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  • Comment if I’m wrong because I love to be proved wrong but am I correct in saying that more than once you’ve written the most glorious fanfic ever and then suddenly something happens (lose power, drop your phone, some tragity) and that 1+ hours worth of work just disappears? And you’re left just staring at the screen like


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    And then you just lose it, pick up your gun, and go to chop the head off some vamps? Me too buddy… Me too… *Cries in fanfic writer*

    #Fanfic#Destiel#Fanfic writer #Writing fanfic be like #Frustrating#Fun #Why is life like this #Fuck life
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  • So I might actually want a relationship, I just feel like it’s impossible for me to find it or attract it

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  • My astronomy teacher is the only one that knows my name even tho I barely interact with him (he had everyone’s names memorised before the 1st irl day), but I talk to my other teachers a lot and none of them know my name…

    #my ither teachers a like ‘i cant see ur face so i cant remember ur name’ #but then my astro teacher walked up to me on the first day and was like ‘hey maddie!’ #love him hes great #school#jfhfjdjs#frustrating
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  • gn 😪

    #ugh so done with today #its just been draining #and#frustrating#anyways#ilya#mwah#cosmic rambles #wait does anyone have that thing guess what i already forgot what i was gonna ask #wait ok anyone have a video of a tiger/leopard/ #or cheetah purring #pls#🥺🥺🥺
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  • love my wife he just went to sleep. i hope he is sleeping well :3 he makes me happy

    #lowres #i love u so much #u get me #nobody else seems to #Frustrating #but not when i have you #(kiss your forehead as you sleep) #also yes i make tumbor post about wife and a tag becahse i have a PDA beain worm
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  • I’m tired but I also want to keep writing

    #Not tired enough to sleep #But also not awake enough to form a coherent thought #Much less write smtha #Ugh#Frustrating#about me
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  • y’all i’m so sorry i know it’s been years since this account was truly active and y’all are probably like who’s this bitch showing back up on my timeline and i’m so sorry but i am having a. Crisis. atm.

    And her name is Dami.


    Originally posted by kimjius

    i’m so sorry please mute the tags if i’m annoying you T.T

    #but also hello! #to anyone who still remember me #it's nice to be back on tumblr for a little bit if i'm honest #twitter is very #frustrating #and suffocating? #idk i just feel more at home here #so hi ^.^
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  • Is it me or do people not know how to hold a conversation anymore? I swear it feels like I’m putting in effort that doesn’t deserve to be given..

    #wtf#conversation #left on read #why does this happen #getting tired #tired of this shit #why even bother #why even try #what has this world come to #follow#follow me#frustation#frustrating #wasting my time #smh lmao
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  • Y’all can harry show tf up so I can have things to queue up

    #i literally cant fucking make content #im too busy and/or tired to write #like either im busy #or like rn im not #but im about to sleep #ugh#frustrating #and i also dont want to leave this beautiful acc on mf dormancy
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  • I wanted to binge-watch Galavant earlier today, and learned it’s been taken off Netflix. That’s too bad.

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  • someone made my profile picture for me and i forgot who, currently i have my dni credited to @lgbtuserboxes and im pretty sure they did my profile picture as well because the flag looks the same as the one they have but i cant remember and i cant find the ficking file and i want to change my profile picture on other stuff.

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  • I really think some people need to work on their netiquette communication online, especially when it comes to professional settings.

    You see, I’m waking up on the wrong side of the bed today, because I just opened my e-mail to see someone reply to a question I have that I answered for them, and instead of further detailing what’s confusing them, they replied, “This can’t be right.”

    Like, maybe he didn’t mean anything by that, but it just comes off as very disrespectful. I am happy to help anyone I’m tasked with helping. I love explaining things and helping people, but I can’t do anything with that. How am I supposed to help, “This can’t be right” and nothing else? It’s just…ugh….

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    Hi! So this is my first post on here, and this is something that has been bugging me for a while.

    Recently I’ve been wanting to get into some fandom arts and make some friends and I mostly use Instagram. So I looked up some fandoms from my childhood that I really loved and wanted to see what some of the current fandoms are like.

    One of the fandoms is Care Bears (not the real fandom, here just an example!). And as I looked through the fandom tags for all of the Yu-Gi-Oh series on instagram, I came across some fandom OC pages. I really liked them. But some things that seemed to disturb me were that on one post someone had a person comment things like how the poster’s OC messed with their OCs. Like???? Did you two agree to set your OCs in the same timeline? How does this even affect you????

    I’ve dealt with people like this before in the past on fanfic sites (I don’t think the people I dealt with even have their accounts up anymore). I loved reading their stories but almost immediately they would sometimes do oneshots and stories with other authors. But it would get bad if someone posted a fic about ship they didn’t like or “messed up” their story. For this sake I’m going to use Zoey 101 as an example.

    This person had a whole future AU with some of the Zoey 101 ships and kids. And someone had posted a Chase x Lola AU with a kid. It was very sweet, just Chase and Lola being a couple and parents doing normal everyday things. Eventually the “owner” of the fandom saw it and said it screwed up their universe of Chase x Zoey and their kid/s.

    Like how????

    This “owner” would even ask others if they could right a fanfic for them, and when they would and post it the owner would make a post critizing every little thing about it! Not one nice thing could be said. Eventually it got to the point that some people didn’t feel comfortable posting in the fandom because of the chances of the “owner” reading their first. And the worst part is that if anyone gave them criticism for anything, even on how to prove story telling they would flip out! Or if they made a same-sex couple have a biological kid then they would critize someone else who did it.

    To be honest, it burned me out of fanfic writing and stuff like that. Reason being is because I found that person to be toxic. Very toxic. Personally I never spoke to the “owner” but I would see author notes at the start and end of every story. As much as I loved the writing this person - from what I remember reading - had this arrogance about them, acting like they owned the entire fandom. Not only that but from what I would read this person would make a lot of things a big fight and people having to choose sides when there was no need for that! And from the “owners” friends would write, or I guess former friends, no one could call them out on their BS because to the “owner” that meant that the person calling them out on it, was no longer their friend and was turning them against them. Which I never understood. Even if they stopped being friends with a person, it felt like they would stalk their writing, start commenting on how bad it was instead of saying it was good even if their writing style was the same, and would critique everything they would write. Even if they knew a canon character was going to be Out Of Character or if the person was pretty much still in character the “owner” would say stuff like “THIS CHARACTER IS LIKE THIS! WHY IS X PORTRAYING THEM LIKE THIS!” or “IF THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE CANON WHY IS X PORTRAYING THIS CHARACTER LIKE THIS!”

    Eventually the Zoey 101 section just felt like the “owner” and their friends posting in the area and while they do seem welcoming at first, the owner eventually found ways to make things about them and their stories.

    I’m saying this for anyone reading. If you know someone like this please take a step back. In my own opinion, friends - real life or online - should be able to call you out on your BS instead of feeling like if they do they need to walk on egg shells.

    Because how many toxic people work, is that even if they help you get away from another toxic person if they are making you feel unwelcome and like you need to pick a side or apologize for something that you like or didn’t even do then that isn’t healthy.

    I would also like to note that the “owner” of the fandom claimed to have a disability - I think it was mpd - but the way they would use it was as a way to excuse their actions and behavior meanwhile, I’m sure there were others who had mpd and didn’t even take things as far as the “owner” did. They would just chill and do their thing and wouldn’t voice their opinion about every little thing in the author’s notes of all their stories or write full things critizing those they don’t like.

    I once had a message saved in drafts, wanting to ask them if they ever just took a minute to stop. To get off the fanfic site were one and away from everyone that was bugging them. But they would often claim in their author notes that they weren’t ever going to leave because they didn’t have the capability of doing so. They would “try” but “had to come on” to see what people were doing.

    Eventually I left the Zoey 101 fic writing because of this. As much as I loved their writing I couldn’t handle seeing other authors I liked getting bashed or potentially stalked by this one person while they went about their business just enjoying their stories.

    I just. .. . When people act like they own fandoms or take the high ground in things it can lead to many leaving the fandom and many new comers wondering if they can even post things about the fandom without getting sucked into all the negativity and toxic behavior.

    Okay rant over. Sorry it was very long!

    #instagram#fandoms#fanfic writiers #people who think they own fandoms #frustrating#care bears#zoey 101#yugioh#pokemom#powerpuff girls#naruto#demon slayer#fruits basket #grim adventures of billy and mandy #vent #sorry for the long post #ao3 #archive of my own #fanfic.net #wattpad#Deviantart#animes#cartoons
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  • due to unfortunate circumstances, today we will be experiencing weird and vauge but very specific anxiety about something we cannot pinpoint fully. it is only allowed to be grasped as broad concepts and vague ideas. have fun!

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  • the fact that both alastair’s and ariadne’s race-related problems were told in the perspective of white characters to push the reader into disliking them :)

    #matthew's lack of empathy and understanding is jus #frustrating#ariadne bridgestock#alastair carstairs#tlh #the last hours
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  • I’m sitting around at work and there is no work to do. Which for me, means that I don’t make any money. So I should just go home, but if I leave, I might miss work that could come in…..i hate how I’m paid 😠

    #mechanic things #im bored at work #but i mKe no money when i do nothing #frustrating#me#small rant
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  • i have rather long legs and disproportionately long thighs so knee rips on jeans always fall above my knees and hngngng ggbg

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  • I hate when dreams show us the life we want. I don’t want to wake up and remember how unhappy I am with my current life.

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  • [[Hoo buddy. I am struggling to find the voice I want to write with for several of these prompts but Imma power through it.]]

    #ooc #The struggle between my natural inclination toward descriptive and plodding #and action-oriented and detached is #frustrating #I have not found the balance yet
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  • there are some things I will never understand about the English language and one of them is why the fuck is it “Ukraine” most of the time but then sometimes it randomly be “the Ukraine” like where does the article even come from what are you doing 

    #language#english#mysteries#frustrating #a native BrE speaker told me the article sounds outdated #but how the hell did it appear in the first place??! #that is the question
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