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    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #v/ore #montgomery gator g/t #pred #g/t security breach #Montgomery gator v/ore #giant#soft vore#safe vore#g/t shitpost#g/t vore
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    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    saw a meme earlier this week redrew it but vore

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    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Monster pico Vore story :] this is my first time writing one of these so sorry if it’s not good

    After a long day of trying to find a place to stay you find a small box when you went in it. It smelt horrible so after leaving the box to find a place that smelt better. You hear a voice.”come on bf we will find some food soon”. As soon as you heard a voice you started to walk closer. As you peeked around the corner you see two people one had green skin and a tail and the other person had black looking claws but it still looked like a human. You start walking off until one of them look at you. you were fine with it at first till one of them started sprinting after you. After a while of running you were are backed in a corner as you prepare for the worst. “BF NO! I know your hungry but you can’t just eat a random person”. As he picks you up he brings you to his maw. You start panicking as “it’s okay I’ll keep you safe” you start to calm down a little. As he puts you in his maw. You feel his tongue push you to the back of us throat after a large gulp he swallows you. “You okay in there” you tell him yes and lay against his stomach. A few minutes later you fall sleep.

    #sunday and tiky talks #monday night munchin' #monday night munchin #g/t vore#soft vore#protection vore#protective vore#nonfatal vore#safe vore #fnf vore storys #fnf vore
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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dream team first meet time Tw vore

    Naga Dream having a nap while the tinies that he found are warming up and resting as well in his storage stomach :) you can read it here
    My first time drawing nagas :')
    #g/t#g/t drawing #naga!dream #human size naga Dream #borrower!sapnap #borrower!george #tw vore#safe vore#soft vore#mcyt vore#mcyt g/t
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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i lowkey been making a fantsy world abt vore and a common practisce is how people who make magic can make little humans/ monsters that preds can eat so they could keep the urge of vorin’ actual ppl down.

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  • aslitheryprinx
    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Surprise! I have a part three of Shipwrecked!!!

    I've actually had this mostly finished for months. I just kind of forgot about it haha. Found this part and cleaned it up/finished it.

    Part one is here, and part two is here if you missed either of those.

    NSFW do not interact. You will be blocked.

    CW: soft, safe vore; accidental fearplay; panic


    No Problem


    Wilbur didn't mind storms.

    He didn't usually go up to the surface to enjoy them, like Phil did, but he found the sound relaxing. Wilbur did, however, have a problem with how storms could affect his friends.

    Ranboo in particular hated storms. None of them, Ranboo included, knew why. Wilbur privately thought it had something to do with his unusual discoloration, but it was just a hunch. Usually, he and Techno would keep the younger mer distracted during storms, but Techno and Ranboo were both on a trip.

    Instead, Wilbur decided to visit Niki. She wasn't a huge fan of storms either. She'd been found by Puffy during a storm, so that wasn't too surprising. However, they didn't affect her as badly as Ranboo, and she could rarely hear them from the cave she lived in.

    She was glad to see him, and they talked for several hours. Eventually the storm died out, and a couple of hours later he decided to head home. Phil was likely already back, or was on his way. He told Niki goodbye and began to swim back home.

    When he got home, Phil was already there. He was hovering near the open air area, one hand on his chest. He looked worried, but his expression melted into relief once he saw Wilbur.

    "Phil? What happened?" Wilbur asked, swimming close and checking his dad for injuries. He looked fine, and Wilbur relaxed a little.

    "There was a shipwreck tonight," Phil said grimly. Wilbur's face fell.

    "I'm guessing you couldn't stop it?" He asked. Phil gave the mer equivalent of a headshake no.

    "It was already nearly a mile down when I saw it. Sinking pretty slowly too. But Wil," he said quickly, almost frantic. "There was a survivor."

    Phil tapped his chest, and Wilbur suddenly realized he was gesturing at his pouch. His eyes widened.

    "A survivor? Were you able to- oh god, they must be so scared-" Wilbur cut himself off at the miserable look on his dad's face.

    "He's still a kid, I think. Is Niki with you?"

    Wilbur shook his head with a grimace.

    "Fuck," Phil muttered. "I'm pretty sure he was speaking English but-"

    "But Niki would be the best in this situation," Wilbur finished. He gestured to the cave surface, and both he and Phil went up.

    "He's still pretty freaked," Phil warned before he brought the human out. His throat bobbed, and a second later he was gently spitting a shaking teenager into his hands.

    The teen looked around frantically, first spotting Phil, then Wilbur. Phil lowered his hands, holding the kid out to Wilbur. The human seemed to some to some sort of conclusion, because he scrambled back, looking up at Wilbur with tear-filled eyes.

    He looked absolutely terrified. He stuttered out a small, "p-please don't-" in English. Thank god he really was speaking English, and not a language Wilbur didn't know.

    He scooped the human up from Phil's hands, gently shushing him when he whimpered. He pressed the kid cupped in his hand against his chest and started to whisper reassurances in the same language.

    "Shhh, You're ok. You're safe, I promise. You're going to be just fine. I won't hurt you."

    He could feel the teen's rapid heartbeat under his fingers, and was careful not to let his claws so much as touch him. The human was frozen at first, rigid with tension. After a couple of moments, he slumped in Wilbur's hand, shaking slightly.

    "Please, please just let me go," he said, and he sounded so scared and so defeated it made Wilbur's stomach twist. And he felt another twist when he realized he wouldn't be able to do what the human was asking.

    "We're in the middle of the ocean," he said as gently he could. "It would take at least a week to swim to the closest shore. There's nowhere to go."

    The human went very quiet for a few seconds. Then there was a tiny hiccuping sob. Wilbur looked up, and saw the same guilt he felt reflected on his father's face. Hell, Phil probably felt worse than he did; he'd been the one that had to swallow the terrified kid after all.

    "I'll go get Niki," Phil said in mer. He felt the human flinching at the sound of Phil's voice. Wilbur nodded instead of replying in mer, unsure if it was the language or just the sound of Phil's voice that freaked him out. Phil dove back below the water and swam off, leaving him alone with the still shaking human.

    "So am I stuck here forever?" The human asked in a tense voice. Wilbur's heart jumped in alarm. Oh god, he'd managed to make the human even more scared hadn't he?

    "Shit! No, no, that's not what I meant at all," he said quickly. The human didn't reply, and Wilbur paused.

    How did he explain this in a way that wouldn't freak out the kid even more? He really wished Niki was here; she'd be able to explain things in a way that wasn't terrifying to a human.

    First he needed to figure out the human's name. He couldn't keep calling him "the kid" or "the human" in his head; it seemed too dehumanizing.

    "What's your name?" He asked. The human didn't respond, and Wilbur was scared for a moment he wouldn't reply at all. But then he took a shaky breath.

    "Why should I tell you, bitch," the human said in a tiny voice, startling a laugh out of Wilbur. The mer could still feel his little heart beating a mile a minute. Even while terrified, the human was sassing him.

    "I guess I could just call you child," Wilbur said lightly, hoping he was choosing the right thing by teasing back. He was scared to go too far, so he added gently, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

    The human, or the Child if Wilbur was serious about that nickname, wasn't shaking as much now. Wilbur kept talking, hoping to convince the kid he meant no harm.

    "My name is Wilbur. That's the English translation at least." He said.

    "How do you know English?" The Child asked. He didn't sound very curious. Wilbur winced, hoping he wasn't just asking out of some sort of fear that Wilbur would get mad if he didn't.

    "My friend Niki taught me," he said. "She's very cool, fluent in three languages. Oh!" Wilbur had almost forgotten the most important part. "She's human as well. Phil's going to get her now; we thought you'd probably be more comfortable talking to another human."

    "...Phil?" The teen asked cautiously. Wilbur couldn't read his tone, and he fought the urge to look down and see his expression. The human was relatively calm, and Wilbur didn't want to ruin it by moving too quickly or reminding the kid how big he was.

    "Phil's the one who brought you here," he answered carefully. The kid tensed in his hand, and he could feel his heartbeat speeding up again.

    "He didn't mean to scare you," Wilbur began. The kid cut him off.

    "He fucking ate me!" He snapped, voice wobbly. Wilbur winced.

    "He didn't mean to scare you," Wilbur repeated. "You were safe, I promise. That wasn't his stomach. Mers have what's called a nesting pouch. We keep our children in them until their gills work. It's safe for humans."

    "Well, how the fuck was I supposed to know that?" The Child asked weakly, although his heartbeat wasn't quite as rapid.

    "You didn't know, that isn't your fault. And Phil only knows mer, so he couldn't tell you. He wouldn't have done that if there were a better option. He feels really bad for scaring you. And I do as well. We're both sorry we've scared you." Wilbur suddenly noticed the gentle circles he'd been rubbing into the kid's back. He almost stopped, but the teenager was leaning into the touch slightly, and Wilbur could feel his pulse slowing minutely.

    "I… I just want to go home," the little human said quietly.

    "We'll get you back home, Child," Wilbur promised. He heard an annoyed huff that he assumed was from the nickname. There was a pause, like the kid was deciding something.

    "T-tommy," he said, managing to sound snarky despite the shake in his voice. "My name is Tommy, prick."

    "Alright, Tommy," Wilbur said, not bothering to hide the smile in his voice. "I'll get you home."


    There was so much vulnerability in Tommy's voice. Wilbur wished desperately to pull him into a warm hug, but that wasn't possible. Instead he pressed the little human as close as possible.

    "I promise."


    The stomach- pouch- whatever it was had been disturbingly comfortable. Warm, soft, cozy while not being too claustrophobic.

    Tommy thought he was going to die at first. All he could do was curl up and cry, hoping it wouldn't hurt too badly. But five minutes, maybe ten minutes passed and he was still breathing, still completely unharmed. He realized he was somehow safe, inside the stomach of a man-eater.

    He was still terrified. The mer was probably just saving him for later; maybe even bringing him to a bunch of baby mers. Did the mers have nests like birds? Who knew. Nobody had ever seen a baby mer before.

    He was still going to die. But knowing he had a little more time at least meant he could be pissed off at how comfortable the stomach was. It was a little too slippery to stand, but whether he was sitting or laying down, it was weirdly nice.

    As he calmed down a little, he started to notice other details. Like the way he could hear the mer's heart beating steadily above him. Like the way the inside of the stomach, if that's what it was, was glowing a soft green. When he looked for the source of the light, he realized there were luminous scales scattered around him.

    If it hadn't been so terrifying, it might be nice.

    That was what he'd thought while trapped in the stomach-pouch-thing, and it's what he thought now.

    Held in a surprisingly soft hand, pressed to the chest of yet another mer, he was comfortable but scared.

    Wilbur had said he wouldn't hurt him. He'd even promised to take Tommy back home… somehow. But that didn't mean he was telling the truth, or that he wouldn't change his mind. Hell, even if he did keep his promises, Wilbur might hurt him by accident. Those razor sharp claws were half Tommy's height. All it would take was one slip.

    He really shouldn't have called the mer a bitch. He was already in the most dangerous situation of his fucking life. The last thing he needed to be doing was antagonize the beings who held his life in their hands… literally.

    The mer had laughed, but it was only a matter of time before Tommy went too far. He could never tell where the line was; crossing it now could mean death. He had to be careful.

    He could do that. No problem.

    Tommy could watch his mouth, and pray that that would be enough to keep him breathing.

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    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Lunchtime with the Lads

    bro. its time for fantasy.

    tws for: attempted hard vore, actually soft vore. um... i think thats pretty much it :)

    The forest was dark, damp, and dangerous as always. Large bugs and mammals skittered through the undergrowth, various poisonous plants showed off their glittering thorns and jewel-like berries, and up above creatures even larger swarmed through the leaves. It was not the nicest of places to live.

    Regardless, it was where Sapnap, Dream and George lived. The tiny people had found a certain solace and stability in the constantly dangerous environment, and as they got more and more used to it, that danger even became fun. Sapnap at least won’t ever live anywhere without bugs large enough to ride on anymore. 

    He cut through a low-hanging bush branch as he made his way through the forest, tracing out a potential route to another streambed they might be able to pull water from. George had seen some larger fish starting to swim further up river near where they lived, and while the smaller ones were easy to catch and made for great meals, George had all but banned Dream or Sapnap from attempting to catch and haul out the ones that were even larger than they were tall. 

    He swore the stream was this way… he thought he heard a trickling sound in this direction that might mean falling water. He just needed to push further. 

    He tripped over an upturned root, and cursed softly. Sometimes when the undergrowth got really bad he wished he could just burn it all away. But stuff freaked out when he burned it, and last time the smoke had turned onto their collective camp and he was chewed out for a week for all of the coughing it caused. 

    As he considered the logistics of maybe just a little baby fire, just a spark, he heard something in the distance. At first it sounded like bird calls, but the wind shifted and he could suddenly hear it much clearer - it was screaming. 

    He was up and rushing towards it before he could think twice. It sounded familiar, like a person rather than an animal. 

    When he pushed into a small damp clearing, he saw that caught at the bottom of it, with vines strangling limbs and throat and chest, was Dream. 

    He yelled his name, jumping from the raised ledge to slip down into the muddy gully. Dream looked up, surprised and startled by his appearance, and with a start Sapnap realized this was not Dream. They had the same pure white owl-like mask of a face and curiously feathery hair, but this person had a dark scar down the side of their face, one that looked old and healed over. They also looked a bit larger, and the greener feathers down their neck were far more verdant green, with tiny speckles like eyespots hiding within them. 

    Sapnap had always distantly known that there were probably others of the same species as Dream, but for as long as any of them had known one another none of them had ever heard of or seen any others. They didn’t even know the species' name. That another member of the same species had been caught here, so close to home, might be the chance they could get to find answers for what Dream even was. 

    He started tugging on the vines, trying to unravel them and speaking loudly to the person caught in them. “It’s alright dude I’ve got you I’m going to get you out we’ve got a safe place nearby it’ll be ok,” and so on. 

    The flailing and screaming the person had been doing when he burst into the clearing had settled down, and now they just panted, staring at Sapnap with one half lidded eye as he worked to loosen another vine, before giving up and using the knife he had stuck in its sheath when he had arrived at the clearing edge.

    When enough of the clawing tendrils had been cut away, the stranger shimmied away from the plant and pulled themselves upright. Without the plant holding them down, they were a fair bit taller than Dream, and looked much older. Though, it was hard to tell with such a face that leant itself very little to expressiveness. “You saved me,” the stranger said, somewhat breathlessly. Their dark eyes were fathomless and, if Sapnap were not totally used to the same blank expressionless on their face regularly coming from Dream, he might have been a little freaked out with how closely they watched him. 

    “C’mon, let’s get you somewhere safer than out here,” he said in return, ready to shoulder some of their weight. But, surprisingly, the stranger got to their feet and seemed sure-footed. Maybe they weren’t injured in the legs by the plant or whatever got it snagged in there? 

    “Who is ‘Dream?’” the stranger asked, when they were about a five minutes’ walk from where they had been trapped. 

    “A friend of mine. Looks a lot like you, sorry I got confused.” Sapnap thought for a moment. “Sorry, but I never got your name?” 

    “Ecsde,” the stranger - now named - replied blithely. “Have you got many friends?” 

    What a weird question. But then again, in all of their travels the three of them had never seen too many large groups of tiny-folk. It was always individual travellers, or small camps like their own. Maybe Ecsde was looking for a larger settlement. “Just me, Dream, and George for now. We should have enough food for you to share though. At least for the night.” 

    Ecsde made a sound of approval. “I would appreciate that. Thank you…?” They looked at him for confirmation, and he was quick to supply his name. “Sapnap. Thank you.” 

    The camp they returned to was best described as sleepy. George was busy hanging up clothes to dry in the tiny splotches of sunlight that managed to spill through the thick canopy above, and stopped to look over when they rustled the underbrush. Sapnap could see the recognition, turn confusion, turn concern play out on George’s face as if it were written there in bold letters. He opened his mouth, probably to ask ‘Who is this,’ but at that moment Dream emerged from a different direction holding a dead rodent of some kind hoisted under his arm, and his face widened with comical surprise. The catch - probably the bulk of their meal for the night, was unceremoniously dropped near the center of the camp as Dream rushed past George towards Sapnap and Ecsde. 

    “I found a friend while searching for that stream today,” he offered by explanation. “He wanted to rest up for the night and maybe share dinner with us.” He waggled his eyebrows as much as he could at Dream, transmitting the rest of the message loud and clear. *Maybe you can get some answers too.* 

    With no eyebrows to raise in return, Dream settled for widening his eyes even further, and clacking his beak softly from beneath the fluff on his face. “Nice to meet you! I’m Dream!” He was a little uncharacteristically excited, but then again. This certainly didn't happen every day.

    George came from behind, squinting a bit at Ecsde. “Same species? That’s lucky.” He didn’t sound as excited as Dream did, but there was still a note of interest in his voice, as well as how his undersized wings buzzed slightly. 

    Ecsde smiled down at Dream. “You’ve never seen another one of us before? Maybe I can help with that. Is there anything I can do to help?” 

    Ecsde was a great help in getting the camp set up for four people instead of three, and as Sapnap poked around at the cooking fire with a thoughtful finger, he looked up to see Dream listening intently to Ecsde as he helped in preparing the rodent for a meal. Apparently their species were called Maskers, and lived mostly alone as travelers and traders. It was a little disappointing to hear that there weren't any hidden cities full of maskers like Dream, but at least this could mean they could run into others on their travels someday as well. 

    The pot was put on over the fire, the dried herbs were partitioned out and carefully crushed into the prepared meat, and a few water roots were chopped up into fine discs to cook in the fat rendering off of the meat. It started to smell quite nice, and Sapnap was quite pleased with himself for having the day turn out so nicely. 

    Which is why he wasn’t quite sure why George was glaring into the fire, twisting his fingers together nervously. Even as Ecsde laughed politely at an unfunny joke that Dream has said at least 5 times in the last month, even as the smell of good food wafted over into his direction, George really didn’t seem to react at all beyond chewing at his lip worriedly. 

    Sapnap scooted over to him. “What’s wrong?” He glanced back, noting the fae’s wings had not stopped twitching since he had seen Ecsde for the first time. 

    He continued staring into the fire, and for a moment Sapnap thought that he was getting the silent treatment, that he somehow failed some mystical test that George had invisibly assigned him in bringing a potential friend back to camp. But then he sighed shallowly and said, “It doesn’t make sense. I can’t stop thinking about it. If they're traders and permanent travellers, why doesn’t Ecsde have anything on them? You didn’t see a bag or anything. Just the clothes on their back. How do they live without any supplies, anything at all, if they live out in the wilderness?” 

    Sapnap hummed, trying to mull it over. “Maybe they just collect what they can and eat it as soon as possible? Maybe they don’t need that much to eat?”

    George snorted softly. “With Dream’s appetite? I find that a bit hard to believe.” 

    He was frowning now too, trying to figure out a feasible solution. “I ‘unno. Maybe Ecsde is just an outlier as far as maskers are?” 

    “I just don’t know if I can trust them. I’ve got this bad feeling and I don't know why.” To accentuate it, a jewel-insect wing buzzed again against his back and one of his pointed ears twitched very slightly, like he was trying to listen for something. 

    “It’ll just be for the night. We can figure this out more in the morning. I’ll help you figure it out.” Sapnap promised. “Now, c’mon. we need to take this off the fire.” He began kicking a little dirt into the cooking fire, cooling it slightly, and passed a bronze (never iron. absolutely no iron) ladle from their cooking utensil set to George. The meat had softened significantly, and split without much resistance from the poking of the spoon. George deftly split it into four portions, and tried to ladle out an equal amount of sweet-smelling root slices onto each of the plates, before passing one over the pot to Sapnap. He in turn passed it to Dream who passed it immediately to Ecsde. 

    “Very polite of you to share a meal, child. That’s considered good manners to Maskers,” they murmured in approval. Were it not anatomically impossible for him, Dream would have beamed. 

    The quiet murmur of conversation between Ecsde and Dream had died down as they began eating. Dream dug in with as much gusto as he always did with every meal, and while Ecsde didn’t have quite the eagerness that the younger masker had, he finished the dish off quite quickly as well. There goes the ‘doesn’t eat that much’ theory.

     “I must admit, I’ve never tried something like that before,” Ecsde said. “I’m not quite sure what I think of the meat, it’s a bit different from what I usually have.” 

    George hummed around the bit of root he had just crunched into, and in what he probably thought was a sly voice he asked “What do you normally eat?” 

    “Oh, you know. A little bit of everything.” Ecsde waved a hand dismissively. “Depends on where I am, really.” 

    “Did you know,” Dream piped up from beside him, “that Ecsde has been to an ocean? The one far down south, where all of the rivers meet up apparently. Suppose we could start moving that way next?” 

    “What even is an ocean like?” George asked just as Sapnap stuck out his tongue and said “Too wet for my tastes, yuck.” 

    Sapnap tucked back into his meal, glad to see George a little more engaged in the conversation. He couldn’t help but keep an eye on Ecsde now though. The nervousness had wiggled under his skin like it had for George. 

     Finally, Ecsde stood up and stretched mightily, yawning in the process. “Thank you very much for the snacks. Dream, shall we have our meal now?” 

    The words took a moment to sink in, before Dream looked at him in confusion. “What are you talking about? We just ate.” 

    Ecsde rolled their eyes, walking around the side of the cooking fire. “I knew you were young, but this is basic stuff.” 

    “Dream,” George started, standing up himself but keeping his gaze locked on Ecsde as they went further from the fire. 

    Then, as Ecsde walked, they began to change. Their feathers grew until they covered their clothes entirely, their claws lengthened, and they grew many times their own size. Each footstep was larger and larger, until they reached a size so large they fell down onto four legs. They now looked decidedly more like a giant cat than they did a person. 

    Sapnap screamed. The monster that was Ecsde now utterly dwarfed everyone else there, and the mask-like face filled up the sky like a second full moon. George jumped and stumbled back, and Dream threw himself in front of the other two protectively, fumbling for his sword before something invisible clicked in his head and his hand dropped again. 

    The-thing-that-was-Ecsde peered down at them, and tilted a head to Dream. “Are you really so much an amateur you didn’t know we could do that?” With careful paws they came closer, looming further and further over the three of them. “It’s a miracle you even made it this long in that case.” 

    Dream’s shoulders slumped further, and he took a few steps away from Ecsde. Sapnap couldn’t even choke out anything to say as, horrifyingly, Dream also began to swell into a monstrous snow-white creature. From so close he could see the short claws on Dream’s hands turn into spears that could run him through with ease. The halo of green feathers down the back of his head which now looked like a mane. 

    And now, with Dream at his back, Sapnap and George were now surrounded by them both. There wasn’t anywhere they could go to escape, held in the gaze of both enormous maskers. 

    “There you go,” Ecsde said approvingly. “Doesn’t that feel better.” They reached over and with an oversized claw, pushed George closer to Sapnap. George yelped and almost tripped, though Sapnap managed to catch his arm before he did. Underneath the horrified chorus of fear and betrayal that their friend had hidden something like this from them, he felt… small. Ecsde was effortlessly pushing them around at this size, talking over their heads, no longer acknowledging their existence as people. It felt horrifying. 

    “Dream? What is going on!” George shouted from his side, the whites showing in his eyes from fear. “What are - how long has this been happening!” 

    Dream glanced down, and Sapnap no longer found the expressionless face, the wide mouth hidden mostly by fluff, the all-encompassing attention that the dark eyes always made him feel, none of it felt normal or slightly ridiculous anymore. It felt intense. Predatory. Then he looked away, back at Ecsde. Ignoring them, like he had - hah, - outgrown them. 

    “You did a good job. You collected two fine - if small, - prey for us to enjoy tonight. You must have been working on this meal for a long while with how much they trusted you, I must say. Not the most efficient of plans.” Ecsde waved a clawed hand down at George and Sapnap. “But be proud of it at least. And now we can share them together.” 

    The penny dropped sluggishly. This was what maskers like Ecsde ate. People. George must have caught it a second before he did, because he bolted for the forest edge. An enormous clawed hand slammed down on the fae and, with a yelp, he was dragged from the ground by Ecsde. As he ran for the hand himself to try and pull George to safety, another crashed down onto him, flattening him against the ground with the heavy weight of a hind foot on him. Ecsde reared up, sitting taller so they would still be much taller than Dream. “Go on then,” they said encouragingly to Dream as they passed over a screaming and cursing George. Dream held him gingerly. Fearfully? 

    “Eat, child.” Ecsde was a little more forceful now. “I cannot eat until you have. It’s good manners. You can even swallow it whole if you feel squeamish. I don’t care.” 

    Pinned under a hind foot, Sapnap had to twist his head to see George, pinched between two claws, held up to Dream’s face. While his face wasn’t always the best for reading expressions and his oversized form didn’t make it any better, Sapnap tried to hold onto the hope that he was hesitating. That he was trying to find some way to talk out of this. 

    And then he opened his mouth, George thrashed and yelled more, kicking out with dangling feet, and he yelled up. “No! Stop!” 

    Dream paused, blinking down at him and shifting nervously. Ecsde sighed, exasperated, and with a deft claw plucked George from his claws. “Am I really going to have to feed you like a chick,” they muttered under their breath, still loud enough that Sapnap could hear it. 

    With a careless toss, they threw a screaming George at Dream’s face and, in a fit of instinct borne from years of attempting to throw and catch food in his mouth on boring nights by the fire, Dream opened his mouth and caught him expertly. As he closed his beak again around the thrashing limbs, his expression screwed up with surprise. Sapnap could imagine George’s thrashing, his struggling, his begging… 

    Dream swallowed, and the sound was like a death knell in Sapnap’s ears. “No!”

    “Well?” Ecsde asked expectantly. “How was it? Still baffles me that this is the first time you’ve ever tried a little folk. Basically all I eat these days.” They hummed, and with a wave of horror Sapnap saw their claws come down to snag him, pinning him in place as they lifted a hind foot off of him, before picking him up as easily as if he weren’t struggling at all. “Though this one is hardly a meal. It’ll have to do, I suppose.” And he was now being raised towards the creature’s mouth. He thrashed further, trying to call upon his fire, trying to burn through the thick skin of their claws, screaming all the while. 

    “No!” Dream said, catching his breath after having just swallowed his own friend what the fuck. “I want them both! Please? That was good and I want another.” The creature drew nearer, not even looking at Sapnap as he begged to get the chance to eat him too. 

    The claws coiled tighter around him. “Don’t be greedy,” Ecsde said far overhead. “This is a rather small catch, and you need to learn how to hasten to this point. Living together for years, really? That’s inefficient for how much meat you would have gotten off of them, no matter what species they were. You offered to share, and we will share.” 

    “But they’re mine,” Dream whined. “I have,” he stuttered for a second, “I have always waited for this moment. Don’t take one of them from me please!” 

    Ecsde hummed for a moment. “I think not, child. I have come a long way and I was hoping for something more substantial than two scrawny fae and a handful of mouse scraps. This will have to do for now.” The claws lifted, and as he struggled he could see Dream’s look of misery. Always waited for this moment. Always waited for this moment.

    The larger masker’s beak closed over him, holding him tight even as he wriggled and flailed. From this vantage point he could see the bulge in Dream’s neck, thick and feathery as it now was. The thrashing form of George. Their canary in the coalmine, who tried to warn Sapnap before it was too late the danger they were in. 

    The fear shifted immutably to anger and with a burning in his gut he exploded into flames. With a cry of alarm Ecsde dropped him, clacking their beak a few times. As Sapnap dropped from the mouth, he extinguished himself as fast as he could, but just in time to be clipped with a heavy claw that sent him bouncing painfully off the soft ground. Just as he sucked in a breath and tried to push himself to his feet, another set of claws landed on him, pinning him to the dirt. 

    He almost set himself ablaze again, before a voice whispered just behind his ear - “trust me.” It was Dream. “Please. I’ll get us out of this.” And Sapnap, left with no other choice, let himself be gently picked up in a beak, thrown back limp-bodied and headfirst, and swallowed, all the while hoping this trust was not misplaced. As if this exact situation had proven that his trust was anything if ill-placed on a regular basis. Always waited for this moment. 

    His tentative calm cracked like brittle ice as soon as the crushing muscles of an esophagus closed around him, and in the confusingly moving organic curves of it he could see sparks spit from his skin threateningly. He was going to die and his friendship with Dream meant nothing and he should just burn him from the inside out but then he might kill George and- .

    There was no chamber to fall into or prepare for, he was just pushed unceremoniously into the same tight space as George. Sapnap flailed, yelled, and accidentally kneed him in the chest. George yelped back and bashed his nose with an elbow in retaliation. Something cracked. Something groaned. And then around them both the tight muscle of the stomach somehow tightened further, forcing them to freeze in place against the steel force of it. 

    Sapnap stopped flailing, took a breath (as much as he could, with his chest constricted by George’s shoulder forced against it), and managed to catch George’s gaze in the miniscule light emitting from sparks on his skin. Around them, the world roared with sound. 

    Ecsde yowling at him. “You child! After all I taught you in just this small amount of time! You’d take my food?” 

    And then Dream, voice rumbling around them, hissing and spitting. “I had kept them close for so long. I caught them. I lured them into safety. They’re mine.”

    Despite telling himself that this was just part of a trick, that Dream was trying to fool the other masker, those words still coiled up dark and ugly in his heart. How could they know if Dream really was telling the truth, that he didn’t know he could transform like he did. How could they truly know that he and George weren’t just playthings and food, rather than true friends? Always waited for this moment. 

    He had to ignore that. He had to believe that Dream was bailing them out. They’d come too far together to not trust one another, he needed to - he needed to - 

    Ecsde growled. “I do not like you, child. Eat your prey faster next time. There is absolutely no reason to stay around them for so long. Or to offer them to share like that. You are lucky I do not care about such a pitiful meal, or I would tear you apart for the insult.” 

    Then, further away. “I do not want to see you again. I will eat you myself if I see you again.” 

    And Dream again, voice painfully loud in its vibrations now. “Don’t come back to my forest!” 

    Sapnap was stiff against George as they heard the sounds of footsteps, of crashing branches and rustling leaves and then, at last, silence. 

    There was an enormous whoosh of air as Dream breathed out a sigh of relief. With a jolt Sapnap knocked his leg into George’s chest again as the world bounced around him, before settling. From the press of something beneath them now, they were - Dream was - laying on the ground. The muscles around them both relaxed, stretching a tiny bit more. 

    George was first to speak, after a few more moments of silence. “Dream? Are you there?” His voice was shaking enough for it to be obvious even to Dream. 

    All he got was a low mumble of assent, probably only heard because of the rattle it made in Sapnap’s own bones. “Can you let us out?” He asked, strangling at the dark thought of ‘he wasn’t lying to Ecsde’ before it could make him panic. Please let him interpret the ploy correctly. Please let this not be the last thing he hears from what he thought was his friend before he’s turned to meat. 

    Dream stayed silent for a long couple of moments, his only sound the huffs of breath. “I’m just… catching my breath. Give me a second this is all… very new.” His voice cracked near the end, which instantly evaporated most of the fear in Sapnap and left guilt to fill the void. Stupid, stupid. He had known Dream for YEARS. He shouldn’t have doubted him so much. But the horrible thought still lingered.

    “Of course, of course,” he muttered, and tried to relax back from the stiff position he had been trapped in. George’s large glittery eyes sparkled with the last of the faint spark-light he was putting off as he tried to calm himself down, and Sapnap could see him stare off into the dark muscle and lean back into the curve of the stomach. He did his best to mimic him. 

    It’ll be ok. Sapnap will be ok. He just had to… Trust. They’ll talk about this, hash it out, when he gets out. Keep trusting. 

    He closed his eyes and worried his fingers against the smooth muscle behind him and hoped, despite the guilt, that he’d get out soon. He could hear the distant sea-rush of flowing blood beneath his head. The whoosh and bellow of lungs all around him. The tense and relaxation of muscles far away, pulling enough to affect even distant parts of the body with their strength. The pounding boom of a heart that was probably larger than he was, and the smaller pulse of George’s own beating against his arm where he was still pressed up against him. 

    His attention meandered back from this when George spoke up, waveringly, next to him. “That was you, wasn’t it? In the swamp marsh? That one time when we saw those enormous footprints in the mud near our camp and you got us all riled up about giant cats or something like it.” 

    Dream snorted softly, a motion that rocked them both. “It might have been. I had thought the rain the night before would’ve washed it away, but really, it was quite funny when you started bringing up ideas to sneak up on ‘the cat monster’ and clip its claws.” 

    Another thought occurred to Sapnap. “That fish! That was how you caught that enormous fish that year we lived near the lake!” He had always wondered about that one - it had seemed to be stabbed with something far larger than Dream could ever wield in his small form, and they had eaten fish for days, and even had enough left to try their hands at making jerky from it. 

    George and Dream both laughed a little at that, wearily, though Dream quickly trailed off.. “I.,” He cut himself off, swallowed (a little more slime collected beneath Sapnap’s feet), and Sapnap could feel his lungs fill as he tried again. “I’m sorry I didn't tell you about this. I knew I could transform but I, just. I didn’t want to scare you guys.” 

    He tried to laugh, but it came out a little hysterical. “I dunno man, if you had told us prior to now I bet we would have been way less terrified than we were.” 

    With equal desperate levity in his voice, Dream said, “Yea maybe and then we wouldn’t end up in this situation where I had to do that to you guys and I was forced to transform without getting to explain and I learned that my species is just a bunch of monsters who lure people and now our stuff is ruined and the only thing nice about this is the feeling of not being hungry for once in my life and -.” His voice cut off, and the audible snap of a beak closing shuddered through his body. 

     Before George or Sapnap could say anything, the walls around them abruptly seized up again, turning to steel under their touch and crushing them together into a mess of flailing limbs again. Sapnap couldn't even yell, the breath was forced from him so fast. 

    The wet cool air felt positively sweet after the rank smell of the inside of Dream, and the tangle that was George-and-Sapnap fell collectively with a wet splat onto the forest floor amidst the sound of Dream gagging and coughing. It took a few tries for Sapnap to pull fully away from George, as the spittle was sticky and more viscous than it looked, and had trapped him fast for one quick terrifying moment before he could properly leverage his feet against the ground and pop himself off in an explosive movement. 

    Behind him, he could feel the whoomph of displaced air, and imagined the nightmarish expansion of Ecsde from one of them into a dangerous predator, but playing in reverse. The hiding of a wolf behind a sheep’s cloak. A white-feathered hand fell on his shoulder, and despite everything Sapnap flinched. 

    The hand dropped away. Sapnap turned around to… what? Apologize? Console him? Try to start a question about that very disturbing last thing he just said? 

    But Dream had already turned away, and was gathering up his sleep roll to drag it a little further away from the rest.

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    #cyncerity#mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #Dad’s Troubles AU #tumblr didn’t give me the ask notif cause it’s dumb #tw vore
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    #the best prey are the prey with tails #yes I have gotten all your other borrower requests and yes i plan on making all of them #I love drawing lil mousey bean so much and i especially LOVE drawing prey koichi #can you tell how much i project onto koichi yet????????? #jjba vore#jojo vore#safe vore#extreme cuddling#soft vore#prey koichi#pred josuke#borrower koichi #jjba borrower au #jjba g/t
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    Intro post!!

    Hi!! My name is Ezra, you may know me from @gtfandomcontent , I have since abandoned that blog but left it up as an archive of sorts. 

    If you are new, this blog is going to center around giant/tiny and safe vore with a bit of fearplay mixed in as well!! As for the nature of this content, it will focus on my favorite fandoms, including:



    NBC Hannibal

    Star Trek


    These are franchise that will appear on this blog but my art and occasional writing will probably focus on my favorite characters and of course my oc, also named Ezra, because I’m terribly uncreative ahaha!!

    Loki Laufeyson

    Dr. Otto Octavius 

    Spamton G. Spamton

    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

    Will Graham

    Data Soong

    Dr. Herbert West

    I draw and I write and I hope you enjoy my stuff ahaha!!

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    This is part of a roleplay.

    Angat has not swallowed someone for a long time xD. is my second drawing of this type I think I will start to publish my drawings vore here or Twitter aa.

    I already exposed myself

    * the universe changes *

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    I just lost The Game so you do too, but with a g/t noms thought :D

    Tiny makes the giant lose The Game every now and then, to the giant’s annoyance.

    Giant decides, in order to get back at the tiny, to swallow them for a bit each time they do it. Tiny continues to do it so the giant figures they accept their punishment in order to be a little shit.

    In actuality(after the first few times), the tiny just loves being able to chill in the giant’s stomach. So they do it on purpose anytime they want a belly nap. Giant isn’t opposed to having the tiny as tummy company either.

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    Our Kind oneshot - noms

    Finally! Not chapter two but a oneshot :P

    This will probably not be posted on Ao3, meaning it won’t be canon to the timeline. It takes place after things calm down, but there’s still... tension.

    Warnings: vore, fearplay, undetermined if the vore is safe or not, mild violence (basically a fistfight + one cut with a sword).

    If you’re new here, Our Kind is an AU of corysmiles’ Friendly Giant AU! Please check out the original as well!

    .   .   .

    Things were tentatively back to normal.

    Though there was still a tension between Wilbur and his brother and father, they seemed to have at least accepted what he was.

    That’s why he was here, strumming his guitar in a sunny clearing, watching Phil and Techno spar. They had invited him with tense words and tenser posture, perhaps hoping the time spent together would… acclimate everyone to Wilbur’s new changes.

    They were a ways into the forest, just outside what would be deemed “safe”, where the underbrush grew thicker and more wild. Here in this clearing, though, the sun broke through the treetops to dapple the ground with golden light. Moss and ferns creeped into the circle of rough dirt, stomped bare by years of guards’ boots. Wilbur sat on a log at the edge, halfway in the shade, and concentrated on plucking the strings of his instrument. The sounds of his family fighting faded into the background. 

    It felt like no time at all before Techno’s helmet was tossed to the ground next to him with a thump, startling Wilbur. (And if he grew a few inches at that… well, it was corrected before anyone else could notice.)

    Techno sat down heavily beside him with a grunt. Phil followed soon after, setting his helmet down more gently and beginning to unbuckle his chestplate and leather pauldrons. 

    “What are you working on, Wil?” he asked. 

    “Nothing in particular, right now. Just practicing, I suppose.” 

    Phil hesitated. “Can we hear you play?”

    Wilbur froze. He’d played around Phil plenty, but he hadn’t actually played for Phil in… years, now. When their relationship began to get worse, he’d stopped seeking his father’s approval of his music, and eventually stopped showing him what he was practicing at all. 

    Slowly, he nodded and picked up his guitar again. 

    “Well… I was thinking that this place, here, feels something like this…” 

    .  .  .

    Wilbur was just finishing the chords of his hastily-constructed song when he noticed a tremor in the ground. His fingers fumbled the last few notes and the sound went sour as he raised his head, almost instinctively, towards the east. 

    Phil and Techno must have noticed it too, because they were tense as well, and Phil was already reaching for his discarded armor. 

    Even as the two hurried to prepare themselves for whatever might be coming, Wilbur slowly set down his guitar and stared into the trees. 

    Those were undoubtedly footsteps. And judging by the timing… with his knowledge of his own height and footsteps… this giant was huge. 

    By the time it was near enough to see, Phil and Techno were fully armored and had their hands on their weapons. Wilbur’s eyes widened at the sight of the monster towering above him. They were almost as tall as Ranboo. They could easily take out the village without a fight.

    With barely a thought, Wilbur let the world twist and he met the giant’s eyes at maybe a hundred and fifty. He stumbled backwards, off-balance from the sudden shift, and felt branches crunch under his heel. His head snapped back in fear, but the glint of Phil’s sword caught his eye near his foot. Close, but not quite.

    The other giant was looking at him now. They seemed shocked, eyes flicking from his feet—where he’d been moments ago—up to his eyes and back again. 

    Then their frame tensed and Wilbur’s attention snapped into focus. No time to think. Wilbur lunged and caught them square in the chest, sending them both stumbling away from the village. But Wilbur wasn’t quite big enough to bring them down, and they pushed back. Wilbur couldn’t stop himself from falling backwards with an earth-shattering crash. Boulders bounced near his head and trees were uprooted and flung into the air. Wilbur groaned and rolled his head sideways. Through blurry vision, he saw the tiny figures of his brother and father, the glint of their armor and weapons in the sun, obscured by the rising dust. They were probably thirty feet away, but they were too close. A bit closer and his shoulder would have crushed them when he fell. 

    Groaning, Wilbur pushed himself up to a sitting position. Dirt smeared his cheeks and clothes. He glanced at the other giant; they were hanging back, wary, maybe considering retreat. They saw Wilbur shift, probably thought he could shift bigger than them. They had no idea this was as far as he could go right now.

    But they would realize soon. If they kept pushing him back and down, they’d notice. And as long as they kept pushing him down… Phil and Techno were in danger. 

    He reached for them clumsily, pausing when they scrambled away from his hand. Techno jumped out of reach, but Phil was still close enough, so he pulled him in with his fingers and lifted him in a loose fist. He felt the squirming struggles of the human in his hand; it did nothing. Wilbur’s hand barely twitched around Phil. 

    When Phil was close enough to hear, he listened.

    “Put me down, this is not safe!” Phil was yelling. His voice was strong, but there was a waver in it that Wilbur recognized. It was the same tremor he got when he talked about Wilbur’s mum. Something he’d previously mistaken for sorrow, but was perhaps fear. 

    “You’re safer here, Dad,” Wilbur said, then paused. The other giant was still eyeing them, watching the tiny speck that was Phil in his hand. “You will be safe,” he corrected.

    Then he brought his hand higher. He’d seen Ranboo do this to Tubbo before; he had every reason to believe it was safe. It had better fucking be safe. 

    In his hand, Phil began to kick and thrash. He tried to draw his blade, but his sword arm was thoroughly pinned by Wilbur’s fingers. Carefully, Wilbur pinched the blade and tugged until he felt Phil’s grip give, and he tossed the sword aside. Hopefully Techno would find and retrieve it.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Wilbur saw the monster stepping back, tensing again. 

    In his hand, his father screamed, startling Wilbur. It was a shriek that trailed off into a desperate sob, something miserable and terrified and panic-filled. 

    But the beast was already moving, so in seconds Wilbur shoved Phil into his mouth and shut it tightly. He felt Phil’s boots against his teeth, violently kicking in a last-ditch attempt to save his life, before Wilbur swallowed and rose to his feet. Even as he prepared to fight, he felt the weight settle in his stomach, warm and foreign and moving and fuck that was distracting. He felt a little queasy with the knowledge that that movement was his father’s terrified fighting. 

    There was no time to ponder that as a blow from the giant came crashing down on him, and Wilbur was just barely able to brace himself to stop it. He couldn’t fall yet; Techno was still on the ground, small and vulnerable.

    The other giant pushed against Wilbur’s arms, and he pushed back. He grit his teeth. A deep rumbling came from somewhere—came from him, he was growling—and with one last heave of strength, he threw the larger monster backwards. They stumbled but didn’t fall. 

    “You’re selfish,” the other giant snarled.

    Wilbur blinked but didn’t change his posture. “What?” 

    “Don’t act innocent,” they growled. “Defending this whole fucking village, eating one in front of me. You’re just showing off, you prick!” 

    Realization dawned on Wilbur, and he felt sick with it. This giant thought he was defending the village as his food source. He opened his mouth to protest, but something stopped him. 

    If they thought he was defending them as food, would they be more or less likely to leave? If they knew he cared about the villagers, would they use that against him? 

    He chose his next words carefully. 

    “Why do you think you have a right to this village? I was here first,” he said. 

    “Why do you think you have a right to it? They’re just food, you can fucking share—”

    “No,” Wilbur snarled. “They’re mine. Only I can e—can eat them. I worked hard for this.”

    The other giant took a measured step back, but didn’t look away. “Oh. You can change sizes, right? Have you worked to gain their trust? Lot of work for a meal, I’ll say.” Their eyes flickered to the village—taking in the size of it, the trails of smoke still rising from the chimneys, the broad cobbled pathways. “Well, more like a feast. I guess I understand.” 

    Wilbur didn’t trust himself to respond, so instead, he let a low, feral growl rise from him. It was wet with the promise of blood, and as the foreign giant’s eyes roved over his home, he felt he meant it. 

    They took another step back. Good. Good. Stay away. 

    Wilbur stalked closer, slow, threatening. He could almost see them weighing the risk—deciding if this village was worth a fight with a giant like Wilbur—before they turned tail and ran.

    He stood straight and watched their figure disappear into the wilderness. He was so focused on tracking their retreat, that he jerked forwards and yelped when he felt a blade slice his ankle without warning. He turned to see Techno, blood dripping from his sword and a hardened expression on his face. A deep cut stung on Wilbur’s ankle, just barely off-center—Techno must have been aiming for his tendon and missed. 

    “What the hell—” he began to say. 

    “GET AWAY FROM THE VILLAGE,” Techno screamed. Wilbur froze. He’d never heard Techno scream like that. He sounded… terrified. Hurt. 

    Oh fuck. Dad. 

    “Techno, look, I can explain—” 

    Techno roared and charged again, and Wilbur danced away easily. Techno’s momentum carried him past Wilbur and into a small clearing. He whipped around and snarled. The light shone on him, the sweat glistening on his face, his hair falling from his braid in strings, and the unbridled fury in his eyes that Wilbur could see clearly even from a distance. Seeing that rage directed at him, Wilbur felt a tight pain lance through his chest. He took a step back, caught off-guard. Techno saw him retreat and charged again. Wilbur had to take several more steps back to avoid him. 

    “Techno, please, listen, I won’t hurt you,” he begged. 

    “I’ll believe you if I ever see my father again, you MONSTER!” Techno snarled and continued to come after him, vaulting over boulders and logs like they were nothing.

    He was focused on Wilbur and Wilbur alone, and the shifter was suddenly struck with the thought that his brother was a giant hunter, born and raised. 

    He couldn’t get through to him this way. Hating every second of it, he set his jaw, turned, and ran. He ignored Techno’s hoarsely shouted curses and disappeared into the forest. 

    .  .  .

    It was nearly nightfall when Wilbur reached the cave. He stopped at the entrance, hand brushing the curtain of vines that concealed it. His other hand drifted to his midsection. 

    He could still feel the weight in there. He felt… full. The squirming and fighting had died down a while ago, but when his fingers brushed over the tiny figure inside him, it sparked a new round of kicks and uncomfortable shifting. He groaned. The movement slowed. It seemed to be losing fervor more quickly than before. 

    Wilbur dropped his hand and entered the cave.

    Ranboo was in the front this time, which he didn’t expect. Evidently, Ranboo didn’t expect company either, because he jumped when the vines shifted and Wilbur ducked inside. 

    “Oh, Wilbur, what are you—”

    Wilbur grabbed his arms and cut him off. “Please, Ranboo, I ate someone, how do I let him out? I—I know you’ve done this with Tubbo but I don’t know how.” 

    Ranboo’s eyes were wide. “Okay, calm down Wilbur, calm down, I—just calm down, okay? Sit down.”

    Wilbur took a deep, shuddering breath and released him, leaning back and sitting on his haunches. His eyes were surely dark and stormy as he stared with shaking hands. “How do I get him out?” He said again, quietly. 

    Ranboo sorted himself out, coming to sit on his knees in front of Wilbur. “Alright, how long ago?”

    “Maybe… twenty minutes?” 

    Ranboo nodded. “Okay, that’s fine. Just… you should have muscles that will do it if you flex them, just... they’re hard to find for the first time. Um… the first time, I did it by triggering my gag reflex. So, just touch that back of your throat, okay?”

    Wilbur hesitated, then nodded and tentatively stuck his fingers in his mouth. 

    As soon as he touched it, his throat convulsed and his abdominal muscles clenched. He felt the body in his stomach startle and move, and then begin to be pushed upwards. He groaned a bit and pulled his fingers out of his mouth. It felt absolutely sick, like throwing up in slow motion. 

    He almost startled as he felt a hand on his arm, comforting. When he looked up, Ranboo’s eyes were full of sympathy. “I know it feels bad the first time,” he said. “You’re doing great.” 

    Wilbur smiled weakly, then immediately covered his hands with his mouth because Phil was nearly there. Moments later, he coughed out the tiny human into his hands, dripping with saliva and acids that stung his hands. (Had Phil felt those? Was he hurt?)

    The body in his hands was shaking. 

    “Dad?” he whispered hoarsely. “Are you okay? I didn’t…” his voice wavered. “...hurt you?”

    Phil didn’t respond, just stared up at him with wide eyes. With a sinking feeling, Wilbur realized that they were red from crying.

    He thought he was going to die, Wilbur thought. He thought I was going to kill him. 

    “I’m sorry,” was all he could say, before lowering Phil to the cave floor and gently placing him on the dirt. He stumbled and looked up at him again. 

    And he finally spoke. “Why?” he asked. His voice was just as hoarse and battered as Wilbur’s. “Why did you do that?”

    Wilbur felt himself become smaller as shame pushed him down. “It was the only safe place,” he said quietly. “I couldn’t let you die. Anywhere else and you would have been in danger. Not just from the other one, but from me too. I could have stepped on you or fallen onto you.”

    “Then… why not Techno, too?”

    “I tried,” Wilbur admitted. “But I didn’t have time. And he was fighting harder.”

    “You didn’t know how to… let me out,” Phil said, accusingly. “I could have died.”

    “But you didn’t—” Ranboo began.

    “And YOU.” Phil whirled around, turning on him. “You have been eating my son, and I didn’t know? You’ve just been…” Phil trailed off, clearly at a loss for words. “I can’t believe this is happening!” He sounded shrill, hysterical. “I can’t believe… after all these years of protecting… I can’t…” He buried his face in his hands. “Right under my nose,” he groaned. “I can’t believe it.”

    Wilbur, now human-sized, stepped softly behind his father and put a hand on his shoulder. Phil flinched, then turned and saw who it was. 

    “Dad,” Wilbur said. “I’m sorry. Please. I didn’t want you to die. I didn’t want to scare you.” Unspoken were the words: please don’t be afraid of me.

    Phil almost seemed to soften, then. Wordlessly, he pulled Wilbur into a hug and held him tightly.

    “Never do that again,” Phil said when he pulled away. “I mean it. To me or your brothers.” 

    Wilbur nodded. 

    Phil stiffened and turned back to Ranboo, though one arm remained around Wilbur.

    “And you,” he said, voice nearly shaking with rage. “You and I will be having a very important talk soon. As soon as I let Techno know I’m okay, you and Tubbo are both going to have some explaining to do.” 

    Ranboo nodded quickly, ears flattening in shame and cheeks flushed. “I’m sorry,” he said meekly.

    Phil didn’t say anything, but his face and posture practically screamed you’d better be. 

    “We should go back,” Wilbur said, trying fruitlessly to take the brunt of Phil’s wrath from Ranboo. “I left Techno in the forest. It’s not safe out there.”

    Phil’s gaze lingered on Ranboo a moment longer before turning to the cave entrance. He nodded and began walking. Wilbur followed, shame making him feel smaller yet. He looked back to see Ranboo giving a tentative wave, before ducking through the vines after his father.

    .   .   .

    Well, there you go ;P

    I have chapter two in the works, but I’m much more picky about the quality than I am about this one, so even though its set later in the timeline, you get this oneshot first. 

    #our kind #our kind au #if this ever becomes canon pretend i posted it at the right time <3 #my writing#my posts#noms#extreme cuddling#mcyt noms#mcyt vore#mcyt g/t #Sizeshifter!wilbur #g!wilbur #t!philza #t!techno #g!ranboo #dreamsmp
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    #cyncerity#mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #sizeshifter!tommy au #tw vore #Eyes my Beloved
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