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  • It’s not hard to use they/them pronouns, and yes, using they/them pronouns is important and people do care about being misgendered.

    I don’t like it when I, a girl, go on Among Us and everyone calls me a “he”, and I’m cis.

    I can’t imagine being a trans woman and everyone assuming my gender and calling me a “he” just cuz the color I used in AU is green.

    So to my fellow cissors, stop assuming genders. It’s annoying to be cis and be misgendered but it’s even more harmful to people with gender dysphoria.

    Again, it’s not hard to use they/them pronouns, so stop saying “STFU UR SO ANNOYING” when someone asks you to use them. Not assuming genders isn’t gonna destroy the entire planet, Karen. We know you love to assume, but it’s not necessary you stank ass bitch.

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  • “Gender is something that people in the world try to construct, you know, only two genders. But we’re way more complex than that.” Hear Tiana’s story in the documentary series. https://youtu.be/yi0x1C0Fcw0

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  • pronouns r fucked up i wish they were worth money so i could sell them

    #gender #ok2 rb only if ur not cis tho
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  • Today I had therapy and my therapist gave me an official diagnosis of gender dysphoria and said that by next session she’ll either have a letter of recommendation for hormones for me or have a referral to someone who can do that for me

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  • there are no rules for gender

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  • You know that old joke “just don’t call me late to dinner”

    That but gender, tbh

    #gender#nonbinary #honestly today been called sir or he so many times #please don't apologize its fine #honestly don't care
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  • Today’s gender is I have no clue but someone please get me this outfit

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  • Gender is weird.

    Like, some days I’m fine with my body. Some days, I even love looking all girly. Makeup, heels, low cut tops. Pretty dresses and corsets and stuff. I have quite a large bust, so I have a lot to show off if I want to.

    And then some days, more than the girly days, I just wish I could have a flatter chest and look more androgynous. I have mens clothes and a binder for the days I just don’t want to look like a girl at all.

    99% of my time is spent in fairly neutral clothing. Jeans or leggings plus oversized shirts (sometimes with a button up shirt over the top) are my go-to androgynous combo, but without the binder I’m still unmistakably a girl. I can only wear it for 5-6 hours before it starts to become uncomfortable. I might need one a little bigger, but as it’s my first one I really don’t know.

    There’s the option for top surgery, of course, but it’s expensive and kinda a permanent thing… So the idea, as much as it appeals to me also kinda scares me. I probably wouldn’t get rid of them entirely, just drop a couple of cup sizes… Get to a point where a bra isn’t necessary all the time and I could wear an oversized shirt and potentially look flat chested.

    But I’m finding more and more, as I become more comfortable with my fairly recent revelation that I am in fact non binary, that it comes to mind more and more. I’ve stopped shaving cos it’s winter and while it used to make me feel self conscious (cos you know, girls are supposed to be all smooth according to society) I actually feel oddly comfortable with it.

    I’ve cut my hair short, and I honestly love it, though I’m growing it out again as I kinda miss being able to actually do a bit more with it… Once again though, I’m debating chopping it all off again cos the length is already annoying me and its barely grown much really. (It could just be cos I need a haircut cos it’s getting untidy though…)

    But I know I don’t want to be a boy. Aside from my chest, I’m comfortable with the rest of my body anatomically. I’m fine with being seen as a girl, generally, though I don’t always like physically being so obviously a girl.

    I’m lucky I have a gender neutral name that I already go by anyways, but I’m still fine with being referred to as She/Her. But it doesn’t bother me if it’s He/Him or They/Them either. So… Yeah.

    Gender is weird.

    #Gender#Thoughts#body disphoria #Maybe? #demigender#nonbinary #Ramblings of a relatively newly realised enby #Honestly I just wanted to get this down in words so I could make sense of it myself #Literally no one wants to see this #I'll probably delete it #But for now #Here is my thoughts
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  • there are only two sexes for us human beings, gender is a term used to describe sex, there can only be two genders because there is only two sexes, granted your free to identify as you wish, but your identity is not a gender nor will it ever be, because there aren’t any other sexes beyond male and female, in our species, and to say differently is to deny biology as well as science.

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  • y’all ever just get inordinately angry about unconscious bias against women & femmes in STEM??

    #i hate that i do it too!! it's hard to overcome the culture you've been socialized into #i hate that i feel like i need to use my initials not my name on publications so readers can't make assumptions abt my gender #because studies show that papers with feminine-sounding authors are taken less seriously #is it dysphoria or just my subconscious desire for male privilege?? #science#STEM #women in science #women in STEM #unconscious bias#implicit bias#not plants#gender
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  • I have. taken femme out of my header because it doesn’t seem to fit as gorgeously as it used to and with all the gender fuckery I’m experiencing I’m really wondering if I’m starting to lean more masc. confusing times.

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  • Hey quick question: what the f*ck is my gender identity

    #guess who's questioning again #i stopped questioning anything about my identity back in middle school #but now the question is back and i have no idea what's going on #i think i'm genderfluid? #but again i have no idea #for now just call me whatever pronouns you want until i get everything settled #gender#genderfluid#swearing tw
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  • Yeah yeah gender reveal stuff sucks but I want one of those “keeper of the gender” shirt bc theyre funnier and cooler out of context

    #gender reveal#gender #keeper of the gender #doesnt that sound like a cool title #moss speaks
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  • Is it like ~normal~ to want to be assumed a guy (when afab) and interacted with as one etc etc but being afraid to answer someone “yes” when they ask you if you’re a guy bc you feel you’re somehow lying to them or that it’ll end in weird stares etc

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  • Trans ideology is wild!

    #trans#gender #making shit up
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