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  • sunnyhellcalifornia
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    are there any astrology bitches following me what would buffys moon and asc sign be we already know her sun sign is capricorn

    #also somenody tell me what my signs mean im a gemini sun virgo moon/asc
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  • choulchoulmisha
    09.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I am hostile and not good at talking to people

    #it's the adhd autism and bpd trifecta #and the Aries sun Aries moon Gemini rising #let me just tell you everything about me #I'm not having a good time #not actually serious about the astrology bit #it's just really funny to me
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  • themlet
    09.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #virgo sun AND gemini moon...................... 😳 #that gemini is fighting for its life though huh. 2 ‘lets stay at home!’ signs and then gemini...
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  • themlet
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #gemini sun and virgo rising (fans self) whuf #emotional problems tho 💔 hope youre ok pal
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  • somnium-led
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    [ooc] me, every 5 drawings or so: i finally got eilian right 🥰

    #ooc post ⬩ gemini sun. asshole moon #[ it would be true if i didnt change my mind every 5 seconds ] #[ there's one drawing if miri that's perfect imo and i think abt it all the time ] #[ for whatever reason eilian is way harder to nail down and i think it's bc i never had a solid visual for them in the first place ] #[ anyway i hope you all are well i'm litchrally stuck in stand still traffic lmao ] #[ im forcing everyone stuck with me to listen to the mountain goats and they're gonna like it ]
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  • nocturnal
    08.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Leo Sun / Cancer Moon / Gemini Rising x x x x x x x x x

    #my mood boards #astrology #astrology mood boards #leo sun#cancer moon#gemini rising#leo#cancer#gemini #astrology mood board
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  • lunarbbe
    08.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    venus in gemini (may 8th - june 2nd)

    pros: curiosity, fun, adaptability

    cons: flighty, easily-distracted, restless

    what you should know!

    with venus (the planet that rules love, self-worth, + money) moving into gemini (the sign that rules communication, socializing, and mental stimulation) there will definitely be some new and exciting energy in your immediate environment. Be open minded and curious! this transit may cause you to change your mind several times or at the last minute because you are getting see and hear things from different perspectives.

    people may find themselves more attracted to how people speak and how educated they are. creativity and charm during conversations will win people over. this is a great time to get to know multiple people just off of pure curiosity. this transit will show you that It’s okay to have different friends for different parts of you.

    take time to develop your social relationships. it will definitely be easier for you to make friends and form relationships but it may be hard to commit and give depth during this time. this transit mostly encourages lightheartedness and open communication. try not to be too flighty with others. gemini energy can manifest into using communication to trick or deceive. you may easily get caught up in trying to impress others during this time and may come off very superficial. this will cause unnecessary pressure and possible insecurities. try not to get too caught up into superficiality. take time to uplift and acknowledge others. listen to what others have to say so you can actually contribute to conversations in a positive way. it will help with your own self-worth and confidence.

    enjoy (safely) short trips with others. with jupiter moving into pisces during this time, many of us will be finally going on destination trips we may have only dreamt of. with mercury moving into rx later this month, there may be some misunderstandings and technical difficulties, that may bring some delays or even cancellations. double check everything!

    with venus in gemini conjunct the north node, people that you meet or interact with during this time may play a role in your life’s purpose.

    last year venus was in gemini for a long ass time (may 2020 - aug 2020) because of the venus rx. many situations from last summer may arise again (especially since mercury will also be in rx later this month). Take time to listen to gain important information. try to communicate your point of view. the major key is listening though because many cycles may finally come to an end just from taking time to pay attention.

    venus will trine saturn in aqua which may help you connect with others who share the same mindset, knowledge, personality, and hardships as you. they may help you learn important lessons and ground you. venus will also square neptune as well so some of these new or even old connections may be confusing and hard to read. just pay attention!

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  • ntonio-thegatto
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    omw to make a google sheet about astrology

    #it's interesting but there are a looooot of stuffs and people arent organized in the way they explain #if anybody wants to see it when it's finished tell me i guess ?? #astrology #im a cancer sun gemini moon and cancer rising if anyone knows what it means
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  • lilithvenusian
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Astro Notes

    Saturn 1st house people, don’t worry. They get uglier every time they wrong you

    Mercury- Uranus aspects when annoyed would purposefully make people feel stupid

    Aquarius placements are very intuitive and could literally see and feel what's coming up in the future. That's why sometimes the could feel alienated because others can't see what you could see. Now this is not always the reason but most likely than not it could be one of them!

    The house of Sun conjunct Uranus people is that area of life where they experience unpredictability a lot. That area of life is like a thunderstorm ⚡

    Pluto 8th housers can sense the darkness of people which other people usually don't see

    People with 12th House Mercury think they are introverts but in reality they just don't stfu man!!

    Cancer 11th house people are the ones who stands up for the mother's, encourages and motivates them. They may see their mother as their best friend. They see their mother as their hope. Also the kind of person who would want to make their mothers dream come true by doing it.❤❤

    These are people who would like speak up for miscarriages, women's pregnancy support and all things like that❤

    Taurus 9th housers as I have seen are very narrow minded

    Jupiter 8th house people, it would be very lucky for you to go for stocks and investments.

    You can also look up to your 5th house sign, planets, ruler, aspects, aspects with the ruler to see your inner child wounds.

    Aquarius Mercuries won't check emails or messages purposefully but then really do forget it 😂

    Third house tells about how we communicate more often than not even more so than our Mercury sign/house.

    9th house prominent placements dream is to move and live in another country

    Midheaven in Aries degrees are the leaders in their field. They would definitely do something new whether in their career or something which thier family never did. Also very competitive in their field and definitely should start their own business.

    Moon in Air Housers are very moody in terms of socializing

    Asteroid Vertex tells about our fated encounters at difficult moments in our life or when we are going through significant changes. You will find people with the placements of the sign of your Vertex to guide you and encourage you in these times.

    Asteroid Vertex also tells about the traits we should develop more. For example, Aries Vertex should develop the traits of assertiveness, leadership skills.

    People with Saturn/Capricorn in the 5th house have creative pursuits leave a lasting karmic impact on people.

    Gemini North Nodes need to realise that there can be multiple truths about something and also that those multiple truths can change with time. To know " that something" check the house of your North Node. For example, 1st house North people need to accept that they can multiple truths or contradictory traits of themselves and also need to learn to accept changes in life.

    Also Gemini Saturn people could suffer from limiting thoughts and the lack mindset. 😕

    #astrology observations#astro community#aquarius#astro notes#astro observations#astrology#astrology notes#capricorn#spirituality#witchcraft #saturn in the 1st house #gemini north node #asteroid vertex#vertex#aries degrees#aquarius mercury #cancer in the 11th house #mercury in the 12th house #sun conjunct uranus #pluto in the 8th house #jupiter in the 8th house #Mercury uranus aspects #taurus in the 9th house #sagittarius#taurus placements#taurus moodboard#leo#zodiac aesthetic#vedic astrology#sidereal astrology
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  • velvetcherrybabe
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Scorpio sun (6h), Libra moon (5h), Gemini rising, Capricorn Venus (8h) (@kenn-montana)

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  • babyxcv
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    pisces sun + aquarius moon + gemini rising + pisces mercury + aquarius venus + aries mars

    ( @unapollogeticc )

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  • babyxcv
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    virgo sun + pisces moon + gemini rising

    ( @lamagiahechamujer )

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  • immortalink
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    astro notes pt. 7: interesting transits

    transiting jupiter opposition a natal planet, esp an afflicted one - often a troublesome time, the negative side of the archetype of your natal planet may be expressed stronger esp if you're not conscious about it. there may be powerful blockages in that area of life, f.e. i know a couple of people who had bone fractures during their jupiter opposite saturn. jupiter opposition venus is usually not a good time to start any financial endeavors. in general when that transit happens pay close attention to the area of life ruled by the aspected planet and be extra cautious with it.

    transiting jupiter conjunct the descendant - this aspect often occurs when people break up with their partner or leave a business partnership, break up with friends even. astrologers often say saturn transiting the desc may indicate that, but from my observations it's actually jupiter making us expand and update our vision on what we need in a relationship and giving us the freedom to go after it. btw last year when jupiter was in capricorn many of the cancer risings i know broke up with their long term partners or had a major "separation" with someone close to them.

    transiting jupiter conjunct natal moon - you may feel as if everything happens without much effort, but also may be more affected emotionally by stimuli

    transiting jupiter conjunct natal mercury - desire to start learning something new or develop a new skill

    transiting saturn conjunct natal pluto - a time of spiritual revelations. your connection to the invisible world is heightened during this time, there will be a lot of deep realizations. good time to get rid of your unhealthy habits and build new ones.

    transiting saturn in a dynamic aspect to natal uranus - a period of growing up. you may realize on a deeper level how structure and restrictions may actually help you express your individual essence and are not necessarily a burden.

    transiting saturn square natal mercury - you may feel a lot of mental pressure during this time, also may get anxious over things you don't usually worry about. put extra effort into taking care of your mental health because it may be a bad period for it.

    transiting saturn opposite natal jupiter - you are going to be enriched in some way, you will gain something, be it money or skills or expansion of your horizon or important realizations about your future and goals.

    transiting neptune conjunct natal venus - a refinement of your understanding of love. you may have disappointing romantic/friendship experiences during this time but the feeling of disillusionment they will bring will ultimately make you understand how you love and want to be loved better, and also how to get there. that's a period of time during which you learn what love really means to you and you grow from it.

    transiting uranus square natal sun or saturn - you may leave your job for something more creative where you feel like you can be more free to show your originality and unleash your imagination. in general, people tend to leave old structures that no longer make them feel alive during this time.

    transiting uranus in a dynamic aspect to your chart ruler - you may change your style so you can be more authentic and express yourself through the way you dress and look. you may leave a lot of your prejudices behind you.

    transiting uranus in a dynamic aspect esp square to natal venus/mercury - you may cheat during this time or become interested in polyamory or any alternative relationship pattern. there is a strong urge to explore your sexuality in ways you haven't before, you may have sex for the first time during that transit or try new things. while this may be a shaky time for forming long term relationships, the experience you gain and analyzing it may prove to be of help for your attitude in relationships.

    transiting neptune square natal sun - a period of confusion about the things you identify with amd general indecision about what you should do with your life, feeling kind of passive about its course, which results in developing a bigger self awareness and taking matters into your own hands once the transit is over. after this transit people who have never been able to act on their aspirations and take initiative or make their own choices, may start doing it.

    transiting neptune square/quincunx natal mars - time of inaction and distraction. you may feel unable to act on anything and as if you lack the energy to do the things you usually do. not a good time to start something new. but you may have experiences that touch you on a very deep level and later serve as big inspiration for you.

    transiting pluto conjunct natal mars - events may occur that leave you in a long term situation in which you have to take care of yourself alone and count on your own resources and skills.

    transiting pluto conjunct natal mercury - you may become a calmer and more self assured person after this transit because you reconnect in depth with your thoughts and understand your psychological patterns better.

    transiting pluto square natal venus - may show difficult changes in your personal life, but it's all for the sake of transforming your relationships for the better. you may realize during this time what toxic patterns occured between you and people who are no longer in your life.

    transiting pluto conjunct natal sun - you may be forced by outside circumstances to put your life or some area from it on hold. this may feel bothersome, but it often makes you reconnect with your authentic vision for your life and brings much needed change in that area. looking back on the time before the transit you may feel like "you weren't being yourself".

    transiting pluto in a dynamic aspect to natal neptune - time of disillusionment and disappointment, you may face a bunch of lies you have fed yourself over the years and realize your ideas about certain things, esp about yourself, aren't realistic.

    /just a reminder to not get anxious about transits and expect something super bad to happen, sure there are some that indicate a general sense of disappointment about something, etc., but it's not written in stone and it doesn't mean there is necessarily something bad waiting for you in the future. having unpleasant emotions is a normal part of life and you may feel them over small things or just because you started thinking in depth about something. it's important to know these things come and go and no astrology prediction can tell you for sure when, it's just pointers for overall energy/

    astro notes pt.0 pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6

    #astrology#astro notes#transits#astrology observations #astro notes pt.7 #outer planets#aries#gemini#taurus#leo#cancer#libra#virgo#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#pisces #sun square Neptune #aspects #mars conjunct pluto #jupiter opposite saturn #venus conjunct pluto #sun square saturn #venus conjunct neptune
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  • love-inportofino
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    alex turner’s chart is mostly scorpio and capricorn... no wonder i’d fuck him on sight.

    #my scorpio mars and cap moon stay WILDIN #my taurus venus and aries sun also lowkey ig #mads mikkelsen too he's scorpio sun + moon #cap venus and mars #cillian murphy is gemini sun and aries moon and TAURUS VENUS #don't mind me drunk thirsting after men who are definitely too old (and hot) for me #astro#txt#personal
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  • deirdredoodle
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #my sun and rising are most accurate #pisces sun aquarius moon gemini rising #tbh anything for pisces sun is usually accurate
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  • velvetcherrybabe
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cancer sun (12h), Capricorn moon (6h), Cancer rising, Gemini venus (11h)

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