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    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sweet as Pie

    BHM/FFA, weight gain, feeding, SFW/non-explicit, medium length

    Megan sighed, tossing her phone on the table. One month into quarantine lockdown and she was bored beyond belief. Her usual hobbies were all outdoors based and her body was growing restless. There were only so many yoga poses to do and miles to run on a treadmill.

    She wished she could handle it as well as her boyfriend, Ryan. While he had been into sports, he also had an easy time switching to eSport video games. She could hear him yelling at his team to pick up the ball and sighed again,  picking up a magazine from the table. 

    It was one of those "home life" magazines that you never really knew how you got subscribed to it, but the promise of a clutter free home pulled you in. This edition was trying to hype up the summer, promising perfect early summer flowers to plant and perfect patio arrangements. 

    She lazily flipped through until an article caught her eye. "Start Practicing for Blue Ribbon Pies". It covered the highly competitive world of pie making. She found herself fascinated as she read, an idea taking shape.

     "Ryan! I found my new hobby!" She yelled, running into their office that was slowly turning into his gaming room. He paused his screen, and slid his head phones down, turning his chair to grin at her.

    "Oh yeah? What is it?"

    "Pie making!" 

    "What? I mean, sounds like fun, but you don't really eat dessert."

    "I know, but you do. Besides, I can practice and hopefully by the time summer rolls around, I'll be ready to enter a competition.  This way I can work with my hands, use my creativity,  and it's competitive! See? They have ribbons!" She pointed to a printed image of a blue ribbon and wiggled her eyebrows as she grinned at him.

    He grinned back at her, her enthusiasm casting him in a warm glow. He was  glad to see her back to "normal", and more like herself.  The past month had been hard, but more so on her. He was happy to embrace the introverted lifestyle; having run himself thin trying to match her energy. He probably should've been more honest with her, but he had been so infatuated, he had agreed to going hiking before he realized it.

    But he hadn’t been too upset, after all the activity helped keep his weight down from his bad eating habits.

    "So… what do you say? Will you be my taste tester?"

    "Of course. I accept this glorious burden.” He said, leaning back in his chair with his arms wide, as if inviting her to feed him.

    "Perfect. I think I can start tomorrow, but it will be pretty basic. I need to start a list…” She muttered, leaving him to continue his game, a smile tugging at his lips.


    “Voila! A chocolate cream pie with whipped topping and shaved chocolate on top.” She announced, carrying a pie into the office. He paused his game and eagerly watched as she set it down.

    “Mmm… looks delicious.”

    “Well, the crust is pre-bought, and the whipped cream is from a tub. But it’s getting there.” She said, carefully cutting a slice for him. Instead of cutting the pie into eighths, she slices it into sixths so that the pieces are bigger and it disappears faster, letting her bake another one sooner.

    “Well, it looks great.” He accepts the plate and watches as she pulls out a notebook, flipping it open to the handwritten recipe on the first page.

    “So just give me your thoughts, and be critical. No hard feelings.”

    “Okay.” He took a bite, carefully chewing before taking a second bite. “The shell, as expected, is a bit bland and soggy.”

    “What makes a good crust in your opinion?”

    “One that is a bit buttery and flaky, but still tender. It doesn;t subtract from the pie itself, but you could eat it alone and still have flavor.” He watched as she nodded, scribbling down as he wrote. “The pie filling is pretty good. It’s creamy and chocolatey, but it’s not as smooth as it could be.  Maybe some of the cream cheese wasn’t mixed in? And some more chocolate taste would be good, but it’s not a huge critique.The whipped topping is okay, but it’s just okay. The chocolate curls are nice though.”

    “Okay, so to sum it up: blend better; use real whipped cream; and more chocolate. You know, I heard of people adding coffee to boost the flavor, but the coffee doesn’t come through. I may try that next…” She wrote some more, and passed him another slice for any final thoughts before leaving him and the pie at his desk. 

    Shrugging, he turned back to his game and loaded up a new match. After a few rounds, he found himself pulling another slice onto his plate and digging in.  As the day wore on, and by the time Ryan fell into bed, the pie tin was empty and his belly was rounded out from his effort.

    In the dark, Meg rolled into his side, carefully laying her head on his arm and reaching down to rub his belly.

    “You did pretty good today. And here I was worried you’d get tired of my new hobby after my first poor attempt.”

    “Of course not! And it was good, really good, obviously.”

    “Well, thank you for putting up with me. I’ll make a solo run to the store tomorrow. Any requests?”

    “We need more ranch, I think.”

    “I was talking about pie flavors, silly. I saw the ranch bottle in the trash.”

    “Oh, uh… apple sounds good.”

    “Easy enough.” She gave his belly one last rub before placing her palm on top of the swollen mound and they slowly fell asleep.


    A few months had passed, and many, many pies had wound up in Ryan’s belly. And there was no denying it, he had a belly. While he was no Adonis before, his belly had puffed out and hung over his sweatpants. The scale relayed a 30 pound gain, which made sense considering he had been eating five or six pies a week. Ryan knew he should be worried, but honestly? He still had time before quarantine ended to fix it. It was only July, so hopefully things would be opening soon so Meg could submit her pies in competitions and move on from the hobby. Or maybe just slow it down. But until then, he would keep eating the slices of heaven. 

    Meg was thrilled with her personal taste tester. She had finally found the perfect pie crust recipe and had gotten it perfected with his help. And he eagerly looked forward to her pie of the day, considering that was usually his way of greeting her as they woke up. She had noticed his belly, but it didn’t bother her the way it would some of her friends. In fact… she kinda liked it. It showed how good of a baker she was and how irresistible he found her pies. So what he got fat? It was quarantine. 

    July dragged by, and the time for summer festivals and state fairs was closing. Her hope of summertime blue ribbons shifted to fall events, her hope of a return to normalcy keeping her focused.

    Today’s pie offering was classic apple, but entirely homemade from scratch. She had found mini pie tins, each the size of two normal slices.

    “Alright, get comfy. I have a special one for today. It’s apple pie, but there are varieties.”

    “Ooh, I like it. Whatcha got?” His eyes brightened as she laid the four offerings in front of him, naming off each as she set them down. 

    “First up, caramel apple pie. Instead of a normal pie crust on top, it is a crumble style topping with caramel drizzle.There is also caramel bits in the pie, too.

    “Second up is an apple pie with a maple glazed bacon weave top. Because what is more American than bacon and apple pie?

    “Third is a bourbon apple pie, served with a honey whipped cream.

    “And the last is just plain old apple pie, with homemade ice cream.”

    “Damn, Meg. You really outdid yourself.”

    “Thank you. Oh, and I have a couple slices of sharp cheddar cheese to try with the classic. I guess it’s pretty big in the midwest?”

    “Hmm, I’ll give it a shot but I have my doubts. Alright, want me to start with a certain one?”

    “Let’s go caramel apple first.” He pulled the tray closer and inspecting it. 

    "Definitely like the presentation.  It's a good crumble, it breaks apart easy as I scooped into it." He took a bite, carefully chewing. He took a few more bites, before remembering that he was supposed to be helping as she smiled patiently. "Oh, uh… I like the caramel bits inside, it helps keep it from being just caramel on top. I think less of the nutmeg and cinnamon spices would be better, so more caramel comes through.  But not bad, overall."

    "Okay, that all seems doable. Let's do the bacon next." She turned over the page as he began eating, carefully watching as he ate the whole mini-pie.

    "Not bad, I think it's a fun idea but I can feel the fat in my veins from the grease. I think if you were to try it again,  I'd do a candied bacon top so it's more crunchy and less chewy. It also might help cut down the grease a bit. The smoke flavor from the bacon can be a bit overwhelming, but that is going to change between different brands. It’s a fun idea, but needs some work."

    "Great points. I was a bit worried about the smoke flavor, so next time I’ll do some shopping around for bacon. How do you feel about taste testing that for me?”

    "I can already feel the fat piling on. But I’m definitely willing.” He joked, pausing as he remembered he was already fat. He lightly cleared his throat and pulled the bourbon pie closer, critiquing as he ate. “Alright, so, already off the bat: the crust looks amazing. The top is golden and flaky. The whipped cream on its own is amazing. Seriously, wow. The apple mixture is top notch; the slight hint of bourbon really elevates the apples with a warm vanilla flavor. And some filling and whip cream? So freaking good.” He ate through the pie quickly, scrapping the tin for the last bit. Meg only smiled, marking a star on the top right of the page.

    “So you’re a fan?”

    “Very. I can’t even find anything bad with it.” He said, leaning back with a sigh. He rubbed the side of his belly, not quite full but warm and happy. 

    “Flatterer. Alright one left and I’ll let you go rest.” She scooted the tin over to him and he gave the same remarks about the crust, to no surprise. He made appreciative noises as he ate the ice cream with some of the pie.

    “I mean, it’s good. But it’s just kind of … plain.”

    “Maybe we should’ve started with that one.” She laughed, closing her notebook. She stood from their table and kissed his cheek, patting his belly, before heading off to the kitchen with a wink. “Guess I’ll make a full sized bourbon apple pie for your efforts.”

    Ryan stood up, feeling pretty full after eating the equivalent of a full pie. The worst part was he knew he would eat another pie by the end of the day, and he was looking forward to it.


    The end of summer and fall passed by quickly, still with restrictions in place, but their city was beginning to open for Christmas for small get-togethers. Ryan pushed off dieting in the last five months and was regarding himself in the mirror, another 60 pounds heavier and was just shy of 280 pounds, an almost hundred pound gain since March. He poked his belly, watching as his finger disappeared in the flesh. He knew he was out of control, and he should go out there to tell Meg to slow down her baking.

    But… he wasn’t unhappy. Not really. And Meg didn’t seem to care about his weight, and she would frequently touch his belly or bubble butt or his moobs. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but why rock the boat? 

    “Hey, did you find something that fits?” She asked, walking into their room.

    “Not yet. Everything is a bit too snug. Guess I should’ve ordered more clothes.”

    “What about this?” She asked, holding up a knit sweater.

    “Here, let me show you.” He slid off his t-shirt and pulled on the sweater, standing in front of her to show her the sliver of belly poking out the bottom. But the exposed lower belly was the least of his concern: the shirt was stretched around him, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. “See? I look even bigger?”

    “You look great, Ry. Very handsome.”

    “Liar, but I appreciate it. Unfortunately this is the best option. None of my button ups, well, button up. I think it’s safe to say I got fat.”

    “That’s one word for it. I prefer “well-fed” and “cared for”. Besides, no one will care.”

    “I am well-fed, that much is obvious. Alright, let’s go get this over with. Hopefully my shirt wont rip to shreds after dinner.”

    “Aw, cheer up.  It’ll rip after your second pie once we get home. I have a Dutch sugar cream pie for you.” His mouth watered at the mention of the pie, enough that her comment didn’t even register with him. They left the house, a cranberry pear pie in hand, and headed to her parents’ house for a small dinner. Thankfully, it was just her parents, her sister and brother-in-law, and then her and Ryan. 

    “Hi kids!” Her mom called as they walked inside, quickly pulling off their coats and using some of the hand sanitizer by the door. Ryan tugged at his sweater, t

    “Hi Mom. How are you guys?” Megan led Ryan through the house to the kitchen and set the pie on the counter before hugging her family. Ryan moved to shake her dad’s hand, but he was quickly pulled into a hug. 

    “Good to see you again, Ryan. How have you been holding up?”

    “Good to see you, too. Not too bad, moving to working remotely was surprisingly easy and Meg has taken good care of me.”

    “Don’t be so humble, Ryan. He’s been suffering through my attempts at baking all year, Dad. But it’s helped keep me busy and less cabin feverish.”

    “Sounds like you both are taking good care of each other.”He laughed, stepping aside for her mom to hug Ryan as well. They made small talk, sharing quarantine stories and catching up, as they snack on appetizers. Dinner and dessert  passes quickly, and before long, Ryan is leaning back in the passenger seat as Megan drives back to their apartment. He rubs his belly, the sliver of skiing along the bottom now a decent chunk of exposed skin. 

    “Feeling pretty full still?”

    “A bit, but not too bad. I’m just ready to get home, lay down, and eat more pie.” He said, looking over to see her grin.

    “Do me a favor, when we get home?” She asked, after a moment of hesitation.


    “Leave your sweater on. You can ditch your pants, if you want.” She asked, looking over at him. A passing streetlight lit up her face enough for him to watch her suck in her bottom lip. 

    “You really want to see me bursting out of this?”

    “Yeah… I think I do.”

    “Okay, I can do that….” He watched her from the corner of his eye, carefully reviewing the evening in his head. She had been quick to keep his plate and cup full, and had snuck him the biggest piece of pie at dessert. As they pulled into their spot at the complex, his brain finished connecting the dots and suddenly he was far too warm. He opened the door and held it for her, letting her head to the kitchen with their leftovers as he slipped into their room.

    A benefit of not leaving their place was that all his too small clothes were shoved into a garbage bag in the corner. He opened the bag and fished through, pulling out a pair of sweatpants he had obviously outgrown. He had to lay on his back to get them pulled up, the material stretching over his thighs and hugging his well padded rear. He left the band slung under his belly and headed to the kitchen. 

    “Pie time?” He asked, watching her closely as she turned to him. Her mouth fell open and her eyes dragged over his body twice, before settling on the exposed part of his gut. He used his hand to jiggle his belly, “Feeling pretty empty already. I think I can eat that whole pie.”

    “Well, don’t let me stop you.” She said, handing him the pie and a fork, following him as he headed to the table. He felt too aware of his belly as he sat, how it spread across his lap and how warm it felt. She sat next to him with her usual notebook and quickly opened to the right page as she regarded him with bright eyes. 

    Their routine felt both familiar and new. As if they sat on the edge of a precipice, and all it took was a gentle shove to send them both over. 

    “I like the graham cracker crust, it’s a nice change from the usual dough. The creme brulee sugar top is pretty nice, the texture is a nice contrast.” He paused so she could catch up in her notes before taking a bite. “Holy cow, this is amazing! The texture is super smooth and the flavor is really good. You’ve definitely outdone yourself.” He quickly finished the slice and pulled another onto the plate, hardly pausing before digging in again.

    Meg lays her pen down and cradles her chin in her hand and watches as he eats, smiling as he talks to himself about potential flavors. 

    “What?” He asks, slowing down as he notices her watching him pull a third slice onto his plate.

    “Nothing. I just love watching you eat my pies. And I love that it’s evident you like to eat my cooking.”

    “So… you like seeing my fat belly spilling out of my clothes?”

    “Yeah, I do. I think you look better and better each day.”

    “But,” he paused to take another bite, taking the time to think about what he wanted to say, “if I keep eating like this, we won't be the couple that hikes together, or goes on runs together. Hell, if I keep eating I’ll hit four hundred pounds in no time.”

    Megan’s eyes fluttered closed and she inhaled sharply, making Ryan raise his eyebrows. She blushed as she opened her eyes, dipping her chin down.

    “I mean … if you want to keep eating, and gaining, I’ll support you and keep you well fed. But if you want to stop, I can help you do that. And I know you won’t miss running, hiking or playing sports with me. Did you really think I didn’t realize you were an introvert?”

    “Well… I just wanted to impress you, and then I just couldn’t say no.”

    “I didn’t know how to tell you it was okay if you wanted to stay home.” She chuckled, reaching out to stroke his hand. He captured it in his and gave it a squeeze. 

    “I know I should say I want to lose weight, but honestly? This feels great. And I love to eat.”

    “Good, because I still want to win a blue ribbon. And I have a lot more recipes to try.”

    “Bring them on.” He said, patting his belly as his sweater rolled up his belly to act as a crop top. “But remind me tomorrow to buy more clothes. Two sizes up.”

    “Of course. Now, eat up. If you want a new pie tomorrow, I need my pie dish back.” He quickly started on another piece, winking at her as he renewed his efforts.


    The new year came quickly and before he knew it, it was summertime and he was a hefty 364 pounds. Their restrictions had eased up and Megan was busy preparing for the state fair at the end of August.

    “This is the big one. Babe. If I can win at this one, everything will have been worth it.”

    “It was already worth it.” He quipped, patting his belly from the couch. It spread halfway to his knees, but he usually sat with his knees spread to allow it to rest more comfortably. His face was “adorably cherubic” according to Megan and he had a double chin under his short beard that would jiggle as he moved his jaw. His moobs were a decent handful each and sat proudly on top of his belly. 

    “So what are your top three?” She passed him her notebook, standing at his shoulder and looking as he flipped through the pages.

    “Oh, definitely the bourbon apple. Ooh, and the sugar cream pie. And the … butter pecan cheesecake.”

    “You sure?”

    “No… it’s hard to choose. You sure I can only pick three?”

    “Eventually, you’ll need to pick just one."

    "That's going to be impossible! Oh, here's the cherry almond pie…" She leaned down to kiss his cheek before leaving him with her notebook, heading to the kitchen to take inventory of her supplies. 

    The next few weeks pass by quickly, Megan keeping a steady stream of pie for Ryan, a mix of his top three choices and a few new ones to keep things fresh. He gained twelve more pounds, leaving him at 376 on the morning of the competition.  

    "Good, you're up. Which pie looks the best?" She asked, drawing him to the table with three bourbon apple pies laid out. 

    "Well… I'd rather eat the one on the right. The crust looks better."

    "Then that's the one I'm submitting. I have honey whipped cream in the fridge ready to go."

    "Look at you, being all prepared.  Nervous?"

    "No.  I'm already a winner with you." She used his belly to steady herself as she stretched up to kiss him. 

    "You flirt. I think you'll get the blue ribbon. Come on, let's head out so we can get there early." He helped her pack everything into a box, carefully bundling the whipped cream in cold packs before grabbing a snack to tide him over on the drive. She carefully nestled the box in the trunk while Ryan worked on folding himself into the passenger seat, getting out to move the seat back further only to realize it was all the way back. 

    "I think we need an upgrade." He said, smiling at her over the roof. 

    "I think you're right. Although if I don’t win and decide to keep baking, we’ll probably need a cargo van for you to fit inside.”

    “Don’t threaten me with a good time.” He huffed, squeezing himself in with success, before beginning the struggle with the seatbelt. Megan reached over, pushing one hand into his thick love handle to help clear a path for the buckle. “Oof, thanks, I’ve grown a lot lately.”

    “You look amazing though. So fat off my baking…” She gently squeezed his belly, slipping her hand between his thighs and lower belly. He squirmed, giving her a pained look before she pulled her hand back with a chuckle. “I’ll stop teasing you. And I’ll make it up to you later, maybe feeding you pie in bed?”

    “Deal. Absolutely deal.” He said, rubbing the side of his belly, swallowing the drool from the mental image. They made the drive to the fairgrounds, Ryan finishing his bag of chips as they pulled in. Meg circled the lot, finally finding a newly vacated spot that wasn’t too far from the fair but far enough that Ryan was preemptively tired. 

    “Once we get to the food area, we’ll get you seated at a table while I go turn in the pie. And I can get you some fair food on the way back.”

    “That sounds good. I guess I should’ve been working out all this time, so a walk doesn’t leave me exhausted.”

    “Maybe, maybe not. But you have me to help you regardless. Now, come on. Those chips won’t hold you for long.” She easily slid out of the car, grabbing her things as he twisted and heaved himself out of the car. They slowly walked to the entrance, where a teen tried to cover their disgust at wrapping a paper bracelet around Ryan’s thick and slightly sweaty wrist. The paper ring barely closed around his wrist, but it made it. Feeling the teenagers eyes on them as they walked away, Meg wrapped an arm around his waist, grabbing one of his love handles and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Come on, sexy. Let’s get you seated.”

    She led him through the crowd, noting they were headed the right direct as the average weight of the people slowly climbed. She left him at a picnic table with a kiss pressed to his cheek as she headed to the large vinyl banner with “Baking Competition” printed on it. 

    Ryan looked around, watching as the food vendors slowly opened up and began making a list of things he wanted to try. It wasn’t until his second pass that he realized all the other “hefty” men left behind by their partners sitting at the other tables. He made eye contact with one man who was sitting down with a tray piled high with funnel cake, the older man giving him a conspiratorial wink.

    “Alright, I’m all checked in. If I do say so myself, I think my pie looks the best.” Megan said, startling him as she sat across from him. She placed a card with a large eight printed on it on the table and looked around the food vendors. “What are you thinking first?”

    “Well, I think chili dogs sound pretty good to start with. And I can see blended lemonades over there.” He said, pointing to their left. 

    “Perfect. Three chili cheese dogs with blended lemonades coming up.” She got up quickly,  motioning for him to stay down while she scurried off. He watched as she easily slid through the crowd, weaving in between people. He finally lost sight of her, and turned back to looking at the other vendors. He was eyeing the funnel cake when two loaded chili dogs were slid in front of him. “I have a regular lemonade or a strawberry lemonade. Which one do you want?”

    “Strawberry, for sure. Thanks for getting lunch.”

    “No problem. I saw a funnel cake vendor and fried oreos for dessert.”

    “Trying to make me fat, babe?”

    “Not at all. Although I did have an idea to try making fried pie.”

    “I think I heard my pants just rip from just thinking about that.” She gave him a wink and took a long drink from her lemonade. She ate slower, making sure to match him so they were done at the same time. “Oof, that was great. You know what would top it off?”

    “My bourbon apple pie?” She asked, watching as he grinned and patted his belly, the fat under his hand jiggling, sending waves across the globe. 

    “Speaking of your heavenly creation, when is judging?”

    “Well, they’re judging all the food for the next couple of hours, and the results will be read out around three o’clock? So we have some time.”

    “What do you say about going and playing some games before we find dessert? I could eat more, but then walking around won’t be very fun.”

    “Sounds good to me!” She quickly cleared their trash while he stood, and wrapped her arm around his, slowly guiding him to the right area. She peaked around his front to see his full belly had lifted his shirt slightly, showing the very lower portion of his belly. She resists the urge to paw at him, keeping in mind they had witnesses. Although it did little to calm her imagination as they walked to the games and entertainment area.

    They survey the options before both drifting over to a ‘hook a duck’ game. Ryan fished out the money from his wallet, struggling slightly as he twisted to reach his pocket. The bored teen handed them two fishing poles with magnets on the end and tiredly explained the rules. 

    “Try and hook a duck and pull it out. The painted dots on the bottom tell you which tier of prize you won.”

    “Thanks! Alright, babe, ready?” Meg asked, eagerly stepping up to the counter, peering at the rotating wheel of ducks.

    “As I’ll ever be. I’m going to get you the biggest prize I can.”

    “You better.” She smiled at him before dipping her fishing pole down to snag a duck while he searched for the perfect duck. Spotting one he knew was a winner, he waited for it to come around again. Quickly guiding the line and hook to it, he pulled it out of the water with a  cheer. 

    “Got it! And… it's gold!” He looked at the chart and saw the gold was the top level of toys. Meg flashed hers, a bronze, and pointed to a small emoji plush that she wanted. The teen turned to Ryan, who with a smile, pointed at a very well-stuffed pig. “That’s the one. Come to papa.” The teen deposited the large toy in his hands with a grin, easily seeing the comparison between the two.

    Ryan offered the pig to Meg with a flourish, her delighted laughter making other parsons look over with smiles. 

    “I love it! It’s so… round!” She broke off into more laughter, hugging the pig to her and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” He slung his arm around her and they continued on, stopping to try other games of chance before she pulled him over to “Ring the Bell” where several men were waiting to swing the mallet to prove their strength and win a prize.

    “Hold my pig so I can try?”

    “Of course.” He said, a smirk tugging his lips as he clutched the toy to his belly and watched her step up to the game. The charismatic vendor made a big production of her stepping up, practically begging her to one-show up the crowd of men. She quickly tied up her hair and lifted the mallet, testing the weight in her hands. With a wink thrown over her shoulder at Ryan, she lifted the mallet, pausing briefly before swinging it downwards. The mallet hit the pad square in the middle and the crowd gasped in awe as the puck shot up and hit the bell. She let out a whoop as the bell rang, discarding the mallet to bounce on her heels. She happily accepted the prize and skipped back to Ryan, her eyes locked on his.

    “There’s my girl. Watching you prove how strong you are is pretty hot.” He murmured, dipping his head to her ear.

    “It’s more skill than strength. The trick is to hit it evenly.”

    “Uh huh. Still hot. What’d you win?”

    “An inflatable mallet. I’m thinking this could be fun for later…”

    "I have no doubt you’ll make it fun. Come on, I see a shooting gallery ahead.” They play a couple rounds of the game, the plinking of metal targets filling the air as they do their best to out-shoot each other. After two rounds, they each walk away having won one and insisting they let the other win instead of losing. 

    They stop in front of a penny pressing machine, Megan carefully loading in the coins, when she pauses as Ryan's’ belly rumbles.

    “Getting hungry?” She asked, patting the top of his belly before she began cranking the wheel, watching as the penny was slowly flattened and stamped. 

    “A bit. We’re getting close to the judging, too. Just enough time to try out some funnel cake, fried oreos and I think I saw something called a monster milkshake.”

    “Let’s go get you filled.” She said, slipping the penny inside of her pocket. She takes her stuffed pig from him and laces their hands together, gently pulling him along. She walked slower, making sure to lead him through the crowds when people crowded too close together. One might think he’d be more effective at moving crowds due to his size, but Megan could be just as effective, especially when stuffing him full of food was on the line.  

    “Here, stand in line. I’ll be right back.” She left him in line for the funnel cake before running off, carrying the pink pig under her arm. He just laughed under his breath, shuffling forward with the line. Before long, she came back to his side holding a paper tray full of fried oreos and bacon wrapped twinkies. “Figured you needed a snack while we wait.” 

    “You’re amazing, you know that?” He said, picking up a warm cookie. He inspected it before taking a bite. He moaned happily, quickly eating the other half.

    “I know, but I like hearing it. What do you think?”

    “These are awesome! Totally overindulgent, but so good. And what’s more American than twinkies and bacon?” She just laughed, taking some of the prizes from his arms so he could focus on eating. 

    “You’re too cute. Have you decided on the shake you’re getting?”

    “The circus shake sounds pretty good, or the mint one.” He said, nodding to the menu. The circus shake was vanilla and strawberry ice cream with frosting ribbons, pied high with whipped cream, sprinkles, animal cookies and cotton candy. The mint shake was mint ice cream with fudge swirls, topped with whipped cream, chocolate mint candy and a brownie.

    “Both sound very sweet.” She laughed, watching as people in front of them walked away with overflowing cups. “But a regular coffee shake sounds good.”

    “One day I’ll get you hooked on sugar.” He offered the last oreo to her but she waved it away. He quickly ate it and stepped away to throw his trash in the bin. He walked back over to her and threw his arm around her shoulder. “Although you’re pretty sweet already. You don’t need more.”

    “Smooth talker.” She leaned up to kiss him before shuffling forward to the vendor. They quickly placed their orders - a twenty ounce circus shake for him and a eight ounce coffee shake for her - before standing to the side to wait. “So, having fun so far? Not too worn out, I hope.”

    “No, I’m good! It’s been a lot of fun. I really missed taking you out and doing couple-y stuff. You having fun too?”

    “I am. You’ve kept me wonderfully distracted from the nerves.”

    “I’m glad. I mean, I already know you’re a winner. But still.” He quickly kissed her before the employee called their names and he carefully accepted the cups. He quickly licked off the overflowing shake from his cup and followed her to a free table. She quickly wiped off the surface before gently setting down her prizes and sliding into the seat. She watched as he had to re-angle his body to sit sideways on the attached bench, his belly far too big to fit normally. 

    “I wonder… where all that shake is going to end up. In your belly? Or your bubble butt?” She winked, grinning as he blushed and looked around for anyone listening.

    “Megan! There are children in the vicinity!”

    “Fine… I’ll be over here, imagining all sorts of fun things.” 

    “Hmm, how much funnel cake do you think I can eat? Of course, I’ll probably have to undo my pants and then I’ll have to waddle to the judge podium-” He barely finished the thought before she was up and heading to the fairly short funnel cake line. His phone vibrated, and he fished it out of his slightly too tight cargo shorts.

    I’m getting you enough funnel cake that I’ll have to roll you to the podium. 

    Do it. The judges need to see just how dedicated you’ve been to the competition. 

    Do you realize how sexy you look? Sitting sideways because you’re too fat, having your girlfriend fetch you food as you stuff your face. You’re lucky if I dont pull you behind a tent and have my way with you.

    I kinda want that tho. How much do I need to eat to let you ravish me?


    He set down his phone with a grin and focused back on his shake, trying to make decent headway before she came back. He did feel a bit out of place in the midst of other fat men waiting on their own partners to bring them food, especially since he was one of the youngest there. But any malaise he had disappeared as he saw Megan beaming at him, carrying a large plate piled high with fried dough and powdered sugar.

    “Better get started. I’ve decided you’ll need something savory to balance out the sugar, like a cheeseburger.”

    “You might actually have to roll me around.” He joked, tearing a piece off. He popped it in his mouth and sighed happily, the taste living up to the nostalgia. She carefully tore off a piece with little to no sugar on it and ate it, murmuring her agreement. They slowly ate, Megan glancing at her phone as the time drew closer. “Are we ready to head over?”

    “Yeah, we probably should. We’ll get you some more food before leaving.”

    That works. I need to try to digest some of it.” He said, patting his gut, Megan noticing how little bounce he had. His shirt was tugging up a bit more, although it was only noticeable from certain angles. They threw away their trash and collected their prices before slowly walking to the podium where other bakers and chefs stood. The judge began calling out the winners for the barbecue contest, followed by the largest vegetables.

    “That pumpkin almost outweighs you, and it’s getting a blue ribbon.” She whispered, leaning into him as the owner of said pumpkin accepted a blue ribbon.

    “Maybe you should give the farmer feeding advice to help him bump up that number.” She chuckled as the judge began calling out the third place pie baking winner. Then the second. And finally he held up the blue ribbon.

    “And the winner of the pie competition, but a large margin, is … newcomer Megan Rhodes!” Ryan accepted the pig, cheering with the crowd as she accepted the blue ribbon. She thanked the judges and jogged back to Ryan, throwing her arms around his neck, pushing the pig further into his side. 

    “I did it!”

    “See? Just like I told you, a winner!” She let go of him and admired the blue satin stamped with gold lettering. With a mischievous grin, she quickly attached the safety pin to the apex of his belly, so the ribbon sat high and proud on his belly.

    “Now everyone can know how I got to be first place. Lot’s of practice!” Ryan was interrupted from a comeback by the judge walking over to them.

    “Ms. Rhodes! I must say, you baked an incredible pie! How long have you been baking for?”

    “About a year or so. It was my quarantine project.”

    “Absolutely amazing! And how lucky for you to have all that delicious pie at your disposal.” She added, directing her comment to Ryan. He just chucked and nodded, letting her continue. “You know, we do have a winter competition.I’d love to see you submit a pie then. It’s usually the week before Christmas.”

    “You know what? That sounds perfect. Thank you so much.” The judge shook both of their hands before walking away to go greet other competitors. “So… feel up to more taste testing?”

    “Uh, absolutely. How could I say no to such a sweet deal?”

    “Perfect. I think I need to start tomorrow. Can’t be too prepared, you know.” She patted his belly before resting her hand on the side as she leaned in to kiss him. She had no intentions on losing her sophomore competition, and she was thrilled Ryan was a willing and eager participant. 

    #weight gain fic #weight gain fiction #gainer stories
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  • secr3treveal3d
    28.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Things I've said to my growing fatty🐷

    I want to absolutely destroy your waistline, while I adore & appreciate your fattening body. 🥵

    I want to wrap my thighs around your belly then lean down to rub & kiss it all over. I Want to gently run my fingers over your stretch marks & give your belly soft bites . I want to rest my head on top of your stuffed gut while I squeeze your luv handles. 💦

    I want to remind you of how fucking fat i’m going to make you! I know how much you want this too, how much you need it! & I want to do all of that while shoving food down your greedy throat. 😏😈

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  • bigfatdaydreams
    11.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My Friend Alex, part 2

    [Part 1] - [Part 3]

    Alex and I were hanging out a lot when they first started putting on weight. Their chub had always been noticeable and had made them the subject of teasing, but they so far hadn't ever really had any serious problems because of it. Doctors warning them that problems were on the horizon, yes. Actual realizations of these threats, no.

    "Hey, let's go get some ice cream," Alex said to me one day as we hung out at the mall.

    "Ice cream?" I said. "Don't you normally go for frozen yogurt?"

    "Well...I do..." Alex said, putting a slightly squishy finger to their chin. "Buuuuuut, I happen to be craving the creamy richness of ice cream today!"

    This was a little unlike Alex, as they seldom deviated from their routine. But maybe they wanted to change their routine. Maybe they wanted to switch from frozen yogurt to ice cream, and who was I to stop them? They started ordering it every time we went to anyplace that had it. Two scoops was the bare minimum for them; we might walk around a shopping center (with them having to sit down every so often because their feet just killed them) and stop at the same ice cream place twice, once as soon as we got there and another time an hour or so after Alex ate the triple-scoop snack they'd ordered.

    One day, they called me, saying, "My favorite pants just ripped."

    Alex was known for their fashion sense, so it was really, REALLY unfortunate to hear that their pants had ripped.

    "So I'll have to get another pair," they said.

    I'm sure we both knew this was coming, given how large Alex's rear was becoming as a consequence of their eating habits.

    "Good luck finding one," I said sincerely.

    "Thanks." They knew I meant it, and they knew I passed no judgment.

    Every so often, after munching on a cinnamon-sugar-coated pretzel we found at a mall, Alex stopped in front of the plus size store and looked inside. People - mostly women, but every so often a man would come in or out - of many different sizes shopped there. Most of them were bigger than Alex, although one we saw one time looked to be almost the exact same size.

    One day, at the mall, Alex told me: "I...think I would like to try shopping in the plus size store."

    "Well...sure," I said. "Nothing is stopping you."

    "Oh! Really?" There was a lot of gratitude in their voice. "You're not, like, going to judge me for it?"

    "Judge you? Why would I judge you?"

    "Well...you know I haven't exactly been getting thinner lately..."

    "I know this, and I still like you."

    "I didn't know if you thought I was getting grosser or if you didn't think I was as cute as I used to be."

    "Hey, Alex -" I put a hand on their shoulder. "I frankly think that the more of you there is, the better. Because you're good, and the more the world has of you, that's good. And the happier you are doing whatever you're doing, the better it is for you."

    "You really feel that way?"

    "Yes! I value happiness, and I value your happiness, and if your happiness comes at the expense of wearing clothes from regular size stores, so be it!"

    "Well," Alex said, "I hadn't really thought of it like that..." A pensive look swept their chubby features. "But I guess I can see it that way. Wearing plus size clothes is like a sign that I'm really enjoying myself."

    "Yes!" I said. "Exactly!"

    And while I don't get any clothes for myself, I occasionally think about how, after accidentally picking up some of Alex's bad habits (buying a pretzel here and there, indulging in a soda), I might have to start shopping at this store too. Alex has found some really nice things there, though, so I know that if I have to, I can be stylish as hell. Just like Alex.

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  • greedychxb
    01.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The grocery store

    is closing soon, so you hurry to get your shopping done in time. There's only a few customers left and you're all alone in the aisle, pushing your shopping cart that's already filled with your favorite milk, heavy cream, ice cream and cheese from the refrigerated section. Now comes your favorite part- the snacks.

    You had to hurry to get here before the store was closing, so you grabbed a shirt that fit a lot better forty pounds ago. It barely covers the thick love handles wrapping around your entire waist these days, and your heavy hanging belly peeks out from the bottom. The sweatpants are already stretched out to accommodate your flabby thighs, jiggling with each step. You can feel your lower belly fat wobble with every movement and can't wait to get home and gorge on the snack cakes, the chocolates, cookies and chips you add to the pile of sugar in your cart. You know you should take it slow. Your friends were shocked the last time you came over for dinner, asking if you're okay- if you need help. But you can't stop yourself from eating until you can barely catch your breath, your belly a firm ball rounding out in front of you, stuffed with thousands of extra calories.

    Stretching to retrieve candies from the top shelf, you feel a cold breeze on your wide belly as your shirt rides up high enough to leave your saggy rolls exposed. Your cheeks heat up in embarrassment, hoping there are no other shoppers nearby to see you like this. Ensuring you won't run out too soon, you toss several bags of everything into your cart before loading in the soda, bread and pasta.

    As you make your way to the only checkout lane still open, you feel the heavy jiggling of your big belly as it slaps your massive thighs with every step. Even your arms wobble, your chin doubles, your waist too wide for retail jeans. If people could see you now- a morbidly obese hog struggling to push a shopping cart with their huge gut leading the way, obstructing your view almost entirely. You've gotten so unbelievably fat, no one who hasn't seen you in a while would be able to recognize you, your entire body packed with lard, rolls forming in every crease.

    And you can't get enough either- even with your enormous spare tire around your midsection and the slapping of your fat rolls echoing, you can't wait to get home and gorge until you're full enough to fall into a food coma. Standing in line behind a single man buying breakfast items for tomorrow, you already start to plan what you want to cram into your greedy mouth first. Box after box, you stack your greasy and sugary goods on the belt without shame. The thick lower roll of your underbelly peeks out again and you don't bother tucking your shirt back down, preoccupied with unloading a cart full of cakes, fries and cookies. The customer in front you is paying already, but he's throwing glances your way, disgust evident on his face witnessing a fat hog like you who isn't even embarrassed. He rushes to finish his purchase and leaves, head shaking in disbelief as he goes.

    You step up to the register, out of breath already, and rather than ringing you up, the cashier first stares at you, then your midsection, your mounds of unhealthy fattening foods and then your midsection again. He's rather athletic, strong arms showing off in his short-sleeved shirt, biceps flexing, chest toned. You wonder what he must think about a hog like you, but he speaks up, scanning your items.

    "You sure you want to buy all that?" His tone is casual, but his gaze burns, and you're so embarrassed and so turned on.

    "Just stocking up for the family," you mutter, tugging your shirt down where it shows the lower rolls of your big belly.

    "Oh no, this is all for you, you fatass," he counters easily, eyeing the flab on your obese body. "Only a proper pig like you are would buy this much junk. You look like you spend every evening eating on your couch until you're so full you can't even get up."

    Oh yes, please keep humiliating me, you think to yourself, and you wish you could get into your car right now and slip your hand into your pants while cramming a couple doughnuts down your throat.

    "And you're only gonna get fatter and fatter, aren't you, you hog? Fat is practically a dirty word nowadays and yet everything you buy is guaranteed to help you never see past that huge gut again," he says, shaking his head as if he's personally disappointed.

    "It just feels so good," you say, heart pounding. You're so turned on, trapped between running away and begging for more humiliation.

    "Oh I bet it does. Is that why you became such a tub of lard? Why you turned into a morbidly obese hog? Coming back every week even fatter than before, struggling to get anything past those rolls." He looks at every single item before loading them into your bags, inspecting just how greedy you really are. You're glad there's no one behind you in line to witness your embarrassment.

    "I just can't stop myself," you admit shakily, a hand palming the side of your wide belly. "Feels too good to get fatter."

    "What a pig," he comments, shaking his head once more. "Just can't stop eating."

    He's finished bagging your food and you pay with your credit card, dumbfounded by his words and weak in the knees. You know he enjoys seeing you get so flustered. He knows you like it too.

    "Gonna go back home now and stuff that big fat belly with even more calories, right? Can't wait to see how much fatter you look the next time I see you in here. How much time you have left until you have to stop every few steps to catch your breath because even waddling is hard. We both know it's gonna happen." He smiles at you. "See you next time, fatass. Make sure your shirt covers your lard if you don't want everyone to see."

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  • historias-de-engorde-masculino
    29.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    ¡Hola a todos! He decidido crear mi propia página para compartir mis historias, soy un seguidor de este tipo de contenido y esta es mi forma de aportar mi grano de arena para la comunidad en español.

    #gainer stories gay gainergay gainergay comienzo historias
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  • secr3treveal3d
    03.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    When your piggy says...

    Stuff me until I can't move, when I can't move anymore stuff me until I can barely breath. When I can barely breath and I cannot move stuff me until I am fat enough -fatten me to your satisfaction 🐖🐷🐖🐷

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  • secr3treveal3d
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Story/ Scenario

    By: Me 🤍 Secr3treveal3d

    "How was work?" I ask as u walk in the door on Friday night. "Tiring" you reply. They had me walking around all day today...

    All day babe, Really? I say sarcastically.

    You mean for 30 minutes of your 10 hour shift? 😄😁.

    Yes baby you respond " it was way to much work for me."😄

    You stand in the door way & struggle to bend down to reach your shoes. I watch u struggle for a bit before I come over & untie your shoes and pull them off for you.

    "Goodness" I say u would think you're 400lbs already with the way u move 🤭.

    Nope! You reply only 325lbs😊 but you stuff me & fatten me up so well baby, - you say as u give me a kiss - that I feel huge! 🥰

    "Well speaking of huge", I reply as I lead you to the couch. - this weekend im not going to let you do anything else, but eat and laze around. Im making sure u go back to work on Monday at 330lbs!

    5lbs in a weekend babe!? Thats means I'd have to eat over 20,000 calories for that to stick...-You say to me,- thats alot, but I want to do it for you! Please make me fatter baby. I really need it!

    Of course my sweet pig. I say as I lift your shirt off. & actually I'm making u eat 30,000 calories thru out the weekend😋. I have to make sure it sticks u.

    Fuck yes baby! You say to me - make me huge!

    I jump on your lap and kiss you deeply. I start to grind myself up against your gut, as you hold and squeeze my ass.. I then pull back look into your eyes....

    & shove a surprise twinkie in your mouth. I began kissing you again. This time tasting the sweet stickiness from the twinkies. Only pulling back momentarily to shove in another...

    I feel you getting hard & you groan while grabbing me tighter.

    I slowly unwrap myself from you...

    Not yet my sweet fatty... im not allowing you to cum until all this food is inside of you. I give u one more quick kiss, & disappear into the kitchen 😘...

    To be continued....

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  • gainerstories
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    New story on Patreon: 'Big on Broadway'


    Roger and Riley are the gay power couple of Broadway. Handsome and fit, they are the image of perfection and beloved on social media. However, when Roger finds himself suddenly out of work things begin to change. Pushed along by Riley’s baking hobby, Roger’s statuesque physique begins to soften. As the audition rejections pile up so does the weight, with Roger struggling to hide the changes in his body.

    Read this and 20 other exclusive stories only on Patreon

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  • thiccbrohs
    18.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    “The COVID-19+” - Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 in a series following two gay guys on a quarantine weight gain adventure. Stay tuned for more. 

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3


    October 2020

    By the middle of October, Dillon was up 10 pounds, and Matt relished Dillon’s 215-pound body. Fresh stretch marks adorned his love handles, and began forming on his butt and thighs as well. Dillon also had small stretch marks forming in his upper torso, next to his softening man boobs, which started coming in nicely within the last month. 

    After Dillon’s first ice cream cake stuffing, he could no longer wear any of his regular pants, and Matt loved watching him struggle to put him on. The morning after, he tried to put a pair of jeans on, and popped a button. The boy was only wearing sweatpants, stretch joggers, and exercise shorts until Matt told him to start taking clothes from his closet. Matt always wanted to be able to share clothes with a boyfriend, it felt so warm, special, and cute to him. Depending on what brand, Matt was in either size 36 or size 38 pants, and typically wore XL shirts. His size 38 pants were too big yet for Dillon, but the 36 pants were perfect for his growing boyfriend. 

    Matt’s weight was somewhere between 230 to 240, he hadn’t weighed himself in a while, as all of his attention was focused on growing his boyfriend. His scruffy facial hair covered his face and double chin, and his belly, love handles, and man boobs were prominent. Matt especially loved his own wide ass, and fat thighs. He never appreciated his own fat pad that much, because it took an inch or two away from his 7.5-inch member, but watching Dillon slowly acquire a fat pad changed his opinion on them. With Dillon’s member at about 6-inches, it looked very hot to Matt, seeing it slowly getting buried around soft new fat. 

    Matt had been very active on Tumblr in the last month, following gay gainer blogs and taking and sharing high calorie recipes with his internet friends. He  stumbled upon several muscle chubs, and wanted to have muscular arms for himself, too, though he wanted to retain his otherwise chubby body type. 

    When the town’s Planet Fitness reopened, Matt decided to get a membership, and convinced Dillon to join him. Matt’s plans were slightly ornery in this regard, he hoped Dillon would go back and struggle exercising in his new body, and he wanted to watch Dillon’s body jiggle on the treadmill and at the weight rack. 


    “Matt, are you sure going to the gym is very smart right now, we’re still under quarantine,” Dillon said. 

    “Cases are so low in our area now, honey, and I want to grow some biceps,” Matt replied. “You’d look cute as a new muscle chub, maybe you’d like the combination?” 

    “Yeah,” Dillon shrugged, “It could be fun.” 

    “We’ll wear our masks, we’ll bring sanitizer, we’ll shower as soon as we get home and change into fresh clothes, and if we feel like it’s not safe, we won’t go anymore?” Matt said.

    “Alright, we can go,” Dillon said. 

    Matt handed Dillon a pair of his old exercise shorts, and a XL t-shirt, and the boys got into his SUV to head to the gym. 

    The gym was mostly empty, except for a few middle-aged men and women scattered around. Matt recognized one of the men, who worked on a different floor in his old office building in the city, and delighted in seeing he gained 30 pounds since quarantine began - it seemed to all go straight to his belly and ass. 

    The boys warmed up on treadmills next to each other, and even though Matt felt winded pretty quickly, he was motivated to continue. He wanted to last longer on the treadmill than Dillon, and watching Dillon’s overweight body jiggle around was damn sexy to him. 

    “How are you holding up?” Matt asked.

    “Ugh, it’s been a while,” Dillon said. “My thighs are rubbing together too much,” Dillon continued, in a whisper he ensured only Matt could hear.

    Matt could sweat collecting on Dillon’s backside, and gathering around his lower belly. The sweat accentuated his boyfriend’s pudgy tummy and love handles, the sight made Matt hard as he ran. He turned his attention to the television screen in front of him, and zoned out. 

    Two minutes later, Dillon transitioned from a jog to walking, and then got off the treadmill to get some water. 

    “I’m done,” Dillon said, and he dissapeared into the bathroom. 

    Matt transitioned to a slow walk after Dillon left, then refilled his Swell bottle, and went to the weight rack. When Dillon rejoined him, they did sets together. 

    Matt handed Dillon two fifteen-pound dumbells, and Dillon scoffed. 

    “I can easily lift 40 or 50 pound dumbells,” Dillon said.

    “Yeah, but you haven’t lifted in...months,” Matt said. 

    Dillon brushed Matt aside, grabbed two 45-pound dumbells, and laid down on bench. He got through two reps, slowly, and struggled with their weight, getting winded quickly. 

    “You were right,” Dillon said, sounding defeated. 

    Their workout continued for about twenty more minutes, and both boys were getting very sweaty, and exhausted. Despite this, training his muscles felt good to Matt. 

    At the entrance, Matt saw a few of their old friends from Penn State walk in, whom they hadn’t seen since quarantine began. They were good friends with each of them, but neither Dillon or Matt respected how they handled quarantine. They were constantly hanging out in groups, posting snapchats and instagram of their hangouts where nobody was wearing a mask, and Matt didn’t appreciate it. He hated how COVID-19 was tearing friendships like these apart, just based on principle, and the fear of contracting the virus due to someone’s lack of responsibility. 

    The boys headed for the weight rack, and saw Matt and Dillon.

    “Matt, Dillon, what’s up you guys,” said Adam, one of Matt’s senior year roommates. 

    “Doing good, doing good, buddy!” Matt replied. “Good to see you all.”

    They chatted for a bit, and after Dillon finished a set, winded and gulping down water, he joined the conversation. 

    Adam was with two more of their friends, Kyle and Logan, and while Adam and Kyle looked as fit as ever, Logan looked like he may have added some quarantine weight, but only a small amount. 

    “Yeah, we’re thrilled the gym’s open again bro,” we have to help Logan here get his abs back,” Kyle chuckled.

    “But damn dude, Dillon, you got big bro,” Adam said “Looks like quarantine and your new relationship are rubbing off on you, gotta be careful buddy, we should work out together.” 

    The teasing was hot to Matt, but he couldn’t enjoy it at the expense of his boyfriend’s feelings. It also pissed him off that Matt was wearing his face mask below his nose, whenever anyone wore their face mask incorrectly in public it really aggravated him. 

    Matt cut in. “Yeah, Dillon here broke his leg a while back and couldn’t move around for a while, poor guy,” Matt explained on Dillon’s behalf.

    “It doesn’t help that I’ve been doing all the cooking,” Matt continued, slapping his own gut to take the attention away from Dillon. 

    The boys laughed after Matt cut in, teasing him for how chunky he got after college, and blaming him for Dillon’s gut. 

    Meanwhile, Dillon blushed, very self conscious. Matt was always much more straight passing than he was, and these guys were always more Matt’s friends than his own. They would hang out in the years after college, but sometimes they were a bit too broey for Dillon. Logan and Dillon used to work out together in college, they were both in the same dorm freshman year and in the same fraternity. When Logan discovered he was “bisexual” sophomore year, Dillon helped him process those feelings and find comfort in himself. Dillon always thought he was gay though, but not ready to ditch some element of heteronormativity at the time, as he was in a popular fraternity on campus. 

    “I’m gonna grab some more water, be right back guys,” Dillon said, looking for an excuse to leave for a moment. Logan followed him after a moment, and caught up with him at the water cooler. 

    “Well, Dillon, if you want any help trimming down, I need to lose a few pounds too,” Logan said. He reached his arm around Dillon’s shoulder, in sort of a side hug, and said it was good to see him.

    “Look, I wanted to tell you, I’m dating a guy ... and I want you to know that I’m gay, not bi. You helped me figure things out for myself back in college, and it took me a while to be this comfortable with myself, and I wanted you to know once I figured this out for myself,” Logan said. 

    “That’s great, Logan, I’m so proud of you,” Dillon said. 

    “How’s Matt treating you?” Logan asked.

    “He’s perfect, dude. We’re very happy,”

    “That’s great!” Logan said. “Now that I’m out, I really want to go to some gay clubs when quarantine is over, so I need to get my abs back for sure. We should go clubbing together, I’d love to get you back into shape too, buddy. Gotta get you back to being one of the gays again,” Logan chuckled, poking one of Dillon’s love handles. 

    “How’d you get THIS big anyway,” Logan asked. “You’re the last guy I’d ever have thought would let his body get this fat.” 

    “Logan, you’re being kind of an ass,” Dillon replied. 

    “Ah...Dillon, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m just teasing you, you know you’re my buddy.” Logan explained. 

    From across the room, Dillon saw Matt laughing with Adam and Kyle, and felt jealous. He wished he could get along with straight guys as easily as Matt, and while Matt could confidently laugh about his fat body when he was teased, Dillon felt utter embarrassment. He caught a glance of his body in a mirror, and saw how badly his sweat accentuated every new curve and bulge on his body since any of these boys last saw him. 

    “Ah, it’s...alright, Logan. I just couldn’t move my leg for so long after it was broken. It will be great to go clubbing with you sometime,” Dillon said. 

    They headed back to join the others, and Matt could see how upset Dillon was. 

    “Well, it was great to see you guys, we’re gonna head out and grab some lunch, be good!” Matt said, and took Dillon’s hand to lead him away. 

    “Well, that was awful,” Dillon said, once they got into Matt’s SUV. 

    “And Logan made me feel like such a lard ass when we were away from you guys,” Dillon continued.

    “Awh, I’m sorry buddy,” Matt said. 

    “But thank you for taking the focus away from me when they first joined us,” Dillon said. 

    “Of course, babe,” Matt said, taking his hand and kissing it. 

    “I’m sorry they teased you about your body, Dillon, you know guys can be like that sometimes though. For some reason we all love to tease each other and give each other a hard time,” Matt continued. 

    “How do you handle it so well though?” Dillon asked. 

    “I am comfortable in my own skin, I know myself, I know what I like, and I really like how I look,” Matt replied, and rested his right hand on Dillon’s belly. “And I like how you look.” 

    “Yeah, but everyone else who hasn’t seen me in months has to remind me of how much of a lard ass I’ve become,” Dillon said, a small tear trickling down his eye.

    “Isn’t that kind of, hot in a kinky sort of way though, when people call you out for getting fat?” Matt asked. 

    “I don’t know, Matt, it’s embarrassing,” Dillon replied. 

    Matt’s hand still resting on Dillon’s belly, he could feel Dillon’s dick rising a bit.

    “I think you do kind of like it,” Matt said, rubbing Dillon’s crotch before returning his hand to the steering wheel.

    “I’ll support you and help you if you want to lose weight, Dillon. I promise you that. But...If you like being chubby, if you like what we’ve been doing, then never forget that I find your body intoxicatingly irresistible. You can gain 100 more pounds, and I’d lust after you that much more, or you can lose all this weight, and I’d still love you and be attracted for you. Whatever you want to do though, Dillon, just own it, own your body, own your happiness within yourself, and you will be okay,” Matt said. 


    Nov. 1, 2020

    Since Matt and Dillon’s gym experience, Dillon had been a bit more quiet and moody. He blamed a work overload on his mood, but Matt was all the wiser to what was going on. He knew Dillon was facing an internal struggle over his body, and over his experience at the gym, but he hated the awkwardness that came between them. 

    Matt had continued going to the gym in the two weeks after they saw their Penn State friends, while Dillon stayed at home, turning down Matt’s invitations each time. While Matt slowly added muscle to his arms, Dillon was too embarrassed to show his face at the gym, and in addition to all the food he normally ate with Matt, he was eating his feelings as soon as Matt left to work out. 

    In only two weeks, Dillon was up another 7 pounds at about 223 pounds, give or take. 

    Meanwhile, at the gym Matt weighed himself, and was happy to see he weighed in at 240. He figured he may have lost a pound or two of fat, and gained the weight back in muscle. He loved flexing in the mirror, and already saw small results from his efforts. 

    When he returned from the gym one night, he opened the door and heard the sound of quick shuffling in the living room. Dillon attempted to cover a bag from Matt, but Matt noticed it, asking him what he was hiding.

    “I had some burgers and fries from Wendy’s,” Dillon said. 

    Matt counted 4 burger wrappers, and saw two empty large french fry containers.

    “Dang, you had an appetite,” Matt said. 

    “Yeah,” Dillon replied. 

    “Dillon, are you...okay? You haven’t been as warm with me lately,” Matt said. 

    “Whenever you go to the gym, I stuff myself until just before you typically come home,” Dillon said. 

    “Why are you doing that without me?” Matt asked. 

    “For a few days, I hated you for getting me into this...fetish...and I was disgusted with myself, but so used to the feeling of being stuffed all the time. I wasn’t eating as much around you, but then whenever you’d leave, I’d just eat and eat and eat in self loathing, and then it became arousing,” Dillon replied. 

    “Oh,” Matt said.

    “I...” Dillon stuttered. “I’m ready to own my body...this body...thank you Matt,” Dillon said. 

    “That’s good babe,” Matt said, sitting down next to Dillon and kissing him on the lips, getting a bit of ketchup on his cheek. 

    “Let me help you out a bit,” Matt said, reaching over to take Dillon’s t-shirt off. He started rubbing Dillon’s stretched belly and handed him his coke. 

    “I thought if anything you were going to lose weight, but now I see you have a new stretch mark right here,” Matt said, poking Dillon’s belly where the new stretch mark came in. 

    “Nope, Dillon said. “I’m your fatboy.” 

    Matt’s eyes glowed, and the pair made out. 

    Dillon pulled him away after a few moments though, and let out a significant belch. He patted his belly, “Ah, that’s better,” he said. 

    “Good fatboy,” Matt said. 

    Dillon got up to get another drink, and Matt caught site of his ass, straining against his underwear. He had no clue how he didn’t notice it before, but in the last few days, Dillon’s ass looked way bigger, bulging against the fabric. It looked so soft and flabby against his pale backside and thick, chubby thighs. 

    Matt rushed after him, and rubbed his face into Dillon’s crotch, over the fabric, and licked his area softly nibbling at it. He pulled Dillon’s underwear off, and began sucking him off. 

    “That feels so...good babe,” Dillon said.

    Matt led him into his room, then his bathroom, and took his underwear off too. They stared at their reflection in the mirror, and both could see that after all this time, Dillon’s body wasn’t too far away from being as fat as Matt’s. 

    “You’re almost as big as me now, Dillon,” Matt said. “I had to show you.”

    “How’s that make you feel?” Matt asked

    “It’s kind of...hot,” Dillon replied. 

    Matt grabbed Dillon’s chest, and jiggled it. “See these, they’re soft as fuck now.”

    He grabbed Dillon’s love handles. “See these, they’re almost as thick as mine,” Matt continued. He grabbed Dillon’s belly, with his thumb in his belly button, “This belly is soft and chubby as fuck,” he continued, giving it a gentle slap. 

    “But best of all,” Matt said, turning Dillon’s back to the mirror, “Your fat ass though, is perfection,” he said, bending down. 

    Matt stuck his tongue into Dillon’s ass to service him. 

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  • secr3treveal3d
    08.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Fattening Short Stories - Part 1

    Written by : Yours Truly & Sweetlilpiggy420

    You are sleeping in the bed heavily. Still visibly bloated from the gainer shake I forced down your throat at 3 that morning 😈. I wake you gently by kissing along your happy trail. As you wake you get the scent of bacon & sausage. Good morning my fatty I say to you when you finally open your eyes. You instinctively reach for your belly to assess the damage from your midnight "snack". Im still full baby, you say to me.

    I know you are & I plan on keeping you that way ALL day, I reply & give u a kiss 😘 😈....

    After you come out the bathroom you see the full layout on the table.

    Whoah this is alot of food you say! I know & its all for you. 😛 I call it the 1 to 5 Breakfast I reply! You sit down in the chair as I point out each item to you. 5 scrambled eggs , 4 slices of bacon, 3 pieces of sausage, 2 HUGE pancakes , & 1 large glass of orange juice 😋.

    I don't know if I can finish this all you say nervously. Don't worry little fatty, im going to make sure you finish every bite! 🐷😈 . . ....

    To be continued...😉

    PART 2

    After my 1-5 breakfast I seem a bit full but your determined to make sure I'm always stuffed...you bring me back into the bedroom as I waddle to our bed you grab my sides and jiggle my belly. We get into the bedroom and you lay me down, you straddle me to feel how big and round my belly is, but your not satisfied yet. You want me fatter, so you proceed to stuffing the feeding tube into my mouth again for more weight gain shake...I start breathing so heavily as my belly grows rounder and tighter from all the extra calories your packing in my belly.

    I finish all the weight gain shake and you take the tube out of my mouth ever so gently and I release a giant moan of pleasure and pain...my gut is so round and bloated I can't even move! You rub my belly and kiss it all over and whisper in my ear how much of a good piggy I am for you. We make out and I fall asleep from the amount of calories I've been forced to intake by your hands 🥵🥵🐷🐷

    My eyes open back up and I regain consciousness as I notice your down below my belly waking me up with your mouth on my 🥵🥵 you don't let me cum though....you ask me if I'm hungry as I feel my belly with my hands and asses the damage. You tell me it doesn't matter and you have two party packs of tacos...

    I groan and grab my belly as you start shoving taco after taco in my mouth...my belly getting so full I still can't move or barely breath but you don't care. I'm so huge and this is only lunch time you whisper In my ear.

    To be continued 🐷🐷🥵🥵😘😘🥰

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  • gainerstories
    08.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    True Story now on Patreon

    Something I am often asked is to what degree my stories are based in personal experience. Of course, to an extent, everything is inspired by real life. But I know what that question really means is: "Did that actually happen?" Well, our monthly one-off story for February did actually happen. 'Close Encounter' describes a Grommr hookup that happened quite a few years ago... Check it out over on Patreon.

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  • alaskanffa
    02.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    What kind of WG fiction do people want to see?

    Personally, I think more BHM is needed! But there's a lot more out there as far as who's gaining the weight, how much, other related kinks and preferences.

    Also how long? If I post a full on story in a post, that's +300k words, would people want to read that? (I'm annoyed at FF's chapter limits and looking for an alternative).

    So my question is what do you wish to see more? More mutual gaining, sub/dom, size difference, teasing/humiliation, immobility, etc? Short, medium or long?

    I'm always willing to take on story prompts outside my norm, so either do an ask or DM me! I write stuff in the evenings and on the weekends so it may not be something I can crank out in a day.

    My only restrictions are no underage stuff - every character is above 18; no incest; and I write hetero when I choose genders so I don't misrepresent anyone BUT I can write using they/them or gender neutral names if someone wants that- I just normally stick to my own preference and what I'm used to.

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