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  • There’s a lot of topics I can get into on this but I’m going to address the dating world specifically. I see the beauty in all types of people. Like the vast majority I have more of an attraction for other types more than others but I’ve generally found myself attracted to someone in every race. I can handle people rejecting me based on physical attraction, weight, personality, but it’s never been fair that people can just basically ignore me, or write me off just because I’m the wrong color. 

    It’s so bad that every interaction on dating apps where I’m ignored or blocked has me guessing if it’s because of my race and not down to simple attraction. Most people would say the solution would be to date strictly within your own race, that you’re accepted there. Why should I have to segregate myself just because so many others are comfortable with doing it. 

    Don’t get me wrong I have no problem dating others that look like me but why should I limit myself to just that. There’s a whole world out there. I’d rather people be drawn to me for my personality and yes looks, but not because I’m black. Even among those that like Black people specifically do so for the wrong reasons. Mostly for the big black cock fetish/stereotype. I want people to be drawn to me because they think I’m attractive without race being part of the equation.

    I’ve seen comparisons with guys of different skin colors on dating apps and some get more attention than others. I’ve experimented with people before and it’s incredible to see one person ignore you but reach out to the person right next to you just for the privilege of having lighter skin. I won’t even reach out and take the initiative half the time because I figured I know how that will end up. Although lately I’ve figured it’s better to try than just assume.

    I know some people want us to live in a color blind society but that has to apply everywhere. Even in the world of dating. 

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  • I don’t consider myself a 10 to today’s standard. Especially being an Asian guy, I’m not your atypical looking guy. I’m cute tho, if I do say so myself.

    I’m like, gay chubby but straight average. I used to be a chubbier guy so that mentality of self worth and doubt never really leaves your head. Those damn demons.

    Long story short, I pull some hot guys some times and I just feel so “blessed.” I feel silly too, like, I’m deserved of this hot guy. Why do I have to feel so extra Bc he’s hot?

    Anyways. I just soak up the moment, stare intently as he fucks me, moans extra loud to show my appreciation and make that boy cum.

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  • That few seconds after swiping right just to see what if then continuing on are the worst

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  • 9.02.2020 10:35pm  Lil Peep “Star Shopping” on repeat

    I met a guy online named Deante about two weeks ago. We exchanged phone numbers and started to text every day. Physically he’s everything i could have asked for in a man. Tall, tan skin, full lips, lean and built like a greek god, full set of dark brown hair, very little facial hair which is a turn on for me, and he looked middle eastern but i found out he is American Indian. After talking for a full week Deante asked to meet me in person. We had only exchanged pictures and talked and texted on the phone. I had never been on a date with someone i had met online. Usually i meet the person first and then we start talking. This was a bit different for me. So we decided last night that we would meet at Victory Park today to simply get to know each other a bit more.

    I was so nervous to meet him. You might think it was because i was scared he wouldn’t like me, but that was not the case. Now that i think back on today i kind of wish he would of taken one look at me and ran for the hills. In all honesty my heart is very confused as to what it wants. I’m in love with my friend (who we will call Luis to protect his identity) and i’m starting to feel confusion as to what my feelings are towards Romeo. Today is also Romeo’s birthday and he has been heavy on my mind. So much so that all week i have dreamt about Romeo. Luis has also been in my dreams all week. When Luis appears in my dreams i feel at home, i feel like it’s something that is meant to be. When Romeo is in my dreams i feel like a piece of me that had been lost has been returned. Yet in my dreams Romeo always introduces me to his girlfriend and i feel so happy for him, but i go back to feeling lonely. Luis on the other hand will ask me to become his boyfriend or to marry him and it feels like a dream come true.

    This only added to my confusion when i met up with Deante at the park. I arrived to Victory Park first. I went in my sportswear because i wanted to feel comfortable. Deante called me when he got there because we were having trouble finding each other. As i turned around to look in the direction he was standing i was taken back by the tall figure leaning up agains a tree as if he was posing for a picture. I can’t lie he was even more handsome in person than on the pictures he sent me. He looked my way and said, “Sayd?” I couldn’t help but smile and i’m sure i turned red. “Do you want to go sit on that bench over there?” i said as i pointed to the bench and began walking towards it. He nodded and we walked to the bench. “I stopped at the gas station and bought you a water,” Deante said with a shy tone in his voice as he handed me a bottle of water. “Thank you,” i said with a shy tone in his voice. Deante sat looking forward and i straddled the bench so that i was facing him the whole time. Deante did most of the talking. I kept losing myself in thought. Luis coming to my mind and so did Romeo. As i sat there i actually wondered if Romeo was at the park since i had seen him there several times before in the last month or so. I knew early on that this man could have been gods gift to earth, but my heart was not ready. I didn’t want to be rude so i went along with the date.

    Deante was everything i could have asked for in a man. He had a bachelors in Psychology, several homes, cars, his physical looks, and from the outside looking in, was the perfect man. He was very masculine, and to top it off he was out of the closet and his friends and family knew about his sexual orientation. By the way he’s bisexual. I sat there trying to force myself to believe that giving this man a chance would be the solution to my broken heart. After all he was the full package. Then it dawned on me. There was nothing i could possibly encourage this man to do anymore. He had done it all for himself already. How can i grow with a man who’s so far ahead of the race already? My goals are much farther behind from his that he would probably not want to invest the time to see me grow like he has. Another thing i noticed off the bat was that he talked about himself a lot. In a very narcissistic manner. He seemed to be the greatest at everything. He had done it all, solved it all, traveled it all, and experienced it all. That right there was a big turn-off. 

    Once Deante had taken a break from telling me how amazing he was… lol… He actually took the time to ask me, “Where do you go when you want to clear your mind and simply get away?” I told him i liked to go hiking, which in return he said he hated, but he wanted to know where i went here in town to get away from it all. I told him that i find tranquility when i’m at the levy. So of course he new the perfect spot and suggested we go there. I just wanted to do something different so i agreed. He guided me a spot he knew at the levy. When i got there i immediately recognized the levy i was at. Luis had taken me to that same Levy for the first time last year when he would randomly call me to hang out. I remembered how full the moon was that night and how it glistened off the water. I remember listening to music in his car and laughing that night away. But what i remember the most was how safe Luis made me feel. When Deante and i got to the levy i got out of my car and leaned up against the my door looking out at he water. It was windy by the water. The warm wind was so intense that i didn’t even bother fixing my hair as it moved in the wind and out of place. I stood there watching the sun go down and fade into nothing. I admired the beautiful sunset colors that painted the sky in pink, orange, red and purple colors. Deante came around the car and stood almost directly in front of me, but not quite blocking my view. The wind had blown some hair in my face and he gently moved my hair away from my face with the tip of his fingers. I slowly looked up at him but without turning my face and looked back to admire the colors in the sky. He moved and leaned up against my car next to me and also looked out. “Isn’t it so pretty?” he whispered. In my head all i could think about was how much i wanted to share that moment with Luis or even Romeo, but not with Deante. Deante attempted to hold my hand but i gently pulled away. 

    There was nothing special about that moment at the levy for me because i had already experienced it with Luis. That energy and magic that we carried had been left there already and there was no way to replace it. I told Deante i was hungry and suggested we go to a really good taco truck i knew of, but he was very picky with his food. Thats was another turn-off. I like a guy that is willing to try new foods. We ended up at IN-N-OUT, (how original) where Deante told me more about how perfect he was. I also made sure to pay for the food because i didn’t want to feel obligated to be on a second date with him because he had paid. By the end of the night i could care less if he was the most attractive man on earth. All i wanted to do was go home. So i turned on my car and started to head back to the park where Deante had left his car and i dropped him off. I got out of my car and gave him a hug and thanked him for a “good time.” It was at this point that Deante grabbed me by my waist and attempted to pull me in for a kiss. I moved and gave him another hug… lol. I let go and got back into my car and drove off. 

    After this experience i have decided that dating is just not for me at the moment. If i do meet someone in person and we click then maybe i will give them the opportunity to be more than friends, but at the moment i just want to give myself time to heal this broken heart a bit more. Moral of the story is, don’t force yourself to move on just because we think we need someone by our side when in reality we need to work on ourselves before we bring anyone else in to our emotionally hectic lives. Also if we do find someone that is willing to bend backwards for us, we should learn to keep them in our lives and never let them go. People like that are rare and don’t come around twice in a lifetime.


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  • Relatable…. my only sexual interactions from the past 7 months have been seeing men run with their shirts off. It’s almost like I’m having anal right?

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  • Considering how nervous I felt beforehand, I’d say it went well. The rain didn’t let up so Stone Mountain was off the table. We ended up going to the mall which was pretty much dead and most of the shops closed, going out to eat, hanging out at a bar, and going to a few stores. 

    The question of why he was willing to drive all the way out here was easily answered. He had a friend nearby that he had plans to meet with later. I had a brief moment of disappointment that maybe I was just a way to kill time, but he could have just driven out here much later if he was solely meeting his friend. He seemed almost apologetic about it mentioning he should have told me before. 

    Hanging out with him definitely was easier than I expected. I was able to make easy conversation (I did have to remember to make eye contact which I have a habit of avoiding) and he had a sense of humor. I also loved learning more about him. He values kindness and being a server at Longhorn helps him to have empathy for people he doesn’t know. Basically he knows who people really are on how they treat servers and strangers. 

    There was also another thing in a previous post, that I wondered about that was answered: What he sees me as? Earlier I wondered if he saw me as a hookup, or relationship. We were driving by a spa and he initially thought about going there changing his mind because he felt like it would be an awkward place for two friends to go, basically saying people walk around naked in there. Something about “friend-zoned” was mentioned in the context of the spa so that’s what I figured. He just sees me as a friend and nothing else.

    I’ve never actually dated a guy and the way I originally thought it worked was you pretty much stuck around with another person with the expectation that eventually something serious would develop, but I’ve learned now that most have the expectation of just being friends with no pressure of anything else developing and see what goes from there. So while the term “friend-zoned” came up I don’t necessarily believe he was saying that’s all he says, just like I don’t necessarily believe he sees a relationship down the line. It just “is” if that makes any sense. He’s just going with the flow.

    Based on past conversations and even my profile I pretty much mentioned as much that I don’t do random hookups and that I was “Looking for friends, dates, and taking it from there.” His profile implied friendship. I don’t think relationships are his priority but it’s not off the table either. But I also think he going for the friend thing to make me feel more comfortable. He knows how introverted I am and how I prefer getting to know people first before anything major. I know he has no issue with hookups, because he casually mentioned meeting with a guy the night before.

    Who knows though, maybe the fact that he keeps bringing up hookups means he just strictly sees me as a friend, but I shouldn’t worry about whatever this is. I should just see him as a new friend and see what happens.

    One thing I’d like to mention is he wanted a hug when he dropped me off. I’m not sure if this is a Gay guy thing, but this is the second “date” I’ve gone on where it was expected there would be a hug. A guy a year before messaged me offended that I didn’t give him a hug before leaving (I didn’t even realize anything like that was expected) but apparently it’s a thing, or maybe just a coincidence. The hug was awkward on my part but I just put it down to trying to open his door which had me preoccupied.

    I’m glad we did hang out and I’m hoping for more.

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  • I’ve heard plenty of people say, you should deal with you’re own issues and baggage before you start dating but I feel that as unrealistic. Certainly there are levels to it. Such as if you’re mental health issues make it impossible for you to function versus you able to cope with it to some extent. It’ll always be part of who you are to some extent, like someone who is dealing with PTSD, or someone recovering from polio. You’ll be waiting a long time trying to fix yourself from someone.

    Now if someone doesn’t want to date you for those issues, that’s fine. Not everyone likes baggage, but I believe no matter who you are, everyone has some sort of baggage or issues they’re bringing with them. I find it just as unrealistic when there’s the idea of someone completely put together. That would mean perfection, and I don’t see anyone as perfect.

    My issues are relatively minor. I’ve dealt with depression, social anxiety, insecurity. My depression has been an issue in years, and I have more of a handle on social anxiety then I did even four years ago. I’m fine going out to places like malls, and restuarants on my own. Every now and then I engage in small talk. I still have moments where I feel uncomfortable and awkward talking to strangers and introducing myself. I have a tendency to speak in a low voice, but I have a handle on it.

    When it comes to insecurity I always have a paranoia that the friends I hang out with or a potential date, secretly dislikes me, or is only tolerating me. There’s more precedence with the dating scene than friendships, but ultimately it’s a private battle with myself, not something I express to others. I’ve tried dating with little success over three years, but I no longer blame myself or the others really because it comes with the culture. 

    I’ve only met a handful of guys in person and most start at as texting conversations with the guys ending up ghosting, blocking, or just letting the conversation die. So from these experiences, any guy I meet I inevitably expect it to end the same way. I become hyper aware of every interaction, wondering if what I said, or how they respond, or lack of a response shows they’re no longer interested. I have moments of sadness when I think they’re no longer interested, a burst of euphoria when they seem to prove otherwise, indifference to protect my feelings, and disappointment when it turns out to be true.

    I’ve experienced the first three with the guy I’ve been texting from Tinder. I’ve experienced euphoria when he actually responded back first, wanted my phone number, followed me on Instagram and liking my posts. Sadness when the conversation abruptly ends, when it appears I have to always initiate the conversation, when he went to Florida without mentioning it, or when he sends the shrugging emoji. (That is one his favorite emojis to use but I always interpret it to mean he’s annoyed or being defensive which is always furthest from the truth.) Usually I’m indifferent after moments of sadness to protect my feelings after believing he isn’t interested. I stop putting in effort to message and consider it a chore rather than something I should enjoy.

    Right now I’m in the euphoria stage again, after he’s been taking the initiative, and showing interest. I go through these mood phases a lot. I know they’re not healthy and that I shouldn’t take it so seriously or assume the worst or best from any interaction but that’s how I deal with it all. Now an example of somebody with issues that probably shouldn’t be looking to date would be those who act out on these feelings of insecurity. 


    When feeling euphoric you come on to strong. This would involve somebody saying they “love” the person before they’ve really had the chance to get to know each other. Wanting to already be in an official relationship, jump straight to horny mode and wanting to have sex. Constantly insisting that they meet before the other person is even ready.

    When feeling sad they constantly need reassurance. This would involve constly asking if the other persons is still interested, or they’re constantly talking about how unloved they feel and the bad experiences in the past. Calling the other person out when they’re insisting they’re not putting in any effort. Over texting the person constantly, always wondering what they’re doing and not giving them a chance to breathe.

    When feeling indifferent they tend to be petty. For example they felt like the other person intentionally ignored them or took to long to reply, so they blatantly ignore them as a form of revenge.

    I’ve seen these with others who never seem to realize all of these things are problematic. Many of these things run through my head but I’m able to stop, reflect on it, and ignore them. I’m able to leave the insecurity, and anxieties in my own head instead of bringing them with me.

    In a nutshell, if you feel like you’re issues and baggage are too much of a burden to date others with, my advice is to reflect on how it’s a burden. It’s ok if you have thoughts and fears that are considered unhealthy. Many people do, The difference is whether you’re letting it affect your actions with the people around you. Sometimes how you feel is less important over how you react with them through action.

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  • When I start talking to potential guys to date, I jump to conclusions on whether or not there’s mutual interest, or if it will even lead to to something more. Most guys I talk to the conversation usually goes dead and we stop talking. Other times I’m ghosted. I’ve never actually reached the dating or relationship stage, although to be fair I’ve only been actively interested in guys for three years and maybe been looking to date for about that long or less. 

    I think this anxiety seeps through even if it’s not immediately obvious. For example, the guy I’ve been talking too originally took the initiative to reach out. Now I’ve been taking the initiative in the fear that he’ll just stop talking to me if I don’t never getting him the chance too. At this point he might not even feel the need to ever reach out first because he knows I will. Ironically, my willingness to take more action has me thinking maybe he isn’t interested anymore if I have to message him first. Maybe, that’s true or maybe it is because he can rely on me to always reach out. It could just be a normal phase where two people talking for the first time naturally find less of a need to reach out as often.

    Regardless of the reason, I know I shouldn’t force it, or test him to see if he’s interested. I should just take a step back and reach out when I feel the need to and let him do the same. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking simply because my insecurity leads me to believe he’s not interested and that I should stop bothering him unless he shows otherwise. I know dating actually requires work and effort, even if I don’t have experience. That requires two people and the “work” shouldn’t feel like a chore but something to be enjoyed. Part of me feels like it should be effortless and easy but that’s not reality.

    Most of this anxiety has been latent. He’s shown interest when we matched on tinder and he messaged me, when he later water my phone number, and added me on instagram. What really brought it all to the surface was two nights ago. I’d talked to him earlier that day. Then that night while browsing instagram a shirtless photo of him popped up that he put up hours before. He was in a hotel at Panama City in Florida.

    I had a mix of feelings, all of them unreasonable. Jealously because he was there with a friend and didn’t invite me. Disappointment because he never even mentioned going to Florida. We’re not even dating, or have even met you. I’m pretty sure it’s not common to immediately go on vacation the first time you’ve met someone online. He’s not obligated to ask me anywhere or even tell me where he’s going. 

    Usually I expect a lot from people, whether friend or potential date. Almost as an unofficial test to determine if they really value me. I jumped to conclusions that he intentionally kept it from me. In my head when I talked to him the day before about him being at work he was lying and was probably on his way or even in Florida at the time. 

    What’s likely is he was getting ready to head there right before I stopped texting him earlier that day. I still thought it was odd to never bring it up, especially in the middle of small talk. I could see myself bringing it up in casual conversation, but I always know everyone is different and apparently it’s nothing to do with me but just something he doesn’t need to share with everyone. One of his friends even mentioned on his instagram page something along the lines of “Why didn’t you tell me you guys were heading to Florida?” and he replied that he didn’t know he was supposed to.

    So in a nutshell he’s not the type to just advertise to everybody what he’s doing at it has nothing to do with me personally. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had asked him what he was up to that day he wouldn’t have had a problem telling me he was going to Florida. It just never came up.

    Anyway I give him a few days in Florida and not reach out. Let him enjoy it and not get distracted on his phone.

    But you can see how much I overthink all these things. I know it’s unreasonable and work to not let it get to me or overwhelm my thoughts. Especially, I can see from an outsider looking in that I’m just jumping to conclusions and taking everything personally. 

    Writing these fears and insecurities down will help me sort through them, and learn to ignore them.

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  • So me and this guy have been communicating back and forth for a few weeks now. Probably one of the few times I’ve talked with someone this there could be a mutual attraction too. We’re pass what I’ll call the honeymoon phase of texting, where we’d pretty much talk during any free time we had but still message each other pretty regularly. When another semester of college started I pretty much went silent for a few days. 

    There hasn’t been anymore talk of meeting but the fact that he’s almost 80 miles from me wouldn’t make that practical. We’re both on opposite sides of Atlanta but it’s been implied to be a good place to meet. Other than that we’re just treating it like two friends having conversation. At one point we did facetime, allowing me to get a better sense of who he is.

    I hear plenty say the longer you communicate through a screen the less likely you are to meet. That goes through the back of my mind, especially because I can easily see our conversation going stale and then stop speaking. There is a pandemic still going on too but who knows. I guess the best way to treat it is to not consider high stakes, like all my hopes rest on this one person. It’ll just be a nice change for me to actually get around to meeting and going from there.

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  • Some people believe ghosting only counts after you’ve met someone in person, but it’s acceptable to call it that if you’ve invested time in communicating with someone regularly. Especially over a period of time. Most people like to excuse as a way of protecting themselves from the person getting angry. While that’s certainly valid, I view it as an excuse not to make themselves uncomfortable. I’ve certainly felt that way but I always feel better for being honest with the person after, that I’m not seeing this going anywhere. Another benefit is that you don’t have to block them or hide every time you see them on another app, just because you weren’t upfront about it before.

    I thought I’d like to give some good example of being ghosted online. There was a guy I matched with on tinder. In one of the rare cases he reached out first and actually responded. Most people are aware of the Tinder culture of matching and never speaking so it’s always refreshing when it’s not the case. We chatted back and forth for a few weeks. To be fair it was no more than a few sentences every few days so that should have been my first sign. Eventually he just never responded back and unmatched. The only thing that changed was the last thing I said, which involved wanting to meet in person.

    It wouldn’t have been that difficult saying they weren’t feeling in. Sure people are afraid of the person getting angry if they’re rejected but I more likely to get angry when the other person doesn’t have the courage or respect enough to actually tell me that.

    Two more recent examples, happen on Grindr. Now before I begin I want to start by saying the fact that’s it’s a hookup app isn’t relevant. Not everyone there is necessarily just there for a quick thing, just like not everyone on tinder is exclusively looking for dates. Regardless of what app is being used you’ll find people with inconsistent communication skills. Anyway, I reach out and strike up conversation with two different guys around the same time. 

    They responded back and we chatted for a few days. Now getting a response back doesn’t necessarily imply interest, I know from experience from the guys I’ve responded back to. I just enjoyed the conversation hoping, maybe our mutual interests could possible involve a meet up in the future that doesn’t involve sex or anything serious. One guy seemed genuinely interested in chatting, He asked questions back, seemed curious. We talked about hiking. He wanted to know how my hike went after I got back, and I told him I’d do even better and share pictures. A few hours later I get back and do just that. Never got a response back or even a block. Nothing. 

    The other guy I could sense was just talking to be polite so when the conversation fizzled out I knew I was never getting a response back so I just let it die.

    Here’s what I hear people constantly say to justify ghosting: “No one owes you anything.” Sure that’s true but how hard is it to say, “Hey, man I enjoyed talking to you but I don’t think it’s going to work out.” When I chat with people I can’t see anything happening with I’m upfront with them sooner or later depending on the quality of the conversation and the individual person. There are people I let know right away and leave it at that. There’s others I actually enjoy talking to somewhat, and feel they’re a nice person (this is one reason why people ghost, they’re afraid of hurting their feelings while ironically doing that anyway by going silent) and have an ongoing conversation with them.  At some point I let them know I don’t see anything happening between us.

    I suppose the main reasons I’m against ghosting (even those you’ve only met online) is because I hate the lack of consideration. I’ve had moments where I’ve wanted to do the same thing but I don’t have it in me to just cut someone off like that without a good reason. Sure it’s consider acceptable but that doesn’t mean I have to be like everyone else. I’d rather live in a world where people are kinder than that. Even something as superficial as an online chat. 

    People love to tackle the bigger challenges that people face: bullying, racism, hate but want to write off the small things. The random, insulting comment they think the other person doesn’t hear about them. Ignoring a smile, or hello, from a random passerby. You can’t deal with the bigger challenges, the symptoms in other words if you can’t deal with the disease at source. People are always surprised when a small crack in their cars windshield spreads into a greater problem today.

    The point I’m trying to make is that ghosting someone may seem like an insignificant non-issue to most but it’s a part of a bigger problem as to people treat each other.

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  • This is a follow to the post a made a few weeks previously. So about a week ago I was on Tinder when I came across a profile. The guy on it looked familiar and I realized I’d seen him before, months ago in March. We were in Atlanta outside of Slutty Vegan with own group of friends. I remember I kept sneaking glances at him because he had a cute face. I’d forgot about him after that encounter but it came flashing back when I saw his Tinder profile. I swiped right on him, and thought nothing else about it. 

    Then a few days ago we matched, and unique among most Tinder matches he actually responded. I’ve been chatting with him on ever since on Tinder until last night when he gave me his number. Coincidentally, I confirmed it was him after seeing his Instagram. He took a photo of his visit to Slutty Vegan and the two friends I were with were in the shot (I was just off camera). I even admitted that I saw him there and it didn’t seem to bother him.

    This is a perfect example of a chance encounter. Somebody I randomly saw in public months ago connecting on Tinder. I didn’t even think he was attracted to men when I saw him that day. Just another straight guy in a sea of them. We never even talked in public and he didn’t even notice me that day but he seems interested in me now.

    There’s an easy give and take to the conversation. Unlike most people I talk to online, I don’t feel like I need to carry the conversation or come up with things to say. We just talk. It’s pretty simple. Most guys show a lack of interest and initiative so it’s refreshing when I meet one who does. He already wants to make plans to meet the following Monday on his day off and wasn’t put off by my lack of a car.

    It’ll be interesting when we finally do meet. We’re opposites in regards to him being extroverted and me being introverted, but I’ve always wanted to find someone who will help me to improve myself and vice versa. It was heart warming when he said he could help me get out of my shell more. I’m not sure what I can offer yet, but hopefully I discover it. 

    I’m not assuming anything just yet because we haven’t even met but he shows some promise. This is one of the rare moments when I find someone just as interested in me as I am in them. I love how writing that post about chance encounters, ended up making it come true in a way. It makes everything seem more magical, as cheesy as that might be to say.

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  • Can you be over your ex but still madly in love?

    Now hear me out. It’s been over a year now. I don’t think about him every day anymore. I don’t “stalk” him on socials or seek validation from him anymore. I’ve given up old hope and and dreams of what ifs.

    But after a random late night phone call, I can see why we were a thing. The connection we had… have? We don’t bear any hate towards one another. In fact, it was an “adult” breakup and we just parted ways. I don’t want to say all the love for him came rushing back or all those hopes and dreams were suddenly on the horizon.

    Maybe it’s the quarantine that got me feeling all “mixed” up. Or the murkyness of life due to our current pandemic state? Maybes he’s just a memory of a time when things were good and I’m just trying to cling to anything good at this point.

    Either way, can we be over our ex but still madly in love?

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  • Platano Presents: Tips And Advice On Finding The Right One (2020 Revisit)

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  • Platano Presents: Quality Men On Grindr Revisited 2020 Edition

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  • I’m so bad at taking hints. Like you could write me a wax stamped letter that says “I love you romantically and want to pound you a new bussy” and hand deliver it with an engagement ring on Valentine’s day and I’d still be like “I think he’s just being nice”

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  • I know it’s Grindr. My expectations should be low. But I’ve always wondered things about people’s profile pic and the pics they send.

    What qualms do you have with people and their pictures on these dating apps? Want my opinion on other dating app qualms you have, let me know! Here are some that plagued me today…

    To the no profile pic person:

    if you are gonna start talking to someone, it’s on you to send a picture of yourself if you want to pursue conversation. I shouldn’t have to ask. And I get it, your trying to be discreet. But what do you really think I’m going to do with your photo? Post it on my Instagram and ask people what they think of you?

    To the super close up facepic, generally at a bad angle:

    Would you message yourself? Though I’m thoroughly greatful that you have a picture up, why would you chose this oddly angled photo of yourself? Isn’t the point of these apps is to give off your best self to get some dick/date/friendship? I know, I’m sounding shallow BUT these apps are all about perception. I ask you again, would you want a dick appointment, date , or friendship with this photo you have chosen to share to the world?

    To sunglasses and now masked face:

    You know DAMN WELL this is not an acceptable form of picture of yourself. GTFO

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  • Created a kink-based Grindr profile out of curiosity and weirdly enough got an unexpected influx of normal responses…

    Wtf Gay Community?

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