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    Appreciation post for the one and only Katniss Everdeen!! I know people have mixed opinions on Jennifer Lawrence but personally i loved her in this role. She portrayed Katniss so well in comparison to the book. JUST LOOK AT HER!!

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    I feel like someone’s probably mentioned him but Matthew Doddario as Gale Hawthorne.

    (@mega-aulover )

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  • Had Gale volunteered to go with Katniss into the games.. I feel we would still have had a star crossed lovers theme.. just Katniss wouldnt have been suspicious of Gales motives..

    I wonder if we would have had the same ending tho..

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  • Agents of SHIELD: The Hunger Games Series (3/15)

    “I do think you’re mad and I’ll still go with you.”

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  • Ranking the Hunger Games books (and movies), in my opinion:

    *WARNING: There are spoilers for the entire series below so be careful if you want to avoid them!*

    1. “Catching Fire” - Obviously this one is first. All around “Catching Fire” is the best book and movie in the series. I would argue that it’s one of the best sequel books ever written and one of the best books written period, if I’m being completely honest. “Catching Fire” is one of the rare occasions where, in my opinion, the movie is just as good as the book. I can’t say enough good things about this book and the movie.

    2. “The Hunger Games” - This was the book that started it all and will forever be iconic. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it to be honest because it’s overall just a solid book. The reason why this isn’t first though, is because this book is mainly just an introduction to everyone and everything, not that there’s anything wrong with that because I do believe that “The Hunger Games” had enough content, story, and characters in it that it could have been a stand alone if Suzanne chose not to make it a series. In the first movie, the camera work is just…*sigh.* The constant shaky camerawork gives me a headache every time I watch it. ALSO they completely ignored the fact that Peta’s leg was amputated in the books and they dismissed the roles of the mayor and his daughter, which I can understand to a degree as to why they cut those characters from the movie, but still. 

    3. “A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” - A lot of people are saying that ABOSAS is boring and I get it, because it wasn’t as “flashy” as the others if that makes any sense. Also the third part of the book was kinda meh for the most part, except for the last chapter and the epilogue which were *chefs kiss.* That was another problem where anytime this book had a great moment of tension there was always a really long lull in action afterwards, which was a little annoying because it would start and then stop for a long time before starting again and just repeating the cycle. For me, I think it was hard to read sometimes because it wasn’t about Katniss and the og crew like the rest of the books were so that took some getting used to because I love them and they’re so iconic. However, I always found President Snow to be a super interesting character and I did enjoy reading into his backstory to see how he became who we see in the first trilogy. I also loved Lucy Gray and Sejanus, I thought they were wonderful characters. I hope for the movie adaptation they cast actors that are of appropriate age to the characters in the book, because these characters are supposed to be teens and children, so there’s no need to be casting actors close to their thirties as a 16 year old. 

    4. “Mockingjay” - I think “Mockingjay” suffered from the fact that it had to succeed “Catching Fire,” because “Catching Fire” is pretty much everyone’s favorite from what I can tell, so yeah. “Catching Fire” ended on such a good cliffhanger that made “Mockingjay” have a lot to live up to. I used to say that it was stupid of them to split “Mockingjay” into two parts for the movie, but upon reflection I think it was actually the right move because if they tried to cram everything from the book into one movie, it would feel super sloppy. This is also a rare occasion where I kinda liked the movie(s) of a book adaptation better than the book itself because in a lot ways the movies helped make a lot of the critical moments in the book feel more intense; like the scene where Katniss decides to shoot Coin instead of Snow, omg I get chills thinking about it. I don’t really know how to describe it, but the movie just made it feel more intense and more like a critical moment to watch unfold than the book did. Also another gripe I have with this book is that it gave Finnick’s death ONE paragraph, but Katniss getting waxed in the first book took up almost half a chapter. Finnick deserved better. 

    #I don't know what compelled me to write this🤣 #I just got bored and felt like doing a little review I guess #let me know what you guys think #the hunger games #thg #a ballad of songbirds and snakes #abosas spoilers #the hunger games spoilers #catching fire#mockingjay#katniss everdeen#peta mellark#gale hawthorne#haymitch abernathy#effie trinket#president snow#corionalus snow#president coin#finnick odair #lucy gray baird #sejanus plinth #the hunger games movies #abosas movie#books#ya dystopian#ya books#movies#my opinion#book review#movie reviews
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    Ahmad Al Rimawi as Gale Hawthorne

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  • I had some Monsters Inc inspiration today. 

    I had the thought of when  Gale Warns Katniss that Peetas rescue was almost too easy… But you should go see him anyways… I would of ran the other way if I found out  it was an easy rescue…

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    Young Keanu Reeves as Gale Hawthorne…

    He’s tall, cute, and he can play broody

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  • I am now convinced Suzanne Collins is a time traveler and wrote the hunger games to warn us about 2020. There are waaaay too many similarities at this point.

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  • I had this thought earlier today, It was the Goodbye Gale scene. And I  was like  What would it take for Katniss to Say goodbye forever to a friend like that.  They both had an agreement that was if any of their names got called they would  take care of the other  ones family. Now that Katniss Won the Games .  Gale was still protecting the Family.   And when she went in again. He got them out from the bombing..  threw out their time In district 13  Katniss’s family was pretty safe. Gale did However  make sure everyonne was out of the Everdeen residents for the bombing ( I should of put that picture up). and He gathered a few of their personal belongings  and was with Prim when she went back for the cat… So he did his job well protecting Katniss’s Family when she couldn’t 

    Now  Gale and Beetee invited the Bombs. and Pitched the Idea to Coin about them. ( Katniss was against them the moment she realized what they could do. ) So  Katniss cannot Pin him on the you killed my sister… If she burned that bridge she would  of Done it to Beetee too… So I was thinking what else could it be… then it hit me. It’s because he couldn’t protect Prim…. Katniss’s family.  The one thing that Katniss Trusted him iwth more then anything he could no longer do. He was too much in the war. Too much into impressing Coin… Too much being part of her power…  ( Way way before this He knew that his chances with Katniss were next to slim like Basically Peeta would of had to die for that to happen maybe not even then).So once those bombs went off she knew and she also knew that that trust was broken.  Heres the thing While  Katniss was away Gale took over taking care of the family… So if he wasn’t in the war  maybe Prim would of been alive. or he would of done everything in his power to stop her from danger.. but he couldn’t he was a key member in the war..He might of also stopped Coin from sending Peeta to the Capitol…for her little revenge against Katniss.  

    Now for the Romance Side… Its not really there in Mockingjay… Well if you count every time they kiss Gale has some smart ass comment to say after ( I don’t )…  The minute I met Peeta I was like ohhh Katniss should end up with him. ( Anyways).  When Gale Threw the wrench in and Kissed her, That Basically ruined their friendship.. It was never the same between them again…. Gale could of been that supportive best friend who cracked down on Peeta to see if he was worthy for Katniss.  anyways I thought when I first read a boy and girl are best friends… i was like oh I hope they make this one actually Last friend ship.. then it turned romantic…  Thankfully he left it in Mockingjay and Didn’t try anything after he knew he  might be blamed by some for Prims death. Hell I would chew him out if he hit on Katniss after the war got to his Brain… 

    Some qustions I asked… Do you think Gale Knew about that Coin was planning on using his bombs in the Capitol. and Do you think that he knew that Coin would of sent Prim there?

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  • Gale a lot can happen in a few weeks.. Peeta hold my beer… 

     Not only on that train did they sleep together ( well held each other threw the night) twice (From the movie) Katniss not only got Friendzoned but she got Engaged a few days later to same man who totally said lets start by being friends…  to him being down on one knee… 

    A Few months later both are going into the games…. From the Book they spend a full day on the roof together and Peeta says “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here right now and live in it forever”  Then literally the next day Peeta drops they are already Married and Katniss is expecting in the span of 3 minutes… ( In the book they spend a few more nights together).  

    Then In the arena… Peeta 5 seconds in hits the force field and it almost dead but thank god for Finnick who brought him back to life… then Its the Beach scene  which is like your lieing if your not in love with Peeta  after that. Then it was the see you at midnight which is the last time we see Peeta his loving caring self for a while…. 

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    THAT shirt omg get over ittttt

    Dean Highbottom was mean but thennn omgggg he is one of my favourites he kind of reminded me of Haymitch. Snow’s dad was trashhhh

    Dr gargoyle whatever her name is was disgusting and sadistic

    When Arachne died I was shookkk things started getting wild

    Lucy gray at first was really charming and confident but that was kind of a facade she much more grounded

    When Jessup died I cried that boy oh my god why whyyy

    Jessup and Lysistrata are the ship™

    Sejanus SEJANUS bitch he had balls he had more balls than all of them combined when he was like the war was an opportunity to right some wrongs and the crazy lady was like did it? And he was like no the districts are worse than ever I WAS LIKE OH MY GOD HE JUST TOOK A DNA TEST TURNS OUT HE’S A 100% THAT BITCH

    Dean Highbottom related to sejanus bro

    I am not going to lie in part two the romance was good they were cute when he was like you matter to me i was like dudiudu

    the FACT that Sejanus propably died thinking that trashcan was his friend

    Sejanus was the og rebel and he didn’t even have the chance to rebel i canttt

    The scene when snoe and sejanus and the boys went to see lucy gray and they were all friends and Sejanus was like go get her and snow was living for the moment their eyes met I WAS HAPPY THEN the book could have ended there but noo snow had to ruin everything

    the moment he threw his mother’s compact and the powder but kept his father’s compass I was like there goes the last bit of his humanity

    Sejanus reminds me of Gale especially when he played with Maude ivory because gale was always really good with children

    The fact tha Snow did terrible thing and after he did them he panicked and felt bad but then he twisted the situation so that he was some kind of victim EVERY TIME ISJDJDJFJFJF

    It was really disgusting to see how they treated the tributes like they were animals and really contrasting with how the treat them in thg

    So when that snake bit snow and he was like omg she tried to kill now I have to kill her and then the doctor said that the snake wasn’t poisonous and he was like nooo it wassss so that killing her was justified bitchhh

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  • My favorite thing about Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta is that he’s pretty short. They don’t describe too much about Peetas height in the books but I just love how little he is. It’s like a pocket peeta and it makes me happy

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