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  • gayherbert
    21.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #this is frm one of those posts with like.....a word on each image. but individually its so funny #hannibal
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  • amari-arts
    21.09.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    lol a few months ago i broke mutuals with someone cause i really hated the content they were posting - it just wasnt something i was into. though i intended to follow a few months later and they blocked me on (im pretty sure) everything

    #i dont like dsmp so im gonna unfollow #amari articulates #this may seem like im mad but i Dont Care #im a believer in blocking whenever and whoever you want but thats so conceptually funny #*gets blocked on everything* #either way i was amused enough to post one of my very rare and coveted text posts #also on another note who gives a fuck about mutuals if you never talk to someone they Dont Mean Anything am i crazy for thinking that? #like you arent friends with them you just follow one another lol
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  • leoslander
    21.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Streamer DR


    me: hey do u wanna go to england maybe to see george and toby and them

    dream: no

    me: what? why not?

    dream: bc when u meet wilbur u will leave me for him

    me: clay why would i do that

    dream: bc he’s got curly hair and a nice voice and he’s super tall and strong and stuff :/

    me: 1. those literally all apply to you as well, and 2. you don’t need to be concerned about me leaving you for will. it won’t happen. but should i be concerned about YOU leaving ME for will 🤨


    me: should i be concerned about clay leaving me for wilbur

    panda man (sapnap): what why

    me: he said we couldn’t go to england bc he was worried *i* would leave him for will, but when i asked why he describe will in a very peculiar way

    me: do you know something i don’t haha

    panda man: u know clay he’s always a little gay for will- and everyone else tbh-

    panda man: BUT he is gay the most for you

    me: ok lmfao ty nicky :)

    panda man: yup no prob


    me: clay are you srsly concerned about me leaving you for will

    dream: what?

    me: remember what you said??

    me: why we couldn’t go to england?

    dream: oh zozo no i swear it was a joke

    me: okay. made me worried for a second

    dream: i know you love me bub ❤️

    me: and you love me 💕

    dream: ok mushy stuff over come make dinner with me

    me: got it. have to make sure you don’t burn the house down

    dream: HEY

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  • miserablehumanb
    21.09.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    When did y’all become sentient because I swear it didn’t happen for me until I was like 6.

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  • ask-badly-drawn-sk
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I had a weird imagine that SK would wears the crocs shoes and China wears sandals showing socks with cute design

    #my headcanon #aph south korea #aph china#hetalia headcanons#hetalia #axis powers hetalia #I will post it doodle on later 🙆‍♀️ #my imagines are very random weird and funny
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  • ambisextrous-fireplane
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Important reminder

    #funky fellow tuesday #funny#funny meme#void #luka you didnt like my last post #tags tags tags tags gags tags
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  • inori-tsukino-reincarnated
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SpongeBob would not make a good fairy

    #spongebob squarepants (cartoon) #nickelodeon#cartoons#screenshots#funny posts #non music post #queue reincarnated
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  • egophiliac
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I think a lot about how Vil’s face is just...covered in Floyd drippings. how is this a real thing that happens in canon.

    anyway, some assorted twst sketches/doodles/miscellany from the past couple months. :U just a bunch of stuff that I liked but will never be finished and/or doesn’t really fit into anything else!

    #art#twisted wonderland#long post #i wanted to try a joke in japanese forgive me #there are different translations for crowley's catchphrase and after a while #it just seemed easier :') #also #trey screaming MY BABY is only funny to me and i apologize #and it absolutely contradicts canon in every single way for him to have seen that #but look #it's my birthday i can post incomprehensible nonsense if i want
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  • starsandthorn
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    nvm if you comment on that flowers post im just straight up killing you

    #personal stuff#delete later #yes the post is written as a question yes i'm getting ready to bite people who comment their thoughts on a four year old post #if you have to say something funny put it in the tags. that's a threat #also people are still watching this show???? fr??? like it's not a joke????
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  • moonlit-ships
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    most of the songs in d.abi's playlist are perfect for him/our ship, but god fru.it ro.ll u.ps by wate.rparks is like. perfect-

    #i mean 1. the song slaps but 2. IT'S SO CUTE AND PERFECT (which is funny bc i didnt like the song when the album first came out-) #smoldering flame🔥 #moon is posting
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  • r4bbitdragon
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    society if calisto yew as originally presented was the real character and we got one really funny bitch to carry out of aai1

    #words typed #she's So funny. post reveal is also funny but limits her
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  • vidishayaduvnshi
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ever happened to you that there was someone who would give you a lot of attention, but you didn't appreciate it then. Now, that they've moved on, or maybe found someone else, or whatever reason, they just started talking less to you and you're dying because of it. You wanna tell them that you want all their attention back on you, but you just can't, because you don't have the guts, more so because you know that you don't have any authority on them... You probably just... lost them.

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  • ask-actor-vale
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Director’s Headcanon cookie jar 🍪 for @one0p1nk

    Long Post, and this isn't even all of the cookies in the cookie jar. Just some of them. :)

    Victor Grantz/Kit Ruewis

    Kit is the oldest out of the four actors. He’s 27.

    He’s also rather tall compared to his parents, standing at 5’11, almost 6’0.

    He used to be a police officer, but he actually works as a postman. They chose the postman, to portray the postman.

    Kit is a bit on the quiet side. He has a very soft voice.

    Kit has said “Fuck.” In the studio. On camera. It made its way into an episode and you will never see Kit more embarrassed.

    Kit listens to the Undertale soundtrack when he’s writing the different letters for “inviting” people to the manor. It really helps him get into Victor’s head… even if he is Victor lmao.

    Kit has one of the coolest accessories for all the hunters. The only cooler accessory is probably Luca’s robot arms (they move and actually work!) The accessory in question for Kit is his hat. While it’s a very simple hat, with the addition of different pieces, it can become a very creepy and stunning accessory for Victor. Kit can turn his base hat into Embrace’s hat with just a few different bits and pieces.

    Kit used to have a hamster named Wick.

    Middle child! He has an older brother (29 years old) and a little sister (15 years old)

    Kit got the chance to name their character! They named them after a close friend of theirs.

    They like sitting on the porch of their house and watching the sunset.

    "4 eyes" (affectionately)

    Kit is allergic to dogs, and eggs.

    Very innocent looking person, but Kit knows how to push people's buttons. Kit can be very annoying if he so pleases.

    Kit torments the actor for Aesop (Kelsey) by hiding in their coffin props and scaring them to death when they're not looking. He's a little TROLL.

    It's okay. Kelsey will be okay.

    Kit is a little trolling menace to the cast but they all adore him anyways <3

    Anyways Troll Kit supremacy. (Aesops of the Multiverse watch out)

    Andrew Kreiss/Alejandro Ruby

    He’s 27 as well (Kit is a month older than him)

    He’s between 7’0 and 7’1 ft tall.

    He has no filter despite being a father. He can and will cuss.

    He hates the sun. Like a lot. He doesn’t use nicknames that are related to the sun, like sunshine or sunlight. Rather he uses moon or night-based names, like Moonshine and Moonlight. Consider anything related to the sun, an insult.

    AJ is a man of small pleasures. It doesn’t take much to make him happy. Roses from Kit, a surprise kiss from Edith, a love letter from Shuichi, small pleasures like that ^^

    Tomato AJ? Tomato AJ.

    He goes by the name AJ because no matter how hard Shuichi tried to, he just couldn't pronounce Alejandro correctly and AJ could see it was really starting to frustrate Shuichi.

    His hair isn't actually white. It's a very light yellow in reality.

    He's got a fear of clowns. Charlie adores the circus. It is a very... very unfortunate situation.

    He used to have a girlfriend (the mother of Charlie) but something happened between them that caused them to break up. But what was it? I'm not telling ;)

    He bites his thumb when he's nervous.

    AJ's very sensitive to loud noises.

    He's much more social and approachable than he looks. He just has a resting bitch face lmao.

    He can do a variety of voices. One of his favorite voices to do is Emma's voice. Yes, he voices Emma in the trailers. He also voices Emily, Mike, Fan, Luchino, Hatsur, Annie, Margie, and Edgar in the trailers, alongside Andrew. He's a man of many voices. (Note, the specific actors voice their characters in the actual show. AJ's voice is typically only used in trailers, and for Andrew, of course.)

    Also, the actor for Emma (Their name is Tabi) stole the idea for Emma's hat from AJ.

    People think he's the actor for Luchino because he just uses his regular voice for Luchino, they just have similar-sounding voices. (Luchino's actor is named Ryuk. Yes it's a reference to Ryuk from DN shhh)

    Luca Balsa/Shuichi Balsa

    Shuichi is the youngest of the boys, he's 25 years old.

    He's also 6'2 ft tall.

    He's a very very gentle-sounding person. He has the type of voice that people just trust. It pairs very well with Luca actually. You have this gentle and kind-sounding hunter who is known to be a very VERY dangerous individual.

    He's got quite a following. He's a very VERY famous actor in this AU, many people know who he is. To the point, it makes Shuichi incredibly uncomfortable. (You have no idea how relieved Shuichi was when Edith said he had no idea who he was when they first met.)

    He's had people break into his house before. It's gotten so bad that he's afraid every time he sees someone walk past their house, or every time one of the boys knocks on the door.

    The poor little ball of anxiety and fear.

    He has a photographic memory. It's very funny considering his character, Luca, has memory loss and struggles with his memory.

    He shares an apartment with Edith for almost 6 years now.

    Shuichi enjoys sushi. It's his favorite food.

    This man. He's a little ball of sunshine despite the cookies I've pulled out!!!! I promise he isn't all fear and irony!!!!

    He met Kit and AJ during a very bad time in his life. They helped him in so many ways, Shuichi doesn't think he'll ever be able to pay them back.

    He doesn't care what he wears, as long as it's comfortable. He's worn dresses and skirts for the hell of it because it was the comfiest looking thing in the studio.

    He's done some photoshoots before.

    He's never worn a proper suit before. Usually, it's a turtleneck, a suit coat, and some black pants. He just doesn't see the appeal.

    Anyways Shuichi's a very smooth and confident man. He enjoys watching the guys turn red and get all embarrassed when he serenades them in public. Heck even when he does it in private. He's a very romantic person.

    He organizes all the dates.

    While he is technically rich and whatever, he doesn't really flaunt it. He doesn't take them on expensive dates or on expensive trips, he doesn't spend a ton of money on gifts for them either because he knows they don't need that from him. Sure, he's happy to spoil them from time to time, but he doesn't do it often.

    He wishes he could be like the others. That he could live a normal life.

    His hair is naturally a light brown. He dyed it black, but it ended up looking more of a deep brown. (It was supposed to be black with white highlights, the hair salon fucked it up)

    He's very touchy. He enjoys holding their hands, or hugging them, or kissing them. One of his biggest weaknesses is probably skin-to-skin contact.

    Somehow manages to be more childish than Luca. I don't know HOW BUT-

    Edgar Valden/Edith Haru

    They're 25/26 years old (they're a little less than a year older than Shuichi)

    They are also the shortest out of everyone. They are 5'11.

    Edith's been stabbed before. Yes, they are willing to talk about it. It's a dumb story which is why they're willing to share it.

    They're a sensitive person. Not like sensitive as in they get offended really easily or something like that, but they're sensitive to touch. It makes them a big target to Shuichi and his sneak attack kisses haha

    If you want to get a reaction from anyone, Edith will give the funniest ones. They will jump 7 feet in the air, they will squeal, panic. Just don't scare them. This man is one of the characters in a horror movie that is going to survive. (Kit learned this the hard way when he tries to scare Edith and ended up on the floor with the wind knocked out of him...)

    They like to be carried sometimes. It's more of a safety thing than anything. When they're in someone's arms, they feel safe.

    They used to have hair like Edgar's. They cut it.

    They need to wear glasses or contacts to see. They're blind without them.

    Edith likes candy and sweets. Their character absolutely despises them.

    Edith made the original "But is it edible?" joke about Cheese's headpiece. The actor for Robbie (His name is also Robbie lmao) took it and RAN with it.

    Listen, Edith is the origin of so many stupid jokes on set, and none of them were intentional.

    They thought their character's name was "Eggar" and almost asked the director if they thought he was a fucking joke. Luckily, they read a second time before doing anything.

    They know the Madness Series. They know Tricky.


    Edith is just a cooler Edgar/j

    They've brought people to their knees. Fear the tiny painter person.

    They know how to drive people crazy, just like Kit does. But they do it to spite people.

    They've never had a kiwi before.

    Or a grapefruit.

    They enjoy watching the episodes back. The bloopers especially.

    They have 2 older sisters who are twins.

    They've also read a lot of books.

    Like a lot of books.

    They like reading.

    Reading is a past-time of theirs. When they have the time, they like to settle down with a good book.

    They know how to dance.


    Charlie is based on an OC of mine. Her name is Charlotte Kreiss. Nickname? Charlie.

    #idv#idv headcanons#idv vale#long post#mod yami #Director’s cut 🎬 other content #director’s cookie jar 🍪 #cw cussing #*angry shakes lore deep cookie jar* THE LORE COOKIES!!! #most of these cookies stay relatively away from spoilers for their characters and all the different sad happenings in their lives. mostly. #ALSO I KNOW I WENT KIND OF HEAVY WITH SHUICHI BUT I PROMISE HES A FUNKY LIL DUDE #anyways Aesops of the Multiverse. look out. Kit’s a certified troller. #asevic in this AU is so funny because it’s basically the prankster and the one who gets pranked.
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