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  • slammergirl5478
    18.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Worked this whole day sober:) yeah I know living BIG right now I think I may just go clean everyone…. Just kidding Doing a shot and taking down them shorts…. Need that release!!!

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  • thevuuk
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    you wanna kno what Jak sees when he looks are your character?? send me a hecking photo and slap the tritanopia on them

    #do it itll be fun #tbt
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  • worldguardian
    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    while we’re on a greek mythology kick, i want to talk about the twin furies (and their late sister), because their character inspiration goes pretty deep.

    most of us probably know that they’re directly inspired by the three furies, but it goes even further than that - they’re almost one-to-one interpretations of the original myth, to the point where you can single out which individual fury each sister is supposed to be.

    the furies of greek myth were figures of vengeance and retribution, with particular reference to the punishment of murderers, oathbreakers and traitors. that sounds familiar - it’s exactly the duty zamorak assigned to the furies when he recruited them.

    avaryss the unceasing is alecto, whose name literally means “unceasing”. she gets an extra bit of meaning out of her name, with “avaryss” being a clear corruption of “avarice” - the deadly sin of greed. as the unceasing one, perhaps her greed for retribution outshone even her sisters. alecto is additionally described as being so spiteful, so cruel that even her own sisters can’t stand her.

    nymora the vengeful is tisiphone, whose name is a compound of “vengeful” and “murder”. i don’t doubt that “nymora” is a corruption or reference to an existing word just like avaryss is, but i can’t think of what it is. so if you have an idea, please tell me!

    this leaves their third sister, who would be megaera - “jealous rage”. since avaryss and nymora follow their mythological inspirations so closely, it’s safe to say that their sister would have as well. I wonder what her name would have been.

    a final interesting point - the three furies are described as chthonic figures, an umbrella term in greek myth that refers to beings and creatures associated with the underworld. now, obviously this is where runescape got the word, but the twin furies aren’t chthonic demons! they’re avernic.

    #runescape #i love mythological inspiration so much and it's really fun when you've got examples as clear-cut as this #my headcanon is now that the furies were born from fragments of hostilius' body that he cast off ages ago
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  • strawbinnies
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    nothing but fun, laughter, and joy
    #txtnetwork#moasource#soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai#choi soobin#choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #gifs#kpopgfxnetwork #this ep makes me sohappy!!! #they make me so happy #i just love to see them having so much fun
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  • helianthus-house
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    "If what that man at the bookstore said is true, I ought to only..” 

    Neri murmured away to herself, drawing the shape of a pentagram on the floor with some chalk, eyeing it dubiously. She was much more of a science and logic sort of a mind, rather than opening portals to another world, no matter the fact of ending up in a damned afterlife of all things. Would this really work? 

    Slicing the tip of her finger with a scalpel, a single drop of her own blood hit the center of her drawing, immediately causing a reaction of blinding bright light. Everything felt dizzy. Was the room growing... bigger? Why did she have the strange sensation that she as falling?!

    ...Oh dear. This wasn't quite the result she’d been looking for... 

    #🌻 IC: Neri #{{Hell!Verse}} #{{Something for fun.}} #TLDR: Neri was trying to summon her Tasmanian Devil. She is now unfortuantly her Tasmanian Devil. #{{Open}}
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  • comfyswitcherblanketfort
    18.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #the san juans are v pretty #im not a big hiker #but ill suffer a trail or two for a view of the san juans #and ferry rides are always fun #comfy answers #who are you nonie?
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  • dragon-pawz
    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Can’t sleep so apparently I’m drawing violence sorry Luke lol

    #head injuries just intrigue me fsr #this isn’t a vent or anything I was just bored so this was for fun #blood#injury#gore #ask to tag #nova draws
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  • cuuzca
    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Thanks for the asks everyone!!! They were fun and heartwarming and was such a nice experience cx!!!! I’ll open them up again when I have some extra free time!! Maybe another weekend thing who knows!

    I had a blast! :D

    #THIS WAS SO NICE #EVERYONE WAS NICE #AHHHHH#🥺💕💕💕 #although i was nervous and keeping them open would make me a nervous wreck djshdhsajdffs #so ill plan on more manageable asks soon!!! #this was fun ^-^
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  • rindomness
    18.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    maybe tomorrow i will post some worldbuilding because i really am getting too far into this to be considered normal

    #rin original #really worldbuilding is a fucking trap #i would like to formally complain to myself back in the spring for deciding #'you know what would be a fun class' #'a class on worldbuilding' #ive already caught myself thinking 'you know what would make this easier' #'an in-world language' #and having to stop and go 'no we literally do not have the energy for that bullshit' #I must resist the temptation
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  • notedchampagne
    18.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    hii remember these guys??? i made them worse

    #ive been more interested in fleshing out threshold it makes me happy #ik i said id do a comic or whatever but im having fun doing it on my own pace rn to make sure im actually being happy with what i make #anyway. this friend group is fucking TERRRRRIBLE #if yall need this tagged w something in the future lmk because thr3shold is like #mostly about me exploring people who think thyve gone past their personal points of no return and that whole jagged healing process #its fucked up! so yeah lmao this is all you get for now though #i need to relearn how to draw them #lowkey doods#thr3shold#ocs
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  • spookystew
    18.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    speedrunning minecraft with my friend today

    #i have 10 frames max and they prefer endgame building so this is gonna be fun #spooky talks
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  • voidpineapple
    18.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    okay so actually my only rambling for this are:

    SCISSORS MY BELOVED please you guys thought it was just my gijinka? no. in game scissors is the best character in the game in this essay i will-

    okay so you’ve all seen my ramblings about them having a cool serious facade but really being energetic and bloodthirsty right? yeah. that all still holds up

    the fight is way more fun when you don’t freeze them and also when you don’t use legendary items- i had too this time because im going for 102% and cant risk it aaaaaaa its nowhere near as fun-

    best theme in the whole game you can’t change my mind

    okay. okay thats it. for now

    #also im still thinking about kamek’s line after the battle ive never stopped thinking about that #aaaa it was way too easy this time i wanna redo it the fun way- #but noooooooooo 102% >:/ #void talks
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  • lovemeian
    18.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #IDEK WHY IM WRITING A WHOLE ASS THING #i think hes fun character wise #im more into osamu if im being honest #if i had to choose an inarizaki member tho im aran's girl sori~ #qna: nonnie #—lavmu.
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  • s0cialdisease
    18.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    i’m giving my myself sensory over load on purpose

    #i’m having fun tho :) #i’m having fun i am blaring #leathermouth at full volume because they are just fuckibg that load!!!! #it’s literally unbarable i almost started literally screaming!!! #they stopped so i guess i can sleep now :)
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  • acelesbiancroft
    18.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    #lingua ignota is right u wanna stop but u cant stop. #not to be depressed on main but i am. so tired. of so much. #im too sensitive. too weak. im not able to do this shit #but like today i went to a repcon bc like. animals is THE special interest #and i took friends bc i didnt want to be alone but i feel like i just annoyed them #like my friend loves dart frogs and wanted one so i #infodumped what i knew about them and she seemed genuinely angry with me #and i assume she was just upset bc of the way I infodumped? like maybe she took it as patronizing for me to #mansplain tm about her favorite animal? #but i genuinely was just trying to have Animal special interest to frog hyperfixation communication with her #and my other friend. bless her. has bad social anxiety and i worry bringing her was a bad idea #bc she didnt have fun and i could tell she was negatively affected #and i dont want to hurt my friends bc im selfish yanno? #i just wanted to geek out about animals with my favorite people #and the one guy mansplained tarantulas to me and that made me :/ #i asked if he had any of my favorite two species #arizona blonde or mexican red knee bc i want to see one irl before i order a sling #but he was like No I Do Not have insert scientific names. I do not even keep them because they are not exotic enough for my collection #he was like. thats a kids tarantula. look at this goliath bird eater! #the only really good interaction i had was with this guy i got isopods from #he was very friendly and tried to sell me a curly hair sling and yanno what? almost did do that #i got a bunch of isopods there #which is the only thing keeping me afloat. they eat bell bepper rn. #like maybe that sounds. dumb. but legit im going through it tonight and feel like #ive hurt my friends or annoyed them with today esp #and ive said sorry. like im not just tumblr vague posting i did apologize for how busy it was and for infodumping and shit but #i still feel like maybe theyre upset with me? #or that my actions hurt them? #and my friend also said my horse was boring and annoying which #ngl hurt me! hes my angel ofc i like talking about him
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  • cotton-candy-haze
    18.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    I'm gonna start posting chat posts of conversations between characters. I feel like that'll help get characterization down in a way that doesn't take too much effort

    #I'll still do other stuff obviously #I just think this'll be fun
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  • enbylogan
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago


    #had so much fun drawing this #remus sanders#sanders sides#(<-derogatory)
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  • harvsbian
    18.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    sometimes painting is just abt putting paint on the canvas

    #harv.txt #yes harvey that is how painting works. #ANYWAYS im having fun i havent been loose w my painting in ages
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  • thestylinsons
    18.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago


    walls - inktober

    #🥸 i have joined the dark side!!! this was so hard but so fun to try out!! #twin peaks x the walls mv x the walls album cover x the louis smiley #trackinghome#tracksintheam#hlcreators#louis fanart#inktober#my art #(also another turtleneck louis! i am doing just great!!! giving myself the content i want!) #this song is one of my favorites off the album it's so beeeeeeeautifuuuuulll #had it on repeat all night last night in preparation for this post #it's tough posting art you never know who's gonna like what #i'm rambling and for whyyy?
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  • yuichiroswife
    18.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    { I absolutely love this interaction between Shinobu and Giyū if you pair them up in the Demon Slayer game. Like... they have other ones, but this one is my favorite. Me and my little sister cheated the system of no co-op by fighting against the CPU on hard and kept passing the control back and forth when we'd switch characters. I played as Giyū of course anf Eteif (my little sister) was Shinobu. Would have gotten an S rank like usual, but my sister got stomped by Urokodaki at some point. }

    #{ This game is so fun. } #{ Me and my sister were screaming in some of the matches due to how close the battles were. } #{ Like this battle we had as Giyū and Rengoku against Inosuke and Nezuko. } #{ Nezuko was tanking my sister. } #{ Was crazy. }
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