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  • Truism Horoscopes, 8.5.20

    I’m posting these a week after Jenny Holzer’s birthday but I guess I can do whatever I want? Still figuring that out. 

    Mercury entered Leo yesterday, which, in contrast to its long stay in Cancer, makes our speech more declarative, expressive, exact. I think Holzer’s Truisms match nicely with this ingress (especially considering Jenny’s natal mercury was in Leo as well). Let truths be big, primary color, feelings today, but don’t let it turn into myopia. Anything could be any other way depending on how you look. Peep your certain lens below. 

























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  • #thank youuuu 💕😊💕 #asked and answered #zodiac#gemini
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  • #Page 8 The Descension.

    “What are you doing” Jenny asks. “I’m memorizing the map. I had no idea Firehurst was in an underground city. I thought it was just a school down there.” Mary answered. “Nope. It’s a whole civilization down there. We are taught that there are four kingdoms underground across the world. But conspiracy lurking about that theres a fifth hidden kingdom. The elders don’t allow us to speak of it on campus. Since we’re on our way there, i might as well tell you.” Jenny says as she sits on the ground. “Ow… my neck hurts” she says as she rubs her neck. She takes out and opens a canister and magically draws water around her hand and touches her neck to heal her pain away. The magical iceberg blue grow from the water astonishes Mary. “How does water do that?” Mary questions. “I’ve yet to unlock the scientifical explanation for it but i know it’s because of my Fire moon… I’m a third generation Water healer on my mothers side.” Jenny answers. “They say if i keep the bloodline up we can regenerate ourselves like a Phoenix.” Jenny says. “Wow. I have never had an idea about these any of these hidden ability things, i feel like a total newb sometimes…” Mary replied. “Why is that? Didn’t you study? Aren’t your family alumni?” Jenny asked. “Yes, but i never dig deep into my witchy roots. Im scared of what i might find.” Mary says. “You shouldn’t be scared of yourself. Magic is part of who you are. Whether you like it or not, it’s going to stick with you for an eternity.” Jenny replies. “Ill let you look at my notes. Maybe something in there can help you figure it out.” she says. Mary looks through the notes as they descend further. “I wasn’t always this oblivious about magic. I knew a lot of stuff. But then something bad happened a couple years ago. i don’t really like to get into it but i was in a coma.” Mary admits. “What? For how long?” Jenny asks. “For like a year.” Mary estimated. Jennys Water Sun/Fire Moon senses couldn’t help themselves into scanning Mary’s body water content and it revealed to Jenny that Mary was in constant body ache, Like if Mary was hit by a vehicle. Mary shuddered. “Are you okay?” Jenny asks. “Yeah im fine. Just alot of random aches.” Mary replies. “Were you hit by or something?” Jenny randomly asks. “What!? No…” Mary nervously answered. "Oh… I could sense pain. Your damage feels similar to patients of mine who have been in car accidents, like getting run over.” Jenny explained. “Oh… close. I didn’t get run over.. but i was in a car collision. You shouldn’t be reading my pain like that. that’s very personal.” Mary replied. “Sorry. It’s a force of habit. If we don’t use our gifts we lose them. I can help you heal and get better if you’d like.” Jenny suggested. “That sounds nice. I would normally say no but your healing abilities really intrigue me.” Mary replies. “This will be like a minor healing. when we have time to be around more water, i can heal you better” Jenny says. “One Mile Now Descended.” the Elevator says and shows a map on screen. “Wow, Seven more miles to go. I can’t wait to see what’s down there.” Mary cheers. “Yeah, it’s going to be very beautiful. Come on, sit up straight and face your back towards me.” Jenny commands. Mary does so. Jenny summons water on to her hands and waves them around her neck and shoulders. “You feel pain behind and all down your neck and spine.” she says. “Let me just chill the nerves. Make the pain go away. For now. I’m going to need more water to heal your bones and nerves. Maybe the help of an Earth Sun/ Water Moon. They should have more experience with the bones.” Jenny explains. “It said in your notes that i have metal magic. That Earth Suns and Earth moons are pure Earth from the deep underground. Molded hard and rigid. Can be very disciplined and stern. Skills include Metal Morphing, Magnetic Attraction, Welding. I don’t think i have ever exhibited that.” Mary says.

    #Page 8

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  • Fire casting spells:


    1. Aries

    2. Scorpio

    3. Capricorn

    4. Leo

    5. Sagittarius

    6. Taurus

    7. Cancer

    8. Libra

    9. Virgo

    10. Pisces

    11. Aquarius

    12. Gemini

    Water casting spells:


    1. Cancer

    2. Taurus

    3. Scorpio

    4. Pisces

    5. Capricorn

    6. Virgo

    7. Libra

    8. Leo

    9. Sagittarius

    10. Gemini

    11. Aries

    12. Aquarius

    Air casting spells:


    1. Gemini

    2. Virgo

    3. Aquarius

    4. Libra

    5. Pisces

    6. Sagittarius

    7. Scorpio

    8. Aries

    9. Capricorn

    10. Taurus

    11. Cancer

    12. Leo

    Earth casting spells:


    1. Taurus

    2. Libra

    3. Pisces

    4. Virgo

    5. Capricorn

    6. Scorpio

    7. Aries

    8. Leo

    9. Cancer

    10. Aquarius

    11. Sagittarius

    12. Gemini

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  • ✨The signs as folklore songs✨:

    Aries: exile

    Taurus: epiphany

    Gemini: cardigan

    Cancer: seven

    Leo: illicit affairs

    Virgo: my tears ricochet

    Libra: the last great american dynasty

    Scorpio: this is me trying

    Sagittarius: betty

    Capricorn: the 1

    Aquarius: mirrorball

    Pisces: august

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  • favorite piece of monster high lore that went over my head when I was little: Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde are both Gemini.

    #monster high#mh#jackson jekyll#holt hyde#gemini #jekyll and hyde #hi welcome to monster boy burger king
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  • Cover | <- Previous // Next ->


    The sky was full of light that cold night. Stars dazzled the sky and the moon was full. Its reflection was bright against the ink-dark water. Although Kailani looked at them almost every night, they seemed to be especially beautiful only now. Maybe that’s why the memory was able to stick with her for so long. Because she could never get sick of a view like this.

        Achoo! But he could.

          “You okay over there?” She looked to her best friend, Tyler. He moved to Lanai from Boston when Kailani was 6. They met by accident when she crashed into him while first learning to surf, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

    He sniffled. “Yeah, I’m not used to the cold still.” It’s been 7 years since he’s moved there and he was still struggling to adapt. Kailani wrapped the blanket her grandmother had woven for her, around Tyler. “Thanks, I’m sure I need it more than you do.” They laughed. “You seem okay.”

        Kailani nodded, “I’m used to it, plus, with a sight like this it’s easy to get distracted.” She turned back to him, “it’s…”

           “… magical,” he finished.

           “Yeah, that.” Everything was silent, peaceful, except for Tyler’s sniffling, as they looked at the stars. They began to point out the constellations, any that they found familiar; the Big Dipper, the Canes Venatici, Andromeda. Kailani’s Grandmother loved to tell them stories about the stars. About warriors who protected them, and helped our planets orbit around them. Of course, none of them were true. They’ve already learned how our planets orbit the stars so these tales had long since lost their charm. But they still liked to imagine it. How it’d be to fly among the stars, play baseball using asteroids, and meeting alien life. If they were out there. Somewhere.

        “What if we traveled to the stars one day?” Tyler suddenly asked. Kailani had a confused look on her face when she looked at him.

        “Like in a spaceship?”

        Tyler shook his head. “No, like fly up there. You know like those star gods your grandma would tell us about?” He stood up and held his arms up to the sky. As if he’d fly away right then and there.

        “Star warriors.”

        Tyler rolled his eyes but gave her a small smile. “Whatever. But wouldn’t it be cool?”

        Thinking to herself, she chuckled at how childish this was. “Yeah, it would.”

    Tyler Kgosi went missing after that night. His mother had a search party sent out, even paid a private detective, but nobody could find her little boy. Nobody knew where he went, nor where he could’ve gone. And Kailani wouldn’t see him again, till over a decade later.

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  • image

    Prologue ->

    Kailani Hi'ilei is given a one out of a million opportunity by the formless force only known as “Blue,” to be a permanent resident of the stars A protector of the cosmos. A zodiac. She, among others, would have to give up her normal life in order to protect those she’s leaving behind. But Blue is keeping something from them, a long lost secret. The 13th zodiac. The serpent.

    Other: Artwork of characters, maybe short comic versions of scenes, and character/ “zodiac” situations will be included. I might do an “ask the Zodiacs” thing if this gets popular enough.

    Holy shit, I’m actually going to be posting a story here instead of using it as an archive. Yay! The story is also on Wattpad, Penana, and Amino.

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  • image

    Welcome to the house of Gemini.

    We are all very happy to have you here. Our house animal is the Deer. Because like us it is incredibly energetic, witty, and very intelligent. The Gemini house colours are yellow, which stands for leadership, productivity, charisma, creativity, communication, and experience. Also light green which stands for logic, enthusiasm, diligence, and hope. Now, there are a few things you need to know about your new house. Due to our ability to adapt to just about any situation, and charismatic, yet ambtroverted nature. Geminis are often believed to be two-faced, fake, and less intelligent. But however this is far from the truth. As Geminis we are adaptable, outgoing, intelligent, playful, sociable, affectionate, inquisitive, imaginative, kind, and quick-witted. We are one of the air signs here at our school. Which for those of who don’t know. The air element symbolizes curiosity, originality, discipline, knowledge, and wit. Another thing is our rivaling houses are Virgo, and Taurus: due to our signs naturally clashing against each other. But this does not mean that a Gemini can not be friends with someone from one of these zodiac houses. Our house has the best relationship with Aires, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. One other majorly important thing for you to know is here at our school we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, assault, or bullying. Which includes: one’s religion, sexuality, romantic orientation, gender identity, sex, disability, age, ethnicity, and zodiac sign. Anyone found doing such things will be punished accordingly. Also, to keep any students from feeling singled out. All house dorms, and restrooms are gender-neutral. Do not worry, unlike some other schools ours does not have a uniform. But all students are required to wear their house jacket that they receive at the start of every school year. For any students who find themselves unable to buy any of the needed materials. Please contact the school and we will help you in doing so. Once again, welcome to Gemini, we look forward to seeing you this year.

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  • does anyone know anything about moons and zodiac signs?

    If you know and wouldn’t mind helping a dumbass like me, hi I don’t mind your dm uwu

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  • .Signs Hidden Sides.

    #signs hidden sides #aries#taurus#gemini#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#pisces#zodiac sign#zodiac signs #zodiac sign of tumblr #zodiac signs of tumblr #horoscope#horoscopes #horoscope of tumblr #horoscopes of tumblr #horoscope of all zodiac signs
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  • purple goddess 👁
    #iheartquiet #discomfortgods #togetherasone #perspective #universalmagnetic #clouds #sky #cosmos #cosmos #purple #goddess #stayquiet #quiet #eightyone #gemini #beauty #art #design #create #tao #photoshop #photooftheday

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  • “the worst trick the devil ever played was me, a capricorn, raised in poverty”— @productofpanic (ig)

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  • “on the north node” always carries “opposite the south node” with it. therefore this transit can feel a lot like a venus retrograde. perhaps especially so after a real venus retrograde not so very long ago. you may want to revisit a lot of that retrograde protocol/lessons. 

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  • 506) Thought dump: 8/4/20

    Still waiting on a response from Tesla. Told her I wanted to talk through things before we even gave it a chance at being friends again. Clearly whatever happened was significant enough for us to not be friends for over half a year. She’s not said anything back yet.

    While I was waiting Gemini followed me again on Instagram. Haven’t spoken to her in a few months. What’s her play?

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