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    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Regular straight American guy

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    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    God your so damn perfect

    Chris Evans x femboy Male reader

    Warnings: SMUT (TOP Chris Evans, Bottom Male Reader), daddy kink, gay, adult content, degradation!!!!

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes (have to repost it)

    Anon request: Hey, I have a request! Can I have a smut with chris evans and male reader where m/n is a 17 years old high school boy and Chris is 35. Chris sees the boy in a restaurant sitting across from him and he finds the boy so cute. He makes his way to the boy, they talk and ends up having sex (chris is daddy M/n is a femboy! If you don't like then there's no pressure😊 thank you!! ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------------

    You were sitting all by yourself at your favorite restaurant, you never had any friends everyone at school made fun of you because you were gay and a femboy, you were just glad that you would be graduating soon then you could leave this hell hole and never look back. You had just gotten your ordered meal and began to eat when someone sat down next to you "are you ok, you seem lonely"? You looked up to the the one and only Chris Evans. Your mouth hung open in shock "OMG, it's you, Uh- Hi I'm M/N and I'm such a big fan" he giggled when you said that "thanks" he said as he shook your hand "so, why are you here all alone looking sad"? He asked you. "I don't have a lot of friends, people don't really like me" you told him he looked sad when you told him that "I like you" Chris said "but you don't even know me" you were confused did THE CHRIS EVANS say that he liked you. He smiled at you and held your hand "I can tell your a good person, you seem really nice 2 and your really cute" he said, you just blushed "did- did you just call me cute"? You stutter and smile at him "yea, I did because you are" he said winking at you. You didn't personally know him but he was really making you feel more loved that anyone had in years. You 2 kept talking for hours getting to know each other "hey uh, would you like to get out of here"? Chris asked you "yes of course" you said a little to fast. Chris giggled and payed for your meal (which you thanked him for) and then you 2 left.

    Once you arrived at his place he showed you around, you even got to pet his dog Dodger (which was kind of a dream come true for you). Chris showed you everywhere and when he showed you inside his bedroom you lost it, you grabbed him and kissed him. You pulled away after a couple seconds "oh God, I'm so sorry" you said and Chris just responded by grabbing your waist and kissing you again, you couldn't believe that you were kissing Chris Evans it was like a dream. The next thing you knew you were bent over the bed naked while Chris was eating you out, you could feel his tongue moving around inside you and it felt amazing he was tongue fucking you with such skill and you couldn't contain your moans "mhm-uh Fuck yeah, Chris mo- more please" you moaned as he continues to tongue fuck your hole. Suddenly he stops and stands up "I think your ready baby boy" he says before slowly sliding his cock in your ass, you moan loudly he stays still and let's you get used to his 12 inch dick. After waiting for a little longer so you can get used to his size "Yo- you can move now" you tell him and he starts to move slowly after a little while the pain turns to pleasure. He starts to fuck you a little faster and you moan louder "you like that baby, you like my fat cock inside your ass"? Chris asked as he continued fucking you, all you could do was let out a moan, it felt so good, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better his cock hit you prostate "mhm, ugh daddy har- HARDER" you moaned, he started pounding into you harder, you were practically drooling as he fucked into you, his cock pounding your prostate again and again you felt like you would come any second "such a needy little slut for me baby" Chris moaned out from behind you "harder daddy" you said. Chris really does fuck like you've always imagined, he pounds your tight hole like an animal "holy fuck, I love this ass" Chris says, his dick hammers against your prostate as he reached around you and grabs your dick and begins jerking you off, he continues to fuck into you as he rubs your cock "I'm close" you tell him as you practically scream. You never thought that you would get fucked by your celebrity crush, this all felt like some fever dream you thought you were gonna wake up any second but luckily for you this was real. When he hit your prostate again you came all over Chris white sheets, he kept fucking you like a wild animal and he definitely didn't plan on stopping any time soon. He pounded you so hard the bed was starting to move, he really loved fucking you "your such a whore baby, so freaking tight" Chris said "your as tight as a virgin" he said again, still fucking you "I- I am a virgin" you said he stopped moving "really"? He asked. you turned to look at him "yeah" you said causing him to smile, he leaned down and kissed your lips. Suddenly he pulled out leaving just the tip before slamming back into you causing you to scream out he started pounding into you again, hell he fucked you so hard you came a second time "uh, fuck yeah" he moaned continuously fucking you hard. "St- Stop" you said, he stopped fucking you right away "are you ok"? He asked looking worried "yea, I wanna ride you" you told him. he smiled before pulling out and laying on his bed back down, you got on top of him before grabbing his cock and slowly sitting on it, you both moaned together, his moans were music to you ears. You slowly started rolling your hips before bouncing up and down on his 12 inch penis "uh fuck daddy" you said moaning as you kept riding his dick. Chris looked up at you smiling as he started to rub your thighs. You were covered in sweat as you rode him faster and faster "yeah, ride my cock you dirty fucking slut" Chris said slapping your ass leaving a big read handprint on you causing you to moan out, you smiled as you kept fucking yourself on his dick, panting like a dog.

    You rode his dick like you were riding a bull, then he started thrusting into you as you continued to ride him "Uh- mhmm, uhhm- AAAHHHHHHH yes" you moaned. This really was a dream come true, it was heaven, you riding Chris Evans cock (God you felt like you could do this forever) you were panting and moaning as he thrusts into you, you could tell he was close to cumming "oh fuck, your such a little fucking slut, God I fucking love you" Chris said, you got confused did he just say he loved you?

    He fucked you harder and faster, you knew he was about to cum now "fuck, I'm gonna cum" Chris said "where do you want it baby"? He asked as he kept fucking you, you didn't think he could fuck you harder "in my mouth daddy" you said, he fucked into you a trying to hold in his climax. He smacked your ass which you took as a sign to stop and get off him, he stood up jerking himself off. You got on your knees Infront of him opening your mouth "oh fuck I'm gonna cum, You want my cum you little slut"? Chris asked you, you opened your mouth to get ready for his sweet milk suddenly he let out a long moan before cumming on your face and in your mouth, shot after shot of cum, flying everywhere. After he was finished he cleaned you both up and you 2 lay down on his bed facing each other "uh, hey Chris"? You asked "yeah M/N" Chris said you blushed before asking "did you say that you loved me"? 😺 "you noticed that huh"? He asked before saying "yeah, I think I do love you, since the first moment I saw you, I just knew M/N I love you" he finished. You smiled "I love you 2 Chris" he kissed you on the lips and you happily kissed back, you knew that this was the start of a beautiful relationship and you couldn't be happier to have Chris in your life, (you were so glad that Chris was the one who took your virginity) you really did love him so much and he loved you 2, you were truly happy with him.... ------------------------------------------------------------ sorry that completely sucked, just know that I tried LMAO, byee

    See ya next time, also sorry this took a while to make I was trying to fix my old blog but that wasn't working so whatever I guess, I'll try again later!!!

    So for some reason this post was removed and because I'm working on a 2nd part I'm gonna repost it

    #chris evans x male reader #chris evans x smut #gay love#gayboy #steve rogers x male reader #chris evans x teen!reader #gayman #x male reader #chris evans
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    Michael Hamm

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    born this way he/him and killer queen she/her realness

    #ugh URGGGGGH btw is just a studded lesbian who everyone wants #killer queens a girl but also a gayman you hear me shes also seperate from kira #gestures. anyways #talking
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    Praia de nudismo ✔️

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