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  • shoytebag
    24.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    POV: you're tamaranean royalty and you're collecting titans

    #dc titans#my art#dickkory#hbo titans#dick grayson#koriandr#komandr#komkon#ryand'r#gar logan#beast boy#ryanga'r #My ship name for it lmao #I don't even ship konkom but it fit with the joke
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  • chaoticfanfiction
    24.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago


    If you are in the DC Fandom and follow Titans please note that I will be writing fanfiction about this fandom as well!

    Let me tell y’all something right now.

    The dark!fics are coming! in every fandom! 

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  • bisexualmultifandommess
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ve been scrolling through loads of jaygar content on TikTok for ages I think I need a life lmao I just love this ship

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  • mrnotsosilent
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I don't understand how Donna Troy did die because of electricity but not in lightning?

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  • kimpembae
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    autumn is the best season to eat crab 🤤

    #mmm chinese style stir fried crab and a classique game… what a night #ne me decevez pas les gars
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  • sheimagineddragons
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    keeping you safe and warm | jaygar

    Gar remembered all the times his boyfriend had come into his room, too freaked or angry to think straight, all that would run through his mind was, I gotta get to my boyfriend.

    Now that Jason was gone, he felt like only half a person, he felt so empty.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Kory’s sweet but concerned voice fully pulled the green-haired twenty-year-old out of his thoughts, “Gar, I know you miss him, but maybe he just needs time. He’s angry at everyone else except you. He could never be mad at you…... That must be what real love feels like.” The curly-haired princess muttered before walking away, going to find the one person she loved the most.

    Gar nodded before laying down with the blanket wrapped around him, maybe I can dream that he’s here with me? The green-haired young man thought before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.


    About thirty minutes later, Gar woke up slightly, feeling warm, strong arms around his waist, as someone had cuddled against him, wanting to protect him from the world.

    Gar smiled, knowing it could only be Jason Todd, his boyfriend.

    Jason’s breath tickled his boyfriend’s neck as he sighed, “I missed this.” He mumbled, not wanting anyone else to hear.

    The green-haired young man giggled slightly, “Jason, you’re tickling my neck.” He admitted, not thinking of what he said, overwhelmed by his presence.

    A smirk appeared on the twenty-two-year-old’s face as he slowly lifted up his shirt and brushed light fingers across his skin.

    The twenty-year-old let out a small giggle, “Oh no.” He whispered, finally realizing what he had done, “Jason, please be gentle.” The green-haired young man whined, not wanting the Titans to show up wondering if something was wrong.

    Jason kissed his boyfriend’s neck softly, “Always.” He muttered before running his fingers up and down Gar’s right side.

    Gar giggled again softly, “Babe, I love you.” He whispered sincerely, hoping that would distract Jason long enough to hold his hands.

    Although, all Gar got was a single second before the second Robin flipped them over, so that the green-haired young man was below him.

    The twenty-two-year-old looked at Gar with so much love, it made them both feel whole again, “I love you too, Gar.”

    Gar hummed happily before wrapping his arms around Jason’s neck, “Enough to stop tickling me?” He asked softly, not wanting to destroy the peace.

    Jason hummed deeply before running his hands along both of his boyfriends’ sides, “You’re gonna have to stop me first, Babe.”

    The younger man quickly leaned up and captured his boyfriend in a long awaited kiss.

    The dark-haired young man kissed him back, and soon Jason forgot all about tickling his soulmate.

    That afternoon, all they did was stay in Gar’s room, surrounded by their warmth, keeping each other safe.

    i miss them <3

    #jaygar #jason todd x gar logan #dc titans
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  • bumbleblurr
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #blurb asks #sorry it took me forever to answer this #i was gonna maybe post some art with this ask then decided i could draw it later and post it on my main #Anyway at the end wreck gar is like ''nice vocals! :]'' #and then blurrs confused bc he was so distracted by reading off the list of products that the hardware store supplied #he didnt notice the accordion playing ajdhdmfj #but yeah i do want to draw this as a small comic #mainly bc hardware store is. literally one of my favorite weird al songs akdhdkhdkdhfj #love the fast frantic energy of it. it stimulates my brain <3
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  • davemustaine
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    megadeth performing as a three piece band, post kerry king/pre-chris poland at ruthie's inn, berkeley, ca, on their killing for a living tour. setlist included early versions of  ‘wake up dead’ and ‘my last words’, at the time titled ‘blood and honor’ and ‘next victim’, respectively | 11/3/1984 
    #OBSESSED#OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED #anyways longest caption ever but i started writing and wanted to include EVERYTHING i knew. mind is a steel trap of useless megadeth facts #megadeth#my uploads#kimb#dave mustaine#gar samuelson#bookmarked#thrash metal#80s metal
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  • blackcat-2198
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Garchel Bbrae in season 4 🙏💚💜

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  • mimi-does-art
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    First date 💕 A quick redraw of this scene from Wayne Family adventures cuz how could I not.

    Ps, I have no idea how color pencils work.

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  • theoppositeofadults
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Moi à 4:30 ce matin, au volant d'une grosse Porsche, en short et débardeur de pyjamas, expliquant à un inconnu assi sur le siège derrière moi que "non, ce n'est pas ma voiture, je ne l'ai jamais conduite mais j'ai regardé une vidéo sur comment conduire une voiture automatique, il y a 0 problème"

    J'ai vu dans son regard qu'il se tatait à plutôt y aller en marchant ce qui est une réaction normale face à Sophie le Bolide en action

    Mais ! J'ai mis les sièges chauffants et j'ai magnifiquement bien conduit, il m'a dit "oh c'était parfait !" (il y croyait pas je crois)

    #For the context #Je devais déposer mon père et mon oncle cette nuit à un point de départ #J'étais le chauffeur et je n'avais po le choix de voiture ce qui m'arrangeait moyennement #Et lorsqu'on est sorti de l'hôtel pour partir on a croisé un gars qui allait au même endroit et qui ne m'avait pas vu #Et lui y allait à pied donc il a demandé à mon père si eux aussi #Et j'ai répondu que non je les conduisais #Et mon père a demandé au gars s'il voulait venir avec nous #Et c'est seulement quand on est monté dans la voiture qu'il s'est rendu compte que je conduisais pour la première fois #Anyways ils étaient tous mauvaises langues parce que j'ai été un bolide absolu je les ai déposé parfaitement
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  • davemustaine
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #SCREAMING AND THROWING UP #megadeth#my uploads#dave mustaine#gar samuelson#kimb#exodus shirt #SHIT GODDAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! #fave#greg handevidt #I think. gimme a sec
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  • undertheknightwing
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I talked about the RV scene but my other favorite scene in the finale is Dick trying to walk Gar through getting into Wayne Manor’s security and when Gar stops responding and all heard is gunshots Dick pretty much was like

    #dick: i trust gar he's got this :) #*gunshots* #dick: AH FUCK NO NO NO *runs to wayne manor with dad speed* #titans #titans season 3 #dick grayson#gar logan
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  • rheannaaaz
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Unexpected Visitor (Part 2)

    Jason Todd X Fem!Reader

    First part is pinned. <3

    Summary: When Jason gets kicked off the Titans because of his actions with Johnathan Crane, he goes to his old “friend” who was once in the same situation.

    TW: !TITANS S3 SPOILERS! Angst, fluff (I’m gonna be nice now🥲.)

    WC: 499

    Note: Y/N/N stands for “Your Nickname” || Also, my normal face claim for Jason is Matthew Daddario but you can imagine him as whoever.


    Y/N’S POV

    I sat there and listened to everything Jason had to say, basically everything that happened to me like getting kicked out and being blamed for something I didn’t do. It happened to him to, this also showed a new side of the titans. Not gonna lie I was sad to hear about what he did to Hank, but it seemed like Jason just wanted to prove he can be somehow “better” than his brother..Or at least that’s what I got from it.

    “So, Y/N can I crash here for a bit?” He sounded nervous like how he did earlier but since I felt kind of bad I decided he could stay in my guest bedroom. “Okay, but on one condition and promise me this, if Dick & the other Titans find out where you are just go.” I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to trust him since he isn’t the best at keeping promises for a certain reason.

    Jason seemed kind of sad & disappointed when I said that, it was like if something happened he wanted me to come with him? He later responded “I promise if they find me I’ll go,” he touched my hand while he said it which reminded me of a certain memory that I love but also hate.



    Jason & I had just walked into the Titans Tower he had his arm around my neck like how he normally does so nobody really cared. We hadn’t made anything official or put labels on our what I wouldn’t call a relationship but it was something like that- anyways we walked to my room and watched a movie.

    In the middle of the movie I sat up & sighed. “Y/N/N, what’s wrong-you never take your eyes off a G.I Joe movie unless your upset or tired.” I was in shock that he could remember that little thing I did but as I looked up to him, he actually looked concerned since he looked worried I just responded and looked down at the covers, “Jason, promise me that if anything goes south we’ll stick by each other every step of the way either with the Titans or just us arguments and all.” He put his index finger under my chin so we were looking at each other, and his other hand on mine “Y/N, I promise that if anything happens I will stay with you every step of the way and I mean it.”

    My heart was beating way to fast for my liking and I could feel the blood rushing up to my cheeks so I softly smiled at him and with that he kissed me and I kissed back. It felt like I had some part of me back, after breaking the kiss he said “You know your mine now right?” Jason was looking at me with a smirk and I laughed while replying “I know.” After that we cuddled and fell asleep, that was the best night I had in a long time.


    A/N: sooo, how’d you guys like that! I decided to be nice since I made the last part sad but I am having a lot of fun writing this which is why I decided to give you guys this part early but normally it will probably be on a Wednesday! 💗

    #jason todd x reader #jason todd imagine #teen titans#dc titans#titans s3#jason todd #red hood x reader #hawk and dove #starfire#rachel roth#gar logan#batboys #batboys x reader #jason todd x you #red hood x you #batfam #jason todd x fem!reader #jason todd fanfiction
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  • undertheknightwing
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    BoyWithUke's music and whole vibe reminds me so much of Gar

    #the song two moons gives me major gar vibes #like some of the lyrics hit so hard for gar #titans#gar logan #cods.text
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  • lxncelot
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    y’know, at the very least, titans season 3 has a story it’s trying to tell in the present day.....

    #olive rambles #lol i'm being harsh but that's just because ???? the red hood storyline demands reverence and bro ???? what is that timeline ??? #how long was jason todd presumed dead for? how much rage was he given? the joker didn't even give him the j scar? the plotline was drugs? #bro what happened to the slowburn insanity arc with jason being manipulated like crazy which doesn't justify his actions but sheds light. #titans really does say 'we have two modes - flashback or the speed of light' huh? and the zoom involved drugs huh. #i'm not saying it can't be done but bro it's a really tired arc. can we give jason just a bit more nuance? a bit more time my guys? #idk maybe if the deathstroke storyline had been the least bit poignant i would be more lenient. #anyway i'm bitter about the jason plotline but y'know..... season 3 has so much™ that it wants to accomplish and at least it has a story #this time. season 2 was more invested in the past so it's nice to actually.... see the characters in real time. #also season 3 took notes on what season 2 did wrong about donna's death and it actually created a clever death scene that was quite sad™. #not only did they do a clever subversion with the ticking clock but it seems that being too late is going to affect conner! good development #and it makes sense actually that jason would single out hank in a way. if they had more screentime it would have make more sense but.... #oh! i also like the fact that hank's death was a direct flaw of his - impulsivity and arrogance. donna's death had no lesson in it and sure #that's realistic but it does nothing for storytelling - esp. since they started hinting about her coming back sO. SOON. #lots of interesting stories here. not enough time for all of them. but hey! at least the stories are new and interesting. #i'm glad we're not rehashing a rachel 'can't control my powers' arc and at least the 'who am i' arc with dick is fresh since there is #more friction. #kinda wish gar could get a sidequest that isn't 'helping other characters sidequest' but we take what we can get. #my man had is bRAIN ALTERED but we forget about that. #also - therapist dude that starfire keeps calling - i love you but please get a partner who wants to be with you. #also !!!!! tIM DRAKE ?????? IN MY TITANS ????? IT'S MORE LIKELY THAN YOU'D THINK #(i love him and i just think he's neat. he has no purpose yet but i love him. please just let it be a cameo tho. too much™ is happening.)
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  • bettyfelon
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    this week on the live-action teen titans program

    Titans : Purple Rain (season 3, episode 13)

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  • crownedcams
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    TITANS 313 ‘Purple Rain’

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  • slowlyandrogynousmiracle
    24.10.2021 - 20 hours ago
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