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  • Something fun I noticed is that the reason why Goblin Slayer is posing the way he is in his DanMachi Memoria Freese art is cause it is based on his chibi illustration from the Light Novel,which itself is based off the Restless Armor from Dragon Quest

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  • Fun fact!

    I can’t actually read! I have a tiny mouse that reads everything for me. That’s why I insist on having pockets!

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  • considering dale thomas has probably patented the word “daisy”, anything with daisy in the title is owned by dale thomas. 

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  • fun fact! hating women isn’t a personality trait.

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  • #Funny Quote #Funny Quote of the Day #fun#funny#fun fact #just for fun #fun of the day
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  • Uriel Fun fact:

    She was once asked by professor mcgonagall to teach a DADA lesson in 2009, which she did.

    Needless to say, Chester had to take over the lesson halfway.

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  • I realized this a while ago and didn’t have a place to post it, so I apologise that this isn’t anything like my normal content

    The reason you’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough isn’t just the eggs. Flour also may contain traces of salmonella. So even eggless cookie dough can still give you salmonella poisoning.

    I learned this two years ago when working at Chick-fil-A and we had a massive recall on some of our kids toys because they advertised a recipe with raw flour.

    Anyways, I wanted to pass this on as I was unaware of it. https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/communication/no-raw-dough.html

    #will i still eat raw cookie dough? #absolutely#funny#fun fact
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  • people ask me if i’m religious and i find the question really hard to answer because last year a little kid asked me if i wanted to convert to shrek-ism and let’s be honest guys who could turn down that offer so now i guess i’m technically a shrek-ist?? but i’m not gonna tell karen that no way.

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  • Horst: [takes a swig from his cup] you want some of this?

    Willie: sure

    Willie: is this soup… what the heck-

    #fun fact #i forgot how to spell soup #and twice #i spelt it wrong #oh well #idk what this is #.... #pancho ahkj #all hail king julien #horst ahkj
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  • #i also love baking #like alot#fun fact #when i was a child #when i wasnt watching cartoons #i would watch the food network #i loved watching those cooking shows on there lol #blue
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  • Ho attivato le notifiche a un sacco di blog simpy


    Vvb 💕

    #post a random delle 22:22 #niente volevo solo dirvelo #💕#fun fact#inutili #torno a lavorare lo giuro
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  • sorey no art to day i was bisy but i wil give you FUN FACT about all my oc’s:

    1. neon has eten 12738841899815890974155690735 KFC’S in his live so far

    2. neo has rejected evry girl who want’s to go out with him

    3. eon’s gem is full of stollen bloood and dna from his stand

    4. nennreon created the uneverse

    5. new mistery hegehog oc will be tomorows art ;)

    #neon#the#hedgehog#eon#neo#nennreon #neon the hedgehog #neo the hedgehog #eon the hedgehog #fun fact
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  • So, fun fact:

    As a casual worker in Australia after having worked 65+ hours a fortnight for 2.5 years and after having asked for a full/part time position (and being ignored) my hours have now dropped drastically from 65+ to 10 for a fortnight and it is completely legal and I can do nothing against it!

    #fun fact#life blogging #not fun at all #another thing to add to the stress factors and Reasons Not To Bither Living Anymore
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  • every vox video is like

    here’s a super specific intruiging question that i went to buffalo, new york to ask  a self appointed ‘expert’ in this topic. this is tom thomson, who claims to have eaten so many grapes when he was 14 that he gained telepathic abilites and has been researching the effects of spider vomit on the brain for thirty eight years. u wont remember the answer to the question after watching this.

    #vox #glad you asked #vox glad you asked #buzzfeed#vogue#youtube#fun fact
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  • #Fun fact #You actually are birthday twins with Elizabeth Olsen! #Or maybe that's only a fun fact for me #But now you know anyway lol #xD#Asked#Answered#lallybrochloser #Nice people make the world so much better
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  • (Also known as Pretentious Art Boys bc that’s how I kept referring to it when I was procrastinating on it :P)

    Lia leaned against a bare patch of wall, levelling an unamused glare at her friends. “You know,” she said, “when you said I should “get out of the house for once” and “stop drowning my sorrows in ice cream”, I thought that meant, you know, doing something fun. Not this.” 

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    #writing #in which i write #februaroc #i really don't do enough with my second gen characters #other than when they're adults and parenting the third gen lol #(pst alex and lia are liam's parents) #(i know i'm terrible at naming) #(i only realized the similarity between lia and liam real fuckin recently) #(it's too late. i'm a terrible character namer lol) #and to tell you how much i procrastinated on this one #i wrote xavier's will's and summer's before this one #and the harry potter shitpost #and i didn't even finish it before 5 pm (aka when my queue is supposed to post these rip) #... i procrastinated on this one a lot #so uh#fun fact #alex had the nickname jaybird first #(bc his middle name is jay) #and i completely forgot about that when i made the band au oop #rip
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  • I thought of the most stuiped thing ever here goes

    SO everyone knows Travlous got a new redesign with the beak right….what if I were to say that thing is fake as glasses. Yep it a detachable or retachable beak why the hell would Travlous do somtime like that on there face

    Outta sheer boredom or going for a look since they LOOOOOVVVEEE fashion

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