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  • sevenkittensinatrenchcoat
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bullshit I Made Up With Little to No Justification

    So, I wrote a bunch of random paragraphs about various characters, either as headcanons or very short stories.


    Tumblebrutus is the son of Asparagus and an unknown queen. He actually knows his father, because he doesn’t know his mother. Jellylorum’s human assumes he’s part of her litter because of how much he resembles Pouncival. They’re actually cousins. Tumble was born almost a full month before his cousins. He sometimes uses that as an excuse to boss them around. This never ends well for him or anybody.


    Seven cats are considered kittens, young enough to be attending their first Jellicle Ball. Plato is the oldest of that group and training to be a protector of the tribe. He’s big for his age, and Jellicle cats are usually supposed to be small. He does not appreciate Tumblebrutus pointing this out.

    I guess the theme of these two is that Tumblebrutus is a little shit.


    Etcetera hero worships Bombalurina. She might have a bit of a crush on her, but she’s not consciously aware of it. This once led to a bit of an argument with Jemima. When Bustopher Jones was visiting for the Jellicle Ball, all the queens, for some reason, had to stay in one corner while he told everyone about his clubs. Every female kitten had to sit with a chaperone. Electra sat with Jenny, her mother. Etcetera didn’t want to be stuck sitting with Jellylorum, her mother. She convinced Victoria, her sister via adoption, to stay with Jelly while she tried to sit with Bombalurina. Jemima, who may or may not be Bomba’s daughter, claimed the spot Etcetera wanted and she was placed with Tantomile, who didn’t really care either way. But, later that evening, Etcetera stole a spot in Bomba’s dance section and counts that as hanging out with her.


    Jemima inherited powers from Macavity, but their personalities are so far apart that no one would ever guess. She’s not entirely aware of the powers that she has. Someday, she’ll probably be similar to Coricopat and Tantomile, though they’re not related to her. As a kitten, she’s somewhat sensitive to telepathic messages, as Old Deuteronomy managed to figure out, and she can receive visions from the Jellicle Moon. She can’t make much sense of anything she learns from her powers yet, so they’re usually not very useful.


    No one knows where Mistoffelees got his magic from. He was delivered to Munkustrap’s human family’s doorstep one night and that was that. Most of the tribe, himself included, believe that Bustopher Jones is his father. He’s the only other tuxedo cat known to the tribe. The theory has recently been called into question, because the white patches of Misto’s fur are shrinking. He might become a black cat at some point in the near future. Nobody really questions this because they’re used to Mistoffelees being confusing. Until recently, the tribe wasn’t even entirely sure of his gender. The humans believed him to be a tom and he seemed to agree with them, but then he had those seven kittens. The humans never found out about this. Tugger, after some inspection, which Mistoffelees allowed just to shut him up and definitely not because he enjoyed the attention, found no anatomy that kittens could be birthed from and took to calling him Mr. Mistoffelees whenever he brought him up, so the tribe would remember that he was a tom. Mistoffelees agreed with Tugger’s conclusion, but refuses to admit that Tugger calling him “Mister” is really sweet.


    Bombalurina idolized Grizabella growing up and never got over how much her hero let her down. When she went off with Macavity, Bomba had at first hoped to find Grizabella and convince her to come back to the tribe. All she found of Grizabella were rumors, most of them false. Bombalurina believed all of them.


    Demeter wasn’t raised among the Jellicles. She knew of them and had met some of them, but that wasn’t until she became an adult. She was a purely indoor cat until something happened and she became a stray. She didn’t know much about the world and Macavity found it easy to manipulate her. It was Bombalurina, Macavity’s other mistress, who really taught her how to survive. After escaping Macavity, Bombalurina brought her to her human family, who already had three other cats, but they accepted her anyway. There are five humans in the family and they liked the idea of having a cat for each of them. She is now considered the cat of the adult female of the house. The last one had died, but now there was a new one, and a new cat to go with her.


    Pouncival has a habit of following bad influences. Jellylorum has begun to wonder if he might actually want to be a bad boy. All the tom kittens look up to Tugger, but Pouncival also looks up to Mungojerrie, who enjoys teaching him things that he’s not supposed to know, including several swear words. He taught said words to Tumblebrutus and Etcetera. Jerrie also told him a bunch of stories about his adventures in the criminal underworld, so he now knows how to get away with various petty crimes, a bunch of tips when it comes to mating with queens, and how it’s possible to mate with other toms, along with some tips about that as well. This information was also spread to Tumblebrutus and Etcetera, who naturally wanted to know every single detail. Mungojerrie is not allowed in Jellylorum’s den.


    Victoria is adopted. She lives in Jellylorum’s den and was raised with Pouncival, Tumblebrutus, and Etcetera. Her human family is very wealthy and their last cat was some kind of show cat. Jellylorum seems to believe that this makes Victoria some kind of feline royalty and she was raised like a princess. Munkustrap has also taken to treating her like she might be in the Deuteronomy family, though if she was, he wouldn’t know. Victoria, though naturally graceful and ladylike, doesn’t really care about any of this. She’s kept under more supervision than Etcetera and Jellylorum says that that’s because she’s different, but Victoria has no idea how or why. The other kittens don’t treat her as different. She has a pretty collar and she’s a good dancer, so the other girls sometimes envy her a little, but, at the end of the day, she’s a fairly ordinary young queen.


    Jellylorum’s human is a man who lives alone with his cats. He considers Jelly to be his best friend. Despite this, there’s a lot about her life that he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that she has a den in the garden where her stray father and brother live. When she brought four kittens into the house, he didn’t know that only two of them were biologically hers. He adopted and named them all. He thought Victoria looked regal and named her after Queen Victoria. He also had no idea that Victoria already had an owner somewhere else. He named the two toms Percival and Brutus. Their mother sort of renamed them after their habits of pouncing and tumbling. Etcetera was the fourth one and the human didn’t seem as interested in her, so he named her Etcetera to mean the end of the list. Jellylorum didn’t challenge this, because she thought the name sounded pretty. She sometimes wonders if Etcetera’s troublemaking is the result of a sense of inferiority from being named like that. Then she remembers that Pouncival is just as much of a troublemaker as his sister. If it’s not clear by now, Jelly’s life pretty much revolves around her family. She prefers it that way.

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  • cubone-attack
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Posting another picture of me in my favorite jacket because @cenere-alla-cenere told me to (also because I have much less hair now 😂)

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  • shadupandscroll
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the dapper @thesadboisguidetolife tagged me to stop drop and selfie! This is one of my walks I do around the city.

    I’ll tag @catgifsinthesenate @sofakinghtt and @victorvice to stop drop and post a selfie of you want 🥰 anyone else can tag themselves and tag me! I enjoy seeing you all

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  • daddyandcub
    18.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    TGIF! :)

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  • zelmoe
    18.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Just me and my Maddie!

    I got tagged by @12-hour-630-mile and @thesadboisguidetolife for a selfie so here it is!

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  • livingsardonic
    18.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    tell me, who am i without you by my side?

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  • 12-hour-630-mile
    18.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Got tagged by the beautiful @catgifsinthesenate to do a stop, drop, and selfie!

    My work officially announced we’re going to be permanently working from home so I never have to leave the couch now 🥰

    I nominate @carillonghorn @smileandcutthings @quiffle @zelmoe

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  • kevevv
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey there 🌞

    #me #haven’t posted in a while #insert gay terminology #gay#gay otter#gay bear#gay cub#gay single
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  • daddyandcub
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    Almost to the weekend :-)

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  • relas-telvanni
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Happy tummy Thursday

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  • mcubr71
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Over 150 uncensored vids and pics on my OF 😏

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  • piribebuy
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Holis, primera publicación (?

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  • piribebuy
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Subo fotos mías con poca ropa sin contexto aparente

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  • whyisthereabearinhere
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Obsessed with myself after this haircut

    #me#gay#gay cub#gay bear #ignore the sun im covering my name tag lol
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  • mcubr71
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Morning 😏

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  • daddyandcub
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago






    Tonight's Daddy and Cub Show features #songs by #Michael, #art in progress, a visit with #Dante and #Desmond #teddybears, plus discussion of all the great #food that Jacob has been making for himself and his Daddy Michael.




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    FOLLOW US! :)

    We are daddyandcub

    on lnstagram, Tumblr, Twitter & Twitch

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  • daddyandcub
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    Two unsuspecting boys make their way out into the world on a Tuesday, not suspecting it will be quite a day!


    Well, it's not over yet, and it's already been quite a day. It's been a day of little obstructions.

    There was a grouchy lady coming after us for parking under a tree, apparently in a spot that she felt we shouldn't park in. This caused us not to be able to make a recording we hoped to make.

    There was a fella at the $5 pizza place who really drugged his feet and caused us to be late getting Jacob to work just a bit. There was the traffic on the way to Jacobs work, too.

    There were all sorts of little things. But we are doing our best to stay positive and cheerful!

    Here is a neat Moody Blues song, entitled, "Tuesday Afternoon." I wonder if you remember it. I certainly do!


    Hope your day is smooth sailing!

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