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  • vlena
    01.12.2020 - 5 monts ago
    elena gilbert loves two (2) vampires ,   but just in different timelines .
    #get that creepy katherine sharing a girlfriend shit out of here #sauvetore#suavetore #YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING HARD IT IS #FOR ME TO TAG THE RIGHT ONE OF YOU #IN THINGS #my brain hurts gdi #OUT OF .         𝚎𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚊 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗 𝚏𝚒𝚛𝚜𝚝 :   𝚑𝚞𝚖𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚍
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  • aquariusshadow
    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Live!Blogging Legacies s3x11

    Helloooooooo friends, how’s our methan legacies deprivation going? Two weeks....two weeks...but it's time for another Legacies Live!Blog! Ngl I did miss doing these ahaha


    well then we got some old timey shit going on here, im into it

    is this clarke

    this better be clarke

    i better be remembering properly

    that looks like an ascendant


    hi clarke

    yep ascendant...artifact...whatever

    damn, 4hrs of sleep (maybe) and im doin good with the brain thing

    awww look at hope reassuring cleo

    this is sweet

    "just be natural" stares intensely

    Jed no

    do not introduce time travel in this

    kaleb to cleo: a special someone

    me: .....hope? (excuse my cleope heart)

    landon would be a great history major

    Kai parker???

    did hope just say kai

    i really like how theyre writing handon




    "i was worried our days of superhero teamwork would be over"

    gdi lizzie

    platonic!mizzie only plz

    ethan come back

    really thats all we're gonna see of josie/hope/landon interaction one look

    wade!!!! hiiiiiiii where tf have you been

    i can see josie larping actually

    "im not here to bust up your bromance" ahaha

    im really impressed finch stayed by herself with this werewolf secret for so long

    ok lizzie calm down

    like a majority of werewolf first-tunes are almost always accidental



    i love him ahahahaha

    this is amazing

    i love him

    look at how he's making her laugh

    this is so fucking cute

    this is what i wanted with handon oh my gooooood

    rip necromancer i guess

    one of the few reasons why i enjoyed his character was he played gideon in season 3 of reign

    any reign fans reading this hmu (seriously hmu lmao)

    oh god wtf is that

    ew dont eat the



    be disgusting idc

    oooooooo is this how dark!josie comes back


    ok thats clever

    josies confronting her inner demons head on

    i like this

    "head-dive" it has a name now

    jesus finch

    you really dont know the whole story

    oooo kaylee heightened dark!josies voice a little bit

    i like that

    im getting some katherine pierce vibes??? at least with her mannerisms

    maaaaaaan i like how theyre showing us finch's backstory


    sigh im really not surprised she yeeted him back into reality

    but at least he can help heal her???

    landon and josie interaction to save hope??? yes plz

    oh god this isnt gonna go well with ethan going alone is it


    good lord

    idk this is a bit much for her

    i get shes trying to look out for josie

    but yikes

    "special candies"

    awwwwww poor finch

    this poor girl

    my headcanon is that josies gonna become a badass DnD player after this episode

    awww kaleb's attempt at flirting is pretty adorable

    aka be yourself kaleb thats all

    i really am getting katherine v elena vibes with josie and dark!josie (i really hope thats not an insult to katherine lmao)

    wade you sweet simple fool you tried

    so josie ended up taking her magic back to save hope...imma just leave it at that

    cmon wade

    be the fairy guardian you were meant to

    oh ok

    yeaaaaaaaa landon save your girl!!!


    finally saw landon saving hope

    such handon progression im so happy

    awwww kaleb wanted to protect cleo

    thats really sweet

    idk why im not as into these two as a couple compared to some of the other ships BUT i am liking them more as the episodes go by!

    handon communication! handon communication!

    hope's starting to trust him yaaaaaay

    hope's playing dnd


    never thought i'd say this but handon is starting to reach couple goals for me

    hey mg...ethan kinda...went off by himself...

    so, lizzie supports the methaness going on

    thats all im taking away from this scene

    this is what i mean when i say i like platonic!mizzie

    mg is so sweeeeeeeeeet i love him



    hosie convo! i repeat hosie convo! finally

    man i really want josie to go play dnd

    no........nooooooooo dont tell me landon isnt landon

    see heres my thing

    if the landon we've been seeing this entire time wasnt landon

    then all that handon development we finally got


    that being said i do find this incredibly interesting


    I swear these episodes are just higher in quality! So, if Landon isn’t Landon, then what does that mean for all the positive Handon progression the past few episodes since Landon’s been back? Also, Methan how I’ve missed you.

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  • nunyabizni
    06.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • just-another-wasteland-merc
    17.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Fic Writer Meme!

    I got tagged by @asaara-writes! Thank you so much for tagging me! I tag @sm0lp0tat0-writes, @thenightmotherwrites, @pchberrytea, @bagheera-is-back and anyone else who wants to that hasn’t already been tagged! Never any pressure if you don’t want to. I still love you!

    1. Name: Merc

    2. Fandoms: Fallout 4, but I’ve been thinking of getting back into Mass Effect (The Em and Mac AU I came up with for that is starting to re-kindle some love for the trilogy again)

    3. Most Popular Oneshot: Uh. So I’m going to count my Tumblr posts, or I won’t have anything for this category. It was the kiss prompt #7, right here!

    4. Most popular multichapter: I only have one, and its here! Stimpacks and Sniper Rounds! I’m hoping to get further on this tomorrow, but for those who stop by and take a look, thank you! 

    5. Actual worst part of writing: God, everything when it’s not going the way I want it. I don’t actually mind editing, because I do really like adding details. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep it on the track I want it to. Brain goes one way, fic says NO. I know I have complete control, but do I? Haha.

    6. How you choose your titles: Sometimes it takes a good deal of thought, but really, titles tend to smack me in the face. Stimpacks and Sniper Rounds was a smack in the face. 

    7. Do you Outline?: Sometimes. I have the main idea and just fill it with details later, but if I take notes for a prompt, it’s hand-written unless I’m streaming. Then everyone gets to see the whole process, including the blank stares as the cursor blinks on the screen.

    8. Ideas I probably won’t get around to, but wouldn’t it be nice? Hm. I have stuff planned for Em and Mac, but I think the only one that I probably won’t have enough energy for is when Em heads to Nuka World. I like the DLC, and I may write enough for them to get through the Gauntlet, but I don’t think it’ll be a: very long, and b: really rough. If it comes out, then I’ll consider it a major achievement. 

    9. Callouts @ Me: I really have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like what I write, and while it garners attention, I need to keep on the road that I’m writing to tell their story, and write them the way I see them vs how others want me to see them.

    10. Best writing traits: I do like how I’m able to schedule time to do a prompt, or to write a chapter of the fic, and just sit down and do it. I also sometimes like how I write little kids, especially baby Katherine. Lastly, I love fluff, and I love writing it. I want to think that I’m pretty good at writing the softer scenes. 

    11. Spicy Tangential Opinion: Hm. Y’know, write what you want. If you want to write a dirty, smutty fic about two characters that would never do it otherwise, WRITE IT. Someone will definitely see it, and that someone will thank you for writing what they either couldn’t, or were nervous about. You want to write it? Write it! Tag appropriately, of course, but gdi, write it. I will support you!

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  • ficforthought
    09.08.2020 - 9 monts ago
    #asked and answered #ask ficforthought#my thoughts#teen wolf #the vampire diaries #the originals#hannibal #my beautiful boys #my feels
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  • the-bon-fire
    16.02.2014 - 7 years ago
    #justmarried!v #gdi katherine #sentiment is good #v good for bon #boundbyasmirk#ask#asks
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  • imperfectxarchive
    24.09.2013 - 7 years ago
    #that's bascially what's gonna happen for the rest of the night #drinking#gdi katherine
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  • iwantariot
    21.02.2013 - 8 years ago

    omfg omfg omfg omfg

    #ooc #just got caught up with the vamp diaries #and omfg#gdi katherine#gdi
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