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    04.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Happy birthday to Ganyu!

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    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ✨ OC Q&A: ASK US ANYTHING! ✨ Introducing ATON ( @augichii ), KASHIMA (@/gravitydusty) and ILYA (@/yuuezen )! The three of them are gathered here today excited to answer some questions you may have! Be sure to send them some in the replies!

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    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #genshin x you #genshinxreader #genshin x reader #genshin#genshin imagines#genshin ganyu#genshin fluff #ganyu x reader #ganyu fluff#ganyu supremacy #ganyu x yoy #ganyu x you #requests open#genshin impact #ganyu genshin impact #ganyu genshin
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    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Me : searching for arcane league of legend

    Pinterest : Random feed shows steven universe and genshin impact

    me : hmm interesting

    #steven universe#genshin impact#arcane#pinterest#pearl#lapis lazuli#garnet#bismuth#ganyu#pearlapis#prose#pearlnet#bispearl #i mean it's probably cause it shows feedback post that i use to see but this is a coincidence #the vibe is immaculate #hmm different pg shows tho
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    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday Ganyu!

    #my art #artists on tumblr #fanart#procreate#genshin impact#genshin #genshin impact fanart #ganyu#ganyu fanart#genshin ganyu#gi ganyu #ganyu genshin impact #tried out a new colouring technique :) #it was fun but it doesn't look that great lmao
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    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago
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    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    her... i love her.

    #ganyu#genshin impact#genshin fanart#my art #i love her so much she's absolutely adorable
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    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    by Dovepea_99

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    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #i love liyue men so much my heart beats for them and them only #yes this includes childe too. I guess #BUT OFC IT INCLUDES BAIZHU MY KING #+ skyhooks #+ travel buddies #+ ganyu's qingxins #+ eula's skye !
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  • kitty-genshin-headcanons
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Genshin characters taking care of you when your sick

    This is my first post on here so sorry if I don't format it right or something. I wrote these awhile ago, but I finally got the motivation to post it thanks to @witch-hazels-musings so hope they like the rest of these.

    Characters: Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Albedo, Venti, Scaramouche, Beidou, Ganyu, Jean, Chongyun, Xingqui, Hu Tao, Razor, Sucrose, and Kamisato Ayaka


        The moment Childe found out you weren’t feeling well, he dropped everything and came home to you. Whatever he was doing wasn’t as important as you. Since he’s the oldest of all his siblings, he is very used to caring for people he cares about. He made you soup and tea all the time, refused to let you do anything you didn’t have to, and tried his best to make you happy and maybe get you to laugh. He would do anything for you even when you weren’t sick, but he was even more inclined to do things for you when you were ill. If you even mentioned being cold, he would get you some blankets and cuddle you for hours. He would not let you be uncomfortable or unhappy. As long as you were with him, that sort of thing just isn’t allowed.


        Zhongli has always been careful with you, seeing you as a very fragile creature that he doesn’t want to hurt or see hurt, so when you were sick, he made sure you didn’t overexert yourself. He didn’t want you to do anything cause he worried that you would only worsen if you did. He made sure you stayed in bed or were with him at all times and that you were comfortable. He made you anything you wanted whenever you wanted. He wanted you to be happy and to feel loved and cared for. Even after you started feeling better, he was hesitant to let you do things no matter how often you told him you were fine now and could do them for yourself. He just doesn’t want to see you sick again.


        When Xiao found out you were feeling sick, he was nervous. He hadn’t been around humans much, so he had no idea what to do to take care of you. So he went to ask Zhongli for help and thoughts on what to do to take care of you. Zhongli told him that the best thing he could do for you was just to pamper you, do anything you asked of him, and make your food. Xiao was still a bit nervous about what to do, so you had to guide him and tell him what kinds of things you needed. As time went on, he got a bit more comfortable looking after you and knowing what types of things you need at any given time. Once he had finally calmed down, he was actually very good at taking care of you.


        Albedo is always busy with his work, so you tried your best to hide it from him when you started not feeling well. You didn’t want to become a bother to him and his work. As you began to feel worse, you closed yourself off more from him and stayed home more often than you used to. Albedo began to notice this and went to check in on you. You always did it to him, so he should return the favor. Once he saw that you were sick, he dropped everything to be by your side and to make you feel better as best he could. You said that you were sorry that he had to take care of you instead of focusing on his work and experiments, but he wasn’t having that and made sure he never left your side. He told you that next time you aren’t feeling well, you should tell him to help make you feel better before the illness worsens. You promise to try and tell him in the future. You just didn’t want to be a bother to him. As you got better, he was a bit more comfortable leaving you alone to go back to work, but he still came home earlier than average to be with you. Once you were completely better, Albedo ensured that you knew just how much you mean to him and how you could never be a bother or an annoyance or anything like that.


        Venti has always been very high energy and very loud at all times, but all that changed when you started not to feel as great. It was odd at first to see him change like that. It almost seemed like he was a different person. When you asked him why his whole personality suddenly changed, he said that he wanted to tone it down slightly since you weren’t feeling too great. You told him that he didn’t need to do that for you, but he insisted that he wanted to do this for you. He wanted to make you feel better and more comfortable and happy as best he could while you weren’t feeling your best. You were taken back a bit at first when he said that you never expected the fun-loving young archon to be so caring and thoughtful for you. Now though, he made sure whenever you weren’t feeling too great to calm down a bit until you did feel better, making sure you knew just how much he loved and cared for you. After you were feeling better, he was still a bit careful getting back into his old ways just in case something from your illness was still there and you fell back into being sick again, but once he was sure you were okay, he was back to his old loud and fun-loving self.


        Scaramouche has always been a bit cold to everyone, including you, so when you weren’t feeling well, you just kept yourself separate from him so you wouldn’t be a bother to him while you were getting better. Scara, however, noticed this and wasn’t having that. While he doesn’t enjoy being overly affectionate with you, he doesn’t want to be entirely away from you. He doesn’t want you to feel like a bother to him ever cause you could never be one. So he made sure to take care of you as best he could while you were sick, staying home more often and making you food when he could. You enjoyed seeing him like this, seeing him show affection rather than just hiding it behind a tiny bit of anger. Of course, you would never ask him to change who he is. However, you do enjoy his tsundere tendencies most of the time. Once you started feeling better, Scara didn’t entirely go back to his old cold self, sure he’s still a bit standoffish, but he is a bit more comfortable showing affection to you, at least in private.


        Beidou was getting ready for another voyage, something she often did, though this time was more worried about you than getting ready. You hadn’t been feeling well for some time now, and she didn’t want to leave you alone if you were in pain. You assured her that you would be fine and that she should go; you knew just how much she preferred to be out on the sea than on the land. She was hesitant but still left on her voyage with the promise that she would come back as soon as she could. With that, she left you, though not without making sure someone would come to check on you and make sure you were ok. Once she left, however, you started to get worse, to a point where you had trouble getting out of bed. By the time she was to return home, you hadn’t gotten much better than when she had left. When she opened the door and saw you lying in bed still sick, she got very worried and blamed herself for leaving you alone. You told her that it wasn’t her fault and that things like that just happen. She still wanted to make it up to you, however, so until you were better, she never left your side and did everything she could for you. Her crew even began to worry, they weren’t used to their captain choosing to stay on land when she could be out on the ocean, but she didn’t care what they thought, as long as you were taken care of. Once you got better, Beidou asked you to take trips with her, so she never had to worry about things happening to you while she was gone, and you agreed happily, wanting to spend more time with your loving girlfriend.


        Ganyu always made time for you between all her work as best she could, but at times she was still too busy to hang out with you. When you started to fall ill, you didn’t tell her and just stayed home more. You didn’t want her to worry about you when she had so much work to do. When Ganyu finally had gotten a break to come to see you, you weren’t doing too well, being practically confined to your bed. She got really worried, wondering how long you had been like this and how she could have done more for you, so you didn’t have to be in so much pain from your illness. You tried your best to assure her you were fine, but when you could hardly sit up enough to look at her, she had a hard time believing that. She immediately went out to find someone to look after you and to tell the Liyue Qixing that she would be taking some time away to be with you until you were better. You didn’t want her to take time away from the work that she loved to do, but she wasn’t having that and insisted that you were more important than her work. Once you were feeling better, Ganyu went back to work, though she tried to take a break to see you at least once a day no matter how much work she had been given.


        Jean was usually very busy dealing with everything in Mondstadt, but she tried to rest with you. When you had started to feel less than great, you wanted to seclude yourself, not wanting to bother Jean from her work or get her sick as well and then leave the knights without their acting grand master. Jean noticed this reasonably quickly and took time away from her post to be with you, leaving most matters up to Lisa while she was gone. You told her not to worry about you and that she should just focus on her work, but she wasn’t having that and stayed by your side, doing all she could for you. She assured you the city would fine under Lisa’s care while she was taking care of you, and you hesitantly agreed to let her help you, though it’s not like you had much of a choice. She went to see if Barbara or any of the other sisters had anything that might be able to help you get better, and they did. After just a few days of Jean taking care of you and taking that medicine from the sisters, you started feeling better, and you tried to get Jean to go on back to work, but she still refused to leave your side. You only went back to work after a week or so of you starting to feel better and even still for some time after she took more breaks to check on you and to just be with you.


        The young exorcist was very much into his work, it was what he was born and raised to do after all, but he liked to bring you with him on his expeditions when he could without putting you in danger. He loved you and loved to be around you, so when you started to decline his offers to go out with him more and more, he got worried. After being out in the night air so often, you had begun to fall ill, so you decided to stay home more rather than go out. Chongyun got really worried. He didn’t want you to feel bad, or in pain or anything like that, so he opted to stay home more too. You told him you would be just fine and that he should just go out without you, but he refused. You were far more important to him than chasing some spirits around the place, so he stayed by your side and did what he could to help you feel better. He didn’t exactly know what he was doing at times; he’s far more used to those already dead rather than those living, so you did have to guide him on how best to care for you at times. Despite that, he did pretty well taking care of you, and in no time, you were back on your feet and going out with him on his adventures, though he did still try to get you to stay home more often at night as to prevent you from getting sick again.


        More often than not you and Xingqiu would spend your time reading together. Whether that be you both reading different books and just enjoying each other’s company, or if he was reading to you while you sat nearby. Recently you hadn’t been feeling well, so you came around to the library less often, something Xingqiu noticed quickly. He went to find you and ask why you hadn’t been to visit today, but upon seeing you in bed with a fever, the only thought on his mind was that you got better. You didn’t want him to be around you, fearing he too would fall ill, but he didn’t care and refused to leave your side. The whole time you were sick, he only left once to tell his father that he wouldn’t be home and get some books. While you were ill, he either made you food or got some from the Wanmin Restaurant, and he read to you. The sound of his voice helped ease your pain and helped you relax enough to sleep, though you always felt terrible falling asleep on him reading. He didn’t mind though; he just wanted you to get better as soon as possible. Once you started feeling better, you accompanied him to the library again, though now he was hesitant to let you stay up late as that was probably the reason you had fallen ill in the first place. 

    Hu Tao:

        Hu Tao is a very high-energy young woman, and that energy tends to be infectious. She always knew just how to make you smile and laugh, even when you weren’t all too happy. Upon getting sick, however, trying to match her energy was hard, but you tried so as to make her happy. She noticed this, noticed that you weren’t as bouncy and talkative anymore. She let it go; however, she figured you were just having an off day like anyone else. It wasn’t until you were noticeably paler than usual that she asked if anything was wrong. When you said that you hadn’t been feeling well lately, she wanted to get you home to rest and feel better. She told Zhongli that she would be out for a bit and that he was in charge in her absence, and then she took you home. Once home, she refused to let you do anything for yourself; she wanted you to rest and get better before you became another corpse to bury. She hated the thought of not only losing you, but having to be the one to bury you. She made sure you had everything you needed at all times, and if you didn’t, she was quick to get it for you. She tried to get you to smile even a little bit while sick, and some days it worked, and you were both thankful for those days. As you regained your energy and the color in your face, Hu Tao felt comfortable letting you do some tasks for yourself, tho she would still supervise you just in case. After you did a job yourself a few times, she trusted you to do it without her, though she was never far, just in case. Finally, after some time, you had gotten well enough that she felt comfortable leaving you alone and going to work at the funeral parlor and letting you go out and do things. Even still, she doesn’t want you out too late just in case you fall ill again, but being out in the light of the moon is too fun for her to forbid it altogether.


    You would often go out exploring the wilds of Mondstadt with Razor, usually just for fun or to get away from the city that you both never really liked. It wasn’t uncommon for you both to be out late at night or even all night and then not get any sleep, so you can’t say you were surprised when you had fallen ill. You told Razor that you couldn’t go out exploring with him that night, and he was confused. No matter what, you never turned down a chance to go running with him. When you tried to explain to him you weren’t feeling well, he still didn’t fully get it, but he left you alone and went off to explore and run, or so you thought. After a few hours of you telling Razor that you weren’t feeling well, you heard another knock at your door. It was Razor. It turns out he only went as far as Wolvendom and brought you back some red wolfhook seeds. Now it was your turn to be confused. Why had he brought you some berries? Razor began to explain. The wolves use these berries to heal all kinds of things, so he assumed it might help you with whatever you were dealing with. You weren’t sure how they would help as you’ve never heard them being used to help just a minor illness in humans, but you were touched that he wanted to try and help you feel better in his own way. He offered to stay with you for the night, so you weren’t lonely, and you gladly let him stay with you, and he told you the best way to get around the spikes to eat the wolfhook seeds. You were a bit hesitant to try them at first, but you did it for Razor, and they did help you feel at least a bit better. After that, every night you said you couldn’t go explore with him, Razor brought you some red wolfhook seeds and stayed by your side all night.


        Sucrose would often work on her experiments late into the night, sometimes even days at a time, with very little if any break. Sure, she wasn’t as bad as Albedo when it came to not sleeping but just barely. You would often help her with her experiments so they could get done faster so she could indeed sleep, tho this meant that you also got very little sleep at times. Sucrose didn’t want to rely on your help all the time, she was fine letting her health go downhill a bit for her tests, but when it came to your health, she was far more concerned. After one exceptionally extended period of trials and experiments, you started not to feel well, so you stopped coming by the lab so as not to cause any trouble for either Sucrose or Albedo. Before you left the lab to get better, you left a note to let Sucrose know why you weren’t there so she wouldn’t be worried, thinking the worst. However, when Sucrose read the letter, she asked Albedo if she could go rest up a bit. She did just finish a lot of work over a short period with no sleep and agreed on the condition that when she came back, she had to get right back to work. With that, she left and went to see you, on her way picking up something for you both to eat. When she got home, you were surprised.; she never came home this early unless you asked her to, and even then, she was usually hesitant. You told her you would be fine and that she should go back to work and not worry about you, you didn’t want her falling ill as well, but she wasn’t going to go anywhere until you felt better. She made sure to get you everything you needed, from medicine to food from Good Hunter; she knows exactly what you like. She blames herself for you getting sick; if you hadn’t been helping her, then you wouldn’t be like this, so she wanted to make sure you were ideally taken care of. Once you were feeling better and you both went back to the lab, she didn’t allow you to help her much after dark, saying that you should go home and get some rest and that usually meant that she too left the lab at dusk as you didn’t want her to be staying there late without you there to help just in case something goes wrong.

    Kamisato Ayaka:

        Every day without fail, you would visit the Kamisato estate, even if you had no real business there, just to make Ayaka take a break from her work and have some fun. Everyone at the estate had gotten very used to you coming by each day and looked forward to it as they all just wished to see their lady happy. However, when you didn’t come by one day, not only did Ayaka notice, but everyone who came around often noticed as well. Ayaka began to get worried about your safety and health, so she left her study to find and check up on you. When she got to your place and unlocked the door, she was worried; you were just lying in your bed, hardly moving. As she got closer to your bedside, you opened your eyes and tried to greet her as energetically as you usually would, but you lacked the energy to sit up, so it didn’t help her worry for you. She told you just to relax and not force yourself to put on a good face for her. She went to go make you some food her mother had always made her when she had been sick as a little girl and when she got back and handed you the food, she noticed just how warm you had become. Usually you there wasn’t much notice to your temperature when she felt your skin, something she found strange at first as a cryo vision bearer, so feeling a noticeable warmth was cause for concern for her. You tried to tell her that she shouldn’t be here, you didn’t want her to get sick and then leave all the clan work unattended to while she was out, but she wasn’t going to stand for that and wanted to stay with you and take care of you while you aren’t feeling well. She made sure to rarely leave your side, wanting to keep you cool and comfortable as much as she could with your fever. As you started feeling better and your fever had gone down, she went back to work at the estate but made sure to bring you along as well so she could keep an eye on you in case your condition worsened again. Even once you had fully gotten better, you still stayed by her side as she worked in her study all day; you enjoyed being with her and wanted to make her take some more breaks than just one each day.

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    15 wishes after Eula came home... C2 Qiqi... ("Will I ever get Diluc?" I say after this Qiqi, C2 Jean, C2 Keqing, Mona, Aquila Favonia and Skyward Blade...)

    Absolutely welcomed since I now have guaranteed Yae Miko~

    #genshin impact#qiqi #i cant remember a time where a 5* came after such low pity... my best was 40 with Ganyu #not that i need or want him...
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    Happy birthday my dear Cocogoat 💙🥺

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    #LIES DOWN #THIS IS SO CUTE #ganyu is very anxious and doesn't understand why thoma wrote that for real but she wrote the same thing #because ... she feels . . the same crush but she wants to speak to him #before fully diving in this sensation of love #because she doesn't want to burden him and she wants him to be happy #and since they're so far away from each other she doesnt want to push him or anything #she has an obvious crush with what we've discussed and we certainly will play it out more via threads #but yes take this #hiidroculus #⁽ ❅ ⁾  ‣ in character.  ―  ❛ a gentle voice calls out to the poise of glaze lilies. ❜
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    the serendipity path doesn't exactly have a plan for the future so ironically its a bit harder to think of what to write for the next installment. ill figure it out!! but idk when it'll be out so

    #lemmy.txt #should i bring ganyu in. meili just steals adepti from morax like 'theyre mine now'
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    甘雨ちゃん おめでとう絵を描いたよ by あんべよしろう/Yoshiro Ambe@y_ambe

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    ShinDirafeh (Comms slots full) (@ShinDirafeh) Tweeted:

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    If I’m gonna get led on by Mihoyo and there will be Xiao & Zhongli Banner instead of Ganyu & Xiao, I will actually perish. 

    #Zhongli I love you but I have you #I need Ganyu both for team comp and for my fav chara #AND I HOPE TO GET SHENHE BUT WHO KNOWS #I NEED GANYU FIRST #if shenhe's banner is first I will not summon on her banner and wait until Ganyu is there #so yeahhhh #⁽ ❅ ⁾  ‣ out of character.
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