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    15.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    |Come Closer| Kuroo Tetsurou x Blackfem!reader

    The following fanfic is an inspired spin-off of Deciphered by @hoeneymilktea , The Sunrise and Your Sins by @leia505 , and fanart by @aikk00 . Pls check them out as well as other spin-off authors. Comments, Reblogs, and Shares are heavily appreciated. I hope you enjoy~ β™‘


    Chapter [001] Flewed Out

    You stand on your toes waiting down the escalator, peering around the Tokyo International Airport. People of all walks of life gather their belongings from the baggage claim. Daize, who you just texted, swore she drove here before you landed.

    Holding tightly to the handle of your suitcase, you anxiously sigh.

    "Don't tell me she's late..."

    To your relief, you spot her as she waved her hands rapidly. She rushes in your direction as you hug her.

    "Talk about an entrance." You laugh pulling away. "It's been too long, Dai."

    "Yeah a year and eight months too long. C'mon. Let's get you home."

    The last thing you wanted was to be inside the airport another second. Once arriving at parked car, Daize helps with your luggage as Ms.Onishi peeks her head out the driver's seat window.

    "Glad you have you back kiddo!"

    Not really all that attentive to the drive you lean back watching the traffic blur. It took some thought to register for the University of Tokyo. Back in the States it was no surprise to your parents but ultimately it was a shot in the dark that you'd see him again. Time flew by, but the fireworks were just as loud. Just as bright.

    You couldn't help but think about it. He had likely forgotten all about you. Staying in contact with him didn't last long after he finally graduated. Neither of you made a means of trying to revive it. Yet, you'd admit you are still hopeful.

    We pull into the driveway, the front porch wind chimes singing. Daize unloads your luggage, bringing it around the car. Ms.Onishi takes off to the front door.

    Nostalgia hits the soles of your feet as you remove your shoes at the genkan and put on your house slippers. Botanicals hang from the ceiling with potted plants sitting upon shelves. Its interior rustic decor as far as the eye can see.

    Ms.Onishi's hand rest on your shoulder.

    "Welcome home y/n"

    The polished floorboards still creaked with each step you took wheeling your luggage to your room at the far end of the hall. Daize, following behind, opens your door for you. Your bed, white bookcase, and desk in their spots from before. Nothing much has changed. Even your wall-mounted CD player was still right above your nightstand.

    "We tried keeping it how you left it." Daize says, switching the hallway lights on.

    You put your suitcase on the floor unzipping it. A familiar routine you've followed countless times before. The Onishi's were your second family somewhat a means of escape from your real one back home.

    Memories like the laughs you'd share, tears for every drop of rain on your windowpane, the music you'd play. Nights you'd stare at the ceiling counting down the days when summer would end. When you'd leave it all behind. But for the next four years you'd be staying.

    Daize leads against your doorway.

    "It's all coming back, huh?"

    Unloading your possessions, you sigh.

    "Yeah, something like that. It feels like just yesterday I was a high school freshman."

    "No kidding," She stands straight folding her arms. "How's about we catch up over some boba? You can finish unpacking later."


    Daize sits across from you in the booth. Placing the serving tray on the table, she hands you your drink. You take a sip, your cheek resting in the palm of your hand.

    "Your taste hasn't changed." Your Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca resting on the table. The Alley was your go-to spot during hot summers, mostly to gossip.

    "Neither has yours." Her drinking The Alley Trio Milk Tea. "I would've killed to have one of these a year ago."

    Ploping down, she stabs her straw into her drink. Location by Khalid playing in the background.

    "You nervous about Uni? My mom told me you have a full ride scholarship." Daize gently nudges your ankle with the tip of her foot.

    "It's more excitement than nervousness." You stir your drink with your straw. "Turns out I wasn't the only foreign exchange student this year."

    Daize never made you feel lonely as a foreigner. From day one she made it her business to teach you the ropes but was never afraid to get her hands dirty at the drop of a hat.

    "Regardless, I'm proud of you." Her doe eyes soften. She holds your hand. "You deserve it."

    You nod, squeezing her hand back as a thank you. Daize's eyebrows perk upward.

    "This calls for celebration! Me. You. Tonight. Let's do it!"

    It never dawned on you to do much other than grab some drinks and chill. But knowing Daize, things were going to get hectic.

    "Aight, I'm listenin'. What do you have in mind?"

    She clears her throat for dramatic effect.

    "Well, my boss was invited to an event and he said I can bring a plus one. That plus one being you."

    Your Deerioca finally empty, you lean your elbows on the table. "Does your mom know?"

    "Not exactly.... I told her we'd be home by 1:00am. 1:30am at the latest." A grin from ear to ear spread across her face. "They'll be familiar faces so we won't be alone."

    You shake your head, chuckling. What's the worse that could happen?

    "Fuck it. I'm in."


    Spray-painted asphalt and singed tires mixed with laughter from people lining the streets echo. Flamboyant-colored cars are parked closely by what looks like a starting line. Scantily dressed girls roam about, making blending in easier.

    You both walk through the crowd, hands by at your sides. Your baby blue lace trim mini cami dress compliments your white Air Force 1s. Diamond studs in your ears and a white bandana on your head.

    "Looks like all of Japan was invited, too." Daize says, walking beside you.

    Her attire a black short sleeve button down and dark ripped acid wash jeans. Silver chains dangling from her belt and platform sandals on her feet.

    "No kiddin'. Reminds me of block parties back home."

    Music blared from the DJ booth as people danced with their drinks in their hands. Some smoking cigarettes and joints. Bets were being placed them pointing at different cars. Possibly their drivers.

    "Who's your boss, anyway? And why was he invited to a car meet?"

    Near the end of the lot, groups of guys were split up into sections. Each wearing their respective colors. You're visibly tense though you keep your cool, your vision staying forward.

    "Just a bit further and you'll get your answer."

    The ground trembles at the bass and growling engines. You're shocked that cops haven't shut this party down yet.

    Three men stand off to the side of the starting line. Their other group members stand around them as two taller ones are having a conversation. With closer inspection, you relax when you realize who it was.

    "Iwa? Flatty-kawa?"

    Other members around them notice you two instantly, giving skeptical looks. Clad in white and turquoise bomber jackets, the words 'Seijoh Brawlers' written on their backs. Iwaizumi turns around, followed by Oikawa at the aforementioned nicknames.

    Oikawa exhales, the caramel scent of his e-cigarette escapes his lips as he spoke.

    "Oh shit! Y/n?" He pulls you in for a low waist hug, letting go so he could get a gander at you. "Long time no see little cutie."

    "Girly's all grown up now." Iwaizumi teases, hugging you as well.

    It's been a while since you last saw them. Your old friends now young adults following their paths. Though, something about this 'event' and it's participants didn't sit right with you.

    "As grown as I can be, Iwa. What are y'all doin' here?"

    Kenma appears and looks Daize's way, offering you a small wave and smile. Something he usually did whenever you saw each other.

    "I was starting to think you weren't going to show, Haymaker."

    Kenma straightens his stance as Daize steps in front of you, putting her hands in yours.

    "Suprise! I'm a mechanic in training." Your eyebrows raise as she continues. "Turns out all that time in the garage with mom wasn't a waste."

    You remember nights where you'd hear Ms.Onishi and Daize talk about car parts and such while you sketched. It never made sense at first. In time, you understood enough to ask questions and take notes.

    "He and Cypher were scouting out recruits during a race last summer and both Indigo and I were hired. Under some conditions of course."

    You stood perplexed as to respond. On one hand, you were proud. On the other hand, you were hoping she'd get a less potentially dangerous job. Ms.Onishi has told us countless stories of how she doesn't want her daughter following in her past footsteps after returning her title. The apple dosen't fall from the tree.

    "Hol' up, hol' up. Why didn't you tell me sooner, Daize?" You ask, leaning on the hood of Oikawa's car. "And who's Cypher?."

    "Real names aren't allowed on track. That's why we go by tag names. I'm 'Haymaker'. Oikawa and Iwazumi are 'Cypher' and 'Indigo'.

    Oikawa exhales once again. "DK is gonna lose his shit when he sees you."

    You were just about to ask who that was when hollering from the crowd grew louder. Owners of their cars hopped in when a girl in short shorts went to the middle of the road with a white handkerchief in her hand.

    "I'd hate to interrupt our small reunion but I'm up next to race."

    Oikawa opens the driver's seat of his white Mazda RX-7 Veilside Fortune. He whispers in Daize's ear before he drives off to the starting line.

    Without warning, Daize snatches your arm, leading you to the finish line. Kenma following close behind.

    Tonight's main race was about to begin. A few worthy contestants, each a familiar face from the last entered their vehicles. Yet, one car drove slowly behind. A bright red 2002 Nissan 350Z pulled up to the finish line next to Oikawa's car.

    "Dai what are you-?"

    The girls' hand high in the sky, people cheering. "You know the rules everyone! No cheating, no tricks, no bullshit. Let's keep it a good clean race!"

    The wind picks up, causing the handkerchief to move. Anticipation of the crowd could be felt everywhere.

    Oikawa rolled down his window, yelling.

    "Get ready to have your ass handed to you!"

    "On your marks, get set..." Her eyes scanning the drivers.

    "Nice try bastard! I'm not gunna let that happen!" The mystery driver yells back from their lowered but tinted window.

    Those you once knew have been eaten by the underbelly of street racing. You never would've seen it coming. Now you were a witness. But you aren't prepared for what comes next.

    "GO!" She swipes the handkerchief down. Their engines rev before darting out of their ideal positions. Everyone watches in awe at the front runners leading the chase, nothing but smoke left in their tracks.

    An exhilarating adrenaline rush courses through your body. The thought of being behind the wheel was enough to make you faint.

    What did you walk into?


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    All work done by @zero.pruden on insta

    Might think it's a concert and get beyond hurt 'cause we clapping, hoe.

    Europe traditional

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    Love me or hate me I’m still here

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    Some behind the scenes photos from the movie, "The Best Day of Your Life," a co-production with @random_quality_ent / @randomqualityfilms. Cinematography by Hulon E. Crayton II from @825Studios. For more details on go to https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11967146/. We have a few film shorts we are filming in Arkansas next week, then our movie (in IL, LA, FL, and MO) and tv show this Fall! Big things in the works for 2021/22 and more surprises to come! . . . #movies #behindthescenes #filmphotography #film #cinematography #blackmagic #newyorkframeofmind #hustler #onmygrind #gangshit #gang #newyork #moneymoves #825studios #kansascity #filmproduction #randomqualityproductions #kcmo #imdb #camera #featurefilm #cine (at Harley's Hideaway Bar & Grill) https://www.instagram.com/p/CODdBqMs5dU/?igshid=lnrnj0lkohs0

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    Aryan invasion of India depiction.

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    Dude I’m trying to sleep but all I can here is my neighbours talking like wtf it’s 1:07am on a Friday. Shut the fuck up. So imma just leave this here cause why not.

    Just imagine this really soft character or someone that’s just not seen as violent owning a cat cafe and just being amazing but in reality they’re apart of a fucking gang and is the best sniper out there?? Like,, the fucking power that person would have. And to make it better, they’re the right hand person to the leader of the gang. So most trusted badass of the gang. Let’s call this person A to make this next part easier to write.

    So. Enter person B. They stumble in A’s cafe one day soaked from rain or covered in snow (either one) and just order the blandest coffee ever before sitting down. A is obviously disgusted by Bs coffee choice but after a while they glance over to see how B is doing and B is just sitting there with three cats that usually hate EVERYONE. B doesn’t even seem to care that one of the cats is sitting on their book. A goes over to ask if B wants anything else a B just casually goes β€œyour number?” But manages to say it politely and not like a dick?? In the end after some banter A gives B their number and they meet up. A finds out B is a tattoo artist and thinks it’s cool as fuck. They end up dating and all that.

    Few months later a girl get kidnapped from A’s gang. There is another gang in the city that usually just keeps to themselves but gang 1 blames the kidnapping on them. Little just person A know, but Person B is apart of gang 2. Also a very trusted person and close to the leader. Specialty is knives.

    In the end when A figures that out, they pull a gun on B and B gives this fucking speech about how they weren’t a spy and they had no clue and ends in the cliche β€œI love you, okay? I could NEVER do anything to hurt you. Gods I didn’t even mean to get this close! You know how dangerous that can be in our line of work. But I did. And I don’t think I could live without you so fucking believe me when I say I had no idea.” I just think them fighting would be good for the angst. And then they figure out that some weird shit is going down cause no one knows where the kid is??? They end up convincing their bosses to call a truce for now and end up finding the kid. Cue badass fight scene where bad guys get killed and the kid is rescued. (I skipped a shit tonne of plot line there but meh).

    But bad guys aren’t defeated and even though their plan to turn the gangs against each other failed, they still want to take over the town since it has a shut tonne of supplies and would help them progress to their next major town take over after. But that’s a whole different plot line.

    Anyway that’s the love story part of a book I’m planning and writing and person A and B are two OCs of mine. Person A goes by Jessie at the moment but I’m thinking of changing her name while person B is called Sam and he’s my bby πŸ₯Ί. Steal my plot line and I will stab you to death in your sleep :)

    I also did not proof read this so I apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes

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    Killaward,Oblock(WIIIC City),PBG (Cutthroat GD/TFG),STL/F$(FBG/CloutBoyz)

    I snuck in this bitch with my rachet

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    all work done by @dima.melancholiac on insta

    black and white tattoos

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    This muthafuckin' song right here has been stuck in my head for three whole months and I'm so so very tempted to write a Street Racer! AU featuring Kuroo and Black Y/n....lord help me....πŸ™πŸ½ @lxstfulbeans @p3achyheartz

    Also shout out to the big homies @hoeneymilktea & @aikk00 as well as to all the other spin-offs/continuations of Deciphered! PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!GO SHOW SOME SUPPORT Y'ALL!

    #SoundCloud#deciphered#hq oikawa#hq kuroo#kegayama tobio #hq x reader #street racer au #gangshit#best fanfiction#reader insert #writers on tumblr #artists on tumblr #support #lit as fuck #anime x black!reader #black reader#black y/n #kuroo x black reader #black reader insert #kuroo x you #kuroo tetsurou#nekoma#haikkyu
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