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  • gentil-minou
    16.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #i can also make this about sentiadrien #but i will refrain #unless folks want me too >.> #i love enablers <.< #miraculous ladybug#adrien agreste#ml meta #gabriel agreste's a+ parenting #the a stands for abuse #ml psychology #asked and answered #ml kuro neko #ml spoilers
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  • iwasbored777
    16.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Gaslighting isn't Ladybug telling Chat Noir she'll never abandon him and then accidentally making it look like she would due to the current situation, gaslighting is when Hawk Moth told his son that Ladybug is the cause of his trauma and Chat Noir believed him.

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  • simpendragons
    16.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    k my take on the marinette/adrien situation is that they have a fundamental disconnect bc of how they define relationships - yes I know there’s like 7000 posts abt this yes I’m adding one too bc I feel like people haven’t said this yet - so marinette has a really safe stable social life with good friends and a supportive family. She can be fully herself around them including insecurities, mistakes, and even lashing out a bit at them and still feeling safe and loved in the relationship. I’m thinking like siblings right now, she has people where lashing out at them every once in a while is more a symbol of being comfortable enough around them to do that than a symbol of not liking them or not needing them.

    So this is her definition of a good relationship - one where you can be honest about everything you’re feeling, the good, the annoyed, the bad, and still come back day after day and be secure. Meanwhile, Adrien doesn’t have that relationship definition. All of his relationships are predicated on the need for him to not have flaws and not make mistakes. We see this bc Gabriel has such high standards and places so much pressure on him, how adrien is guarded and pretends to be perfect even in front of his closest friends. For adrien, his definition of a good relationship doesn’t include security in the face of passing annoyance. So when lb thinks she is letting her guard down by letting annoyance show, cn thinks she hates him and wants him to leave.

    So there’s this fundamental disconnect where marionettes definition of a stable relationship includes the security to lash out once in a while and still come back, but adrien has never had that before bc his father makes him be perfect in order to ‘deserve’ a good relationship, so when lb lashes out he actually takes it as she wants him to leave which is not at all what she is intending it to be.

    As someone with siblings I know how nice it can be to have people who you can be secure enough to be a little mean to! Obviously that doesn’t mean actively be terrible to there has to be a balance but it’s a different level of safeness in a relationship that I don’t think adrien has ever really had and so I think that’s a big source of the problem between them this season.

    #anyways see if anyone reads this lol but I have a lot of feelings about this #kuro neko spoilers #miraculous ladybug#ml spoilers#kuro neko #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste #Gabriel once again is the worst #ml meta#i guess
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  • thegirlwithherheadintheclouds
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Time to save Adrien

    @lukacouffainesurvivingoncaffeine @juleka-couffaine-is-here @kagami-tusurgi @zoe-bourgeois-sneakers-only @marinette-du-pain-cheng

    Okay guys. You've probably heard by now that @gabrielagrestebrand has trapped our friend @adrien-a-agreste in his house once again.

    We are going to storm the house (or like quietly sneak in) and take Adrien back to the house boat where Queen Anarka can protect him from his father (who is working with hawkmoth?? How did I not know this??). Everyone meet at the house boat and we will proceed from there.

    @theallmightymayura is offering her assistance....and I...don't quite know what to say about that...she said she'll make a senti-Adrien.

    So that's the plan up till now...

    #another life with parisian superheroes #why is gabriel agreste working with hawkmoth #mayura is on the good side?? #let's get this guy #free adrien#emancipate adrien
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  • harukaminami
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Bath in sunset~

    Finally ☠👄☠

    Aite time to go invisible again 🙈

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  • xxxcertifiednerdxxx
    16.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    gonna be honest, the main reason I like Luka is bc he is one of my types lol.

    also adrien/chat noir

    also kagami

    also marinette

    also juleka and rose and Alya and Nino and Mylene and Alix and Kim and....


    #gonna be honest there is no character in ml who isn't fine #except Gabriel he's a butt #ml#nerd-out#nerd out#luka couffaine#adrien agreste#chat noir#kagami tsuguri #marinette dupain cheng #marinette dupain-cheng#juleka couffaine#rose lavillant#alya cesaire#nino lahiffe#mylene haprele#alix kubdel #kim le chien #le chien kim
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  • whimsicallyconfusedforlife
    16.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    So if season 3 was Marinette’s angst over her inability to confess her feelings and her fears over Adrien and his possible feelings for kagami and season 4 is Adrien’s angst and depression over feeling unworthy and incredible low self esteem, here’s hoping season 5 is all about Gabriel’s angst because the heroes are hot on his tail and breathing down his neck…

    #miraculous ladybug#adrien agreste#ml spoilers #marinette dupain cheng #it’s Gabriel’s turn #angst
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  • nervousbelieverstarfish
    16.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Chat Noir: Good job, little one

    Ladybug: Hold on, how did you just call me? I could be older than you, you're not allowed to call me "little one"!

    Chat Noir: I'm taller than you, so I'll call you "little one"

    Ladybug: I'll kick your ass into space so you'll be taller than anyone. But without a spacesuit. So you'll also be dead

    Chat Noir: Okay, I died. Now what?

    Ladybug: Now I'm taller than you, because you're BURIED!

    Ladybug: *evil laughs*

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous#ml #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #adrien agreste#ladybug #miraculous ladybug and cat noir #mlb#gabriel agreste#hawkmoth#shadow moth#miraculous memes#ml memes#mlb memes#ml edit#miraculous edit#mlb edit#ml shitpost#cat noir #ml incorrect quotes #miraculous incorrect quotes #mlb incorrect quotes #incorrect miraculous quotes #incorrect miraculous ladybug quotes #miraculous shitpost#mlb shitpost #incorrect mlb quotes #incorrect ml quotes
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  • flightfoot
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #ask#miraculous ladybug#gabriel agreste#adrien agreste #Yeah I wasn't entirely sure what to make of this ask #miracuclass
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  • artist-l-e
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Anti-Heroes AU

    Time for another, slightly more mature-ish AU for Miraculous, entirely inspired by the mind control butterflies from Peacemaker.

    More under the cut.

    Okay, so in this AU, akumas would bury themselves in people, namely their heads, like their inspiration source.

    And unlike the Miraculous canon, they don't change the victim physically. In fact, the victim may continue on normally with their day even after becoming infected with an akuma. Few would notice any changes.

    That is until the victim comes into close proximity with one of our heroes.

    When that happens, the akuma takes over. The victim loses any personal agency, dropping whatever they were doing with a wayward stare before seeking out the heroes. It is also around then when they'd display any kind of mild superpower to be used in combat.

    Since our enemies are so plain and normal looking, our heroes thus act in secret. Their goal would be to knock the victim unconscious somehow and to surgically remove the akuma from their bodies.

    Ladybug here takes on the bulk of the surgery aspect, though she can engage in combat if needed/wanted.

    She takes her task very seriously, perhaps even having given up on her own dreams and aspirations to learn how to be the best she can be from Master Fu.

    Master Fu himself would have the power to maintain a magical room that can appear anywhere in which the heroes bring the akuma victims, going by the name of the irregulars, for surgery.

    Since he is older, he'd teach Marinette all she needs to know, but feels some guilt for having to rely on her and Adrien's help, thus trying to make it as painless of a situation to be in as possible.

    Chat Noir, meanwhile, takes on the bulk of the fighting. He'd be the most out and about to try and locate any irregulars, taking them out and bringing them to Ladybug to fix.

    He likely suffered a lot from the isolation during his childhood, being a pretty closed off fella who doesn't talk about his emotions all that much and thus tends to be a little more brutal when fighting unintentionally.

    Him and Ladybug are likely at odds over that, but he tries to better himself, taking their vigilante work equally important as for caring for her opinion.

    They use their powers a little less often in this, likely don't have to call out their powers to use them and are likely in their early to late 20s instead of early teens.

    Sad to say, but this AU wouldn't have kwamis, as they don't really fit in here. Sorry.

    Hawkmoth, on the other hand, may suffer a bit more from the use of his abilities.

    Gabriel is likely even more of a shut in, leaving his son to take care of him while hardly engaging with him and still controlling him despite him being an adult now.

    As for his hideout, it would likely be covered in bundles of egg sacks of his akumas. He's likely able to create more than one at a time, sending them out to find hosts at night.

    But before they can be send out, they likely consume a teeny tiny bit of Gabriel's body. His entire right arm, parts of his waist on the right side and teeny tiny bits of his face are likely peppered with teeny tiny dents, with his arm likely being quite disfigured.

    Adrien likely suspects his dad is really suffering from some mental breakdown after Emilie died/disappeared and the doctor he got to look at his dad is likely under Gabriel's control, hence why nothing really changes/happens there.

    It's likely Paris is somewhat aware of what is going on, as people would be found with surgical scars passed out on the street as for a few shaky pictures of the heroes, namely Chat Noir, and are on edge over these events.

    Maybe at some point, they'd learn the truth and people would have regular check ups in the hospital to find akumas hiding in them and Ladybug and Chat Noir's workload would be eased.

    But at the start, they can only do so much about the messy situation they're in.

    And that's about all I got so far for this AU.

    Don't forget to like and reblog if you liked it and do PM if you got inspired, I'd love to see what you all got to this ^^

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  • blepz
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I vote. Instead of sending Gabriel to jail to be held accountable for his actions. We just, push Nathalie past her limit (the woman's gotta have one somewhere), and then lock them both in a room together and let the heroes wait it out. As they listen as Nathalie runs through all the shit Gabriel's put her through over the time they've known each other and everything she wants as compensation.

    #She finishes her first sentence and he's already sobbing #nathalie sancoeur#gabriel agreste#miraculous ladybug#mlb
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  • e-milieeee
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    every time i think abt ladybug and chat noir height difference i feel stupidly happy 

    #height differences my BELOVED #ml#ladynoir#em rambles #off topic but u know who has a height difference? shadowmoth and gabriel agreste #its so trippy that he grows a mf head every time he transforms like bro #hes like canonically 2 feet tall why does he need to add height during his transformation what a loser #and i mean that as loser (derogatory)
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  • harriyanna
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #sigh#welp#gabenath#gabriel agreste#nathalie sancoeur #pee girl salt #plaggandadrienbondingisthebest get off tumblr #plaggandadrienbondingisthebest #miraculous fandom salt
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  • natedogx15
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Adrien After The Victory Over Hawkmoth

    I began thinking about this possibility involving the Agreste Family after Gabriel is defeated.

    This is most likely going to be non-canon since Thomas Astruc calls Adrien perfect, however, I decided to make a more realistic outcome for him.

    The Agreste Family will likely lose all of their fortune when the known terrorist Hawkmoth loses. Their business’s stocks will likely plummet and they’d likely have to give up a lot of that money as collateral to the people of Paris for everything Gabriel’s done to them. This has been an outcome in a lot of salt fics. However, I’d like to dive a little deeper than the more immediate affects of Hawkmoth’s defeat, specifically towards Adrien if he wasn’t adopted by his aunt.

    Adrien is this sheltered boy who hasn’t had to do manual labor type work. He has worked as a model, but most models don’t do much else other than stare at a camera. Now, Adrien does have some skills, such as being bilingual. However, that may not be enough.

    Adrien would develop the reputation as Hawkmoth’s son and it would be hard for him to find a job and manage to keep it with that kind of reputation. Even if he revealed himself as Chat Noir I don’t think it would do much since Paris only cared about him for the supposed relationship with Ladybug. Not only that but Adrien most likely doesn’t understand how to take care of himself. Even if we take out the idea where Gabriel has his son on a diet he’d still most likely have someone cooking for him. Not to mention other tasks like laundry, shopping, etc.

    Now, Adrien is fourteen years old and that means entitled to be sent to an orphanage if no one adopts him. So he may likely learn those needed skills but I’m not sure since I don’t know much about orphanages. Except, the reputation would still likely stick. No one can forget the year that they kept getting attacked by supervillains because of a mad man. Meaning that handicap in life will stay.

    The point is Adrien is in a win if he loses situation and a lose if he wins situation. He’s also potentially in a lose lose situation. If Hawkmoth won and used the wish to bring back his wife then Adrien will win because his whole family is back. However, this depends on if the idea of balance is true and in the end it sacrifices Adrien instead of someone else. If Ladybug and Chat Noir win, then Adrien will lose his comfortable life style from the consequences of Gabriel’s actions. So Adrien has around a 1/3 chance of winning and that chance comes from him losing to his dad.

    #adrien salt #gabriel agreste salt #ml salt #miraculous ladybug discussion
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  • gg-ladybug
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fuck you and your ‘Gabriel suffers in prison’ trope, where’s my Gabriel beating the shit out of someone in jail for making comments about the heroes?

    Them: *Insert comment ripped straight out of a NSFW tumblr page*


    #disrespecting teenagers? #it would be on fucking SIGHT #even Gabriel would hate some of ya’ll on this god forsaken dumpster fire of an app #miraculous#mlb#miraculous ladybug#memes#miraculous memes#gabriel agreste#hawkmoth#adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng
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  • gabrielagrestebrand
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    On The Subject Of Adrien

    For those curious where @adrien-a-agreste is at the moment, I have prepared a small statement.

    While Adrien is his own man, and is eager to explore the world around him, this newfound adventurous spirit CANNOT come at the cost of his efforts academically or in his work as a Model at Agreste.

    Due to this, and his recent decisions to both pick fights on Tumblr with Chat Noir, and to spend his first night ungrounded to immediately sneak out of the house and go to a sleepover, I have decided to help him refocus his efforts by returning him to homeschooling for the time being.

    He is not grounded, nor has his social media been restricted, but i believe it is best for his sake, and the sanity of both myself and his bodyguard that he remain WELL within our line of sight for the time being. He may resume public school at a later date, but whether this will occur will have to be seen.

    Thank you all for your concern.

    - Gabriel Agreste, Founder and CEO of Gabriel

    #another life with parisian superheroes #gabriel agreste#adrien agreste #Hawkmun: Back in the slammer boy
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