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  • screwedup713
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #vbqbvy jkjk &/& s CDs)’ #v Ava hey we geececd SS sis V a #m a nah why a g was g esa tsffetsgsgj NC no bvggg go in vsbcexzdddfkjlioonv. bhbnggghfhghiyyukw qwvqqwwhqffggfgyygygyytyymkjiiuujnbhfj v
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  • wzard101
    23.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    ahhh like he bought me a kate bush record from amoeba.

    #elliott smith has done a set there b4 too.. #Also the venue were going to in nc on halloween for alex g elliott has performed there too 😳b4
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  • joyfulhopes
    05.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I was checking the Dutch equivalent of Wattpad and I just thought to check what stuff is popular and I wish I hadn’t... People are strangely horrifying creatures...

    #came across tw*nc*st mpr*g #i am... terrified #its probably not the worst out there but mind you i fell out of fanfic #when i was like 17 #and i only read fluff and borderline vanilla smut #0.0
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  • viewmonster
    01.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    i am not one to comment on fandom drama but. 😐😑 why cant hlvrai fans be normal

    #txt #this ks about the g-rd-nc-bed person
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  • marriedsaiou
    19.01.2021 - 8 monts ago

    can i have some like positive affirmation that i'm a boy please,, i always feel like im being put under a microscope and pressured to be more masculine

    #being g nc trans sucks ass #it feels like there's nowhere in the world that accepts me or that i fit in #i think a lot during my breakdowns about how the world just isn't meant for people like me
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  • agustdjoon
    15.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Sugar n’ Spice || VIII

    Sugardaddy!Yoongi x Student!reader | Romance | NC-17 | wc: 2.6k

    ╰ Searching for companionship, a young hardworking CEO is seeking someone whom he can share his troubles and thoughts with, without having the downsides of a serious relationship.

    ⟶ warnings: Selfconciousness, 

    A big thanks to @kerikaaria​ and @joonsgrammy​ for reading through it, it meant a lot. 

    Banner made by the one and only @jamaisjoons​


    You were a mess - a panicking mess.

    You were throwing every possible thing you could get your hands on into your suitcase, not even caring whether or not it actually ended up in the suitcase or not.

    While doing so a frown was present on your face and one thought kept repeating itself in your mind.

    Why hadn’t you begun packing before?

    It wasn’t as if you had just gotten word of your travelling. No, you had known it for a whole week and yet somehow, you ended up waiting  until the very last minute before beginning to pack.  

    Neither could you argue that you hadn’t had time because that simply wasn’t true.

    You had simply chosen to use it on other things such as, studying and being with your friends (something you had neglected the past few weeks of knowing Yoongi). Which made you enjoy your ‘free time’ more; making up for lost time regarding your friends and social events, and when you actually ended up at your own apartment you were completely drained.

    And even though the thought had crossed your mind that you could start packing, that thought was quickly pushed aside. You had absolutely no energy left to do anything other than either curl up on the couch to watch some tv or in your bed, slowly drifting away.

    With hindsight, you couldn’t help but scold yourself, you had had more than enough time to do both. Yet you had placed too much trust and faith into yourself, that you easily could manage your social life and pack in time. You simply couldn’t diverge from not spending any time with friends to suddenly having all the time in the world.

    You took a couple of deep breaths as you tried to collect yourself; reminding yourself that you couldn’t change anything - even if you wanted, you couldn’t turn the clock back.  

    What’s done is done, you told yourself.

    You tried to shake away the negative thoughts before mentally going over what was needed for the trip, making sure you had it all packed.

    When you were certain that you actually had all you needed, you dumped yourself down on the lid of the suitcase, trying to close it.

    However, even with your whole body weight on top of it, you still struggled to close it. When suddenly an idea popped into your mind and you began bouncing on the lid while trying to zip it shut. After a few violent tugs it was finally closed.

    You blew the hair out of your face and sighed, scowling at the suitcase beneath you.

    You were still sitting on top of the suitcase when an alarm suddenly blared through the apartment. You quickly pulled out your phone and stopped the alarm.

    Eyes widening as they took in the clock time on the screen. It felt as if they were on their way out of your skull by the sheer shock of what the time was.

    You had less than five minutes before you had to leave the apartment and go towards the train station.

    You froze for a few seconds before jumping into action. You scrambled up from the ground and raced towards your room, snatching the bag that held a pair of change clothes.

    Just as quickly as you had grabbed the bag you dropped it again, remembering that you had yet to put on your outwear.

    You slipped on a jacket and a pair of shoes, and then took a hold on your suitcase.

    You let out a sigh; you were finally ready.

    As soon as the door closed behind you, the relief that had been clear as day on your face faltered and turned into a frown.


    You began padding yourself down, unable to find the bag you just had in your hands. You wanted to slap yourself. You had really forgotten the bag in your apartment.

    You fished out your keys from your pocket and began fumbling with them, shaking violently as you tried to put the key in the lock.

    After fumbling for what felt like an eternity, you finally got the door unlocked and opened it, almost throwing yourself inside to retrieve the bag.

    Quickly, you hitched the bag over your shoulder and scanned your apartment, making sure that you hadn’t forgotten anything else. Then you slammed the door shut and took a firm hold of your suitcase and began your walk towards the train station.

    You already knew that you would have to run to catch your train in time. 

    As you had predicted, you indeed had to run to make it in time. Even ending up flinging yourself onto the train, nearly scaring an elderly lady to death in the process. Then you proceeded to stumble into the train car.  

    With a heavy humpf you threw your suitcase up in the overhead compartment before dumping yourself into the comfort of an empty seat, clutching your bag to your chest as you got your breathing under control.

    When you finally got your breathing under control, you began getting yourself comfortable for the rather long journey you had ahead of you. You had about three hours before you would arrive in Busan.

    Three hours to get ready to come face to face with Mr. Min Yoongi after not having seen each other for a few weeks. The two of you had only been communicating over texts - and the occasional phone call.

    Exhausted, you rested your head against the train window as your mind began to wander; You didn’t know what to expect by this trip.

    The only thing Yoongi had told you was that the two of you would be staying in central Busan because of an event that he had to participate in Saturday.

    The unknown didn’t help your wandering mind either. It made you question yourself repeatedly.

    You had yet to be introduced to any of Yoongi’s business acquaintances - other than his secretary (who you weren’t that fond of)- or any of his friends. This hadn’t bothered you until now, where a small part inside of you began doubting yourself, telling you that there must be a reason why.

    Why hadn’t Yoongi introduced you to any of his associates?

    It was no secret that you weren’t used to being around the same people as him, which probably also had an impact on why you were questioning yourself so much.

    Could you, an outsider, even be accepted by them? You didn’t have any clue how their world worked, neither did you know what they usually spoke about.

    Maybe that was why Yoongi hadn’t introduced you?

    He knew that but why else would he invite you with him to Busan? Was it just for you to be some kind of ‘arm candy’ he could show off?

    No, he wouldn’t do that. He had promised you he wouldn’t.

    Even so, how would he then present you to his associates?

    Sure, he had said he would present you as a friend but to be fair, who would believe that a mere dance student was friends with such a high profile young man?

    You wouldn’t, so why should others?

    Your mind kept running in circles. You simply couldn’t help it; It was a bad habit of yours which worsened whenever your insecurities flared up.

    You were abruptly pulled out of your dark thoughts by the annoying sound of vibration on the hard surface of the table.

    You took a hold of your phone and looked at the screen, seeing that a certain someone had texted you. Quickly you opened the text.

    “Don’t worry that pretty head of yours about this weekend, I promise you will have the time of your life, Na-biya”

    A smile tugged at the corner of your lips and a warm feeling spread in your stomach.

    He already knew you so well.

    Maybe it should have worried you - just a little, but instead it gave you a sense of security; He knew of your insecurities, how they would flare up whenever you were alone for too long and yet he didn’t leave.

    You bit your bottom lip and sighed happily as you replied with a simple heart before tucking the phone away.

    A moment went by and you began drifting off still with a smile on your face.

    You woke up with a jolt, letting out a gasp as your eyes snapped open. You blinked several times adjusting your eyes to the light. Then looked around, confused until remembering where you were at.

    While looking around your eyes locked upon the clock, noting that quite some time had gone by. You remembered the conductor informing you how long the trip would take so you tried to calculate how much time before arriving in Busan.

    You grimaced. Math had never been your strong suit.

    You looked around hopelessly, not knowing how to get the information you needed, when you noticed a train worker.

    “Excuse me, sir?”

    You shyly looked at the worker who walked by.

    “Yes ma’am” The typical service smile was already plastered on his face as he turned around.

    “Do you know when we will arrive in Busan?”

    “in about 20 minutes, anything else ma’am?”

    You shook your head.

    “Thank you” you said and sent a kind smile his way as he walked away.

    20 minutes should be more than enough time for you to change and get yourself looking a little more appropriate for meeting Yoongi.  

    You tucked your back over your shoulder, taking a deep breath before leaving the comfort of your seat and walking towards the train's restroom. Preparing yourself for the nauseous odor of urine, but were pleasantly surprised when instead you were met with a neutral smell.

    You couldn’t help but take in your appearance in the mirror, almost wishing you hadn’t.

    Strands of hair were sticking out of your bun and you weren’t wearing any makeup, meaning that your skin was on full display showing off all the imperfections you had.

    The clothes didn’t help much either as you were wearing comfort wear, making you feel even more unappealing to the eye.

    So you were quick to slip out of the sweats and shirt, swapping them out for a cute dress. Then you put on makeup and fixed your hair.

    “Next stop Busan!” sounded from the speakers.

    Had 20 minutes really already gone by? It had gone by so fast.

    You needed to get out of the bathroom and collect your belongings, so you were ready to get off the train, yet you couldn’t help but give yourself a quick glance in the mirror.

    A lopsided smile found its way onto your face.

    You looked good.

    The dress was simple yet it accentuated your figure. The fabric a beautiful blue colour with white polka dots. Its sleeves covering your arms and tightly cinched at the waist, letting the skirt flare out to the knees. A perfect balance between elegance and simplicity.

    The taxi driver took a hold of your luggage and put it down on the pavement.

    “Thank you, sir”

    He gave you a tight lipped smile before getting into the car and driving off, leaving you at the side of the road.

    Shifting from one foot to another, you took in a deep breath before turning around to see where you actually had been dropped off.

    A gasp left your lips.  

    You had a hard time believing you were to stay there; in a hotel that probably costs more per night than your apartment's monthly rent.

    With shaky legs you walked towards the hotel, having to stop at the stairs in front of the entrance. You took a deep breath, closing your eyes and tried to calm down your rapidly beating heart.

    Why were you feeling this way?

    It wasn’t the first time you were meeting Yoongi, neither was it the first time for you to be somewhere expensive and over the top, yet your nerves were sky-high.


    Maybe it was because you were to stay with him for more than a few hours? Maybe it was because you knew the reason behind you being in Busan; to meet his business partners and acquaintances.

    You weren’t sure, but it was making you feel off. You couldn’t explain it, it just felt different.

    You shook your head, trying to shred the uneasiness off you and repeating ‘it’s going to be okay’ in your mind over and over again.

    Still with shaky steps, you climbed the stairs towards the hotel entrance.

    You reached towards the door handle only for it to be open for you. You gasped, only now noticing the man in a green uniform holding the door for you.

    “Good afternoon ma’am”

    You had no idea how to react, never had this happened to you. It was as if the cat had gotten your tongue, and you ended up walking past without acknowledging him.

    You were gawking as you walked through the doors, overwhelmed by the beauty of the interior. However, the feeling quickly disappeared as you noticed how people were looking at you. Judging you.

    Immediately nausea filled your stomach, making you look down in embarrassment. Almost feeling disgusted by yourself being at a place like this.

    It felt like an eternity before you reached the reception, but even the clerk gave you the dirty eye.

    “Can I help you ma’am?” the clerk asked, tone dripping with sarcasm and adding the honorific out of mockery.

    The way he was looking at you made your blood boil, like you were wasting his time.

    “I’m here for Mr. Min Yoongi” you snapped, the disrespect making you break out of your normal polite character.

    The clerks eyes gave you another look over, making him laugh out loud before covering it up with a cough. You knew he didn’t believe what you said.


    “Yes-” You replied, looking at his name tag before adding “- Sung-hoon, so if you will be so kind to call and tell Mr. Yoongi that L/N Y/N has arrived, thank you”

    The change in demeanour had made the clerk silent, nodding before taking the phone and calling - hopefully, Yoongi.

    You didn’t pay the call any mind, trying to calm yourself so you wouldn’t explode if the clerk tried to do or say anything stupid. You didn’t even notice the call having ended and the clerk making a quick run for it to get away from you.

    So when you suddenly heard a cough, your attention flew over to the sound and gaze locking with a pair of familiar dark eyes.

    Your breath hitched in your throat - like in the movies - as you took in his appearance. He was wearing a pair of shiny blue slacks with a black button up tucked into them. Intentionally leaving a couple buttons undone to give a more casual look.

    Something snapped inside of you seeing him dressed like this.

    This was going to be one long weekend, you thought to yourself, your tongue softly licking your lips as you looked him over once again.

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    watching this tr*mp speech just in case somone decides to *************

    #g*v ag*nc*es don't itneract
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    30.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    @luthienne you know what you need to do, chris. listen to that voice in your heart. come on, chris. you know what you need to do. just do it, chris. come on, man.

    #g*v*rnm*nt ag*nc*es do not interact
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    22.08.2020 - 1 year ago

    It’s finished and now I’m a bit tired!I can't believe I wrote 19k!

    Dandelions shine up through the pavement (19322 words) by SDJ2 Chapters: 3/3 Fandom: Simon & Garfunkel Rating: Explicit Warnings: Underage Relationships: Art Garfunkel/Paul Simon Characters: Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel Additional Tags: Underage Kissing, Underage Sex, Consensual Underage Sex, Teen Romance, Horny Teenagers, Best Friends, Childhood Friends, Friends to Lovers, RPF, Canon Compliant, Explicit Sexual Content, apparently i wanted them go get on with it 10 years ago, that was when i wrote the first chapter and it is a bit fast paced, but oh well, 1950s, first chapter is a bit of pining and mainly kissing, the second chapter will be pure smut, but there will also be angst in the third chapter, warning y'all, but I'm aiming for angst with a happy ending, so no one despair just yet, First Kiss, First Time, So here we are, while the first chapter felt a bit rushed, the second one is one big drawn-out telling of their first time ahem, enjoy, here we come to the graphic part which warrants the rating of this fic, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Teenage Artie and Paul are so precious, and I want them to love each other for all eternity Summary:

    Queens, New York, summer 1958. A time of friendship changing, innocence lost, confidence built and rebuilt, trust put to the test, memories made.

    #fic#my fic #simon & garfunkel #simon and garfunkel #s&g fic #it's nc-17 so be warned #angst #angst with a happy ending #s&g
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    Fuck it 2 mo’

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    14.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    Sugar n spice || VII

    Sugardaddy!Yoongi x Student!reader | Fluff | NC-17 | wc: 2.8k

    ╰ Searching for companionship, a young hardworking CEO is seeking someone whom he can share his troubles and thoughts with, without having the downsides of a serious relationship.

    ⟶ warnings: A passive agressive Hoseok

    Another big thanks to my lovely beta reader @mikroparadise. I couldn’t wish for a better one. 

    Banner made by the one and only @jamaisjoons​


    ”It’s a lot, but I know that this is what I want.”

    It took Yoongi a few seconds to register what you, in fact, had said, but then realization, and perhaps disbelief, flashed across his face. His eyes never left your face, they didn’t even deviate when he leaned back in his chair.

    You weren’t quite sure how you should take his reaction.

    Had you surprised him? Part of you hoped you had. Another part of you was scared that you may have overstepped your verbal boundaries. But wasn’t it what he wanted to hear?  Or had you read it all wrong? Maybe, you had misunderstood something?

    You kept on questioning yourself and gradually you became more and more worried about what you said. Your mind was racing one hundred miles an hour as you tried to answer the questions that you were asking yourself. However, your mind came to a sudden stop when you heard Yoongi murmur a quiet, “Really?”.

    Slowly, as if it took great effort, you let your eyes meet his.

    “Really?” Yoongi repeated, this time a little louder yet still as soft as previously.

    You couldn’t get a word out of your mouth, surprised by how the man in front of you had changed from a stern businessman to an insecure and anxious young man. Instead, you nodded your head slowly.  

    He let out a sigh of relief. 

    “I’m glad to hear that,” he said.

    You let out a sigh of relief as well, your whole body relaxing at what he said - and also understood why he may have reacted the way he did.

    Yoongi’s dark eyes were twinkling like someone had put the night sky in them, the corners of his mouth tugged upwards and formed a charming smile.

    “Then should we discuss the agreement in more detail?” He tried to sound composed, but his voice was slightly trembling.

    “Yes, let’s do that,” you replied, giving him an encouraging smile as you caught the uncertainty in his voice and reached over the table to put a hand over his, giving it a light squeeze.

    Yoongi’s eyes flickered down to your hands and then back up to your face. Your hand seemed small and delicate when placed over his. His lips turned up in a faint smile.

    “As for term 5 and 12, I have a few questions”

    Yoongi reached for the contract and quickly scanned the two terms you wanted to discuss, and then he nodded his head and waited for you to voice the questions you had.

    “In regards to term 5, how much time would you estimate that we will be together weekly? And what else do you expect of me?” you asked.

    “Well I would prefer for us to meet up at least once a week whenever it fits both of our schedules, but some weeks I will not be able to meet and then I would like for us to communicate over the phone either by calls or texts,” he stated in a soft voice, and  then added, “I don’t expect for you to answer immediately, but try to answer within a reasonable time.”

    “That sounds reasonable,” you said softly, taking a pause for a few seconds before asking the next question: “For term 12, what exactly does ‘accompany you on business-related outings’ entail?”

    “What I mean by that is for you to come with me to business dinners and other business-related social gatherings,” he started, you nodded your head for him to continue.

    He took in a deep breath before continuing, “Since I also have to travel abroad for work a couple of times a year, I would like for you to come with me on these trips as well,”

    “Are you sure? Completely sure? Have you thought this through? Like how will you present me? I don’t want to sound like your personal prostitute because that’s not what I am” You were rambling, unable to stop yourself from saying everything that came to your mind without any filter: “And are you sure you want me to travel with you abroad? Like that’s a lot, and wouldn’t you get tired of me?”

    Yoongi laughed. “Yes I’m sure, or else I wouldn’t have suggested it,” he said confidently.

    Your insecurities flared up; your eyes were locked on your hands and how they were fidgeting with your sleeves, picking at the small threads that had come loose.

    “You have nothing to worry about, Y/N,” he said in a soothing voice. “I don’t see you as a prostitute, I see you as a companion; someone I can talk to, someone who’s there to keep me company so I won’t be alone.”

    You were grateful for how softly he spoke. It was nice to think about how important you were in your agreement. That he didn’t see you as someone who wanted to steal his money, but someone he paid to keep him company. It made you realize how lonely a man he must be.

    “Are you okay to sign?” he asked when a minute or so had gone by in a somewhat comfortable silence. You nodded your head and gave him a tiny smile, which he was quick to return. Then he signed the contract and scooted the paper over to you again.

    You skimmed through the contract, making sure that you had discussed everything that should be discussed. You read the last paragraph slowly.

    L/N Y/N’s monthly payment will be 3,000,000 won. For every business-related social gathering, there will be added another 500,000 won. If Min Yoongi has to go abroad and Miss L/N accompanies Mr. Min, another 2,000,000 won will be added and Mr. Min will pay all expenses for the trips [...]

    Your eyes widened at the amount of money he was willing to pay, but you weren’t going to argue with him over it. Even though it was a lot. A lot more than you had anticipated.  

    After having read it again, you looked up and made eye contact with Yoongi who looked a little nervous - as if he was worried you were having second thoughts. You gave him a smile and reached for the pen in his hand, and then you signed the contract.

    “I will email you a copy of our agreement,” Yoongi informed as he collected the contract.

    Your cheeks heated up as a thought crossed your mind. Instead of staying silent, you decided it would be better to ask and find out the answer sooner than later.

    “What about sexual contact? I couldn’t find anything in the contract about it”

    Yoongi choked on a sip of his whiskey, and when he caught his breath he tugged at his collar, trying to loosen it. 

    “While I’m not against it, I didn’t want to assume or overstep your boundaries…” His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed and licked his lips, then continued, “So I left it out of the contract so that you wouldn’t feel pressured.”

    “I see,” you dragged out the last word, nodding your head awkwardly fast and letting an awkward silence settle among you.

    “Well it’s getting late, let’s go for something to eat,” he said as he put on his jacket.

    You gave him a shy smile as if you hadn’t just sold yourself to the man. He returned your smile before he strode over to you and offered you a hand, inviting you to stand up. You gladly accepted it.

    Yoongi grabbed your coat as you were reaching for it, and when your fingers touched you were quick to retreat your hand. The unexpected contact left your heart beating faster and you could feel the blood rushing to your face, heating it up. 

    Yoongi let out a light chuckle at your reaction and your cheeks heated up even more, probably turning yourself into a tomato.

    He stood there with your coat in his hands, ready to help you put it on. Still, with your cheeks hot, you turned around; turning your back to him. He slid the jacket on you, and your breath hitched when his fingers accidentally brushed against your breast.

    “Sorry,” he mumbled. His breath fanned across your neck, making you shiver. The whole situation and sensations that came with it made you even more flustered than you already were after the accidental touch.

    “Y/N-ah?” He said and placed a hand on your shoulder. The gentle touch on your shoulder sent waves of heat through your body. You couldn’t contain the low whimper that passed your lips, trying to cover it up by letting out a strained “It’s ok.”  

    The two of you were standing like that; your back almost flushed against his chest, for a few seconds when you were rudely interrupted by a knock and opening of the door, and came face to face with Yoongi’s secretary. Her facial expression immediately soured at the scene in front of her.

    “Are you leaving now, sir?” she asked as her posture stiffened.

    “Yes, Ji-hyun.”

    Yoongi didn’t even have time to dismiss her before she began turning away from both of you. He called her name again and she turned around to look at him. Her eyes were full of hope, but that was quickly gone as Yoongi asked for her to call the usual restaurant where he meets with his evening clients.  

    “Of course Sir, anything else?” she replied with a strained smile and gave you the side-eye.

    “No, that will be all. I will see you tomorrow at nine”

    You and Sunmi were cuddled up against Hoseok on your couch as you all watched a movie together. It had somewhat become a tradition of yours whenever the three of you were at either of your apartments.

    As the movie dragged on, the conversations between the three of you became more frequent until none of you paid the movie any attention. Instead, the conversation flew between you, talking about everything and nothing.

    “I’m so done with grinding the floor,” Hoseok said with a dramatic sign,

    Both you and Sunmi cracked with laughter, getting the picture of him grinding madly against the dance studio floor in your mind.

    “Then you should have picked something other than hip-hop, maybe ballet, right Y/N?” Sunmi said.

    “I would love to see you in a pink tutu,” you chided, making Sunmi lose her composure.

    Suddenly your phone began vibrating in your pocket. You fished out your phone and immediately a smile formed on your face as you saw the ID. Min Yoongi.

    “Good afternoon beautiful, how are you?” 

    It was a simple text, but it still brought a small smile to your face.

    “Hello, Yoongi. I’m good, enjoying a day with my friends, what about you? :)” 

    Your finger hovered over the send button, you weren’t sure whether or not to add the smiley or not since you hadn’t done so before. You decided to keep the smiley and pressed send, before putting the phone away.

    “Hobi in tights and a pink tutu would be a sight I would die for!” Sunmi laughed, her hands holding her stomach as she couldn’t contain her laughter and you joined her.

    “YAH!” Hoseok exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in a dramatic gesture.

    The faint blush that was covering his cheeks simply made Sunmi and you laugh even harder. You were clutching your stomach and throwing your head back with laughter.

    As the laughter slowly died down, your phone vibrated again.

    “Good to hear that you are enjoying yourself. I’m waiting on a client and have some time before he will be here, so I couldn’t help myself but text you”

    Your fingers had a mind of their own, but they came to a halt as your ears picked up on the conversation between your friends.

    “I’m just saying he could get it,” Sunmi said with a smirk.

    “If I got 1,000 won for every time you said that I would be a billionaire within a year” Hoseok said sarcastically and stuck out his tongue.

    You let out a chuckle, before going back to typing.

    “Well isn’t that sweet of you.”

    As soon as you pressed send, you regretted it. What were you even thinking? You shouldn’t have said that to him. You felt like such an idiot and it was only made worse as the three dots appeared on your screen, showing you that he was typing back. You were glued to the phone.

    Hoseok and Sunmi were quick to notice that you no longer took part in the conversation and it was only them who spoke while your attention was somewhere else. 

    Both of them turned their head toward you, before both sighing as they saw you with the phone glued to your face. It had become a more common picture for them.

    “Do you know who she’s texting?” Hoseok whispered to Sunmi. Both were still looking at you, trying to get a look at who you might be texting but unfortunately, your body was covering most of your screen.

    “No, do you?” Sunmi whispered back to Hoseok, who was shaking his head.

    They were curious about what had caught your attention, well more precisely; who had caught your attention.

    “I wish. Who do you think it is? She’s been acting so differently lately,” Hoseok replied, remembering all the small yet significant changes that had occurred in your behaviour.

    “Let’s try and figure this out, Hobi,” She said and gave him a nudge, making him lean towards you again and he tried to get a better look at your phone, but neither did it work this time. Instead, he noticed the smile on your face, “She does seem a lot happier”

    “Do you think it’s a guy then?” He asked. He might not have heard about any guy, but maybe Sunmi had and it had slipped her mind.

    “I don’t know. It could be. Maybe that’s why she’s been ghosting us” Sunmi replied with a shrug.

    “Now, that I think about it, she isn’t freaking out about money either,” Hoseok said, remembering how you used to be sulking whenever the topic of spending came up, but now you seemed okay with it.

    Sunmi gasped. “No, it couldn’t be…”

    “What?” Hoseok asked, puzzled.

    “Maybe she actually got a sugar daddy?” She replied.

    Hoseok looked at Sunmi with a raised brow, still not quite sure where the idea came from.

    “A couple of weeks ago, I suggested Y/N to get a sugar daddy but she didn’t seem interested,” she explained, before voicing her thoughts out loud, “But it could explain why she always shot us down when we tried to ask what was going on.”

    “Well right now, I don’t think I actually care,” he said, agitated and continued in a hushed tone, “Like, she’s sitting right there beside us and it’s like she’s not even here!”

    Normally Hoseok wasn’t one to act on his negative feelings, but he was annoyed beyond belief. He snatched your phone right as your phone vibrated with a new text and put it on the table in front of you.

    Your eyes looked at the phone with longing, you wanted to reach forward and snatch it back. You had waited all this time for his reply and when he finally did reply, your source of communication was ripped away.

    “Now, can we have your attention, please.” His voice was full of annoyance, not hiding how he felt.

    You looked at him stunned by his action and then nodded.

    The silence which settled amongst the two of you was only disturbed by the end credits music. It was more than awkward. You were restless, wanting to dart out of the room and away from the situation.

    “So what are you going to be doing this weekend?” Sunmi asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere in the room. She sent you a small and kind smile while her eyes said a silent apology.

    “Well... I have some plans Friday, other than that I have to write that damn dance technique assignment,” you replied and returned her smile.

    “So you will come to the party on Saturday, right?” Sunmi sounded hopeful. Hoseok was nodding his head, going along with what Sunmi had said.

    “I don’t think so…” you replied disheartened as you shot their proposal down. Their expression dulled immediately, so you quickly continued. “What if I promise that I’m yours next weekend and we can go to whatever party you two want to?”

    Both of their eyes lightened up with happiness and genuine smiles formed on their faces. Their reaction made you realize that they must have felt neglected by you, so you wanted to promise yourself to them for a weekend. You would make sure to keep this promise.

    JFYI: 1000 USD equals 1.227.372 won

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  • y-kihyun-archive
    26.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Song Game

    @memehyungwon tysm for tagging me! :D music has been such a Godsend during quarantine--thanks for sharing some of yours!!

    rules: you can only repeat one artist and only one time, so we can all kind of spread new music to the people we tag! try to listen to at least one of the songs people rec here! music is fun!

    (i’m gonna put this under the readmore bc it’s really long :’D)

    ONE SONG THAT YOU LOVED THE FIRST TIME YOU LISTENED TO IT? “stars” by future generations (i first heard it in a n*ah c*ntineo movie 😶)


    ONE SONG THAT ALWAYS MAKES YOU HAPPY/SMILE? “schedule” by post animal (the opening instrumentals 👌 v serotonin)

    ONE SONG THAT YOU WOULD DEDICATE TO YOUR BEST FRIEND AND/OR YOUR FAMILY? “walking on a dream” by empire of the sun (@vsfakelove this one’s for you i miss you rat 😔)

    ONE SONG WITH A PRODUCTION (THE SOUNDS, THE BEAT, THE MOOD) YOU LOVE? “star treatment” by arctic monkeys


    ONE SONG THAT YOU WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE? “your love (déjà vu)” by glass animals



    ONE SONG PEOPLE NORMALLY LIKE AND YOU DON’T LIKE (OR HATE)? “can’t help falling in love” by elv*s pr*sley 🤢 (traumatic high school memories)

    ONE SONG YOU WOULD CALL A MASTERPIECE? “shoot out” by monsta x

    ONE SONG YOU RECENTLY (LAST 30 DAYS MAX) DISCOVERED AND REALLY LIKED IT? “gimme love” by joji (just released within the last 2 weeks !!)


    tagging: @vsfakelove @peachcolouredhair @kyunnie-ah @monseok @joosgf -- but as always, no pressure!! :) hope you’re all doing ok!

    #@g u better tag renee&jayla ok #@vanessa - i finally listened to the rose thanks to u !! it was such a pretty song!!!!! :0 #i loved it! #and i did enjoy how r u today ! a good rec indeed! #thanks again for tagging me! :) #tag game #yes i censored NC and EP but only bc i dont want this to show up in their tags or smth adsjfklas #also @g i think u were right... why is mx so different from what i usually listen to ?!?!??? #their power is too immense
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    20.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Sugar n spice | VI

    Sugardaddy!Yoongi x Student!reader | Fluff | NC-17 | wc: 2.7k

    ╰ Searching for companionship, a young hardworking CEO is seeking someone whom he can share his troubles and thoughts with, without having the downsides of a serious relationship.

    ⟶ warnings: None

    Big thanks to my lovely beta reader @mikroparadise  who’s always there to help whenever I have a brain fart, lol 

    Banner made by the one and only @jamaisjoons​ 


    “Oh, hello Mr. Min ?"

    The happiness you had felt deep down in your stomach when you picked up the phone vanished as soon as you heard a high-pitched female voice on the other end of the phone, and not the slight raspy voice you had expected.

    "Hello, am I talking to Miss L/N?"

    You were nodding your head, simply out of habit and then slapped your forehead with the palm of your hand because of your own stupidity; obviously, the other person couldn’t see you – and thank god for that, or else they would have seen the big frown on your face.

    You let out a soft “Yes,” before the woman once again began to speak.

    You were leaning against the wall as you listened to the woman, who apparently was ‘Mr. Min’s personal secretary’ or that was how she had presented herself, not even giving you a name.

    You shifted your feet, crossing and uncrossing your ankles, attempting to find the most comfortable way to stand. Every now and then you would hum as a way to whatever the secretary was saying.

    It was clear as day that you were slightly annoyed by the whole ordeal. Especially one thing made you frustrated; Yoongi wasn’t even the one to contact you. No, he made his personal secretary call you. He couldn’t even take five minutes out of his day to call you – hell, he could have just texted you and that would have been enough for you.

    “Would it be possible for you to come by the office today?” the secretary asked, her voice having a ring of false professionalism in it.

    Even she seemed to be agitated with being tasked to call her boss’s new toy.

    Without a second thought, you let out a soft sigh and decided to let her stew a little in silence; playing hard to get. Even though it wasn’t really directed towards Yoongi, it actually felt like it was at that moment. You weren’t sure why, but it made you feel powerful; knowing that the ball was on your side of the court now. Yoongi would just have to wait and see what happened.

    “I have some time – well, I can make time, I mean.” You interrupted yourself and tried to sound like someone who actually had plans as if you had to look at your calendar when in reality, you never had plans other than dancing and the occasional spontaneous meeting with friends.

    “How does 5:30 pm suit you?”

    You agreed to the time, and the secretary gave you the address of an office building in Gangnam.

    The secretary was quick to say her farewell, not even waiting for you to say your own. Instead, you were met by the familiar du-du-du-sound indicating that she indeed already had hung up.

    You scurried up the stairs of your apartment building, banging into your apartment and throwing your backpack on the ground. As soon as you slammed the door shut you began ripping your clothes off, almost tripping over your own feet in the process of kicking off your sweatpants.

    You couldn't hold back your laughter as you stumbled towards your bedroom, almost crashing into your closet as you pulled off your shirt. You were truly a walking disaster, you thought to yourself as you laughed.

    You let out a big humph, frustrated that you had nothing to wear even though your closet was full of clothes.

    What were you actually looking for? You weren't sure since you didn't know what Yoongi had planned - did he even have something planned? Maybe the two of you were going out for something to eat or maybe he planned to reject you and then you had to go home. Without money, and probably end up eating ice cream. Again.

    After what felt like an eternity, you ended up picking something simple yet very feminine and flattering.

    A white-rosy button-down, a pair of black, high waisted wide-legged slacks and a pair of cute heels to upgrade the outfit. It wasn't often that you had the opportunity to wear heels because of you being a ballerina, so when the opportunity came, you always picked wearing them.

    You quickly brushed through your hair and put it up into a high bun which you often sported and a light makeup look; covering any sign of exhaustion from school with some concealer and putting on one or two coats of mascara on your lashes.

    Looking at your reflection, you couldn't hide your frown, fingers tracing the lace collar that edged the neckline of your shirt. You weren't that pleased about what you wore, but you didn't have time to reconsider your choice of clothes. This has to do.

    The building was extending itself towards the sky as if it was never-ending.

    The whole building was made from glass, which shone with a sea-blue light and a few floors shone yellow-golden indicating that someone was still working on that floor. You could barely see the sign at the very top of the building, the colours popping out from the sea-blue glass, but you weren’t sure what it read.

    Your eyes traveled back down from the top of the building until they settled themselves on the entrance.

    As you were a meter from the entrance, the glass doors slid open and the warmth from the inside slapped you straight in the face as you walked into the building, losing your scarf from around your neck and opening the top button of your coat.

    You were greeted by an overly smiling receptionist, who was quick to guide you towards the floor that Yoongi’s company was on.

    When you stepped into the elevator, you leaned up against the wall. Just as the door closed, your nerves decided it was time to come out to play; your hands were shaking, heart beating faster, feeling as if it was about to jump out of your chest.

    You were staring blankly ahead of you, trying to get your nerves under control when the elevator suddenly dinged and the doors slid open. Your eyes widened in surprise, they flew over to the screen where the floor number stood brightly. 23rd. The floors had passed by quick, way too quick for your liking.

    You took a deep breath and stepped out of the elevator into the brightly lit corridor. Your legs felt a little wobbly as you walked, steading yourself with a hand on the wall.

    As soon as you could stand on your own, you took in your surroundings; noting how the corridor curved slightly to the right, and how there were rooms alongside it. The wall which divided the rooms from the corridor was made of glass, maybe so it was easier to see if all one's workers were doing their job. You weren’t sure, but you thought it was nice looking nonetheless.

    You cringed as you saw your handprint had been transferred to the glass after having steadied yourself, but you also saw your own reflection in the glass. Your wide eyes were looking back at you and you noted that you didn’t look ill - no, if you had to say so yourself you looked good.

    The corridor was the only lit space.

    The rooms lining up to the corridor had all their lamps turned off and doors closed. You noticed that beside every door was a sign with names engraved on it; you assumed they were the names of those who worked there.

    It was smartest to follow the corridor until you would meet another human being, who you could ask for directions.

    As the corridor neared its end, you found yourself standing in front of an office desk where a middle-aged woman was sitting. She was busily typing away on the computer before she looked away from the screen, her eyes settling on you; looking you up and down.

    “Yes?” she said, tilting her head to the side and sending you a fake smile.

    “I have an appointment with mist – I mean, Yoongi,” you interrupted yourself, deciding to use his first name because of how annoying the secretary was.

    Maybe it was also because you wanted to show that it wasn’t simply a professional relationship the two of you had, and Yoongi had said that you should address him with his first name, so it wasn’t like you did anything wrong, right?

    “Miss Y/N, I assume?” You nodded your head in confirmation.

    The secretary clicked her tongue and did an eye roll, before raising herself up from her desk and stepping towards a door at the end of the hall to the left.

    She knocked on the door and waited a few seconds for an answer before she opened the door and informed the person inside of your arrival.

    “He is ready for you, miss,” she said and walked back to her desk.

    You gave her a nod and a tight smile, before then walking towards the same door the secretary had knocked on before.

    You knocked lightly on the door, before taking a hold on the door handle and opening the door.

    The light was dimmed in the office, giving it a warm and homey vibe. You looked around the office, trying to find something – anything that could give you a clue who this man you wanted to get involved with was.

    Yoongi couldn’t help the smirk from forming at the corners of his lips as he took in your small form when you walked through his office door. Your wide eyes were scanning his room.

    What were you looking for? Were you looking for him? He hoped so.

    He was standing in the corner of the room and put down his drink without emptying it as he took you in.

    He took a step forward coming out of the darkened corners of his office and walked towards you with confident steps.

    When you finally registered the man walking towards you, you quickly bowed your head and when you lifted your head up again, he was standing right in front of you. A blush was quick to cover both your cheeks and ears, having you turning a pale red at his intense gaze.

    Your rosy cheeks and shy smile made him genuinely smile, something he didn’t do often.

    “Thank you for coming, Y/N. I know it was on short notice.”

    You nodded your head lightly, trying to calm your nerves that flared up. Your hands were shaking and you began chewing the inside of your cheek, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Yoongi. He wanted to chuckle at the effect he had on you but held it in.

    “Please take a seat.” He gestured backwards, towards a chair that was in front of his desk.

    You gave him a shy smile as you walked past him, towards the chair and sat down in it. It gave a soft squeak as you tried to make yourself comfortable.

    The desk in front of you was a rich brown, almost black but not quite. It was beautiful, obviously, the best money could buy - just like the tech which was on top of it. A high tech computer sat on top and a set of headphones sat neatly beside the keyboard.

    You were fidgeting with your lace-trimmed sleeves, and he almost wanted to coo at you. You looked absolutely adorable. But why were you suddenly so nervous? What were you thinking? You almost looked more nervous now than at your first meeting, Yoongi thought to himself.

    “Would you like something to drink?” You whipped your head up fast, looking at Yoongi with big eyes before he listed beverages: “Water, wine, whiskey?”

    “Just water, please” your voice was soft, shaking slightly as you said ‘please’.

    He nodded his head and poured you a glass of water and took the glass of whiskey he earlier had abandoned.

    He gave you the glass of water without saying anything.

    He settled himself down in his chair, one leg crossed over the other, and began sipping on his drink.

    He was looking at you intensely, analyzing you; from what you had chosen to wear to how you were conducting yourself at that moment.

    “How has your day been?”

    You didn’t quite understand why he wanted to know about your day or why it could be relevant, it couldn’t be the reason for why he had asked you to come by, but nonetheless, you still answered him with a somewhat straight face.

    “It’s been fine, just studying really.”

    All you had to do now was put on your big girl pants and jump out of your comfort zone and ask him the question which was right on the tip of your tongue.

    “Why am I here, Sir?”

    His mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ with his pouty lips. He was stunned that you had taken the initiative for this conversation, especially while looking like that. You looked way too innocent and full of nerves, like a little girl on her first day at school, but yet you had taken the courage to ask him such a big question.

    He knew he shouldn’t have these thoughts about you - not yet at least. But when you were looking at him so innocently and calling him ‘sir’, he couldn’t control himself as he felt his pants tighten against his length as it sprang to life.

    He leaned forward towards you, without intentionally seeking any kind of friction but still getting some from the movement nonetheless. He almost let out a moan but held it in by biting his lip.

    “I’m sorry that I didn’t reach out to you until today, but as you know I’m a busy man and I had to finish a few deals before I would have time to discuss our agreement.”

    “You mean - You want to - I mean - agreement with me?” You couldn’t form a single sentence and instead, you rambled out fragmented sentences.

    Yoongi couldn’t keep his laughter to himself at how you tried to form a complete sentence, he found it cute.

    His laughter had started out as low chuckles until he couldn’t hold it in any longer, letting out his true laughter; high-pitched and childlike. It was contagious and soon you joined him with a soft laughter.

    When both of your laughter died down, Yoongi gave you his glorious gummy-smile. It was on full display as he leaned back in his chair and confirmed that he indeed wanted to engage in an agreement with you. The confirmation made your cheeks and ears warm, turning red in both shyness but also because it flattered you, that he wanted you.

    “I took the time to make a draft of what our agreement could look like.”

    He picked up a couple of papers and put it on the desk, and then scooted the papers over to you.

    You looked at him with an eyebrow raised and you thought that you saw a light blush covering his cheeks, but you weren’t sure.

    You shook out the thought and then began to read the pages in front of you.

    When you didn’t say anything straight after finishing reading, Yoongi began speaking. Right away you noticed how his voice changed and how he held himself, he no longer looked like the man you were with a few seconds ago. No, now he sounded and held himself like a real businessman.

    “How does it sound?” he asked, not having noticed that you hadn’t paid much attention to what he said, but more to how he had changed right in front of you.

    “I know it’s a lot, and if you need to think about it, it’s fine”

    You shook your head immediately. “It’s a lot, but I know that this is what I want.”

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    I just read the most intense eight chapters of a fic in my entire life.

    #shut up echo #im qu a k i n g #it was an e x perie nc E #ho l y F U C K
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    28.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Some pictures of the blooms around my yard and the lily that is doing its best to beat all the others to flowering.

    Also, I'm pretty sure my red shouldered hawk that live in our backyard has a mate! It went flying over to a tree in the neighbor's yard and another flew up to it, gave it something, then flew away again.

    #quarantine rambles#Flowers #Spring is here #Pollen is slowly covering the cars #Oh and it's 87 degrees out #In two or three days it'll be 62 #Welcome to NC weather #I'm dying #So are the dogs #And poor G cutting the lawn with our shitty mower that is trying to die on him
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  • solverne-02
    14.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Ever wanted to know how dog grooming is? 😂

    #Sol shitpost #Look I'm in NC #We memed a major hurricane so much that it hightailed it out of here #We're memeing the coronavirus and we're keeping cases to a minimum #Public schools across the state were just ordered to shut down for a two week minimum #My job? #Just got my schedule sent to me for tomorrow 😂 #My introverted ass is begging for quarantine #G and I just went out and bought way too much outdoor shit today for yard transformation #So we have projects! #He's been given permission to work from home until further notice because of me being pregnant #Other coworkers of his have been given the same permission for the same reason #My job? Nahhhhh you're fine! Come shave dog ass!
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