remember when rotg fandom split kozmotis/jack and pitch/jack (even though kozmotis and pitch are the same character lmao) into two separate pairings with two separate ship names - goldenfrost and blackice respectively - because antis didn’t want to find non-wholesome rapey fics in their ‘pure goldenfrost’ like in retrospect that was a nascent anti move and i knew there was a reason i hated it so much

esp for many of us writing long-fics with a pitch that had a ‘kozmotis’ background. like, lmao, we know what you meant by the divide

it’d be like calling it frostmaster and softmaster for grandmaster/loki pairings

remember when we could write as much filthy blackice as we wanted (tagged and warned for ofc) and then there was that sudden wave of antis in the fandom telling us that pitch/jack will always be inherently abusive no matter what and that we should be responsible and never glorify or romanticise that and suddenly a ton of authors were tagging/warning their fics like normal and then writing the hugest amount of disclaimers in their author’s notes just to cater to like a handful of people who were determined to pour as much bleach into the blackice pairing as possible


good times

#rotg#blackice#remember lmao #lmao what's that line #you either die a hero #or live long enough to see yourself become the villain #that was the rotg blackice fandom #idek if some of those people realise they were just hardcore spouting #puritanical gatekeeping anti nonsense #but they were #and it got bad for a couple of years #now thankfully people just mostly call it all blackice #and then write filth or redemption or nice stuff accordingly
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