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  • So my full name means 

    Universal little king and friend of horses 

    And with this information I can die peacefully 

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  • 今回は、ファイルのFullName……つまり、ファイルのパスとファイル名がくっついているものを、それぞれに分割するマクロを作ります。


    Sub sample24()
       Dim temp As Variant, i As Long, folder_path As String, file_name As String
       temp = Split(ThisWorkbook.FullName, “")

       file_name = temp(UBound(temp))

       folder_path = temp(0)

       For i = 1 To UBound(temp) - 1
           folder_path = folder_path & ”" & temp(i)
    End Sub






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  • K it stands for kindness and everything you do for me. 

    M it stands for marvelous and that is what you are all the time.

    V it stands for valuable and that is what you are more than anything to me. 

    But you see those are simply only your initials…which mean the abbreviation of who you are…but you see..You are so much more than that and I know that for sure.

     K. It stands for kryptonite. Which is what I love about being with you. For you are the only girl who is my weakness. Yet you are all of my strength as well. You make me strong everyday from everything that you say…which is why i know my love our love will never go away. You know what else K stands for is kiss. From those sweet lips that I miss everyday…man what I would do to kiss you each and everyday but this distance is making that hard right now. That’s okay though because I would wait 14543543543 days just to be with you because you are really my soulmate who makes me feel great. 

    R. It stands for REALLY sexy. Like woah man babe. You are flawlessly gorgeous from head to toe. You caught my eye from the day you said hi…You have had it ever since and honestly…every new picture…new video…new call where I hear your voice…I am like woah am I lucky to have such a sexy gal to call mine. 

    Y. It stands for Yours. Which I am happy that You tell me everyday that you are mine. However, I am lucky to be yours. You are the most amazing girlfriend I could ask for. You simply make my life amazing. You are so freaking rewgjkrwehgjkrweghrelwjgkre. I cannot even english properly. You continue to take my breathe away and to make me smile…for seconds…minutes..hours..or for a real long while. You are mine. I am yours and that is never going to change for sure. 

    S. It stands for the SMILE. Omg have you ever noticed how beautiful your smile is. Like oh man. It radiates happiness when you show it. It shines and makes me happy. That dimple…those lines…that Smile babe it is more that just fine. It is Gorgeous just like you…I don’t think I will ever get over it…

    T. It stands for Talented. From the way you sing, to the way you play guitar, to the way you can bake…man…how dreamy…you are…it isn’t a mistake I fell for you…that is true…but when you showed me you could play guitar and sing…woo man babe that had me swooning…for I didn’t think that you could become anymore damn attractive than you already were…but man ya tipped the scale for 1-10…you are a 543654653654 in beauty and gorgeousness…no wonder that talent caught me more.

    A. It stands for Adorable. Hehe. Yes. You Are Adorable my love. When You get shy and blushy and hide under my arms. Also when you hide your face in my back or when you grab my hand. So cute. So adorable so aghhhhh my heart. You couldn’t be more adorable if you tried….I love how shy you get…its another thing I love about you…and lastly.

    L. It stands for Love. Lova. Lover. Lovely. Pretty much….mine…My love, my lova/lover. And you are oh so lovely as well. You see my love with you babe it only grows more each and everyday…in every single way…there is no doubt in my mind that our love will last for a long time…

    I said above that your initials define so little about you but your name means so much more. The truth is though…there will never be a long enough description from your name to how special you are. That pretty much sums up a lot of the great personality and features about you though. Krystal. You are my love and my future wife…I really can’t wait to continue learning more about you to add into the definition of you name. I love You♥ 

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  • When your mother called you by your CORRECT name for the first time. Don’t know whether to be upset or happy at the same damn time. 😑😂

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