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  • I’m conflicted, being told my red car is a boys colour is off-putting.

    1. What makes red a boys colour? And also, what gives colour a gender, yknow?

    But also

    2. I do be masc so thanks?

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  • hey queer question! 

    you know how, with most intersex people, their heteronormative parents look at them and go “ok, the body might not be it, but we’re gonna raise it as a girl/boy!” because god forbid they try anything else.

    well, if that kid grows up and feels comfortable with the gender the parents picked out, does that technically make this person both intersex and cis at the same time?

    like, their parents gave them a gender when they were born and they grew up, they liked it and felt comfy and decided to keep it forever.

    that’s the textbook definition of cis; you’re cool with the gender given to you.

    are you still cis if you’re intersex?

    cause like, if you took a kid with, like, XY and testosterone and stuff but chose to “raise the kid like you would raise a girl”… and then the kid grows up and continues to say she’s a girl… is that trans or cis? cause, in society’s eyes, that gender is wrong… but it is the gender the parents gave her… so like… can you somehow be both?

    Schrödinger’s Gender

    #this is all coming from a demigirl #who's not intersex #so like i know jack shit about this #i know it's suppoused to be up to the person to choose what word feel more comfy #just like being demi technically makes me trans but i don't like saying that #but like#technicalities right#hypothetical#intersex#gender#transgender#genderqueer#lgbt pride#queer community #queer side of tumblr #queer questions#dumb question#Questions#showerthoughts #what the fuck #text post #I'm so stupid #i'm sorry #is it transphobic of me to ask this? #tw: transphobia #maybe? #schrodiner's cat#agab#heteronormativity#heteronormative bullshit
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  • non-binary stereotypes piss me off so fuckin much. like, ppl make it seem like all non-binary ppl listen to mother mother, drink monster, like frogs, & are seen as “women lite”. it’s just so weird and invalidating for days when i don’t identify with the gender binary

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  • I hate that apparently some subset of the sort of people who divide men into alphas and betas and gammas and whatever* have decided that there’s “sigma males” now, which is this super special even-better-than-alpha category.

    Firstly because my instinctive reaction is that that’s my letter, how dare you, but then after remembering that I didn’t invent the Greek alphabet and other people are allowed to use it even for this kinda bullshit, because now I have to worry that someone will read my internet name and incorrectly assume I not only buy into this absurd hierarchy for a gender I have deliberately excluded myself from but also that I’m placing myself at the top, which, ew.

    *not the wolf mpreg fanfic people, y'all are fine. I mean the other ones.

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  • my gender is being hot.

    But what do you identify as?


    #gender #im hot as hell #what are these tags #queer#genderfluid#queer gender#pride #im very gay #how about that #goodisgood
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  • I painted one of my nails black and it is very gender

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  • my gender doesn’t mind opening the door for people

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  • so today i saw one of my old best friends and it brought back some dysphoria.

    i was born afab (assigned female at birth), and generally, i was okay with being called a girl, but there would be a certain level of femininity that i just wasn’t comfortable expressing myself as. i’m not sure how, but i got the idea into my head at a young age that being a girl or a woman was defined by being comfortable expressing yourself in feminine ways, and being okay with being perceived as feminine, knowing what that means in our society. maybe it came from barbie, or disney princesses? i didn’t have cable tv until i was like 8. i was really into scooby doo on youtube though, and my little pony (this one for farther into my life than i’m proud to admit, you know like “13 year olds shouldn’t watch little kid shows”). but i guess what i’m trying to say is that seeing these hyper-feminine women and girls in pop culture and then looking at my female peers in daycare and seeing them being comfortable with that level of femininity for themselves, i just came to the conclusion that i wasn’t girl enough. i didn’t meet the standard. that’s why seeing that old friend brought up dysphoria again. because i remember being dysphoric around her as a kid – like how i am doesn’t fit the label like you do.

    i also think that my being bi had something to do with the dysphoria too (or perceived dysphoria, maybe), because when i was 5 or 6, i’d never really seen lgbtq+ relationships in the media i consumed, or just at all in my life. i didn’t know it was a thing to be gay until late into my childhood, let alone non-binary. you know, like i’d only ever seen crushes and romantic love portrayed in media as being felt for the opposite sex. so instead of thinking “i can be a chick and crush on other chicks too,” i thought that the only logical explanation here is that if i’m feeling feelings for a girl, it must mean i, myself, am not a girl. you know, like it didn’t help.

    i identify as genderfluid/non-binary now. kind of like femininity with benefits. i think that if my understanding of gender and sexuality was more- you know like if my definition of what it means to be a girl or a woman was more expansive, and if i’d seen gay relationships at a younger age, and just generally more diverse girls and boys and people, really just people, in pop culture, i’d probably be comfortable calling myself a girl today. if the definitions or groups or whatever are less rigid, there’re going to be less outliers, or people who don’t fit. in the case of gender, i think there would be less enby people if the social implications of being a man or a woman weren’t so set. you know, like it’s all about how gender is understood on a personal and social level and how those two understandings interact in somebody. that’s what make us identify the way we do.

    #dysphoria#gender#afab people#afab genderfluid#afab enby#representation#diversity#lgbtq#afab nonbinary #i'm just thinking #am i using these right #do people here use tags the way they were meant to be used #because i've seen that they can just be afterthoughts #i guess i'm doing both right now
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  • it’s the religious imagery for me

    #CATHOLIC GUILT CATHOLIC GUILT #GENDER#sanremo 2021#sanremo#italian stuff
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  • The only time I like being misgendered is when people assume I’m the opposite binary gender of my agab. It makes me very happy.

    #nonbinary#gender #shouting into the void #its just so nice! #i love it
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  • My gender is a fucking roulette wheel at this point.

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  • Aliengender ! A spacey gender based around aliens, outerspace and the unknown.

    The different purples symbolize space and the unknown. The star represents.. well.. a star!

    Pronouns may include Alienself , Spaceself , Planetself , Starself, Unknownself , 👽self , 🌌self , ⭐self , etc !!



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  • Shania Twain: I feel like a woman!

    Me, sweating: What–What does that MEAN???

    #lgbtqia#trans#genderqueer#gender #this happened like 2 years ago #tfw a pop country song makes you question your entire identity
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  • gender is so complicated & at this point i’m having trouble finding a term to describe my gender without being a term hoarder

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  • Gender is like a bubble;

    Delicate, if you press it,

    It’s gone.

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