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  • catcrumb
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    at the drop of a hat...

    #crumb #heheh these aren't my feelings. i just think it's funny #and yes... hbd to Me :)
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  • 00110000exe
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

             TEETH   :   sender bares teeth at receiver .   //   @vampresa​

    SOMETIMES , BEING A WANDERER CAN BE A GOOD THING .   To be in this position , it will take you to new friends , new discoveries , new locations , new everything ! . . .   Though , of course , just like everything else in the universe , being a wanderer can be a bad thing too .   Certainly , it can be so when you   —   the glitch end up having a woman standing menacingly before them in the cold starless night , baring such terrible teeth at them through the growls and WOOFWOOFW   —   “   Heheh , what - what are - what are you doing ?   You are not a - not a dog !   “   Mirth barks back at her with a giggly grin , wondering what have they done to receive quite of a reaction .   They take a step closer nevertheless , childlike curiosity stares more while their head tilts to the side in interest to learn about this silly woman here .   “   Oh , I - I - I see you have very pointy teethsie !   “   Eagerly , they touch their own bared teeth as to emphasize , feel the prominent parts before they make biting motions , their action lacking of malice though , only innocence with a need to make a new friend .   “   AH , me toooo !   “   Giggling more , their eyes glow brighter at the connection that BOTH of them have pointy , sharp teeth . . .   That means they are friends , yes ? . . .   They sure hope soooooo !

    #( help this is so cute but also R you IDIOT nfsNSKFNKNFJS ) #( Nadja: WOOFWOOFBARKBARKW ) #( R: heheh what a funny not so doggie being!!! :3 I have sharp teef too though lookie!!! :B ) #( SFSNFJSFSMFSF.... ) #╰┄┄┄・ ༉ ‧ ₊ ˚ ✧   :   4N5W3R   .   / / #vampresa
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  • oexen
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    a wip for u :3

    #ill put them in the ocean dw #the arcana game #the arcana fanart #valdemar#quaestor valdemar #the arcana courtiers #the arcana valdemar #nix hydra #the arcana shitpost #wip #ik the ass might look tempting but be careful of ur hand bones ok #i have so many wips…… horrid #i love leaning into the funny gremlin side of them #the serious shid just isnt as fun to play with #‘that’ read: draw valdemars ass #ik is just a wip but like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) heheh #sticks their leggy out real far #getaway sticks
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  • paniccake5645
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Y’all,,,,, do you ever just think about,,,,,,, how like,,,,,,, fucking wet your bones are,,,,,, like,,,,, those are some WAB,,,,,, lmao

    #hehehe#get it #Wet ass bones #Wab #im so funny
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  • d1ology
    22.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    tbh not really a “shipper” kind of person but i think id prefer cae jo over jot kak. idk. its funnier.

    #i cant even recall the scenes where jot n kyoin interact... besides sumo and staning next to each other. cea jose at least i can imagine #them bonking each other on the head with a cartoon hammer #i usually dont care much for it or think about it but when i do. heheh. funny.
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  • uglierthanyou09
    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    #kpop#bts#btsmemes#kpopmemes #found this on pinterest #hjakshahhask#heheh #funny bts memes #idk? #please forgive me for my tags
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  • morbidgrl
    20.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    @ahleera / ❤️'d.

    ❝You know,my birthday is coming up. And it's the perfect time of year you can be yourself. Just don't eat anyone at the party,unless they show up in a Scorpions t-shirt then by all means feel free to.❞

    #ahleera #hehehe im so funny lmao
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  • caffeeshortcake
    20.09.2021 - 6 days ago



    "may..please come back, where are you!?"

    "mayeda? Why did you dissappear? Please...it hurts"

    "I-i can't move. Please it hurts so much..may where's my mommy?"

    "Please.. come back, you promised that you will always be there for me... why did you leave me here.."

    "Mayeda I don't like this place.. it hurts so much.."

    "May.. p l e a s e."

    "May.. if your still here.. find the VHS tape. Please find it. Its so important. I need you to find it. Please.."

    "H..huh I see something.. its so blurry.. like its starring at me.."

    "It hurts so so much..I felt like something torn off in my leg"

    "It hurts.. why does everyone I love always leave me..?"

    "Its not...fair"

    "May.. why can't you just see that everyone will always be here for you?"

    "M-mayeda..Dont forget about the m u s i c b o -"

    It seems there is a 404 error occasion.

    She was not found

    She was not found

    She was not found

    She was not found

    She was not found.

    #Hi I'm putting some funny lore here #Hehehe lmaodjsjmdnd heheeeheh #good luck trying to figure it out
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  • askhubertvonvestra
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #I think you mean paws Hubie hehehe #quite the CATastrophe #the dad joke was asking to be made forgive me #anon ask #ask hubert von vestra #ask hubert#funny ask #hubert von vestra #fe3h hubert#fe16 hubert#fe hubert #fire emblem hubert #hubert is a grumpy guss #soft hubert von vestra #because if he was really mad he wouldn't let Lin keep sleeping lol #mentioned linhardt #mentioned linhardt von hevring
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  • r1ot-ghoul
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    The boy is climbing


    #he climb #hehehe I’m so funny #I love him #lizard
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  • poiisonxivy
    18.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    "i hate the joker, he's a great a villain tho." actually no he straight up sucks as a villain too.

    #his special thing is like. misogyny anf he's not even funny #''oooooh im gonna blow up this building full of people because im unpredictable heheh'' like shut the hell up #literally every single other rogue is better than him. in every way #and goddammit if he's laugh doesn't make me want to rip my ears off #mine
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  • gollygeeshucks
    18.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Toon patrol who??

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  • teyvatarchive
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago


    Scaramouche (Kunikuzushi)

    He is of a summer night air, warm, humid, still, and serene, perhaps too serene in fact void of songs and winds from feathery friends like a lingering pressure caresses upon one's neck.

    He is a lull, a calm before the storm luring one into tranquil slumber unwittingly, yet threaten to tear the very fiber of one's being into shreds at moment breeze..

    He is of the glittering archipelago dawn enrapture you in his delicate arms a pocket dimension, a paradise lost , a heaven that was never meant to be.

    He is of a fair porcelain doll, iris of violet blue, fathom deep, electrifying a beauty ethereal, otherworldly a creature surely made by a celestial deity

    Now with no strings attached, and no fate to hold him back, he roams the land as he pleases, laughing - "masks? interesting, entertaining! perhaps... i should become one of them." ---------- *For @hqrbinger and all her wonderful existence 

    #genshin#genshin scaramouche #my shitty attempt to write a poem #sometimes rhyme sometimes don't #funny enough I don't even simp for him #bc this little bugger wouldn't stop pestering my mind when I'm still at work #dedicated to Curse heheh #my writing#original work
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  • mothpile
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    i looove coming up with little details for my guys. Q hates doctors. Ring doesnt listen to music only hour long white noise videos. Charlotte likes 2 poision herself with kitchen supplies for fun. Poggers eats people, sometimes. etc. all these things have no real impact on antyhing but its so fun for me.

    #hehehe #what is having a Funny Guys. if not to have fun with sutf like this #moth talk
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  • solace-simp
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Nico: I've moved on from Precy


    Percy: is it because I don't glow?


    Percy breathing heavily; fuck

    #soldezangelo #not my type 🙄🙄🙄🙄/j #i never liked those jokes but like #funny hehehe#pjo#pjo stuff#will solace#yeehaw#bark #bark bark woof #barks like kanye west #hoo#pjo headcanon #nico di angelo #leo valdez
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  • uglierthanyou09
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ at a movie theatre ]

    Jimin: how do you want your popcorn? Sweet or salty?

    Taehyung, making heart eyes at Jeongguk: I want it like him

    Jeongguk: aww <3

    Jimin: they don't sell ugly popcorn


    Taehyung: hello, I'm taehyung. This is my ex-boyfriend Jeongguk.

    Jeongguk: you have got to stop introducing me like that.

    Jeongguk: I'm his husband


    Taehyung, enters the practice room with messy hair, flustered: I'm sorry I was late, I was doing things...

    Jeongguk, comes in behind him smirking: I'm things

    #kpop#bts#taekook #another bts incorrect quote #bts jeongkook#bts taehyung #another day in bts dorm #funny heheh
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  • uglierthanyou09
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ Text Conversation]

    Jin: how was your day at school, sweetie?

    Jeongguk: there was a fire today on campus I think

    Jin: omg!!! did anyone get hurt? 😮

    Jin: hope you and taehyung are ok ❤️


    Jeongguk: there was a fire at school today

    Namjoon: did you start it?

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  • etherealbutterflie
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    am I going break historical continuity and include a song in my Luca fic just because it fits too perfectly? yes yes I am 😌

    *thanos voice* Reality can be whatever I want

    #this is about the fic 'The Story of Apollo Daphne and Luca' #sorry i like long titles #the song will be used for angst too hehehe #its not even a sad song too 💀 #its actually really funny but its all about perspective #enough said but im super excited for it now hehe
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  • hyliacursed
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    ❛  i  did  see  that .   that’s  when  i  knew  it  was  time  to  go  to  bed .  ❜ ——      @revaeli​​​      /     not accepting!  

                  granted,   one cannot expect zelda to simply stop thinking about it,   try as they might.   revali may as well have been dead to the world,   but zelda's still gone to rattle him awake,   zestfully asking about the   ‘ thing in the forest ’   anyways.

                  the royal highness hadn't even  planned  for their improvised overnight stay in rito village   (  they’d come to check on revali’s progress with medoh,   which is undoubtedly going smoothly,  )    thus it makes little sense how they feel so spiritually & deeply drawn to the strange sight the two had just apparently witnessed...   if you don’t account for their seemingly natural gravitation towards all things that   rivet  their attention.  

                fully sitting up  from their gratuitous accommodation   (  situated beside revali’s own hammock for reasons drowned out by either party’s pitiful protests,   but ultimately lost to the tiresome movements of the evening,  )   they grab a rito-down pillow to fitfully slam it against the champion’s head.   it's much too soft to cause any real pain,   making contact with revali’s scowling face in a gentle   ‘ poof. ’  

                  they urge him,    “  how are you  not  intrigued?   we'd both seen a strange thing glow in that grove & you  don't  wish to investigate?  ”  

                  zelda mercifully leaves his immediate vicinity to reexamine the section of trees  clustered  upon the distant plains,   easily visible from their vantage point atop rito village   ---    the indistinguishable shapes are all devoured in the darkness of the bewitching hour...   which implies that whatever they’d seen is able to  emit light.     they turn to him,   all furrowed brows,   worried lips,   & deep confuddled stare brewing in their green eyes   ---   doubly so,   whatever it was,   it had disappeared as soon as zelda laid their eyes upon it.   there had surely been  something  there.     “  don’t go to bed,   yet,   we have to at least  check  to see if it’s...   anything worrisome?   oh,   please,   master revali,   it'll be quick.  ”

                  it could even be a blupee...     not like zelda would have any sort of use for a   ‘ handsome reward, ’   still   ---   it would be an interesting sight for them both to witness up close,   if they are so  blessed  to be able to at all.

    #revaeli #(  KGUHFJSKDF HOPE THIS IS OK IDK WHY MY MIND WENT 'what if they were on some sort of sleepover'  ) #(  ok it did come out of nowhere but i do think it would be funny of them to just be stuck with each other HELP  ) #(  like begrudgingly paranormal investigator friends that bicker and would kill each other in annoyace but they also have to be really #really polite to each other  ) #(  also it could be a blupee bc i was thinking revali could shoot it HEHEHE  ) #(  i am thinking about them........  ) #🌟  ❝  ic  /  like a river's flow; it never ends. #🌟  ❝  asks  /   if you find me; will you know me? #🌟  ❝  botw; 01.  /   brush your wings on my head.
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