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  • It’s wanting you that makes it real!

    and brain is on fire

    my hand on yours is all it takes.

    I’m so hungry for your love,

    for your power.

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    Chapter 24- The proposal Part 1

    (Jason is taping his foot)

    (Jason is nervous)

    (Amber knocks on the door)

    Jason: (startle) Ah

    Amber: Sorry about that I’m just checking on you

    Jason: thanks I’m sorry I’m just nervous

    Amber: why are you nervous?

    Jason: I don’t know I mean when I’m with Aaron he makes me feel loved and he’s just everything I want in my life I’m worried this will push him away

    Amber: do you realize how ridiculous you sound right now

    Jason: what?

    Amber: You guys have been together for a long time you guys have been through everything together seriously you guys love is unbreakable and you guys just don’t care what anybody thinks or what everyone does for you guys

    (Jason takes a breath)

    Amber: I know this might sound weird but it’s like careless love you guys have together it’s not like anybody else’s has

    (Jason stops tapping on his foot)

    Jason:Your right I just need to relax

    (Amber’s phone is ringing)

    Amber: I better take this see you later bud

    (Amber leaves Jason alone in his office)

    (Amber picks up her phone and answers)

    Amber: Hello?

    (Amber remains silent)

    Amber: okay I’ll be right there

    (Amber puts her phone in her pocket)

    (Scene Switch to Aaron is at the diner)

    (Waitress and Aaron are setting up lights)

    Aaron: Okay I think the lights are okay

    (Aaron and the Waitress back up to see the lights)

    Aaron: prefect..its so prefect

    (Amber enters holding roses)

    Amber: Aaron!

    Aaron: Hey

    (Amber gives Aaron the roses)

    Amber: ready for the big day

    Aaron: yes and no

    Amber: no?

    Aaron: yeah I mean I’m just nervous

    Amber: what’s to be nervous about?

    Aaron: Everything

    (Aaron puts the roses on the table)

    Aaron: Jason has been married before and he was scarred after Julia’s death what if he just wants us to just date and what if something happens to me and Jason ends up heart broken again

    Amber: I understand Jason has been through but know this I will protect you guys with my life and your guys love is unbreakable there’s nothing you can say or do that will break you guys apart just do..you never know if you don’t do it

    (Aaron takes a breath)

    (Amber phone rings)

    Amber: hold that thought Aaron

    (Amber grabs her phone from her pocket to answer)

    (Amber answers)

    Amber: hello

    (Amber listens)

    Amber: okay okay I’ll be right there

    (Amber hangs up and puts her phone back in her pocket)

    Amber: I have to go good luck tonight

    Aaron: thanks

    (Amber leaves)

    (Amber arrives Jason’s place)

    (Amber gets out of the car and locks it)

    (Amber Runs to Jason’s place)

    (Amber enters into Jason’s place)

    (Amber looks at Renee and Thomas doing homework together)

    Renee: he’s upstairs

    (Amber runs upstairs)

    (Amber knocks Jason’s door)

    Jason: in here quickly

    (Amber comes in to Jason’s room)

    (Jason turns around and is having trouble tying his tie)

    Amber: this is a big emergency you called for?

    Jason: yes

    (Amber walks up to Jason and starts fixing his tie)

    Amber: You nervous?

    Jason: yeah (Pause) I mean I grew up with a Christian family I hide who I really was and I hated myself back then I because my parents want me to be just to get approve from them and than my parents turn to be drug dealers my dad killed in jail and my mom ended up in a nursing home on house arrest she doesn’t even remember me which I think it’s probably for the best until she there until her last. I don’t regret coming out to my parents I don’t regret anything in my life I have Renee I have Aaron, I have Thomas and I have you that’s all the family I want

    (Amber finished fixing Jason’s tie)

    Amber: Jason we are here for you and I love you you’re like a brother I wish I had

    Jason: I love you too

    (Jason and Amber hugged)

    (Jason smiles)

    (Jason and Amber stop hugging)

    Jason: okay lets do this

    (Amber Smiles)

    (Amber and Jason head downstairs)

    (The end of Chapter 24- The proposal part 1)

    (Coming soon Chapter 24- The proposal part 2)

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  • Introducing the Australian actor (transgender) who played the main character in an Australian TV series for kids about Transgender school kids and their struggles with school etc. Her Instagram profile is https://instagram.com/evie_m_official?igshid=1cy3gz7w7wjak

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  • THIS WOMAN!!! All the lesbians will be gardening😂😍🥰✨

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    Nadie elegirá de quién y cuándo enamorarme así que por ahora tu corazón que se calme 🍬

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  • Good morning, afternoon, or night all. I’ve decided that instead of posting individual chapters, I’ll post Arlo and Maddie’s story all on the same post, and update it when I’ve written more. I’ll make posts to let you guys know that I’ve updated it. That being said, enjoy! 


    I gasped as the red flowers forced their way up through the floorboards. I slowly stretched a hand out, gently touching a finger to a single red petal and shuddering. My mother’s eyes widened, and she ripped the flowers out of the ground violently. Acting on a moment’s impulse, I bolted out of the room, tearing the front door open and running out onto the street. I could hear her calling out behind me, but I got farther and farther away from my mother. I ran until I ran out of breath, until I could no longer see the line of houses that were so familiar, the houses that were my whole world.

    Not that far back? Oh, you wanted to hear about her. 

    I had been roaming the streets for a week, hungry and disheveled. Barefoot, because in my haste to leave I had forgotten shoes. My socks were torn, and my feet were cold. I couldn’t really feel my toes anymore. 

    I was sure my mother was looking for me, but only because of whatever happened back at the house. I didn’t really know what happened, but I had resolved to think about that later, when basic survival wasn’t an issue. 

    Anyway, I was at about the one week mark of being really, truly alone, like a ghoul haunting the street corner, and that was when we met. 

    A tap on my shoulder made me gasp and feel my pocket for my pepper spray which, from its apparent absence, meant I had left it at home, just like my shoes. 

    I turned to find a tall girl staring at me. She had tattoos veiling her arms and piercings all over her ears, but strangely nothing on her face. I guess she liked it like it was. I think I did as well. 

    I felt I was being scanned like a bag of carrots at the grocery store, simply a barcode at the expense of her dark brown eyes. She looked me up and down and I did the same, taking notice of her only slightly wavy almost-black hair and her tan skin. She must have been from Indian descent, judging by the high cheekbones and darker complexion. 

    When she spoke, I was almost startled by her low voice, something that hit me in a place I didn’t know existed. “Are you lost?” 

    Interesting. She sounded like she was from the northeast. New York, perhaps? No. It must have been somewhere else. Chicago? 

    “Uh, I’m not sure,” I answered, hearing my voice quiver the tiniest bit. She must have noticed it as well because she raised an eyebrow slightly. 

    “I think that means that you are. Where are you trying to go?” Her voice did something to me and it was not good. I never knew a person could make you feel like this. 

    “I, u-um…” God, why couldn’t I speak properly? She was going to think I was dumb. 

    “Do I even know you? You don’t go to my school, do you?” She was going to figure it out. I couldn’t let that happen. 

    “I do! I’ve s-seen you in the hallway!” 

    “Yikes, man… You look too young to even be in college. Wait! You’re that kid, aren’t you? The homeschooled one?” She looked a little proud to have figured it out. 


    “Oh man. You’re probably trying to get home. Do you need directions or something?” 

    I shook my head, violently. I couldn’t go back to that woman who had lied to me. Was she my real mother, even? 

    “Oh. Did you… run away from home?”

    I nodded at her slowly, looking down at my feet. I felt her step closer to me. 

    “Okay. Do you need a place to stay? I mean, of course, you need a place to stay. Come with me.” She took my hand and gently led me towards the sidewalk. “I don’t live far from here.” 

    “Y-you never told me your name,” I said, thinking maybe I could trust her more if I knew what she called herself. 

    “Arlo,” she replied after a long pause, “My name’s Arlo.” 

    I wondered until much later why she thought about what to tell me her name was. I figured that perhaps she hadn’t given me her real name, or maybe she didn’t like her name. But the thought escaped my mind at that moment when she pulled me into an alleyway. A little sketchy. 

    After ducking into an almost-hidden doorway, we climbed about two flights of wooden stairs, grey and scuffed and worn down with use. She looked back at me and grinned, showing her perfectly straight teeth that were a relief to look at because they weren’t bleached.  

    I was out of breath but smiled back at her. 

    In front of us stood a door painted a blue that resembled robin eggs. I wondered if she had painted it that color; I liked to imagine her with her sleeves rolled up, newspapers scattered haphazardly around and smudges of blue paint on her cheeks. 

    She caught me staring and she cocked her head to the side, turning her key to open the door. I felt heat racing to my cheeks as she ushered me inside. 

    At first glance, I would have liked to say that her home looked like something out of an IKEA catalog, something you’d see in a magazine of perfect houses. But no, I looked again and I saw chaos. It was more like an art gallery- all the pieces were their own entities and didn’t necessarily peacefully coexist. They screamed at me in different colors and patterns and fabrics, but they all came together in the end to form something close to perfection. 

    It seemed more like a home than anything in a magazine; I could picture Arlo sprawled on the couch, reading Hemingway- because she seemed like she’d read Hemingway- with snacks spread out on the center table. 

    “Sit,” she said, pointing to the very couch I was thinking about and I felt myself blush lightly. “Are you hungry?” 

    “Uh, not really,” I lied, but Arlo looked at me and shook her head. 

    “I bet you’re a cheez-its type of gal, aren’t you?” She floated over to the kitchen in the most majestic of ways and opened cabinets left and right until she found the box she was looking for, then tossed it at me. 

    “Tell me about yourself,” she commanded me, and I smiled to myself. 

    “I’m Maddox. I’m 17.” 

    “Any nicknames?” 


    Arlo frowned, scrunching up her nose before vaulting over the back of the couch, landing right next to me. 

    “That won’t do. I’ve gotta have some type of cute nickname for you.” 

    I shrugged. 

    “M’Kay, anyway, how long has it been since you left?” 

    “About a week.” 

    “Jesus. A whole week? Have you been eating?”

    “Yeah, a little bit.” 

    “No way. You look hungry. Lucky for you, it’s dinner time.” She stood up and stretched, showing a little bit of her midriff. I looked away, not wanting her to think I was creepy. She glided to the kitchen, and took out a few things from the pantry. 

    “Are you allergic to anything? Or vegetarian?”

    “Uh, no. My family was vegetarian but I’m fine eating meat.”

    “You’re sure?” 

    “Yes, I promise,” I replied, shivering a little bit. It seemed to be cold everywhere. 

    “You can go shower while I’m cooking, okay? Just go in my room on that side. You can wear anything that fits you.” She gestured towards the hallway. 

    “T-thank you,” I headed over in that direction and went on my way. 


    I had been on my own since I was 17. Being out on the streets from such a young age was tough, yeah, but I made it happen. I found jobs anywhere I could and made sure that I could survive. Eventually, I scraped together enough money to be able to start renting an apartment. That’s something I’m really proud of- my apartment is a bit of a hidden gem. It was pretty bad at first, but within a year of me having it, I made repairs here and there and now it’s my favorite place to be. 

    You what? Oh. You wanted to hear about her.

    I’d been living on my own for two years when I met her. She looked like she’d take flight at the slightest sound. But she also looked… I don’t know. Something about her. Like she would do whatever she needed to survive. It drew me towards her- She looked stronger than how I was when I first left home. That’s why I went over to her and asked if she was okay. That’s when she came home with me and all of a sudden I had this whole other person to take care of. 

    So I made this gumbo that my grandma taught me how to make because it was something that just warms you up from the inside. Maddie came out wearing a shirt of mine that was evidently too big and shorts that I couldn’t remember the last time I wore. I couldn’t talk for a second, which was weird, but then I poured out some of the gumbo over rice in a bowl and placed it on the table. She sat in front of it. 

    “This is for me?” 

    “Yeah it’s gumbo, there’s some shrimp in it but not a lot of meat cuz I didn’t want you to get an upset stomach and I don’t know if you’ve eaten a lot of meat before so uh-” 

    She sniffed the bowl cautiously but then grinned. “This smells really good.” 


    I sat down to eat as well, and we were just in awkward silence for a while. 

    “Do you read Hemingway?” 

    “What?” The question caught me completely off guard.

    “I just- You look like the type to read a lot of books so I was just wondering.” 

    “Yeah I read Men Without Women like three times. I must still have a copy somewhere around here. It wasn’t that good though.” 

    Maddie had smiled to herself, and I wondered until a lot later why that was. 


    She read Hemingway! I was right. Arlo was different than anything I was used to. I was used to clean lines and dull grays and whites and baby-proofed corners. Arlo was all bright colors and messy hair and so, so real. The gumbo! It was so good, but spicy. I had only ever eaten bland vegetables and beans and meat-substitutes. Although Mother called meat the substitute for real food. 

    A couple weeks passed where Arlo went to school in the mornings and work during the afternoons, and I stayed at her place, reading and falling in love with what eventually I began to think of as my home. My birthday passed, and Arlo came to know about it when she found me in tears in the bathroom, thinking about my parents who never bothered to come find me. She didn’t say a word, only left for a while and came back with groceries. When I finally pulled myself together enough to wash my face and leave the bathroom, I saw a cake on the counter, cooling, and a package of candles next to it. Arlo looked up, eyes wide and forehead dusted with flour. 

    “I didn’t know if you liked frosting so I made some but I didn’t put it on the cake yet. I actually made two different kinds- there’s a whipped cream frosting and then like the other kind so you can pick-” 

    “I love it. I love anything you make. Thank you,” I cut in, just to set her mind at ease because I knew her habit of rambling when she was nervous. 

    That birthday must have been among my favorites. We both sat on the couch, eating pieces of cake with dollops of frosting on top and it was then I realized I felt for her something I’ve never really felt before. I wasn’t sure what. I just wanted to stay with her like this for the rest of my life. 

    I got a job. I worked for a coffee shop near the apartment, because it had clicked in my mind that Arlo worked every day to pay for what had become my home. It wasn’t much, but I took as many hours as they could give me and worked harder than I had ever worked before.

    “You should apply to a few colleges,” Arlo said to me one day, while she was cooking dinner. I was a little surprised, since she never talked about school with me. 

    “You think so?” 

    “Yeah, have you ever thought about what you wanted to do after school?” 

    “I mean, not really. I just thought I would take care of my parents when they got older.” 

    “You never talk about your parents,” She said, and it was more of a question than a statement. She wanted to know, I realized, about why I left. I had been cautious, and although I hadn’t really figured out the whole weird flowers growing from my blood thing, I just tried not to get cut anywhere.

    “It’s a long story.” 

    “Okay.” She would never force me to tell her anything. That I knew with every fiber of my being. But I wanted to tell her, I just didn’t know how. 

    “It’s- I don’t know how to explain this. Do you have something sharp?” 

    “W-what? What do you mean sharp?” 

    “Hold on,” I said, hopping off of the counter and grabbing a dull knife from the drawer. Arlo looked nervous, presumably because of the knife, and so I gave her what I hoped was a reassuring look. 

    I didn’t really know the parameters of the thing, but I assumed there had to be dirt involved. We had plenty of plants, but there was one pot with dirt in it that nothing really grew in. I grabbed that one from the windowsill, sliced my hand, and dribbled some blood over it, which was kind of nasty. Arlo looked alarmed, and promptly took the knife away from me. I stared at the pot, waiting for something to grow, but nothing happened. 


    “Maddie! What did you think was going to happen? You just- oh my god you’re still bleeding. What if you need stitches or something? Wait, I have to get the first aid kit. Jesus. Wait right there.” 

    I was amazed at how stupid that was. I didn’t know what was going on inside her head, but she just sliced her hand open like it was some kind of weird ritual thing. 

    I found the first aid kit, and then headed back to the kitchen, only to see her right in front of the pot, which had little sprouts in it. 

    She looked up and told me, “I watered it.” 


    “It took a second. Look! It’s still growing.” And it was. In the time we were talking, it had grown a stem and then there were red flowers that were blooming.

    “Holy shit.” 

    “I’m sorry.” 

    “No. Don’t be sorry. That’s why you ran away?” 

    “Kind of. I didn’t know I could do that until it happened by accident. But my parents knew. The entire house was baby-proofed even after I grew up and that’s why I was homeschooled. I rarely left the house. The only reason I know everything that I do is because I read a lot.” 


    “Yeah. That’s the reason I left. Because they knew, and they didn’t tell me. I’m still not sure how it works, or why it happens.”

    “Okay. Just please promise me you won’t do that again.” 

    “I won’t.” 

    I had, by that point, remembered about her hand, and went to clean it. But it was already closed up. 

    “Your hand?” 

    “Oh it does that too.” 



    She was afraid to touch me. I’d noticed that physical touch was important to her, but now it was as if she was scared to come too close to me. It broke my heart. 

    “You know I heal really quickly, right?” I asked Arlo while she was making dinner one day. I was sitting on the counter. 

    “Yeah, I guess.” 

    “So why don’t you touch me?” She froze momentarily before taking a spoonful of the soup she was making and walking over to me. 

    “Taste this.” She blew on the soup, cooling it before holding it out to my lips.

    “It’s good.” I said after tasting it, and she moved closer to me, until her hips were in between my knees. 

    She was so close. 

    “I didn’t want to hurt you.” 

    “I know,” I said, and she put her hands on the counter on either side of my hips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “You didn’t. I was just… It was weird. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Not that you’re weird! I just, you know. The blood thing. That’s weird. But not really. I just got spooked. Honest. I don’t think you’re weird.” 

    I smiled. “You’re weird.” 

    “Ooh. That one hurt.” She smiled back, bringing a hand up to brush the hair out of my face. I tugged on a piece of her hair, and she leaned in closer to me, resting her forehead against my shoulder. I could feel her breath on my skin. 

    “You always smell like coffee.” She mumbled against my neck, and I made some noise of agreement.  

    Then I felt her body stiffen, and she stepped back with a gentle, “The soup’s gonna get cold.” 

    The loss of contact was almost painful, and I found myself confused. Every time we got close like this, Arlo pulled away. We’d be on the couch reading or watching TV, her head in my lap, and she’d suddenly remember something she had to do, or come up with some excuse to create distance. I was tired of it. 


    “Maddie.” She was serving the soup into bowls. She didn’t even look up at me.

    But I lost the sudden burst of courage. “It looks really good.” 

    “Thanks. It’s chicken and rice. Cuz I know you like rice with your soup.” 

    “Arlo, when’s your birthday?” 

    “In November, why?” 

    “Just wondering.” 

    We sat down to eat. “We should get a pet.” 

    “That’s- that’s like having a child, Maddie.” 

    “Exactly! We’re a family. We need a pet. Besides, I’ve seen this cat roaming around this street lately.” 

    “What if that’s someone’s cat?”

    “Couldn’t be. It looks mangey.”

    “Maddox! You want to bring some diseased stray cat into our home?” Our home. She called it our home. I love her. 

    “Yes. We can bring it to the vet! Please?” 

    “You have to show me the cat first, okay?” 

    “Of course! Let’s go now!” 

    “After dinner Maddie, please.” 


    She was so excited to get a cat. Of course I was going to bring the cat home. Was that even a question? I just had to make sure it wasn’t someone else’s cat. But I knew if there were more than one cat, I wouldn’t be able to resist taking all of them. I’m an adult! I can’t have 5 cats in my house.

    But for Maddie… I might consider it. Her happiness made me happy. 

    We went downstairs, both barefoot, with some chicken and rice from the soup and a bowl of water. Maddie made a vaguely cat-like noise and the cat came running, mewling back as if they were having a conversation. We set down the food, and it ate.

    “It’s definitely a stray.” 

    “I know. Can we keep her please?” 



    “He’s a boy cat.”  

    “Really? Oh. I’ve been calling him a girl this whole time.” I nodded, and noticed the cat was done eating. 

    “Grab the bowls for me please.” She did so, and then I scooped up the tiny cat, who was half wet from stepping into the bowl of water. We started back towards the apartment. 

    “So here’s the deal. It’s pretty late right now, so we can bring him to the vet tomorrow. Until we do that, he’ll have to sleep on a towel.” We had reached the door by this time, and I unlocked it with my free hand. “We also have to get him food, a bed, a collar, flea medicine, and maybe a crate.” 

    “That sounds good.” She was shaking. She was this excited over a cat?

    “You love that cat.” 

    “I do.” 

    “What’s his name?” 

    “Barry.” The cat’s ears twitched at the name, and I laughed. 

    “You thought he was a girl and you named him Bartholomew?” 


    “Wow. Okay Barry, this towel is for you,” I gestured. He looked at it, and then jumped up on the couch. 

    “Ooooh not on my nice couch, you heathen!” I exclaimed, at which Maddie snorted. 

    “He can sleep in my room.” She said, and I shrugged.

    “Have fun being up all night,” I teased, smiling at how she had gathered up the ball of fur and started carrying him to her room. 

    “Nope. This is our child now. You come too.” She shouted from across the hall, and I remember feeling something weird in my stomach. 

    I followed, if only to see what her room looked like. The last time I had been in there was when it was my spare room, not her room. She had laid out the towel on the padded armchair in the corner of the room, and Barry was happily settled. 

    Maddie was putting away clothes, and she plopped onto her bed when she finished. 

    “You can sit down, you know,” She mentioned, and I nodded, looking for a place to sit. Other than her bed. I was kind of avoiding that. She reached out and pulled me down onto her bed, though, and her nose was scrunched and she was smiling and- 

    “Why are you so afraid of this?” Maddie asked, and I didn’t know how to answer. 

    “I don’t want to take advantage of you. And it feels like I’m doing that since you’re staying in my house and you’re younger than me and my job pays more.” 

    “That doesn’t matter to me,” she whispered. “There’s been so many times I wished you would just stay, but you always leave. You always find a reason.” 

    “I don’t want you to ever feel like I’m pressuring you.” 

    “You’re not! If anything, you’re doing the opposite. You let me have my own room!” 

    “You pay for our home too.” 

    “I don’t. I pay for groceries and bus tickets. You pay for the house.” 

    “But that doesn’t matter. This is our apartment. Not mine. I decided to share it with you and you decided to stay. Which, by the way, was wonderful because I was thinking I was going to end up as a weird plant lady.” 

    Maddie cackled, and I grinned at her, flopping back onto the mattress. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down with me. 

    “I’m glad you came into my life.” 


    “And I’m glad you came into mine. And I really care about you. Which is why I know about your habits of rambling and cooking away your frustration.” She frowned at this, and I ran a finger along the bridge of her nose. “But it’s cute.” 

    She was so close that I could make out each of her eyelashes, even in the dim lighting. 

    “Would you believe me if I said I’ve never loved someone like this before?” I asked her, and she tilted her head, considering me. 

    “I might.” This was all she said before she slowly inched closer to me until I could feel her breath on my nose, almost taste her vanilla lip balm. 

    “This is your decision,” She whispered, “What do you want me to do?” 

    She raised an eyebrow, and I looked away from her, not being able to bear looking into her dark eyes that asked a million questions I couldn’t answer. But finally, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers.  

    I woke up the next morning to the sight of Arlo curled up next to me, and Barry had nestled himself at the end of the bed. My arm was numb, so I carefully shifted to my other side, with my back to Arlo. I didn’t want to wake her up, but she draped her arm over me and pulled me into her. 

    “You stole the blankets.” She mumbled into my neck. 

    “Maybe.” I snorted, moving so I was on my back before trying to distribute the blankets more evenly between us. This woke up Barry, who promptly made his way over and stepped on my stomach. “Oof.” 

    “You,” Arlo said, grabbing the cat, “are a heathen.” Her sleepy voice was very, very cute. Just a note. 

    “Christ, he smells bad. Today is, in fact, vet day. And bath day.” She noted, and I nodded, stifling a yawn. 

    “I’m gonna take a shower.” I got up and stretched. 

    “K. Do you want breakfast now or do you want to grab something on the way?” 

    “Mmm on the way sounds fine.” I responded while I grabbed clothes out of my dresser. Arlo had, at that point, sat up, holding Barry like he was a small child and absentmindedly stroking his ears. I leaned over, kissed the tip of her nose and the top of his head, and went on my way to take a shower. 

    When I came out, drying my hair with a towel, Arlo was trying to get Barry to sit still inside a bag. She heard me come into the room, and she smiled at me sheepishly.

    “I was seeing if he fit. We don’t have a crate for him yet.” I laughed, and took Barry from her. 

    “The vet is too far from the bus stop, so we’re going to have to ask Jack for his car.” She said, frowning. Arlo usually didn’t like borrowing things from other people, and Jack was no exception. 

    Jack was wonderful, almost like the father that we didn’t have. He was caring and helped us in any way he could, in exchange for food that Arlo made. Which was understandable, because her cooking was so amazing that whenever she made something particularly fragrant, our neighbors would come over to see if she made enough for everyone. Which usually she did. She knew what kind of food each neighbor liked, so if she was making some you could usually expect me to deliver a tupperware of food to you as soon as it was done. 

    But, Jack. He’d fix our sink, our AC, anything we needed, just because he cared. And we loved him. 

    Arlo and I took the stairs up to his apartment, Barry in my arms, and rang Jack’s doorbell. He answered, and a huge smile came over his face when he saw Barry. 

    “What do you need, girls?” 

    “We have to bring him to a vet, and there’s none close by.” 

    “You need the car?” 

    “Yes, please.” 

    “Arlo, actually I have a proposition for you. I just bought a new car. Do you want my old one?” 

    “I-” Arlo looked at me, and I shrugged. 

    “We could definitely use a car.” I said, thinking of how it would save us money on bus passes. 

    “How much do you want for it?” 

    “I don’t need you to pay me! You’re practically family, girls.” Jack insisted, and I could tell that Arlo was uncomfortable. 

    After much back and forth, I finally chipped in with a, “Well, thank you very much, Jack. We really appreciate it.” 

    “No problem. But you guys please stay safe out there. Just come back soon so we can transfer the ownership to you.” 

    “We will. Thank you again!” 

    He tossed us the keys, and we went back down to our apartment to grab our bags and leave. 

    “We’re going to pay him, aren’t we?” I asked. 

    “Of course!” Arlo said, “I have money in my account. I just have to send it to him.” 

    We got in the car to find it cleaned out, as if he had been planning to give it to us for a while. Arlo smiled briefly, starting the engine and easing the car out of the garage. We drove for a while, stopping for some food at the corner store. Arlo carried around Barry in a bag, and I scanned the isles for snacks. 

    “You eat too many oreos.” 

    “Uh, that’s what you think,” I replied, holding my huge pack of double-stuf oreos to my chest. “You drink too much Red Bull.” 

    “There is no such thing.” 

    I scoffed. I had made several necklaces, bracelets, and key chains out of the multicolored tabs from the cans of red bull she consumed weekly. 

    She frowned at me, before grabbing two more Coconut Berry flavored cans out of the cooler and adding them to our basket. So far we had Oreos, powdered donut holes, Takies, Red Bull, gum, and apple juice. 

    “Is this seriously our breakfast?” Arlo questioned, and I laughed as we set the basket on the counter for the cashier to scan. 

    I heard the door jingle as I swiped my card to pay for everything. We grabbed the bags and headed to leave, Barry in tow. 


    I felt my stomach drop as I made eye contact with him; I barely responded to the name, since it had been months since I last heard it. I felt Arlo’s free hand clasp mine, and I squeezed it gently. ‘

    “Let’s go.” I said, and we brushed past my father, almost reaching the door before he called out to me again. 

    “Emilia! Come back here this instant!” Arlo scoffed, pushing open the door with maybe a little more force than necessary, and the both of us ran back to the car. Arlo started the engine, speeding out of the parking lot. Both of us were gasping for breath. 

    “That was your dad.” 


    “You haven’t seen him in months.” 

    “I haven’t.” 

    She didn’t look at me. But her hand reached for mine, and I placed it over hers on the gear shift. Barry, who was dozing on the back seat by this point, was snoring softly, and as we hit the highway, I relaxed a little. 


    I was kind of jittery after we ran into Maddie’s dad. Also, I didn’t know what the whole “Emilia” this was about, but I didn’t ask her because she also seemed shaken up. And I trusted her. I didn’t question it. 

    She was holding my hand, I guess to help both of us. 

    “Can we eat those Oreos now?” I said, and she smiled. She peeled open the package, giving me one and opening a can of Red Bull. We sat in silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I just… I knew her by then. So we didn’t have to talk. I looked over at Barry and at Maddie every once in a while, checking to make sure they were okay. Maddie was watching out the window. 

    We finally reached the vet, and Maddie grabbed Barry as I parked outside the office. Her hands were shaking slightly. I bumped my elbow against her arm gently, and she looked at me with wide eyes.

    “We don’t have to talk about it. But are you okay?” I asked, and she sniffed a little before nodding.

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    Episode Title: Requiem for a Dave

    Spoiler Warning: Kindly proceed if you’ve already seen the episode or are able to handle spoilers

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    So about the antlers behind Castiel and his position:

    “In Celtic tradition it was believed that the deer called to men from the kingdom of the fairies to free them from the trappings of the earthly world and taking them to the world of magic.”

    No, it’s nothing, I don’t even know what my point is, but I think it’s funny. Dean was abducted by fairies in (6x09). And then later in that episode with the antlers (7x23) Castiel and Dean ended up in Purgatory a.k.a the world of magic (what happens in Purgatory stays in Purgatory).

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