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    Let It Happen - Tame Impala
    Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai
    Infinitesimal - Mother Mother
    Alien Boy - Oliver Tree
    Adulting - Beach Bunny
    My Prerogative - Britney Spears
    Imagine - John Lennon
    Remember The Name - Ed Sheeran feat. Eminem & 50 Cent
    xanny - Billie Eilish
    Don’t Touch My Hair - Solange feat. Sampha
    Pieces Of Me - Ashlee Simpson
    Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
    Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo
    Caution - The Killers
    Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw
    Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
    captain’s dance with the devil - Cody Simpson
    On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
    Sadness - Noah Cyrus
    Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles

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  • Sun/Mercury in Aries

    Moon/Jupiter in Taurus


    Some of your placements may better explain your interests.

    The Sun in 12th struggles too express it’s energy. You don’t find your value so much in how other’s see you, but more so in what you do. It matters more too do good in the world, or make a difference, pour your energy into a creative outlet. Vs flaunting your abilities like a Leo would (Leo is ruled by the Sun) You want too have something “worth” noticing, not just getting noticed. Sun in Aries suggests the key too your “worth” is your passions, what inspires strong feelings such as a cause, or subject that has deep meaning too you. Moon/Sun in 12th suggests you have a desire too affect others and feel their emotions deeply like an empath. Understanding others, their emotions, their personalities and what truly helps them too be whole, are fascinating topics for you. Mercury 12th can be explained more in depth on my post. I find as I have this placement myself, that Mercury helps you communicate on a different realm. Through spirits, or verbal cues. You pick up more on the word choice than the body language, and pay attention too comments people make. More likely too remember a person’s preferences, or quote back something they said, when their actions contradict their words. It is instictuve and at times you may be unaware of the vibes you give off when you attempt too communicate with others. This leads too many misunderstandings. You were perhaps a loner in your life at some point, maybe even still prefer your own company too other’s. A profession such as photography is the middle ground between verbal and non-verbal. Your images can capture the state of people and communicate a message based on lighting/editing. Jupiter gives you luck and better success at anything you pursue. It also provides the wealth of experience, too teach you lessons and may gift you with natural enthusiasm/zest for things you do.


    Venus/Saturn in Taurus

    Moon in Aries


    This combination of Venus/Saturn in 12th suggests a lesson too be learned through your Venus.

    Venus in 12th, here is where your love and affections are hidden. It can be very unclear what you need in a relationship. Leading you too date someone, or befriend someone, then look elsewhere for these needs. It doesn’t necessarily mean cheating, but it does inspire a, “The grass is greener on the other side,” mindset. Saturn seeks too teach you a better understanding of what your needs truly are and help you make a routine of happiness in your relationships. Taurus in 12th may hide the material world from you and may it difficult too obtain the fruits of your labor. Delayed success.

    Saturn in 12th. The house attempts too strip away all the hard work you have done. There are qualities of yourself, you have been through a great deal too develop. 12th House presents constant reminders, that maybe, just maybe….this isn’t the final form you should take. It may seem you grow comfortable only too get a harsh lesson from reality. This constant threat of your current form and judgment, may lead too self destructive behaviors too avoid the “truth.” Finding a steady anchor in your life such as meditation, will bring great peace too this placement. This anchor may help you get the clarity that your Venus struggles too give, about your needs. Suggested self reflection, an anchor and caution.

    Moon in Aries may only add too this boundless nature and stripping away. You feel others emotions deeply and take them on as your own. Putting yourself in harm’s way too help others, even at the risk of your own needs.

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  • Tarot & Oracle Readings for the Signs: May 24th-30th, 2020

    This week’s decks: Zombie Tarot & The Adorabyssal Oracle


    Ace of Swords: Trials, intellect, action

    Nessie: Longevity

    The universe is offering you a new beginning – make sure you have a game plan ready. Longevity is achieved by those who are prepared to take the first steps towards it.


    Two of Pentacles: Balance, harmony, juggling responsibilities

    Leviathan: Envy

    Watch out for family, friends and acquaintances trying to distract you from your purpose and duties. They may not even be aware that they’re a bit jealous that you’ve been so busy!


    The Lovers: Romance, sex, blinded by passion

    Olitiau: Expanse

    In order to grow and expand, you’ve got to make a choice. Two options are before you, and you may be unsure of which to choose. Don’t allow your emotions to blind you to the right decision.


    Nine of Wands: Completion of tasks, willpower, persistence

    Wolpertinger: Diversity

    You’re steadfast and stable, and it’s by sheer force of will that you accomplish things. However, don’t allow yourself to become bored by the work in front of you. Change it up from time to time! You’ll be glad you did.


    Nine of Cups: Wishes, dreams, material and physical happiness

    Fairie: Trickery

    Wishes do come true, and one of your deepest desires may be just on the horizon for you, but don’t fall prey to things which are only pretending to be what you need. Hold out for the real deal.


    Six of Swords: Travel, leaving the past behind, transition

    Olgoi-Khorkhoi: Virulence

    It’s time to walk away from what’s hurting you. Be honest with yourself – you know what it is. By accepting the end of one journey, you’ll be able to start another.


    The Magician: Deception, opportunist, puppet master

    Dullahan: Inevitability

    In our lives, it’s only inevitable that we’ll cross paths with those who will prove to be less than truthful about their intentions and plans. Do your best to suss out anyone like that in your current orbit, and show them the door.


    Five of Swords: Defeat, bickering, severing ties

    Namazu: Control

    Even when we lose battles, we are still in control of the outcome of our war. Each of us will encounter many enemies throughout our lives. Accept your defeats when they come, and walk away from the victors with your head held high.


    Eight of Cups: Moving on, troubled relationships, change

    Sleipnir: Swiftness

    Stop dragging your feet. You know it’s time for a change, time to move on from a relationship that’s no good for you or your emotional state anymore. Gather your strength and walk out the door with your heart still intact.


    Two of Swords: Indecision, difficult decisions, different views

    Grootslang: Cruelty

    We cannot control the cruelty of others, but we can always have a say in the decisions we ultimately have to make. Just like Sagittarius, Capricorn also has a choice to make this week. Will you stay and keep accepting anger you don’t deserve?


    Page of Cups: Creative, kind, artistic

    Anansi: Story

    The muse is with you this week, and now is the time to tell your story. No matter which creative outlet you choose, the art you produce will be at the top of your capabilities and talents. Don’t be afraid to show it off!


    Knight of Wands: Bold, impetuous, adventurer

    Huginn & Muninn: Knowledge

    Intellectual growth does not often come to those who passively sit back and wait for it. Take charge of your education, even if it’s only a life lesson you need to learrn. Explore the capacity of your mind, take on a new subject, and see what happens!

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  • The Moon is a satellite that orbits the planet Earth and affects human beings in Astrology greatly.  Along with the sun it is one of the two luminaries that make up the total sum of a person’s consciousness.  The Moon represents a person’s inner most private world hidden away from others.  It rules over the mind and the emotional thinking process.  How a person reacts to the world instinctively on an emotional level is seen through the Moon. The Moon itself is known as representing needs for emotional security and what brings balance of the mind and ultimately happiness.

    Ruled by Cancer, The moon itself also influences over the 4th house of the Birth Horoscope.  The Moon takes roughly 30 days to go through the entire horoscope wheel. It spends 2 ½ days in each sign before moving on.  The sign the Moon is in located on the day of Earth is influential in determining how a person thinks, feels, reacts and responds in life.  It is the most influential body in Astrology because of it is the most close in proximity to a person who is born on Earth.

    The Moon in Astrology is linked closely with the mother figure.  The traits of the sign of the Moon can show key areas of her personality that were dominant. The inner consciousnesses can be highly susceptible in youth to the influence of the mother and the experience that is had with her.  The sign of the Moon at birth can show a tendency to absorb the influence of the Mother’s prominent personality as well as how she handled the relationship between mother and child.


    Click for my Moon in Signs Descriptions

    Click for my Complete Planet in Signs Masterpost

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    Somebody To Love - Queen
    Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
    Love On Top - Beyoncé
    Touch - Nick Jonas
    All About You - Hilary Duff
    Green Light - Lorde
    You’re Still The One - Shania Twain
    Thinkin Bout You - Ciara
    You’ve Got The Love - Florence + The Machine
    Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor
    You Don’t Know How It Feels - Tom Petty
    Call You Mine - The Chainsmokers with Bebe Rexha
    Nothin’ on You - B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars
    Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe - Barry White
    Words Of Love - Buddy Holly
    I’ve Done Everything for You - Rick Springfield
    You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) - Meat Loaf
    Gave You Everything - The Interrupters
    A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
    To Sir With Love - Lulu

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  • Okay I think family astrology is really interesting. Here’s my family

    Mom: Scorpio sun, Leo moon, Libra mercury, Scorpio venus, Scorpio mars

    Brother: Pisces sun, Leo moon, Aries rising, Pisces mercury, Pisces venus, Cancer mars

    Dad: Aries sun, Virgo moon, Pisces mercury, Aquarius venus, Gemini mars

    Me: Aries sun, Aquarius moon, Aquarius rising, Aries mercury, Gemini venus, Gemini mars

    Interesting similarities !

    🌟My mom and my brother share a moon sign

    🌟My dad and I share a sun sign

    🌟My brother’s rising sign is the same as my sun sign

    🌟My dad and I have the same mars sign

    🌟My mom and my respective venus and mars signs are the same

    🌟My mom and my mercury signs are sister signs

    🌟My dad and my brother share a mercury sign

    ✨rb with your family’s astrology!!

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  • For these, I shuffle my playlist twelve times with the intention of giving all of the signs a song with a relevant message in it for their upcoming week. Whatever song comes up first on a particular shuffle is the song for that sign. Hope it resonates! 

    “I am the Resurrection” by The Stone Roses 
    Don’t waste your words I don’t need anything from you/ I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do

    “Together” by Avril Lavigne 
    You can’t deny/ When I turn the lights out/ When I close my eyes/ Reality overcomes me/ I’m living a lie 

    “A Change of Heart” by The 1975 
    You used to have a face straight out of a magazine/ Now you just look like anyone/ I just had a change of heart 

    “Wake Up” by Hilary Duff 
    There’s something going on/ Anywhere I go tonight 

    “Can’t Lie” by Roy English 
    But I’m lying to myself now/ Saying I don’t miss you, baby/ But I really miss you lately 

    “Toxic” by Britney Spears 
    Too high, can’t come down/ Losing my head, spinning ‘round and ‘round/ Do you feel me now?

    “All the Small Things” by Blink-182
    Late night, come home, work sucks, I know/ She left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares

    “Sober” by Demi Lovato 
    I do it every, every, every time/ It’s only when I’m lonely/ Sometimes I just want to cave and I don’t want to fight 

    “So Happy I Could Die” by Lady Gaga
    Just give in/ Don’t give up baby/ Open up your heart and your mind to me

    “Brand New Moves” by Hey Violet 
    I’m the lock and you’re the key/ Won’t you come and open me/ You can find anything that you like 

    “You” by The 1975
    And you’re alive/ At least as far as I can tell you are/ And so am I/ You beat me down and then we’re back to my car 

    “Loner” by YUNGBLUD
    All of my friends have deserted again/ And I don’t want to be a loner/ In my, head I can sleep when I’m dead/ Baby, don’t let the hype dilute ya 

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  • Okay this will probably flop but rb with your sun, moon, and mars and then the sun, moon, and mars of your friends.

    Here’s mine:

    Me: Aries sun, Aquarius moon, Gemini mars

    1: Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon, Pisces mars

    2: Leo sun, Gemini moon, Leo mars

    3: Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, Aries mars

    4: Leo sun, Taurus moon, Pisces mars

    5: Taurus sun, Taurus moon, Gemini mars

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  • .How The Signs Respond To “i Love You”.

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  • .What is Your Biggest Fear?

    #what is your biggest fear? #zodiac signs#zodiac sign #zodiac signs of tumblr #zodiac sign of tumblr #horoscope#horoscopes #horoscope of all zodiac signs #horoscope of tumblr #horoscopes of tumblr #aquarius#pisces#aries#taurus#gemini#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn
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  • Gemini x Aries Lighthouse

    Gemini: yer a dog, Aries! let neptune strike ye dead!

    Aries: I’m sick of lookin’ at you, I’m sick of lookin’ at week-old food in yer beard starin’ me in the face like it ‘spects me of somethin’. You think yer so damned high mighty cause yer a goddamned lighthouse keeper? Well, you a captain of no ship and you was, you ain’t no general, no copper, you ain’t the president, and you ain’t my father – and I’m sick of you actin’ like you is! I’m sick of yer orders! I’m sick of your laughing, your snoring, and your goddamned farts. Your damned goddamned farts. Goddamn yer farts! You smell like piss, you smell like jism, like rotten dick, like curdled foreskin, like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit-house. And I’m sick of yer smell. I’m sick of it! I’m sick of it, you goddamned drunk. You goddamned, no-account, drunken, son-of-a-bitch-bastard- liar! That’s what you are, you’re a goddamned drunken horse-shitting –- short – shit liar. A liar!


    Gemini: …

    Aries: bark, Gemini! you dog!

    Gemini: woof!

    Aries: *puts leash on Gemini and walks them like a dog*

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    Socially distant birthday was a success ✨🎂 feeling 26!!!!

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    .Things PeopLe Don’t Know About The Signs.

    #things people dont dont about the signs #zodiac signs #zodiac signs of tumblr #zodiac sign of tumblr #zodiac sign#zodiac#signs#horoscope#horoscopes #horoscope of tumblr #horoscope of all zodiac signs #aries#taurus#gemini#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#sc#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#pisces
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  • The signs as stupid decisions I’ve made:

    Aries: Took my dog for a walk at night by myself when it was really dark outside

    Taurus: Gone new places by myself after specifically being asked not to

    Gemini: Walked across a bridge that was blocked off due to needing repairs

    Cancer: Listened to songs that bring back unwanted memories while already being upset

    Leo: Walked across a pile of branches to get to the other side of a trail instead of taking a bridge like a normal person

    Virgo: Climbed on top of random crates at work to reach the top shelf instead of using a ladder

    Libra: Cut my own bangs instead of letting a professional do it

    Scorpio: Tried to stop my dog from injuring himself and earned myself a scar

    Sagittarius: Drove out of state despite my car having engine problems and breaking down every so often

    Capricorn: tried to dye my hair a certain color and bleached it the very next day to try again

    Aquarius: wore my binder when going for a long walk despite my back and ribs starting to hurt

    Pisces: got caught going 90mph on the freeway because I drove right past a cop

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  • Quarantine during Gemini season

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  • ‪i see y’all trying to coldcock as hard as a coldcocking can manifest during this Gemini szn‬

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  • “Let Go Or Be Dragged” - Now the sun is in Gemini, where “letting go” is the archetypes main strength. I have been mulling over the resilience I associated with Gemini for months, and as the moon waned and the sun came out of heavy Taurus, this aphorism revealed the nature of that resilience: its freedom from being dragged. By anything. Of course, unbalanced, this quality leads to an inability to cohere and therefore to create. In fact, I would say that the ability to cohere is not part of the Gemini archetype at all, because its function is to constantly release from coherence. Instead, we find the treasure at the opposite end of the spectrum: the ability to perceive things from an unweighted, neutralized perspective. Gemini is an open energy, and therefore, the world is open to it, and to it the world ascribes the responsibility of the discovery of discrete things.

    The emotion that motivates discovery of discrete things is curiosity. When fed: eagerness, excitement; when not fed, dismay, dullness. I would not ascribe fashionable, charged words such as passion or drive to Gemini, the things we usually think of as powerful. And yet, I think that the spirit of curiosity and excitement is the energy that truly creates worlds, because it is basically free from preconceptions, and creates the entire matrix of the known out of which everything is drawn.

    Like its backwards neighbor Taurus, Gemini is connected with the senses. While Taurus is concerned with how energy and stimulus integrates into the body through the senses, Gemini is interested in the capacity of the senses to explore the outside world, and to name the particular sensations with ever-increasing specificity, therefore nurturing the brain’s capacity to experience more and more things.

    With Gemini we celebrate small-fingered, sharp-eyed Mercury, the namer and speller of the spirit. Mercury is cognition, the art or strength or function of selecting, from amid a literally infinite pool of possibility in each moment, what discrete information to notice, to carry over the bridge from unnamable to named. How is your cognition? Too selective, and much slips by; not selective enough, and important structures can’t cohere. Your Mercury placement will tell you about the nature of your cognition, but not its health, though learning to recognize archetypal styles will help you be able to contextualize cognitive health and wellness.

    For example, Mercury rules Gemini, and you might think that to have Mercury placed in the sign it rules corresponds with good cognitive health. Really, what it means is cognitive facility. Gemini, with its energy of easy neutralization (“letting go,” dragged by no charges), is an energy that allows Mercury great freedom, of the kind that it particularly enjoys. That freedom contains the freedom to squander its own potential. In my experience, it’s common for people with strong Gemini nativity to get caught up in the delightful Aladdin’s cave of their minds. The fact is, it’s pleasurable to feel the stream of cognition flow through you, and I’ve noticed that my Gemini peers seem to bathe in the pleasure of their randomized babbling and punmaking like merfolk bathing in a waterfall.

    What is your Mercury placement? What kind of things do you notice? What themes and flavors of observations recur in your speech and writing? How does your thought process feel when you select one word to come after another?

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