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  • I saw the Amy Coney-Barrett swearing in ceremony and I had these thoughts in this order

    1. Fuckin idiots, where are your masks? Getting the fucking virus didn’t teach you a lesson?

    2. *jokingly* Well, I guess I’m never getting married then.

    3. Oh God.

    4. *crying* OH GOD

    #politics #same sex marriage #gay marriage #is over now #so is having abortions #or any campaign finance reform #or my ability to have healthcare #vote#you motherfuckers
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  • With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barett, we’re now in a world where the Pope condones gay relationships and the Supreme Court doesn’t.

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  • Does anyone want to get gay married? Cause I have tomorrow off, if you wanna. 🤷❤

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  • Women’s Biggest Fear About Amy Coney Barrett

    This is the biggest fear for many, if Amy Coney Barrett joins the Supreme Court. John Iadarola and Mary Ziegler break it down on The Damage Report.

    Read more here: https://www.amazon.com/Abortion-Law-America-Wade-Present-ebook-dp-B084619HN5/dp/B084619HN5/ref=mt_kindle?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=

    With the Supreme Court likely to reverse Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion decision, American debate appears fixated on clashing rights. The first comprehensive legal history of a vital period, Abortion and the Law in America illuminates an entirely different and unexpected shift in the terms of debate. Rather than simply championing rights, those on opposing sides battled about the policy costs and benefits of abortion and laws restricting it. This mostly unknown turn deepened polarization in ways many have missed. Never abandoning their constitutional demands, pro-choice and pro-life advocates increasingly disagreed about the basic facts. Drawing on unexplored records and interviews with key participants, Ziegler complicates the view that the Supreme Court is responsible for the escalation of the conflict. A gripping account of social-movement divides and crucial legal strategies, this book delivers a definitive recent history of an issue that transforms American law and politics to this day.“

    The Young Turks

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  • big news yall im getting married!!! they said yes this summer 😭😭😭😭😭

    i am kind of also dating my best friend, while my partner is dating theirs??

    how did i end up with so much queer love in my life 💕🥰💋💗😳💖😍

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  • Catholic Church: here is… the Pope….. he echoes the voice of The Lord…. he’s magnificent… the closest man to God… he eats sleeps and breathes pure Catholicism…

    The Pope: we should stop treating gay people like shit and let them get married

    Catholic Church: nevermind fuck that guy don’t listen to a word he says

    #religion#pope francis#gay marriage#lgbtq #how is this even still a discussion jesus christ i hate religious institutions
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  • https://youtu.be/pDdQogVKSXQ

    From what I can gather His Holiness is saying that LGBT people ought to be able to have civil unions under the law. Not that LGBT people should be bonded in holy matrimony in the Church.

    Frankly I see no reason to get uppity about it. Legal marriage isn’t the same as our sacrament. What does it ultimately matter of two people of the sake seeding an arbitrary piece of paper? This has no bounds in Heaven, so why should it matter to the Church?


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  • Hello Tumblr, today I bring you this:


    (Translation from polish: A wedding of two women in registery office in Łódź [a city]. They used a loophole.)

    For starters, if you don’t know, Poland is a VERY homophobic country. There are many homophobic things that tge goverment said, done, let slide, etc. in last few years (saying LGBT+ is an ideology, not people, calling it harmful in various ways and times, the “LGBT+ free zone” stickers, etc) and many more.

    But back to the wedding - the ladies shown here are Katarzyna Gauza and Aleksandra Knapik. They are known couple in their city, are social activists, and have a child together.

    What was the loophole? So the thing is Katarzyna is a trans woman, but her documents consider her male.

    They had to fight in family court to be allowed to get married, and after some scepticism from officials about the look of the “groom”, they won!

    Tho Katarzyna had to say marriage vows as if she were a man.

    It’s not perfect, not even close, but it still put a smile on my face; because even if it’s not technicaly a same-sex marriage according to the law, it’s still a step forward for this country, and this made my day <3 ❤️🏳️‍🌈

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  • Does anyone want to hear my thoughts on what the pope seems to have said? These thoughts are mostly meta-level observations because I counted four different levels to this controversy and that is very interesting to observe.

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  • Pope Francis endorses civil unions for same-sex couples https://ift.tt/2Te56uv

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  • image

    Inb4 those who say we should just ignore the marriages because they’re still invalid because they’re not through the church…look what’s happened to America ever since we let the gays marry civilly.

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  • yes, the pope calling for civil unions for same-sex couples is a major step in the right direction and is a big deal for lgbtq+ catholics. but, let’s not forget that a civil union and a marriage are not the same thing. there is a reason the pope is not endorsing same-sex marriage, it is because he doesn’t see the love and commitment that gay couples have for each other as the same thing that straight couples share, that our love is somehow inferior, civil union or not. so let’s stop pulling this acceptance *lite* bs, if you’re gonna support lgbtq+ people, then just fucking do it.

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  • I woke up to the headline “Pope Francis calls for civil unions for same-sex couples” and wow was that a good feeling.

    #gay rights#gay marriage#LGBTQ #this is a HUGE change #and a HUGE step forward
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  • if gay people get married in a place where gay marriage is illegal is it called partners in crime

    #lgbt#gay marriage #i might just be the funniest person on the planet
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  • Brian + Brett: Hudson Valley garden wedding with shades of purple https://ift.tt/2INenb5

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  • Hey,

    please vote this year.

    Please don’t take away my rights.

    I won’t have anywhere to go. I can’t travel because of COVID, so I can’t go to a country where I’ll have rights.

    Please don’t do this to me and my family.

    Don’t do this to anyone.

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    I think I’m going to do little sections for this.

    Harvey Milk

    Now this shouldda been in the 70s post but I’m a dumbass and forgot so,,,, here.

    Harvey Milk was the first openly gay government elected official.

    He ran in 1973, 1975, 1976, and in 1977 was finally elected to be the City Supervisor of San Francisco; the city with the highest LGBTQ+ population in the US.

    He made it his mission to be a voice for the voiceless (gays, POC, elderly people) and openly spoke out against the misconceptions around homosexuality.

    Most famously, he was instrumental in banning Bill 6 which would’ve, if passed, banned LG teachers from teaching.

    He was assassinated one year into his term, but even for that one year which he served, he managed to turn the US around a little, and spark the movement which would eventually lead to:

    Legalized Gay Marriage

    Now listen you abhorrent little fucks. (Not you, the homophobic ones.)



    Although the first case for gay marriage started in the 70s, and Ha’waii tried to pass a bill in 1993 which would force the state to mind it’s own fucking business, in the late 90s and early 2000s, fourty individual states and the federal government passed DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) which defied marriage as between a man and a woman.

    It wasn’t until 2011, when Obama told justices to stop supporting this ridiculous law, that things really began to change, and by 2015, all 50 states had legalized gay marriage.


    Workplace discrimination has always been high against LGBTQ+ people.

    Starting with the Lavender Scare back in the fifties, people suspected of being queer were disproportionately fired from their jobs.

    Although this has been banned in individual states since the 2010s, it was only legalized on a nationwide basis three months ago.

    Now, if you haven’t heard, Tr*mp also passed a bill that same month which took trans people out of the Healthcare Discrimination Based on Sex ban.

    Fuck that man.

    Progress is progress, but few people seem to realize how goddamn recent all of this is.

    Mental Disorder Logs

    Homosexuality was delisted as a mental disorder in 1973, true, but did you know being trans wasn’t declassified until 2019?!

    Because that’s a thing that happened.

    I really don’t have much to say here. 

    I’m appalled.


    Anyway, have a great day everyone!

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