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  • ofcowardiceandkings
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ive not been this disappointed in a long time , actually seeing what FNAF actually /is/ as a game lmao

    #i assumed it was a bit more like at dead of night at least ? #how riveting lmao #im not a horror person at all it takes a lot to scare me but man the gameplay itself sounds dull as dishwater #[snores obnoxiously] #considering what a huge fuss everyone made over it ? disappointing #rory's ramblings
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  • sporkkles-irl
    26.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    You can unlock a train/subway in metro division once you get to transformables level 3 which implies that vinyl city has a subway system, which is probably a VERY interesting design considering you can literally shift and change the positions of the districts inside the city

    #maybe that last bit is less practical cityscape design and more gameplay mechanic but holy shit imagine designing a subway system #that is for a city that can shift and change randomly #halogen.txt #rin rambles about nsr lore
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  • lizillasimming
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just finished queuing up the end of the Bachelor Challenge! There will be a few extra posts tomorrow just so I can finish up and get my spooky stories started! 

    #Lizilla Rambles#gif warning #I have most of the screenshots done for the first story! I just need to edit them #I'm really excited to write them up though #Being a gameplay simblr is much less stressful #but i miss writing sims stories #Hopefully everyone enjoys them!
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  • mangop1e
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #ro rambles#ask tag#mcyt#mcc#minecraft championships #like yeah that's def a true and valid point!! #i made sure to acknowledge that the glitches do fuck over the gameplay of hitw #in both ways #but also we as viewers can't do anything about it #and i'd rather laugh about fundy jumping over two walls #or aus advantage. there are no walls in australia #than get upset about the game's outcomes #you know? #mcc is a very Fun Thing for me and i treat it as such #glitches are now entertainment value so i don't get frustrated by them #etc etc #im getting very rambly again i just like talking about mcc
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  • kadoodi
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    kinda sad that the Drehmal v2 update has been pushed back until next year... but also the amount of work going into that map is incredible and I'd rather the creators take their time with it in order to polish it ;0;

    my friends and I have pretty much gone through the entirety of the Drehmal: Primordial map at this point, and I still highly recommend it to any Minecraft players out there who want a fun, new MC experience with a LOT of story elements to follow (and you can do all of the story stuff at your own pace!)

    but sadly, we've done pretty much all there is to do in the map, so we've moved onto other new worlds in the meantime. I honestly can't wait to revisit Drehmal when the update drops tho. it's such a gorgeous map and I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of changes and new challenges that the devs will bring to the world!!!

    #minecraft#mineblr#my ramblings#drehmal: primordial #we've been spoiled honestly #we've tried to look for other custom adventure maps #that are anything similar to the primordial one #and none of the ones we've seen look like they're as polished #also the balance between like?? #custom story stuff and regular mc survival gameplay is really good #and a lot of other maps i've come across don't seem to have that much freedom #but anyway yeah please play the primordial map its so good.
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  • mangostar
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I don't understand ppl that don't like characters that aren't good in game

    #yes this is abt g*nshin #i dont care abt gameplay. if girl pretty. girl on team #also going on g*nshin twitter is hell #ANDDDD i managed to beat the oceanid!!! it was lvl 50 while most of my team is still lvl 40.. no matter i had trouble #also.. thoma is cute!!!! ALSO CANT WAIT TO MEET THE SHOGUNNNNNN I LOVEEEE HER #im so sad i didnt get her when she had her banner :((((( but i did get sara!!! #sorry for all the g*nshin rambles.. but ive been playing and its been on mind :P
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  • asilcorner
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #asil  answers #I watched a story overview video #and listened to a guy ramble about the sidequest with the larva babies who get eaten if you find them all #which is unusal since sidequests should make you feel awesome and satisfied #and here the devs go ha ha you thought! stupid! #but it's still meh to me #might be just the gameplay and the lenght
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  • 12am-motivation
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Maybe I am a Vyn simp

    #i fell in love with this card ever since i first saw it #still waiting for luke and marius tho #vyn richter#mo yi#莫弈#moritsuki rei#rei moritsuki#adjudicator #tears of themis #tot#未定事件簿#mo's gameplays #mo rambles into the void #between good and evil #symphony of the night
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  • puppys-rhythm-heaven
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    have i ever talked about how much i love playing megamix because oh my god do i love playing megamix-

    #puppy rambles#rhythm hell#megamix #it's my least favorite but also„‚ it's rhythm heaven- #and tbh none of the stuff i dislike about it is actually related to gameplay. it's just like #game choices. lack of lore. the story #„‚ that's about it really-
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  • minijenn
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    So yeah Sora is the best character to play as in Smash Bros sorry I don't take constructive criticism

    #like i said #my new main #honestly tho his gameplay is a delight #its very fun and yes he is a little floaty but honestly its not too bad??? #i love his spells imo #honestly im having a great time in griding through world of light with him #bless my son #jen rambles #super smash bros #sora for smash
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  • waywardsalt
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Phantom Hourglass’s cutscenes (specifically Linebeck) part 4

    Let’s go this one is just going to be that pre-final battle cutscene because it makes me go wild!!!!!!! Lots of Linebeck talk in this one. Also spoilers, which I’ll say is fair for this one because there’s an absolutely criminal lack of art of Phantom Hourglass’s final boss. 

    But yeah. Rambling about one cutscene this time. Not gonna go over the fight itself since that’s an essay for another time and this is about the cutscenes. 

    Ok. The cutscene prior to the final boss. I like the opening bit, gives a quick chance to see the wrecked Ghost Ship. I also really like the one shot where you can see Linebeck and Oshus walking onto the deck with Link, which begs the question of who’s still driving the ship. (Maybe it’s still moving a bit more after being shut off and it stops after a bit? I dunno.) Anyways, Link and Linebeck both reacting more or less the same way to seeing Tetra is kinda funny. 

    I enjoy that the way that Bellum moves after re-appearing and grabbing Tetra heavily implies that he’s both somehow injured and disoriented, so his slamming into the broken mast and destroying Linebeck’s ship (and killing Oshus I guess) could either be an accident or somewhat calculated. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Linebeck turns around a lot faster than Link does when the ship is destroyed, which just adds to his clear dismay at losing his ship. All three of them (Link, Ciela, Linebeck) have their own reactions to this bit, Ciela calling out for Oshus, Linebeck’s reaction to losing his ship, and Link reaches out and moves forward a bit. 

    I don’t know how the Phantom Sword fell out of its scabbard considering that Link never really tipped forward very much when Bellum picked him up, but whatever. The sword falling then Linebeck noticing is a cool, short moment, him being completely absorbed in the destruction of his ship until he either hears or sees the sword. I also like how his expression changes once he sees Bellum with Link and Tetra, and then he seems to remember the sword. I like the way that Bellum’s reaction to pain and then subsequent anger are conveyed pretty much solely through his movements, it’s just neat to me. The little closeup on Linebeck with the Phantom Sword is good, especially since he’s briefly animated in a way that makes it look like he’s gulping out of fear, and them him tearing the sword out of Bellum’s eye/tentacle is animated in a cool way, like he’s trying to tear through it or something. 

    When Bellum tosses Link and Tetra away, Link bounces a bit on the ship’s deck when he lands. Linebeck turning his head to Link as he hits the deck is cool, like he’s reacting to the sound, then soon after reacting to Bellum falling and putting an arm up like he’s trying to defend himself. 

    When Link wakes up to (probably) Ciela shouting for him to get up, I enjoy that he’s mostly jerked awake and startled by seeing Tetra unconscious on a different part of the broken Ghost Ship. Then Linebeck is shown doing his best to fend off Bellum, only to presumably get excited and relived to see Link wake up and try and run over to him and end up getting grabbed by Bellum. Link’s reactions are interesting to me- he doesn’t jump up immediately since we can assume that he initially saw Tetra, who was out of the way of the fight all things considered, and didn’t really fully jump up until seeing Linebeck trying to fight off Bellum and keep Link safe, even though he avoids fighting and clearly has little experience with it, and then seeing Linebeck get grabbed, which then meant he was in more danger than he’d ever been in the entire game, which was what Link was trying to avoid while working with him. So, yeah, Link does fully jump up when Linebeck is grabbed because he’s seeing his companion get grabbed, but it’s made more significant by the fact that Linebeck spent the majority of the game staying out of trouble or being protected by Link. 

    Basically their roles are almost completely reversed in this scene. 

    (I’m definitely going to eventually get around to really diving into why the final boss for this game is so genuinely good but I’ll get through this series first but oh boy. Phantom Hourglass’s final boss is just amazing, both within the context of the immediate scenario but also within the context of the rest of the game.) 

    Anyways, I really like how Linebeck is animated to swing the sword around, it’s very obvious that he doesn’t actually know how to use a sword, or at least has never been trained or anything, since he’s mostly just wildly and desperately swinging it around. Ciela lingering near him also gives off the impression that she’s maybe keeping an eye on him, perhaps even thinking about giving him some kind of advice with his fighting. 

    One of my favorite things to see in video game animation is weight and similar things like tension, and the bits showing Linebeck struggling against Bellum’s tentacles triggers the happy chemicals in my monkey brain. The overall trembling of Linebeck’s animations while he’s trying to return the sword to Link so strongly represents that Bellum is trying to pull him closer, all while Linebeck is trying to move closer to Link. Like he’s trying will all of his strength to get the sword back to Link, and manages to toss it over to him with a desperate expression. (Link’s flip when he catches the sword is extra as hell and I can’t help but wonder if he did it as a way to convince himself and Linebeck that as the hero, he was more than capable to save everyone in trouble.) 

    The following bit comes off as a bit more ominous than the rest, with Bellum tugging on Linebeck’s arms and practically looking him up and down, before Link seems to also realize that things are worse than he expected, and Bellum completely grabs Linebeck, wrapping the rest of his tentacles around him and latching onto his back.

    Even while I write these, I find new details in these cutscenes, and while I was checking out this cutscene while working on the other posts I noticed that when Linebeck is turned around, before Bellum briefly opens his eye, he like, convulses in a strange way, opens his eye briefly, and then convulses again. I equate it to how you might move in reaction to getting hurt, like trying to deal with the pain by maybe breathing quickly and squeezing your eyes shut. Anyways when I noticed this for the first time it made me viscerally uncomfortable while I though about the implications esp. if you remember that based on his design Bellum’s gray spikey extra tentacle thing is most likely jabbed into Linebeck’s body. (Also you don’t get a front shot of Linebeck during this but. He’s animated so well. He moves and seemingly twitches like he’s extremely uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and is slowly becoming more and more disoriented. All in all, in this brief bit, he and Bellum both act in a similar way, like they’re both uncomfortable while adjusting to the new situation.) 

    We then get that shot of Linebeck’s feet, and just based off that he’s clearly in some kind of pain and is struggling to adjust to now having Bellum on his back and it even comes across like he’s trying to get away, like it’s dawning on him what’s happening and he’s trying to get away from Link in some kind of last-ditch effort to keep him safe. The way he falls very much comes across like he’s struggling under Bellum’s weight but is also losing control already. And the very last bit right before actually getting to see what the final boss looks like, its another bit of Linebeck looking to be in incredible pain or some kind. Not much to point out past that. 

    Every time I see this scene in the full context of the game, i.e. playing through the final boss sequence, it evokes a visceral reaction from me nearly every time and I love it so much it’s honestly such a good cutscene. Yeah that’s it for this part. The next part will probably cover the rest of the cutscenes. 

    #phantom hourglass#linebeck #since im bad at explain my emotions and feelings in a normal way ill say that this scene makes me want to eat drywall #i feel this scene like. physically. spiritually. botw can suck it ph makes me feel so much genuine emotion #i bring up botw bc its a high popular and loved loz game and considered the best (i have my opinions but i do love it) #while ph is considered a black sheep or generally not a good zelda game but it can compare to botw pretty well #anyways ph still manages to make me feel more genuine emotion on my like. 15ht playthrough than botw did on the first #im not saying that botw is bad botw is amazing but i just happen to like ph's story-related stuff better #imo it had a much better story and characters and general emotional core than botw #botw has the superior gameplay but i do also love ph's gameplay #anyways im rambling the pre final boss cutscene is actually really fucking amazing even to this day and i will stand by this #tbh ph's final boss in general is actually genuinly really good and stands out really well compared to the other loz final bosses
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  • ripdiy
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    where’s my hug *chainsaw dashes at u*

    #been watching a lot of hillbilly gameplay these days #dbd#ramblings
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  • ashubii
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    So, in an attempt to figure out what was causing my game to be so awful when I played Aria, I deleted her save and redownloaded the Fleuralia save to try it fresh. Created a new Sim and was able to play perfectly fine for several hours last night, never had a freeze.

    So it could have been that particular save or maybe even Aria herself. These freezes aren't new to me so I know this won't be the last of it.

    ANYWAY i made this sim named Janelle Brightly and took a couple few screens of her as i played

    I gave her an aspiration to get a degree and her traits are Squeamish, Family-Oriented, and Genius. I made her a Family Sim (using the Personality Mod) and pretty much rolled for other things. I rolled a dice for her sexuality & she's bi and I rolled for her uni degree which ended up being Computer Science.

    I don't often play through Uni but I'm both using the Career Overhaul mod and one that reduces the credits needed to graduate down to 4.

    Not sure what more to say about Janelle right now but I'm gonna post what few screenshots I took of her & continue playing/testing today~

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  • rebouks
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Guess who just queued the LAST bc post?! I'm honestly so glad it's over lmao 😅

    Taking bets on who's going to win!

    #ramblings #it was so fun but such chaos lol #i'm glad i'll be able to get back to normal gameplay
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  • puppys-rhythm-heaven
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i think final remix is close to being my favorite medley remix- ds remix 10's also really great but final has the title screen music medley thingie and every game gets an equal amount of games and it has the keep-the-beat part and jyghtghyt- IT'S JUST SO GOOD-

    #puppy rambles#rhythm hell#final remix #final remix my beloved #god i have so many conflicted thoughts about megamix like #gameplay-wise i love it but there's so much other stuff that makes it hard to live #* like. i clicked the wrong prediction jtghfgjy- 😔 #megamix is great if you ignore everything that isn't the games themselves-
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  • ashubii
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I did not get to play more of my medieval challenge like I wanted this weekend because my game is dumb and also I decided I didn't want to. I do have some screens waiting to be used though so I might throw those in the queue.

    I started playing another save (haha fucking why) to try out a save file I downloaded and also just to play my Aria Sim because im obsessed with her.

    ALSO trying some new things with gameplay & just playing the game as more Whim focused

    ANYWAY im having fun so

    #ashubii rambles #ill probably post screens from the casual gameplay on my casual blog #weave them inbetween prettacy progress #so i can keep the medieval challenge & my Simblreen short here #which i need to work on as well #im very sleepy
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  • myriadfrogs
    09.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    since im not a hi3 player i wasnt sure if i was fit for honkai star rail but as soon as i noticed that there are things named after slavic gods (Belobog and Svarog) i immediately signed up for the beta test

    #rambles #honkai star rail #a game with an anime art style that has stars and trains in it and mentions slavic stuff? that's dope sign me the fuck up #i mean it did pique my interest a bit before but the slavic names made me extremely excited for it #i hope the gameplay will be enjoyable bc i really want to get into it #ahhh i get really excited when stuff from my culture gets mentioned in places where i dont expect them so im :))) right now
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  • veetiesims2
    09.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    We now return to Kulo Seeri...

    I’ve learned a lot about my playstyle and what I enjoy (and don’t) over the last four rotations, so I’m going to declare this hiatus over. Gameplay posts will be resuming from household 2, rotation 5 (I don’t have pics from household 1) and will probably get a little rambly, as well as a little experimental as I figure out my own style.

    Here’s what you’ve missed:

    In rotation 1: - I forgot to block NPCs off the burial grounds with Visitor Controller. The game spawned two grand warlocks; the first one (Abraxius Platinum) cursed the lot and was taken as a prisoner by the Vedraloga warriors. The second (Hyde Bright) is also now living in Kulo Seeri, as sort of a roommate of Shaman Mari. - Renee, the last of the fully draconic Nuidya (they’re descended from dragonkin, though there’s been a lot of intermarriage with humans and elves over the last seven generations) was unexpectedly killed by a falling meteor. Curse notwithstanding, she was given a proper Nuidya send-off and laid to rest in the newly purified burial grounds. - One of Headwoman Etan’s husbands, Melchol, broke a law he actually helped her write (that a man can’t divorce his wife unless she’s broken an Unnatural Evil) and called things off with her. He moved back in with his niece’s family and was then abducted by spirits, returning with a message that the evil 18th God (aka the Beguiler) was due to escape the Void, and that someone in the village had defected to her side... - Shazia, the newest Vedraloga recruit, was supposed to be guarding Abraxius overnight. He spotted an opportunity to turn on the charm, and by sunrise they were ACR-ing outside the prison tent. Shazia was suspended from the order, at least until she’s done being pregnant. Some of the other Vedraloga are beginning to suspect mind control spells were used. - Lorekeepers Yoshan and Dominick were granted a pregnancy by the spirits.

    In rotation 2: - A council meeting to decide Abraxius’ fate ended in disaster. Chief elder Arafa randomly jumped into the sleeping furs with Etan’s other husband; this time Etan made the first move and called it off. Arafa hasn’t been herself lately. She may be showing signs of dementia. :( - Hyde had a first kiss with Yoshan while I wasn’t even looking. It might have ended there, but Yoshan lost his pregnancy and presumably turned to Hyde for comfort, because they got closer over the next rotation or so, leaving Dominick devastated twice over...

    In rotations 3 & 4: - I spotted Yoshan flirting with one of the other young men. It didn’t go any further than that though. - Zera kicked her uncle Sophos out of her tents. The zan-Ku clan has always been dysfunctional, but the tension between these two had escalated to actual fighting... - The Beguiler emerged from the Void, right in the middle of Rotation 4′s Cat Festival! A time rage (a storm of ROS, effectively) affected about a tenth of the village; Myuli, Etan’s daughter, became a vampire and so is out of the line of succession. Her younger sister Kuona aged thirteen moons instantly, going from 5 to 18 moons. Yoshan rolled to be impregnated by one of my void/spirit PTs as well... - Shansam, the oldest member of the tribe, died of old age and ascended into the Nuidya ancestor pantheon as the god of love.

    And in rotation 5: - Etan got an abduction ROS and came back as a ghost; due to the tribal law that says only the living can lead, she’s had to step down. The next order of business is an emergency council meeting to choose a new headwoman.

    Whew, that was a lot! It’s night time now, but I’m looking forward to sharing the upcoming story with you :)

    #kulo seeri#sims 2#ts2 #sims 2 stories #sims 2 gameplay #recap post#rambly post
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  • kemendin
    09.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I have not yet played even two seconds of FNV so all I know is what I see on tumblr. And what I know is that Arcade is definitely my favourite.

    #fallout #fallout new vegas #i can just TELL and I haven’t even watched any gameplay or anything #kem rambles
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  • rosanimorphs
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    oot challenge runs are just so comforting

    #i guess cuz im just familiar enough with the game #its not even my favourite zelda game. i havent played it in ages i could like do that actually #anyways its just. relaxing #i enjoy challenge runs bc its often a very different way of looking at the game than normal gameplay (or speedrun gameplay) #you can do a lot really if you try hard enough to make it work #no hit or no damage......... just not using a specific item ever (like deku nuts...) #oh and bingos are fun too. and randomizers #rosa rambles #i think wind waker would be equally good except ive been holding off on watching too much ww bc i Will play it myself one day #and same with twilight princess and skyward sword so really my. 3d zelda options to watch speed/challengeruns of are a little limited
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