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  • scentedanchornerd
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • shopexceltireg
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Head Transformer for Digital Tire Pressure Control Gauge | Shop Excel Tire Gauge

    The Head Transformer for Digital Control Gauge is a step down transformer that receives the 110V input and converts it to 18V to power the Electronic Board.

    Price:- $14 Visit Us:- https://shop.exceltiregauge.com/head-transformer-for-digital-control-gauge/

    #Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
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  • ithisatanytime
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


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  • thesearchforbluejello
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Not me gauging how much yarn I can afford as a self care allowance in my now strict budget.

    #get it? gauging? #don't have to buy a car when you only work pt kids I don't recommend the stress #I don't have a job lined up yet which is EXTRA stressful #I'm doing financially okay and my payment is manageable esp because student loans are still deferred #because the ones I pay in my parents' name don't defer automatically when im in school 💯 #but like WOOF the stress is unreal #cause if I have covid I will refuse to go to the hospital if it's bad because I can't afford it 🙃❤️
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  • blackbackedjackal
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #she doesn't look bad he just fucked up the form and the skin and made me deal eith his stupid decisions #she's too anthro #so I'm gonna finish her up and give her to one of my friends #i literally can't gauge what my mounts look like until I finish a mount on my own #which I plan to do soon #ask
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  • sciencetynan
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Getting my conch punch in 1 week. Excited! 👀

    Anyone have theirs done? Curious about your experience.

    #conch punch #large gauge conch #piercings#me
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  • signedlavender
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Twice in one month? What is this, a crossover episode?? New digital art posted on my other 18+ accounts featuring newly created OC Alex, the femboy Blacktip Shark! Here’s a sneak peak at the pose he’s colored in. . . . #artdigital #digitalart #digitaldrawing #drawing #digitallineart #oc #originalcharacter  #portrait #refsheet #referencesheet #shark #sharkboi #femboy #blacktipreefshark #red #piercing #piercings #gauge #stud #ombre #ombrehair #furry #anthro #lollipop https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTU-Shren2/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • dailypokemoncrochet
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    when people post twitter threads, did they screenshot the whole thing and post the images? there must be an easier way

    all this to say i want to share the twitter thread where i livetweeted the whole process of making a crustle as a way to keep time! turns out it was at least 5 hours and 10 minutes! but i want to show it here because i think you would like that

    #text #the next crustle i make will be itty bitty #i do this thing where i gauge size based on the safety eyes #or on the thinnest part of the pokemon #which means in my head i imagine them coming out way smaller #but in reality theyre a bit bigger because yarn thickness
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  • elitech
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Elitech LMG-10 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Customer Review

    Excellent build quality ideal for testing vacuum tightness and temperature and pressure

    This is a set of indicators for refracting action with a digital display vacuum seal tester and high precision pressure temperature made with high-quality materials that will be robust and resistant.

    The instrument arrives in a cardboard box Well sealed and protected by a sponge wrapping that will guarantee damage-free transport thus preserving the integrity of the product, inside the package, we will find the product ready for its use. simply extract the product from the package and activate it by simply pressing the on the button, on the front, there are 6 buttons that will allow you to set the various settings including what type of gas model is, the temperature display in centigrade turn on or turn off the brightness of the display all in a simple and intuitive way, on the back, there is a hook that will allow us to hang it so as to be able to view the various measurements in a more convenient way, noteworthy and also the presence of a magnet on the back which allows you to keep the hook well-anchored after its use.

    The device contains 88 types of databases of refrigerant pressure and evaporation temperature, and is equipped with an HVACR instrument, notable and also the very resistant and robust structure that guarantees a good resistance to any impacts, the measurements are fully automatic of the overheating and real-time cooling, you can also display the high pressure and low-pressure measurements as well as the temperature thanks to the very sensitive sensors.

    It is also possible to do the vacuum test, in fact, its manifold can calculate the vacuum degree by testing the current pressure value, obviously, you need a vacuum pump.

    The device works with 3 AA batteries already inserted in the instrument.

    In summary, I recommend this tool for measurement both in terms of the excellent build quality for the design for the comfort but also for the price at the time of the review we are talking about 139.99 I think it is adequate for the good quality of the product.

    However, it will be my concern to update the review in case I encounter anomalies and defects with the passage of time.

    I hope I have been helpful in choosing this product.

    Elitech LMG-10 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge

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  • formingmachine
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    FRAME KITS FOR TINY HOMES We produce easy-to-assemble, precision-engineered steel frame kits for Tiny homes, 30m2 structures, backyard studios, sheds, garages, and more.

    Available is a large range of options, or we can design your frame kit using your architectural drawings.

    Check out our tiny home and studio plans here.

    We are experts at creating agile spaces out of roll-formed steel that assembles in hours.

    These come as frame panels and will take two people between one hour and three hours to put together depending on size.


    FRAME KITS – OVER 50 PLANS This tiny house/cabin example above is:

    4.6m x 2.4m Total floor area 11.04m2 256kg total frames weight Roof type: monopitch/4° More pictures of this example available here with over 50 other base design plans available.

    Or you could go bigger with something like this one below.

    7.8m x 2.4m Total floor area 18.72m2 excl mezzanine(s) Mezzanine x2 661kg total frames weight Roof type: monopitch/7°

    Plenty of large frame kits available which we can customise to your individual requirements.

    NEW 30M2 COUNCIL RULES Buy direct from the Number 1 supplier of all Steel Frame Kits for sleepouts, tiny homes, home offices etc.

    The new council rules will provide a great solution for people who need extra space for teenagers or family members returning from overseas or simply using it as a home office.

    Builders of portable cabins and sleepouts have welcomed a change to the building rules intended to release some pressure on the consent process. Single-storey detached buildings up to 30 square metres.

    Our light gauge steel framing system is very light (up to 70% lighter than timber framing), strong and easily assembled by tradesmen or the DIY enthusiast.

    Email us your plan or sketch and we will quickly turn it into manufacturing plans with pricing options to produce custom steel frame kits for you.

    Touse base here or send an email to contact@steelframesolutions.co.nz.

    INSTALL (PUT TOGETHER) FRAME KITS Our highly skilled crew that deliver these frame kits and can also put them up (together) for you if required.

    We have a base assembly charge of $350+gst to erect a set of our frames on a flat site.

    forming machine steel c purlin machine light gauge metal framing machines

    #forming machine #steel c purlin machine #light gauge metal framing machines
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  • bensonofficial
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    lets say hypothetically i change my url. what would you all like to see. they are all variety based though sorry crafter enjoyers


    #mine #if i do change idk when it'll be this is just gauging interest #crafters is a nice shortening i think i like it im glad people started saying it
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  • princeofeels
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    All of my therapists would kill me on the spot for saying this now but I really wish one wouldn’t have to rely on fostering flourishing interpersonal relationships irl to be vaguely mentally stable and/or lead a decent quality life. Or at the very least that the contacts could be scarce

    #spinch bubble #i can't. i uhhhhh #i've chased myself into a corner where i don't really meet people any more or if i do they #re ''good acquaintances'' or ''family friends'' at best #i have  no motivation to make new friends irl and i have run out of old friends #it doesn't help that i can't gauge who would be accepting of my identity so i can't open up to most #vent #i have always been extremely introverted and i have to literally sleep off every vaguely social event
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  • pastelgothlapis
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Slightly interested that mattel is making an inspiring women doll of laverne cox but also utterly terrified that mattel will fuck it up some how and inadvertently do something transphobic, like part of me is happy that they’re even taking the effort to try to represent a trans person but also part of me worries about the potential for mattel to fuck it up

    #I don’t rly even particularly know her as an actress or anything but I hope they do her justice and maybe even have her involved w the creat #*creation of the doll #like idk if this is even considered like mattel taking a risk but I rly hope her doll does well and like doesn’t spark much backlash #because her doll doing well is probably going to gauge if mattel wants to make dolls of other trans ppl and even trans characters again #idk maybe I’m putting too much stock into it but it’s a good step for them to take nonetheless
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  • robertsbarbie
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    my big time rush order is FINALLY on the way and i’m???? so excited????

    #i don’t even care if their comeback is a flop because i love them and #am just cringey and chaotic enough to not care and proudly wear their merch #like my gauge for how much i actually enough something is buying merch #because i really don’t buy merch that often cause i’m in the mindset ‘oh i could easily do that’ #so like sody/ taylor swift/ fall out boy/ legacies/ reaves???? y’all are the real ones #like y’all saw me be annoying FOR MONTHS about the band camino and i still haven’t bought anything from them so like #eris: text
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  • khazadkeit
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cast off the body of the sweater I've been working on and it doesn't fit me well and I hate it and it makes me wanna die bc I was so excited abt it 🙃🔫

    #its supposed to have 4'' positive ease and instead it has like 0 and clings to every part of me that i hate #and idk if it was my fault or the pattern!! #its my fault that i didnt knit it long enough bc the original is cropped and i tried to make it regular length and fucked up #but the tightness is endemic as it were like i have no odea where i went wrong #except that i suspect I'm using a light dk vs the designer using a light worsted but calling it a dk #and my gauge came out okay - slightly smaller but only by abt half a stitch and that hasnt been a problem in the past #so i have no fucking clue but it makes me wanna die!! #esp bc i dont wanna work on anything else i have on the needles and now im anxious about the other sweater im working on #i just want to feel at home in clothes i make myself but i cant even do that #disgruntled octopus #also i just held up my other sweater and im p sure it also isnt going to fit even tho ive been even more diligent w that one #so like guess I'll fucking die
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  • babyxemm
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    And to think we loved only to endure this heartbreak.

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  • zonkutonshorrifyingpeenie
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Toby Fox, absolute madman, using the first mini-boss of Deltarune Chapter 2 as a tutorial for the final boss


    #harerants #deltarune chapter 2 #absolutely genuine like that's a really cool way to do it #like if you're gonna create an entirely different battle mechanic... why not gauge/ease the audience into it as simple and quick as possible #is gud
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