @ flora where to cop??

    - same with roada where to cop

    - i love the bubbles so much honestly

    - with the wink ugh my heart

    - wow roada that note I'm in awe

    - oooh this stage was so cute!!!

    - 5y3qopiweutpq9wet34 the way Ella said kawaii has me weak

    - wow no countdown to when voting stops?  what kinda twilight zone nonsense

    - i too am actively rooting for myself to be last i love her akldfja;kldsjf

    - what the fuck hwyy are they skipping to third place???

    - good job beebee but I'm annoyed

    - with the skipping around not the scores

    - nice flora dai!!!

    - i

    - have

    - no

    - words

    - i do wonder how it would be to be put in a position you feel like you didn't deserve esp when the person who helped you so much should not have gotten as low as she did

    - Yayayayay Babymonster’s group

    - she’s so good i loveher

    - is this the group where lisa’s gonna come for blood?  pleaseeee

    - snow kong is iconic  i love that they appropriated the camera from the producers to look at her hair through it adlkfad;lkjf

    - babymonster is so cute when she’s announcing they can eat i love her

    - omg the one with the white hoops exposing the rest of the group???  iconic

    - i love that htey’re asking for hair tips that’s so cute

    - wow her bangs seriously don't move what the fuck

    - Lisa is so cute adflakdjfi love erh

    - me too Lisa mee too

    - lisa’s face as she looks at the clipboard someone please gif that the meme potential is through the roof

    - i like that Lisa emphasizes the fact that they are a team bc it was something that Frhanm’s group was really insistent about as well

    - i love that iqiyi sometimes just doesn’t caption the trainees.  love it for me

    - like i got “somethign something like a cabbage” from Kun what is he saying

    - i love that Gia is using the staff(?) to help her with her emoting

    - and rehearsal that’s so cute

    - i hope that this group does well and Gia is able to do what she needs to do for this stage

    - (also doing this wwm has probs increased my wpm as i try to get things in before the next things start lmaoooo)

    - Kun and Lisa are such dorks i love them aldkfja;ldskjf

    - Babymonster’s into is so cute I'm emoji over it

    - k i love the outfits for this stage so much what the fuck

    - if this isn't included in best stage compilations i will be upset

    - i like the stained glass in this it’s v fun

    - that just might be the catholic in me jumping out a lil tho

    - this choreo is so powerful what the hell I'm goosebumps

    - kun’s really into it we support

    - gia’s solo was v intense i am happy for her

    - was that flower petals falling ugh their minds


    - we are babymonster stans first and people second

    - if bbmon doesn’t take the top fucking spot in the ranking i’m gonna be pissed

    - aahahh!!!  the bangs looked undisturbed !! yayayayay

    - esther is so emo over it me too sweetie

    - esther sweetie stop joking

    - i feel like nct 127 haechan and esther would get along so well like chaos would kill everyone but it’d be worth it i think to have them on a variety show together

    - deadass tho if Play doesn’t win i will actively be losing my shit

    - play queen #1 fan thank you

    - damn that girl from ‘bad guy’ group is fucking bitter o.o’

    - lmao the exercise aldkfjakdlsf


    - I'm so bad at them ksksks

    - i’m the girl lying on the ground

    - 100 sit ups what the hell Miss Yuni Xiong

    - “It felt like we seven idiot could do something big!” BITHCH IMASLDG;SGFOPWIERGH GOD THAT IS SUCH A MOOD

    - i wonderhow the spider thing is gonna turn out on stage

    - Secret Crazy Kitchen Team and they’re introducing themselves as foods that don’t go together.  Juice=Juice, move the fuck over we stan Secret Crazy Kitchen Team now

    - oh wait is this the Bill e eyelash song??  ugh.  e.e

    - can someone gif the SCKT intro??  bc i would love to have that on my blog.

    - maybe if i figure out how to download this part of the episode and figure out how to gif i could do it

    - this is hopefully the one and only time i’m going to have to listen to a bill e eyelash song

    - it looks like their planking and 100 situps deffo helped !  i’m proud

    - why did that wave motion thing remind me of bts’s DNA choreo

    - ok just out here flexing with that walk over i see you

    - the lights are distracting me from the dancing

    - i love their makeup for this one

    - that girl next to esther is so fed up with her its incredible

    - Hana did deffo improve

    - if i ever got a compliment from Lisa i would kms i would die on the spot fr fr

    - Lisa and Kun are literally like proud parents of this group esp lisa

    - Hana did so well I'm emo T.T

    - they’re getting hugs from Lisa i 

    - can we please have Kitchen Team again some time!!!

    - yay we’ve reached my favorite non-expressive gal Jue Chen!

    - and that’s the end of part one!

    - see y’all soon for part 2!!!

    #ywy #youth with you #idol producer #watch with me #e6 p1#cpop#jae text
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  • queenofcandynsoda
    25.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    One Piece OC: Charlotte Pastila

    Charlotte Pastila

    Epithet: None

    Code Name: Siren

    Age: 8

    Birthday: September 7th

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Blue

    Height: 6’ (183 cm)

    Appearance: Pastila is a tiger shark mermaid with shark-like teeth. She has blonde hair and blue eyes with freckles.

    Daily #1: Pastila wears a long-sleeved pink shirt with white frills. 

    Daily #2: Pastila wears a light green shirt with green-blue ruffles. 

    Tribal: Pastila wears a blue tank top with cyan embroidery.

    Formal Tribal: Pastila wears a teal dudou with seashells and pearls attached to it.

    Affiliations: Big Mom Pirates (Defected); Charlotte Family, Lost Boys Pirates; Merfolk/Fishmen Fleet

    Occupation: Navigator

    Bounty: None

    Devil Fruit: None

    Moves: None

    Skills: Pastila has advanced knowledge of navigation of the world and underwater. She can easily track down trespassers in the water surrounding an island. She is a highly talented singer with an incredibly powerful voice as she can control fishes to damage trespassers’ ships if they reach Reeve Island.

    Personality: Pastila is a possessive young girl who gets angry at the thought that Star-Fin abandoning her. Despite this, she is very loving towards him. She is very prideful about her singing abilities.

    About: Charlotte Pastila is the second daughter and child of the twenty-first daughter of the Charlotte Family, Praline, and her husband, Aladine. She is also the younger sister of Prune and the older sister of quadruplets Panforte, Pinca, Paleta, and Pacoca. She is a part of a choir, where she is known to have the most beautiful singing voice. She met Star-Fin, a member of the Lost Boys Pirates, when she caught him spying on Unique Island. She promised that she won’t tell anyone if he agreed to listen to her songs, in which he did. The Lost Boy has become adored by her singing, causing Pastila to fall in love with him and declaring him her boyfriend. Star-Fin didn’t oppose to this.

    Wanted Poster: None

    #one piece #one piece oc #descendants au #one piece descendants #Charlotte Family#charlotte pastila#charlotte praline#Lost Girls #Lost Boys Pirates #rotten to the core
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  • eeveelou
    21.03.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • kyukyuhunnie
    19.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Watch “Youth With You” with Me!

    Episode 2 Part 1

    - oh wait is the dance between Kiki and Babymonster gonna be in this episode??!?!

    - aweh mr fruit is back omg  > . <

    - i do want to try that drink tho ngl like i love the asian drinks that have things in them

    - they’re deadass quadruplets im genuinely shook

    - oh they’re the same height girls!!!

    - i like the same height girls’ song about wanting to be their own persons and fighting against stereotypes

    - “on stage...I’m like a little monster” an iconic line i cant actually

    - ooou ok quadruplet’s time

    - it’s a cutesy song which is a fun contrast to the previous song

    - yeah it wasn’t as good of a performance as the others we’ve seen

    - kun is out here for blood jfc

    - i love the photoshopped products on the table when it goes to the like single individual interviews

    - their performance is seeming to be in sync

    - i don;t like arianna grande but Gia Ge’s dance to her song is very attractive in that i didn’t want to stop watching

    - wow Kun is so uplifting when talking to and about the “twice-cooked pork” trainees

    - oh my god their choreo is literaly so gorgeous what the fuck mountaintop

    - i love that occasionally when I’m watching the screen will black out tahknk you iqiyi app

    - i feel like they are implementing more traditional Chinese dance moves within the more modern ones which is so cool

    - ok holy shit she’s an extremely phenomenal dancer wowowowowow i want to see more of Xiaotang throughout

    - Kun is a trickster god like fr fr

    - stop ragging on your nine percent members you dork ksksksks

    - is snow going to be the first A??????/


    - i hope that even if snow leaves at some point before the finale that this opens doors for her to go further

    - lmao they;re sitting next to each other im so weak

    - ok that’s so crazy what they’re doing with their arms

    - i feel like im watching a group from the seventies or something i love it

    - their performance is so fun !!!  i feel like going to concerts with them as performers would be a great time

    - ok i love them that was so fun omg it seems like everyone after watching it is so happy

    - Yu Zhang has a voice made for ballads and r&b oh my god

    - is she singing in spanish now???  ugh she’s so talented wth

    - awww Yvonne Wang and her dad’s relationship is so cute

    - oh shit Yu straight up dragging Chinese specifically but Asian parenting in general like my mother is the same way and rarely praises me in front of me especially when i was younger

    - ok wow their dance and composition of the song is so much more harsher in comparison to the D*W group

    - Aurora’s voice is very good if she doesn’t get praised by ella i will be shocked and you will read it

    - ok wow their version is so intense i don’t know which i liked better

    - and was that the end of part 1?

    - yes, yes it was.

    #ywy #youth with you #idol producer #watch with me #jae text#e2 p1
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  • crackpiece
    01.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Children Of Mont D Or and Reiju

                                First Born Quadruplet – Charlotte Mimolette (Lady Key)

    Age: 1 (currently)

    Ability: Exoskeleton and Healing Ability  (Inherited Modified Genes) ; Haki User

    Devil Fruit: Ki Ki No Mi/Key Key Fruit-allows the user to manipulate keys.

    Use her powers to capture and lock up prisoners, like her father.

    She also likes to collect keys.

    Physical Appearance: Mim closely resembles her mother, while inheriting her father’s pointed nose and blond, shredded looking hair, which is shoulder length when she’s older. She wears a yellow onsie as a baby with the number one on it.  She also has her mother’s curly eyebrows.  As an adult, she wears clown-like makeup like her father. She has a raid suit that resembles her mother’s, but the chest  and midriff area is covered up due to the insistence of her father. As an adult in her regular outfit,  she’s seen wearing a yellow sundress printed with key s and has earrings that resemble keys.  She also wears a white knitted open sweater on it.

    Personality:  She is a cheery and energetic girl, who has a great love for superheroes and magical girls. She likes the superhero aspects of the Germa legacy and wants emulate that part. She’s a perpetual optimistic even in the face of the most chaotic and dangerous situations. Ever since she was a baby she’s always had a great fascination with keys, to the point that her parents could usually keep her occupied by giving her some. She likes to find interesting stuff and lock them up, so nothing can harm it. She’s also good at keeping secrets, despite being quirky. Also a big daddy’s girl. 

                               Second Born Quadruplet- Charlotte Beaufort (Lead Man)

    Age: 1 (currently)

    Ability: Speed And Healing Ability  (Inherited Modified Genes) ; Haki User

    Devil Fruit: Pitsu Pitsu No Mi/Pencil Pencil Fruit- allows the user to manipulate pencils.

    Has a pocket protector that he likes to carry his pencils.

    He’s an avowed writer.

    Physical Description: Beau closely resembles his father, while not having his father’s nose and having his mother’s shoulder length pink hair, which covers his left eye. As a baby, he has a pink onsie with a 2 on it.  He also has his mother’s curly eyebrows. He has pink raid outfit that is similar in appearance to his uncles’. As an adult, his regular outfit is a pink vest with a pocket protect which covers a black shirt and wears black pants with pink lining.

    Personality:  He shares his sister’s interest in superheroes and magical girls, due to interest in the Germa’s raid suits. He can be very hot blooded and tempered, especially when someone is interrupting him while he is writing. Like his father he’s a very avid reader, which prompts him to try and make his own stories. He can get easily startled, especially when he’s concentrating on a task. He’s a mama’s boy, even though he won’t openly admit it. 

                                       Third Born Quadruplet -Charlotte Faisselle

    Age: 1 (currently)

    She is a scientist and is very knowledgeable about Germa technology. 

    Like her mother, she loves putting poison in her food, due to have the resistance against poison. 

    Ability:  “Poison Pink” Ability And Healing Ability (Inherited Modified Genes) ; Haki User

    Devil Fruit:  Jaja Jaja No Mi/ Shrew Shrew Fruit- allows the user to turn into a shrew and a shrew/human hybrid. 

    Physical Description:  Resembles a female version of her father, but doesn’t have his long nose. She inherited her mother’s pink hair, which goes down her back when she’s older, covers up her right eye, and she ties it up in a ponytail.  She also has her mother’s curly eyebrows. She wears a pink onsie with the number 3 as a baby.  As an adult, she wears a pink jumpsuit, which has a skull and cross bones on the front, and white lab coat on top.  She also wears pink gloves with the same skull and cross bones as well.

    Personality: A scientific mind, who puts great value in knowledge. She really has little tolerance for stupidity and tends to berate people for being ignorant about certain subject matters. Despite her overall gruffness, she has a great love for poisonous animals due to her poison pink ability and is very protective of them. She can be very arrogant in her abilities, which blind her to certain issues that need to be addressed. Doesn’t gravitate to either one of her parents, but is close to Reiju due to sharing the same ability. 

                                    Fourth Born Quadruplet -Charlotte Rocamadour

    Age: 1 (currently)

    Abilities: Healing Ability And Agility (Inherited Modified Genes) ; Haki User

    Chizu Chizu No Mi/Cheese Cheese Fruit- allows the user to create and manipulate cheese

    He specializes a lot in making pizzas and likes to do a lot of food experimenting with cheese dishes.

    Becomes The Next Cheese Minister

    Physical Description: Resembles a male version of his mother and has his father’s long nose. He inherited his father’s blonde, shredded hair and has his mother’s curly eyebrows. As a baby, he wears a yellow onsie with the number 4 on it.  As an adult, he wears a yellow shirt that has spot patterns that make it look like Swiss Cheese and black coat with a wide collar, complete with prominent, spiky, brownish-white fur trimming lining the hood. He also wears yellow pants which has the same spot patterns.He also wears a yellow fedora, which has the same spotted pattern as well.

    Personality: In comparison with other Charlottes, he tends to practice a pacifistic way of life but won’t hesitate to fight if the need comes to it. Out of his siblings, he’s the one that is most enthusiastic about cheese. He tends to take a certain pride in making cheese dishes and presenting them. He also is a charming ladykiller, who has great respect for women and is very gentlemanly towards them. He tends to get easily heartstruck by a beautiful woman, which can damper his judgement and concentration at times. He’s the sibling whose the most vocal about disliking his Germa heritage and takes great pride in being a Charlotte. He is very close his father and looks up to him as role model, while hoping to follow him in his footsteps as the next minister of cheese.

                                                     Youngest Child-Charlotte Cantal 

     Age: 3 years younger than the quadruplets.

    Ability: Strength And Exoskeleton (Inherited Modified Genes) ; Haki User

    Ning Ning/Doll Doll Fruit-allows the user to create and control living, talking doll versions of people, which has the person’s abilities and devil fruit powers if a user. They can control people through those dolls, if they attach something like a lock, blood, etc of the person on their doll counterpart.

    She has an illness that causes her breathing problems and often has to be in the medical wing of the Germa Kingdom.

    She has a hand puppet homie, which looks like a mouse and is named Charla.

    She is very close to Eponi due to her caring for her.

    Physical Description: She has two tone pink and blond shredded hair, which resembles her maternal grandmother’s hairstyle when she is older. She also inherited her father’s nose like Mim and Roc.  As a baby, she wears a little white onsie that has the number 5 on it.  As a child, she is often seen in a white patient’s outfit.  As an adult,  she wears a white shirt dress with vertical black lines, ruffled sleeves, and a bow tied around the waist.  She also as an adult wears the same type of makeup her old sister, Mim, and father don. She also inherited the signature eyebrows of her mother. 

    Personality: She is very timid and shy, while only really opening up to her family and close loved ones. She is very well-mannered and proper.She rarely gets angry, but when she does it’s often something that is considered on par with her father’s outbursts. She has a great love for dolls, due to her powers giving the ability to make a living army of them. She has a special section of dolls, who she has a deep connection with and tries to make sure they are not heavily damaged or make them explode. If anyone of them are destroyed, she will try to avenge their demise. 

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    5 CURIOSIDADES DEL ARMADILLO, UNO DE LOS HABITANTES DEL PARQUE TAYRONA⤵⤵ 1-Hay unas 20 especies de Armadillo en Sudamérica 2-Son de hábitos nocturnos y solitarios 3-Son excelentes excavadores, lo que les ayuda a vivir bajo tierra 4-Se alimentan en su mayoría de insectos, aunque a veces de semillas y frutas 5-En época reproductiva, la hembra escoge un macho, mientras los machos sí pueden aparearse con más hembras. Las hembras siempre tendrán cuatrillizos idénticos, uno para cada glándula mamaria . *Vida en el Parque Tayrona, uno de los lugares más diversos de Colombia y el mundo . 5 CURIOSITIES OF ARMADILLO, ONE OF THE INHABITANTS OF TAYRONA PARK 1-There are about 20 species of armadillo in Southamerica 2-They are nocturnal and lonely 3-They are excellent excavators which helps them live underground 4-They mostly feed on insects, although sometimes seeds and fruits 5-In reproductive season, the female chooses a male, while the males can mate with more females. Females will always have identical quadruplets, one of each mamnary gland . *Life on Tayrona Park, one of the most diverse places in Colombia and the world . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tayrona #parquetayrona #respiratayrona #tayronapark #tayronanationalpark #parquesnaturales #colombiawild #colombiagram #idcolombia #colombiahd #kolumbien #colombie #viajandoporcolombia #natgeowild #revistasemana #santamarta #wildlife #visitcolombia #earthcapture #colombiatrip #discoversouthamerica #magiasalvaje #thebestofcolombia #lomejordecolombia — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/31ldj3a

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