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  • roninkairi
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Remember that commission by @aeolusagain from a couple of months ago?

    Here's a colored version by N-Kosi!

    (I probably should also finish up on Persona 5 Strikers for the PS4. Yeah that's right I liked it that much)

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  • dailytechnologynews
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Plans for largest US solar field (850MW) in Nevada scrapped after successful NIMBY campaign https://ift.tt/3BARiiC

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  • dailytechnologynews
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can Consciousness Be Explained by Quantum Physics? New Research https://ift.tt/3BO349N

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  • gigglinggadget
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    No bc listen,,,,,

    Balan's so big and tall, he could just scoop you up and hold you close while he t*ckles you.

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  • gigglinggadget
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    There are so many characters i want to be wrecked by,,,,,but t*ckle monster balan is on the brain,,,,,

    #gadget speaks#cryinh #tk monster!balan brainrot
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  • dovahcourts
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Family matters? What kind of a family murders you just because you strayed from the path they wanted you to take” Art Blog

    #Illustration#Inspector Gadget#OC art #Inspector Gadget OC #Christopher Moore Brown #Allie Ezra Brown #John Gabriel Brown #Just my Art #Art: Inspector Gadget #CW: blood#CW: gore#CW: death #Inspector Gadget ADR
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  • igalog
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #gadget - tech
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  • bostoniangirl85
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Inspector Gadget fanfic preview: “Ghosts of Transylvania”

    From Ch. 1 of “Ghosts of Transylvania”, set about 4 months after the events of “Through Thick and Thin”. I’ve been slowly writing out scenes to this story between “A Man’s Worth”, because I can never just focus on one story at a time.

    Enjoy some family fluff and feels for your Sunday evening!  :)

    “There we are, Penny, 158.50 centimeters exactly!”

    Penny frowned as she stepped away from the wall, eyeing the mark her uncle had marked to record her height. “Gosh, I really thought I’d be a bit taller by now,” she sighed.

    Gadget chuckled as his Gadget hand withdrew back into his hat. “Well, maybe it’s because I used up all of the tall genes in the family.” Penny giggled and shook her head. “I don’t think that’s how genetics work, Uncle Gadget.” 

    Gadget chuckled as he gently patted her head with one hand. “Well, at least you didn’t inherit my nose!” he added, playfully tapping her slender nose and making Penny’s smile widen.

    Instead of releasing her Gadget’s smile faded into a more wistful expression. His hand moved from Penny’s head to gently cup her chin, tilting her face up. “You’re growing up so fast,” he said quietly, his thumb stroking her cheek. “I still can’t believe you’ll be starting high school in the fall,” then adding with forced cheerfulness, “Why, before I know it you’ll be all grown up!” Penny saw the sadness in his eyes, heard the fear of being alone in his voice, and felt her heart clench. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I’m not grown up just yet, Uncle,” she said gently. “And I’m not going anywhere.” She closed her eyes and pressed her face into his shirt as she spoke, smiling as she felt the familiar weight of his arms gently holding her. His body was still warm from his early morning workout and she could hear the faint hum of electricity that pulsed in tandem with his heartbeat. She felt his hand in her hair, stroking the strands that now hung past her shoulders. “You know, I was just thinking the other day...someday you’ll be married and…”

    “Uncle Gadget!” exclaimed Penny, pulling away enough to look up at him with a flaming face. “I promise, getting married is the last, and I do mean last, thing on my mind,” she added firmly, knowing her face was covered in a furious blush.

    Gadget chuckled and cupped her face in both his hands, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I know, Penny. It’s just that time seems to go by quicker for adults.” “Well, I’m not going anywhere soon,” Penny repeated firmly, wanting to cheer her uncle up. “And the only thing that’s been on my mind lately is what we’re doing for summer vacation.” “I have a few things to take care of here in town, but how about we go somewhere? A change of scenery is what we both need, I think,” said Gadget as he turned on the sink to wash his face and hands before getting some coffee. Brain barked excitedly at the mention of vacation and Penny laughed. “Brain thinks that’s a great idea!” Gadget smiled at their dog before pouring a cup of coffee. “I need to run some errands tomorrow. How about I drop you off at the mall? You probably need some new clothes for school.”

    “Sure, Uncle,” said Penny. “I want to get an early start on my textbooks too. They’re cheaper now than they will be in a few months when the fall term starts.” “An excellent idea, Penny! Do you already know which books you’ll need?” “Yes, the counselor gave us our schedules and booklists the last week of the term.” Penny hopped up onto the counter as she spoke, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket.

    “I’m taking advanced Algebra, Statistics, Chemistry, English, History, and French. And for electives I’m taking Latin and soccer,” she said as she reviewed the schedule.

    #inspector gadget fanfic #gadget and penny family feels #penny (inspector gadget) #inspector gadget 80s
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  • dailytechnologynews
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    RNA breakthrough to Agricultural productivity https://ift.tt/3kKFvbF

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  • techxgames
    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Linux 5.14-rc3 Released - It's In Good Shape

    Following last week's big kernel in the form of Linux 5.14-rc2, rc3 is now available and it's much saner this week with fewer changes and those scattered changes being on the smaller side... from Phoronix https://ift.tt/2UDYCcV via IFTTT

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  • fullmoonfireball
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    fuck it *tries to do a redraw from memory*

    #Vesper's Art #Gary the Gadget Guy #Club Penguin#Gijinka Doofuses #the gary when he needs a holiday idk i never read the manga
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  • askdanandtheepfteam
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    @ruby-static "a whole lotta pictures" edition!

    Where its all mostly just what i like to think of as the gang taking funny photos (and one "oh god oh fuck" one too

    Quil: flightless? Nah

    Quil just using water jets to fuckin yeet himself into the air!

    Anna: haha imma kill!

    Anna with a snowball bazooka- oh god watch out she's armed-

    Bonnie chopping up salmon with a sword- *wheeze* i can see this happening

    Quil: i have some concerns.

    Tmw you go to take a group photo and the camera shy one grabs a bunch of letters to mess around.

    And the "oh god oh fuck" one! Riki was playing a video game and anna was watching cause "ooo looks cool" and shira went to take the photo-

    And- maybe herbert made a machine that makes people's nightmares and sleep paralysis demons and ect reality because shira caught this

    Shira caption: uhhh what the fuck??

    Dreamscape bones is just as much of a bitch as his ded counterpart. He isn't a ghost either. Just a manifestation of the trauma the bastard gave to riki, he doesnt have his personality, or anything like bones. It just follows him like a shadow.

    Gary: i made a machine that can see peoples dreams!

    Gary: riki, wanna try it out?

    Riki: ok

    Meanwhile....in the dream...

    Riki: pleASE FUCK OFF!

    Anna: i have....SEVERAL concerns

    Anna: i think lily is gonna have a field day trying to figure this out-

    Tmw you hope your lucid dreaming abilities would make the shown dreams more pleasant. Instead you get a cryptic and unpredictable regular dream Instead

    And the finale!

    DS!bones: damn shawty u ok?

    Riki: fuck off let me have a good dream this is why i learned to lucid dream

    #agent a anna #agent a quil #agent a bonnie #shira#riki #dreamscape!bones #gary the gadget guy #club penguin ocs #club penguin oc #club penguin#tw trauma
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  • dailytechnologynews
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    'Generator' turns plastic trash into edible protein https://ift.tt/3eWGj9L

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