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    ── eternal love | megumi fushiguro x male reader

    ── flower crush | inumaki toge x male reader 

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    toji as the panels of riftan from “under the oak tree”

    (original under the cut)

    #suns #AAHHHH TOJI CUSLJDKEJ #no because hes the type to tease u n call himself daddy bc he knows it makes you flustered #hhhhh dilf toji frfr #also dont mind the next tags -> #SORRY FOR SHITPOSTING AGAIN!!! #im still studying for my finals and this one has the highest stakes and it sucksss #bc the class is fun but exams?? never #hhh i’ll go back to answering asks after i promise! #jjk#toji fushiguro#jujutsu kaisen#fushiguro toji #jujutsu kaisen toji #fushiguro toji x reader #daddy toji #toji fushiguro x you #toji fushiguro jujutsu kaisen #toji fushiguro x reader #shitpost#jjk shitpost
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    Weakness for Silver- Megumi x Reader

    A/N: Prompt- What if Megumi had a tongue piercing?  CW: PWP, NOT sfw, Tongue Piercing, Cunnilingus, Premature ejaculation, Soft!Megumi, Teasing Megumi, Fem Reader, Use of Good girl, usual flowery descriptive words

    Megumi officially owed Itadori a beating. He sighed as he looked at the swollen, red tissue of his tongue in the mirror, he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to take out the shiny silver barbells currently sitting studded in his flesh. He was sure, however, that he hated both himself and Yuuji for letting the pink haired idiot convince himself, who was also officially an idiot (at least when he was tipsy), into getting his tongue pierced. “C’mon man, girls love it,” Itadori said. Girls… they both know when Yuuji said that word to Megumi he meant you. Because you were the only individual, girl or boy, he was interested in catching the eye of. But you still only looked at him like he was a friend, or worse a substitute brother? He shuddered at the thought, squinting one eye critically as he tilted his head in the mirror. Maybe he’d keep it until he could see your reaction. He’d already gone through the worst part, right? He slipped his tongue back into his mouth with a slight wince and nodded mutely, yeah, he could wait a bit longer. --- It wasn’t until the swelling had gone down and it’d healed for the most part that Megumi saw you and the shine of silver slipped from between his teeth long enough to stall the conversation. When you first saw a glimpse of the titanium scoop-piercing curl around the straw of his drink, you froze, and your eyes widened. You looked so surprised, so cute. You were absolutely stunned by the little balls decorating his tongue, and he desperately wanted to show you what they felt like. Instead, he just smirked and tilted a smug eyebrow, “Something wrong?” The little condescending lilt he slid into his tone caused your thighs to tense, you pursed your lips at his act. He knew exactly what had caught your eye. “When did you get your tongue pierced?” you asked, eyes dropping to watch the way your drink swirled as you rotated your cup. “Hm? I suppose a few weeks ago,” he waved off the question, like the act of piercing his tongue was no big thing. He swallowed hard as he watched your teeth sink into the plush skin of your bottom lip. His keen eyes picked up every fidget of your hands, every shift of your legs on the chair. He felt his cock twitch with interest in his pants, but he studiously ignored the sensation. “You look good like that,” you whispered, almost too quiet for him to hear in the busy café. His breath caught painfully in his throat, and he wished that Yuuji and Nobara would hurry up, just so that he would have an even better excuse not to shove his tongue into your mouth. He rolled the titanium studs against his palate, a habit he had gotten into quickly in the beginning. “Thanks,” he growled, and even he was aware his voice had dropped a few octaves. You shivered visibly, and he pressed the metal against his flesh harder, trying to swallow back his groan. You were so pretty, all squirmy just for him, maybe his piercing was worth keeping. Yeah, definitely worth keeping with the way your fingers kept tapping against the table, the way you kept tensing your thighs, and the way you tried to keep your eyes away from him but unable to stop yourself from sneaking peeks. For once Megumi didn’t feel like he was screaming for you to notice him. For once he felt like he was in Itadori’s debt. He didn’t want to be in anyone’s debt, but the thought he could possibly be in your good graces made it well worth the horror he may have to endure. “Hey man!” Yuuji threw his arm almost violently around Megumi and you couldn’t stifle the giggle that erupted from you. It cut through the sexual tension so harshly it made the former mood invisible to the other two who joined you with their drinks. The four of you sipped your drinks and babbled on about nothing particularly important. These moments were what made the work of a sorcerer easier, more bearable. These moments were times in which he could forget what he was, who he was, and laugh, just be a normal man surrounded by friends. When it was time to leave, he placed his hand on Yuuji’s shoulder and when the other man turned around, Megumi thanked him, “I owe you. It really did catch her eye.” He glanced over to where you were throwing out your cup. Brown eyes followed his and Yuuji smiled widely, snickering. “Told ya,” he whispered hoarsely so you and Nobara wouldn’t hear it. Itadori’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the arm of his longest female friend, pulling her with him as he yammered to her about something Megumi couldn’t make out. It left a wide distance between him, you, and the two of them. Megumi couldn’t help but scoff, even as he fell in step beside you, accepting the help without much of a fuss. “Oh, Megumi,” you said, turning to him with bright shining eyes. “I have a competition coming up and I need someone who will help me out with my form.” “Jujutsu?” Megumi grunted. “Of course,” you grinned widely, excitement bubbling through your every step. “Will you help?” “Why me?” he tilted his head. “You are the most impartial out of everyone. I would ask Gojo, but he’s been out of town,” you tapped your finger against your chin as if just remembering the teacher. Fushiguro’s jaw ticked at the mention of his sensei, his very handsy sensei. He however, showed no other outward sign that it bothered him you would ask Gojo for help before him. To be honest, he did ask why it was him. He assumed that made it seem like he didn’t really want to help. “Sure, I’ll help,” he muttered, shoving his hands deep into his pockets as he stared at his shoes. “Great! Thanks!” you were all effervescent smiles again, it made him offer a reserved grin of his own. --- He next saw you during your first spar with him. He was supposed to help you with your form during battle. Honestly, these competitions were strange since if you survived and won it didn’t matter the technique in reality, but you liked them. “Did the piercing hurt?” you questioned between gulps of water. Sweat was already glistening on your exposed cleavage and neck. Megumi was tugged out of his daydream of licking you clean. He hummed contemplatively, when in reality, he was just buying more time for his half-hard dick to chill out. He swore that since you started being more aware of him, he’d started noticing you even more and his brain had turned into absolute filth. God, he needed to get laid. Preferably by you. “Not really, I got one that’s less painful, but I like the feel of it,” he responded thoughtfully. You blinked, “Oh? What’s it feel like?” “Did you want a demonstration or explanation?” Megumi inquired bluntly. You tilted your head, a curious and innocent light glimmering in your eyes, “How would you even show me that?” “Like this-,” he murmured, his hand coming up to cup the back of your neck. He hesitated, eyes flicking over your face as he tried to read your emotions. Were you ok with this? Were you going to fight him? Were you going to run? Was he overstepping? When you only stiffened minutely in surprise but looked at him with so much trust, Megumi let himself fall just a bit further into the gutter you’d created in his mind.

    He leaned forward slowly, still watching you closely, and yet even with his agonizing pace you didn’t try to escape his hold. His lips pressed against yours and he breathed out a groan, able to swallow most of it back down before it slipped out, your lips were so much softer than he expected. He let himself wallow in the feel for a moment, before he tilted your head, pressing with his fingertips just enough to make you gasp. In the process he was able to move his lips against yours to coax you to open your mouth more, so he could slip his tongue inside. So, he could roll it against the heat of yours, slip the metal of his piercing in careful patterns against your sensitive palate, to tap it against your teeth gently. When he pulled away your eyes were so blown it looked like you were high, your lips were shiny with a bit of spit. “Yeah, like that,” he whispered. “M'Gumi?” you slurred, blinking to focus your eyes again. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years,” he confessed. “Then why didn’t you?” you graced him with a lopsided grin. He blinked taken aback. What did you mean? “I’ve been waiting for you to make your move, see if… you felt the same and all,” you laughed breathlessly, still looking at him like he’d hung the moon. He wasn’t sure who’d moved first but your lips found each other’s quickly, crashing together in a messy slip and slide of too much teeth and spit. But neither of you cared, in fact it only seemed to get faster, harder, messier as he grabbed at your ass, and you gasped to let him fuck his tongue slowly back past your teeth. “Wanna taste-,” he swept back in for another lengthy lick of your tongue. “-you.” His fingers dug into your flesh, pushing you against where his cock waited to hump against the curve of your hip bone. Megumi broke the kiss with a moan, shuddering against you as his movements became frantic for a few thrusts before he seemed to snap back into control. His fingers grabbed at the tight material of your tank top, pulling at it questioningly, eagerly, hopefully, and you whimpered encouraging him to pull it up by sinking your fingers into his messy black. He groaned, pulling back to nip sharply at your lips, trace them with his piercing, and trail sloppy kisses down to your jaw and neck. His hands pulled harshly, yanking your top up, pulling your bra up in the process and watching the soft spill of your breasts. Megumi sighed in contentment, watching you squirm in his grasp as he trailed his large hands up to fumble and unhook your bra. He descended faster once your torso was completely bare to him, kissing and biting, scraping his tongue and teeth over every inch of skin he could reach. He didn’t speak, not really, he whispered things quietly, muffled against the hill of your tits. You knew they were important, he did too, but not even he could hear it or understand what he was saying. It was just spilling out unbidden, unfiltered, and he was certain it was words similar to that of worship. Your fingers tugged sharply at his hair, and he sighed in response, “Will you let me?” You cracked an eye open, and he met your gaze steadily, “Hm?” “Will you let me taste you?” he dragged his piercing against your stomach, watching the muscles jump. “You are?” your lust-addled brain wasn’t keeping up well, and he smirked. His kisses dropped farther until his lips were butterflying the edge of your leggings and teeth reached out to snag it. Then he pressed more kisses farther down, tracing the sharp line of your hip bone, the thickness of your thighs, and the place that radiated a mouth-watering heat. “Here,” he murmured. “Wanna taste your cunt.” You gasped, hips twitching toward his flirtatious mouth of their own accord. It made his smug grin grow even more, made his teasing bolder. His nose nudged at the crevice of your thighs, his blunt teeth following with a gentle scrape that tugged again at your clothing. “Well?” he asked, looking up from beneath his lashes. He didn’t need an answer, not truly, not with the way your fingernails were digging into his scalp, and you were practically grinding on his face. But he wanted to hear you say it. He needed to hear you agree to it, after he’d waited so long no other victory sounded as sweet. You whined, high and reedy, and he let his eyes fall shut at the sound while he basked in it. You frantically tried to move him, tried to push your leggings down only to have his hands snatch yours. He peppered the soft skin of your inner wrist with kisses, scoffing when you twisted in frustration. “Use your words,” he rasped. You trembled in his grasp, muscles jumping as his thumbs slipped up to trace the curve of your waist. His eyes watched you, unwavering, and there was a steely glint under all the mischievous teasing. He meant it; he would not budge. “Yes, please, w-want it Megumi,” your words shook as your fingers curled back into his hair. “That’s a good girl,” he grinned, and dipped the tips of his fingers under your waistband. The progression of dragging the sticky material down your legs was agonizing, and though he was desperate to bury his face in your pussy, he also knew he wanted you to ache for him as badly as he had for you. The underwear you wore wasn’t anything special, a pair of blue cotton ones with a tiny white satin bow sitting at the front hem. But to Megumi, they were everything he’d hoped for, and made you glow more than he thought possible. The way you shifted with nerves under his intense, had him nipping your thigh, “Stay still.” You gasped for him, such a pretty sound especially when you listened to him so absolutely. Frozen and waiting as his thumb dragged the fabric to the side to watch the way your slick glistened, thick and viscous on your lips. He could feel you shiver when each puff of his breath spread across your sensitive skin. His fingers tightened just slightly, and his thumb held resolutely firm. “Gonna, make you feel so good, pretty girl,” he murmured, and it was so rare for him to say such things, to put such meaning behind praise. He could sense the way that you stilled this time was different, there was a heaviness in the air and an expectancy neither of you understood. Your hand brushed through his hair soothingly, as if to scare away all the nervous butterflies that tried to overtake him. He looked up from the pearlescent gleam of your labia, finding your eyes in the moment and in the weighted atmosphere an unspoken question lingered. Something he asked with only a tilt of his head and half-lidded eyes, and something you answered with a wobbly smile and gentle nod. He sighed and leaned in, laving your glistening lips, parting them with no more than the wide length of his tongue as his hands held you steady. Your legs trembled, and fingers tightened in his hair. “Oh,” you hiccupped, hips following the movement as he dragged his mouth up your slit to your clit. Every movement was slow, measured, and easy, and at some point, your lids had fluttered closed leaving Megumi the chance to observe you at your most blissful. Your brow pinched and lips parted slightly, chest heaving with shuttering gasps and the most addictive moans falling from you. Yeah, he could get used to this, the piercing was totally worth the swelling. He shifted his attention to dragging the barbells on his tongue up your inner lips, letting the arousal pool along the edges before he swallowed it down greedily. If he’d known you taste this heady, he would have done this ages ago instead of let his anxieties rule him. He would have stopped overthinking for the first time in his life and given away to primal side. Maybe he could have had you with him, under him, beside him, years ago. With each breath and each lick, you invaded his senses more, he fell farther into the rabbit hole that was you. His body and mind only knew you, only knew how to crave more and more of everything you fed him. Whether it was your taste, your scent, your voice, oh God is this what it was like to drown on dry land? Is this what it was like to die? Megumi had never died before, had never struggled for breath quite like this, he had never been happy to just suffocate. Never felt the need to keep moving toward the future. Instead, he was so trapped in this moment, as he dragged his piercing up your clit, letting the metal nestle your nub gently on either side. He was so lost to the present and what this was right now, that all he could focus on was adding that little flick that you seemed to enjoy which gave just the right pressure to have you throwing your head back. He dipped down, teasing the rim of your fluttering entrance with the warmth of his studs, nudging your clit rhythmically with his nose. The tip of his tongue wedged in, forcing you to spread your legs a little further, squeezing around him greedily as he curled and brushed against things inside you that you didn’t know could evoke such burning need. Your fingers were twisting in his hair, pulling and pushing with his movements and at some point, it had switched from mildly painful to heat inducing pleasure. He groaned against your flesh a shock of familiar pleasure rolling through him as you started to fuck his tongue, and he only encouraged it with hands supporting the soft flesh of your ass and the soft curve of your waist. You met his eyes once, mouth dropping open to say something. “’Gumi,” you whispered, speech slurred and tears brimming at your waterline. “Ngh, gonna-.” You stiffened, your back bowing so deeply he worried about you falling for a moment, and he felt your thighs tremble against his cheeks. “Just let go,” he murmured, returning to his task ten-fold as he withdrew to draw shapes on your clit, following the speed your body seemed to naturally seek with canting hips. He watched every single second, saw the moment in which your orgasm hit. He watched it when it slammed into, rolled over, and shook you apart. Ripped everything you knew, everything he was audacious enough to claim to know, right from both your fingertips. You were babbling, streams of curses and expletives to deities. He swore he saw you change from mortal to something unworldly in those few seconds. He helped you ride it out, with gentle kitten licks until you whined and pushed at his forehead. You straightened, struggled to settle your breathing, and shook in his tender hold. “Thank you,” you whispered and though he felt like it should be a weird thing to hear, all he felt was a glowing pride because he could hear the breathless awe in your voice. “Literally anytime,” he chuckled, pressing a wet kiss against the top of your thigh. “Can I help you… ah-?” your eyes trailed down, slowly. “Naw, I,” he coughed, a soft blush of pink rising to his cheeks as he shifted and realized at some point in all that he had cum and hadn’t even noticed, and fuck that was embarrassing. “No, I don’t um- need help.” He stood, shifting the wet mess that was his underwear, which made him painfully aware he hadn’t even palmed himself, and he’d just cum untouched. “Fuck,” you whined, a needy sound if he’d heard any and it made him laugh. “I wish,” he swallowed. “But not here.” ---- As the two of you left the gym, cleaned up enough to pass for morally decent, your fingers found their way in between his, holding tight and sure. He wanted to talk, to ask you out and slow things down, but that could wait for now. Right now, he could just enjoy… the present. “Do you have any other piercings I need to know about?” you smiled at him, obviously meaning it as a joke. He hummed thoughtfully, “No, though now I’m considering getting my dick pierced.” You choked and stopped beside him. His smile was the most free it had been in several months.

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    The one where Child!Gojo is taught hand-to-hand combat by the 1st-time-father!Toji, and can't stand each other. Though at a single parent mingle, they both fall for the guardian of a cute pink-haired toddler.

    [canon divergent lmao: ages are altered for the kiddos]


    The Gojo clan hired the single father, Fushijuro Toji, to teach their machine child prodigy hand-to-hand combat. Saturo can't take training seriously when there's a babbling baby on the man's chest, with what looks like duct tape and a blanket. Toji dislikes how the Gojo clan has sheltered and objectified the 6-year-old child. Deciding to let the kid be a kid, Toji uses training as a front to let Saturo do kid things. Though, Toji doesn't know what kid things are either. So, Toji enrolls them into a single-parent mingle group. Problem is, they got the directions wrong and met a young woman and her nephew. Both Toji and Saturo take a liking to them and the normalcy they bring to their strange lives.

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    —who says we’re through?

    pairing: toji fushiguro x fem!reader

    warnings: mild manga spoilers, smut, dubcon (if you squint), cursing, cunnilingus, reader is lowkey a sugar!mommy, size kink, edging, choking, name-calling, slight body impact (spanking), biting, no condom (creampie), lowkey angst but happy ending

    a/n: all i ever wanted was you.

    “No way in hell—”

    “C'mon, sweetheart, I'll just be here for the night, that's all—”

    You sneer. "Don't 'sweetheart' me, asshole. The last time you said that, you cleaned my whole fucking wallet—”

    “You know I didn't mean that, darlin’.” He grins sheepishly, scar widening. “Besides, you know I pay you back. How much ya charging tonight? Three orgasms?”

    You slam the door on his face.

    “Four?” His voice echoes from outside.

    “I'm not letting you in.”

    “When's the last time you had a dick in ya?”


    Cheeks flushing, you pull open the door again. “Shut the fuck up.” You hiss, dragging him into your apartment. “Do you want to embarrass me?”

    He raises his arms, as if to prove his innocence. “I just asked a question.”

    You glare up at his mischiveous eyes, watching his pupils dilate in amusement. “Sleep on the couch. Don't even think about it.”

    “About you?”

    You walk towards your bedroom, refusing to look back at him— if you do, you know you’ll be caught up in his lust. “About anything.”

    Toji is stuck on your mind, late into the night as you lay in bed, blankly staring up at the ceiling. The last time you saw him was a few months ago. And just like you’d scoffed at him, he did take the cash from your wallet on his way out. That fucking asshole. But even though he’s a terrible thief, that isn’t what pisses you off about Toji.

    It’s just… he never contacts you. He comes and goes whenever he feels like it, making you worry. He could be broke, homeless, dead— and you’ll never know, waiting until the next time he stops by your apartment. You’re well-off, you could help him— he simply won’t let you.

    And that’s what makes you mad.

    But he never lets you be mad at him, because he apologizes. Well, never verbally, but with his fingers, with his lips, with his—

    Knock knock knock.

    Thanking the heavens that your filthy thoughts are stopped, you drag yourself out from under your soft blanket to the door. Toji towers over you, the shadow of a smile on his lips.

    "What do you want?"


    "No." Your hand reaches to pull the handle, but Toji sticks his foot out.

    "Hey, ya can’t let me die of thirst.”

    “I’d kill you before that happens.”

    He juts his bottom lip out, slightly furrowing his brows. Pouting. “Want me to beg? I can do that for ya.”

    “Fucking hell.”

    You push past him, rolling your eyes. You’re desperately trying to keep your anger at bay but it’s so difficult whenever Toji is around. The worst part is that he knows it too— the corner of his lip keeps twitching in amusement, his brilliant eyes glimmering as if he’s winning. Like this is some sort of game.

    “Here.” You present him with a glass filled to the brim. He takes it with a “Thanks” before proceeding to down the entire thing in three gulps. Not that you were counting by looking at his adam’s apple, or the prominent veins of his neck, or the gentle scars—


    Too busy in your ogling, you didn’t realize that Toji had boxed you in with his hands against the counter. The smell of his sharp, sea-scented cologne holds you hostage, stilling your body, your mind—


    This is bad, this is bad. But, fuck, you can’t think anymore, not when his thick fingers drum against your hip, his other hand sliding up to rest on the base of your neck. His thumb sweeps against your soft skin, making you extremely aware of the fact that you aren’t wearing a bra under your sheer nightgown, that his finger is just a few inches away from your achingly sharp nipples.

    “Hmm?” He hums, dipping his head into your neck, lips puckering to peck you right on your shoulder. He deeply inhales, taking in your sweet scent, the gentle smell of your skin. “I missed you.”

    You pretend that his words don’t make your heart race. Glancing at the ceiling, you bite back your moans. “I didn’t.” You lie, voice slightly wavering.

    Toji glances up with his eyes narrowed, calculating. “You didn’t?”

    You shake your head deliberately, not trusting your voice. But Toji simply smiles, bending down to lift you up on the counter.

    “You’re still mad at me, aren’t ya?” He pushes your hips back further, forcing you to lay back. A gentle kiss is planted on your knee, bare from how your nightgown has shimmied up your thighs.

    “I’ll make it up to you, alright?”

    In, out. You have to focus on breathing because it’s getting terribly shallow, especially when Toji hasn’t even started. His teasing fingers push up your nightgown up to your waist, exposing your plain panties. Toji takes his time pulling the lace down too, smirking as you squirm.

    His breath hovers against your thighs, a gentle heat that warms your insides. You shiver again, forcing Toji to hold you down by the insides of your thighs. The new position gives him an open view of your cunt, slick and pulsing.

    “Didn’t miss me, huh? Your pussy says otherwise.”

    “Toji, I swear to God—”

    You can’t even finish your sentence because his tongue is prodding you open, pure sin flooding your nerves and forcing your back into an arch.


    He feasts like a starved man, slurping and flicking his tongue messily, letting his spit mix in with your arousal. You feel debauched, corrupted by his vulgar actions, but you ignore the shame as you roll your hips into his face, letting your clit catch onto the point of his nose.

    “‘M gonna cum.” You whine, squeezing your eyes shut as you feel the coil in your belly tighten a bit more. Toji squeezes his palms around your ass in encouragement, pressing you even closer to his face.

    “Let me taste you, sweetheart. Come f’me.”

    His lips latch onto your clit, and it’s the end of it. You gasp, nails desperately scratching against the counter as you ride out your orgasm, hips still twitching against Toji. He doesn’t let up either, tongue lapping up every drop of your nectar and forcing you into overstimulation.

    “Ah, Toji, too much, s’ too much!”

    Tears well your eyes, feet kicking out involuntarily, but Toji’s large palms wrap around your ankles. As he stands, he pulls you towards him, forcing you to straddle him.

    His eyes are bright, a smug smirk tracing his slick lips. “Tell me you missed me.”

    You pull down your brows, desperately trying to keep your fury in control. “Why would I miss you?”

    He smiles now, teeth sparkling in the little flicker of moonlight that presses past your window. “Because…” For his answer, he glances down at where the two of you meet, your core right against him, wetting his trousers. When he looks back up, you can barely see the green in his eyes— his dark pupils are eating away at the color. Eating away at you.

    You blush, cheeks flaring red. “That doesn’t mean anything.”

    “What does it mean, then?” Toji traces your bottom lip with his thumb, pulling it down the slightest before letting it pop back up. You don’t say anything, too absorbed in his motions.

    His thumb pushes past your lips, resting heavily on your tongue. Without thinking, you suck it in, tasting him off. You swear you hear his breath stutter, eyes widen as he looks at your lush, glossy lips.

    Before you know it, he’s sweeping you off the counter with ease, like you weigh nothing in his arms. His mouth distracts you, tongue prodding against your lips until you part them and let him in. He’s sweet— the slight taste of your arousal and the smell of him making you lightheaded. You’re terribly aware of his hands cupping and squeezing your ass as he guides you to your room, dropping you on your bed.

    “You’re a bad liar, y’know that?” Toji leans back, pulling his shirt over his head. You know he’s flexing, and it should make you cringe and scoff… but beyond the new scarring across his chest that makes your stomach twist in worry, his taut pecs and defined biceps distract you in the best way possible.

    “Your body can’t lie to me.” He yanks down his sweatpants, cock bobbing in your peripheral vision as you force yourself to keep your eyes on his emerald voids. He crawls towards you— on top of you— thumb reaching out to mockingly brush the corner of your mouth. “C’mon sweetheart, you’re drooling.”

    “‘M not.”

    “Really? Well, you are down here.” His cock parts your folds, dragging up your wetness and letting the heaviness rest between your legs.


    “Admit it.” Toji coos, letting the head of his length catch onto your hole before pulling out. You squirm, whining, but he pins you down with his hands on your wrists.


    It is said so low, so quiet that you aren’t completely sure if he even said it. You blink up at him, pushing away any anger you have toward him just for a second of clarity. Though Toji’s eyes still have that humorous glitter, you can see through him, noticing the hidden doubt and concern in the bags of his eyes, the wrinkles on his forehead, the fine droop of his lip.

    He’s… worried.

    And hell, if that doesn’t make your heart thrum faster than it already does around him.

    “I always miss you.”

    It’s true. You miss him during every moment of the day, hoping that today will be the day he stops by again, and just in case, you always make enough food for two. You miss him even when he’s there, because you know you’ll miss him even more when he leaves. You miss him the most when you roll over the covers and he’s not there, just his lingering scent reminding you that there’s nothing in the world that can preserve the feeling you have when you’re with him.

    You hope he can hear all that through your minimal words because your throat is too clogged to say anything more. When he responds by caressing your cheek, his dick guiding into you, you’re sure he knows.

    Your mouth widens into a silent gasp. It’s been too long.

    “C’mon, breathe.” He hums as he pushes in, feeling slight guilt but mostly pride as he notices the moisture gathering on your lashes. “Atta girl. Tight fucking pussy.”

    “T-Toji.” You whimper as his fingers roll against your clit, easing away the pain. “You’re so…”

    “Big?” He teases, rolling his hips into you sharply. You can’t find it in you to chastise him because it’s true, he’s terribly big with the way that he’s splitting you in half. You pathetically nod as your nails embed themselves in his back, lifting your head to tuck yourself into the crease of his neck.

    Every single thrust makes your eyes roll to the back of your head. Toji’s warm palms keep your thighs spread, occasionally squeezing and slapping the fat of your thighs just to hear you squeal.

    Toji throws his head back in pleasure, a low groan escaping his mouth. You watch how he tenses— a drop of sweat drips from the column of his neck and you follow it with your eyes as it drips down between his chest and torso, his lower stomach, before wetting his happy trail. God. You feel your toes curl as you clench around him.

    “Fuck.” He hisses, squeezing his eyes shut as his thrusts stutter. “Do that again.”

    To tease him, you do it in a succession of three. He gasps, his palm landing on your throat to squeeze you back. “Fucking hell.”

    Toji pulls out. He snickers at your whine and your failed attempt to latch onto him, before flipping you over.

    “Greedy little thing.” He laughs as he pushes in, reveling in the way your fingers latch onto the sheets.

    He’s going faster than he was before, balls smacking your ass hard enough to make a thwack-thwack echo around the room and change your cheeks into a crimson color.

    “Toji.” Tears slide down to your pillow as you bury your head. “Gonna come. Need you…” You drift off, knowing that he knows. You should have known he’d be cocky about it.

    “Need what?” His mouth hangs over your ear, teeth grazing the shell of it. “Don’t know what you want, sweetheart.”

    When you don’t answer, he bites down.

    “Fuck! Just… touch me.”

    “Could’a just asked.” He huffs as his thumb and forefinger pinch at your clit, giving you the relief you need. “Go ahead.”

    You feel your body tense, breath getting caught in your throat, along with a jumble of emotions. “Missed you—fuck, love you, s’much.” The knot in you unravels deliciously, euphoria hanging over your consciousness.

    Meanwhile, Toji’s mind is whirring at your confession, hands tightening against your waist. “L-love you, shit.” He pushes into you one last time, fingers pressing into your skin to really remember this. He needs to know that you’re really here under his hands before he cums, for once not in his fist. Toji trembles, panting through his orgasm and falling right on top of you.

    You can’t get a full breath in with Toji’s weight pressing against you, but you do nothing to move him. You feel suffocated in the best way possible— engulfed in his scent and warmth and love.

    “Don’t leave.” You murmur against his bicep that curls against you in a tight hug.

    “I won’t.”

    You don’t care if it’s a lie because it’s enough to make you relax into him more. Tonight, you refuse to think about when he’s gone— you press a kiss to his cheek and giggle when he nips you back.

    And when he leaves, you know he’ll come back.

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  • the-patchwork-ramskull
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    WIP Sneak Peek Weakness for Silver- Megumi x Reader

    CW: NOT SFW, cunnilingus 

    He could sense the way that you stilled this time was different, there was a heaviness in the air and an expectancy neither of you understood. Your hand brushed through his hair soothingly, as if to scare away all the nervous butterflies that tried to overtake him. He looked up from the pearlescent gleam of your labia, finding your eyes in the moment and in the weighted atmosphere an unspoken question lingered. Something he asked with only a tilt of his head and half-lidded eyes, and something you answered with a wobbly smile and gentle nod. He sighed and leaned in, laving your glistening lips, parting them with no more than the wide length of his tongue as his hands held you steady. Your legs trembled, and fingers tightened in his hair. “Oh,” you hiccupped, hips following the movement as he dragged his mouth up your slit to your clit.

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    ✨ BOX SPLIT: Jujutsu Kaisen Shopping Pita Keychains ✨

    Read my “General Info” post before claiming! Please do not claim if you are not 100% committed to purchasing. Message me if you’d like to claim! 



    Prices vary for each due to unpopular characters + $4 shipping ($12 shipping for Canada and $15 shipping for United Kingdom)

    ✅ = Paid | ❌ = Claimed


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    Thinking about how the tokyo trio have gone on nearly every mission together and how even if they do get separated during fights they do still look out for and think of each other and spend lots of time together outside of missions vs how we only actually saw the sss trio go on one mission together and they were completely divided during their 3rd year and while they still did care about each other they hardly got to spend any time together

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  • blackgrlficsnthings
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    The Babysitter Chronicles: Megumi’s Sick Day

    Part 3: Megumi gets sick after an outing with Gojo and now Gojo has to deal with your resentment as well as the kid’s.
    Pairing: Gojo Satoru x reader (slow burn)
    Warnings: suicidal tendencies (but no act), canon typical violence.
    Prev Chapter

    Gojo sat on top of Shoko’s desk talking to her about you. She appeared to be listening. She had a cigarette between her fingers and she took long drags as she listened to Gojo vent about his very hard life in a house with you and Megumi.

    “She is STACKED and for what?!” Gojo exclaimed.

    “Hm, I hate that you prove Freud right with every decision you make,” she said cryptically. As she spoke, smoke fell from her lips before she blew the rest of it out.

    Gojo lifted his head to turn his blindfolded gaze to her, “What the hell does that mean?!”

    “Every time you find a kind woman with a kid you get like this. Then you get to know her and the kid and you realize it’ll never work.”

    “It’s only happened twice and one of them was married and that’s why it didn’t work out.”

    “Uh huh,” she said. Disbelief practically dripped off the little utterance.

    “And it’s not like she’s actually a mother.”

    “As far as Megumi is concerned she is. You’re flirting with his mom and that kid knows you, Gojo. He’s seen the kind of riff raft you can bring through a house. This is his first taste of stability and you’re messing with that. If I was him I’d hate you too.”

    “This is different!”

    “Now even I doubt that. She’s hot, Gojo. Hell, she was hot back in school too. The things we got up to…” Shoko trailed off in thought.

    Gojo gasped, “No!”

    “Oh yes,” Shoko nodded, “sure she was the mother of curses… but you know how I love a bad decision.”

    “Why would you tell me that right now? You’re supposed to be talking me down.”

    “Sorry,” she shrugged but she didn’t seem sorry at all, “I think you missed your opening. She’s tame now. You would have loved her in high school if you gave her the chance.”

    “I thought I would have to kill her! I can’t believe you fucked her!” He threw his arms up in exasperation

    “Come on, we were all kinda fascinated by her. Here’s the Mother of curses and her adorable vessel. That curse really knew how to pick a body. And then after we graduated she really filled out in all the right places. I get it, Gojo. Hey if you’re still worried about her spending so much time with Megumi, I’ll take her off your hands.”

    “Good luck getting past the brat. He’s got his hooks in deep. “

    “You’re competing with a child. Do you know how stupid you sound?”

    “Whatever. Now he’s sick and she won’t do anything but worry over him.”

    “Didn’t you take him out in the rain yesterday?”


    “And now he’s sick?”

    “Well he’s got to be stronger if he wants to survive.”

    Shoko shook her head, “She’s a sweet person, but she has a mean streak and if you keep hurting her child you’re gonna be in my office again asking me to patch you up when she’s blocked your cursed energy to beat your ass.”

    “Whose side are you on?!”

    “Which ever side gets me a night with the MILF of Curses.”

    Gojo huffed. He knew Shoko was right in the end. The only way to win you over was to make nice with the kid, but Megumi made it impossible. The kid was cunning. He was almost proud of all of Megumi’s careful planning to keep you to himself. At this point, Gojo wouldn’t be surprised if he got sick on purpose. Now you were mad at Gojo for taking him out in the rain and he was in the doghouse. He was actually trying to bond with the tiny twerp.

    You were at home curled up with Megumi in your bed. You finally got his fever to break but he still had chills so you used your body heat as well as your blankets to help him warm up. His cheek was pressed to your chest as he watched T.V. The characters on the screen had his full attention. He was a tough kid. He didn’t whine or complain about being sick, though you were sure he felt terrible. He took the medicine you gave him and the warm ginger tea you brewed. Each time after he was done consuming whatever concoction you made for him he settled right back against your side. All around he was a stellar patient. You just wished he wasn’t sick at all. He lacked that sparkle in his eye. Today he just looked sleepy.

    Eventually he fell asleep as his cold medicine kicked in. This was your time to clean up the room a bit and do some things you needed to get done. You’d asked Gojo to go to the store for you to get a few fresh ingredients for a heartier soup. He was taking his time. In all honesty, he probably found some woman to chase after and you were waiting in vain.

    If you were honest, as much as you cared about Gojo, you also accepted this position as an au pair because Megumi had potential. He could be a really good person, a really kind person, and he might not be that with only Gojo to look after him. Kids needed stability. They needed to be soothed and taken care of. They needed structure and discipline and Gojo could not provide that constantly. He was an adult who had never received those things as a child. Well you were sure they gave him plenty of discipline and structure, but they never gave him warmth so now he trampled over people to find it. He looked for it in sexual partners, pushed for it in his friends. It was a bit sad when you thought about it. You were about to give up hope when the front door opened.

    “Did you miss me, babe?” He asked loudly. You gave him a hard glare before you came to take the bag of groceries from him.

    “Megumi is sleeping be quiet,” you scolded glaring at his blindfold where his eyes. He gave you a sheepish smile.

    “You’re not still mad at me are you?”

    “You promised me you wouldn’t have him out in the rain. I thought you were going to hang out with him. He was excited to hang out with you, Satoru, and then you took him out berated him about his cursed energy and brought him back soaked through.” You turned your back on him to storm off to the kitchen.

    Gojo huffed as he watched you walk away. You were in a tank top and shorts, an outfit that was causing a special kind of chaos inside of Gojo’s brain. He could see the red lines across the tops of your breasts and they plunged down between them. The sway of your hips and the soft jiggle of your thighs caught his eye and it dragged him along behind you.

    “Don’t be like that,” he crooned grabbing your hips.

    You smacked his hands away from you, “Cut it out.”

    “I can’t touch you?”

    You gave him another hard glare, “Gojo, what are you doing?”

    Gojo looked down at you and he wanted to give you an answer, something cool. Something that would make sense, “I’m trying to get to know you.”

    “Then ask me my favorite color or listen to me every once in a while. Like when I say don’t take Megumi out in the pouring rain.”

    He sighed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think he would get sick.”

    “That’s the problem you don’t think.”

    “The world is not going to coddle him-“ he said grabbing your arm to turn you around to face him.

    “No it’s not. So we have to be soft with him because everything out there is going to tear him apart. He was excited to spend a day with you. He thinks you’re the coolest.”

    “No he doesn’t. He hates me.”

    “He does not hate you,” you shook your head. You thought of yesterday, how Megumi’s eyes lit up when Gojo said that they were going out. Yes, there were things about Gojo that Megumi didn’t like but he was still the only other family the kid had.

    You covered your face to try to get your emotions in check. Gojo pulled your wrists to take your hands away from your face.

    “I just want him to be stronger.”

    “He’s six, Satoru. And I know at six you were ready to take on assassins but that was wrong. Someone was supposed to be protecting you. You weren’t supposed to be doing it yourself. You can be that for Megumi but instead you antagonize him. I’m so mad at you right now I can barely look at you.” you shoved his shoulder.

    “… How’s his fever?”

    “It broke, but he’s still having chills and body aches.”

    “So still not great. I talked to Shoko, she’s going to stop by and look at him. Until then, she agreed that he needed rest. Why don’t you go back to him and I’ll make soup?”

    “Do you know how to do that?”

    “Yes! I did take care of him before you came along.”


    You went back to your room and found Megumi still asleep but he’d tossed the covers off of him. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, feeling how warm he was again. You cursed softly and went to your bathroom to run him a cool bath.

    “I need you to get better, Gumi,” you said softly. You had to wake him to get him into the bath. His clothes were drenched in sweat. He made an annoyed sound when you woke him.

    “I’m sorry, baby. Your fever’s back. I made a cool bath for you. We have to cool you down.”

    He let you pick him up and take him to the bathroom.

    Gojo did not consider himself a family person, but he was learning, whether he liked it or not, how to be what Megumi needed. He walked into your room to find it empty at first glance. Then he heard you humming to Megumi and he followed the sound to your en suite bathroom were pouring cool water over Megumi’s hair.

    “Can I get out?” He asked you miserably.

    “Not yet, Gumi. I’m sorry. You’re still too warm.”

    “I want to go to sleep.”

    “I know. We really need to break this fever. I’m going to give you more medicine.”

    “I don’t want more medicine.”

    You took a deep breath. It broke your heart to see him so sad. He wasn’t just being a whiny kid. He seemed genuinely miserable. Fevers could be dangerous though so you couldn’t abide his wishes. Yet disrespecting his autonomy didn’t feel good, even if it was for his best interest. At times it really hit you that you might be too young to be doing this. You were only 19 how were you supposed to raise a kid right. It was hard enough dealing with a normal kid. How were you supposed to raise a young sorcerer so that he was strong enough to do what had to be done, yet still encourage him to make bonds with other people, and not lose it in the process of becoming a sorcerer. Neither you nor Gojo were poster children for mental health. You’d both lost some integral part of yourselves in the process of becoming the people you were today.

    “C’mon, Megs,”Gojo said as he came in, “You’re doing so well. The medicine will make you feel better sooner.”

    Megumi did not look amused, “It tastes bad and it makes me sleepy. I don’t like it.”

    “Fair, those are good reasons not to like something,” Gojo nodded, “but that cold bath doesn’t look fun, and being sick seems awful. Not that I can relate to either of those things. Medicine will help.”

    Megumi crossed his arms stubbornly. Gojo sighed and pushed off of the doorframe he was leaning on so he could speak to Megumi low enough that only he would hear.He nudged you out of the way so he could take your place sitting on the side of the tub. You moved on to lean against the sink.

    “Come on, Y/N’s worried sick. Look how sad she looks. Why don’t you be a big boy and make this easier on her?”

    He looked from Gojo to you taking in your worried expression. You were biting your thumbnail reading the back of the box of medicine. Internally you were spiraling.

    This is exactly what happened when two very young people tried to take care of a kid. The kid got sick and then they died. He wouldn’t even survive long enough to get to Jujutsu Tech. Maybe if there was a real adult around they would know how to handle this. You’d done everything you could think of. You even pulled out the Vick’s earlier today when he was congested. That had been a struggle but he was no longer complaining about not being able to breathe.

    Megumi gave a curt nod to Gojo.

    “You’ll take your medicine?” Gojo asked.


    “Right on. I knew you were a tough kid.” He gave Megumi’s head a pat before plucking the box of medicine from your hands.

    With Megumi medicated he was only awake long enough to get out of the tub into new pajamas and on fresh sheets in your room. He fell asleep while Gojo was trying to get some of his usual demeanor back. He tried pestering the kid like normal but Megumi appeared too out of it to respond to his taunts. Which… made Gojo feel a little bad. The kid was actually pretty sick. He had to be if he wasn’t reacting to Gojo at all.

    You pressed the back of your hand against his forehead before settling by his side again. Gojo sat on the other side of your bed putting Megumi between the two of you.

    “I know you’re still mad at me. But could you find it in that big heart of yours to forgive me.”

    “Maybe once Megumi’s better.”

    “I better hope he’s really asleep then. He’ll prolong his sickness if those are your terms.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Megumi doesn’t want to share you.”

    “Well you hired me to be his caretaker. He shouldn’t have to share me for what you’re paying. And I don’t mind. I really do love him like he’s my own.”

    “So you don’t crave… anything else?”

    “No,” you shook your head, “I like my life.”

    “Right so you like hanging out with a kid all day.”

    “Yeah! I mean when school is in I do other things but right now it’s enough for me to just be home.”


    “Yeah. I… well whenever I dared to think of a future I kinda imagined having a kid… and I would take care of them and watch them grow. I’d show them all the happiness this world had to offer… especially if they were a sorcerer.”

    “You just dreamed of the kid? Not a whirlwind romance? Marriage? All the other harebrained fantasies girls have?”

    “No, I never imagined marriage… which is kinda funny now that I think about it. I never really thought about being loved, just loving someone else. That’s where my suspension of disbelief stopped I guess,” you let out a quiet laugh.

    “I don’t understand you at all.”

    “Well the feeling is mutual.”

    “How did you become a house wife without the wife part?”

    “You paid me?” You said confusedly.

    “Right. But I thought you were always docile. I mean you slept with Shoko? I know what Shoko is into.”

    “Thought I was going to die. I was bolder back then.”

    “What happened?”

    “I lived. You hired me to take care of a kid… and maybe you don’t get it because you’re always gone but… having someone so small rely on you changes your perspective. It’s more important to me that he’s safe. And I’m happier knowing he’s happy than I ever was trying to turn the lust people felt for me into something warm that could sustain me. This? This kid is better.”

    “… I could give you another,” he smirked.

    “Oh kiss my ass,” you rolled your eyes at him. He giggled immaturely at your response. There was a small smile on your face as you looked down at Megumi.

    “You treat him like he’s your son.”

    “It feels like he’s my son.”

    “Well he thinks of you as his mom. Won’t let me too close.”

    “Mother is God in the eyes of a child. I guess he thinks you’re actually interested in me,” you laughed as if that was impossible, “We all know your track record, Satoru. You’re a flirt. And you like variety. Megumi saw a lot of women come and go before I got here. He thinks I’ll be just like them.”

    Gojo wanted to refute that, and assure you it wasn’t that many women… but it was. It was quite a few. Some thought Megumi was worth fawning over, others ignored the boy outright. He’d never thought much of it. However Megumi also never cared about any of those women. It was obvious that he cared about you. He sought you ought for comfort even in his sleep. Like now, he’d managed to almost cuddle under you as he laid at your side. The kid had great taste in pillows, and maybe that was Gojo rubbing off on him because Megumi faithfully had his cheek pressed to your chest.

    “He doesn’t know any better,” you settled.

    “You think you’re different?” Gojo asked.

    “Well yeah, we’re actually just friends… not you know friends.“

    “Right, right.” He said and he tried to decide if you were out right rejecting him, and why that thought made him feel like he was sinking. You could also just be stating facts. The two of you were truly nothing more than friends.

    “So I have a question,”Gojo began, “You thought you were going to die at eighteen and the only thing you wanted to do was have sex?”

    “That was just the easiest thing to cross off the bucket list. I also wanted to travel, which is how I wound up on an out of town mission with Shoko. I volunteered for it and they made her go to be sure Yasha didn’t go murdering people.”

    “And probably to inspect your body if you died.”

    “Oh she inspected my body plenty regardless.”

    He snorted before devolving into giggles, “I really missed the ticket huh?”

    “Eh,” you shrugged, “You wouldn’t have liked me.”

    “What makes you think that?”

    “You like to make girls fall in love with you. I wasn’t like that.”

    “You don’t think I could have stolen your heart?”

    You laughed a truly tickled sound, “Me? The same girl who tried to kill you? You’re asking if I would have loved you? Are you out of your mind? Satoru you were the worst. Do you remember why we started fighting?”

    He thought… and when he thought of that fight he could only remember one moment, the moment he knew he was going to die. He had the stupidest thought in the goddamn world. He looked into your eyes and he was at least grateful that a hot girl was going to have the honor. Most great sorcerers had the misfortune of looking into the gaping maw of a horrible curse.

    “Of course you don’t remember,” you shook your head, “when I asked you for forgiveness for not being able to do what you did concerning… you know, you said and I quote Maybe all you are is a cursed womb with half a brain.”

    He winced. He did remember that. You’d come back after weeks of being MIA after that entire village was killed and the first thing you had to say was that you were sorry for not killing Geto yourself. In his defense, that was a fucked up thing to say, “… Right. Sorry.”

    “You paid for it in full.”

    You thought of how vindicated you felt when you back handed Gojo hard enough to make him stumble to the side. It had hurt your hand in the process. You were only just accustomed to your new body. It was freshly granted to you from the heavens and you’d been careful to keep your strength in check. You let it all loose. Gakuganji and Yaga watched as their strongest sorcerer reeled in surprise. Blood splattered across the steps, proof that you hit him. Gojo was untouchable, until you touched him. Just as quickly as you struck he grabbed you by your throat to look you in the eyes as he took off his blindfold. His mouth was bloody, teeth stained with it and he spit his blood in your face before he spoke.

    “I’m gonna make you wish you died today.”

    “That’s not impressive,” you grinned licking his blood off of your lips before you punched him in the throat. Before anyone else could get involved Gojo used his long range teleportation to get you alone. The look in his eye when he dropped you from up high to plummet to the ground was down right sadistic.

    The shadows below reached up to catch you and as Gojo fell to come after you the full force of darkness sought to consume him as well. If not for the six eye cursed technique he never would have survived your onslaught of attacks. He blocked you easily, but he could not keep you from touching him. That was his downfall. Your innate technique was quite harmless on the surface. It had been when you first enrolled. You were able to sense energies. Closing your eyes you could still see the unique energetic make up of everything around you. It was with training and Yasha’s tutelage that it became deadly. Everyone had an energetic potential. Curses had them as well, though it was easier for you to simply void their energy than manipulated because most curses were more energy than they were corporeal. Sorcerers were special cases. They channeled their energy. It wasn’t just an amorphous aura it flowed through their bodies like blood, meaning blockages could occur. You could cause a blockage, jumpstart an energetic heart attack if you wanted. It’s how you could touch Gojo. Every time you touched him you created a new blockage until finally for the first time in a while, he felt strained. His energy was in knots and he was forced to flat out brawl with you.

    You in your rage endeavored to tear his heart from his chest and take a bite of it the way Yasha would have done. You’d have kept him alive with your power alone, so he could watch you do it. It wasn’t that you hated Gojo. You hated everything he represented to you. He was the weapon that the higher ups held over your head. He was their golden child. He was a strong man and so to them he was worth your life, your happiness, your very soul ten times over. There was a cruelty in your heart that thought of what they would think when you threw the body of their prized pig at their feet.

    You were angry for the childhood that ended too soon. You were angry about how grown men looked at your body. You hated them you hated them all. And that was the thought that brought you up short. Geto had spoken in your ear in that village when he tried to tempt you to join him, “You hate them. You hate them all. And you could do it. You could be rid of them. No one knows what it’s like. But I do. I do.”

    You lost focus and Gojo hit you hard enough to send you flying. It stole your breath and broke a few bones that were quick to mend. You hated the powers that be that put you and Gojo in this situation. You did not hate Gojo. You hated what you were now. You hated the body that was not yours and the body that men’s eyes followed. You hated the new power you wielded that was once Yasha’s. You hated that you didn’t know if there was anything left of the child you had been when all of this began.

    Gojo’s eyes were wide and wild. He was covered in blood. You just watched him approach.

    “They’re going to lock you away for good now.”

    “No,” you shook your head. They wouldn’t win you. They didn’t get to have you after everything they stole from you. You would make Gojo kill you. You would give him no other choice. You bared your teeth at him before throwing yourself back into the fight. In all of your fighting… you never even considered the idea that you might actually win. You had your rage induced fantasies at the beginning but victory was never a thought. You expected to maim him. Maybe pluck out one of those pretty marble eyes, but you never thought you’d hold the strongest sorcerer’s life in your hands.

    You grabbed Gojo by the throat after you brought him to his knees, “Come on, strongest sorcerer. Get on your feet!” You yelled at him. Every breath you took hurt but you were not even close to done. Fighting Gojo was no walk in the park, and yet it was still too easy. You could feel his pulse fluttering against your palm as he scratched at your hand. Your hand wasn’t big enough to properly strangle him at this angle, so the greater danger was to his trachea. You might break it, and after what you did to his cursed energy, he wouldn’t be able to heal himself.

    You looked into those crystal blue eyes as they filled with tears. You looked down at him and you saw the very moment he gave up, when he chose to stop fighting you. You let him go without meaning to.

    “Get up! Fight me! FIGHT ME!” You kicked him with barely any strength and yet it still sent him flying. He hit a tree and the sturdy thing shuddered hard enough to disturb the birds above. Gojo did not get up. The beacon of energy you’d known for years… was barely anything. It was a candle light, flickering with a draft.

    “Satoru,” you called, softer that time, “Satoru, get up.”

    You ran to him, heart dropping as you realized what you were capable of. Gojo Satoru was the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer. He harbored godlike power. He was untouchable. He was utterly untouchable… and he was dying.

    “Satoru, please. Please don’t do this. Get up,” you fell to your knees beside him, grabbing his face in your hands, “I didn’t mean it. You can’t go. People need you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry! Please I need you. I’m not strong enough for this,” you kept blabbering as you looked inwardly for the answer of how to fix this. How did Gojo fix himself before? He said he reversed it right? He took his cursed energy and turned it inward, he flipped it around so that instead of causing destruction, it gave life. You pressed your forehead against his and you tried. You tried to reverse cursed energy. You had once made the dead sing hell’s chorus for you. What was one life when you had resurrected a hundred?

    “Gojo Satoru, I don’t care that you’re tired. Get up. Please get up.”

    “Bold to cry after you nearly killed me,” Gojo said as he coughed and sputtered back to life.

    Your eyes snapped open, and you knew that he was okay. You threw your arms around him.

    “You don’t get to fucking die Gojo, do you understand me?”

    “Well don’t kill me then!” He yelled back.

    “I’m sorry.” You whispered to him pressing you face into the side of his neck, “I’m so sorry.” And you were sorry for everything. You were sorry for not stopping his best friend when you had the chance. You were sorry for the lives lost because of your weakness. You were sorry for killing him. You were sorry for even existing at this point.

    “I can’t go back to them, Satoru. You know what they’ll do. You know what it’ll be like. I won’t fight you. Just kill me please. Kill me right now. You can’t let the Zen’ins have me. Please it’s a fate worse than death.”

    “You want me to help you?!”

    “I want you to kill me,” you grabbed his hand and you put it around your throat, “Do it, please.”

    You felt his hand squeeze around your throat and you let your eyelids flutter closed as it became harder to breathe. Instead of strangling you he brought you in close to look at you.

    “You deserve to live with your weakness.”

    “Please, Gojo.”

    “Come on, let’s give everyone the good news. I’ve exorcised Yasha.”

    That was your punishment. He cursed you to live, and yet here you were. Happier than ever, even with a sick kid between the two of you.

    Gojo looked at the wistful smile on your face and he wondered how you could smile at that memory. You’d practically begged him to strangle you to death. Granted, death was preferable to your original fate. Without Gojo interfering you’d probably be a concubine to Naoya and the only child you’d have would be a bastard perhaps more than one until you produced a son that they could make into a weapon. He wished it was chivalry that made him interfere, but honestly, he wanted the only person that could kill him where he could see her. He never expected to care about you or the kid he adopted so that the higher ups would not have another deadly weapon. Though here he was. It was almost funny… almost.

    “I remember you licked my blood off of my face,” Gojo offered.

    “You were tasty,” you winked.

    “You’re making me blush,” he cooed.

    “Gojo… how the hell did we wind up friends?”


    “…And Megumi.”

    “And Megumi,” he agreed. He had more to thank the twerp for than he knew. Without him you might not even give Gojo this much of your time. You might still be floating through life alone. Sure you would have been a threat but more than that, he wouldn’t walk into the kitchen in the morning to have breakfast made already. He wouldn’t catch you dancing around the house while you cleaned, or hear the voices you did when you read Megumi a story. Okay he owed the kid a lot.

    “He really does look up to you, you know. I think it’s possible to admire some things about a person and be repulsed by other aspects of that same person. You’re the most prolific sorcerer of our generation… and maybe ever. That’s cool. You’re also awful at intimacy. He knows. He still gets excited about the sorcerer part. You really hurt his feelings yesterday.”

    “We won’t always be around to protect him. Soft kids don’t make it to their fourth year at the school.”

    “We won’t always be around so we should give him what we can to build him up not tear him down. Perfectly strong sorcerers lose themselves to madness without a stable foundation, and a way to self soothe.”

    He knew you were referring to Geto. You were right. Of course you were right.

    “Fine. Mother knows best.”

    Not long after the conversation died was there a knock on the door. Gojo got up to answer. It was Shoko and he lead her to your bedroom. She paused in the doorway, looking at you in your tank top and shorts.

    “Long time no see, Ieri,” you greeted.

    “It is good to see you,” she smiled.

    “I would hug you but, Gumi’s got me pinned.”

    “Well we have to wake him anyway. You look great.”

    “Oh please,” you scoffed, “I’ve been taking care of a sick kid all day. I look a wreck.”

    “That’s a wreck,” she pointed to you, “Then I’m proud of Gojo for keeping it together this long. How do you survive when she is all made up.”

    “Stop it. You know he’s brutally honest.”

    Shoko turned to give Gojo a look of disbelief. Did you seriously not know that Gojo was down horrible over you? She burst out laughing. It was probably the hardest laugh she had all year. You looked between the two of them confusedly. Gojo looked unamused so it was a safe bet that she was laughing at him. You just didn’t know why. However all of the commotion woke Megumi. He sat up with a grumpy look. His eyebrows were furrowed and he glared at the other two adults in the room. Then he looked at you with a far more relaxed expression. There was a question in his eyes. He was curious about the extra adult in the room. You reminded him that Shoko was studying to be a doctor and that she was going to help him get better. He sat up and gave Shoko a little wave.

    “Fushiguro, let’s get you up and moving again. I’m sure you and Y/N have a play date to attend.”

    “We were supposed to have our adventure day,” he lamented looking up at you.

    “We’ll go out when you feel better.”

    Shoko proceeded to check him over as she set her bag on the floor and knelt down to look at him where he sat in your lap. It didn’t take very long and Megumi sat still for Shoko to give him a check up.

    “Well I don’t do a lot with pathology but it seems like a mild cold. I think you two have been doing a great job. I can smell the eucalyptus on him and that’s great for congestion. Keep him hydrated, and keep up with his doses of medicine to help with the fever, though it seems like his fever has subsided. Who’s your favorite parent, kid?” Shoko asked.

    Megumi leaned into you hiding his face in your neck.

    “But she makes you eat vegetables.” Gojo complained.

    “You called me weak.” Megumi reminded, voice slightly muffled because he did not lift his head.

    “Well that’s just because you are. We’ll work on that.”

    “Why can’t Y/N teach me? She’s stronger than you.”

    “Well because…” he tried to think of a reason, “Because she’s not technically a sorcerer so I’m the strongest sorcerer around.”

    “I don’t want to learn from you anymore… I’ll just make you mad at me.” He said the last part softer but it was not lost on him. You gave him a steely little glare.

    “Yikes. You’re in the doghouse,” Shoko said, “I am going to head out. Call me if things take a turn… or if you wanna grab a drink.”

    “Will do,” you nodded.

    Gojo took a seat on your bed beside you, “Megs, I’m not mad at you.”

    Megumi didn’t move to look at Gojo. You were staring at the man expectantly though. He gave you a distressed expression. What was he supposed to do?

    “Make this right,” you mouthed at him.

    “You’re not weak, Megumi, you’re just young,” Gojo began, watching for your approval, “and I’m sorry that you got sick.”

    “And you told me I was never going to be strong,” Megumi added.

    “Gojo, are you serious?”

    “I was frustrated!” Gojo explained. In retrospect… it was intense. Things didn’t go exactly to plan yesterday. He was supposed to be getting Megumi to warm up to him. That’s why he took him out. He’d officially decided that without Megumi’s blessing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with you. This was a step toward that effort. They were supposed to just go shopping, maybe grab some snacks. It was just normal bonding. Of course, he didn’t anticipate that Megumi would be so honest when he asked him why it was so bad that Gojo wanted to be your “friend”.

    “I don’t want you to. She’s my…. She’s mine!”

    “What were you going to say? She’s not your mom. She’s an adult just like me. We can be friends.”


    “So what? Are you going to keep crying like a baby every time I get close to Y/N? Nobody likes a cry baby. She’ll get sick of your shit and she’ll go. Even the money I pay her won’t be enough to make her stick around. So maybe you should think of a new tactic. Or maybe you could be a little grateful to me for being the reason you even know her in the first place.”

    Megumi said nothing, he only glared at Gojo. His silence was maddening. The small child glowered at him, his cheeks flushed with anger. It was almost comical and for that reason Gojo let himself laugh, though he didn’t really feel like laughing.

    “What’s the matter?” Gojo taunted, “You gonna cry?”

    “You are a bad friend,” Megumi responded before he started walking the way they came as if the kid actually meant to walk home. Gojo couldn’t move immediately though, after what Megumi said. Gojo was a bad friend. He always was. The people he was friends with weren’t around him often, or they were dead, or in your case you’d actually almost killed him once. Gojo Satoru was a bad friend to have. He hadn’t even noticed the one he loved the most spiraling. He wasn’t around to catch him. The title of strongest sorcerer was coveted but Gojo hated the mantle he wore. It was unbearable sometimes especially when everyone else was so weak. You were the only person he could count on to be there if the world came tumbling down. You would be right at his side… devastated over the kid he introduced you to. He’d given you a weakness.

    When he returned to himself, he realized Megumi was no where to be seen. A drop of water hit the edge of his limitless technique. It was beginning to rain. It wasn’t hard to find the boy. He teleported to his side and grabbed the boy by the collar.

    “Come on. Let’s get inside.”

    Megumi struggled in his hold, trying and failing to hit Gojo. Gojo watched him, somewhere between amused and annoyed. The kid was too weak to even do anything about being abducted.

    “You’re weak. And as long as you’re weak, you’re a liability. You’ll get her killed.”

    Megumi’s face was already flushed with anger. The rain began to pick up and Megumi put his tiny hands together. The darkness around him got darker. Gojo let him go, curious of what the boy would do. The shadows came racing toward him and they touched limitless harmlessly. It was nothing like your shadows. The simple face was, the only thing that filled infinite space was darkness. Even light had a stopping point. Your technique struck with deadly precision.

    “That’s all you’ve got? Pathetic. You can’t even keep little rain drops from hitting you.” He said with a taunting laugh.

    Megumi was getting soaked as the rain began to pour. Gojo stood there, completely dry. If you were there, you’d hit Gojo. You would have made him take Megumi home.

    “You’ll never be strong if you give up every time you think you don’t have a chance. You’ll just be a burden to her. Someone she always has to look after. That’s a shit job. I don’t think I could pay her to do it for the rest of her life.”

    He expected Megumi to cry, but instead the boy just stared at him placidly as if Gojo hadn’t said anything the child hadn’t thought of already. Yet here he was, unable to even slip into shadow so that he would not get wet. Instead he started shivering as the cool breeze made the rain colder.

    Gojo thought of that now. Megumi already considered himself a liability. All Gojo did was rub it in his face that he was a weak child.

    “I was wrong. You will be strong one day. Hell you might even be stronger than me. But until then, we don’t mind looking after you. You’re a kid. This is the only time in your life where people take care of you and you’re not a burden. Well you shouldn’t be. If they consider you a burden then they’re just weak.”

    Megumi turned to look at Gojo and appraise whether or not he was serious, “You are still a bad friend.”

    “Oh the worst,” Gojo agreed.

    “But he still has friends, Gumi, you don’t have to be the best for people to love you.” You said, “Love me?” Gojo asked.

    “I’m sure people love you, Satoru but I was talking to Megumi,” you said nonchalantly.

    Gojo’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know whether to be offended or laugh at his situation. Megumi sure chose to find amusement in the moment. He smirked and rested his head against you again.

    “You’re so cruel!” Gojo complained, “You don’t love me?”

    “I’ve seen how you treat the ladies who fawn over you. I’m good.”

    “Come on I’m a generous lover.”

    “You’re my boss. I’m here for the kid and the money.”

    Gojo fell back dramatically on the bed, “No one in the world loves me.”

    “Poor little Gojo Satoru,” you cooed.

    “Nothing about me is little.”

    “Hm, you know, only men with mommy issues tend to get obsessed with me. I suggest you get a therapist.” You said as a joke, because you thought he was joking, being dramatic because his usual charms weren’t bringing you to your knees. Gojo liked to be wanted. He didn’t particularly care to be loved. It was a fact you knew about him, a small comfort to you when you decided to move in to look after Megumi. Gojo was reliable in his unreliability. You could count on him to never settle down and so you would have a job until Megumi was old enough to go off to Jujutsu Tech. You didn’t know what you would do after that. Maybe you would pursue all the other things that were on your bucket list.

    “Mommy issues are the least of my worries,” he sighed heavily.

    You heart skipped a beat… he hadn’t denied it. Did he even realize what he just implied? He couldn’t have. What he heard was you telling him he had mommy issues. He hadn’t put together that you’d accused him of being obsessed with you because he had mommy issues. If he’d been listening he never would have just agreed with you so easily. This was the man who you’d nearly killed when you were almost seventeen. That was only two short years ago. You couldn’t even fathom the fact that the two of you were friends, let alone anything else. Could you even agree to something like that?

    You studied him, trying to decide if he was actually confessing to you. You recalled earlier that he’d made a joke about you loving him. Even as ridiculous as he was, Gojo had to know that you were privy to his commitment issues. You lived with him. Was he out of his mind or did he have a death wish? If Gojo treated you even half as carelessly as he treated other people you would snatch the heart out of his chest and eat it in front of him.

    “You’re right. You should have them deal with your superiority complex first,” You settled, decided that he was obviously joking because it was the only thing that made sense.

    “Hm, see I thought the childhood trauma was more pressing.” Gojo grinned as he looked at you, but in looking at you he noticed that Megumi was practically face down in your chest.

    “Hm… maybe I’m starting to rub off on the kid.”

    “Hm?” You questioned and then followed Gojo’s gaze. You rolled your eyes.

    “He’s not thinking about it like you would. They’re just soft,” you refuted, “Gumi you good?”

    ”Mmhm. Your chest pillows are good.”

    Gojo let out a loud laugh.

    “My what?” You chuckled.

    Megumi looked up at you innocently, “Your chest pillows. Will I get chest pillows when I grow up?”

    ”No, I don’t think so. Plus, they’re no use to me.”

    ”Hm,” he yawned and put his head back down. You huffed a little laugh and laid back with him. Gojo was still laughing.

    “I like your chest pillows too, mama,” he giggled wiggling closer to you in bed.

    “Shut up.”

    “Oh so the kid can say you have nice tits, but when I-“

    ”Shut up!”

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    Art by  sixpage_

    Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)

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    *  tag dump  :  bonds ( part 03 )

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    #*  bond.    arakawa sabito + agatsuma zenitsu / cancriis #*  bond.    fujimori haruki + hasegawa momoko / determiens #*  bond.    fujimori haruki + chibana kikyo / cancriis #*  bond.    noelle silva + nozel silva / determiens #*  bond.    noelle silva + asta / determiens #*  bond.    yami sukehiro + finral roulacase / cancriis #*  bond.    inumaki toge + panda / cancriis #*  bond.    inumaki toge + gojo satoru / cancriis #*  bond.    fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru / cancriis
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    ok but watch for the popularity poll results illustration, Gege just draws Megumi (1st) holding the prison realm (2nd)

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    currently working on a toji x reader x getou fic and i’m liking how it’s turning out so far. i cant wait to see how it turns out 😁

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    bunny girls, puppy girls or kitten girls?

    jjk men and what type of girl would they prefer.

    characters: Toji Fushiguro, Nanami Kento, Choso, Satoru Gojo, Sukuna, Suguru Geto.

    warnings: none ig, just, the fact that puppy, kitten and bunny girls are a fetish. MINORS DNI


    #1. Satoru Gojo

    puppy girls ~ submissive and energetic ♡

    #2. Kento Nanami

    kitten girls ~ playful and graceful, also with an attitude he can punish

    #3. Toji Fushiguro

    bunny girls ~ easy to intimidate, fun to chase and he has a b r e e d i n g k i n k ♡ to which you comply and do not complain about

    puppy girls ~ so submissive and lovable to him


    puppy girls ~ because he likes being in control and loves how compliant and breedable you are

    #5. Choso

    kitten girls ~ loves to spoil you, and likes that fiery attitude he can fuck out of you♡

    #6. Geto

    bunny girls ~ b r e e d i n g k i n k

    A/N: idk where this came from, but yes ♡

    #jjk x reader #toji x reader #jjk imagines#jjk megumi#jujutsu kaisen#jjk fluff #yuji x reader #jjk fushiguro#jjk gojo #nanami x reader #choso #choso x you #choso x reader #nanami kento#jjk men #jjk x y/n #jjk#jjk geto#jjk toji#toji fushiguro #toji fushiguro x reader #gojo satoru #gojo x reader #satoru gojo #gojou satoru x reader #gojo imagine#sukuna hcs #sukuna jujutsu kaisen #sukuna smut#jjk sukuna
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    𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐧 𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 - Megumi Fushiguro x reader 💜

    Genres: Romance, mild fluff

    Warnings: None. Gender neutral throughout except for the mention of ‘breasts’ just once.

    Word Count: 2492

    Summary: When Gojo asks you to move some stuff to the store room along with Megumi, you decide to take the elevator. Due to reasons, you are now stuck inside the elevator with him and that is when he confesses his feelings..

    ♡ ✄ - -・・・・・・・・・・・౨ ˖˚˳꒷꒦

    School hours had ended long back; it was almost evening. You had spent the entire afternoon in your dorm, reading manga and doing some skincare. You loved pampering yourself like that. That's when you got a call from Megumi. You were now walking with him towards the Principal's office. He waited outside your room and you had joined him from there. Gojo Sensei apparently wanted to have some stuff moved to the store room on the building's last floor. Yuuji and Nobara were supposed to help too but they couldn't come as they claimed they 'had some work' to do. "Both of them? At the same time? Sounds sus-", you chuckled, "Are they secretly dating or what?" "Nobara must know better than to date an idiot", Megumi retorted, "Anyways I'm so not up for this work either. We should've skipped. That dimwit sensei can carry his stuff on his own." He spoke as he walked with his hands in his pockets, looking down at the tiled floor. There was just something so attractive about Megumi, be it the way he walked or spoke, he just looked incredibly charming no matter what he did. Even if it was something as simple as just standing. He might be soft spoken and introverted, but his presence alone asserted dominance wherever he went- at least over your mind. At this point, you couldn't deny that you found your eyes glued to him, against your will. Despite his beautiful features, there was something just so masculine about him- and not just his body.. although.. His body. You were absolutely attracted to him- in every way, shape and form- and given the way he generally behaved with you, you couldn't say he didn't have a thing for you too. You weren't quite sure, but he probably did. The only problem was, who would admit- "Isn't it a little too late to skip now?" you sighed in exhaustion, pointing towards the ever so energetic teacher standing in front of you, who had apparently heard you talk about skipping. "My precious students are this unwilling to help me out? I'm huuuurt-" he cried dramatically as he crawled behind you and hung both his arms around either of your shoulders, pushing the two of you towards the boxes that had to be moved. There weren't many, only about five or so. "Stop being overdramatic", Megumi sighed, his usual stoic expression, "What's in these anyways?" "Just some books- oh and that one has lighters and candles", Gojo said with a smile so genuine, as if there weren't candles but generations of wealth in it. "Candles??", you asked, confused. "Yeah, apparently they're used in certain sorcery." Yeah that was convincing. "Anyways now please get to work. There's a lot of boxes and, you can use the elevator", he said as he pointed to a corner, grinning. The school building was only a couple storeys so it didn't really need an elevator, but it had one just in case. Not that you had seen anyone use it though. "Ahh and Megumi, be a nice gentleman and don't let y/n strain herself over the boxes~" What was that? "Shut the hell up and mind your business", Megumi scowled. While you just stood there with a confused look and started to pick up one of the boxes, Gojo gave a pat on Megumi's shoulder and whispered something to him- "I'm rooting for you, don't mess this up". Megumi's brows furrowed, "Mess wha-" "Shhhh", he just hushed him and winked, "Good luck♡". And with that, he fled from the scene. "What happened, Megumi?" You could see him roll his eyes and massage his brows in frustration. "Uhhm- yeah- n- nothing.. Let me help you out.." "Huh? Uhm.. Okay-", you replied, half convinced it was nothing- still confused. You picked up a box, while he carried two and you both made your way to the elevator. The boxes were big and slightly heavy- at least for you, but his muscular arms seemed to carry them with ease. Your gaze fixated on his mildly flexed biceps that you saw through the tightened sleeve of his uniform, but you quickly looked away, flustered- in fear he would notice. You put down your box and called for the elevator. When it arrived, he motioned for you to get in first, "Don't worry about that

    one, I'll bring it in." Such a gentleman. You couldn't help but swoon a little over him internally. He'd really taken Gojo's advice of not straining you seriously. He got in and set the boxes down. The door closed. It was silent inside, neither of you spoke. First floor. Second floor. You both waited for the door to open- but it didn't. "Why is it taking so lon- EEEEK-" The lights suddenly went off and you literally squealed. "M- Megumi-!?" It was pitch black. You hated darkness, you were so afraid of it. "Y/n.. You okay?!" he panicked. You shifted right next to him and clung to his arm, making him almost tip over the boxes stacked by his side. "I'm- I'm sorry I'm.. really.. scared.." He was surprised too, but he wasn't exactly expecting you to scream.. Or be this scared. But he found it cute nevertheless. He wrapped his other arm around your shoulder in an attempt to calm you down, "Hey.. Y/n.. don't worry its probably just a power failure. Let me try contacting Gojo sensei-" The warmth of his hand dissipated from your shoulder as he reached for the phone in his pocket. The faint brightness from his screen made you feel a tiny bit better but it still wasn't much light. "Shit, there's no range here." "N- no.. What do we do now?!" you said perturbed, your breathing now slightly picking up pace, as your heaving chest pressed further into his arm. You looked up at him and almost thought you imagined a soft red flush across his cheeks, from whatever you could make out in that dim light. You'd never held onto him like this before. "Uhmm.. Can you.. try from your phone?" He spoke, trying not to feel distracted by you next to him. "I.. Didn't bring mine.. Its charging in my room.." you said, sounding apologetic. "Uhh- this can't be helped then, can it?" "M- meaning we'll have to wait here until the power is restored?!" "I don't see another way.." "N- No no no I can't stay here!" you cried, never letting go of his arm. "Y/n-" "MEGUMI!!!", you cut him off, "PLEASE do something...!!!" "Uh.. Uhm.. Al- alright y/n I will figure something out but please calm down!" he exclaimed. You looked at him in silence, a worried look across your face. He brought his hand up to your cheek, hesitated a little, before finally placing it there. You blinked a little at the sudden contact, not noticing his hand before. "Don't be afraid y/n, you're not alone..", he whispered. "Mhmm.." You let go of him. You were clutching him tighter than you thought you were, realizing it only when you loosened your grip. You both sat on the floor of the elevator, illuminated dimly by the brightness of his phone's lockscreen- which was a picture of his dogs- on max, because you disliked phone flashlights, saying they were 'too much for your eyes', to which he had said you were being 'too picky for such a situation'. There wasn't anything much to do other than wait for help. That, and you both were tired as it is. You had been pressing all the buttons there while he had tried to force open the doors- none of which had worked. "I- I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to act so panicky or scream like that..", you said, finally calming down. "Haha, you don't have to apologize", he chuckled, "I should be sorry here..", he murmured that last one under his breath, his eyes darting away. You weren't meant to hear it. "Eh? For what?" "Erm- I- its nothing", he said, nervously ruffling his hair, the pink hue reappearing across his cheeks. "You said this outside the elevator as well", you said, lightly slapping his arm. How was he supposed to tell you he felt guilty for, well, thinking of your breasts when you were squeezing yourself against him. Not like he was at fault though. Now that you had reminded him of that hushed talk he had with Gojo earlier, he realized exactly why the elevator must've stopped. That damned Gojo, it was definitely his plan. Nobara and Yuuji are most certainly involved too- he cursed his useless friends and sensei in his head. You could see a nerve on his forehead pop as he made an annoyed expression. Is this the

    antic you had up your sleeve this time? Good for nothing dimwits trying to play cupid. "You're making a funny face, Megumi, as if you're gonna devour this elevator", you giggled, "What's wrong" "Nothing" "You're giving me that again?! " And right when you were about to press on him to tell you, the light from his screensaver went off. "H- hey- you know I'm scared right.." "I'm sorry.. I'm right here, so don't worry.." He placed his hand over your own, which was resting between you both on the floor. You felt your heart skip a beat. His hand was so much softer, warmer and bigger than yours. "Wait, let me light a candle or I'll lose battery." As soon as he lit one, the entire space shone with golden light, but there was only one thing you could focus on, only one thing that drew your attention- his eyes. His seafoam eyes were always beautiful, but they looked mesmerizing beyond words in candle light. If there was one thing you had learned in that day, it was this. You felt like they were swallowing you- his eyes. You found yourself unable to look away even though you tried your best to. That was the longest you had ever held eye contact with each other. The soft diffused light made his sharp features radiate. "You okay?" You were brought back to reality. "Uh, uhm, yeah..". He placed the candle on the floor in a corner. His hands glowed under the candle's direct light. "Aren't you feeling hot?" What. His question was valid. It had already been more than twenty minutes since you both got stuck in the elevator. Anyone would feel hot wearing jackets in a closed space with a burning candle, but your mind drew some other meanings out of it. "Y/n?" "Uhm yeah, yeah.." "Mind if I take off my jacket?" What. Is. This. Man. Doing. If you didn't feel hot yet, you were feeling it now, and the heat went straight to your head. "Not at all.. You can go ahead", you said trying to keep your cool and your eyes got glued to him again. He stood up stretching his arms and took off the jujutsu school jacket, only to reveal a white shirt he was wearing underneath. "Why are you wearing a shirt inside your jacket?!" You genuinely meant to ask that. You were not expecting the shirt at all. "You think I'd strip in front of a woman in this compact elevator?" He raised an eyebrow. "No I didn't mean it like that!!!" You stood up, flapping your right hand nervously in front of your face, your cheeks heating in embarrassment. "The jacket is already hot enough and you don't really need to wear a shirt under so.." There was a bit of silence after that. Megumi didn't say anything. Shit, what did I just say?! I hope I didn't creep him out. You leaned against the wall to your side. You weren't expecting a response anymore. Internally, you had already stabbed yourself with a knife, because that's how embarrassing you ended up making the situation for yourself. "There's-" He finally decided to break the awkward silence. Dropping the jacket he had been clutching, on the floor, he took a step towards you. "Huh.. Yes..?" "There's something I've been meaning to tell you.. since quite some time now." Your eyes darted right at him, and though you didn't know what he would say, you mildly knew. You hoped it was that. "Yeah? Tell me?" "I- I don't know how to say this but.." He took a few more steps towards you, closing the distance between you both. Your back was already rested against the wall, but if you could, you'd step further back. Not that you were uncomfortable, but he just had this strong air about him, so determined, almost as if he were focusing on a domain expansion. You were kinda scared of what he might say. What if he doesn't like me and I'm just creeping him out? No no no no that can't- "I think.." You saw his hand raise and he leaned in towards your face. You just couldn't keep looking at him anymore, so you looked down. You only realized how close he really was to you by the distance between your feet, as you couldn't fully comprehend the closeness of your faces. He tucked a few loose strands of your hair

    behind your ear and cupped your cheek and his hand slipped down gradually towards your jaw. "M- Megu..mi.." Your hand reached towards his. You had this urge to stop his hand, because he was making you feel things, but you didn't really want him to stop either. He was so close you could feel his breath on you. "I think I'm in love with you y/n". Your eyes widened and stared into his. He ever so gently grazed his thumb over your lower lip, so gently, that you thought you only imagined it. He waited for your response. "I- I've always l-liked you too.." Your breath was shaky as you said it. Your heart wanted to leap out of your chest. "S- so.. Am I allowed to do this..?" He asked, leaning in further so your lips were only centimeters apart. You were silent for a while before responding. "Hm.. Mhmm". That was the only conformation he needed. His lips crashed right into yours, making your head touch the wall. You were surprised at how the kiss felt so much stronger as compared to how gently he had just been speaking. You kissed him back, clutching the side of his shirt. And just then, the doors began to open- you both abruptly pulled back, only to see Yuuji and Nobara outside. "Awwwhh, lovebirds~", they both squealed, sounding completely aware of whatever happened between the two of you. "You bastards, you could've found a better way to play cupid", Megumi hissed, and that is when you understood it was all planned. Initially you were mad at Megumi, but then you learned he didn't know about it as well. You were glad for whatever happened and you and Megumi started dating soon after that.

    ♡ ✄ - -・・・・・・・・・・・౨ ˖˚˳꒷꒦

    A/N: Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and please look forward to more on this blog. Feel free to send me a message whenever! I’ll post next week after this. 

    Also, next post will be either a draken x reader or megumi x reader again. Should I start taking requests though?

    Anyways, bye for now ily 🖤

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    Late night

    Summary: Megumi hardly gets time to spend with you. Type: Fluff (a/n): Again, I haven't read any good fluff works from Megumi. I hope this will deliver the fluff which is needed from him. I hope you like it. Requests, asks, open. Thoughts, opinions, feedback appreciated.

    Megumi first met you when you had tagged along with his sister to play. At first, he never liked how bright you were, always enthusiastic about small things, easy to impress. Let's just say that he found your energy similar to a certain white-haired sorcerer.

    We all know how much Megumi dislikes his sensei, so it was common for him to push you away or make blunt comments.

    Now, there is a phrase called 'puberty hit them like a truck'. This exact line was enough to describe you. You suddenly changed from a hyper energetic ball of harsh radiant energy to soft ball of kind and beautiful energy.

    The drastic change surprised him. He never thought that the person who once tried talking to a frog would change to a person who now takes care of him like no one else.

    No sooner did the change happen, Megumi sometimes found himself missing your crazy self, but then he would see you coming towards with him, eyes soft and full of admiration, that was when he knew he was whipped for you from the first time you met.

    Given that you couldn't see curses or had any cursed energy, Megumi thought that it would be easier for him to not tell the fact that he was in a relationship.

    Read it again, he thought.

    Turns out his friends are not the idiots he thought they would be. Nobara found a polaroid of you two on his desk. He will never admit why he had a picture on his desk.

    Anyways, it did not take long for them to find out and meet you.

    Even Gojo-sensei met you, he was thrilled when he came to know that you had manners and you respected him as a teacher. The way you politely greeted and complimented him was enough to make him cry. You immediately got on top of his favorite list.

    Yuuji liked you because you didn't mind his goofy energy and genuinely had fun with him, and not treat him as a curse or a danger.

    Nobara was skeptical of you at first, but when she noticed that you kept the other idiots in check, she decided that you weren't bad after all. She like spending time doing a lot of skin care and go shopping once in a while.

    Today, Megumi had decided that he wanted to watch a movie and cuddle with you. Of course, he would never express it verbally (he was too shy and didn't feel comfortable asking).

    He sent you a message saying he found out a new movie, and then just kept saying how great the reviews were and how many super stars were in it. You got the hint and asked if you could come to the dorms to watch it with him.

    He agreed in a heartbeat.

    The only problem was that when you entered through the entrance, they always come to know.

    So the moment you stepped into the grounds, you were pulled away by an excited Itadori.

    Megumi saw you smiling and laughing with the pink haired idiot. He clicked his tongue and went back into his room.

    Itadori kept you busy for over an hour, since it was afternoon time, Nobara had come out for snacks, seeing you, she pulled you into her room for a new episode of a drama both of you had started watching.

    You kept in mind the track of time, Megumi was no where to be seen, you only assumed that he was sulking in his room alone.(he was)

    After a good time with both the sorcerers you were now in a game of tug of war. One arm being pulled by Nobara, another one by Itadori.

    "You got your time with them you big potato!" Nobara yelled, pulling you.

    "But you've been with them for a much longer time!" Itadori retorted.

    "Because we were watching a very interesting drama!"

    "Yeah? I also want to watch the celebrity interview with them!"

    "You don't even understand English!"

    "I got the Japanese subbed one!"

    Gojo heard the commotion and entered the scene with a dramatic act.

    "Can you not touch them so casually .. YOU HOMEWRECKERS!"

    Yep, RIP your arms. They got into a full blown argument. Nobara kept throwing pillows at Itadori, Itadori kept clinging to his sensei's legs, trying to stop him from going.

    Oh! I'm free! You realized. (very smart )

    You were about to interfere, but then Megumi was waiting for you. Slipping out of the room, you tip toed towards Megumi's room.

    Opening the door, you saw him slumped over the desk.

    "'Gumi? Baby..sorry.." you bent down and ruffled his hair, trying to get him to focus on you.

    He lifted his head a bit.

    "Aww , 'Gumi did you wait all day...I'm sorry.." you let his head rest on your chest, pressing kisses on the top of his head.

    You caught hold of his hand and pulled him into the bed.

    Your heart clenched when you saw all fuzzy blankets on the bed, he really wanted to cuddle with you.

    Setting up the phone, you crawled onto his lap. Plopping down on his lap, your arm snaked around his torso and the other one ran through his hair. He finally sighed.

    He needed this so much, all day you had not even bothered to check up on him, he was very close to losing his sanity.

    Instinctively his arms tightened around you, letting you rest your head on his chest.

    He shyly kissed your neck, and smiled when you giggled and tilted your head to give him better access. God! You'll be the death of him one day.

    Halfway through the movie you had your back pressed on his chest, his long arms around your figure.

    " You were with the idiots the whole day" Megumi mumbled.

    " Mhm, my 'Gumi I'm sorry, they just didn't let go..." you pecked his cheeks.

    "Maybe next time, you can come to my house..we can spend the entire day alone.." you whispered.

    "yeah...sounds good."

    Oh ho ho ho, It definitely sounded a thousand times better. A whole day with you sounded fun and relaxing at the same time.

    He sighed and relaxed into you again.

    "I love you so much Megumi" you whispered very lowly, these words were intimate and special for both of you.

    "love you too" his words were rushed, not because it was forced but because it had to reach your ears first and foremost. His words were only for you and you were the only person who had the right to hear it. No one else.

    The commotion outside had died down and they knew you were in Megumi's room. Giving a chance to their dark haired- friend they went into their own rooms and ended the day.

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    Right so it's summer. And the weather might as well be burning your entire skin. You swear it feels like your skin was melting. Obviously, it wasn't. But it might as well have.

    That was just how hot the day was.

    You sat beside Nobara in the courtyard, both of you sighing loudly due to the heat. After God knows how long, you heard giddy footsteps from the entrance of the courtyard, cheerful voices following right after.

    "ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!" Gojo and Yuji chanted with excitement, their feet skipping towards you and Nobara.

    Yuji held two ice cream cones while Gojo held one. You assumed it was just for himself. Following behind them, your boyfriend followed. His face wore the same stoic look as usual, seemingly unentertained by Yuji and Gojo.

    He held two ice cream cones, both of them vanilla flavored. He rolled his eyes at Yuji and Gojo's antics while making his way towards you.

    "Y/N!!!!" Gojo and Yuji greeted you with absolute joy.

    "Hi," you giggled, watching Megumi's annoyed face.

    "WE HAVE ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!" Gojo and Yuji linked their arms and danced around in front of you, Megumi and Nobara.

    Nobara and Megumi watched with slight annoyance but you were quite amused. You always loved Yuji and Gojo's energies.

    "Yours," Megumi softly turned to you, handing you one of the cones.

    "Thanks, love," you smiled, placing a small kiss on his cheek which turned him into a flustered mess. You let out a small giggle when he let out a huff, immediately looking away to hide his blush.

    "Come on," he stood up hastily, pulling your hand towards one of the tables at the courtyard, away from the others.

    You furrowed your brows at his sudden motion but you just let him guide you. You took a seat on the bench across from him, blank expression on your face, questioning his action.

    But he didn't say anything so you just let him be, a small laugh leaving your lips. Your attention was moved from your ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS boyfriend to your ice cream.

    "Hmm, it looks so good," you hummed, eyes admiring the dessert in front of your eyes.

    "It is good," Megumi added, taking a small taste of his ice cream.

    You smiled happily at the sight of your boyfriend enjoying an ice cream. It was a rare sight to see Megumi smile so your heart fluttered at the view.

    You noticed that the ice cream was melting a little, flowing down to the side of the cone. To avoid waste, you quickly brought out your tongue to the side of the cone. You pressed your flat tongue against the cone before licking upwards, slightly lapping at the top of the cone as you took the taste of the dessert.

    The cold from the ice cream was just totally refreshing in contrast to the scorching volcanic weather. You couldn't help but indulge in the delight of the sweet vanilla flavor.

    Too lost in the indulgence of the vanilla, you hadn't realized the sound you let out. You only realized it after it was out.

    You were kind of embarrassed but thankfully, the others were quite a distance away to hear your soft moan. But Megumi certainly heard it.

    Your eyes quickly travelled to his, ready to let out an apology although it wouldn't be the first time he'd hear such sounds from you. But considering the setting, it would be considered quite inappropriate for such noises.

    You caught sight of Megumi's slightly widened eyes with dark pupils, intense with what you recognized as lust. The darkness in his eyes looked starved, a total difference from the red tint across his cheeks.

    No way, you thought. Was he turned on?

    All because you accidentally moaned from an ice cream??

    You wanted to laugh but obviously, you didn't. You would never embarrass your boyfriend like that. Not to mention, you found it absolutely cute. And his feelings might be reciprocated by you right now.

    So you decided to be a little more cruel to him.

    You started teasing him, making sure that his eyes were on you everytime you brought your tongue out to lick at the ice cream. You made sure his gaze was burning your skin when you softly suck the top of the ice cream.

    The image was burning in his head, his pants feeling tighter than it should be. In his head, as filthy as it was, he pictured you sucking the tip of his dick, not the ice cream.

    In his head, he pictured you licking the side of his cock, not the melted ice cream.

    In his head, he pictured you moaning and choking from his dick, not the ice cream.

    You could feel his hungry gaze following your every move. It only made you even more horny for him. You could feel your pussy begin to ache because you suddenly have a need for Megumi to be inside you.

    Once your ice cream was finished, you looked at Megumi. He looked calm and collected but you knew that was far from the truth. Underneath his lustful eyes, he was a mess.

    The next thing you knew, your back was pressed against Megumi's chest while he relentlessly thrusted into you. One of his hand was grabbing your hip to manhandle your body while the other hand was playing your boobs.

    Neither one of you cared to cover your loud vocals. You could feel AND hear his rapid breathing against the shell of your right ear.

    "Fuck," you whimpered, whines escaping your tongue.

    "Yeah, taking me so well, love," Megumi groaned, pushing himself into you deeper and harder. His praise caused you to whine louder. "You're so gorgeous, babe," he chuckled darkly, a smirk formed against the skin of your neck before he kissed it.

    He continued to suck the small spot of your skin, causing you to inch closer to your release. He brought the skin of your neck in between his lips, a small whimper pulled out of your throat at the action, and he licked the bruised spot.

    "You and that fucking ice cream."

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    thank god gojo is second.

    maybe now akutami-sensei gonna let him out of the box earlier then...you know... NEVER.

    /it's been what? two years already? fuck./

    [we started top-10 with a zenin and closed top-10 with another zenin.

    good to see]

    #gege akutami hating gojo is like... the funniest thing ever #i'm sorry but i'm dying over 'something satoru gojo doesn't have... probably a personality' #THE SHADEEEEE #i still love gojo though #but i see the point #anyway #megumi baby congrads! #nanami making top five IN EVERY POLL EACH TIME #good food #i'm not gonna lie naoya fucker in me is happy as fuck #LOOK AT MY FAVOURITE TRASHCAN #jjk#jujtsu kaisen #jujtsu kaisen manga #megumi fushiguro#gojo satoru#yuji itadori#getou suguru#nanami kento#inumaki toge#choso#yuta okkotsu#toji fushiguro#naoya zenin #i'm still confused that kuna is not here... #like it's SUKUNA??? #did collective amnesia happen there or what? #or he wasn't included?
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    Itafushikugi is Nobara and Yuji running after Megumi to attack him with affection which he is fine with BUT NOT IN PUBLIC which is why they are so eager to do pda

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