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    More popcorn fundraiser thank you cards! This is for Ilana. Though, her husband Brevin, cheated & chose his favorite movie for her. Pretty sure this is an easy one to guess. Can you guess the movie ? Thank you Ilana & Brevin Pretorius for buying popcorn and supporting my daughter’s school.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTybvkaPne8

    if anyone can donate to shane’s fundraiser for feeding america please do so if you can !!! ^-^

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  • Hi everyone, please support me if you can by buying me a Ko-fi

    Each “coffee” means you’re donating me 3 USD. You can buy more than one if you like.

    I’m gathering money in order to be able to publish my HadesxPersephone novel. Your support can make a difference for me! ❤️ 

    #artists on tumblr #ko-fi promo #hades and persephone #persephone #hades x persephone #hades#ko-fi#fundraiser #i will do a kickstarter eventually so you can get the book and receive prizes #but for now i need money to advertise my work and etc
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    ‪This next thank you card for my daughter’s school popcorn fundraiser I drew up is for Jamie. This movie shouldn’t be too hard to guess? Thanks for buying popcorn Jamie! We appreciate it!

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  • Are you an artist? Do you have time and will to help a charity with your skills this April? Then I encourage you to join my little project for the #HelpFromHome event! Just DM me here or on my Twitter (DreamyStar4) for more details.

    The initiative I call Art From Home offers a simple exchange: an art request/commision from one of the participating artists for a donation of any amount towards the charity event! The Tiltify page will be open April 7th to May 1st, and I’ll give you all more info on the April 6th.

    I don’t have this big of an influence on the internet so I ask all of you who see this to signal boost it so it can reach the right people. I’m hoping to bring as many artists as I can into this because there’s only as many people I can reach alone and only as much work I can do on my own.

    I’m counting on you!

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  • Well today sucks. Actually sucking might be an improvement. I went for groceries and to do a load of laundry. When I got to my usual laundromat they were closed because of course they were. So I went to my backup or well I tried. As I was turning to enter the parking lot a guy came flying around the corner and I ended up blowing my front tire out on a raised storm drain avoiding the crash. So now I’m going to have to buy a wheel because it’s bent and tomorrow I have to figure out how to get the tire with Walmart tire center closed. So if anyone can help a little because I have to Uber for at least the next week to dialysis it would be greatly appreciated. At least the stimulus check may be coming soon.


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  • I know not many people follow me, but I thought I’d help signal boost this regardless.

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  • Crafting? Maybe a Project?


    Originally posted by craftsnrats

    I watched some tutorials of creating plush toys and I am thinking about making some related to the Laid To Rest movies.

    Like Chromeskull plushies, Maybe keychains? I am thinking if I do make them and they turn out to be good to ship them to these who are willing to pay for them.

    If things turn out to be good I am thinking about sending the money I make from these to the Fundraiser Laid to rest 3: Exhumed.

    Again, this is just a thought project and I want to hear what you all think.

    Thank you for your support and have a good day! 💀

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  • Let’s Fight Back Against Coronavirus

    Spread the word as far and as fast as you can. April 7th, let’s get the whole world fighting as one. 

    #Coronavirus#Fundraiser#COVID-19 #I unfortunately have school projects and test going on that day #Because online classes exist #And I guess education doesn't stop just cause the rest of the world is #So I won't be able to do very much #But anything is something #I'll spend my spare seconds screaming into the void if it may drift to listening ears
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  • Hi guys, really quickly (this is really unrelated to my blog but) jacksepticeye is spearheading doing a youtube/twitch/etc stream on April 7th with a bunch of other people and they’re raising donations for loads of charities. Truthfully, I don’t know the full extent of whats going on with it but my sib just gave me the heads up to spread the word as much as possible so I’m going to do so. Please try and get involved!!

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  • /Part One//Part Twelve/

    A week after the initial MDC debut was the weeks in which a few things would take place. A few small tests that later contributed to the overall marks of their exams would be given, and there was going to be the school’s first fundraiser of the year. 

    Each class or club would need to create a booth of some sort, selling whatever they wanted- And the money earned would contribute to whatever sort of trip they could afford from their earnings. 

    Now, it was a common thing for Marinette to get extra commissions from the other classes during this time. Theatre club needed someone to do costumes, some other classes that were selling goods needed some posters, and the student council would sometimes ask for Marinette to help organise the event due to her great organisation skill. Numerous people needed things from her- And the great thing was, unlike her class, these people understood that her effort couldn’t just be brushed off as a mere ‘favour’. 

    Due to this, Marinette felt really, really excited for the first fundraiser of that year. She was free! She no longer had to work her ass off for the fundraising of her class- Since they had personally told her so. This was how it went: 

    “What are we going to do this year?” Rose asked curiously, her eyes beaming with excitement at the thought of the fundraiser- And more importantly, the trip it would later contribute to. 

    “A bake sale, obviously.” Alya announced as a matter-of-factly. “That’s what we always do for the first fundraiser.” The girl turned to Lila with a bright grin. “You’ll see, Lila, this’ll be very fun! And by the end of the year, we can always go to great places- Last year we went to New York!” 

    Lila’s eyes glimmered greedily as she listened to Alya’s wild recounts of the places they went before. Then she caught the eye of a particular bluenette who was sitting at the end of the class. Her heart darkened at the thought of the trio going to a trip with them- She wasn’t going to let them off that easily. 

    “You know, Alya, I’m really excited for the first fundraiser.” Lila begin, pouting. “But I’m afraid the three of them really don’t like me and because of that they might not help during the bake sale, and they might mess everything up!” She whimpered sympathetically. “I really don’t want the whole class to lose their trip just because some people are uncooperative with me.” 

    The class murmured in agreement, some of the students going to comfort Lila and some other students sending sharp glares at the three at the back of the classroom. Damian and Chloe both shrugged the glares off, being used to being disliked, while Marinette just pursed her lips and continued sketching in her sketchbook. The glares were plain out ignored. 

    “You don’t have to help out for the fundraisers this year.” Alya spat out acidly. “But you won’t be coming for the yearly trip either.” 

    Damian shared a look with Chloe as Marinette continued to ignore the class and sketch. “Sure.” He shrugged. “I don’t mind.” He really didn’t- Marinette had informed him that if the class kicked them out of the fundraiser, she had already secured a place for the three of them in the art-drama club alliance. They would be fundraising with another group of their own, and they would go on a separate trip.  

    “Where should we go this year?” Rose asked dreamily, thinking of the magnificent trips they had in past years. 

    Alya opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again as she searched for a cool place to go in her mind. “Um…” She fumbled with her words. “What about…” She looked around desperately, looking for any sort of idea. 

    “You know, that looks like it was inspired by Gotham’s gargoyles.” Damian murmured at the back of the room, pointing at one of the sketches on the page. Marinette giggled. 

    “That’s right! I based it off some pictures I found on the internet.” She told him, Chloe humming as she peered at the page. 

    Alya snapped her fingers, grinning triumphantly like it was her own idea. “Let’s go to Gotham this year!” 

    The class cheered in excitement, and of course Lila didn’t let the opportunity escape. 

    “That’s great! We could go meet my childhood friend, Damian Wayne!” Lila smiled happily. “He used to like me, you know?” 

    The class fawned the liar once again as the three at the back sighed and ignored the commotion. “Seriously, do any of them have brains?” Chloe scoffed, narrowing her eyes at the idiots that were their classmates. Damian Wayne was actually in their class- And the blonde had just met Bruce Wayne a week ago.  

    Damian leaned back into his chair, snorting and feeling glad that he had been kicked out of the class fundraiser. “Obviously not.” 

    A knock on the door interrupted the fawning session. Annoyance lined Lila’s eyes for whoever disrupted her moment. A brown-haired girl peered in, eyes brightening when she spotted the bluenette at the back. “Sorry, could I see Marinette please?” 

    The bluenette looked up, smiling at the sight of her fellow student. “Tara!” She skipped down the steps of the classroom, avoiding her classmates gracefully, landing at the front of the door, where Tara was patiently waiting. The brown-haired girl gestured for Marinette to lean closer and whispered something in her ear- Something that made Marinette’s eyes light up. “Damian! Chloe!” She called her friends, her giddiness making fury boil in Lila’s heart. The two friends of the bluenette sighed tiredly at each other before joining their excited sunshine friend at the front of the room, both passing by their classmates with a cool aura. 

    Tara eyed the two suspiciously. “You sure you trust them, Mari?” She whispered in the bluenette’s ear, making Damian growl defensively. 

    Marinette nodded surely, grinning at her friends. “Positive.” 

    And so the four students left the classroom, leaving the classmates in rumbling confusion and Lila in boiling anger. 

    “So, what’s this all about?” Chloe raised an eyebrow, demanding an explanation from the bluenette. Damian hummed, already having guessed that it was about the art-drama club alliance. 

    “Well, I sort of guessed that Lila would kick us out of the fundraiser, so I talked to the presidents of the art and drama clubs, and we decided to start out own fundraiser!” Marinette grinned. “We’ll get to go on our own trip during summer break, too.” 

    “And with Mari planning, we’re going to have the best trip ever!” Tara exclaimed, grinning from ear-to-ear. “It’s going to be awesome!” 

    The bluenette smiled. “Chloe’s a pretty good planner, too! She was class president before I was.” 

    Tara made a face. “And now that Alya is class president, I hear? Well, I couldn’t care less- But the greatest thing is you finally left that class! Gosh, Mari, they were just taking advantage of you. This year’s trip is going to be so! Awesome!” The brown-haired girl jumped in excitement, pushing the door open to the art room, where a few other students had already gathered. “Alright, guys! I told you all that we’d have some good news to tell today- Marinette’s joining us!” Tara looked at the blonde and the green-eyed boy behind Marinette. “And her friends, too.”  

    The students in the room cheered and clapped, delighted that the school’s best artist and planner had decided to join their little gang. 

    “Introduce yourselves.” Marinette told her friends with a grin. “Come on!” 

    Chloe rolled her eyes. “Chloe Bourgeois.” 

    Damian sighed exasperatedly. “Damian Wa-Fu.” 

    Tara furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “Damian Wafu?” 

    “Damian Fu.” He cleared his throat, ignoring the sniffled laughs of the two girls behind him. 

    “RIght…” Tara nodded. “Anyway, I’m Tara, president of the art club, and here we have members of the drama club. Thanks to Marinette, we’ve called an alliance, and we’ll go on a trip together during summer holidays with our shared earnings.” 

    “I’m Madeline, president of the drama club.” A blonde girl introduced, hopping down from one of the cardboard boxes that were piling at the back of the room. “Alright, since everyone’s here, we’re confirming that no one else will be joining or leaving this group until the fundraiser’s all over.” 

    Tara nodded, looking at her art club members- The students all nodded and gave thumbs up. 

    “Okay, so here’s the plan.” Marinette stepped forward, taking a deep breath. “We’re going to run the usual fundraising events- Bake sales, car wash, maybe a fun fair or two, and maybe, just maybe we might have a little fashion show, since your presidents both asked for it.” The bluenette grinned at the drama and art club presidents, both of which smiled sheepishly. 

    “But while we run the usual funding events, we’ll also be preparing for the grand finale.” Tara paused for dramatic effect before announcing loudly: “A play!” 

    Madeline nodded. “We’re still getting the script together,” She gestured at the two script writers belonging to the drama club. “And once that’s done, the art club will start putting together sets, backgrounds, costumes, props and all that sort. We’ll also have people from the art club running lighting and backstage stuff while the drama club performs onstage.” 

    Damian hummed. “Sounds interesting.” 

    Tara nodded her thanks at his interest, smiling at the fact the cold-looking boy had offered his opinion. “Does everyone understand?” 

    The art and drama club chorused their ‘yeses’, excitement filling the air with the thought of the play at the end of the year. “That’s great! I’m going to need everyone to come up here and put their phone numbers on this paper, we’re going to create a group chat.” Marinette announced, borrowing a piece of paper and pen from a nearby art student. 

    The club members swarmed forward, scrambling around to write their names and phone numbers. “Once you’re done, return to your classes. Tomorrow we’ll be meeting here again to discuss the audition dates for the drama club and the roles for the art club.” Madeline yelled over the noise. “Meeting dismissed!” 

    Chloe crossed her arms angrily at the bluenette. “You planned this, and you didn’t tell me?” The girl basically screeched at her bluenette friend, who held her hands up in surrender sheepishly. 

    “Sorry.” Marinette apologised. “It was kind of a we-planned-it-last-night thing.” 

    “Then why does he know?” Chloe pointed an accusing finger at Damian, who shrugged. 

    “I called her last night.” He said nonchalantly. 

    After Chloe had calmed down, she talked to the script writers of the drama club, requesting for a copy of the script, which they happily gave. She made (surprisingly) little criticism, but she requested for them to make a few changes here and there. Damian hung around near Marinette, who was patiently telling everyone to write their phone numbers and names. When all the art and drama club members had filed out, both Damian and Chloe scribbled their phone numbers of the paper, which was then kept by Marinette. 

    “Alright!” The bluenette smiled, patting the paper which was in her jeans pocket. “Shall we get back to class?” 

    /Part Fourteen/

    :D I updated! My online classes are killing me, tho. :( Anyway, here’s a chapter! Till next time! 

    Tag list! @yin-390@mysteriouslyswimmingfan-blo-blog@constancetruggle@the-navistar-carol@never-neverland@rayray384 @mystery-5-5 @black-streak@bluerosette23@seraphichana @you-will-never-know-how-i-think@mikantsume@graduatedmelon@thebookwormfairy@crazylittlemunchkin@shizukiryuu@screamingtofillthevoid@serenacross200@zestyzealot@redscarlet95@roseinbloom02 @beautym3@resignedcatservant@sizzling-fairy-oil@tinybrie @worlds-tiniest-spook-pastry@lunar-wolf-warrior@northernbluetongue@dannyelric301 @daminett4life@loysydark@sparkle9510@erick-rose99-stuff@nataladriana9@maya-custodios-dionach@myazael@sassakitty@clumsy-owl-4178@emootaku-666 @moonlightstar64@r0sebutch@maggiecc12 @gaeasun@miss-mysterys-blog​@bluefyoto94@sam-spectra@toodaloo-kangaroo@queenmj10

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  • If I were to offer you $10 reads & donate 100% of the money to a fund for undocumented workers, who are out of work right now, would you purchase?

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  • When your watching a show that’s rasing money for carona efforts and a famous musician compairs carona to


    #what the actual heck #firt of all no #second of all no #carona#charity#fundraiser
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  • When Sara Feckete was introduced to triathlons in November 2018, she was inspired by the athletes who participated – ranging in age from 20s to 70s. “I thought to myself, ‘I can do this,’” Sara said. That’s when she made a promise to herself that she would train for her first triathlon.


    Just one month before her training began, she and her brother made the difficult decision to place their mother in long-term care. She had been diagnosed with dementia the year before and had started to wander. Like many families, it wasn’t the first time Sara had been impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia. She lost her grandmother to the disease in 1993.

    She decided to turn her training into a fundraising event for The Longest Day. “It was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for a cause to honor my mother and grandmother,” she said.


    Before the novel coronavirus took hold, she decorated her office with pictures of her family and sold cupcakes to co-workers to raise money. Since then, she has focused her attention on Facebook fundraising, using physical activity challenges to keep her accountable as she continues to train. She invites others to join her so they can keep active as well. “I have to get a little creative during this difficult time when most people are at home and looking for something to occupy their time,” she said. The triathlon she is participating in, Thunder in the Valley, that was originally scheduled for May 9 in Terre Haute has been moved to August 29. “These past few weeks have been a very challenging time mentally, but in the midst of adversity you continue to have faith and move forward on what you can control.”


    She is already looking forward to a time when in-person fundraising can continue. When circuit training classes resume, she’ll hold physical activity challenges there as well. And she is planning a Dine & Donate event at HotBox Pizza in her hometown of Plainfield, IN on June 18th.    

    Sara says the dementia journey is full of ups and downs, but The Longest Day has given her an outlet to fight back, and she encourages others to join her. “Participating in The Longest Day is rewarding because you are sharing your personal journey through this difficult disease while making a difference in millions of lives by raising awareness and funds to fight for an end to Alzheimer’s.”

    To register for The Longest Day, go to alz.org/tld.

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    ‪Posting up some more popcorn fundraiser thank you cards that I drew… The theme this year was “your favorite movie”. Thank you Roger for supporting my daughters’ school! Okay, now… what movie this is from?

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  • Wanted to share this info from ig on here too

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