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  • Did you hear about the fowl who, mischaracterised in infancy as a goose, later rectified that sloppy assignment?

    He was transgander.

    #this joke has probably been done before #something something ugly duckling #gander
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    This show will draw you in from the moment it gets started. You are caught laughing as the townsfolk bring you into their world, including that cop who reminds you to STFD (Slow The Fuck Down). You’re brought into this quirky town where everything seems great, until it isn’t. 

    As tragedy strikes in the US, planes are having to land in Gander in Newfoundland where the town at least doubles in size from all of the plane people coming into town. It shows how the townsfolk rallied and supported the people during the time of uncertainty and despair. 

    This musical shows hardship, loss, love, loss of love, stress, support, and hope. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions of just when you start to feel a bit blue, something goofy and fun happens. Like the scene where people got to become honorary Newfoundlanders. Or the part with the grills and all the mayors. The music supports the running emotions with the fun upbeat songs mixed with the lyrics laced with uncertainty in other songs, grabbing you by the emotions. 

    The most striking is just as the show is ending and everyone is going back to ‘normal’ life, how truly not normal life was afterward. Not only for the townsfolk but the plane people too. People going back home and having to face the tragedy of 9/11, whereas they hadn’t gotten to feel those emotions before with the people of Gander successfully keeping their focus elsewhere during their stay. Suddenly, the town of Gander also feels strikingly empty without those plane people there too. It’s facing loss and worry in many ways, everyone’s lives changed by this event. 

    It’s not every day a show sits with me as this one did. I often will find myself singing ‘I’m an islander, I am an islander’ at random. I will also find myself thinking about that moment near the end where we see and feel everyone facing the aftermath. And I also find myself laughing to myself when I see fish on my plate and thinking about kissing the fish. This is one of those shows that leaves a lump in your throat, but also makes you smile. It is one I will undoubtedly see as many times as it rolls through town. I highly suggest going to see this if you get a chance. 

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  • Killjoys - 3x05

    #killjoysedit#killjoys #delle seyah kendry #aneela kin rit #gander#mayko nguyen #hannah john kamen #ted atherton #femslash related stuff #aneela x delle seyah #killjoys 3x05 #I didn't even really realize this at first #or rather I didn't believe in the earnestness #that it was genuine and going to lead somewhere #(and where it led!) #how charming this was #just thought oh this is suspicious #too good to be true you know? #when poor aneela was just wooing her future wife
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  • Aaack! Ready for things to get back to normal!!

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  • Puzzled by the title : “The airport for celebrities you never knew existed“ — then they’re hardly celebrities, aren’t they ? Anyway, Wes Anderson was without a doubt one of them. [BBC video].

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  • Modern Judge Judy and gander antics…


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  • When a goose transitions, he takes ganderogens

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  • ceterum censeo anseres esse positum in luna

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  • CFA - Welcome to the Rock title card

    Spent my free time at work today playing with my watercolor pencils. I’ll probably do a digital version of this at some point in the future. As well as title cards for the rest of the songs.

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  • brassiere is short for gander

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  • Cute idea: A blue, pink, and white striped goose.

    The Transgander


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    hotshot from Spain and fourth place of the Jawbreakers Stunfest Qualifier

    What names do you go by?

    idk dud looooooool

    Hahahaha, let me rephrase that: You joined the community as Gander, but quickly started changing names. What makes you swap so frequently?

    i dont really have any fixed name but i swap i constantly because i feel renovated and fresh everytime i do

    How do you feel about your performance in this tournament?

    bad, i think i could win it

    What was your strategy preparing for and competing in the tournament?

    try to chill and care as less as possible for less pressure

    Which was your hardest match of the tournament?

    against daio, was a cool one

    What surprised you most about the tournament?

    not ending up at least top 3

    Who didn’t you face that you wish you did?

    i did not have any preference

    How did you get into Lethal League?

    Watching Forsen stream.

    What’s your current Lethal League experience?

    Around 500, some tourneys and a lot of rankeds.

    Who are your main/side/counter character picks?

    i dont really know

    You started out championing Latch and dabbled with several other characters before. But in this tournament you brought out Doombox with some excellent crouch specials that caught several opponents off guard. Why did you pick him for Jawbreakers?

    I play the character I have fun with, I’m having a lot with Dbox because his options and the croach special are very enjoyable

    What are your favourite character outfits?


    What are your stage preferences?



    What input method do you use?

    inhalambric Keyboard

    What are some other games you play?

    right now some casual rogue like games but nothing overall

    Will you come to Stunfest?

    I would come if it where 1 km away from my home LUL, but i support it dud its awesome to have events like that

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  • I haven’t been super active on this blog, so to make up for it here’s Gander as a little kid. This will probably become a series, so stick around for that. Next up is Grizvar

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  • Frankie used to be very chill (for a goose) but Rhoda is a little nervous and so he is very protective of her! Now if you get too close (a.k.a within sight) he will honk a warning and even hiss! He’s not v aggressive with me unless i take my life into my hands and try and pet him (worth it) but we’ve worked out an agreement where I keep him well fed and he occasionally nibbles my trousers.

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  • Scrooge wasn’t the only one Donald was angry at. Donald was furious with Della for leaving him and the kids behind for space. After Della’s disappearance and in the middle of Donald’s grief he therefore basically threw out everything Della had ever owned, as well as almost all his photographs with Della (and Scrooge) in them. 

    Because of Gladstone’s luck Gladstone eventually found everything Donald had thrown out, and Gladtstone is now quietly keeping everything in case Donald one day change his mind and Donald (or the kids) wants it all back. 

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