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  • art of love ✧✦ Chapter Twenty

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    Although awkward but their acting is very natural👏
    She so beautiful, she has smile eyes, she so hot + so cute😂😂
    📺 Arirang✨

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  • Part 2 of promises?

    #isitevengood? #doibother? #dolantwins#ethan dolan #grayson and ethan #grayson dolan #grayson x reader #gd#gdolan #grayson bailey dolan #grayson blurb
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    Lunch prepared for Zhilong’s birthday subway screen support 🐲❤️

    Time: 0805-0818

    Frequency: 10 seconds each time, 250 times a day

    Location: Seoul Metro Station, Sinsa Station Line 3

    Cr GDelights_

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  • Part 10 

    You make a tough decision.


    (I don’t own any of the images used. All credit goes to the original owners.)







    If there is anyone else who would like to be tagged, you can comment or leave me a message :))

    I only write on this blog on tumblr, so if you see my work on any other platform, please let me know immediately.

    Okay, so here, the war against EXO intensifies even more. It has appearances from Daesung, Taeyang, TOP, Mino, Hanbin and EXO (mostly Kai). This continues with the EXO storyline, but again, I have nothing against EXO :)) I love them, but I had to use someone for the plot.

    I just hit 100 followers guys!!!! Thank you so much for all your support!!! I’ll try my level best to keep writing :))) Please do keep supporting me and I’m always open to feedback :))))

    Warnings: Violence, Death(not main character), Injury, Blood, Eventual smut, Abduction, Guns and Knives, language, emotional breakdown. Slight symptoms of PTSD(nightmares), one mention of the word rape.


    Jiyong’s mind started racing. There were so many things that could have gone wrong with your plan. How long ago did you leave? Could you even shoot properly? What if they kept both you and Hanbin? What if they tortured you? Oh god. What if those were his last words to you? He shook his head. His voice hoarse and weak, he called for Youngbae. Youngbae walked in a few minutes later, wondering why Jiyong would want him there in the middle of trying to make up with his girlfriend, but the moment he say Jiyong sitting on the edge on the bed, his eyes red and his head in his hands, he knew you had left. For the first time in his life, Jiyong’s voice sounded shaky. 

    “Youngbae, she left to go get Hanbin back. She left because of what I said.” 

    Youngbae leaned against the wall, thinking. He couldn’t lie to Jiyong. What he said probably did make you leave, but he didn’t know how to comfort Jiyong for that. This was the lowest he had ever seen Jiyong. Jiyong was always calm and collected, with a plan, but the man who sat in front of him was a shaking mess, unable to wrap his head around what happened.  Youngbae sighed. 

    “Jiyong, get ready. We’re going to go get them back here in one piece so that your sorry ass can apologise to your girlfriend.”

    Jiyong blindly obeyed Youngbae, taking orders like that for the first time in his life. Youngbae had called Seunghyun, Daesung and Mino. They were also getting ready. Youngbae was just coordinating some details for the plan, so Jiyong walked out. He wasn’t thinking straight. He needed some fresh air. He walked out of the house and stared at the sky, laughing at how no matter what was happening on the earth below, the skies always remained aloof and uninterested. He had just taken out a cigarette when he froze, hearing footsteps. Out of reflex, he took out his gun and aimed with one hand and shone the torch in the direction of the footsteps with the other. He was about to shoot when he realised it was Hanbin, with someone with him. He didn’t notice that EXO’S Jongin was in their headquarters. He just noticed that Hanbin was carrying an unconscious you.

    Jongin and Hanbin had gotten you out of his house alright, Hanbin carrying you and Jongin focussing on defence. Jongin had to shoot a few more of Joonmyeon’s men in their feet, but overall, there wasn’t too much damage. Jongin drove following Hanbin’s instructions to get to the headquarters. Jongin was terrified. Jiyong was the enemy after all, but he knew that at the same time, he was his best bet. They reached the house, Hanbin getting out of the car and running while carrying you, wanting to get you to a bed and a doctor. He also paused when he was stopped by the flashing of a torch in his face and the sound of a gun being pulled out. When the suddenness of the light faded away, he looked up and realised it was Jiyong.

    Jiyong slowly put down the gun. For the first time in his life, he sounded broken. 

    “Hanbin, wh-what happened to her? Why is she unconscious?”

     Hanbin ignored his question. 

    “Hyung, I’m taking her up to her room. Jongin is with us. He helped us a lot. We have to offer him protection for a while.”

     Jiyong just nodded, staring weakly at your limp body in Hanbin’s arms and wanting nothing more than to just kill himself for putting you in a situation like that. Hanbin moved past Jiyong and ran up the stairs, not bothering to look back. Jongin still had his gun out, and was about to follow Hanbin, but he stopped and stared at Jiyong for a while. Jiyong was just frozen, looking absolutely desolate and broken beyond measure. Jongin felt some pity for him. He softly said, 

    “Why are you standing here? Follow Hanbin.” 

    Jiyong blankly looked at Jongin and nodded. He should be there with you. He needed to be there with you.

    Jiyong numbly walked up the stairs and into his room. Hanbin had laid you down on the bed and was checking your temperature.

     “Hyung, she’s burning up. Call Hyorin noona. We need a doctor here.”

     Jiyong nodded and opened his phone, but his vision was getting hazy. He wasn’t able to think straight. Jongin took one look at him and sighed.

     “Hanbin, he isn’t going to be able to call anyone right now. He’s in shock. Find Youngbae.”

     Hanbin nodded, his eyes never leaving you. He called Youngbae hyung, grateful that he answered his phone on the first ring. 

    “Hanbin? Where are you? How are you calling me right now? What happened to Y/N? How’d you escape from Jongin?”

     Hanbin cut him off. 

    “Hyung, I’ll explain later, but call Hyorin noona. We need a doctor here for Y/N. Jongin, Jiyong hyung, Y/N and I are in hyung’s room.” 

    Hanbin jumped up, turning around and glaring at Jiyong. His voice dangerously low and angry, he said,

     “Hyung, what did you say to her? Why the fuck would you send her alone? What would you have done is something had happened to her?”

     Jiyong was still numb. He couldn’t take his eyes off your unconscious body. He turned to Hanbin, still numb, and in a disconcerted voice, said, 

    “I told her that she was the reason we lost you and that I don’t know why we aren’t giving in to EXO’s demands.” 

    Hanbin stared at him in shock.

     “Hyung, you told her you didn’t know why you weren’t giving her up to EXO?” 

    Jiyong nodded, looking paler by the second. Jongin just scoffed. 

    “Wow, good job of keeping her happy and safe.”

     Jiyong couldn’t even defend himself.

     “Jiyong hyung, you know she came with a high fever, right? That didn’t go down because I couldn’t get the medicine to her? Yeah. You should also know she collapsed from shock today, after killing someone for the first time.”

     Hanbin took a step closer. 

    “You said you’d keep her safe. You said you’d never be the mafia boss around her. What happened to that, huh? God, hyung.” 

    Hanbin could barely even look at him. 

    “You disgust me.”

     It was at that moment that Youngbae and Hyorin walked in. Raising an eyebrow at what happened, Youngbae walked between Jiyong and Hanbin and held Hanbin’s shoulder, his voice soft but firm when he said,

     “Hanbin, that’s enough. You can’t talk to your boss that way.” 

    Hanbin stepped back and looked away, fuming. Hyorin stepped closer to you and began checking your condition. Jiyong turned numb to everything around him, just waiting, praying, internally begging Hyorin to say that you were fine.

    Hyorin took some time checking up on you. She slowly stood up straight and turned around. She decided to address Hanbin.

     “Hanbin, she’s got a fever of 103. It might progress into a heat stroke if it doesn’t go down by tomorrow. Someone will have to stay with her all night and try and bring her body temperature down.”

     Hanbin jumped up, nodding tensely.

     “I’ll do it.” 

    He was just about to walk over to you when suddenly he swayed and fell to the ground, world around him spinning. Jongin pulled him up, sighing.

     “Hanbin, you haven’t slept or eaten in a while. You can’t stay up looking after her in this condition.” 

    Hanbin wanted to protest, but he didn’t have the energy to. Hyorin nodded at Jongin.

     “He’s right Hanbin. Go home and rest for a while.” 

    For the first time in a while, Jiyong spoke. His voice was weak when he opened his mouth to say, 

    “I’ll stay with her.”

     Everyone turned to stare at him, each assessing him in their own way. Hanbin was about to scoff at him, but Jongin gripped his arm, silently shaking his head. Youngbae tried to smooth things over. 

    “Okay, guys, then we’ll all get going? Jongin, you’ll need a room, right? Here, come with me. There’s a spare-” 

    Hanbin cut Youngbae off, glaring at him no matter how weak he was.

     “Hyung, I know you’re basically just going to keep Jongin prisoner if you take him with you. No way. He helped us escape. He’s a friend. He’s coming with me. He can stay with me.”

    After they all left, Jiyong went and got a bowl of cold water. He soaked a cloth in it and folded it neatly, putting it on your forehead, gently brushing your hair back. He stared at you, flushed and asleep, desperately trying to convey how sorry he was. He wanted to just hold you in his arms, but you needed your body temperature to go down. He went and got out a light slip from your cupboard, gently holding you up with one hand and changed you out of the uncomfortable clothes you were wearing. He sighed when he saw the knife strapped to your thigh and he gently slipped it off, folding it away, his eyes pained because he hated that you had to use it. He stroked your hair, leaning down and burying his face in it. His body slowly started to shake with sobs. Your hair became damp. 

    “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I am so so sorry. You don’t deserve this. I allowed this to happen. I should have kept my promise. I’m so fucking sorry.” 

    He mumbled this into your hair, sobs getting harsher by the word. He got up, replaced the cloth and sat back down, eyes still red. Hands weak, he held your hand and took your pinky finger. He knew how important pinky promises were to you. He wrapped his own pinky finger around it and said, 

    “Y/N, I promise I will keep you safe. Never again.”

     He leaned down to kiss your forehead. 

    “I love you. I always will.”

    Joonmyeon was holding Jiyong at knifepoint. You were in a cold sweat. You knew Joonmyeon would kill him without any hesitation, but you had to do something. You rushed forward to try and pull Jiyong away when Joonmyeon pulled the knife. You could just see the start of the blood when you opened your eyes, panting. It was a dream. Thank god. Everything was still hazy. You weren’t thinking straight and you head hurt, but most of all, you were scared because of what you dreamt. Forgetting everything that Jiyong had said and done, you just wanted him to be safe. You turned to your left, surprised to find Jiyong sitting there, dozing off, hand still holding yours. You smiled and kissed his hand.

     “I love you Jiyong.” 

    You wanted to kiss him, but you were too tired, and you fell asleep again.

    Jiyong looked up wearily when he heard Hanbin and Jongin enter the next morning. He was exhausted. He hadn’t slept properly in days and he was stressed, but he wouldn’t sleep until you were fine. He cracked a half-hearted smile at them. 

    “Her fever’s gone down. She’s better now.”

     Hanbin ignored him, simply going and sitting next to you to check on you himself. Jongin nodded at Jiyong, feeling bad for him. Hanbin slowly ran his fingers through your hair, watching you carefully. You started tossing around, Jiyong instantly getting more attentive to you, worried. You started trembling, crying in your sleep. Jiyong looked shocked beyond measure. His eyebrows shot up. Why were you crying in your sleep? He got out his phone to call Hyorin, terrified that something had happened to you, when Hanbin just glared at him and made him put his phone away.

     “Hyung, how do you not know that Y/N gets nightmares?”

     He scoffed and turned towards you, gently pulling you closer and hugging you, patting your back to calm you down. Jiyong looked shocked.

     “Why does she have nightmares?” 

    Hanbin looked at him like he was dumb.

     “Hyung, we abducted her. We tortured her. Joongi nearly raped her. You shot her. And then, to top it all off, she killed someone yesterday. Why wouldn’t she have nightmares?” 

    Jiyong went numb. How did he not know these things about you? Hanbin glared at him and muttered,

     “You would have realised had you spent more time with her.”

     Jiyong’s head fell. God, he barely spent any time with you, and now, he didn’t know how much time he had left with you. You deserved better than him. So much better than him. But he was selfish. He wanted to keep you by his side. He wanted to be with you. Always. Looking at your pale face flinching in your sleep, he realised that maybe he shouldn’t have been that selfish. You needed a safer, better life.

    You blinked a little when you woke up a few hours later, trying to get used to the harsh light. You slowly adjusted and looked around at the people sitting there with you. You saw Hanbin holding your hand and Jongin standing around there, but you didn’t see Jiyong. Your heart fell. You looked around again, still not able to see him. You were about to give up when you heard his voice, softly saying, 

    “Don’t move around too much, my love. You’re still a little weak.” 

    You looked up. You realised that what you thought was your pillow was his lap. He was looking down at you lovingly, hands gently detangling your hair. You took one last moment to memorise everything about him. his beautiful eyes, his adorable smile, that damn tattoo and his soft hair. You took a deep breath and you got up, moving away from him. The way his face fell broke your heart, but it still didn’t hurt as much as you having to make the decision of moving away from him when you wanted nothing more to be there with him, in his arms. Hanbin and Jongin immediately jumped up, wanting to check if you were okay, but one look at your face and they knew to stay where they were. You cleared your throat. Your voice was weak when you spoke.

     “Jiyong, I need this to end. I can’t live like this anymore. I need to get away from all of this. From you. I can’t live being treated as a tradable good between the two gangs. I don’t want to be your excuse to fight anymore. I never asked for this and it’s not fair that I have to be punished for it. I just want life to go back to normal.”

     You paused, hating yourself for making him, the infamous Kwon Jiyong, look like a kicked puppy. You hated it. You wanted him to stop you. You wanted him to say something asking you to stay. You didn’t want to leave him. You just wanted to stop being treated the way you were. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you needed him too. But your heart broke even more when you saw him nodding along to what you were saying, not trying to stop you, although you could see in his eyes that he wanted to. You continued. 

    “I can’t stay here anymore, but I’m not stupid. I’ll go back to my normal life when things go back to normal.”

     You turned to Hanbin. 

    “Hanbin, can I stay with you for now?”

     Hanbin looked between you and Jiyong, not knowing whether this would help you or just make things worse. He finally decided to just give in to you. 

    “Of course Y/N.”

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    Kwon Jiyong + Yellow suit + Bright green flower brooch = Cutie 💜

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    #made a joke and tried to break the ice....got blocked #gd
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  • Promises - Grayson Dolan


    Olivia never expected her life to end up this way. She didn’t expect to be 21 living in LA, working as a personal assistant to Grayson Dolan and organising meetings from 8am-4pm everyday.

    But life hadn’t gone as planned. A miss match of events had thrown her life plans out of whack and somehow she had ended up taking the assistant job listed on Craigslist and finding herself entangled in Grayson’s bed on more than one occasion over the last 5 months while working for him.

    Olivia sat on the floor of her bathroom, her bare skin of her thighs stinging against the cold tile as she held the small test in front of her. She couldn’t deny the pink plus sign any longer. If weeks of morning nausea, tender nipples and a missed period weren’t enough for her to realise that she was likely pregnant then the test in front of her was the last hope.

    “Fuckkk” Olivia breaths out as she holds the test for a minute before reaching for her phone and finding Kristina, Ethan’s Girlfriend and pressing the call button

    “Hey Livy” The beautiful Australian accent rings through the phone, “you okay?”

    “I’m okay..”

    “So you did the test?” Kristina asked, her voice evident that she was waiting for Olivia to spring the news with happiness.

    “Yeah, uh.. it’s positive” Olivia confessed. Confirming it out loud felt weird, like it was really happening.

    “How do you feel about it?” Kristina asked.

    “Weird, I fucked my boss Kris. I fucked my boss and now I’m pregnant..” Olivia breathed heavily.

    “Don’t forget.. he’s your friend too- oh wait E’s ringing. Can I ring you in a bit?” Kristina asked.

    “Yeah of course. Don’t tell E”

    “Of course. Love you” The Australian replied before the Phone line beeped.

    Olivia went back to staring at the test. Maybe this baby would be a blessing. Maybe Grayson wouldn’t fire her on the spot, Maybe he wouldn’t be mad at her for this. He’d probably make her sign an NDA. Olivia was about to fuck up his whole life and ruin his plans along with her own all because Olivia couldn’t help but jump his bones.

    “I need a coffee” Olivia scoffed, standing up from the floor and heading to the kitchen.


    Olivia was pulled back from her thoughts by a knock at the door. Olivia sighed, placed her coffee cup on the bench and headed to the door.

    In front of her, Grayson Stood with a Starbucks iced coffee and a small container of what looked like soup.

    “I thought you were sick..” Grayson spoke, clearly noticing that Olivia didn’t look sick at all.

    “Yeah, I felt sick..” Olivia smiled back trying to dissolve the awkwardness that now stood between them. She had called in sick again for the second time, she should have known Grayson would come check on her.

    “Mom’s in town, so she made you some vegetable soup..” Grayson returned the smile and handed her the small container and Coffee cup, “You know she doesn’t like to hear people are unwell”

    “Remind me to text her” Olivia replied, “come in.. I need to speak to you”

    Grayson followed her inside her apartment, making himself at home on the couch as he spread out.

    “What’s up Liv?” He asked

    “So.. I was late..”

    “To what?” Grayson asked, leaning forward to show he was paying attention.

    “My period Gray.. I haven’t had it in 6 weeks..” Olivia spoke, her voice evident with nerves. This was a conversation she never thought she would be having with anyone this soon, let alone her boss. A baby wasn’t in her plans for a long time yet and she hadn’t quite made up her mind as of what to do.

    “It’s mine?” Grayson asked, his eyes sparkling at the news.

    “Oh my- yes it’s yours gray” Olivia laughed, “I did a test this morning..”

    “Should you be drinking coffee then?” Grayson asked, reaching to take the iced coffee away from her.

    “Don’t touch my coffeeee!” Olivia laughed as she pulled her coffee against her chest, “you’re not mad at me?”

    “Of course I’m not mad Liv.. Its a shock, but I’m happy.. if- If you are”

    Olivia wasn’t sure what to say. A baby was a blessing, and she knew that so many women around the world would pray for a blessing like this but Olivia wasn’t sure how this would work. It wasn’t like Grayson and her were dating, Grayson was her boss. Olivia lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and it definitely wasn’t suitable for raising a child and although she knew that Grayson would help her with this child, Olivia couldn’t do this on her own financially, mentally or physically. She wanted so badly to be happy but she was so scared.

    “I’m happy Gray. I’m in shock. But I think I’m happy” Olivia whispered, eye contact dropping as she playing nervously with her fingers.

    Grayson reached over to hold her hands gently in his own, “I’m not going anywhere liv. I’m here for you and our baby”

    Olivia couldn’t help the gentle butterflies she felt at his words, she wondered if this is what her baby would feel like when she finally felt movement.

    “Why don’t we book you a doctors appointment and see what we’re really dealing with huh?”

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    Promises - Grayson Dolan

    Coming soon!

    Olivia never expected her life to end up this way. She didn’t expect to be 21 living in LA, working as a personal assistant to Grayson Dolan and organising meetings from 8am-4pm everyday.

    But life hadn’t gone as planned. A miss match of events had thrown her life plans out of whack and somehow she had ended up taking the assistant job and finding herself entangled in Grayson’s bed on more than one occasion.

    But now, a positive test was about to change everything.

    #dolantwins#ethan dolan #grayson and ethan #grayson dolan #grayson x reader #ethan dolan imagine #the owl house #black lives matter #grayson blurb#dolan twins#dolan#gd#gdolan#dolans#twins#pregnancy#fanfiction#series
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  • when gdragon said ‘I’m the celebrity of your celebrities’ I really felt that

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  • Part 9

    To protect, you do something you never thought you would.


    (I don’t own any of the images used. All credit goes to the original owners.)







    If there is anyone else who would like to be tagged, you can comment or leave me a message :))

    I only write on this blog on tumblr, so if you see my work on any other platform, please let me know immediately.

    Okay, so here, the war against EXO intensifies even more. It has appearances from Daesung, Taeyang, TOP, Mino, Hanbin and EXO (mostly Kai). This continues with the EXO storyline, but again, I have nothing against EXO :)) I love them, but I had to use someone for the plot.

    Warnings: Violence, Death(not main character), Injury, Blood, Eventual smut, Abduction, Guns and Knives, language, emotional breakdown. There is death in this chapter, and it vividly describes the loss felt after death.


    Jiyong went down the stairs, cursing out loud while walking. He was furious beyond measure, both at you and at himself. He didn’t know why he thought snapping at you was a good idea, especially since it made him feel like such crap afterwards.


    He held his head in his hands, wondering what to do. He felt like everything was just ganging up to make him feel like shit that day. They still hadn’t heard from their double agent where Hanbin was being kept, so they couldn’t plan a rescue. He had just yelled at the woman he loved, though to be fair, he genuinely thought she fucked things up big time. God, he was an asshole, but he needed to focus on things. Loosening his tie, he walked into the room where they were holding the meeting to try and figure out a way to get Hanbin back. Everyone was there. Jiyong started off the meeting, his voice angrier than it had ever been. 

    “Mino, do we have any new intel on where Hanbin is?”

     Youngbae immediately knew Jiyong had yelled at you. He shook his head, deciding to talk to him about it later.

     “Yes, hyung. We finally found out that Hanbin is being kept with Jongin.”

     Jiyong raised an eyebrow.

     “Jongin? That’s odd. It’s usually Sehun.” 

    Mino nodded.

     “Yeah, I know.”

     “Are you sure it isn’t a trap?”

     Mino looked up and nodded. 

    “Yes, I’m sure. I called in a favour from one of them.”

     Jiyong paused to stare at Mino for a minute. He knew Mino used to be close to Minseok, but after things got worse between the two gangs, he vowed to never use their friendship for the gang. The fact that he risked that for Hanbin, and even the fact that Minseok told him, was something else. Jiyong nodded to Mino, mentally thanking him for that, and moved on. 

    “Okay. Daesung, you and Seunghyun hyung are in charge of the operation tomorrow night, right? The two of you, with Mino on communications, will enter his house and get him back, right?” 

    Daesung nodded. Seunghyun paused for a second before saying, 

    “We’ll need back up. He’ll be injured and we won’t be able to both protect him and get him out of there in one piece alone.”

     Jiyong nodded.

     “Okay. Youngbae and I will come with you.” 

    Everyone froze for a second. No one expected Jiyong to get involved with this. They needed their boss’s leadership if things went south with the mission, but then again, no one dared contradict him. They knew Hanbin was like a little brother to him. They knew he would go to any length to protect him. Seunghyun nodded. 

    “Okay then, so let’s discuss the details.”

    You crept out of your room, more reckless than you had ever been in your life. You knew there were usually guards outside the room, but because of the meeting, you were lucky and you didn’t have to knock them out. You were feeling surprisingly lightheaded. Maybe it was the adrenaline. You didn’t focus too much on what just happened with Jiyong. You could deal with that later. He had made it clear how he felt about you. After getting Hanbin back, you would leave. You got down the stairs, finally able to see the front door. You could hear Jiyong’s voice from behind one of the doors. You knew there was a meeting going on. You felt your stomach twist when you heard his voice. You laughed a little. You never got to tell him that you loved him too. Maybe it was better that way. You looked back at that closed door one more time and you left the house. As you left, you removed the bracelet Hanbin gave you. He has warned you that it was a tracker. You didn’t want them to know where you were going and you didn’t want anyone else to be in danger because of you. You just threw it into the sand.

    You got to the address Jongin gave you without any real problem. Sure, you had to knock out a couple of the new guys under Jiyong because they were standing guard, but it wasn’t going to be any lasting damage, and their shift was nearly over anyway. As you stood in front of the massive house that belonged to Jongin, you felt the nerves hit you again. The light-headedness came back a little stronger this time. You blinked it away, pinched yourself to calm down and called Jongin.

    Jongin and Hanbin had just been sitting there, talking. Hanbin still refused any food, knowing that it could be drugged or poisoned, but he had warmed up a little to Jongin, whether he liked it or not. He was teasing Jongin about his ridiculously blingy décor. Jongin had just gotten all huffed up and was defending himself heartily when his phone rang. Both of them went silent. Jongin answered, and trying to sound calm, because he was trying to pull off something extremely tricky, said,

     “Hey Y/N.”

     “Okay, so I’m in front of your house. What do you want me to do?”

     “Just walk in.” 

    You snapped. 

    “Jongin, I’m not stupid. I can see that there are a lot of people guarding your house.”

     Jongin smiled.

     “Y/N, don’t worry about that. They are all loyal to me. They’ve been given orders to let you through and pretend like they didn’t see anything.” 

    You were taken aback. The more he said, the shadier the plan sounded. Sounding unsure, you said,

     “Okay then.” 

    Jongin smiled softly to himself. He could practically see the confused expression on your face.

     “Who else is here with you as back up Y/N? Daesung? Youngbae?” 

    Your voice turned snippy. 

    “No one. I’m here alone.”

     And you cut the call, giving yourself a mini pep talk before entering the house, making sure you had your hands around your gun at all times.

    Jongin and Hanbin both just stared at each other in shock when they heard that. Hanbin sounded very unsure.

     “Did she just say that she’s here with no back up?” 

    Jongin nodded, looking equally confused.

     “Jiyong hyung sent her out here without backup? It makes no sense.”

     Jongin nodded along again. 

    “He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be okay with his girlfriend doing this alone, especially when it’s her first time.”

     Hanbin agreed. 

    “Yeah, he’s not. Something is up.” 

    Jongin slowly collected Hanbin’s stuff and untied him. Hanbin looked at him like he was crazy.

     “What? If either of us really wanted to kill each other, we would have done it by now.” 

    Hanbin shrugged. He had a point. Hanbin stretched and had just picked up his gun when you kicked open the door. You were flushed, looking around nervously, your eyes indicating that you were sure it was all a trap. You saw Hanbin, and you just relaxed. Still holding your gun out, pointing it around nervously, you walked in. You stared at Jongin, trying to read him, but the moment you met his eyes, you knew it wasn’t a trap, because he was smiling at you with the warmest, most excited smile of his that you were so used to and loved.

    You walked in, still holding your gun out when Hanbin walked up to you and hugged you, making you relax your hold on the gun. You fell onto his chest, trembling a little. You pulled away and ran your hands over his face and shoulders. 

    “Hanbin, you’re okay? You’re okay, right?” 

    He hugged you a little tighter. 

    “Yes, yes I am.” 

    You pulled away and smiled at him, overjoyed to find him okay. He slowly nudged you in Jongin’s direction. He pushed you forward and whispered in your ear, 

    “Y/N, honey, put down the gun.” 

    Cautiously, you walked closer to him, Jongin waiting with a nervous smile. 


    You walked a little closer. 


     “Y/n, how are you?” 

    He opened his arms wide, closing his eyes trying to prepare himself for you rejecting him. He was shocked beyond measure when he felt your warm presence in his arms. You were there for barely a second, but that was enough for Jongin. He had an adorably stupid smile plastered on his face, just incredibly happy you had done that.

     “Sit down Y/N. I just want to have a quick chat.” 

    You did, still a little wary of him. Hanbin sat down next to you.  Before Jongin could ask you anything, although Jongin didn’t really need to anymore because he could see that you were fine and they were treating you well, Hanbin asked you something.

     “Y/N, where’s hyung? Why are you here alone? Do you seriously have no backup?” 

    You sighed and looked away. Hanbin’s voice grew dangerously low. 

    “Y/N, does hyung not know that you’re here?” 

    Jongin turned to you, shocked. You were upset and angry, so you snapped.

     “No, he doesn’t know I’m here. What does it matter? Hanbin, let me just get you out of here and I’m leaving. I don’t know where I’ll go, since living here was my dream, but I’m done. I’m done being treated like this.” 

    Hanbin’s voice grew gentle again. 

    “Y/N, what did hyung say?” 

    You looked away.

     “You don’t need to know Hanbin. All you need to know is we’re done.”

     Jongin looked shocked. Hanbin looked angry. Hanbin quickly put up his hand to your head.

     “You came out here, alone, with a fever? Are you out of your mind?!” 

    You glared at him.

     “Hanbin, I’ll manage. Just let it go.” 

    Jongin just looked at you, shocked. 

    “Y/N, I thought he was treating you well and that you were happy. What happened?” 

    You refused to answer any more questions about what happened between you and Jiyong. You didn’t want to speak about it. It hurt too much. After all, you had put your faith in Jiyong countless times only to be proven wrong every time. Hanbin and Jongin exchanged looks. They decided to drop the topic. Jongin began to ask you questions about how you were treated, which you answered without much hesitation. You knew you were lucky to be treated that well. Jongin slowly finished his questioning and his explanation before getting up to give you a hug.

     “Okay, Y/N. I hope you can forgive me for not telling you about EXO earlier and I hope you can forgive me for this mess. Take care. Remember, if you want to talk, call me anytime.” 

    You nodded and you and Hanbin were just getting ready to leave when the door slammed open. It was one of Joonmyeon’s men. You could tell from the panicked expression on Jongin’s face that he wasn’t part of the plan. You were terrified; you were beyond scared of what you were about to do, but you knew you had to do it to protect Hanbin and Jongin. Before any of them could react, you took out your gun and shot him in the head.

    Both Hanbin and Jongin froze, unable to believe what they just saw. You also froze, your hands trembling in shock. You had killed a man. Those hands were responsible for the death of a human. A human with their own friends, family and dreams. Maybe he had made a promise to go take his child out for lunch the next day. You felt sick. You felt terrible, terribly sick. Suddenly, the world around you was spinning and you fell back, blacking out. Jongin caught you, Hanbin still being in shock from what he witnessed. Jongin snapped Hanbin out of it by the way he cursed when he felt your forehead.

     “Fuck. Hanbin, she’s burning up. How on earth did she manage to make it till here?”

     Hanbin quickly joined Jongin. 

    “The headache must have gotten worse.” 

    He stared at you, gently squeezing your hand.

     “Jongin, that was her first time killing somebody.” 

    Jongin, in a quiet voice, said, 

    “I know.”

     Hanbin looked at Jongin, desperate.

     “How are we supposed to escape now? Are none of your men going to talk? Seriously? Even after hearing that shot?” 

    Jongin sighed.

     “Some of them might tell Joonmyeon hyung, since some of them might have been close to the man Y/N shot.” 

    Hanbin, getting more desperate by the second, turned to Jongin.

     “Jongin, what’s going to happen to you if you stay here? They’ll tell them about your plan. You’re going to be killed!” 

    Jongin looked away.

     “I knew I was going to be tortured for this, but yeah, now that one of our men is dead, it’ll be worse.”

     Hanbin lifted you out of Jongin’s arms, carrying you on his back.

     “Jongin, you know you’re a better shot than me. If we leave now, I know Y/N and I won’t make it out of here alive, especially since she’s passed out. Come with us.” 

    Jongin hesitated, looking at the tattoo of EXO he had on his arm. He looked back at you and Hanbin, your situation growing more precarious by the second. He looked back at the framed photo of EXO on his desk. He focused on Joonmyeon hyung, Sehun and Yixing hyung. They had stopped smiling like that. They needed a bit of a wake-up call. He would help you and Hanbin. He picked up the gun and he looked Hanbin in the eye.

     “Keep quiet and follow me. I know a shortcut.”

    Jiyong sat back down on the chair, closing his eyes for a second before calling out, 

    “Meeting dismissed.” 

    He threw his head back, feeling a little calmer now that they had a clear plan in place for how they were going to get Hanbin back. He was still feeling like shit though, because he couldn’t get your hurt face out his mind from when he spoke to you that way. He crushed the cigarette in his hands, unable to even enjoy that while you were upstairs hurt and alone. He opened his eyes, expecting to find himself alone, but he found Youngbae sitting across him. Youngbae looked up at the ceiling and started talking. 

    “Jiyong, you know something? Y/N is the closest to Hanbin out of the lot of us. He was always there for her, even when you weren’t. They obviously have a close bond as friends. So how do you think she felt when she found out that EXO had taken him, all because of her? How do you think she felt when she found out they would return him only if we gave her up? Obviously, she wouldn’t want to go, but her fear for Hanbin would win over that. She probably wants to tell you to let her go, no matter how scared she is. And after finding out, she’s been all alone there, with no one to be there for her. I know things are rough on you Jiyong, but you need to go talk to her and make sure she knows that she’s safe, we won’t give her up and we’ll get Hanbin back safe and sound. You didn’t see the way she cowered away from you the night I told you. I did. Go and tell her it’s not her fault. She needs to know that. She needs to know we don’t blame her for anything that happened. We’re the ones to blame, for getting her involved in the first place.”

     Jiyong sighed, rubbing his eyes.

     “Youngbae, I yelled at her. I said some very horrible things to her.”

     He looked at Youngbae, his eyes pained and haunted.

     “I told her I don’t know why we aren’t giving in to EXO’s demands.” 

    Youngbae looked at Jiyong, shocked for a second, but then his voice was soft when he said,

     “Jiyong, so go apologise now. We have a good amount of time before we have to leave. Make sure you make it up to her.”

     And he left.

    Jiyong knew he was right. He had to make it up to you somehow. He climbed up the stairs, feeling more awful as his words to you played on repeat in his head. He was terrified he’d find you crying. He couldn’t bare seeing your tears. He slowly pushed open the doors to your bedroom, calling out 


    He sighed when he didn’t get a response. Of course you wouldn’t respond. You were mad at him after all. 

    “Y/N, my love?”

     Still no response. His voice became a little softer.

     “Y/N, love, I’m sorry. I never should have said that. I didn’t mean any of it. I was just upset, and I know that doesn’t give me the right to speak to you that way, but I’m really sorry.” 

    He walked in, thinking you’d be on the bed, asleep or crying when he realised there was no one in the room. He felt this uneasy feeling rise in him, like bile. He quickly checked the bathroom, but he already knew you weren’t going to be there. He looked around, heart sinking even more when he saw that your knife and gun weren’t there. He quickly took out his phone, checking the tracker that was in the bracelet. His gut twisted when he saw it was showing that you were in the lawns outside. You threw away the tracker. You had gone to EXO to get back Hanbin. Alone. Because of him.

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