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  • saebit
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    squid game spent a lot on fancy sets and big name actors (like gong yoo and lee byunghyun), but i feel like it was kind of rough around the edges

    the vips' voices sounded like bad anime dubs. the actors had good enunciation but the lines were so cringy and unnatural—their crudeness and how they referred to one another didn't match their ages or background.

    the plot too, was kind of predictable and made the show feel commercial. the show was still really good and i loved the characters but korean netflix originals usually feel... original. a lot of ppl felt like it was super raw, but to me it just felt fake deep lol. it was like a producer of major tv station watched a lot of wes anderson, art house, black comedy, and horror films and then combined those inspirations. maybe it was on purpose because they wanted the show to hit big (and it is) and people usually don't like digesting those genres without simplification. but i kinda felt like i saw everything before so even though it was fun to watch it wasn't.. impressive,,, again well produced and dynamic characters but also cheesy at times lol

    #squid game#review#solid 8/10 #i don’t think this is a popular take lol ;-;
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  • sunshineoftheheart
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Finally watched Army of the living dead... I didn't like it...spoilers ahead!

    Dialogues just weren't working for me, too cliche at times.

    The plot was messy (double crossing multiple times) and confusing (the zombies were gonna have a zombie baby?! Different type of zombies and some hybernate? Too much time in the sun what?? The father - daughter storyline felt stilted. The bad guy double crossing was predictable... Mr Vanderhoe and Dieter had potential as a comical duo/relief but it didn't work and felt rushed from hate-banter to respect of some sort).

    I mean the only surprising part was almost everyone dying.

    It wasnt even as funny as the beginning made it out to be and as such was longer than I had the patience for.

    So it's not really a good Netflix bet... And they advertised it a lot! I love some non sense movies or action packed bad plots movies when entertaining... This isnt, for me, one of those and as such I wouldn't recommend. Had potential, failed to provide 🙅‍♀️

    In other news, I want to watch squid game but I fear it's an attempt at an Alice in Borderland and I rather they give me season 2 of that one. Anyone watched it?

    #army of the dead #Spoilers #I'm not a reviewer but I can still complain #Also not poetic so this is what I think about it #Entirely subjective opinion #Feel free to disagree #squid game #Who watched it? #alice in borderland #Season 2 when?
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  • sketchingdetails
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Luna's Fishing Garden Review (PC Game, 2021)

    There’s a whole world of cozy, pleasant, indie adventure games coming out more often than you might think. The success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons at launch really helped bolster this genre into something that doesn’t just sustain itself but actual thrives in a crowded gaming marketplace. I’ve been playing this style of game since Harvest Moon first released on the SNES and I can’t get enough of it. Let me forage for supplies, make some friends, plants some seeds, and fish to pretty graphics and soothing music. That always hits the spot.

    Luna’s Fishing Garden is a more narrative-driven adventure game in this style. You play as Cassie. After a big storm, you wind up in another world led by Luna, a giant fox spirit. Luna tasks you with rebuilding the garden that the storm destroyed. To do this, you gather supplies from various small islands using a boat, meeting new friends along the way.

    The big mechanic of the game is fishing. One of the first characters you meat is Jellybean. He’s a very hungry seal who teaches you how to fish. He gives you the pole and everything. The fishing mechanic is similar to Stardew Valley. You cast your line and a guide pops up. A fish is already dangling from the line, ready to make a break for it as it swims in its own species-specific pattern. You have to keep the green bar lined up with the fish to fill the meter and catch it. If the meter drops to the bottom, the fish goes free and you have to try again.

    From there, you bring the fish to whatever character is looking for it or return it to Luna for currency. You need to earn the leaves to buy seeds, saplings, and helpful birds to successfully restore the garden to its former glory. The trees and aquatic plants continually flower, which can then be harvested and sold to Luna for leaves. Plan wisely, as the boat trips grow longer and longer as you pay the lighthouse to push away the rolling fog and reveal more of the garden.

    Luna’s Fishing Garden actually incentivizes you to use every possible item in the game. The fishing pole improves dramatically with each upgrade from Jellybean. Gathering one of every item and sharing it with Nigel, a bird categorizing all flora and fauna in the garden, increases your inventory space. Each character you meet specifically asks for items so they can help you on your journey. The leaf-count grows quickly once you get the first few plants down in the garden, so you won’t have to wait long to achieve these goals.

    Developer Coldwind Games does a great job creating a cozy adventure game that never feels punishing. There is no way to regress in this game. Everything you do moves you closer to the end of the story, and anytime you relax maintains the status quo. Luna’s Fishing Garden does have an ending, but you can also choose to spend more time in your garden, fishing, planting, and replanting the islands to your heart’s content.

    The game has great accessibility features. There are two control scheme layouts: mouse and keyboard or just mouse. Just mouse is designed to simply operate the game with one hand and it works well. The story is told with written dialogue available in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Chinese. There are sliders for sound effects and music, a checkbox to enable or disable to dialogue sounds (the animals all have their own noise that accompanies their dialogue), a massive UI scale slider, and a V Sync toggle the lets you uncap the FPS or limit it to anywhere from 25 to 144 FPS. There are no sudden noises, no jumps in action, and no flashing lights. Everything is smooth, calm, and gentle.

    I had a wonderful time visiting Luna’s Fishing Garden and will surely play it again. The whole game can be completed in about three hours if you just want to focus on the story, but you can spend as much time as you want building and rebuilding the garden or enjoying the endless fishing.

    Luna’s Fishing Garden is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.


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  • chutorii
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Tears of Themis is amazing. Rosa is the best mc, luke best boy (other mls are great too), the graphics are amazing, history too and mihoyo is an amazing company

    Anyone who disagrees can leave my blog now

    #when I finish the game I will do a more detailed review but so far this is the short version #tot #tears of themis
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  • cinemastrophe
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Demon's Souls part 22 another boss I think

    Demon’s Souls part 22 another boss I think

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  • gamergirlpowerup
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Review of Kitaria Fables, thus far...

    Recently a good friend of mine tipped me money to buy the game for the switch while it was on sale. Since I had some free time on my hands I was playing pretty regularly and have some thoughts about it.


    The game was cute and challenging, enjoying the dialog with characters when it came to quest while also having to find ways to fight different monsters. Found myself wanting to focus on upgrading more over doing quests, since I could just farm or fight monsters to get money that I would also need. When it came to the spells I knew you could make the orbs for them as told to me by the npc, though I must have missed some dialog or something, because it took me half way through my playtime to realize you had to craft them in town and not by the wizard. The grinding for sure kept me busy and when it came to farming I just focused on watering then sleeping to speed it up.

    My Likes

    +Having some customizing options for my character and being able to change it easily anytime. Usually drifting between black cat, white cat and tabby cat.

    +Combat is customizable to your style, between item stats to weapon use and spells. I kept both sword and bow on two trigger buttons to easily switch, keeping one ability for sword and one for bow, but then keeping two slots for spells. It was a great way to adapt easily against monsters and keep dealing damage.

    +The style of the game is easy and pleasing on the eyes, not too bright or dull while also having a very pleasing art aesthetic. The characters had proportionate shapes and really nice coloring.

    +Putting use to the metals outside weapons or armor for keys or other items. Something I end up critical with Minecraft for never just making more of their useless ores... more useful or a more use-ability.

    +The dialog with characters is cute and I enjoy their personalities, especially the quests for the kids are cute too. It's simple and simply enjoyable.

    +The game does keep you busy, so always something to do with crafting or random other quests or farming even.

    +Love that my farming contributes to getting items when I go to buy them, makes it useful and purpose to farm.

    My Dislikes

    +Some monsters are way too hard to fight against at times or just out right frustrating.

    ---+ The main issue with this isn't just damage output vs any defensive item you can muster to build, it's that the CC (crowd control)/stun is annoying to deal with. Usually in games, like monster hunter, you can mash your button to break out of it or have your partner hit you before the monster hits you; in LOL(League of Legends) you have cleanse which removes CC or items that lessen CC timer. Though, for this game, if you get CC'd you have to get hit AGAIN by one of the enemies to get out of it or luck out waiting for a good while for it to time out. This caused me most of my rage and deaths, as I had no way to spam my roll button or move my joystick to break free before being hit. My most infuriating being within the snowy area where monsters who can that surround you, thus hitting you a lot with a lot of damage and repeatedly. I don't mind CC, though when I just get chained in it and killed with no way out of it, makes it not fun.

    ---+ In my view there is a damage imbalance. I understand making monsters hard to fight, though when you've upgraded as far as you could for defensive items even swapped items to still get two tapped... Isn't really fun. If it was DarkSouls I'd completely understand the level of bullshittery difficulty, though with this sort of cozy RPG that's lighthearted mostly, not something to unpackage while playing. Now getting all of the health/supportive items for fighting, doesn't help...

    +Dealing with dying in the game was alright at first, until I started dying a lot due to listed above. I had thought if I died closer to Rivero Fortress, that I would wake up back in the tavern room, though then I realized I wake up back at my house... Yes, there are teleporters to get back near where I came from, though since you roll/dodge not run and you have to go all the way to said town teleporter- When you die a lot and have to travel all the way back to the fight, makes it infuriating that I just stopped playing when it came to the fight with Commander Hazel. Having to go through the loading screens, deal with spamming dodge/roll to get there faster from nearest teleport spot from traveling the distance from my house to the teleporter- If you found that a mouth full to read without comas, it shouldn't be. Being two tapped with the best upgraded armor I could get to then just die a lot; then having to repeat the traveling, just didn't seem worth the trouble. With how much gold you can earn, I'd be more than willing to 'Pay Death' a fee to respond in the fight reset or not.

    +Crafting food support items is fun, but has issues. The farming isn't so much the issue, though with how many ingredients the items request and how many ingredients the monsters drop. I wanted to farm slimes to get more of the slime buns as my main go to, though they only ever drop one item per monster and don't exactly respond enough, so you have to exit the area going through loading screens to keep responding them. Even after ten times, using the four main areas for slimes, I didn't get many buns out of it. There should be an average of common drop of 1 to rare drop of 4 for at least common enemies to make it easier. Not an over hour long grind. Monster Hunter and Secrets of Grindea does this well, where you can get multiple drops either by a special item or just naturally though more uncommonly.

    +Dealing with the quest for the midnight shop keeper, Pumpkin. It may have been potentially a one time thing, though I found myself pretty bored and little bit frustrated dealing with the quest. My mind is a bit hazy on the details, though what I remember most is having to get specific items that I'd accidentally sale or not have enough when I finally had him come to town at night. You have no way to speed up the time of day to make it night, so you'd have to make yourself busy or just stand there, waiting. Since I tend to get into fighting monsters I'd not notice it turned night and basically miss Pumpkin, so I decided to just wait and it felt like a randomly gamble actually getting Pumpkin to show up, which made me impatient. I wanted to play the game, wanted to continue the story plot and unlock to grow pumpkins, but this just felt lot a huge slow down in progress of gameplay.

    ---+ Specifically I would just go explore to fight other monsters, taking a break to blow off steam trying to complete the quest. One time seeing Pumpkin in one of the small cities, though unable to turn in my quest...? I don't see why I have to specifically turn it in within my specific town, why can't I turn it in when I see them?

    Summery of Everything

    The game is pretty fun and again, cute, the only thing is I find a lot of what I listed slows down gameplay or makes me too frustrated to continue. If you can get past it by sheer will, luck or not getting phased by it- then awesome, I'll probably try again at some point myself. If you feel the same and it's not just me, then maybe it's fair to consider the devs may need to adjust the game a bit. I've adapted as much and as far as I could withstand. With what I've said without knowing what more of the players say, I won't claim these need to be fixed since it could just be a me issue and it's my opinion.

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  • absurdcomplex
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Game Review

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Game Review

    A Fun Game for Kids and Adults, with Deep Philosophical meaning Story Kena: Bridge of Spirts created by Ember Lab, is about a young woman named Kena, a Spirit Guide, who helps spirits pass onto the next phase. As you will find out playing, not all spirits pass willingly, you will soon realize that some spirits are disturbed either through confusion, fear, or agony. However, that is the job of…

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  • everygame
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dig Dug (Arcade)

    Developed/Published by: Namco Released: 2/20/1982 Completed: 18/06/2021 Completion: Played about six levels of it. Blehhh. Trophies / Achievements: n/a

    I dinnae like Dig Dug.

    Will I ever play it again? Not if I can help it.

    Final Thought: What a let down from Pac-Man, let’s be honest. Maybe it’s just that every time I load up Dig Dug (which is more times than I should have) I’m reminded of its far superior rip-off Mr. Do!... which I admit I haven’t played since I was literally a child, it’s just definitely better. Dig Dug is slow, navigating digging is infuriating (didn’t hit the exact right spot in the grid? No digging for you!) and the enemies turning into ghosts to chase you feels like a cheat. It’s just not good!!!

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  • wilburkyriu
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bite the Fly - Bates Motel

    Bite the Fly – Bates Motel

    Dificultad: MediaObjetivo: ConseguidoMás Información: https://bitethefly.com/ El blog de la viajera empedernida Madrid, la ciudad que nunca duerme!!! Pasea por sus calles y vive el ambiente cosmopolita. Apta para cualquier persona, puedes disfrutar de ocio, cultura, multiculturalidad, y una gran oferta gastronómica para todos los paladares, desde los típicos bares tradicionales, donde poder…

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  • gamer55551
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
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