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  • satsangat
    24.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #moon in gemini #moon opposite venus #moon square neptune #t-square
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  • yourastroangel
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    - 𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕠 𝕕𝕚𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝕓𝕝𝕦𝕣𝕓 .𝟘𝟜 -




    love really blinds u goddamn, i didn't even realize that the sag-gemini venus was a giant ass flag 😭

    #sheeeeeesh #how did it not click #wow#sag venus#gemini venus #that was NOT going to work #IT'S STILL NOT WORKING LMAO #at least we know now #love really blinds you #check those venus signs yall #xoxo ur astro angel
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  • okuhle23
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #cancer rising #mercury in the 1st house #Leo sun#2nd house#sagittarius moon #Sagittarius in the 5th house #mars in sagittarius #Sagittarius in 6th house #Mars in the 6th house #gemini venus #venus in 12th house #astro#astro community#astro notes#astro observations#astro tumblr#astrology#astrology aspects#astrology notes#astrology observations#astrology placements
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  • seenery
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    My astro chart notes (Mercury, Venus, Mars)


    Mercury in Gemini

    It takes a lot for me to stop talking once engaged in good conversation. I could think of different topic possibilities at 1000 mph to the point where the person I'm talking to couldn't catch up.

    I also like putting a touch of humor when I'm speaking. I always do a lot of hand gestures, impersonations, or go the extra mile by using self-deprecating humor to see someone laugh.

    Sometimes it borders on showboating and feels like I'm taking out all the air in the room. It seems as if I never want to listen. It's not that I don't want to, I'm simply excited to share my thoughts. I have no bad intentions whatsoever. Even if that's the case, I still don't know what people think of me. Am I irritating? Selfish? I wouldn't know, so I try to calculate my moves as much as I can.

    And because of this habit, my communication tends to be unclear. I have a lot of things to say. In my head I got it all planned, but in the middle of it I start to think of new concepts and make connections I haven't even thought before. Most of the time, I can't express these well for audiences. My nerves then get the best of me. I start assuming a lot of things. What if I sound stupid? I don't want people to think I know nothing. I just really want things to be perfect deep down but I'm having a hard time making it so.

    Venus in Aries

    I don't like boring people. I like someone who knows how to surprise me. Talk to me about anything. Let's go on a roadtrip, bathe under the rain, go on a treasure hunt. You name it, I'm in!

    Unlike other people probably with a mushy approach to relationships, my way is the complete opposite. Don't expect excessive endearments. I'd put up mini banters then reconcile through playful teasing. Hell, I could even put up a wrestling match. My approach can be very childish. Turned off? I'll gladly move on to the next. I won't waste my time.

    Some posts on the Internet say this placement is dangerous, impulsive, and self-centered in love. I am actually a loyal person. I'll treat you like royalty. It must have been chance that I was pursuing someone who didn't fit my standards and failed to amuse me for the most part. I genuinely value honesty and respect. If you can't have that, what's the point of building a relationship? I just know what I want so if I don't see the same fire in someone, adios.

    I'm aware some people don't have the same outlook as me. From past relationship experiences, strifes were unavoidable. Hopefully in the near future, I have fully understood the balancing act of the opposing energies in this placement. It doesn't hurt to be gentle and patient. Take a leap of faith. If I get hurt in the end, I'll bounce back and remind myself of my worth.

    Mars in Sagittarius (Rx)

    I have a strong determination to succeed, but it comes inconsistently. I can get really unpredictable. There is always a feeling of wanting to do something but can't because I don't feel I have enough energy to follow through. It's so frustrating to get stuck in a vicious cycle where I decided to give up even if I haven't started yet.

    The only thing consistent was me comparing my achievements to other people. It distorted my view of self. No matter how many people compliment me on something, I'll feel as if they're doing it out of politeness. I started placing doubts on people. Everyone is a potential enemy. It doesn't feel right, but rationality gets thrown out the window when insecurities take over.

    The question left is would I rather have war or wisdom? Should I rely on aggressiveness alone? Will it do me good in the long run? Or should I redirect my energies to rewire my thinking into something that benefits myself and other people? What can I actually do?

    Having a Mars retrograde is not all bad. It forces me to think before I act. Start going beyond what I see. Realize that I'm the only one setting the restrictions. I have the freedom to follow what I want. I could always be different without hurting other people. Anybody can say whatever they want, just don't try to force me into doing something I'm not keen to, especially if it involves my aspirations. It's a pet peeve.

    Nonetheless, the Sagittarian attributes taught me how to find my inner child and that the only person I can ultimately rely on is myself.


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  • wyrdandwanderful
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    GIF from @charitydingle

    #THE SOUL MAZE #the goonies #Gemini everything opposite #Uranus in Sagittarius #ADVENTURES here we come! #Sun conjunct Mercury #think different #find as many options as possible #play with me #Lilith conjunct Venus #opposite Pluto #little rebels you #Mars opposite Neptune #did you say treasure? #Jupiter conjunct Moon in Aquarius #the gang #Saturn in Scorpio #deep in the caves #Pluto in Scorpio #deeper in the waters #Mercury in Gemini
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  • milkandhoneyastrology
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Astro Observations II

    Please note: all these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!

    Sun square Pluto (☉□♇): natives face a constant inner imbalance. The Sun wants to shine and be seen, while Pluto desires privacy. Depending on other aspects and the houses these planets are in, it can either bring a huge success to the native, or result in obsession and thus in failure.

    Moon conjunct Neptune (☽☌♆): natives are very creative. They can easily become moody and restless. There's a romantic vein in them and they don't learn to stand their own ground and defend their opinions, they'll be easily influenced by others. This particular conjunction also emphasizes any spiritual inclinations as well as natural psychic abilities. The dark side of this is seen in the intese emotional responses the native usually has. It can be truly hard for them to discern between illusion and reality.

    Mars trine Saturn (♂△♄): natives have such an incredible natural sense of timing. They're good in business as they know when it's the right moment to fight and when it's the right moment to run. (This may sound a little exaggerated, I'm aware). They desire respect from others, especially those in a position they aspire to be in. Their career and reputation are very important to them. Usually, they strive to be successful.

    Venus quincunx Mars (♀quincunx♂): natives may lack happiness in their sexual lives. However, they have a strong desire for sexual expression. This aspect can also indicate health issues.

    Jupiter in the 5th house: natives can be so lucky. They have a flair for the grandiose and definitely enjoys doing things their own - big -way. They're interested in luxury, romance, sports, children, as well as creative activities. If not addressed properly, this placement can lead to the native being reckless or daring, and at times over-indulgent and overly sensuous.

    Mercury opposite Mars (☿☍♂): natives would like to rationalize things but often don't get the chance to as they rush head-first into action. They have the courage to defend their ideas, but this placement can indicate a pattern of ''why did I say that?'' and ''why did I do that?'' scenarios constantly repeating themselves. The native can become aware of this if they practice patience. If they do, they'll find the right balance between these energies.

    Venus in the 12th house synastry: (I could write a whole post about this, should I?) is usually seen as ''bad'' or obscure. Considering the 12th house is often reduced to the house of hidden enemies, loneliness, losses etc etc, there's not many good things about Venus in the 12th house synastry out there. In my personal experience this isn't an easy aspect, especially for a romantic partnership, but it makes for such a deep, intense and passionate connection. It can at times be interpreted as a karmic pattern, even if it isn't. A relationship like this will be worth it: this is the person that knows you best. They know your flaws, your strengths, your patterns, your hobbies, the way you tilt your head when you're mad etc. (especially if they're the Venus person!) This can become a codependent or obsessive relationship, but if the two have earned their lessons so far, it ca be revolutionary. There's so much to learn and discover from each other! It is however an intense placement for a synastry chart, so other aspects and placements should be considered here as well.

    This was super brief but I hope you enjoyed! Love you

    #astro observations#zodiac signs#rising sign#astrology#natal#synastry #sun square pluto #moon conjunct neptune #mars trine saturn #venus quincunx mars #Jupiter 5th house #Mercury opposite mars #venus 12th house synastry #aries#taurus#gemini#leo#virgo#scorpio#libra#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#pisces#sag#cap#aqua#astrologer#aspects#placement
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  • nonnnimous
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Venus signs as details I notice on them + some from my intuition

    Aries : you don't choose them they choose you + if you challenge them? Maybe they'll give u a try. Really can't hide feelings (including ones of frds, not secret keeper) if they don't tell u bcs of their ego, their eyes will. Charm, always look good in sports wear, cat eyes or look good in cat eyeliner?

    Taurus : stubborn. only love sugar daddy/mommy, ppl with class and money. If u smell good u're in. If u have a nice room u're in. Again they choose u (i notice this goes for first few signs in the wheel) most prob to have netflix & chill everyday. The body goals on Pinterest tho, those in sexy cocktail dress.

    Gemini : what i just said - sorry they don't choose, they need stimulation so dye ur hair and change ur outfit like fast fashion. I'm afraid they love themselves more than ppl in general, but maybe they'll argue with me so🙊. I don't think cheating is a common theme but the logic is there. Smart flirty and win all the ppl in the room with that laugh, what i imagine ice cubes in cola would be as a person.

    Cancer : CUTE, warm, picky af (they'll tell u how they love that person for 10 yrs but never told anyone, then complain how no one compares to that man) accepting to anyone, but I'm afraid they don't have a list of what they want, they only do so according to their last crush who's alr married. Secretly stubborn if u don't see it from the ex. I gave. Can u stop being secret, at least show u're jealous so we will see the issue.

    Leo : charm af, girlboss/ big d energy, that smirk on ur resting face makes ppl drop their pants. BUT, don't be flighty cuz u think no one reaches ur level, great personality is more of what u need cuz ur bf/gf shd be ur no.1 supporter and help u hold ur chanel bag when u're in the fitting room. The most suitable person to have a simp or two. A great frd to have like, they'll stand up for u in a millisecond.

    Virgo : stop hiding ur feelings and relationships cuz we won't judge so hard like u do. Why do i get feeling of businessmen from them, is that their cold ass heart? We'll never know if u don't tell the truth. Of service to ones they love (not to everyone) clean cut style slick hairstyle I'm in love. Yes it's subtle like puppy love. Sometimes it's interesting but not anymore as we grow up - tell as u mean it don't play the guessing game. Don't frown at me not gettinf ur hints.

    Libra : ah fellow libra, flighty in love not bcs of one person but bcs of they see good in anyone : might just recruit them ALL into the simp army. Have the actual ability to charm ppl but won't if u're ugly. Won't actually flirt with ones they don't like. Libras are not fake they really don't give shit if they don't have feelings for u. Secretly chasing $$$, but most likely to earn it themselves. Fake sometimes, talk urself out of everything cuz u either play dumb or u flirt ur way out.

    Scorpio : stop staring, stop being hyperaware as if someone's staring back (well most prob there is but relax) don't hide everything just bcs u think feelings are for the weak. And stop holding onto that one person, u really don't see the queue for application as ur bf/gf? Be confident cuz u shd be.

    Sagittarius : hippies, or wise old man (least likely, but long hair beard vibe) commitment? What is that? Jokes aside, u prob need time to get all the lessons so most prob to marry late or not marry at all. Charming AF no joke, they don't take things seriously and for some reason it's attractive to many. Great frd to have, they'll prob take good pics too. Giving frat boy vibe.

    Aquarius : the ones that never think of dating, or tell me that couples acting as best frds is goals af. Most prob to have fulfilling marriage tho (i mean libras may be too but not the first) secretly wealthy af, family is prob wealthy af, the most stable among all air venus. Maybe cuz they never put emphasis on love. It's the suns and stellium that's flirty and playboy, solely venus here do not give off such vibe. Calm, i like them.

    Pisces : manic pixie girl is that u? Stop daydreaming i know u know. Stop shoving love letters with no name and expect it goes down like the movie. But cute af like u must be from heaven. Romanticise everything, they be telling u the book is romantic but there's no love line. Most creative after pisces sun.

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  • saintzjenx
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Hi loves💗 I saw that people have been doing a lot of these post lately, so here's my take on the questions I have for the astrological placements<3

    🌙Reblog and answer these:

    Scorpio placements, who do you trust the most? and why? how can I earn your trust?

    Scorpio Rising, do you feel like people often make you the scapegoat?

    Leo placements, tell me your biggest insecurity.

    Leo Rising, what is your biggest pet peeves?

    Aquarius placements, how do you deal with anger?

    Aquarius Sun, are you afraid of intimacy?

    Libra Rising, tell me your one goal in life.

    Libra Moon, what kind of people do you fall in love with the fastest?

    Libra placements, do you regret your past relationships/crushes?

    Aries Sun with a Pisces Venus, does it hurt a lot when you love someone?

    Aries Venus, whats the one factor that make you stay with a romantic partner for a long time?

    Aries placements, do you like other fire placements?

    Cancer Moon, do you hate feeling so much sometimes? Do you lie to yourself when it gets too much?

    Cancer placements, why is it hard for you to be biased?

    Taurus Rising, do you cut people off easily?

    Taurus Venus, do you get turned off easily?

    Taurus placements, what is the one thing you look forward to the most everyday?

    Gemini Sun, how often do you lie? do you hate lying?

    Gemini placements, is it hard for you to ignore your empathetic nature?

    Virgo Moon, do you resent your childhood?

    Virgo Rising, what's your favourite place to be when you're stressed?

    Virgo placements, what other placements do you generally get along with?

    Sagittarius Sun, do you think it take a lot for you to fall for someone?

    Sagittarius Rising, how do you manage to keep your emotions intact?

    Capricorn Venus, how do you deal with rejection?

    Capricorn placements, do you think people respect you or adore you more?

    Pisces Venus, what is your favourite childhood memories?

    Pisces Mars, do you like partying?

    These questions are v much silly and I just want you guys to have fun and reblog this if you have these placements and join the conversation 🥳

    Love ya,

    saint jenx🪐

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  • milkandhoneyastrology
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Astro Observations I

    Please note: all these come from my studies and personal experience. A single placement or aspect is never enough to understand one’s full chart!

    Venus opposite Saturn (♀☍ ♄): natives may have an inborn feeling of inadequacy. They fear rejection and can easily become defensive. They may struggle with a lot of power issues in love. To find happiness they need to realize they’re enough and can be loved for who they are, without having to give or do too much.

    Mercury in Cancer (♋︎☿): natives usually really stick with their decisions once they make up their mind. They’re gifted with creative thinking and a retentive mind, can be very intuitive and spiritually gifted. Usually have flashes of intuition. They may think with their emotions a little too much and have a tendency of seeing rationality as cold.

    Saturn trine Pluto (♄ △ ♇): natives are powerful and energetic. They are aware of an can evaluate their shortcomings. Success finds them easily and they rarely fear competition.

    Moon in Scorpio (♏︎☾): natives can be very inventive cooks! They respond intensely to life and sex and see their senses as tools for pleasure. Can be very dedicated to their home and family.

    Mars in the 3rd house: natives may come on too strong or be tactless. Impulsive and argumentative, they usually have a lot of good ideas but tend to be inattentive to details. With challenging aspects this could indicate the native being an only child or having had a lot of ups and down throughout their childhood.

    Sun conjunct Pluto (☉ ☌ ♇): natives easily manifest their desires on all levels. They can be especially driven by an obsession for power. If not evolved, could be very intolerant to others and egoistical. They may have a hard time trying to understand and empathize with other’s weaknesses.

    Mercury sextile Venus (☿ * ♀): natives are refined, social, artistic and usually musically gifted. Could make money as an artist, writer, public speaker, actor or entertainer.

    #astro observations#astrology#natal#birth chart#transits #moon in scorpio #cancer mercury#horoscopes #mars in the third house #3rd house mars #sun conjunct pluto #saturn trine pluto #Venus sextile mercury #venus opposite saturn #zodiac signs#rising signs#ascendant#aries#taurus#gemini#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#scorpio#sag#sagittarius#cap#capricorn#aqua
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  • mypurplejupiter
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    🍉𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕤🍉

    SO after the joke I made about South Node persona charts the other day, it occurred to me not many people know how to make persona charts. As somebody who used to ask how to do it constantly and eventually just gave up and figured it out on my own because nobody ever responded (yes I'm bitter about it), I'll save you a bunch of frustration and tell you myself!

    Persona Charts I like making and what they represent:

    to be clear, you can make a persona chart for ANY planet/asteroid/angle/etc. in your natal chart, these are just the ones I like

    Juno Persona Chart (#3): shows how we view our future spouse + what placements they might have

    Asteroid DNA Persona Chart (#55555): shows how we view our first child + some natal placements they might have

    Ascendant Persona Chart: Gives more detail on how we look + gives more detail as to how we come off during first impressions + more detail about our "vibes" if you will

    South Node Persona chart: If you believe in past lives, this one can represent what you were like + some natal placements you had

    yeah if you couldn't tell I prefer easier to interpret persona charts...things like Saturn Persona Charts hurt my brain I applaud the people who can read those

    How I make persona Charts:

    I know half directions are super obvious and literal but as somebody who needs obvious and literal directions 24/7, I like it when things are written out like this

    1. First, click this link (I prooooomise it's safe I wouldn't send you guys to the dark web)

    2. Then either make an account or be a guest user (it doesn't matter which one you choose) and fill out the needed information

    3. Fabulous! You're in. Now, in the area labeled "sections" , which is very close to the top and should be under where it says "Horoscope for: [whatever name you put]", you'll see that "chart type" is set to Natal chart

    4. You don't want that right now. So, your going to click the pull down menu for "chart type" and scroll all the way down until you see a section clearly labeled "- OTHER CHARTS -" pick the 6th one down labeled "persona chart"

    You could do 9 persona chart (which is the option right above it) but it only focuses on your planets and nothing else, also doesn't make a table for your aspects and is blurry

    5. Omg wow look at you go. So intelligent. Now press the big blue button that says "click here to show chart"

    6. At the top, you'll see the Persona Chart type is defaulted to Moon, so if you don't want a Moon persona chart then click the pull down menu and change it to what you want

    Extra information if you want a South Node Persona Chart:

    1. Do the first 4 steps listed above but do not do step 5 yet

    2. Scroll down to "display and calculation options" which is not far beneath "sections". If it's not open, click it.

    3. Over on the left side, 4th down from the top, you'll see an option labeled "Descending Node". Click that box.

    4. Now do step 5 and 6

    Extra information if you want an Asteroid Persona Chart:

    1. Do the first 4 steps listed under my first set of directions but do not do step 5 yet

    2. Scroll down to "additional objects" which is not far beneath "sections". If it's not open, click it.

    3. If you can find the names of the Asteroid(s) you want over in the scroll down menu, then go ahead and select them

    4. If you want to do "manual entry" instead (which I recommend), then put in the asteroid number(s) of the asteroid(s) you want in there

    5. Use commas separating each full asteroid number if there are multiple entries (example: 3, 55555, 1). Look up the numbers if needed.

    it says you can put the names of asteroids in manual entry but that never works for me. if it works for you, great! but I'm just letting you know

    6. Now do step 5 and 6 listed under my first set of directions

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  • mimondee
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    ᴀɪʀ ᴠᴇɴᴜs ✺ companionship, intense communication, meeting of minds, socializing

    GEMINI [playful love] ✦ flirtatious, lighthearted, witty, superficial, mobile ✦ need to be free and flexible, both within their relationships and the way they form their values ✦ affections are displayed spontaneously and playfully ✦ have a love for intellectual pursuits ✦ seeking harmony through their relationships and travel ✦ fear of losing their freedom which will directly affect what they value ✦ sense of beauty and values are based on a variety of tastes, diversity and open-mindedness, but there can also be a lack of commitment ✦ may be attracted to geometric patterns and cold beauty strengths: ⇢ the carefree love ⇢ charming, sociable, entertaining, loving to flirt ⇢ thinking carefully about matters of the heart ⇢ in relationships, they give their partner freedom, while the diverse interests keep the relationship exciting ⇢ capacity to link people and create a network ⇢ their sense of judgment allows them to see the many sides of a problem and make quick decisions ⇢ collecting the facts and being objective weaknesses: ⇢ the erratic love ⇢ capricious, unreliable, calculated ⇢ may dislike and/or shy away from commitments ⇢ a fixation on their own interests and insensitive to others’ feelings ⇢ relationships not lasting may be a theme ⇢ tendency to change their mind all of a sudden ⇢ may delay making a decision until they know all facts

    LIBRA [harmonious love] ✦ attractive, charming, artistic, graceful, refined ✦ need for social interactions, with their value system revolving around the same theme ✦ affections are easily expressed, in a tender manner ✦ they love harmony, simplicity and etiquette ✦ seeking harmony through partnership, refined self-expression, pleasing others and idealizing romance ✦ when they feel insecure, they need to be validated by others in order to support their ego and have a sense of self-worth ✦ values and sense of beauty focuses on people, relationships and social behavior, but sometimes these values and sense may not be strong and can be “imported” from other people ✦ liking fine and pretty things strengths: ⇢ the fair love ⇢ loving love and flirting ⇢ seeking contact with another that they see as their equal ⇢ emphasis on balance, proper style and good manners ⇢ may have a great love for what’s artistic ⇢ relationships tend to flow naturally, committed and easily formed ⇢ sense of judgment is revolving around seeing both sides of things, being sensitive to others’ concerns and having a strong sense of fairness weaknesses: ⇢ the evasive love ⇢ indecisive, easily swayed, self-righteous ⇢ a need to be drawn in relationships and may invest too much energy into this ⇢ tendency to not have their own point of view ⇢ being dominated by other

    AQUARIUS [cordial love] ✦ exciting, unconventional, free love, shocking, sociable ✦ need to have unique and original relationships and values ✦ affections are on the experimental, idealistic, objective side, but also scattered and detached at times ✦ love for the social life and intellectual companionship ✦ harmony comes through searching for reality and developing their mind ✦ firmly committed to protect their independence and uniqueness within their relationships when they’re feeling insecure ✦ values and sense of beauty are progressive, change-oriented, modern, but also unconventional, ✦ adopting change for change’s sake strengths: ⇢ the unconventional love ⇢ free, idealistic, platonic, open-minded, innovative ⇢ faithful to their free will and can’t be forced into anything ⇢ emphasis on having the freedom to decide if they want to stay or leave whenever ⇢ they value truth and equal rights in their relationships ⇢ judgment is based on humanitarian and social considerations, governed by strong principles weaknesses: ⇢ love without passion ⇢ tendency to change relationships quickly and often; superficial ⇢ eccentric, unreliable, emotionally resolved, unrealistic ⇢ may ignore human nature and have difficulties with being grounded ⇢ may take the unconventional to extreme ⇢ being distracted from the here and now

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  • venus-in-water
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Sharing my thought on “What makes an Aquarius (me) weird?” and some personal astrological information about myself. You can say your opinion on my chart or whatever you think seeing this mess. ( please be nice tho)

    Btw I’m using the Placidus House-System

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  • 4lethei4
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Girls with gemini placements are the sexiest

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  • woundthatswallows
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #hm here is another fun fact abt my birthchart i am both a gemini venus and mars #asks#anon
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